Big Brother 14: Week 3 Popularity Poll

Big Brother 14 Houseguests

It’s time for another look at the Big Brother 14 HouseGuests and how they’re ranking in the viewer’s eye. Last week we saw JoJo Spatafora evicted, so she’s dropped off the list along with Willie Hantz for his expulsion from the game.

Again this week we’ve got all the HGs, newbies and coaches, combined in to one list. Last week’s poll demonstrated the coaches’ strong popularity as they held three of the top four spots. The newbies are slowly gaining ground in the weekly votes.

After you vote, be sure to leave a comment on why you voted the way you did. This should be fun to track over the season and see whose stock rises and falls in the Big Brother 14 house. Things change fast so today’s hero could be next week’s zero.


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  1. Shane sucks back fat. Sucks that 1 person is winning everything and no one else is even trying. Bring in the coaches and see how long self proclaimed “pretty boy” Shane lasts. He is only doing so well because the other houseguests are terrible at comps. Frank is the exception

      • Frank is the exception, because he has strategic brainpower.
        He knew he needed an alliance with Shane, because no one else in the house was
        smart enough or strong enough to help him reach final 2. All the HG’s are
        floaters this season, except for Shane and Frank. At least they work hard to remain
        in the game. Everyone else just look like a bunch of deer caught in headlights.
        They’re all tools!

    •  Well, it is not Shane’s fault that they suck at comps. Shane better compete to win. The HG knew they had to compete in mental and physical challenges. Oh,well. Go, “pretty boy” Shane.

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOO.  They had their chances. 

      I was rooting for Shane (a little), until he flipped on himself.  He deserves to get the boot. What A Dumbass.

  2. I have to say I don’t really understand Shane’s appeal. He is a “nice” guy but something about him rubs me the wrong way. I am rooting for him working with Janelle and stuff because I don’t HATE him…and I really like Janelle and Wil. But I just don’t understand why he is so popular. He can come off like a bit full of himself at times…I am glad he made a big game changing move…but I do think Janelle’s team really got him to do what they wanted…I’m more impressed with them this week than Shane himself.

    • Janelle and Wil are my favorites too.  If I had to like other people, it would be Ashley and Ian.  

    • I totally agree with you Laura. I’ve been saying from the beginning I don’t care for Shane. I don’t hate him either but something about him rubs me the wrong way. And you’re right Janelle did all the talking to convince Shane and Britney to put Frank up. I hope if the coaches go in Janelle wins it all. She deserves it as she is one of the best BB players.

      • I hope Janelle doesnt win. I hope a newbie wins. Janelle is already known as one of the greatest players. She doesnt need to win against newbies to make her repuation any better.

  3. I love Ian – he seems like such a good guy – and it’s about time that the good guy finishes 1st!

    • I don’t like him at all. Nothing about him appeals to me and from what I’ve seen it’s mostly only the girls that like him… I guess for being “nerdy” (even though he’s an extreme case of nerd). He’s also very socially awkward and really unbearable to watch a lot of the time.

      But I guess I’m more of a dark-humour sort of guy, and not a fan of scripted one-liners. Ian just feels like he’s over-playing his stereotype. 

  4. How is Ashley so low!?  She is probably one of the best players ever, everybody likes her (she’s a huge jury threat) AND nobody wants to actually get rid of her.  Her chances of winning are probably the best right now O_o.

    •  ”Her chances of winning are probably the best right now O_o.”.Really?…Are you watching the same show as i am???

      • I’m watching the feeds and I agree with Clicky. The show =/= what actually happens. Way too much editing (although to be fair, there is literally 168 hours that needs to be crammed into 3 hours every week).

        Ashley is both entertaining and is also playing a very good game in keeping both sides happy. The only people that see it are Janelle’s team, but Janelle can’t get rid of her because of the mentors twist. Will be interesting to see how she does next week when the mentors join the game.

    • I agree Ashley is great and she’s so much better playing competitions then Danielle or jenn

      • How is ashely better at comps more than danielle… danielles been throwing them and still doing better then her danielle was second in hoh and 3rd in this weeks pov .. ashleys been prettu much last or close to last in every comp? She is basically another jenn except ppl actually knows she’s in the house. And I don’t get y ppl think ashleys some hidden master mind.. she’s not, I honestly don’t even think she knows what she doing.

    • I agree.  Ashley is actually really smart.  She maneuvers people into doing what she wants and makes them think it is their idea.  She is a brilliant player.

    • I really think Ashley is putting on the stupid blonde act, she cracks me up, I love her.  She is a lot smarter then they are giving her credit for…  I am for Ashley all the way!

    • lol ashley the best player ever..she must have gave you some of whatever she be smokin..ashley has just of enough chance of winning as much as i do.

    • Really are you watching the same game as everyone else. NO one like Ashley they think she is fake and runs her mouth too much . She looks high and oblivious all the time. They all talk about how someone could be so ” Blah” all the time . 

    • you are right asley plays dumb but is always sneaking around and dropping lies look how she got off the hot seat kissing up to shane.

  5. If the rest of the players and there coaches do not do something soon mike boogie and frank are going to win this game.Britney will have some words with shane about his choices for eviction this week to that was so stupied now next week when some one else wins HOH then shane and britney is gone and shane can only blame hes self bad play move this week 

    •  Come Thursday Frank won’t be there, so how will Boogie and Frank going to get anywhere when one is gone?

      • Once the coaches come into the game and more than likely they will, it will be a whole new ballgame. All the 4 coaches will unite and form their own alliance and evict first Shane who is the last strong player in the house then, pick off the rest one by one. Between the 4 of them, they can dominate and win HOH and Veto every week and the newbie players can just watch their chance at that $500,000 evaporate! They have Shane to thank for it! See if Frank was in the house, they would have had Shane and Frank on the side of the newbies fighting for HOH and Veto atleast, and next week, Shane cannot even compete for HOH so, if the coaches come in, Shane is an easy target to be picked off by the coaches!

      • Shane will get to play in HOH if the coaches come in . It will be like a reset button. BB will give him a chance just as the rest of the players will have . and yet again Shane will dominate in the comp and be hoh again 

    • This game is so predictable!  You know Shane will go next week!  And I don’t think it is fair game if the couches come back in….  not fair at all!  I know they will cuz Janell keeps saying they are and she mentions someone talking to her about it in DR

  6. I am still loving Danielle!! She is truly a southern belle she has played under the radar and been honest!! I am pulling for her to go to the end… I hope Shane does too!!! They are under dogs at this point and for them to be final 2 would be awesome…. Good luck guys

    • She both gained and lost some of my respect with the airing of this Sunday’s episode. It really rubbed me wrong whenever she said she was afraid of meeting a lesbian in the house and having them possibly hit on her. I understand that is the culture she was raised in, but I’m from the deep South myself, yet I managed to escape that narrow-minded way of thinking. However, the fact that she said Jen is changing her views redeemed her somewhat.

    • See, Danielle reminds me of Jordan in that she’s leeching on to other players in hopes of winning, and that’s not a game I really respect. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great person. She just doesn’t know how to play the game. 

  7. My vote went to Ian. This is the first time I’ve voted for a newbie over a coach. I think I’m finally able to put aside my established love for certain coaches from their previous season(s) and focus solely on this season alone. While Janelle and Boogie have been playing a pretty solid game, both of their DRs have really annoyed me. Boogie is obviously beyond egotistical and Janelle is coming off as super ditzy and deluded. On the flip side, Britney and Dan haven’t annoyed me at all, but I think they’ve been terrible coaches thus far. Britney handled the Willie situation terribly and Dan’s comp throwing has not actually been doing his team members any favors (e.g. Kara’s eviction and Danielle’s near-eviction). 

    Shane didn’t get my vote because I’m not super impressed with his personality, and I don’t think it is smart for his long game to be winning every challenge… especially if he didn’t really need to (e.g. this week’s veto). 

    I love Ian’s personality- he’s a classic nice guy, nerdy, and a huge BB fan. And I think game-wise he is currently sitting in a pretty good spot. If he plays his cards right and shows an ability to win challenges when he needs to, I think he could win this whole thing, and thus far…I hope he does.

  8. I voted for Shane because he has been an awesome player so far winning the POV comps, HOH this week & staying in the game against the odds.

  9. I like Shane as a physical player but he is not game smart … He shoulda stuck with Frank they were golden instead he’s doing Janies dirty work then she is gonna give him the boot … I love the way Dan plays this game.

    •  Yeah, but with the coaches coming into the game (presumably Thursday) Shane just took out a big player, leaving one less that he has to go through. There will still be targets in the game. Boogie, Dan, Janelle, and Brit are going to be high up on any newbies list, hopefully.

      • With the coaches coming back he needed frank on his side because now a coach is guaranteed to be hoh. and he will be nominated or even backdoored.

      • Shane against Dan, Mike Boogie, Janelle and Brittney? That I would like to see! Shane would be booted out real quick. The coaches know how to play Big Brother and will dominate the HOH and Veto and all they have to do is stick together and they can wipe out the rest of the house guests! Once Frank is gone, Shane will be all alone battling the coaches but, he does not even play for HOH this week. LOL The coaches will backdoor him this week if they come in. Just watch for it. Then, the coaches will pick off the rest one by one each and every week. Then, they will fight amongst themselves for that $500,000!

    • I would have liked to see Frank and Shane play together but this is a great chance to get rid of a big player…but you never know…if shane gets wind that the coaches are coming back, they may save Frank, kick Joe to the curb and join forces with Boogie and Frank.  Janelle and Dan will work together.  Brit will once again be clueless of what to do.

  10. My Vote goes to Britney. She always entertains me, even with her DR impersonation of JoJo. My second vote (if i could vote more than once) would be Ian. He just steals my heart.

    • I like Britney, until she starts talking game. Then I cannot stand her.  Still trying to figure out why she was even included with the other coaches.

  11. Is it true that the Coaches Twist is going to be announced before voting so the Coaches get to vote?

    • I doubt it. I figure that since the coaches didn’t compete in HOH, couldn’t be nominated, and couldn’t play VETO that they won’t get to vote either. My bet is that after voting it will be announced and that all of the house (coaches and players) will play HOH and then it will be like a normal season past that. Anyone can be nominated etc etc.

  12. all I know is Danielle says and talks a big talk about being competitive. But if u watched after dark she can’t even play volleyball. I think she is only in the house cause she wines. About everything. Send her packing she’s not worth watching her fake a$$.

    • She actually said on the feeds maybe a few days ago that she sucks at volleyball..

  13. I like Shane.  I have liked him from the beginning.  He is trying to play a clean game.  Eventhough he has won mostly every challenge, he is the underdog and the target.

  14. I’m a fan of Frank, but he looks to be running on borrowed time right now. I don’t think the Ian bandwagon will mind if a pick out a seat. He started to cry over $3,000. Just think if the kid won $500K.

  15. Well me myself i am rooting for Ian.I know he hasnt won anything but he really hasnt had to.. but with frank going out (fingers Crossed) maybe ian will step up and actually do something. But I cant help but go for the underdog. 

  16. Shane is actually playing the game and not floating…like Jen, Joe, Ashley and Ian.  I will not vote for the coaches because they are not really house guests.

    •  I love Shane. Shane is a big target. The coaches had there chance! They should not be allowed to enter the game. Go, Shane!

  17. I like Shane.  He seems to be the most loyal and genunine, plus he is a super hot competitor.  He reminds me of Rachel.  We her butt was on the line and people wanted her out, she won every HOH and POV until she eventually won.  That is what Shane needs to do. 

  18. Don’t get used to voting for shane to long cause boogie will win hoh and send either him or janelle packing. Love boogie’s game.

    •  Hes an manipulative asshole. How can you route for someone like that? Hes disgusting.

    • Boogie is a completely different person from all stars his ego was out there on all stars he was just sting the game now it’s ridiculous

  19. Always been a fan of Janelle. Glad to see her back. Would love to see her get in and play her game.

  20. So the vote if America decides is to “offer” the coaches to enter the game. It’s an offer, so anyone of them can actually refuse and remain as a coach. As much as I hate the coaches being there this season, they might as well play than sit around and do nothing. I think it will add drama and excitement. Don’t you wanna see the newbies sending each one of the veterans to the door….oh yeah.

    • More than likely, the veterans will evict all the remaining house guests starting with Shane. You have 4 coaches who have won multiple competitions with Janelle and Boogie and Dan and Brittney to a lesser degree. Still, all 4 can dominate the HOHs and Veto competitions and with Frank gone, Shane will be the next target and the coaches will pick off the rest one by one. Then, they will fight amongst themselves for the $500,000 check! If one of the coaches act like a Judas like Danielle Donato of last season then, the newbie house guest floaters might just win it! If the coaches stay united, the house guest floaters are all chopped liver!

  21. I can’t believe anyone votes for Britt she is terrible at this game just plain terrible

  22. Boog has always got something to say, he doesn’t just say something. He stays focused and stays with the plan only changes things if there is a real reason. Chill town lives.

    • Among the coaches, he is the only one with a coherent strategy. Janelle pretty much lies and flip flops over the place going from one alliance to the next depending on who is strong that very week! Shane is the ultimate loser for blowing up a huge opportunity to go further but, just set himself up to be backdoored next week!

  23. All I can say is the Shane is a dumbass.   Him and Frank could have been the next Boogie &  Will.

    • Chose Shane last week but, this week, I believe he made the dumbest move ever! When he had the deck stacked in his favor and he mucks it up
      and hands it to Janelle’s team who have been plotting to take out Shane! It should be easier now if Frank is gone for them to win competitions. And Shane will be backdoored and will have no clue until they put him on the hot seat!

    • @Pjg162, that’s exactly what I’ve been saying since day one!
      I agree with you all the way. Finally, someone else who realizes how the game
      works! You don’t have to like them personally, but you should at least respect
      their strategic gameplay. Most people think this is a beauty/popularity contest
      so they hate on Shane and Frank. I don’t like Shane and Frank as people myself,
      but I can see their potential for final 2, and I definitely respect their
      gameplay. Those two together would have been a force to reckon with, if they would
      have formed a stronger alliance, especially since all the other HG’s are so
      weak in body and mind.

  24. Can’t stand Janelle.  She is by far the biggest liar, backstabber, and whiner, of ALL the coaches, and players.  ( I’ll take Britney anytime over Janelle).  But I voted for Dan.  Love him.  He plays a good clean, down to earth game.  I love how he is coaching Danielle. 

      • I have seen ALL the games, didn’t like her then, can’t stand her now.  She’s a fake and a phony.

    • Who doesn’t lie in this game??? And Bratney is the biggest backstabber. She is supposed to be friends with Danielle and then she talks crap about her to Janelle. Bratney also talks to everyone like she’s the best player in the house. Not!!!

  25. I’m not sure that Shane should be faulted for winning most of the comps, the other house-guests don’t seem to try as hard as he does.   I agree, though, that the show is less interesting when one person basically wins all the time, but it’s still somewhat early in the season so maybe the other players will begin to step up more. 

  26. To tell you the truth I really think Danielle or Ian will win. Frank and Shane are too much of a big target and a threat in the house. If the Mentors do come back in the game though it’ll change everything and who knows maybe Mike B will win it all.

  27. Please, please—NO to coaches coming in to the game!!  Not fair to the newbies.  They were brought in to coach, NOT to play for the half million.  I am loving the game this year, love the coaching angle, something different.  So please BB, don’t screw up a good game.

  28. I still like Dan the best.  However, if they do not let the coaches into the game soon, this is going to be soooooooo boring and Dan cannot survive much longer with Danniel.  What was the criteria for getting on this show?  Lack of drive, moderate intelligence and no physical ability???

  29. Once the coaches enter the game i predict Dan tears it up just like season 10 and brings Janelle along. But janelle will always be kicked out before the final 2 because nobody will ever win Janelle. Dan and will are the best bb players ever!

  30. Janelle is personally my favorite BB Player and this season she has played exceptionally well. If she manages to keep Joe in the house this week and send Frank home, then she has done her job as Coach perfectly. She managed to get all 3 of her players to the point where she enters the game. She has won 2 Coaches competitions and when she enters the game I am super excited to see her dominate more challenges!

  31. Unfortunatly, my REAL favorite is no longer a BB contestant.  I miss WIllie!

    •  I miss Willie,too. I get upset when BB keeps showing his outburst. Willie is out! So, leave Willie alone. I know Willie would have made the game much more interesting. I was looking forward to watching to see if he was anything like his brother Russell. I love Willie. Shout Out— Keep Your Head Up Willie.

  32. janelle deserves to win. this is her third time on the show and she still holds the record for most wins everything but the big money its her turn.

  33. Danielle, because she is sweet, nice, and kinda reminds me of myself. PLUS she is SMOKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Wil and Joe’s DR sessions annoy me, but Ashley cracks me up everytime she mentions spraytanning. I can never tell if she has any clue about what’s going on.

  35. I hope very strongly that bb doesnt put the coaches in the game because, to me it would not be fair to let them play. The coaches have already gotten there deals  out of being on bb,so now its time to let new blood do there thing without so much input from the past.

  36. I’m happy Mike Boogie and Frank aren’t popular, they really don’t deserve it, bunch of assholes if you ask me. Jenn and Joe are floaters, don’t care much about them. I don’t care much for Wil either, and I think Ashley is cute. Ian is really cute, I wouldn’t mind if he won. I really like Janelle and Britney, just really wished they were working together. Dan and Danielle are okay, and I don’t really understand why Shane is so popular, just another douchey pretty boy in Big Brother. I just wish Shane would stick with Britney instead of forming an alliance with Frank and Mike, yuckk.

  37. My question is Julie said do we want the coaches to come into the game? She never said if we say yes they are? So could any of the evicted hg also have chance to come back in?

  38. I think dan is the best becuase he plays a really sneaky game and at the end he attacks.

  39. It’s crazy that nobody can see how Ian is going fly under the radar and win the game with a big move late in the game!!

  40. Shane is by far my favorite this season. Glad he is doing so well on the HOH and POV competitions. I don’t care for Janelle or Boogie. I’m personally tired of seeing past contestants on the show. I don’t think it’s fair at this point if the coaches join the competition. If they were going to play for the win, they should have joined in from the beginning, now newbies have been voted out and they could have been put on the block as well. 

  41. Pls stop bring old players back to bb  …makes it look like a rerun!   All new people pls!

  42. Why are people so quick to sell Ian short (no pun intended)? Sure he may appear to act a little strange at times, but I really think that it is all a clever act.

  43. That’s not a fair poll because a few people in the house aren’t really in the focus right now. 

  44. Boogie is so full of himself that I cringe whenever he’s in the diary room.  He’s a moron.

  45. Wooow!! Shane rocks that poll…
    My vote seems worthless…
    Oh well good for him…
    At least if he’s losing, he’ll pull himself a “Jeff” Prize!!!

  46. And isn’t it hillarious that Danielle are more popular than Mike Boogie..just sayin lol…

  47. Didn’t like the coaches idea from day one.  And now…..they are going to enter and I and going to leave.

  48. Brittany is the best because she always stays true to what she says and believes

  49. I hope Janelle Shane Brittany and Frank make it to final 4 and Janelle is the winner!

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