Big Brother 14: Week 2 Popularity Poll

Big Brother 14 coaches  and newbies

It’s time for another look at the Big Brother 14 HouseGuests and how they’re ranking in the viewer’s eye. Last week we saw Kara Monaco evicted, so she’s dropped off the list, but since Willie Hantz made it in to the second week before self-destructing we’re going to put him in this week’s poll.

Again this week we’ve got all the HGs, newbies and coaches, combined in to one list. Last week’s poll demonstrated the coaches’ strong popularity as they held four of the top five spots. I’m curious to see if the newbies can gain some ground once we get to know them better through the Big Brother season.

After you vote, be sure to leave a comment on why you voted the way you did. This should be fun to track over the season and see whose stock rises and falls in the Big Brother 14 house. Things change fast so today’s hero could be next week’s zero.


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  1. I picked Shane because among the newbies, he has made good moves this
    week. First, he wins POV to guarantee his safety and two, he aligns himself
    with Frank. If this alliance holds, he and Frank can go a long way in this

      • I have to disagree with that. The last thing he needs is to get rid of Frank
        especially, this early in the game! If he does, he will be the target of the others as he would be the strongest player left in the house and everyone will be gunning for Shane. The idea with the alliance is to keep each other safe. If Frank and Shane will be true to their alliance, they can hopefully,
        win enough HOHs to save each other from eviction! Remember too that Janelle’s team is targeting Frank so, if any of her players win, there is always the chance they might put up both Frank and Shane on the chopping block then, that destroys the alliance if both cannot survive eviction! The alliance only works if both players trust each other and try
        and make it work by guaranteeing each other’s safety. If they do, they
        can go a long way. Maybe, even a final 3 atleast!

      • Ur so right Blkg…Shane is our Hottie Cutie Pie for BB14, lol…..☺…..

        hey…have u seen our old BB crew?…..☺….

  2. I picked Ian because he seems to be genuinely excited he’s part of the cast this summer and he’s making the best of crappy situations. (Taking Ashley on a slop date)  The others think he’s a freak but I think he deserves to be there as much as anyone else.  Now, I’m rooting for him after Monday night’s episode.  

    • Ian so happy to be there he’s willing to eat slop the whole time he’s there and that’s the kind of players you want….Sean

    • I agree, it’s nice to see someone who is enthusiastic about the opportunity they’ve received just being there and not complaining all the time.  I would see no reason for Ian to be evicted unless it’s towards the end where he might be deemed an easy pick to be the winner since he is so likeable and hasn’t really done anything (so far) to antagonize his fellow houseguests.

    • The first week I thought he had some kind of a condition, but he seems to be settling in.  He may just prove to be a strong player.  I cannot stand Boogie.  Never could, but liked the way he saved him that time.  That was nice.  Still can’t stand the butthead though. 

  3. I can’t stand Mike Boogie, am I alone or what.  He’s such an arrogant “wannabe”, his presence has made the show totally un-watchable for me.  Having to see him get the “ego boost” by asking him back to BB is beyond me, UNLESS, he was asked back just so we would all have someone to hate and make fun of again.  I see NOTHING redeeming about him as a person OR let alone a BB player.  The only redeeming thing this season was watching his stupidity blow the Coaches Challenge…Classic!

      • I hope your exaggerating about his age.. If he is 50 and he is still acting like that..where’s will shirt.. REALLY..   I think he thinks boogie represents down..have fun..   he’s turned it inot representing snot!

    • honestly i love mike boogie, always have and always will, same with will kirby. chill town was hilarious, i like how they are in the house!! i mean they are both great players and have both won a big brother season. I’m sure in his real life mike boogie isn’t as over the top obnoxious as he may come off. But the fact of the matter is they are playing a game…atleast they have fun with it.

      • I do agree that you can’t necessarily judge someone based on how they portray themselves on any reality show, but I respectfully disagree about Mike Boogie. I have not read anything favorable about him in real life, one of his former business partners has accused him of embezzlement.  I didn’t dislike Dr. Will nearly as much because he was very upfront that he was going to lie, etc., the other houseguests at the time were just too foolish to have evicted him.

    • Jack. you are sooooo right about Mike Boogie. I dislike what he said about Jodi after she was evicted. I’m so glad I didn’t get the feeds this year.

      • Interesting… what exactly did he say about Jodi after she was evicted? Curious passer-through.. :) Thanks!

    • I despise Mike Boogie too, so you are not alone.  He is a blithering idiot who isn’t as good at the game as what he likes to make others think, on his two seasons of Big Brother he was carried by Dr. Will, he did nothing remarkable on his own.  Judging by the idiotic DR confession they had together, Frank and Boogie, I hope Frank is evicted soon and I certainly hope that Boogie is gone soon, too!  I agree with your comment about his presence making this season almost unbearable to watch, if it weren’t for him, I would have a much easier time enjoying this season, I could have put up with Willie far more easily than Boogie.  Boogie just seems like such a jerk, he needs to grow up and stop trying the persona of the rapper-wannabe by his ridiculous choices of clothing, etc. 

      As far as having returning players returning to be “coaches”, I don’t think it was fair to have past winners come back, they’ve won their seasons and don’t need to win additional money, why not give people who have NEVER won a chance to win some money?  I would dispute the notion that Boogie or even Dan were some of the greatest players and I would certainly NOT say that about the floater known as Britney!  Janelle is truly one of the greatest players, she clearly deserves to be there, and I could have seen others like Danielle from an earlier season as well as the All-Stars season returning and even though I couldn’t stand him, maybe Matt from Britney’s season.

      • I’m sorry, but did you even watch All Stars? Will was definitely the best player in BB2 (by far, he completely outstrategized the entire cast) but BB7 was Boogie’s game. If Boogie hadn’t won the HoH’s that he did, neither him nor Will would have made it as far as they did. As well, Boogie won both of the last two HoH’s, essentially sealing his place in the finale. And if Boogie hadn’t won the Coup D’Etat, someone else would have won it and the result of the game would have been entirely different.

        You don’t have to like Boogie; I can understand why people don’t like him. But if you want to pretend that he wasn’t the best player in BB7, then you’re doing just that: pretending.

    • Boogie should be the person Britney complains about this season. Rachel + Boogie = the hilarious bitching britney

    • You, like myself, will watch BECAUSE of our dislike of Boogie…thats what he is there for. We love to hate those with high opinions of themselves and, in his case, especially when he is sooooo wrong!

    • I totally agree with you Jack. He thinks he is the greatest person to play BB. And he is also butt ugly. I would love to see him be one of the first coaches to go…and I sure don’t want him to win anything, his head is big enough!!!

    • How can you hate on Boogie? He is hilarious and the only one on this season with a sense of humor!!!!!

      • Sorry, I just don’t like him, never did.  Didn’t say that he wasn’t a good player.  I also am not a big fan of bringing back these past players as coaches.  They have had their time.  The big winners like boogie don’t need to win anymore.  Let someone else have it and the air time.

    • You can hate Mike’s personality all you want, I can see how it’s easy to, but I’ll never understand knocking him as a player unless the hate for his personality is so strong that it’s blinding you into bias. I won’t say the word ‘jealousy’ like so many like to though. Maybe he’s not the greatest to ever play Big Brother as he thinks he is, but he’s up there whether you like it or not. He won All-Stars, he won against the best players available at the time, and nothing was handing to him, he earned it. He wins competitions when he needs to, and gets into opposing players heads.

      Janelle is who I can’t stand, but I’m not going to let my dislike for her blind me to the fact that she’s great at competitions.

    • I agree Jack. don’t like anyone in the house besides Jani. Shane makes me wanna puke he is not an attractive person! I think some people just like muscle and ignore personality, and the face!
      No more BB for me after Thurs. first time I have quit watching. I have seen every episode of all 14 seasons, every minute of BB after dark and have several years of live feeds. I hope next year has couple of people I can root for. I don’t even think it’s worth watching to see Brit anDani get what is coming to them. Stupid stupid women. The guys are voting them out one by one and they are to stupid to see what is right in front of their face. Jani has told them over and over but

  4. I voted for Shane, due to his game play. He really knows how to play for himself and to please the coaches. I think it is really his game to win/lose. If he plays his cards right he could be this years winner, one mess up though and he is out the door.

  5.  I can’t believe britney is a favorite. she ‘s such a baby, and clearly doesn’t know how to read people or else she would not have picked willie for her team in the first place…..all she does is complains too and she is really paranoid. i want her outta the game like now!!!

    • She’s not a good coach. Noticing how ‘unstable’ & paranoid Willie was/had become, she still continued to feed him information that fueled his behavior… really smart move. & not exactly liking the way she’s treating Jojo at this point either, from what I’ve I’ve seen on BBAD. She’s a bright girl but horrible coach, in my humble opinion.

    • I could be wrong but, I believe it is the season Mike Boogie and Will Kirby
      played and made up the Chilltown alliance. Just the two of them. The fact
      that he and Will was able to manipulate all the other players in the house
      speak volumes. You might not like his game play and he is arrogant which
      cost him the coach’s challenge but, he knows how to play the game. Only Mike Boogie and Dan has won Big Brother! Janelle and Brittney won HOH
      and other competitions in Big Brother but, not their very seasons! Obviously,
      Dan and Mike Boogie as the two best coaches in the house unless, Janelle
      and Brittney prove otherwise!

      • I hate Mike Boogie as well and think he owes a LOT of his All-Stars win to Dr. Will…..However…I have to admit that I believe he is playing the best coaches game thus far, albeit the arrogance. His team is still 3 strong and making alliances where they should. And I think Frank is making the most of his HOH while not pissing everyone off to ensure his downfall next week like Willie did.

      • I agree with the comments that Mike Boogie was helped A LOT by Dr. Will, I’m not convinced that he will fare nearly as well this season without his sidekick. 

  6. I picked Willlie. He was my favorite and feel that if everyone wouldn’t have pushed him and Brittany would have shut her mouth half the time to bring her own teammate down he might not have had his tantrum! Plus I find it really boring since he’s gone. I have no favorite anymore!!!!!

    • I wanna see Frank kicked out next.  He’s the one that messed everything up by running around spreading rumors that weren’t true.

      • Frank was on the verge of going home and he made some comments that resulted in him staying. I cannot see how that could be called “messed everything up”.

  7. I like Shane because he has proved himself in challenges and seems like a nice guy.  He was quiet at first, but since he has been talking more lately and I have heard some of his thoughts I like that he wants the players to start playing the game themselves and to not stay together just because they were picked to be on a certain team.  The coaches are in it for themselves and don’t care which player gets them the win.  If I had another vote for coaches it would be Brittney as I like her the best when it comes to coaches.  I feel that she truly cares for her players and I don’t get the same feeling from any of the other coaches.

  8.      I had high hopes for Willie, I liked his brother on survivor till he got to big for his britches. Southern boys should have better manners than that.

    • Southern men do have manners, but when you push the wrong button you get the horns. One thing is for certain, you don’t disgrace any man’s character – no matter where they are from. 

    • Lets put you Back into “highschool bullying” not let you go home for two weeks see what kinda manners you have when ur done

  9. I picked Shane because he is good looking and smart. I love Willy and hope they bring him back and drop the coach mentors. I think he would have alligned with frank and shane and that would have been a great team. Now I want to see Frank and Joe gone, Joe 1st!!!

  10. As soon as Dan is out of players they’re going to make the coach’s pick all new players…then all new teams and that’s your next big twist…….Sean

  11. As much as I like Frank, Wil and Ian, I voted Janelle because I still love her — so glad she’s back — she’s very talented and just a cool person!

  12. I picked Janelle because she understands the entertainment aspects of BB and knows how to play to the camera,  she’s nice to look at and she doesn’t disrespect her team.  Among the newbies I would vote for Ian because he brings an air of unpredictability to the game and could go far. 

  13. I chose Shane as well… I hope he’s playing Frank though and planning to back door him.  I like Frank too, but I don’t like him aligned w/ Boogie. 

    I really want to see the new cast align together against the coaches… I want to see them play their own game(s).  The coaches have played their games (Boogie & Janelle more than once… & I really like all the coaches w/ the exception of Booger).  But I want to see the new cast develop new characters… it’s new & fresh!

  14. I like Frank as well as Jenn, though Jenn hasn’t done much of anything at all in the game yet.

  15. I am going to repeat what I said last week on the poll… I do not think its fair to put the coaches and newbies on the same poll.   Especially since we don’t know if the coaches are going to enter the game as players or not.  PLEASE DO 2 POLLS

  16. Willie, because he brought all the excitement with him to the house. With out him I fear the rest of the cast will be super boring, I think they did a terrible job casting this season, with the exception of Willie, who else is worth watching….

  17. I picked Shane because I think he has made the best moves this week. He’s winning comps but staying calm about it.

    I also like Ian. I think it is the part of me that wants to see the underdog win something. Ian certainly has an “adorkable” charm that Ronnie lacked in BB11. The problem is that he is such a fan of the show that just being in the house has got him a little frenzied. He not just looking at the puppy in the window – he’s sorta of rubbing his face against the glass. If he can be a little less reactionary and more strategic he could go far.

    Least favorite is Joe. He’s just loud and obnoxious to me.

  18. Regarding Boogie acting arrogant and narcissistic, when you beat out 19 other all-stars including Dr. Will, Janelle, Danielle and James, you have a lifetime pass to act any way you want to in the Big Brother house.

  19. Ian is my favorite. I think he’s awesome an is creating bonds with ppl. They’re getting to know him better an i think it’s going to keep him in the game, even tho they still think Ian’s weird/freakish. lol I love watching him an seeing his silly antics. I like that he’s a superfan an will do ANYTHING to stay in the game, for example….eating slop for the entire season, an “sitting on a stick an rotating” for an endurance comp. This stuff is priceless lol GO IAN!!!!!

  20. i have to admit Dan is playing a terrible game. Althoug throwing the coach’s comp last week seemed like an okay idea, it costed him Kara. This week, it was cost him danielle.

  21. so it’s either going to be dan 0 or buger with 2 players. janelle must be doing something right. so far she still has all her players. hope she takes it all this year. she’s soooo pretty and a really good player

    • Janelle looks like a worn out stripper.  At least it paid for her botox injections and boob job.  That is complimented well by her ability to lie like hollywood agent and her lack of any morals 

  22. I choose Shane this week because he is starting to play the game. Wins competions and was laying low while the Willie crazyness was happening. I am not liking the coach aspect due to less players to stir the pot. Now they are getting the game plays from the coaches and only 2 of them have won the game!! They better do something interesting to keep everyone watching live feeds and tuning in on TV.

  23. I voted for Janelle because I felt the other times she was on the show she should have won especially because she won the most POV’s and HOH’s when she was competing, plus she is a good player and deserves to have another chance to win.

  24. I love boogie! He cracks me up and love to watch him simulate chill town in diary room!

    • M Boogie is a repulsive wannabe. He is one of the dumbest individuals I’ve ever seen, and lacks a personality, an ego, and a conscience.  Perhaps if he would get his head out of Dr.Will’s rectum long enough to realize this is a new season with new players, he might actually “get it.”  Till then, all I can do is continue to offer cash to anyone that can get rid of Booger.

    • Of the 4 coaches, only Mike Boogie and Dan has won big brother. You
      might not like his game play but, it is called manipulation. This is a game
      after all! When you are in a house full of other people pushing your buttons,
      you have to keep your cool. Willie simply lost it but, that shows more a lack of maturity on his part! Brittney, what has she done, nothing but, talk, talk and talk. She does not have a clue what she is doing! Dan although, he is a good player too and has won this has been a disappointment for not playing to win when he is down to one player, Danielle! If Danielle gets booted out this week, it will be because Dan made that stupid move to lose the coach’s
      competition when he had a chance to save his last player. Janelle, she is better than Brittney because she strategizes to some degree. The problem is she does not think thru before creating alliances. Look at the Bittney
      alliance which quickly fell thru and was a huge disaster. She made the mistake of not picking up Shane to increase her chances at that $100,000.
      Of all the coaches, only Mike Boogie is playing this game and of the players, we only have Frank and Shane playing this game. If it is dull, blame the coaches because they pretty much run this game for now atleast!

  25. Janelle is such a bitch this season. She is so catty and basically a bully. She is doing what mike does best. She’s an idiot.

  26. salut moi c est  Mike BOOGIE Malin  j aime son jeux il domine les compétition des entraîneur ok il a fail sur le dernier mais il aurait gagniez et j espère voir DR Will arriver  avec les joueurs qui ont quitter et former une nouvelle équipe. 

    hello me is Mike Boogie Malin  I love his game he dominated the competition for CoASH ok he fail on the last but he would win and I hope to see Dr Will comme in with players who leave and form a new team.

    keyser :)

  27. Well now that Willie is gone, Im going to have to pick Shane… so far he has been with a small target getting have not and put on the chopping block but has won veto for 2 straight weeks.

    If the rest of the house dont stop sucking from their coaches tits and start playing, Shane may be able to pull off a Rachel on them  ( yes I said Rachel but lets face is she would always win vetos and stuff when she was getting targeted )

  28. salut moi c est  Mike BOOGIE Malin  j aime son jeux il domine les compétition des entraîneur ok il a fail sur le dernier mais il aurait gagniez et j espère voir DR Will arriver  avec les joueurs qui ont quitter et former une nouvelle équipe. 
    hello me is Mike Boogie Malin  I love his game he dominated the competition for CoASH ok he fail on the last but he would win and I hope to see Dr Will comme in with players who leave and form a new team.
    keyser :)

  29. I liked Willie.  He was totally targeted because of who he was.  Being locked up in that house brings out the worse in people.  I has to be much harder than it even looks.  There is no way to truly prepare youself for that emotionally.  I think that he could’ve won. 

    • I see your points, but it’s too early in the game for me to exonerate Willie with the reasoning of how hard it must be in that house, and that it brings the worst out of you. Maybe if he’d been dealing with that for weeks, but what is this, week 2? He couldn’t keep his emotions in check, so I really don’t think he would’ve won with that on his side, even if he wasn’t pegged as an automatic bully for being Russel’s brother.

  30. Janelle,  she has always been my favorite, she is a great player, smart and always straight up!  that is the way the game should be played, 

  31. I put Willie because he was only one eating pork rinds but those people didn’t eat the big ones is beyond me they’re better then the small ones, but I kept wondering I hope someone bags those things up or they’ll get stale.  Oh yea I picked Willie cause he was only real one this week can’t stand Boogie and Janelle and Brittany seem to think they are it and Dan looks like he’s falling asleep all the time,  Bag up those pork rinds people

  32. Iam so glad I can come here and talk BB..everyone else just thinks Iam crazy!! Its MY summer thing!! I voted for Shane because, so far, he is thinking things through,unfortunatly if you think too long youll be blindsided in this game…but so far Iam liking this summer!!

  33. I picked Willie because he was bullied by Britney who was supposed to be his coach and boy did she make him feel bad.  Thats the reason he did what he did, she forced the rest of her group to stay away from him.  I don’t think this would have happened if they could have played without coaches.  Bad idea.  I’m really tired of them bringing back old houseguests.  Please stop.

  34. I like Shane. If he doesn’t get nominated or evicted due to being nice or popular, I can see him winning it all. He seems the most real to me, down to earth, and trustworthy.  Especially with this bunch, it’s like a house of FLOATERS.  Most unimpressive cast I can ever remember, and I’ve NOT missed a season yet either.  I only wish I didn’t have to see Boogie for another season!  He just nauseates me.  BB producers really inflated his ego by bringing him back as a coach.  He is so lame, and I’m NOT the only one that feels that way.  I know of a number of people who have stopped watching this season because, like me, they cannot tolerate him.  Anyhow, my only hope is that you have some kind of competition, or he unfortunately loses all his players and must exit the game early.  Nothing would make me happier.  

  35. My family and I stopped watching BB and CBS done Willie Hantz DIRTY LIVE FEEDS showed the TRUTH not CBS BB show was BS PUT WILLIE IN THE GAME TOSS OUT JOE AND FIRE the person who didn’t let Willie in the DR b/c they wanted to see a fight watch live feeds people 

  36. Boogie. One half of the greatest alliance in Big Brother history (indisputable — two victories in two attempts), and looking to solidify his place as the greatest individual player ever to step into the house.

  37. She’s smart, nice to all, not devious, left her hubby and baby to be a coach and I hope she wins this one!!! 8-)

  38. i don’t know im not particularly fond of any one player right now but i tend to root for the underdog so i would probably say shane

  39. Even though former players help ratings and that’s why cbs keeps bringing back players again and again and again I would rather have all newbies with an even playing field. Doesn’t seem fair to the game to keep bringing back players who have milked BB for all its worth — and the network getting every bit of extra rating by bringing back such as Janelle, Britney, Dan, Boogie. Enjoy someone like Danielle who seems to be playing an intelligent game even though by sheer chance she’s the last one standing on her team.

  40. I picked Ian. Although I thought he was very geeky and an easy target at first. After watching him on BBAD. he seems to be playing the game. He’s befriending everyone, making no set deals and gathering quite the amount of information from all the teams since no one sees him as a true threat. I think he may surprise us all.

  41. I was going to pick Janelle but I didcn’t like how she put Shane on slop for a second week, so I picked Shane because he has played well and I think he could win. I don’t like Joe or Frank.

  42. I voted for Willie. I saw what I could on the live feeds and watched the one “head-butt/chestbump” aired on Sunday night (I’m sure there was more to it.) Violence is never OK, which is why Joe should’ve been kicked to the curb, too! It’s not like ol Frooty Loopers was shadow boxing. Actually Joe should be kicked out for pathological lying. He claimed to have been the mad genius behind the product name “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” even though it hit the market it 1981. Fun fact: Joe Arvin was born in 1971. So, really, I feel like Willie was America’s player – Joe definitely needed to be bitch slapped! (oddly, though, 3-4 headbutts/chestbumps later he had no bruising and needed no medical attention……)

  43. I voted for Willie because he was truly given the short end of the stick for playing a good game. After watching the live feeds and going back to watch it again after Sunday’s episode it is clear that Joe and Janelle intentionally wanted to provoke him and Britney was throwing fuel on the fire. The only one who even tried to calm him down at all and tried to make him stay positive was Shane. 

  44. So everyone in the house thought Willie was crazy.  Maybe, ok yeah, but he is still as popular with the public as “Carrot Top”, I mean Frank.  Willie also is more popular than Mr. Anorexic… “Boogie”.  Maybe these big egos would shrink a little if they knew just how little they are.  Poor Jenn needs to do something because this is the second week in a row her popularity is at a big fat 0%.  Also, Big Boobed Blond Ambition would be pretty crushed to realize Shane is as popular a player as she is and Britney is stumbling at her botoxed lips.  Yes, Janelle you are all real.  And when you speak of missing your baby you sound as interested as the Kim K. sounded reciting her wedding vows.

  45. I chose Ian.  It was between him and Shane.  I just haven’t seen enough of Shane yet.
    Ian has inserted himself into the game gently.  He is cordial to everyone and threatening to noone,  so it would seem.  I would love to see him win an HOH so that we could see the inside tweekbot take on the HGs.

  46. Frank went from target to HoH. His social, strategic, and physical game play balance very well. His coach Boogie is not too shabby either. Go Frank! :)

  47. I voted Jenn last week because she did such a good job avoiding attention during all the drama, but the game quickly hit a position where she can’t necessarily do that anymore without being in danger.

    This week, I’m voting Ian because he definitely improved his social game since last week and the veto competition this week showed that he could be a factor in competitions as well.

  48. I voted for Ian. I think he stands the best chance of either winning or placing 2nd. His social game is improving due to Boogie’s coaching, and he’s good at competitions too. Give credit where it’s due people.  You might not like Boogie but my money is on him helping get Frank and Ian to the end.
    BB2 was the  “Will Show” and Boogie had a supporting role. That was the best season of all so far in my opinion ………….Season 7,their encore performance, was the second, and Boogie won that. The final contender was Nokomis’s season. She was the first one to use the back door plan. Simple but genius, and houseguests have been using it since. They ought to rename it the “Nokomis”.
    Last but certainly not least, I don’t think it is a fair twist to allow all the coaches to enter the $500,000. game, but I will wait for the results of the vote and see the twist. Julie said “chance” to enter the game, they might have to compete for one spot. In that case it might be interesting, and not put the houseguests at such a disadvantage. 

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