Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 3 Monday Highlights

Big Brother 14 live feeds

There was a big move made today in the Big Brother 14 house and we saw the backlash play out on the Live Feeds. Actually, there wash;t much of a backlash because the move has actually been masked kind of well. Props to the big moves going on in the house this week. Of course a lot can happen in the next couple days and Frank and Boogie could turn things around. In the meantime, there’s plenty to catch up on in if you weren’t glued to your computer yesterday. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 30, 2012:

10:24 AM BBT — Britney and Shane talking about the Veto Ceremony set for later. Britney asks if putting Frank on the block today is the right move. Shane says yes because he doesn’t trust Boogie. Britney finally says something smart about the whole thing: She thinks they’re doing Janelle’s team’s dirty work by getting Frank out. You think?

10:50 AM BBT — Janelle and Britney agree the move Shane plans to make will be good for the two of them.

11:10 AM BBT — Shane is planting the seed in Frank’s head that he is thinning of using the veto and putting up someone from Boogie’s team. Frank throws Ian under the bus, hoping to protect himself.

11:21 AM BBT — Feeds cut for Veto Ceremony.

12:26 PM BBT — Feeds return and Frank and Boogie are talking about what just happened at the Veto Ceremony. Shane took Ashley off the block and picked Frank as the replacement nominee.

12:30 PM BBT — Shane has Boogie and Frank convinced he made the move just to make sure everyone voted Joe out. Frank says he’s confident that he has the votes to stay.

12:34 PM BBTBoogie grilling Ian. Boogie thinks Ian said something to Britney and Shane to make them put Frank on the block. Ian is visibly upset.

1:14 PM BBT — Dan tells Boogie that Shane and Britney were discussing using the veto in front of Janelle, meaning she might be in on it and that Frank might actually be at risk.

1:26 PM BBT — HOH room gang is bad-mouthing Ian. Shane mentions Ian saying if he won Big Brother, he’d buy a $5,000 bike and give the rest of the money to his parents. They say he doesn’t even care about playing the game.

3:23 PM BBT — Frank says he will nominate Wil and Ashley next week and backdoor Shane. Frank is still pretty confident, clearly.

4:30 PM BBT — Janelle and Britney talking about the game. They think Dan is playing a smart game and is poised well for the coaches entering the contest. They talk about how hard it will be to get Boogie out and how they need to lay the groundwork for Danielle being in an alliance with them. Janelle and Britney are ready to work together if (when) the coaches enter the game.

5:00 PM BBT — Danielle asks Dan for some coaching on how to handle Boogie and Frank. They’re all over her trying to secure her vote. Dan tells her to stay around others they won’t want to be talking game in front of. DUH.

5:23 PM BBT — Britney asks Shane if he likes Danielle for real. He says she’s making him feel uncomfortable and that he was actually interested in Kara.

6:31 PM BBT — Shane asks Danielle if she knows “this is Big Brother and not Bachelor.” That might be the best thing he’s said or will say all season.

8:15 PM BBT — Wil tells Danielle he thinks at least one of the coaches, if not all, will be entering the game to play. Danielle is pretty convinced against that.

10:15 PM BBT — Game talk has been dead for awhile. General chit-chat lead to a long volleyball game. Janelle is in bed napping. Yes, at 10 PM.

11:45 PM BBT — Dan and Janelle act like they’re not sure they’d choose to go in the game. Yeah right. They talk about working together if they do enter the game

So there you go. Shane made a bold move, but it’s kind of up in the air as to who should take credit. Shane himself? Janelle? That’s a tough call. And will Shane stick to the plan or will that “secret” side deal he has with Boogie and Frank resurface? Who knows. It’s going to be some week. Keep an eye on the Live Feeds highlights for all the updates!

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  1. I still feel it was the wrong move to put Frank up. why can’t people just trust eachother and work together until the best person wins. If Frank goes this week. Shane is gone. IMO

    •  I cant stand how Janelle is weaseling her way into everything. People thought Willie manipulated everyone? She makes alliance with whoever has power every week, backstabs, lies, trash talks people after working with them, is fake in front of everyone, and she has a team full of floaters that cant win anything or pose no major threat.

      Shane is definitely gone. The only person that is a perceivable threat to him is Frank, and even Frank isnt THAT much of a threat.

      •  I totally agree with you…I don’t know how they can say that Ian isn’t playing the game, so what if he wants to buy a $5000 bike and give some money to his parents, I think that is great, who are they to judge what the winner does with the money…Ian did tick me off when he got Frank put up on the block by giving Shane a wishy washy answer on whether he would put Shane up or  not if Ian won HOH..stupid move on Ian’s part. The person who is aggravating me the most in this game right now is Ashley..she is playing that airhead role and being very irritating while doing so…I don’t know what makes Shane believe that he can trust Janelle over Boogie…I lost all respect for Shane yesterday when he called Ian a “faggot” while in the HOH room with Britney..and as far as him saying he wanted to play this game with integrity..that went out the door yesterday when he flat out lied to Frank..what happened to the “three amigos,” deal with him, Frank and Danielle..that’s another one getting on my nerves..Danielle. If these coaches come back in, and I hope they do, newbies will  be in shock, I bet Shane wishes he had Frank then!

      •  I agree, Janelle talked so much trash about Shane last week and was all for getting rid of him too. I don’t want Janelle or Boogie to get anymore $. Frank needs to go this week and Wil needs to go next week. Weaken Janelle and Boogie.

      • shirley — i understand how the game is played, but Janelle is just a coach in this BB. Shes become a pretty big player even though she has no voting power. Her players arent performing well in competitions and are easily the most annoying people in the house. The players playing for the big $$$ are being manipulated by her. There hasnt been a single strong alliance at all this BB, which is something the game has had. Shane and Frank couldve went top 2 and left it to the jury without a doubt. I think Franks mistake was not conveying to Shane how committed he was to breaking away from Ian and Jenn when the time was right.

    • I think Boogie is really rubbing people the wrong way.  It may be production but it seems he’s trying to bully his and Frank’s way thru the season.  When it didn’t work on Britney in week one, he should have shopped for another strategy.  But ultimately I think if Frank goes, it’ll be more Boogie’s fault than Frank’s.  Boogie hitched his wagon to a star, and Frank hitched his to a turd.  Oh well, time will tell who’s right and who’s wrong.  =)

    •  Trust is not how you play the BB game,baby. Everybody has their own agenda- win that “green”. You got to make deals and break deals. Shane made a great move. In BB history most of the time the best person doesn’t win. Only the most “backstabbing person” wins. Jordan and a few others are exception to that.

    • Yeah exactly. I don’t think Shane knows how to play. He’s like Jeff from last season, if he doesn’t win, he’s gone. Both meat heads with small brains.

  2. You just know Big Brother is going to let the coaches play no matter what americ’s vote is.  They just ask for votes so they canget $$$ from each text vote.

    • I tricked the bastards and voted 10 times online for free!!! LOL I voted no also, it will take an already bad year to incredibly bad year!

      • Are you serious!! You are calling this a bad year already.  Literally, it is only week 3 and look how much backstabbing and lying is going on.  If you are a BB fan (like myself) this is what BB is all about.  I don’t know how anyone could think this season is bad, even just after 3 weeks!!!

    • You’re probably right, but if it’s an overwhelming amount of “No’s”, then I dont see them doing it because it will lower ratings.

  3. I really don’t like Boogie. I didn’t  how he said “Any Questions! Any Questions!” in the first coaches comp; he just had to rub it in evveryone’s face that he won. When he won the money, he took the 6,000 for himself. The way he said he was going to take the 6,000 made him sound selfish and bad. In the second coaches comp, he deserved to loose when he stepped down and started gloating. All and all, he has a big ego, he is very cocky, and just plain annoying. well at least to me. I hope frank walks out the door thursday, and when he enters the game, he will walk out right after. 

  4. Most of the people in here are very unlikeable! Geting rid of Frank will put the knife in Shanes back. To me Danielle is very annoying and you can truly tell that she makes Shane very uncomfortable. The stupidist move they are making is leaving Janelle with 3 players wake up houseguests you are being played!! Janelle is way more dangerous than Boogie!! You are opening the door for her to take it all. Dan and Brit dumb moves on your parts listening to her!!!

  5. I think I would like to see Shane or Danielle win the game cause they are the only ones playing.

  6. I have been watching Frank talk to the camera for the last hour, so funny! I feel  bad for him, he really thinks he is staying this week, I am pretty sure from what I have heard on the feeds that he going home on Thursday..he keeps wondering if he should call out Joe and Janelle for all of the lies they have been telling about him the last few days..well…yeah!  Do it, Frank..I do believe Frank being up on the block is all about Janelle getting revenge on Boogie, which is kinda sad, because she is taking the opportunity away from someone who deserves to play and try to win the game..meaning Frank. The rest of these players have no clue how to “really” play the BB game, in my opinion, anyway. But, it has been an entertaining morning watching the feeds..thanks, Frank!

  7. Janelle is an excellent player no matter what way you look at it… I hope she finally wins this season and she evicts Mike Boogie.  He is so arrogant and I can’t stand him.  Janelle would have HANDS down won All-Stars if she didn’t accidentally take her hand off the volcano in the final HOH.  Hopefully on Thursday night after Frank is evicted, the coaches will enter the game and be able to compete for HOH (I have a feeling it will be an endurance competition) and Janelle will win.  Just like Daniele Donato did last year when she finally entered the game. 

  8. this shows why Brit cnanot win bb, she has NO IDEA how to play. HOH doesn’t use the veo on his own nominees unless you are really stupid and want to go home next. brit said she is not going to let others in the house play her game but that is just what  she let Janelle do  good going Brit you hould have stayed home because you are truly incompetent at this game.

  9. Please let Joe go home! I get a headache everytime I hear his annoying screaming voice in the DR. Seriously, shut up.

  10. I don’t know how people are saying that Shane should have been loyal to Frank. There is nothing that guarantees that Frank would have been loyal, the boy was talking about letting Jenn or Ian win so he wouldn’t be the one to nominate Shane. Frank wasn’t loyal.

    Either Shane or Frank was going to backstab the other, it was just a matter who would do it first.

    Shane put himself in a better position, because with Frank gone and none of the other people being good competitors Shane has a better chance at POV. Because he has to know no matter who wins, he will be a nomination. If he’s not competing against Frank, he has a better shot of winning

    • Totally agree with you and if coaches enter the game it will be way better for Shane because ppl would want to get the coaches out before Shane

  11. I am absolutely amazed that Shane actually decided to put Frank
    up on the block. This has been an incredibly interesting week so far, and I can’t
    wait for the rest of it! A coworker at Dish originally recommended it to me and
    now I thank her every time I see her. I won’t be able to watch this week’s
    episodes live, but my Hopper will record them for me on PrimeTime Anytime so I can
    watch them automatically without commercials, thanks to the Auto Hop feature. I
    cannot wait for Frank to get out of this eviction and throw Shane under the
    bus; it’s only getting more interesting as the days pass!

    • Wow. Good work on getting your plug for Dish past the moderator. Let me try one: boy I hope my Ford Fusion can allow me to comfortably commute to the house before the show starts. From the smooth shifting transmission to the whisper quiet engine, my Ford Fusion has been nothing short of a joy to drive. I would recommend it to anyone that has any distance to drive. The seats are soft and supportive, and oh, so comfy, and the SYNC system allows for a bluetooth connection to the stereo for hands free communication and imroved situational awareness. America’s most reliable mid-sized car, the Ford Fusion.

      There, did I do it right?

  12. People need to calm down! Frank does nothing for or against shane’s game….frank has done nothing to show people should be scared of him. He won one HOH, and it was just him getting lucky gusseing answers to random questions. Shane is the only reason Shane is still in the game. And I am willing to bet that if brittney or danielle (which yes it is possible) win HOH he won’t be going anywhere those weeks either. So really, Shane can continue to win comps and has a couple people on his side. Frank was ready and willing to send Shane home last week, and now he’s supposed to just trust him? Haha, yeah if Frank won HOH Shane would be right back up on the block again… and with the coaches entering the game boogie and janelle will instantly become bigger targets than yeah, I think its a good move to get Frank out now.

    • Shane is a moron…power hungry and just a big tool. While everyone was taking pictures he went over and got the POV and made sure he had it for his pictures. What a tool.

  13. These newbies are so dumb it’s frightning. Janelle is playing everybody and Boogie has been the most straight up coach out of all of them, but somehow Janelle is more trusted. Boy these guys are gonna feel stupid when it’s all over with. I want Ian to win but he’s not cutthroat enough to do it.

  14. This is the WORST season ever…..WORST cast ever the only thing that would make it better is the coaches entering the game. Joe, stop screaming we hear you, Shane is a moron, Ashley, well she makes Shane look like a member of MENSA so that should tell you somthing, Danielle’s puppy dog crush is just sad really the only reason she’s on the show was to find a guy….just sad. The possibility of Dan and Boogie playing is the only thing that can salvage such a bad season. BB needs to STOP putting people that were “found” in the cast. Theyve never seen the show and don’t know how to play the game, it’s like putting someone who’s never played poker at the final table at the World Series of Poker in Vegas, asking “what hand beets a pair” it’s bad just bad.

  15. I like Ian, but he better stop volunteering on eating  slop all the time. Not the best diet to build your stamina for endurance competition. Start growing some balls and not be a puppet.

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