Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations

Big Brother 14 nominations

This week’s nominations have arrived on Big Brother 14 and we’re ready to watch as the house reacts. Just like last Friday Pandora’s Box arrived again today and this time it brought a more familiar face to the house but with little impact.

Now that the nomination ceremony results are in we know who is on the block and what to expect this week. Read on to find out who is on the chopping block.

Big Brother 14 Week 8 Nominations:

  • Frank
  • Jenn

Frank and Jenn shouldn’t be surprised, but they were curiously discussing earlier in the day why Dan wouldn’t be going up on the block. They don’t know about the return of the Quack Pack which is keeping Dan safe at least for this week.

Ian is still trying to decide if it’s better to evict Jenn this week while Frank remains blocked from competing in the next HoH competition. We’ll have to see if the rest of the group is willing to go along with Ian’s risky plan if they really want to get Frank out.

Should anything go awry with the Veto tomorrow then Ian’s backup renom is allegedly going to be Joe. Considering Frank has won three Vetoes already this summer I’d say there’s plenty of opportunities for that wrench to be thrown in there.

As for Pandora’s Box, you can Flashback to 12:14PM BBT to find the Live Feeds returning and the HGs discussing the return of Jessie Godderz. Jessie took the HGs junk food and beers before replacing them with health food. Meanwhile Ian received presents and toys for himself and the other HGs but no special powers. Perhaps best of all is the news that Ian won a new hammock. Thankfully this one doesn’t squeak.

Do you think Ian made the right choices? Who would you have nominated?

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  1. Frank is especially excellent at winning consecutive vetoes, so I have faith in him thus far.

    • The time we are all (or some of us anyway) are counting on him to win is the time he won’t come through. Hope I am wrong.

  2. Frank has not enjoyed one normal week in the house by my count. Maybe week 1? Either HOH or nominee. This has to work on him psychologically eventually. He’s a pretty tough kid.

    • Then have two strong players targeting him? You must not know how Big Brother is played… Yes Dan is in a mighty fine spot right now (he deserves that) but regardless getting Frank out over Dan is just better IMO. Ian made the right call. At least for now.

      • Until Dan screws Ian, Dan isn’t really part of the new QP all Dan is doing is now being covered by everyone, he will screw Ian the first chance he gets and that might happen on Thursday with the double evection.

    • Has Shane ever been nominated? That dude, for whatever reason, gets on my nerves. He seems so phony. I don’t know why Frank can’t enjoy one week when he is not HOH to be off the block..I am beginning to think this Dan plan was not a good one for Frank or Jenn.

      • Lol! Yah, Shane’s definitely a trippy dude. And you are right about Dan’s plan being bad for Frank and Jenn cuz lying, blasphemous Dan will go in for the kill as soon as he can. (Like he just did to the QP and Brit.) Personally, I never understood why ANYONE would ever believe the guy. I mean, he uses the sacred Bible to deceitfully win $500,000? That dude has NO spiritual integrity, whatsoever.

      • Yukh I agree Shane is sucha fake! And he has no backbone whatsoever…. his conversation with Boogie when he confronted him after nominations was absolutely embarrassing, to say the least.

  3. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!!!! Now PRODUCTION please for once do not HELP Frank cheat and just let him go home!!!!!!! Cheaters should never prosper so send that disgusting foul mouth CARROT OUT THE DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • It’s even funnier considering Evel Dick won the game by cheating with the letters he received when he won HOH, but no one seems to bring that up.

    • I totally agree production needs to stay out of this one and let him go. The funny thing about him having to wear the carrot outfit was from the first time I saw him he reminded me of Carrot Top

  4. I dont think Frank has too much to worrie about, he could win the veto and even if he don,t I beleive that Jenn City will be the one out the door. But The HGS still dont know about the double eviction coming, Now that could be the end of either Dan or Frank.

  5. Scenario: Jenn and Frank are up on the block, Frank wins veto, Dan gets Ian to put Joe up as a replacement, Dan goes back to Jenn and Frank because they’re more trustworthy, Joe is evicted, and then next week Dan wins and puts up Shane and Ian.

  6. I would have nominated Dan and Joe, to throw Frank and Jenn off and make them feel safe, which would also present the possibility of a backdoor. If they felt safe, then they probably wouldn’t try as hard in the veto. Then, if the veto was used, I’d renom Frank.

  7. Why waste ur HOH on JOE & JENN???? Well Feeds show Frank appears to taking the nomination well…

  8. They deserve t lose to Dan as they continue to let him manipulate their choices? Ian needs to backdoor him.

    • Totally agree. I’d like to see Frank win the POV and then have Ian back door Dan. Dan would then definately be sent packing to the jury house. He’s to high and mighty after the stunt he pulled this past week.

      • lol dan should be high and mighty he is the boss of this place! Did you see ian after he made his move? He thought he was a BB legend give me a frickn break!

      • With so-called revival of the quackpack the big question is … will Ian nominate Dan if he has the chance ? I don’t think so. Dan is too good at making people believe in the alliances he makes & without Britney, Ian needs strong back-up & he probably thinks that is the quackpack. LOL. Dan is a mastermind.

    • I agree. I’m surprised Ian isn’t equally mad at Dan as he is at Frank, Doesn’t Ian realized Dan revealed the QP to Frank and that’s why things went down as they did. Jenn would never have taken Dan off the block if Frank didn’t tell her too. These hg flip on each other like fish out of water.

      • Ian does realize it. And he’s not showing his cards. He will backdoor Dan if he, Frank, or Jenn wins the veto. Shane and Joe will then vote out Dan.

    • Ian does need to backdoor Dan before Dan screws him which he will do the first chance he gets.

      • Maybe Frank needs to call his own house meeting and let every one know just what Dan has been up to, but he needs to figure out Dan is throwing him under the bus first and not honouring his deal with frank. Big surprise there.

  9. I fully expect a post-veto renom to be Dan. I doubt Ian forgot Britney’s “Judas” comment and I’m willing to bet reforming the QP is just insurance in case Dan wins veto or the opportunity to backdoor doesn’t arise.

    Or maybe I’m just severely overestimating Ian’s game.

  10. If Frank wins veto, Ian should nom. Dan. I can’t believe he would trust him after what he did to Britney.

    • Dan didn’t do anything to Britney. He allowed Frank to bloody his hands and put her on the block. Yes, Britney blames Dan (and rightly so), but does Ian? Who can Ian truly trust? Shane is obviously unworthy of trust if he would go against his self professed “only person he truly trusted” in the vote last week. I think Ian is aware he is alone, but he is not going to let people know he is aware of that. Give the kid some credit.

    • If Ian nominate Dan for eviction, I believe that Danielle, Shane and Joe will vote to evict Jenn. Dan FTW.

  11. Frank is like a fly that never gets swapped, if he wins the veto my brains just might explode.

  12. Frank’s a fighter not a quitter. He’ll probably win the POV, like he has every time he’s been on the block. Love him or not, you gotta admire his fighting spirit.

  13. Nope should have been Dan and Shane….then look to backdoor Frank (meanwhile fracture up the Dan-Danielle-Shane alliance). The Quack Pack died the minute Brit walked out the door. Jen really being considered to vote out over Frank or Dan? I think the HG’s are just going nuts or something being cramped up in the house for so long.

  14. Lets hope Frank of Jenn win POV and Joe goes up as a replacement nominee. Imagine the tantrum Ian will throw if Joe gets evicted this week.

    I think the veto competition will be that big singing seashell thingy! Forgot the name but that’s what I predict!

  15. toall the Frank haters seriously get a clue people he is a dam good player he isnt lying or cheating and he is in that house alone ian is a lying rattinng little toolbag he needs to go home!!! omg lyers cheaters and tools dont need to win the the game play with some interity it actually works!!! huh go figure!!!

    • YOU NEED TO GET A CLUE!!!! If you want someone that does not cheat then Frank needs to go home because all he has done is cheat in almost every competition. The one clip was even on You Tube where Frank admitted to cheating and then we all saw him cheat on Wednesday. Only different is for once production did not cover that cheating incident up!! That CHEAT NEEDS TO GO!!!

      • He didn’t cheat. That psycho Ian needs to go home. Frank is a fighter and he has fought more than any one else to stay in that house. He is the one who has stayed loyal to what he tells others and he has gotten screwed by almost everyone. What is it about Frank that everyone wants to take him down? Jealous?

      • Hey everyone this is Shar and there must have been a screw up.I didn’t write this. It wasn’t me. Just so everyone knows, because I don’t want to take the fallout for this.

      • It okay Shar. But Frank is huge cheat and needs to go! Lying, back stabbing part of game, allowed! Cheating not allowed! Who can admire a guy who walks on others. If cheating in game, cheats in real life.

      • This is Shar again. I would never tell anyone to “GET A CLUE’ I feel awful about this. That wasn’t me.

    • Seriously? Phoney Frank is good at comps but he is one of the biggest liars and cheaters on there, this season! He’s right there with blasphemous Dan and Abusive Boogie. C’mon now. Lol!

    • Nobody is denying that Frank isn’t a good player, at least physically/competitively. But this game is not just about who is the strongest, it also is about having smarts and being able to read people and adapt. Frank is average at strategy, and his ability to read people is poor. He allows his emotions to sway his judgement too easily, which is why he’ll end up gone before final two, because he doesn’t realize who are the truest dangers to him (Dan). Ian may not be the ideal player, but he understands strategy and is above average at it, and he does a pretty good job of keeping his emotions from getting the better of him. The only person that has managed to get past Ian’s radar is Dan, but that is because Dan is one of the 3 best players to ever play the game, and that is just how he rolls. If the house was smart, they would eliminate Frank and Dan (if at all possible) in the double eviction.

      • Frank is a good competitor. Frank is not a good strategist. Frank needs to learn to listen to his gut. He has known Dan was a threat from day one yet he listens to the propaganda instead of his own “little voice inside”. That will be Frank’s demise.

  16. when Frank goes, I will no longer watch. He is like a cat with 9 lives….. He makes this show worth watching, just to see if he

      • It’s wrestling you condescending idiot. I fail to see the point in your post. Unless of course your assuming any one cheering Frank, is a fan of his geriatric father. Or of course that anyone a fan of “wrassling” lacks the intellectual capacity to comment on “reality” game shows.

  17. Ian should be suspicious of dan. since when can you get jenn to do something in this game? If i were him i wouldn’t allow dan back into the quack pack so easily.

  18. I would hope they would vote Frank out and if happens to win the POV , I think Ian should put Dan up.

  19. puke on Ian what a bitch! Hope Frank get POV and kicks ass. DBL elim. should be good Frank wins HOH puts Ian and Dan keeps Dan yesss

  20. i’ve never really been a fan of Dan’s and then he made a great move thursday and I thought hmmm….and then not even 24 hours later he turns on frank? really dan? i’m no bible thumper but come on he swore on it, his wife and his ring? I hope Franks calls him out and it gets back to the jury house.

    • he swore on the Bible that the information he was about to reveal to Frank was the truth. He revealed the quack pack alliance and told the truth about how Ian was playing both sides.

      • No, he’s picky. He only had made F2 deal with Boogie, but he’s gone now bc Boogie wanted to target Brit & Shane just before Shane got HOH, Shane then took Boogie down. He also made deals with Fr or maybe kinda assumed mutual bonding with Dani. I believe, it’s up to which of them can take him to F2. At the end of the day, this is a game to win, nobody here is to fight for sb’s win! Besides, it’s not always up to him to decide, right?

      • I do!!!!! He is a snake. He might have made and amazing move but he is still a snake. Get him Frank and fry him.

    • he is trying to work for frank to stay this week. Dan was sincere with what he said but he also has to save his own ass first.

      • I don’t trust Dan at all! His word means nothing!Even when he swears on a bible, his wedding ring and his grandfathers cross. He will play to win and I guess that is what the game is all about isn’t it.

      • He completely crapped on and destroyed his own QP alliance and got one of his closest allies, (Brit) sent home the second he got out of confinement. That was really BAAAAD.

  21. Ian shouldn’t have nominated Frank. He could have gained some trust with Frank in case Frank wins POV. If anyone besides Frank wins POV they would be able to backdoor him. I was hoping that Dan would convince him to nominate Joe instead and show a little bit of loyalty, at least for the time being.

    • Dan’s days are numbered. He made a grat move this week but seeing less then 24 hours after his deal with Frank he jumped back to the QP was a dumb move. Frank will call him out to the other’s and noone will trust him.

      • Do you really believe that he is with Quack Pack 100%? He hasn’t cut his ties with Frank. He’s covering all his bases. He’s playing both sides. That’s how you do it. The rest of the HG’s are in coma. Except for Frank and Ian

      • I think Ian is TRYING to play Dans game…it’s just not working for him. Playing more than one side is tricky business. And he doesn’t have the finesse to carry it off.

      • Getting upset when questioned is a dead give away that you’re lying. I would LOVE to play poker with these people…except Dan. I’d walk away with pockets loaded. :)

  22. Obviously its no surprise that Ian nominated Frank (one of the strongest players and a rivalry with Ian after last week), but while nominating Jenn does do something, Ian really shouldn’t be trusting Dan this week and instead nominating him. But I wonder if Ian is using Dan for his vote to possible get Frank out this week? Keep in mind fans, yes Ian is smart enough to come up with that plan, so don’t tell me he’s not. Now it all depends upon the POV tomorrow.

    • Ian if he was half as smart as you claim he is should know he could very well end up the next target. Why? For one
      thing, they know Ian has betrayed his alliances with Boogie, Frank, Ashley and lately throwing Dan under
      the bus. So, he wastes his nomination on Frank and
      Jenn? If Frank gets off and wins veto and Jenn goes
      home what does that accomplish? If Joe gets on the
      block and the alliance decides to save Jenn and Joe
      goes home, how does that help Ian? Now, just answer
      those last two questions and tell my why these
      nominations even make any sense?

      • Ian wants to have it both ways. He wants to make a big move without pissing off people, but he doesn’t understand that when you pull the trigger, you go full throttle and not half-ass it. It showed bigtime during that Boogie debacle.

      • Totally agree. He’s smart…but young. He hasn’t discovered yet that if you make a stand…accept the consequences. This game …hopefully…will teach him a lot.

      • Ok I will answer those two questions: First evicting Jenn gets rid of an alliance member for Frank just like evicting Ashley did. And second, Joe is a floater and he goes with whoever is in power that week. So evicting Joe would be evicting a possible wild card vote. Of course if Ian only manages to evictJoe this week, then this HOH reign would be a compete waste. Frank and Dan should be the targets. However anything can happen as once again the POV will be one deciding factor.

        Din’t forget, Ian has made some bold moves in this game including making the Quack Pack that got Janelle and Boogie evicted. He has won two HOH’s as well. So why not get off Ian’s back.

      • I can see Frank or Dan putting Ian on the block if they have the opportunity. Everybody is playing cool to him since he’s got the power. Even some of the HG’s can be easily influenced to put him on the block, He’s only true ally was Brit, but she’s gone. Frank was right when he said, ‘you’re gonna be all alone”

      • My thinking is Ian wants Frank to win the veto and save himself. Puts Dan up, Shane and Dani vote evict Jenn.
        Frank and Joe vote to evict Dan. Ian is the tie breaker and evicts Dan and avenge Brit with the comic gold line that will be epic.

  23. Personally, I am rooting for Dan so there is a two time winner. Plus, he IS a very good player. Glad he sounds safe for now.

  24. The guys are having a great time with the toys….Poor DANIELL not geting any attention…she should be ignored..

      • Brit ain’t no angel either. Danielle’s annoying yeah don’t get me wrong, but Brit threw her under the bus too when she tried to make a final 2 deal with Frank. So bfd, Dani lied but so did Brit, they’re the same. That’s just the game. Woteva

    • Danielle is loving it now that Britney is out of the house..she was flaunting those boobs last night, kept looking at Frank and Shane. “Look at me, look at me!” I don’t know why Shane flirts with her like he does, he has already said he has no romantic interest in her whatsoever, guess it’s just for gameplay. Poor Danielle.

    • She may seem mature, but only 22 gang! a year older than Ian, two years older than Britt. Typical immaturity level for that age.

  25. He should of named Dan and Frank. However I hope Frank wins veto and spills on Dan. Then Ian replaces Dan. DAN goes to jury.

    • Frank needs to tell Ian that Dan ratted him out, but, would I would think that as smart as Ian is supposed to be in BB, he would have already figured out where Frank got all of his information. once again, Frank is putting his trust in someone who absolutely cannot be trusted, hasn’t he learned his lesson yet?

  26. Man, Frank’s ass-kissing, fake-laughter at everything this season, is starting to get on my nerves. Phoney…….

  27. Ian’s last words for Brit was to out the “hairy beast”! Just for saying, is he considering blindsiding Dan?

  28. If Frank somehow gets off the block and Ian puts up Joe, I think just maybe the votes are there to save Jenn and reinvigorate the alliance of 4 (Frank, Jenn, Dan, Danielle). After all, 4 is better than the 5 the QuackPack offers (Dan, Danielle, Ian, Shane, plus Joe). I’m thinking Dan would honor his word to Jenn, and convince Danielle to follow suit.

    • Why does anyone want to save Jenn? She’s added nothing to this season. She should have gone long ago.

      • She’s not a big threat at the moment. She just woke up last week and is still a little sleepy. It’s better strategy to get a strong player out before her.

  29. Get ready for an overnight POV. Shane is the only HG not playing, so this should be interesting.

  30. Well, I guess JennCity put herself in jeopardy for no reason. Now that I think about it, it probably wasn’t a good move for her to use the veto…..excellent for Dan, though. I don’t think Dan has turned on Frank, I think Dan is just playing the game. Remember, next week Ian or Frank can’t play in hoh comp. Therefore, whoever wins, Dan can control and get them to do whatever he wants them to do. I like Dan and always will, however, if Ian is smart, he will send Dan home.

  31. I hope Frank leaves the house. finally. lol Ian should of went the backdoor route, but considering Frank can’t compete for HOH this coming week, Joe and Jenn are very expendable if all should go awry. hopefully Jennwho goes next, if not carrot top.

  32. Dan is in total control of the house unless Ian has a trick up his sleeve and is going to backdoor him, Dan isn’t any part of the “new QP”.
    Dan isn’t part of any team except for Team Dan and he has everyone thinking that he is working with them and at this point none of them seem to be smart enough to get rid of him, he got rid of the one person who was smart enough to get rid of him last night.

    • “Ian has a trick up his sleeve and is going to backdoor him”, is very possible. Remember last time when Ian got HOH, his initial plan was not to put up Fr bc he wanted to backdoor Fr afterwards, and thanks for Britney’s insistence for Fr’s chance to compete for the Veto.

      • Depends who wins veto. I bet they ALL will be fighting like hell for it this week. It would be foolish to throw it. Dan is in a tough spot either way. If he wins…Frank will expect him to take him off the block. Therefore his alliance with Frank would be outed. If he loses…possible backdoor by Ian. And if your ass is in the seat…you’re not safe.

      • Totally agree with you. Dan is in the mix here. Who knows what that little man is thinking. he could possibly backdoor Dan. If Dan gets evicted, we’ll have all imbeciles running the house.

  33. Ian might succeed in geting Frank out this week. But he will be the next to go. Can you imagine Ian and Frank in the jury house together?

  34. if frank was dq for cheating why does he have to follow the rules of that game he was dq and his points did”nt count so he should be able to play in the next hoh if he stays right,so why the chum- bath and all that other crap he was dq,it dont make scents to me if someone could please explain and yes i have been watching bb scents season 1 thanks

  35. Frank and Jenn were the right nominations. Where Ian is wrong is with the renom. If Frank or Jenn win the Veto, then it has to be Dan going up, not Joe. He probably wouldn’t mind Frank staying, because he can’t play HOH comp anyways. If Ian is smart, one of Frank/Jenn/Dan goes home. As for the double, anything can happen, and I honestly think Ian is screwed, regardless of what he does. But that’s for Thursday.

  36. geez there she goes again eating everything in sight does she ever stop! and like i said before she keeps saying “if jenn leaves i will be the only girl left”….danielle is the biggest brittany wanna be ever! annoying to the max.

    • And she will probably get Brigaded just like Brit too. Only they will probably have to drag her kicking and screaming out the door. A bag of chips in one hand and a lock of Shanes hair in the other.

  37. We were hoping never to see Jessie Godderz again. But CBS brings him back every year. Remember him in the gorilla suit? He turned us off as a player (twice) and he’s just as bad as a guest.

  38. all cameras on you danielle this is your shining moment. and what do you do? eat, look in mirror at yourself, and lay like a tard on the couch. ohhh yes the magic star you are!

  39. Thanks BBAD for letting me watch people sleep. I stayed up for this program and all I got was sleeping and Danielle complaining about being hungry……’s too late to be eating, anyway.

  40. Best thing for Ian to do is let Frank or Jenn win PoV and let one of them use it on themselves. Then he renoms Dan and it would be a 2-2 vote. Ian would break the tie by sending home Dan.

    • I was thinking that the only possibility for excitement might be if one of them had an “erotic” dream. But then i slapped myself. My luck it would be Danielle.

  41. Ian sucks worst HG in a long time with his constant twitching high pitched voice and of course he is a backstabbing flip flopping fool I cant stand that stupid kid I cant wait until he is evicted

  42. people , please remember that Ian does not know Dan told Frank about the QP. Frank hasn’t told anyone he knows. Ian doesn’t know about Dan and the eating machine that they have a finale 2 plan either does Frank. Ian trusts too easily and I hope somethings falls his way to warn him to renom Dan.

  43. Ian is not a kid he is a man. Brilliant be on your ability to even understand, thats why you slam him because you are beneath him.

  44. Jesse just saved Danielle’s life.. that girl was getting bigger and bigger! She’s like panicking in the store room

    • im looking what is in the room, vegtables, fruit, good stuff…but all she does is complain. geez what did she want to do all summer cuddle with shane and stuff her tard butt?

      • i think BB forced them to do a bit of cleaning heard some talking about it on the feeds like washing windows and stuff… but for gods sake, they have ants in the kitchen.. ants if i had that home i’d be like ashamed of myself.

      • So true, you’d think that with so many people in one small place someone would want to do something about the damn ants. I bet there’s roaches and mice in there too. Not to mention herpes and cooties.

    • if she drank draino it would give her a tummy ache…i guess you can add that to her list of ailments.

  45. It looks like she’s trying to show us that she really might be a kindergarten teacher the way she plays with those legos.

    • no no, judging by what she is able to make, thats is 3rd grade inteligence.

      edit: hold on, she’s struggling.. i’ll downgrade to 2nd grade. amd Probably in the low end of the class.

  46. Ian has a strong sense of entitlement – as if he deserves to win the game because he’s been watching BB since he was 10.

  47. everyone that enters the kitchen. “look at my castle” she should just say “everyone look at me!”

  48. uh oh….joe just told danielle she looks good in that top…now we are going to have to hear all night her asking “do you like this top” to everyone…aggggg

  49. Don’t tell me Frank promised to throw veto to Jenn if he can???? and asking Dan for his vote if he remained on the block!!! wtf….if this kid does that…I hope he really really go to jury for his stupidity!!! I was rooting for this man…but if this is what he is planning to do….might as well walk through the door right now.

    • Whoa, did I miss something? Did Frank say he was gonna throw it to Jenn? That’d be stupid. She won by luck last time & I doubt it’d happen again. I hope he realizes that.

  50. Thank you, Matt, for the info, no big surprises. Quack Pack back and Dan lives in the house for yet another week. Amazing!

  51. Has nothing to do with this topic but watching BBAD and about 10:40ish Joe makes the mistake of complimenting Danielle on her shirt and she thinks it’s because of her boobs. Since then she’s been sitting at the counter across from the stove catching every glimpse of herself in the mirror over the sink that she can.Tossing her hair back so as show off the “girls”. I don’t watch this often, but it’s an almost desperate for attention side of her that I don’t like! Not flattering for her.:(

    • She’s luvin’ it! She’s an attention wh*re. If I were her I’d be zippin up that hoodie in a second!

      • That’s a very good way to put it! I suppose it’d be too obvious if she took off the hoodie!

      • Ya, take it off and continue bouncing on the damn chair like she is. I just don’t get it! Puttin them out for Joe? Ewwww……..

      • I know! But she’s so dumb she doesn’t care who it’s from. Heck if Ted gave her some attention she’d be all over him!

      • She’s not making us Bama girls look too good doing that. And what in Lords name is she doing NOW!! REALLY?!!

      • We will never know what she is really trying to do. As for you Bama girls I’m not letting Dumbielle set an example for the rest of you. I’m sure you are all amazing. She’s just a “special” person no matter where she comes from.

      • It’s not nice or fair to judge based on one example. I like that everyone is different. This world would be so boring if we were all the same. Heck, I even appreciate my stalker. :-)

    • this is nothing new…she does this every night and every chance she gets…thats why she is the most annoying houseguest in bb history!

    • Danielle is crazy, but as much as i don’t like her, i do admire what Dan did with her. You can see that she is better at the game now than at the start and she has Dan to thank for it. He will bring her all the way ( unless he needs to cut her, but then again he would have cut Memphis if he had to. )

  52. she put her zipper down more…this is almost unbearable to watch…please someone help this crazy chick…

    • She’s almost spread eagle in front of Joe!! I can’t take it!! And you know she’s lying down the way she is to show off her boobs…which by the way…are not that great. I’m so creeped out.

    • My God…i’ve been gone for a couple of hours and the first thing i see when i get back is Danielle making Joe go crotch crazy.

      • like my previous comment said…there should be a disclaimer…sorry mj….your pschy has already been damaged.

      • lol is this because you all just don’t like Danielle though…or because you actually think she looks bad and/or is embarrassing herself…basically if Britney or Janelle were still there and doing the same thing, would the same comments be made?

      • Truthfully, she’s embarrassed herself since day 1…starting with the teacher remark and ending with zippergate

      • I honestly think it’s because of the way she is literally throwing them at everyone tonight. If you have the feeds flashback about an hour ago. It’s sick. I think you’d agree.

      • Yeah I had only heard, and now I’m watching BBAD but she’s alone in the living room and is the only I can see as awake…

      • Really? On my BBAD they show Frank, Jenn, Joe, Ian, Dan & Shame all around the table talkin about random crap. It’s funny cuz live feeds show the table and fish right now.

      • I only watch a BBAD airing every night, and for some reason they’re 2 hours behind where they should be. Meaning the footage I watch is really a total of 5 hours behind EST. Everytime during one of these airings an HG asks what time it is, the answer is always 5 hours behind my current time.

      • At least not much is happening tonight…except Dumbielle’s boobs makin their debut & Joe totally luvin’ it.

      • I saw a super creepy pic of Joe actually trying to check them out while Danielle was lying down. Not surprised though, it’s Joe.

      • Not really. It’ll take a while to un-see that.

        Hate to sound like a typical guy here, but I think people saying Danielle actually physically looked bad is more of a result of just disliking Danielle altogether…
        But I agree, she shouldn’t do it, it’s embarrassing. Plus I’m not exactly saying she looked amazing either lol.

      • know its funny that a lot of us don’t even know what gender we’re talking to. LOL..Jillith i thought you were a woman. Or maybe its just me thats confused. :)

      • Haha I still think Jillith is a woman…and you’re right most of the time I don’t know what gender I’m talking to either. I have my guesses but you can never really know of course.

      • OMG…Danielle is rubbing off on me. You said typical guy and i thought you were….a typical guy that is. Good to know you’re of the female persuasion….even if Danielle makes us all look bad.

      • Actually I said the ‘typical guy’ thing lol. I’m totally not typical, that’s why I said I don’t want to sound like it, but honestly she doesn’t look bad physically. And for the record from the start of the season I thought ‘hey she’s pretty attractive’, so I’m not just saying that because of tonight, and of course this before the borderline psycho stuff we’ve seen.

      • I actually think she’s cute too. In a crazy, psycho, delusional, obsessive sort of way. But none the less…cute.

      • I feel like Shane…i mistakenly read your comment as Jilliths. Someone is going to have to explain to me how this board works

      • Don’t worry lol a lot of people are having confusion with the new board format. I think it’ll just take getting used to. I’d like to explain it to you but I’m not sure how lol. Just kinda keep an eye on the @(name) part highlighted in red text to see who the comment’s being directed at, and of course the name above that is who’s posting. I think you’ll get used to it soon.

      • LOL..i actually do know how it works but i was having a blonde moment. Plus the temporary blindness brought on by Danielles boob only made matters worse

      • She actually is cute, it’s just the personality that gets in the way. And then we get all caught up in the stupid stuff she does & it makes her look worse. I think it’s human nature.

      • a 3 dressed as a 9….we’ve seen her w/o make-up. The only reason she is looking half decent is cuz all the pretty ones are all gone.

      • I’ve seen Britney without make-up too, she’s better looking than Danielle but not by much, and I find Danielle better looking than JoJo, Jodi and Jenn, and I never found Janelle attractive. Kara was probably the best looking, but not by a landslide.

      • mj there is no comparisson…i was not of fan of neither one of them but at least they both had personality…this twit is just downright pathetic

      • I think you should call in sick dinalee9907. Tell them you have brain damage from boob overload.

      • now i got to go to work tonight with the image of the twit….going to be a long night…next time i hope bb would pre warn us with a disclaimer “the following viewing tonight with be dangerous to your pschy”

  53. I’ve heard they already played Veto, tonight instead of on Saturday like usual. The feeds right now make that seem true, it’s quiet, people are already asleep. I’m not saying tell me who won, but has POV already been played?

      • Yeah just heard from a friend as well that they’re still setting it up outside, but then why is everyone asleep already? It’s like 9:42 pm BBT.

      • I’ve gotten confirmation from a few places that my airing of BBAD (On a channel called Slice, in Toronto, Canada) is for some reason 5 hours behind EST, and it’s 2:48 am EST right now. Many times I’ve confirmed this, an HG would ask what time it is and I’d hear “around 11” and look at my clock and it’s 4 am.

      • Me too lol. At least it’s starting to make sense and was apparently a power nap, people are waking up now.

        Obviously what I see isn’t live…it’s weird.

      • I think they were sleeping in anticipation of a late night veto game. Haha. now they will be up all night & dog tired for the game tomorrow.

      • Hey wonderband…i’m in Ontario at the moment…i live here part of the time… I’m looking forward to BB Canada. You could apply and i would fly banners over the house so i could help you spot the Danielles of the house. And maybe throw you some poutine over the wall when you’re on slop :)

      • Oh no, it’s 11:47 BBT. I think they are settin up OTEV! Can’t wait to see my man kick ass at that one!

  54. Everyone is wondering about the scenarios that could play out with veto. First thing that comes to mind, even before veto, is that Ian has his own veto still to use, and nothing says he won’t use it. that said…Who would definitely save Frank if they win the veto? Only person in my view is Frank saving himself. Shane will do as he is told, as will Danielle. It is in the best interest of Joe for the top competitor to go home. And as for Dan, it doesn’t help him to save the only person who could beat him in Final 2. Now, If Frank were to somehow “win” veto again…I think Ian would put up Dan, and then Dan would be going home. If it is a vote between Jenn and Joe, Jenn loses. Really, for those Frank fans, the only way I see him surviving is if he wins the veto. Anything else and it is goodbye carrot top.

  55. ian is a fucking gutless and useless player. he actually wants to waste his HOH week to get rid of jenn instead of the 2 huge threats Dan and Frank. this guy is either a coward or he is a retard

  56. In regard to Ian, if it looks like a nerd,and sounds like a nerd, and walks like a nerd, it’s a nerd!

  57. Dan is a punk, who get’s other people to do his dirty work, because he is spineless piece of #@@#!

  58. These HG’s are so freaking stupid, they keep falling for Dan even though he’s been stabbing them all in the back. Frank has had 2 shots to get him out and he was dumb enough not to both times.

    • Everyone is lying, backstabbing and manipulating which is part of the game. That said, how many times has Shane betrayed Frank, oh just everytime Frank had an alliance with Shane. How about Ian? He betrayed Boogie, Frank, Ashley and Dan just recently. Now, he would be trustworthy by your reasoning, right? Dan has lied and backstabbed and Frank took his chance because he was the only one left who knew how to play this game to make an alliance with and Brittney, she had no strategy and betrayed everyone she came in contact with if it suited her, remember that “fake” surprised look of Janelle being made the replacement nominee by Danielle and the “fake” crododile tears of losing my BFF Janelle when she was of the plan to evict her? There are no good choices. The saying trust but, verify is what a smart player on Big Brother should do! First, Frank needs to win the Veto so, Joe goes up then, make Dan save Jenn by voting to evict Joe. They have the votes, Dan, Danielle, Frank (assuming he gets off via veto) and Shane. They do not even need Shane’s vote to make Jenn save by evicting Joe. If they refuse to save
      Jenn then, you know it is a big double cross.

  59. hopefully Frank and Jenn can go talk to Ian and tell him the truth that Dan exposed the Quack Pack, stabbed him and Britney in the back, and was planning to target him and Shane next week. Ian needs to wake the hell up and not let Dan slide his way all the way to the finals.

  60. So Ian and Dan are renegades now? Anyone else watch the conversation that just happened an hour ago??? And Dan is targeting frank… Nice

    • Frank should throw Dan under the bus..and run over him a few times. But than again this it what Frank gets for Keep trusting people that lie to him time and time again

  61. DID anyone see how DANELLE was wearing that super low cut top with her boobs hanging out—COME-ON–with all those guys in the house she should not walk around like that –more so when the guys get a few beers in them—an I do respect Joe-he did ask her to change her top it was a distraction—then he you notice how after that she kept staring at herself in the morroe an kept pushing her boobs to look bigger—come-on girls–you know how we can make different moves to look more pooped out–then she laid on the couch with her arms up an her jacket all wide open so she really wanted them to notice—-I think she is too much in love with herself–an I admire SHANE–for keeping his -thing- in the pants –an not wanting to be all over making-out—that;s a great guy—-an here she is showing Jenn the condom she has an is dying to make some action with him- an He is not complying—–GOOD FOR YOU SHANE–YOUR PARENTS RAISED A GOOD MAN—

    • I hope he can keep restraining himself. Poor guy! Maybe she thinks the guys will want to keep her around for something to look at.

  62. Did any forget Brit told Frank getting Dan out would be a great strategic move for her. Yall act like he did her dirty when she did him that way first

  63. Why all this talk of a double eviction this week? I do not remember hearing Julie say that??? Is this just based on what the house guests think will happen? (I must have missed something)

  64. If Frank wins Veto, Ian should nominate Dan. The ultimate revenge. Then, odds on fave for Shane to win the key, NOminate Frank and Jenn again.

  65. Dan has to play both sides. If Frank wasn’t nom’d then he may have been excluded from Veto Allowing back door. Having Frank nom’d is the best for Dan and Frank.

  66. Well, Frank’s downfall is that he trusts people too much in the house. He keeps on doing it and gets burned every time. Now he’s on the block with the only person left that he should trust.

    A better move for Ian right now would be to get rid of Dan, but he’s too distracted to notice. There were a few signs yesterday that the QP isn’t really on his side.

    • Ian is too caught up in the idea of the revival of his self -proclaimed brainchild … the QuackPack. He needs to wise up & play his own game at this point. that being said, his best move would be to use Dan as a renom if Frank or Jenn come down. Take the blinders off Ian !!!

      • He’s like a mad scientist. He put together a concoction and refuses to see that it doesn’t work. Now his Frankenstein is going to bite him in the ass. There’s none so blind as those as those who refuse to see.

      • He just wanted to be a step ahead of the game, use his own short-time power to rack up later safety – sounds like a smart intstead of an emotional player to me!

  67. Top Four – In no order – Danielle – Dan – Frank – Ian. FYI: They all have lied, at one time. Dan lied to save himself, that is the game. Joe is the only one that I haven’t seen lie but he is not a player.

  68. If Frank or Jen win POV Ian should put Dan up. I hope Frank tells him what Dan told him about the Quack Pack. Dan is sneaky.

  69. hi frank has to go because own to ian and frank frank will win and that can’t happen. yes he’s a strong player and he’s the son of a wrestling great but he’s a little too “confident” and hopefully that’ll be his downfall.

  70. agreed Jewls……he’s a slug…. Frank has played well, but always believes he has to go with someone. He does well all by himself. I hope he does call Dan out. When Frank goes, I stop watching.

  71. I have been a Dan fan all season, his move last week was amazing! However I am truly disappointed he is ready to screw Frank already. We see Frank say he won’t throw Dan under the bus, but Dan does it at his first opportunity. I think his wife will be ashamed of him, and he will never win in even if he gets to final 2. Screwed way to many people this time around!

  72. I don’t know why I believed Dan…..but the Bible and his wedding ring!? I fell for it……….Frank deserves to win and now there’s no chance. Before he leaves, I want him to tell ALL. Would like to hear Dan explain to his church school pupils how it is ok to lie and swear on the Bible.

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