Big Brother 14 Episode 10 Recap: The Game Resets

BB14 Episode 10 Julie

All week — OK, all season — long, we’ve been wondering if the Big Brother 14 coaches would enter the game and we got our answer during Thursday’s live episode.

As you probably know by now, the coaches did choose to enter the game after America voted yes to give them the option. Oh, and that little twist resets the game, meaning no one was evicted either. So it’s not only Britney, Janelle, Dan and Boogie’s lucky day, it’s also Joe’s and Frank’s.

At the start of the episode we pick up where we left off the night before. Shane had just used the Power of Veto on Ashely and renominated Frank. We got to see Ashley think “she did it!” Did what? Surely she doesn’t think she got herself off the block? Hahahahaha.

We also get to see Frank and Boogie’s shock and awe. That’s pretty quickly squashed when everyone involved in the big game move makes Frank and Boogie think Frank really isn’t the target. They just wanted to control the votes so Joe would be the one to definitely go home. Riiiiiiight. But then somewhere along the way, Britney tells Boogie that Ian made them worried with his comment about putting Shane up. So maybe Frank is at risk? Who knows. (And who cares since that’s all a moot point later anyway). Boogie let’s Ian have it, but not in a terribly awful way, for not telling Britney what she needed to hear.

Speaking of coaches letting their players have it, Janelle works to keep Wil in line, but he’s not having it. He is pretty fed up with her. He’s actually been one of the biggest anti-coach players since Willie. So we’re led to believe there might be a chance Wil will turn on his team and vote to keep Frank, who he’s actually become quite close with.

We pipe back into the live part of the show and Julie does her little Q&A with the house guests. She asks Shane and Danielle about their kiss and asks them to rank it. Danielle gives it a 10 and Shane gives it a 10.5 (to be nice) and now Danielle definitely thinks they’re legally married.

A little later, Julie talks to Shane during the private HOH interview and he finally squashes the showmance that CBS was trying to force on us. He says he likes her but does not see a shomance coming out of it. Glad that’s over with.

After that we get some good ole filler in the form of an interview with Frank’s family, or more specifically, his semi-famous dad, former pro wrestler Sid Vicious. Was this all because they thought Frank could be going home and they didn’t want to waste the footage? Or did they already have an idea Frank would not be going home tonight?

And now it’s time for the big news. Julie pipes back into the HGs to tell them that America has voted on whether or not the coaches could choose to enter the game. She tells them that they will go to the Diary Room and have the opportunity to hit a reset button to enter the game. If just one of them hits the button, the game starts over, the coaches enter, no one goes home this week and everyone will compete in the HOH competition. Even the outgoing HOH.

If no one hits the button, the coaches remain coaches, the live eviction occurs and next week a previously evicted player (or players) would return to the game.

BB14 Episode 10 Janelle resets

Britney is first to the Diary Room and she hits the reset button, but only after a short debate. It’s official. They’re in. Boogie goes next and tells America thanks, but no thanks. Dan hits the button and so does Janelle.

So that’s that. There are now 12 contestants in the game and they head to the backyard for the HOH endurance competition. By then end of the show, all 12 were hanging on to the side of a pirate ship being doused with water and fake bird poo. We’ll find out the results to the HOH competition this Sunday. But if you don’t want to wait (and really, who would?), then we’ve got the complete rundown of the competition and the results all ready for you if you want to find out who won Week 4 HOH.


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  1. How is Frank still here?! Lucky. He was supposed to be sent home. With Danielle as hoh i hope she targets Frank, if not the worn-out Boogie.

  2. CBS is controlling the show by letting Frank off the hook, coaches got a free ride, and put Shane in a bad spot.  They could learn from the Glass House instead of suing them. I have quit watching.

    • Letting him off the hook, please we all know that he would be one of the few newbies to have a chance against the now former “coaches” along with shane, dani and will maybe ian.

    •  A lot of people are outraged over last night’s so called “twist”. It made BB look so fake and staged.

  3. Not having an eviction was not fair to Shanes winning HOH last week.  Like BB twists but this one seemed designed to keep Frank  in game–especially when told if coaches didn’t hit reset then there would be eviction but a player could come back in game again (Frank, Frank,Frank)!  I like Frank but when you loose a power fight then it is time to go or else unfair to other players.

    • It would have been really interesting, if BB would have made the “coaches” make their selection to stay in “first” and THEN have all vote out either Frank or Joe.  Now that would have really scrambled the game up with the coaches entering….  (Still could bring one ousted member back based on house guests or America’s vote…  more interactive.)
      And lastly, what I found so interesting, is usually on any “America’s Vote,” BB always announces the stats.  “By a landslide, By a close margin… with a vote of “X” for yes and “X” for no…  The coaches are entering the game…”
      Proves it was never an option.  All pre-meditated by the staff…
      Means we really have no say so, and BB is rigged,  Not that we didn’t know… but sad to have it confirmed…

    • I fully agree with that.Frank Would’ve been evicted most likely.It was staged 4 sure.Looked staged,felt staged, &I’m pretty sure Shane got robbed of an eviction on that one.

  4. Shane might have gotten screwed over during his HOH reign, but things worked themselves out as Danielle won HOH. So it wasn’t ALL bad news for Shane.

    Props to Boogie for turning down the chance to play again (although it didn’t really matter since he’s playing anyway). I honestly think he doesn’t want to ruin his reputation and be one of the first contestants eliminated. He’s CLEARLY going to be the biggest target in the house. When you have a rep like his, nobody can trust you.

    Things are going to get very interesting!

    •  I think he didn’t want to play because it means he looses a guaranteed $100,000 and has to fight to win the 1/2 mil.  He could have just floated along and as long as 1 of his players won, he won.  Now he has to fight and only receives the weekly stipend.

  5. Frank has the strongest alliance in the house… the production team. But all the good players know this is a part of the game. You win over production you become the strongest in the game. Janelle rode All-Stars with the production team, Crazy James did to in Season 9, and Jordan in both seasons she was in. And givin the segment last night between Frank and his father shows that CBS is promoting Frank as their new golden boy.

  6. I kind of feel sorry for Shane b.c his HOH and POV was basically useless.  But luckily Danielle is the new HOH…he’ll be safe.

  7. We all know that these nominations today will not be Danielle’s, they will be Dan’s and Shane’s..the girl can’t think for herself, way too dependent on those two…I think, if she had her way, she would nominate Janelle and Ashley.Janelle is a much bigger threat than Frank or Boogie..Props to Ian..pretty proud of the little guy! Britney also did well, but I didn’t like her keeping an eagle eye on Ian and trying to get  him DQ’d when he happened to turn sideways for a minute..they guy had already been clinging to that darn boat for almost two hours. I didn’t hear Julie say anything about  not being able to turn any way you want, unless I missed it. I just hope Danielle makes HER nominations today. Plus, we get to see the Shane and Danielle show all week,YUK!

    •  But of course, Dan & Shane are her allies after all. Logically you need to get you & your allies as further  into the game as possible. Additional opinions can never hurt as long as you get into the end.

    • All the houseguests were given rules prior to the game starting, they were told they had to remain facing forward.  Not only did Ian turn sideways, at one point he slipped and stepped on the platform next to him.  He even said himself he thought he’d DQ’d himself when he did that and asked BB if so.  Another way BB manipulated the game…they clearly wanted him to win as he should have been disqualified when he did that.  I like Ian…but I hate when they manipulate the game.  Just glad Danielle hung in there regardless and won.  

      • so u r saying its alright every year that big brother brings back players who have played the game before ensuring that ,that many more spots for those who have never been in the house and really wants to and would have . do you also like it when reality shows control every aspect of the game including what we are supposed to have at least some control of like the rigged americas vote. the writtings on the wall as it will be one of the coaches taking ashley to the end and winning. so they can win even more money be even more famous or imfamous or in janelles case still prove that after marrage a kid plastic surgeries and boob job that shes still the best bb player of all time. mabey she should actually win at least once before she says that.

  8. I was against the coaches going in the game in the first I have to see them try to all win one more time–not my favorite season–I think I’ll just quit watching–I know my husband is done!

    •  I feel the same way, too. This season kinda does sucks. They didn’t care what America said. I don’t believe America voted this at all. 

      • What makes you so certain that America did not vote that way ???????? None of us knows that !!!!!!  Of course you have your opinion as we all do. You have to have some faith along the way with these types of shows, or don’t watch them.

  9. Everyone new before they went on air what was going on. Neither person on the block was dressed to leave. Hell, Frank didn’t even have shoes on! Boogie looks pissed beyond belief that he has to play. He didn’t look like he wanted to be there anymore after the “swerve” was announced. Production isn’t even trying to make the show look spontaneous anymore…..

    • You’re absolutely right that Boogie looks pissed. He’s pretty much got the biggest target on his back since everyone knows his track record. We’re gonna see what he’s made of this season. He’s either gotta lay really really low, which will be extremely hard to do, or win every competition he possibly can, which again, will be extremely hard to do.

      Team Boogie FTW!!

      • They are not playing B.B. Dr. Will part two. So Boogie should take Franks leaving like a man, and go on to play the game..even though he has Dan, Britney, and Janelle on his side (Maybe) .Boogie really needs to go also.

  10. Anybody notice, with this latest twist, that the Producers just save themselves the $100,000 by eliminating the coaches twist ???? ;-)

  11. I don’t know anybody in the house that are happy to align themselves with Booger. Just because of his reputation. Even Frank had expressed not trusting him. The best move for Frank now is to talk to Shane and form a secret alliance.

  12. I feel like if they read off that twist that America had been voting and then said haha, they said no the game would be way more interesting. It would have been hilarious because the coaches would be PISSED off. And then they would be scrambling to figure out the twist of who is coming back.

  13. This season the only one I can’t stand for the coaches is Janelle.  Now she is not a coach, but a player and she is continuing her lying ways even by saying she voted no to going in the game.  I use to be a fan of hers, but she starts trouble all the time and spreads lies.  I liked the alliance that Brit, Shane, Danielle and Dan originally planned.  Not sure if I can trust Dan as he got himself caught in a lie and seemed to be backpedaling and telling that alliance he was sorry.  Brit was not sure.  I think Dan has formed another alliance with Mike and Janelle.  I would prefer Dan went with his original plan, but will wait and see. 

    Janelle was not happy that Danielle won as she had been saying before the HOH that Danielle wouldn’t be able to win anything.  Loved that Danielle proved she was a lot more Janelle gave her credit for.  I am sure she will be following Danielle around like crazy just as she did when Danielle was the swing vote.  She will be trying to be best friends with Danielle as she always follows the power.  Glad that Brit, Danielle and many others have her pegged. 

    • Can’t understand what people see in Janelle.  Hope to hell Danielle puts her up on the block.  She needs to go home and take care of that baby.  I didn’t like Janelle when she played before, and I certainly don’t like her this season.  She is a lying, backstabbing, immature *itch.  Just hope Britney AND Dan continue to work together, and get her out of the house.

  14. i really dont understand how shane could play danielle when he doesnt even like her just by kissing her when she won HOH smh but hopefully she puts up joe and no 1 from boogie’s team lol wait does any1 know the deal that ian made with danielle and britney?

    • Yes they know it was basically just a “I wont put you up or backdoor you” deal, no biggie.

      • oo ic ian is smart but he should have said “dont put any of the members of my team up or backdoor them” then boogie’s team would have been golden

  15. That was not fair. I think that was pretty much setup because they didnt have a tv outside like they usually do in the beginning when they show the goodbye messages. so the production and everyone already knew nobody was going to be evicted.

  16. Listen good, big brother network. Your cheating and fraudulent ways are wrong. I am an AAH attorney who just met with a small network of
    attorneys and you got a lawsuit coming that you cannot even fathom. I am sure
    the players will jump on board. You just swindled the players out of choices
    they made by playing within the rules of the game, and therefore cost them
    opportunities to win the game that they would have otherwise had for choices
    that they earned the right to make by playing the game by the rules. You should
    have brought in the coaches before the last HOH challenge, after the eviction
    to start fresh and not cheat the players out of the rightful choices that they
    earned by playing according to the rules. Or you should have waited until this
    eviction was completed before resetting the game, allowing the rights to be
    exercised that the head of household and power of veto winner legally earned.
    Your organization fraudulently stole these earned rights from the HOH and POV,
    thereby, jeopardizing that individuals earned position and potential for a
    $500000.00 paycheck. I am sure if you polled the players you would find them to
    agree, accept maybe for anyone benefitting from your fraud. I know the viewers
    also would agree as well, since the privileges granted to HOH and POV were
    already earned and should have been allowed to be rightfully exercised by them.



    CJ AAH attorney

    • CJ you are so right on that !!!! I also feel that Shane played for nothing. Production should have waited until after eviction was done..

  17. What do you think would happen if the show deal or no deal waited for the player to pick the suitcase and win a million dollars and then they said sorry but america voted and we are going to reset even though you already earned that right to choose and made a choice to benefit you with a million dollar paycheck.So now were going to take that choice from you and you can play again with more suitcases.

  18. this is sad that the bb producers would stoop so low as to screw over the houseguests like this these coaches have such an unfair advantage having coasted for almost four weeks learning all about the players and brainwashing some to do what ever they want when they want. the coaches will band toghother using danielle before leading her like a lamb to slaughter and then one of them will take ashley to the final two and win. so sad. shame on  you big brother for now three terrable seasons.

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