Big Brother 14 Week 8: What To Watch This Weekend

Big Brother 14 - Jenn and Frank

The pressure is on in the Big Brother 14 house as we’re working down through the final few weeks of the season. If you’re just now joining us Live Feed viewers, or if you want to get started with the Free Trial, then here’s what you can watch this weekend.

Update: Surprise! Perennial house visitor Jessie Godderz arrived this afternoon with the return of Pandora’s Box. Flashback to 12:14PM BBT 8/31 to hear the HGs discuss.

Each Friday night delivers the latest round of nominations and this week is no different. The new HoH has a big task on their plate with the nominations but thanks to late night conversations we watched on the Feeds we already know where those are headed. The drama is how the house and nominees react when the ceremony is over.

Saturday will offer up the Veto competition fallout. That comp should run midday so we’ll be able to find out who won and learn what that means for the game and HGs.

On Sunday you can watch the nominees campaign for safety and votes ahead of Monday’s Veto ceremony. Remember last Sunday offered up one of the most exciting days of the season with Dan’s “Big Brother Funeral” event.

You never know what’s going to happen next on Big Brother 14 so don’t miss any of it! Sign-up for the Live Feed Free Trial and watch along with other fans right now!


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  1. I have a feeling Frank is going home this week…if that happens Ian deserves to win cos he eliminated Boogie and Frank. Amazing!

  2. Pff Frank is Winning POV, then Joe is going home. Then Ian is gonna freak out again. Dan is gonna win though, he’s just in a great spot, unless Ian is smart enough to put him as a replacement.

  3. Ian is going to get played this week. All that has to happen is for Dan and Dani I throw pov to Frank or Jenn they go off Joe goes up gets evicted. Then double eviction it’s everybody against Shane for hoh and most likely Ian gonna get out next.

    • Ian already did get played this week. He puts up Frank and Jenn. Frank wins POV and now Ian has to put up a replacement. It cannot be anyone from the Quack Pack so, it is Joe versus Jenn. Dan, Frank, Danielle and Shane all vote to evict Joe. The Dan alliance of Dan, Frank, Danielle and Jenn are intact with not a scratch on them! Next HOH,
      Ian cannot play for HOH. He gets to play for POV but, does not win it! Whoever wins it does not take the nominations off the block say Jenn and Ian. The Dan alliance with votes from Dan, Frank, Danielle and Jenn (3 votes here, minus the HOH) and Shane all vote to evict Ian. Now, Isn’t that just sweet?

  4. Yay – Ian has a new hammock and it doesn’t squeak . Jesse paid him a visit courtesy of Pandora’s box – no veto this time.

    • Oh my gosh! I knew something was different on the feeds but I couldn’t figure it out. So glad for the new hammock, now I can actually stand to listen to what’s going on in the backyard. :-)

      • I hated Jessie then, and still hate him now! Eww! I want to go back and watch that on feeds but I just can’t stand the frickin juice head idiot enough to do it!

  5. PLEASE QUACK PACK get that disgusting carrot, FRANK, out of the house this week!!! So tired of his continual cheating and he needs to be send packing!!! Why was the you tube clip of Frank admitting to cheating in the other competitions removed from You Tube? Someone else should put it back up so everyone sees that the last veto was not the first time he has been caught cheating. Love Dan but would be happy with anyone from the Quack Pack winning this season!!!

  6. All those who think BB production favors Frank, why did they make this HOH comp so favorable to a little body like Ian’s? Didn’t take a genius to see right off the bat Ian or Danielle would win this. If there were as many conspiracies as folk tend to think, production could’ve changed the competion or moved ahead one they planned for in the future and substituted this one.

  7. the way she trashed brittany (who is not my favorite) was just downright pathetic….oh please…shane sleep in my bed…i had to turn it off it was so bad….

  8. the way she trashed brittany last night (who was not my favorite) was just downright pathetic…all she can say for herself is “i am the only girl left” she wanted to be like brittany so bad its wierd….but everything she does is just odd….(i guess she doesn’t count jen as a girl)

  9. i was just beside myself last night whe she kept saying she was the only girl last night. she wanted to be just like brittany it was pathetic…the girl has more than just issues anything for attention she even let it slip that daniele danato spelled her name wrong and her way was the right one…geez every day she gets more annoying!

  10. Do you think the Quack Pack subconsciously picked thier name after staring at that duck mouth Danielle? I cant wat for that dillusional, two faced witch to go home.

  11. pretty boring house with so many gone now…they need to figure out what to do to make the live feeds more interesting. *yawn*

  12. This would be funny: Ian nominates Frank and Jenn. At the veto comp ian wiins. Frank then holds his own bb funeral, then he explains to ian privately that danielle and dan have double crossed him. Ian, Frank, and Shane make a new alliance, and dan is put up on the block and is sent home, the way britney left.
    cool. that mean karma really does exist in the house.

  13. wow, Danielle is getting fatter, she looked like a beached beluga whale floating in the pool earlier

    • Most of them do gain weight in there unless they are on slop a lot of the time. Nothing else to do but sit around and eat. But of course Danielle needs to keep her paws out of the HOHs basket. All those goodies aren’t doing her any favors.

      • That’s for sure. Plus, she has more ailments…what’s up with that girl? Rash, sore throat, throwing up…geez. Is she going for everyone’s sympathy vote? She would be annoying to live with, including her high-pitched voice.

      • She needs to be put in a plastic bubble like the “bubble boy” on Seinfeld….don’t know if you’ve seen that episode or not. He had to be protected from any sort of germs. It would be like an animal in a zoo. lol..maybe it might save societys sanity.

      • If she has THAT many problems, she needs to leave her body to medical science for study. Guarantee THEY couldn’t find anything wrong with her either.

      • Haha, I think she’s too selfish to do that. She would be a good candidate for prescription drug testing though. You know in those studies one group of people gets the actual drug and the other group gets a placebo pill with no drugs in it. She’d be the one who got the placebo pills and had miraculous benefits from it.

  14. Okay, so you can all talk about not making fun of appearances, but out of all, I cannot stand that stupid mop of hair on Frank…He SO needs a hair cut. it is all you see! ..and Jen is brutal. why people go out of their way to look unappealing is beyond my understanding….it is not cool….it is not hip…it is bizzare! Not diggin on Dan now…yes, he pulled off a good move, but to me, it put him in a bad light…like a Dingo, slinking around, looking for a way to steal a baby…

    • I like the differences in people. It keeps the world much more interesting, how boring it would be if we were all the same.

    • Franks hair…..he removed his hat and pulled his hair back and voila he has a receding hairline. I think he grows it long and pulls it forward, somewhat like a comb over, then plops his hat on top.

  15. Last part of the letter Ian received from Mom and Dad:

    So Glad you won HOH again. You have been watching since you were ten and know how to play the game. So play it. Remember, be smart and don’t be afraid to make hard decisions that can benefit you. Since this could be a double eviction, Dan or Frank can win HOH, and hopefully one of them can backdoor you this time around.
    mom and dad

    • I’m surprised it didn’t go more like this:
      “Hi Ian, I just wanted to warn you about the all-women’s alliance. They look strong. Use this secret Diamond Veto to save yourself, and put up Danielle. I think she’s the ringleader. Stay strong, and I’ll see you later. BFFs forever. -J.T.”

  16. How many times did Ian talk about beating his meat today? Did he remove his shirt & show his flappy moobs all day!? Vomit inducing.

  17. Does anyone else find it odd that Jenn’s clothes match her tattoos? Interesting fashion statement….I guess….

    • Iaan Obvi has some disabilities. The walking toes first the rocking and the mini seizures. I mean would we all bash him if he was in a wheelchair. I hope not.

      • You clearly also have disabilities. Ever heard of grammar? And no, we ALL would not bash him if he was in a wheelchair. Only morons like you would.

  18. Loved everyone’s thoughts and wishes. Keep them coming. I hope somehow, danielle gets backdoored. she is a real witch…but so is danno. i was not impressed with his funeral and don’t tell me someone hasn’t seen through the 2 of them….danielle is a so called nurse and has no empathy at all. i know this is a game but i hope when all is said and done, dan and danielle will have to answer to their family and friends for their actions. i never liked frank but as the game moves on, i am slightly liking him more. (never thought i’d say that”. Keep your thoughts coming…

    • Are you kidding? I really can’t understand you logic. Should Dani told Dan, “Oh, are you just playing your funeral, I don’t want to play with all you guys anymore!” Should she then went ahead and exclude herself from the game? I believe many of you guys here calling her a witch would then call her a “dumb, emotional” witch! So, what makes it different? Don’t you understand she’s just one of the player!

  19. i think ian is dj from roseanne. hes so awkward and whats with the rocking back and forth all the time like a mental patient. plus i heard he was staring at kara while she showered. he cannot be around the opposite sex or he turns into forrest gump. sorry brittany i ruined your roomates bedsheet

  20. Scenario: Jenn and Frank are up on the block, Frank wins veto, Dan gets Ian to put Joe up as a replacement, Dan goes back to Jenn and Frank because they’re more trustworthy, Joe is evicted, and then next week Dan wins and puts up Shane and Ian.

  21. I wonder whether Dan told Ian to put Frank up because he honestly thinks they need both weeks to try and get him out, or whether it was to give Frank the chance to win POV rather than potentially get backdoored? I’m hoping Dan isn’t really about to go back on his word to Frank already; he still needs someone with a target bigger than the one on his own back, and if he thinks he can manipulate the rest of the Quack Pack like he did Frank and Jenn, he’s going to get sent packing pretty soon…

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