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The latest popularity poll numbers are in for the Big Brother 14 houseguests based on last week’s poll. The newbies are finally catching up to the Coaches after weeks of trailing. Well, kinda. After several rounds of Shane holding the top spot he’s now fallen behind Britney and tied with Dan.

This past week in the poll we saw Britney earn the biggest climb in her numbers while Dan, Frank, Ian, and Ashley all pulled varying increases. Shane had the biggest fall as he continues in a downward trend from an earlier peak at 27% of the vote.

Meanwhile, Jenn has still failed to earn 1% of the vote all season, but at least she’s got Joe down there with her after he fell earlier in the game and never recovered. I can see Jenn earning 0% as she hasn’t really been involved in the game until the past few days, but I’m surprised about Joe. As Britney put it, after 45 days Jenn hasn’t been a Have-Not, nominated, or had anything bad happen to her. Let’s see what happens when all that changes. Joe, on the other hand, has caused so much drama and trouble in the game I’m surprised he’s not doing better here. Maybe those screaming DR sessions are the reason for his popularity problems.

You can check out the archive of past polls to see how everyone is doing over the season. I’ve also got a graph charting everyone’s rise and fall for Big Brother 14.

Vote below for your favorite Big Brother 14 HG this week and share your thoughts.

Click graph to see last week’s results in full-size

Big Brother 14 - Week 5 Popularity Poll results


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  1. Shane gets it ONLY because someone finally made a huge move!! Puppeteer or puppet either way he put himself up as next weeks target..Frank lacked the necessary “gumption” or “balls” to do it last week..and you can bet that wont happen next time he is HOH. I really would hope a “floater” would get an HOH just to see how it would play out.  

    • It is not the first huge move by Shane. Do you not remember when “America” voted the coaches a chance to play the game. Shane had Frank on the block and i think everyone was going to vote him out but didn’t get the chance because of “America”

  2. You know how Boogie might just get to Danielle tell her Shane’s first choice was Kara and not her LMAO!!  Oh my goodness could you see her flip out in the house !

    • I wonder if he would tell her would make for good tv and be funny ;) Kara would be my first choice was sad to see her go

      • Kara was FRANKS first choice too.   Poor Danielle….always the bridesmaid…never the bride.

  3. Ian is finally showing his game – why do people like Brit – I do not  dislike her – but why do people like her so much?

    • Poor Ian is a nervous wreck trying to keep his stories straight. Hense the Constant fast swinging in the backyard! And how is Ashley getting stoned in the house?

    • I’m in the same boat. I actually like Britney, not my fave, but I do like her. I’m not sure why she would be in the top spot?

      • I like her as well… But not a BB fav either… Remember her season she got the 25,000 for America’s vote so there must be some Britney fans out there

      • Nick, normally i would agree that consistancy is a good thing.   But in Jenns case she’s not only consistant but …consistantly absent!   She’s totally out of the loop sometimes.   It took putting her on the block for her to come out of hiding.

  4. I am looking forward to the double eviction and jury to see how that all plays out ….Also wondering who will get Americas player this year ….

  5. So just wanna point something out. If Jenn goes home Thursday everyone that makes up the center of the houseguests in the picture above will be gone.

    • Because he is associated with Boogie and a lot of people don’t like him, and that is the only reason. The only ones likable this season is Frank and Shane. They are the only ones willing to get blood on their hands everyone else is hiding behind them, waiting on them to make big moves. I wish Shane and frank would get together and run the house. Now that would be awesome to watch.

    • Probably because of his association with Boogie.   Although he plays a decent game sometimes there’s guilt by association.   Seemed like a nice guy in the beginning but Boogies attitude is rubbing off on him.   Maybe we will see “nice guy Frank” once again when Boogie gets evicted.

    • Let me answer that for you.  He is self entitled and pompas.  Production chose the timing of the coaches entering the game to save him from eviction, he should already be gone. He has offensive hair.  He took what Wllie said….completely out of context and turned it into a gay slur.  When Mike Boogie did what he accused Willie of… he didn’t even flinch ( oh wait… he laughed).  His table manners are non existant.  If you need more, just let me know :)

      • I’ll give almost all of that. Fact is the coaches got greedy and pushed the button. If they didn’t do that Frank was gone. It’s not production’s fault. The coaches screwed Shane and thier teams over bigtime except Boogie.

    • What I find bizarre is the sudden influx of Wrestlemania comments. What does Sid Vicious’ wrestling career have to do with the show we’re watching?? It’s true Frank was probably cast for his famous connections but can we agree to like/dislike Frank for Frank and leave unrelated comments about his dad out of the conversation.

  6. To be fair most of them have no table manners.  Dan chews with his mouth closed….mostly.  Ian hasn’t drawn my attention yet, so I withold judgement there.
    On to Brittney…. for a tiny thing, the girl can eat. Close your mouth when you chew Brit…and stop picking your face.  Always, pick, pick pick.  FF her on BBAD she looks like a crazy lady.

  7. I’m finding it difficult to find rapport with some of the HGs this year. Shane did make a power move this week by nominating Frank and Boogie, but then wimped out about his reasons why. Britney whines too much. Danielle is a lost cause. I’ve never been a fan of Boogie, and Dan plays a very creepy smug “nice guy”. I want to like Ashley but can’t tell whether she is really playing or is lucking into where she’s at. Did she make out with Frank so he wouldn’t nominate her, or does she genuinely like him? Hard to tell, and during her DR sessions she sounds like she has the IQ of a brick. I’m waiting for the moment Ashley turns around to the camera and confesses she’s been fine this whole time. She’s been acting hurt and fragile to make the others think she can’t compete or something like that. You know give me something to work with.

  8. If ppl actually watched the live feeds and/or BBAD Britney would have less votes then Jenn. Brit is just a horrible human being.

  9. Knowing everything by Monday is a good thing… but waiting for the eviction on Thursday takes a dang long time :o)   … just sayin

  10. danielle’s voice really gets on my nerves – very nasal.  She is a bit of a nitwit.

  11. Britney was my favorite player, but she is hiding behind Shane too much.  I am surprised at how well she manipulates everyone.

  12. in the DR they told shane not to vote boogie or frank out he when against them
    Plus frank cheated at veto game BB know & allowing it
    Im thinking Bb need to let the game play out fair

  13. when it comes to danielle all she thinks about “how do i look”  “please give me attention” “make me feel important” so pathetic!  I can’t help but root for ian.  jenn just sits there and tries to be cool (not working)  boogie is a pain but at least he makes it interesting.  frank is a cool cucumber  lol as for shane, go pick your nose and keep trying to look cool. (not!)

  14. Lets go Ian! I wonder what his good bye message will be to boogie, and more importantly, how  boogie will react to finding out Ian is the one plotted his demise. 

  15. I’m so glad Boogie is leaving and Franoogie are breaking up after seeing how rude they are to Ian right now is really upsetting. Attacking personally for gameplay and expecting him to stay on their side is just stupid. Boogie is pissed off saying this is such bad gameplay but he’s just pissed off that they got him before he could get them. He’s the one that needs to grow up!!

  16. I vote different each week because I can’t find one person who I can stick with.  Beginning to think no one deserves it.  Joe thinks he is in flint and running the show.  Dan is a snake and after begging Boogie to be in an alliance from the beginning, he turns on him even after Boogie saved him from getting backdoored.  Dan also has an alliance with just about everyone else to cover his butt.  Boogie, the coaches, Brit, Dani – did I leave anyone out”  Jenn – not understanding her at all.  Crazy Dani, Shane who I use to like, but he follows the leader.  I did like Brit, but she is disappointing mr lately.  I guess for today I like Frank and Ian, but Ian is the mole.  I almost forgot Ashley who I can’t figure out either.  I hate to say it, but if Boogie leaves and I never thought I would say this, but this show will be more boring than ever.  Looks like he will though with maybe only Frank’s vote.  . 

    • I agree with you for the most part, but where you may call Dan a snake I may give him kudos for smart game play-that’s what you have to do in this game cover your ass from back to front. He’s doing it pretty well and I think one of the only things keeping him from winning will be the mere fact that he’s already won.

      • We all have different opinions of good game play.  When you sit there reading the bible you are perceived as an honest person.  Just because he quietely lies he is just going about it a different way.  He is lying to every person he talks to and never gets blood on his hands.  Let’s others do his dirty work.  I prefer a player who gets more in your face and may be lying, but is more up front about it.  Not saying you are wrong for the type of play you enjoy.  I just find him absolutely boring.  We just like differentl kinds of game play.

      • @Jacee2 How exactly does he not get blood on his hands? You know he’s intentionally taking the heat for something he didn’t do, right? (Ian informing Britney about Boogie’s plans to go after her and Shane.)

  17. It aint gonna be me, but I wish someone would give Joe and Jenn a sympathy vote here.  Its getting really sad and embarassing.

  18. Wow, Ian’s popularity has gone up. I have to give him credit for playing a big part on Booger’s downfall. We’re near eviction, and Ian(the mole) still undetected. He’s going to be exposed come Thursday, but still monumental.

  19. Britney and shane as two of the most popular? What is wrong with you america! Especially shane! HE is suchhh a douche!

    • They both r, I still don’t get what in the world people like about Brittney, she’s so annoying and was so far up Janelle’s butt wanting to be accepted by her, that she gave her own team crap about being around Willie. He probably wouldn’t have blown up the way he did if he wasn’t being alienated by his own team, which was Britney’s fault because she’s an idiot when it comes to coaching. It’s just easy to manipulate Shane because he’s an even bigger idiot than she is.

    • I agree!  Britney is just riding everyones coattails and doesn’t take any risks or do any of the dirty work herself but wants everyone else to.

    • Nope just you. I’m only teasing. I’m sure Joe has his fans too. I was surprised at the segment where they showed his family that even his kids/stepchildren were sort of dogging him. 

    • Sorry! But I can’t stand Joe!  Ready to see him go!  He doesn’t want to win any competitions and just floats to whoever has the power that week.  He is a big butt kisser.  And he is chock-full of hot air!

  20. I think that Frank and Boogie are behaving horrible, for someone who has had great things happen in his life because of BB, Boogie is not a class act that I would reccomend for BB in the future years to come.

  21. I’m so excited to see Boogie go! I’m hoping that the quack pack wins HOH and there smart enough to use this double eviction to get Frank out. What a fantasy bye bye FROOGIE! I would love to see Britt and Ian go far in this game! 

  22.  Mike Boogie makes me sick….Britney does nothing but drink coffee and complain about poor ME…and Ian doesn’t know what day it is….This has been one out-of-touch with the world mix of people….They don’t know what end;s Up or down…Frank’s always whining about his Boggie…and Ashley, Someone please tell that girl what planet she lives on!!!   Joe just screams all the time. Jen doesn’t play the game…Shane and Dan are the only normal ones..I hope Shane wins and Dan is second….Shane is trying his hardest and he’s winning HOH’s but not any money… Boogie should give him some of his…

  23. Boogie is my all time favorite. If he gets e,imitated I’m not watching big brother any more. I’m done

  24. Go boogie go. Your the best player ever. Go boogie. I’m just a little mad that you didn’t see Ian as a snitch. Ian sucks. Boogy you should of known better.

  25. Boogy boogy boogy boogy. He’s my favorite. He’s the only reason why I watch Big Brother. If he’s gone were gone.

  26. Boogie boogie boogie. We had a boogie party tonight. If boogys gone were gone we won’t watch big brother again. No more.

  27. Dan get up your frickin butt and start playing Your always laying down. Brittany why do you always pick your hair and face and pick everything else and that big cup of coffee omg. And Danielle. Why are you so insecure and play with everyone else wants you to do. Shane your so lame. Ian all I have to say about you Is your a wants be. Go back home …,, because you’ll never be like boogy or frank. Who are the champs no matter what. Ian go smell you under pants hahahahahaha

  28. Ian your lame to mess things up. Dan your not catholic at all. Your a devil….. And you want people to think you r an catholic angel. Yeah right. I’m catholic and see right through you. Go fly a foujkll kite. Your not going to win. Staying low like a devil. Give me a break.

  29. I won’t vote for Ian, Dan, Danielle, Shane, Brittany diftny, joe blow, Dan -klanxxx,

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