Big Brother 14 Week 6 – Team Boogie Counts Votes

Boogie on Big Brother 14

Team Boogie is in a tight spot this week on Big Brother 14, but they aren’t about to give up as they head toward Thursday’s live eviction (one of two that night). Starting with yesterday’s outburst of fights, verbal slams, and backroom unpleasantness they’ve decided to take things in a new direction: campaigning for votes.

Right now Frank and Boogie believe they have Ian firmly in their corner. They don’t, but don’t ruin the surprise for them (and us). With Jenn on the block next to Boogie she’s out of the question for voting to keep him. With seven potential votes they’re going to need at least four while believing they are starting with two base votes. Two votes to go, kinda.

Frank and Boogie know they won’t get a vote from Dan or Danielle and they’re pretty confident Britney is out of the picture. That leaves Ashley and Joe as Boogie’s saviors this week. However, keep in mind that they don’t really have Ian so even if they get these two votes Boogie is still toast. All the same, let’s move along.

Late last night Frank and Boogie held a private conversation with Joe. Flashback to 3AM BBT to hear the discussion. They argue if Boogie stays in the house that they’ll be a cannon fodder shield for Joe since the other side would go after them before him. Joe says he’ll consider it and will tell them the next day.

Big Brother 14 - Ashley and Ian

This morning, Flashback to 9:10AM BBT, Frank and Boogie continued to work on Ashley. She seems fully on board with the idea of keeping Boogie over Jenn. The guys want her to work on Joe and Ian. Soon after Ashley is at the hammock leaning on Ian and talking sex. As a funny aside, in this conversation Ian straight out asks Ashley for a sexual favor. He then offers an even trade if she’ll, ahem, take matters in to her own hands. Flashback to 11:55AM BBT to watch this scene.

Ashley keeps up the good fight when she corners Joe in the backroom. Flashback to 12:35PM BBT. Ashley uses the same arguments that Frank and Boogie will be bigger targets than them if he votes to keep Boogie. Joe is noncommittal but promises an answer soon.

Later Joe runs to Britney and Danielle to relay his conversation with Ashley. He informs them Ashley is with Froogie “1000%.” Joe is sticking to the plan and is going to vote out Boogie come Friday. Right now Boogie only has two votes, but by Thursday Ashley might change her vote around and leave Boogie with just one vote.

Meanwhile, as an aside, Jenn is storming the house and “campaigning” for votes. She’s doing a terrible job at it too. Jenn continues to threaten and badger HGs to get their vote. She tells HGs she’s coming after their allies and won’t promise to not come after them. Jenn really doesn’t get the “tell them it’s okay and give lots of smiles” approach.

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  1. Ashley is a drug induced version of Porshe! Expect Porshe started winning and I don’t think that Ashley will win anything!

      • Umm… Porsche won 1 comp?? She won:
        1) The veto at the clown shoes comp, which assured Jeff was out of the game2) HOH at the competition right after
        3) Veto in the top 4, that if she had lost, she would have been eliminated4) 2nd part of the last HOH.
        Basically, 4 more comp that what Ashley will win this season! Quit tripping bro..!

  2. So do you think Production actually offered Jenn something to basically go around the house acting like a moron so that Boogie stays or is she just the worst player in BB history. It’s just painful watching this stupidity.

    • That was my first thought…”what did Production offer Jenn or give her to rant all week?”  

    • Jenn is such an insult to the game. At this point, even though Frank and Boogie are acting like immature two year olds, I want her voted out this week.

    •  Np I just think she is a moron. All of a sudden she has to be in the game and she doesn’t know what hit her or how to handle it. I wonder if this fire under her will stay lit.

    • Maybe she just caught on to how little air time she was getting and thought she better step it up a little. She HAS to know how boring she is. I was really looking forward to watching her but she has been such a disappointment!

  3. CBS, you better do something about this.

    Boogie needs to stay in this game and I don’t really care if it involves production stepping in since they’ve been doing that all season.

      • Definitely not the only one. I want them to use a twist to save Boogie too. Lol. C’MON PANDORA’S BOX TWIST!!!

    • Really grow up. What would your reaction be if  say dan was on the block and one of his fans said “Hey production step in and do something to keep Dan. I am sure all you Boogie fans would be writing everything in bold letters complaining. Just let them play the game on their own and when all is done and they go home and watch this season let them see how stupid this game was played. Boogie isn”t the only one to liven up this show we still have frank dan shane and don’t forget drama queen Brit. and over the top crazy Daniel.

      • Agree, so let’s cheat you Boogie fans hope for and manipulate the game therefore who the prize goes to. Great concept -NOT. There is money at stake folks. Pkus Boogie already had his time in BB and didn’t hit the button to stay. Granted I CAN NOT STAND THAT MAN. Frank had been the one keeping ur butt in the game douche bag!!

      • I wouldn’t. As much as I am not a fan of his, Dan keeps it interesting too. It’s the floaters like Jenn and Ashley that are dull.

      • I like Boogie, but if it were Dan, I might be upset as well. Honestly, I would much rather it be Frank leaving than Boogie. I really want the house to split into the Boogie faction and the Dan faction, and it is really close to that now, but it just doesn’t look like that is in the cards.

      • @ Madina Gedi: And Boogie is not guilty of the same thing as Dan? He has never won HOH or Veto. He does the same thing Dan does, sits back and talks others into getting rid of his biggest threats. He didn’t personally put Janelle out of the house, he had Danielle do it, just like Dan isn’t personally putting Boogie out of the house, he and Brit are using Shane to do it.

    • Looks like quite a few want him to stay.  If he leaves it will be a total snoozefest.  This would be a twist I would be happy with if it allows Boggie to stay.  I would love to see the looks on all their faces if he remains in the game and there will certainly be drama. lol

      • It won’t be a snooze fest theirs always something happening and changing it would be great to see something that’s not so predictable as in keeping the scumbag himself …just think about his reaction when and if he gets whats coming to him that will be EPIC……

    •  No way let Boogie go and have Frank play his own game.  Boogie looks like the grimm reaper

    • How about letting the game take it’s course and CBS stay out of it. This is suppose to be a game where the best player wins..with no cheating or help from CBS. We all want to be able to see how things work out with just the HG playing on their own…

    • I would love for Pandora’s Box to appear, it is opened, and as a result no eviction, everyone plays for HOH and then they do a double eviction (2 for price of 1) immediately after HOH comp. Would be very interesting.

      • I think double eviction going to happen regardless and I don’t think their be a twist to save anyone like there’s I think still 10 ppl left with 4 weeks left they need more than one double eviction to get caught up. But who knows maybe they ll just extend the season

    • My question to you

      If Boogie was HOH and Shane and Brit were up. Shane won Veto and Brit was left up with, say, Joe, or someone that would ensure her eviction, would you want production to save her too? Keep in mind, weather you like her or not, she has been as active as Boogie thus far this season with stategy and alliance forming and playing the game.

      And I would honestly like an answer to this, and not one that shows that anyone is only wanting Boogie and Frank saved because they are their favorites.

      •  production only saves those which make the show interesting.

        Britney doesnt do this in my honest opinion.

        They saved brendon last season and brought him back even if it was for 1 extra week, and they saved Rachel and Jordan by making them duo up.

        Its not up to my favorites, its up to productions.

      •  I don’t care who is up on the block. I wouldn’t want production stepping in and saving them. This show is for entertainment, but, at least for me, it comes from watching the players make their moves and have to actually think and play to win; not just sit back and let production save them.

        So, in answer to your question, I wouldn’t want Brittany ( or anyone else) saved by production, any more than I want Frank or Mike saved. It has nothing to do with personal feelings, but more to do with the spirit of the game.

  4. I have to laugh at Joe.  They wanted him out almost from the beginning and this guy may end up winning the whole thing.  At least that’s the way he sees it.  This is going to end up being a snooze fest,  We have had drama, but after Thursday I see nobody entertaining left to carry the show.

    • Frank is still there and he is a straight shooter….he will cause drama.  He is not held back by boogie anymore so with him, Dan and Shane in there plus throw Joe and Ian in the mix and if Jenn gets nominated again she will really blow!!!  Ashley needs to go….don’t like how she is playing.

    • This is the second time in two days he talks big and then slithers when it’ s staring him in the face. The first one was Frank calling him out and he plays dumb and the second when he was telling Shane he’ll tell Frank emphatically that he will never work with them. He’s just a loud mouth. He’s lucky Willie didn’t break his jaw.

  5. Don’t be suprised if Dan votes to keep Boogie, keeps it on the dl and throw someone else under the bus. Once Boogie’s gone, he and Shane’s Target gets a whole lot bigger.

    • That would be fair if Boogie wasnt completely jaded with Dan and was in on it. Dan’s better to stick with the alliance.

      • That alliance is no more if they don’t win HOH on Thursday and with Pandora’s box in the mix, thier paranoia will get the best of them and stuck with Joe and Ian at each other’s throats on top of that. This is shaping up to be a world class disaster for the packrats

    • Why would Dan vote to keep Boogie when Boogie and Frank were campaigning to get Dan as the replacement nominee? He would literally have to be an absolute moron to vote to keep Boogie.

  6. At first, I didn’t want Jenn to go because it seemed kind of unfair to her, but now I realize she clearly has NO IDEA how to play this game and should just go home, because if I, as a viewer, feel this humiliated for her and I am only reading about it, I cant imagine how excruciating it will be to watch it on Wednesday.

    • Jenn doesn’t have a chance to go another week, let alone win this.  She got her Maui vacation.  Aloha some nice girls over there.  Maybe that’s her strategy?  Act crazy, get herself voted out so Boogie can stay?  IDK but if Boogie goes, I hope Frank wins the whole enchilada!  I DO NOT WANT THAT SNAKE DAN TO WIN!  He’s laying low (like a snake), letting others get “blood on their hands” (ahem Shane and Danielle) and after the other strong players are gone (Mike and Frank), he’ll get Danielle to put up Shane and Joe.  Either one of them can go as far as I’m concerned.  But I hope it’s Shane first.  

      • Glad I’m not the only one thinking Dan is a snake.  He reads his bible to make it seem like he is a good guy.  He should take some lessons from what’s really in it.

      • Her and Dani just made up (hugging and crying)…Maybe the girl alliance may work afterall….Dan also talked to Jenn…Jenn feels good now.  Boogie is going home.

      •  @Jacee2:disqus … Are you really gonna say “he should take some lessons from what’s really in it”. Its a game. You’re starting to sound like Jerry.

      • So what I am hearing from you is that Dan is playing the best game so far, because winning everything out the gate never gets anyone anything except maybe 5th place.

      • Really have you ppl even been watching the same show as me!?!?!! How can you call him a snake our laying low. Their all pissed at Dan but the real person they should be pissed at is Ian. He is the one why they are on the block. And Dan is taking all the heat for it and is not throwing Ian under the bus for his alliance. He is not a snake at all he has guts and is confident and is protecting his quack pack alliance

  7. If Jenn was on the block with anyone else but boogie, she’d be voted out as her campaigning skills sucks and so does her lukewarm threats.

  8. Ian seems to be telling Joe that he’ll vote to keep Boogie per updates. Is that him playing Joe so Boogie doesn’t find out, or is he really going to keep Boogie?

    I am confused about where Ian stands, which is a good thing for his game I guess. 

    • nobody in the quack pack trust joe to stay quiet so he is keeping up the pro boogie image he has to everyone

      • Got it. Ian is doing good. For someone who laid low for a while, to come out swinging is great. 

        It’s much better than Jenn’s coming out swinging because she looks a fool.

    • I don’t understand it either because Ian just told Dan that he will blame his vote on Joe and nobody will question it.  So it seems that even Dan knows Ian is voting for Boogie.  So confusing.

    • Ian is keeping ambivalent so maybe if Asley gives him some favors he’ll really switch sides and betray the quack pack. Dan saw him as a rat but one he could use if that doesn’t come back to bite him.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing..he told Danielle in storage room that he was voting to keep Jenn, then told Joe he is voting to keep Boogie, so Ian is pulling a fast one on Joe or is Joe pulling a fast one on Ian?  I thought these two were both quack packers..confused!

    • Simple….if Ian convinces Joe to vote for Boogie…he can blame his vote to save Jenn on Joe (as in he can say Joe lied to Frank/Boogie)….then he is in good with the Quack Pack for voting out Boogie…and in good with Frank b/c they will think Joe lied…..

      To be honest even if Joe votes to evict Boogie….I am starting to think they will think Ashley bailed on the plan to save Boogie before blaming Ian….and Ian will still be in good with Frank….to anyone on Boogie’s side he is going to make it look like he is 100% full out Boogie……and just as mad about the nominations.

      Today he asked Frank and Boogie how SURE they were about Ashley if Joe doesn’t commit….planting the seed that she might bail on the plan….

  9. Is it just me, but has anyone seen Dan wear anything, but this same bathing suit forever?  Does anyone know why?  Seems like he use to wear different clothes before, but not lately.

    • He told the story on Showtime last night.  He had this pair of shorts from the last time he was in the BB house. When he got home, he pitched them in a drawer (never washed them, eew), and never wore them again until getting on BB again. Calls them his good luck shorts.  He said they still have a blue stain on the butt from sitting on the side of the pool.

  10. BYEE BOOGIE! Dont let the door hit you on the way out… Wait nvm I hope the door knocks the old out of you on the way out

  11. Boogie is gone this week am i am not sad to see him go at all! but he does keep the show fun and thar is the only good thing about him.

  12. Jenn proble going to go because she telling people she going to go after their alliances 

    • What are you talking about?? Jenn is non stop entertainment, joe is hilarious and Danielle is the most beautiful women to play the game!

  13. Ashley is in trouble….The quack Pack finally knows she has been playing both sides after they found out she is conspiring to keep Boogie…Joe told the quack pack….Ian might be in trouble too but they at least know he is playing both sides….Without Joe’s vote, Boogie goes home and he just told !00% he is votong for Jenn to stay.

    • and digging in her hair, what’s she looking for head lice…….and picking at her nails.  Girl has a problem…………

    • I just can’t take it anymore, I try to fast forward when she starts doing this and it looks like she is just clawing her face, please please tell her to stop.

  14. Did I read that correctly about Ian and his request of Ashley? Really dude? Way to fall right back into creepy mode. Go back to being the quack pack’s stooley and kicking yourself in the face.

    •  I hear ya. Frank can get away with straight up asking Ashley to make out because he’s pretty much a stud, but Ian? Come on dude. That’s creeper status right there.

    • Ashley should string this arrogant twit and tell him that he needs to prove that he really makes his own decision by voting for Boogie and see what he says. Votes will be counted and you know if he is lying. Ian might just switch votes if Ashley asks him. That would a game changer. And Ashley
      helps herself as the Quack Pack will target her right after Frank.

    • Yuck!!!…I haven’t heard anything THAT sleezy since…well..since Boogie last spoke.

  15. No Pandora’sBox PLEASE!!!  First there were coaches, then the coaches were players, now a double eviction.  Enough Already.  Play for a little while with no twists and get rid of Boogie and then Frank if he really did cheat in the POV

  16. What’s up with Ian always rocking back and forth.  Even when he was on his pizza date with Ashley.  STOP ROCKING!!!

  17. Well I have only been watching BB for four years and I’m really starting to think BB did a good job picking HG in regards to the last four years only… all accept for the coach thing never liked that idea …so be it…but this Ian character is so much smarter than ever expected and now Jenn on her high horse totally confused as to who and where she is….and anyway I could go on , all I know if Boogie goes home Thursday and never comes back then this was a pretty good BB over all………….LovesBB/H8Sdrama!……I know that’s an OXY and so Am I” …Peace!

  18. I’m wondering if Ian has some form of autism….on the high end side, obviously. He’s very bright. The rocking and other behavior is suspicious of autism.

    • He just said he has ADHD and is not taking any meds….They mentioned Aderal (a med used to help subsde symptoms of ADHD and mild Autism)…My nephew takes it….Ian said he won’t use it and that is why he rocks a lot…..

      •  Thanks tammy, he certainly seems to have issues of some kind. Have you noticed that since he’s been around some of the HG’s, he’s using the F word as much as Boogs and Frank? Like, every other word. What’s his deal? Trying to impress everyone? Not doing so great a job, in my opinion. He’s acting goofier as the days progress. He needs his meds….

      • My nephew has Asperger’s and ADHD…..He is 12 and his symptoms are very similar to Ian (rocking, super intelligent, usually has OCD symptoms, usually not that social (wants to be but doesn’t know how), likes certain subjects (my nephew loves anything about space….Ian – Big Brother), etc..

    • Yeah….He is trying to fit in….He is obviously hearing others swear a lot, so he is…it’s sad to see…That is why I am not a fan of Ashley….She is so using him and he doesn’t see it.

      • I agree 100% with you.  She almost stalks him and then just lays next to him and looks in his eyes and smiles with those weird eyes.

  19. Julie Chen: With a vote of 6 to 1 Mike Boogie, you are evicted on Big Brother house. You may pack your bags and go straight to County Jail.

  20. Omg i want boogie to stay to see the looks on every1’s face LOL so shane please open Pandoras box so boogie can be saved :)

    • It would be way better to see the look on his face versus all they’re faces …just for once come admit it you know I’m right even though you love this guy… 

  21. I see in the picture above that Boogie can count to 3.   Who knew he was that intelligent?   Maybe that’s his age AND his I.Q.

  22. See this is why production needs to rig things, These houseguests are all brain dead. Frank keeps going on the block, yet Shane wins everything. Shane cannot think for himself, Brit does it for him. Joe and Jenn are clueless. Ashley and Daniella are looking for husbands not $500,00. Everyone keeps lying to Frank yet he trust what they say. Boogie lost his mojo. And Brit and Dan think they are the greatest Oh and Ian just wants to have fun and score with Ashley

    • And Joe thinking he is the sharpest tool in the shed when he is the dullest
      tool that is utterly useless! This fool cannot think for himself if his life depended on it!

  23. I can’t wait to see Boogies exit interview with Julie Chen. I hope she asks him why so angry when there just doing the same thing that you always do…backstab. Only they do it with class. Also can’t wait to see all the goodbye messages. Hope everyone “Zings” him.

    • I really hope they reveal to him exactly who sold him out….he is so convinced it is Dan….it would be hysterical to see him find out it was Ian!

  24. Isn’t that something Boogie hates people who are just like him imagine that!

  25. how come frank didn’t get more pissed when booger went for the 10k ? He whacked himself,greedy douche!haha!

    • Well in the end he only screwed himself, Frank will still be there. AND he admitted that he no way would have beat Shane at that so he wanted to win something.

  26. you know, it’s funny how when the coaches came into the game everyone wanted them they’re whining because there’s a strong possibility that the second one is leaving and and just can’t stand it. gonna stop watching the show,(right). when janelle got backdoored, she never complained, went out with class. boogie was put up to start with, had a chance at pov, and he got sooo depressed. now he’s kicking and yelling. think he’ll go out with class? i. hope ian says the same gb message boogie gave janelle.

    • OMG ,can’t wait for Dans bye bye message! Booger played a horrible game and acted like a 4 yr old.Dr will carried him,obvi>

      • That Dr. Will carried him was obvi when it was happening in season 7. The fact that Boogie was even on season 7 was thanks to Dr. Will. He only agreed to do it if Boogie could too. It’s like calling your sons friends parents because only one kid got invited to a birthday party or something.

  27. silent 6 got rid of jannelle for team boogie,so he is now bitter? Luv him and hairball trying to re-inact will and boogie dual DR celebrations……they look like fools now!!! haha!

    • Ooooh…..I think we have us a nickname for Frank….HAIRBALL.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!  Well done, Billzzo!!!

  28. Boogie and Frank out in 1 hour would be awesome… Also, would like to see jenn nominated again within the hour (she might lose it on live tv)

  29. is anyone else fn sick of ashleys stupid blank stares and interrupting other hgs game talk? So over her. Go on quack pack……..Oh yah ,jen, u are the worst casted hg in history,tool !

    • OH Please Boogie got what he dishes out… about your sore loser! When they made the silent six they talked about it being 2 weeks worth…….Boogie went for cash instead of HOH…he must have forgotten no 1 is safe in BB

    • Julie mentioned that there would be a double eviction this week during last week’s eviction episode. Hoping that someone who hasn’t been HOH yet wins the second part.

      • Just out of pure entertainment aspects. I would love to see Ian win, and because he doesn’t have time to think about it, nominate Frank and Jenn, revealing he is working with Dan Dani Shane and Brit. Then Frank out.

      • Either Ian or Jenn. I don’t think Jenn has thought about who she would nominate or much else for that matter. Could make for a crazy hour.

  30. Guys, if you want boogie gone, don’t say anything to jinx it. He’s not gone until he’s sitting on the couch with Julie. These HG’s are so dumb, I wouldn’t be suprised if a twist came around that ends up screwing all of them.

      • I think if there wre going to be a twist this week, it would have had to happen by Tuesday, at the latest.
        CYA Boogie!!! Good Luck in court!

    • Even then nothing is ever certain. At this point nothing would surprise me. Even them getting to final 3 and then put him back in the house.

    • They have not opened Pandora’s Box yet. Anything can happen depending on what production decides on. For one thing, they may give a chance to house guests to get a Diamond Power of Veto like in Matt Hoffman’s season and that thrumps the current HOH. What if Frank or Ashley or Boogie himself gets it? Tomorrow is eviction day as well as the 2nd HOH.
      Today, we might find out what happens if they open Pandora’s Box.

  31. As long as Ian, britney, or Ashley are in the game, it will be interesting. It’s time for Boogie to go, then frank.

  32. Goodbye Boogie. Chilltown never existed after Will left. Will was a great player and Frank is NO WILL.

  33. Oh…It’s getting good. :)  Boogie and Frank are going to find out that Joe is not voting for them which means Mike is gone!  Danielle just had this huge convo with Jenn and she is going to go Jenn-City on Frank, Ashley and Ian!!!  LOVE IT!!

  34. BB needs to do something and save Boogie…I hated him at the beginning but he is the only reason to watch. 

      • he is annoying w the constant rainman type behavior ……that creaking of the swing is irritating on bbad. Love his game though,boogers gonna be shocked!!!!

    • Hi Dee:  I thought we had this convo earlier about his ADHD…He admitted it to the HG’s..They asked why he rocks?  He told them. He is not a Freak.  He is probably stressed out about the game and therefore his symptoms are amplified more.

  35. HA HA HA HA HA HA  JOE  POOR  POOR JOE  thinks he’s in a alliance with Brittney and SHane  and is going to the final four..What a poor sap..He should of gotten in a alliance with Frank and Boogie  he’s not lasting 2 more weeks

      • Zing good one  Jillith…watching BBAD  Danielle is the stupidest person i ever seen on Big Brother  she’s a nurse GOD HELP US  or the people she treats..

    • He is the biggest moron in the house. Imagine, you are a floater and there is a strong alliance in the house. Your best interest is to form your own alliance. Kissing the butts of the strong alliance will only allow you to stay as long as they need your vote then, they kick you to the curb. His obvious play is to strike an alliance with Frank who is alone plus the other newbie floaters. That will give him even a slim chance because if Frank can last long enough, he will take out some of the strong players of the Quack Pack like Dan, Shane and Brittney. Ian and Danielle can be beat at the HOH and POV because some of those like the golf HOH or the Veto where you threw a ball into squares has an element of luck. Anyone can get lucky and win it!

  36. WHY is Danielle kissing Jenn’s ass?
    I don’t get it.
    What did I miss????
    Since when were they such good buds?

    • what u missed was that Jenn said she was putting up Dan if she won HOH…….sooooooo……Dani’s job now is to convince her that Dan is a good person….remember Dani is not alone, she has a whole alliance behind her she has to protect…..☺…..

  37. okay danielle so when you have to put jenn on the block then what? you cant promise the world to everyone…

  38. Danielle: “I will have the most epic nomination speech when I win HOH”.
    Me: “Whatever idiot, I drop off kids at the pool that are smarter than you!”

  39. call me crazy but i like danielle! #TEAMDANIELLE WHO’S WITH ME? *crickets* -__- SOMEBODY? ANYBODY? 

    •  I like her.  She might be crazy, but it makes for great laughs when you watch her or hear about the crazy things she’s done and said. I always live for a great laugh, especially when it’s at someone else expense. But, my favorite is and will always be DAN.

    • Cannot argue with that. Boogies greed was the cause of his downfall. If he won HOH, it would be Dan and Shane on the hot seats so, yes, it was his fault that he is in the situation he is in.

      • even if he went for safety,he should know shane was gonna coast for hot.He had to deep down figure that it was a 2 week deal (silent 6)……have fun in court booger,u idiot ! Maybe your bubba can run the fish joint if you do time>>>>>>>

    • Double eviction is that 2 Hg’s get evicted in 1 night and Fast Forward means 2 over a certain period (like 2 evicted in 1 week- HOH Thurs, Veto on Fri/Sat…live evciction Sun with new HOH on Sun then Noms and Veto Wed, eviction Thurs.)….something like that.

  40. Danielle is the biggest liar in the game  OMG people  i can’t believe you want boogie out..He confronts people and tells it straight up..Danielle is telling Jenn she’s telling Dan that my girl..SINCE WHEN???…….Danielle makes me wanna vomit…

    • he is the dumbs who took 10k instead of protecting frank who couldn’t play……dumber than matt hoffmans DPOV miss use on BB11,

    • Atleast, Boogie had the balls to tell Janelle that he did not trust her! Dan tells her in his farewell goodbye that he tried to keep her when in reality he was for backdooring Janelle as everyone else. Brittney with her crocodile tears says she is sad that Janelle was backdoored but, stuck a knife at her back just the same! Shane struck alliances with Frank numerous times and betrayed him each time! Ian was given $3,000 by Boogie and Frank even pointed to him when Boogie was asking who he should give the monies to and Frank pointed to Ian and Jenn. Yet, the twit not being content to betraying Boogie and Frank had the temerity to say that: “they will never figure out what hit them” and “they will never find out that he betrayed them”. Like lying and backstabbing was invented by Ian, get a clue. If you were the big brother fan you claimed, what you are doing now is what Shelley did last season and see how that one ended up! And Danielle made lies about Janelle to make her look really bad to ensure that Janelle got booted out of Big Brother House. 

      • how stupid is hairball and boogers DR celebrations look? Hahaha,Those tools thought they were running the house!!! Shelley was figured out as a rat,boogers gonna be gone and frank will think its joe,when Ian screws them……brilliant play! Oh ya rich,backdooring and lying is how you advance in BB<get a clue?

      • Why does everyone keep talking about how Shane betrayed Frank? Does everyone not remember that it was Frank who threw the 1st blow when he nominated Shane 1st.  So if I were Shane I would do the same thing continue to nominate him until I can get him out because in the back of my mind I continue to think about how I was nominated 1st and if I hadn’t won the POV I would have been gone. I find it very interesting how everyone has selective memory when it comes to their favorite player.  Boogie needs to go regardless if he told Janelle to her face that he doesn’t like her, he was still able to manipulate the situation to get her renominated and voted out.  So now it’s his turn; it’s called KARMA!!!

      • QueenSos……You are also forgetting that is was Shane who struck the alliance with Boogie and Frank. And Frank was nominated by Shane how many times? Shane is no saint and he will get his soon enough. Not disputing Boogie’s turn to be nominated as he was stupid to was the HOH by going for the $10,000 in his greed. He cannot be absolved of his stupidity! All Ace and I was saying is Boogie is more honest because he tells it to your face. Take it or leave it even if you do not want it!Billzzo…..I know how the game is played. If you were paying attention, I was critiquiing the game play of the house guests and expressing my opinion and nothing more. It is your right to disagree as you have your own favorites. Nothing you or I say will change the way things happen in the house.

      • Shirley…..You and I do not know these people and to assume what is written in the internet to be all true is the height of gullibility. If someone really hates you and decides to write on your own facebook page lies, would that be true then? Even in real life, if you do not realize it yet,
        you could be playing a version of Big Brother because sometime in
        your life, no matter how nice you may be will screw you over! It could
        be something simple as jealousy, envy, to beat you out of a promotion,
        or simply spite. To assume everything written on the internet as true
        is plain stupidity! Lies are posted in the internet everyday if you keep
        your eyes open, I am sure, you will easily find them! The reason it
        happens is people can cowardly attack you without having to defend
        their lies! There is no accountability, no penalty, no retribution so,
        cowards can and do lie on the internet!

    • So Boogies not afraid of confrontation.    That’s normally good but when used as a bullying tactic it doesn’t go over well.    There are 2 sides to every “truth” and Boogie only sees his side.    If you try to ram your opinion down others throats…you’re not going to get what you want and you will NEVER make them see the so-called “truth” of it.    It’s sort of like trying to get a cigarette smoker to quit.    The more you harass them, the more they resist.    You can’t bully someone into seeing your side of things….that only pushes them further away.

  41. I am sitting here listening to Boogie and Frank complaining about being “scumbagged and yo-yo’d” yet it was ok for everyone to do it to Janelle.  Most everyone told her that she’d have their vote and didn’t.  How is this any different???   Kinda hypocritical don’t you think?

    • Boogie and Frank didn’t lie to Janelle. They didn’t break their alliance either. It could have been very easy to get out Dan, Shane, or Britney last week. Boogie stayed true to them, and Frank told Dan the truth. He told him that it crossed his mind to nominate Dan, but that he didn’t want to break the Stupid Six. Boogie and Frank’s downfall was that they played honestly, and trusted Dan and Britney (we all know Shane and Danielle don’t think for themselves). In hindsight should Boogie have gone for HOH instead of the money? Absolutely, but he trusted his alliance. So did they get hosed? Absolutely they did.

      • They were going to backstab them, just not that early….Boogie thought it was a bit early….That is the only reason why they stayed loyal.  They thought that “BDDS” would would return the favour (b/c they tought they would go after Joe-didn’t want Joe in jury)….so when it came to the next HOH they would have MIke, Frank, Jenn, Ashley and Ian vs Brit, Dan, Shane and Dani.  That was their plan, but they should have kept their mouth shut about possibly putting up Brit/Shane and trying to backdoor Dan (should have denied it)….They didn’t and end up on the block…it was their fault. 

  42. Nothing major against Boogie, but I LOVE seeing an epic player “Get Got!”

  43. If any one in the house can figure out how to take Joe or Jenn to final 3 they would be guaranteed the win and obviously be the greatest player in BB history by wiping out everyone else and keepiing two floater hall of famers in the game!That would be Brilliant!

  44. when the golden coin shows up (wed 12:21 am) brit, ian and dan were lookin all over the house for it, will it be too late to save boogie? god i hope so.

    • also, tues 6:18 pm… isan said that dr has said, “soyou are gonna vote out someone you have idolized for 10 years?” they’re working it aren’t they? ashley told jenn this am early that she will not vote her out. they made up.

      • Ashley does not want to vote out the minority so once she finally knew what Joe was doing, she was going to do the same…She is so transparent.  She was freaking out that she didn’t know what Joe was doing before…I was hoping Joe wouldn’t say anything so that would expose Ashley…She is the definition of a floater.

  45. Heres my opinion on all the hg’s game

    Frank-He’s really good at getting out of tough spots, but he might want to start playing a better social game and get a better alliance and more alliances. winning comps can only get you but so far(rachel season 12)

    Shane-He’s great at comps, and has a great relationship with dan,dani,and brit. But hes not such a great game talker. Brit controls him, and he will get backstabbed soon.

    Ian-My fav player, he’s got boogie and frank thinking hes still with them, but is in an alliance with the other side(quack pack). But he has is now in the middle, which is bad for him. if he wins the next hoh, his loyalty will be put to the test.

    Ashley-Shes not a huge threat, and is well liked by the hg. Most likely she’ll float to the end,by tagging along with a strong player.

    Dan-He’s sitting pretty. He has no reason to win anything right now, since he has his alliance for that. and win the quack pack gets attack,he wont be the target.

    Brit-She’s doing way better than she did season 12, shes great at manipulating people(exept jojo and willie). she has total control over shane and some control over ian. her social game is great

    Dani-Shes protected by shane and dan,so when the other side of the house attacks, she wont be the one targeted. as far as a social game,step it up a bit, and stoppppp being so attached. You dont want shane and Dan to win, do you?

    Joe- hes the male version of shelly from bb 13. Hes old like her, and lies all the time, just like her.

    Mike- he’ll be gone soon, and the reason is because hes greedy, selfish, and over confident. he could have easily won H.O.H. He was speeding and never fell. But he chose to get the money instead.

    Jenn- Well Jenn might just make it to the end, because she’s so invincible! Oh wait,did I say invincible, I meant invisible. Lol.

    Please comment on my post, and I put all this together in like 5 minutes, so I didnt have time to put all my thoughts together.

    • love the jen comment,on point on your synopsis,buy booger should have went for safety jug,not money.He wouldn’t have beat shane. Frank and ash would have went up.Frank would win veto.Prob joe going home this week.Booger not as smart as he boasts!

  46.  does anyone no how ian might be able to get on the top of things andnot stay in the middle.

    • hes # 5 in the quack pack……he is in a good spot now.Greatest move this year as well,letting boot and hairball think they have his vote. He is gonna win some puzzle and question comps soon,so get on team Ian!!!!!

      • ive been on team Ian since day one, but number 5 is not good. He is my favorite player,but if quack pack makes it to final 5, Ian will be the first one out.

  47. Would someone PLEASE put some oil(cooking oil whatever)on that damn swing!!!!!!How broke is BB ??And it is funny that hg only get a sip of beer /wine,how old are there people?Let the real games begin!!!! and Boogie is a crude dude,And Franks tears are so phony….another laugh in the dr for sure!

  48. Ew he looks like such a douche in that picture he looks like he’s trying to dress like a 16 year old boy!

  49. Will Boogie ever get a hat that fits…he looks so stupid with those ball hats sitting on his ears..

  50. You know if I remember right, it was Boogie giving Ian $3,000 dollars, what a traitor

  51. ooooo  please  this time make boogie history.  ive always hated him in all his apperances in BB and this year well…hje made money again.  why do people keep him that long.   IAN is my favorite and i cant wait to  look at buggers face when he find out  Ian is the little tattletale……..then i like ashley….shane….frank   dan  and  britt.   next to go   loud mouth  joe….what an irritating voice and a hypocrite face.

  52. I’d like to see Dan tell Boogie last minute – it was Ian and I’m gonna save you. Dan gets Ian to vote keep Boogie (to hide quack pack) or Danielle ( since Shane made her into a stalker) – Julie comes on 4-3 boogie stays and then going into hoh no one knows who flipped and no Shane so dan/ boogie would get power. Just saying that would be great fun!

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