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Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

We welcomed a lot of new readers to the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds last night with the arrival of the season’s first endurance competition. If you missed that action then check it out on Flashback. That was one of the best we’ve seen in seasons as it ran for almost three and a half hours. Now that you’ve got your Live Feeds here’s what you can expect.

All Friday we’ll be watching the HGs scramble to kiss the HoH’s butt while covering their own. The new HoH will be making nomination decisions and holding lots of meetings throughout the day. Previous enemies will suddenly become new besties.

Then later tonight we’ll be able to watch the fallout from the nomination ceremony. Two BB14 HGs will go up on the block and the backlash will begin. We can’t see the ceremony itself on the Feeds, but the real drama comes afterward as the house reacts.

On Saturday the Veto players will be picked and the competition will be held shortly after. Both events should happen in the early afternoon. We’ll be able to watch and discover who is wearing the coveted medallion to start learning what could happen next.

The Veto ceremony won’t happen until Monday, but if the Veto falls in to the right hands we’ll get lots of pleading and deal making throughout the house until then.

Fridays through Mondays are really the most exciting days in the Big Brother house so enjoy your new Live Feeds and watch along with all of us!

Don’t have your Big Brother Feeds yet? Grab the Free Trial now and start watching!


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  1. I hope danielle plays smart and doesn’t let shane get in her head too much. Maybe she will even put up two coaches. Fingers crossed.

    • I think Danielle is smarter then people give her credit for.  She was the main one in Shane’s ear last week, telling him to put up Frank.  She also has Dan, who I think is such a good thoughtful, intelligent player.  Would make me VERY happy if she could get Janelle out this week.  Hate to see Dan make a deal with the devil (Boogie).  But if that gets him and Danielle to the end, then go for it.  Also saw Dan make a deal with Janelle last week, and just hoping he’s blowing smoke up BOTH of their asses.  Want to see, Dan, Danielle, Shane and Britney in the final 4.  IMHO.

  2. Danielle should nominate Jenn and Boogie. If one of them wins veto she should renominate Frank and possibly backdoor him.

    • Shane wants them both out. He know his chances of winning is much higher he’s won hoh 3pov . Is the strongest player so far. Go Shane take that win home !

  3. Lmao at Shane…parting words to Julie as outgoing hoh “no, Julie, not interested in a bromance so there won’t be a second kiss”.
    Fast forward…1st thing he does when hoh comp ends, fall on top of Danielle to plant a long, smokin’-hot one right on the kisser.
    Awesome comp tho, and lasted a lot longer than I would have guessed. Also, I was glad that if the coaches were going in that BB did it before the eviction, instead of allowing one of the best noobie competitors to be ousted. Unfortunately, it may not matter. From what I’m hearing, Danielle is still listening to ex-coach Dan and he, of course, wants her to nominate 2 noobs…Frank being one of them. Hope she thinks this one over!

  4. If anyone hasn’t watched Showtime last night, Dan and Boggie have made a final two deal pretty much. They’re good, and then between Shane and Frank, SHOULD be good also. 

    • But the live feeds today boogie is completely pissed off at Dan because he finally found out the Frank was the real target. He is so pissed it’s actually priceless I’m glad though he conpletely changed from All stars he was humble and competed now his ego is way out of control

      • Boogie is a cry baby he should have know that player would come after him they’er not going to let him win and I think Shane will give him a run for his money.

    • Not too sure about that… Frank now knows he was leaving last night and Shane was not voting out Joe. Guess it will depend on if Frank can and will trust Shane again…sad really ’cause I think the two of them could do some serious damage if they did team up.

    • Don’ think so ! Have you seen Dan play. He’s sly one he wants to beat Boogie for talking rights. They are from same home town.

  5. The only threat is Shane and Janelle. Janelle is the best returning player in the game and Shane has won every veto to date and won 2 (including this one because you know he will be in control) HOH’s. So, competition wise they are your threat but game wise Ian is going to take this whole show. I don’t really like any of the newbies and have been a Janelle fan forever but I have to say this is the worst big brother I have watched.

  6. Was surprised at who won. I thought she was a floater. But she need to decide things for he self. Or they will just use her I hope she wides up.I think she believes her coach has her best intrest at heart , she shouldn’t trust him he wants to win and will do or say anything to win. Wise up D

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