Big Brother 14: Week 3 Paranoia Spreads Ahead of Eviction Vote

Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy

Today on Big Brother 14 the house has been busy with paranoia as we approach the next round of voting and eviction. Once again what should be a straight forward and simple decision has now become an overly complicated, fear-infested ordeal.

After Monday’s Veto ceremony Shane made the decision to save Ashley and renom Frank in her place. I honestly didn’t expect Shane to stick to the plan considering his last minute diversion with the original nominations, but here we are. The new plan was simple: Team Janelle would vote to evict Frank. Team Boogie would vote to evict Joe. Team Dan would be the tie breaker and send home Frank. This only works if Team Janelle and Team Dan hold it together. As far as we can tell that’s still the plan, but it seems like a few HGs aren’t so sure.

Flashback to a little after 10AM BBT this morning to find Boogie and Frank working Wil over for his vote. Boogie throws out all sorts of scenarios to entice Wil to come over to their side for this week’s vote, but nothing seems to be working. Wil is confident in wanting to keep Joe because that’s a vote for him if he makes it to the Big Brother 14 final two. Hard to argue with that.

Now things get unnecessarily complicated. Remember when in the first week Frank was completely safe and had the votes, but then he started a big war with Willie because he was paranoid? Well here we go again with that but this time it’s Joe who is safe and is trying to demolish his security.

Flashback to 12:15PM BBT to find Joe, Ashley, and Janelle discussing Joe’s fears that Wil has flipped. He hasn’t. Joe is convinced there is some sort of deal going on between Wil and Team Boogie which is going to send him home this week instead. There isn’t. It seems this can be traced back to Wil being an early riser this morning along with Frank and Boogie. All it took for Joe to create this conspiracy was for Wil to be awake at the same time as Frank in the Big Brother house.

Janelle takes the bait and believes Wil is up to no good. He isn’t. Later she talks to Britney and gets her convinced as well. Flashback to 12:50PM BBT for that conversation. It doesn’t take long for Britney to fall in to Joe’s pit of paranoia along with Janelle. They’re now both convinced Wil has flipped his vote.

Janelle grabs Ashley to talk about her Wil-fears but thankfully Ashley becomes the surprising voice of reason. She declares that Wil hasn’t flipped his vote and is still planning on voting along with them. Janelle seems satisfied, but not long after she’s in Shane’s ear that they need to talk with Wil to make sure he isn’t wavering from the plan

We’re still two days away from the next eviction and anything can happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if the house decides to eliminate Joe and keep Frank, but I don’t think it’s going to come down to a hinge vote on Wil. We shall see.

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  1. LOL!  i love how this was written.Oh paranoia!  I wish they would vote out Joe.  I cannot stand him!

    • Hate Joe so much. His yelling is horrific, even though Frank annoys me with his hand motions. Lol I still want Joe out.

  2. If Boogie and Frank were smart, they’d be working on Danielle right now to get her vote. Dan and Boogie were “working together” earlier in the season, so maybe they can convince Danielle to keep Frank. I don’t see Janelle’s team voting against Joe..

    Oh and one more thing, keep the coaches OUT of the game!!

      • Depending on how many No’s were recieved, if it’s an overwhelming number, Coaches arent coming in. No way CBS would risk ratings. Everybody is begging for just a fresh new cast of people.

      •  Coaches are coming in because they don’t have enough people to continue the season regularly. They’re just doing the ‘voting’ to make America think they have the power. They don’t. Because no one knows what the votes tally up as. It could be an overwhelming ‘no’, and yet they could still say that America said yes and bring the coaches in. They’re only doing the vote to bring in money. Since it is a dollar a text message.

  3. Not surprised at all that Joe is acting the same way Frank did back in week 1 and that many other houseguests are following suit. I bet this isn’t the last we will see of Joe or another HG coming up with a conspiracy before Thursday night. 

    Of course this is the same type of things BB fans are thinking and discussing too and have been for some time now. A good example is whether or not fans will vote to offer the coaches a chance to play the game as players or who an evicted houseguest get a second chance? Or even will fans see a few double eviction nights? 

    That’s why Big Brother is interesting, you expect the unexpected, anything can happen in this game. And I bet even with the America’s Vote on the coaches will not be the last twist of this game. 

    • Game is already determined especially coaches going into the game  the coaches are whispering to each other so BB has some shady production staff that tells players whats going on

      • Actually last night on Big Brother AfterDark, I noticed that Janelle and Dan have been talking about what if they go into the game and how they would like to see the option for the coaches stay open for a while. But I don’t know if coaches were told or not by staff or are they just putting several key pieces together…I believe the fans are voting YES for the coaches to enter the game.

      •  They ask a lot of “what if’s” in the DR that make them start talking and make it seem like they are told things as absolutes.  I’m sure the producers have been asking them a lot of “What if you go back into the game? What will you do differently?” types of questions to the coaches.

    • Thought Shane was playing well last week. This week, he let himself be a puppet of Janelle. Does he think he has a chance if the coaches get into the competition? Even if they do not, he is the strongest player left in the house after Frank goes so the other house guests will be utter fools not to target him if the coaches do not go into the game. If the coaches come in, Shane is the obvious target because only he can upset the coaches plan to win that $500,000!

    •  I hope Frank stays too. Shane turning on him like he did has really put a target on Shane. And if the coaches do come into the game, fireworks will begin. I just find Joe annnoying. His yelling is hard to listen to.

  4. Hey Shane wake the house by exposing everyones plans especially Janelle was the one to convince her Frank needs to go even offering her ring  That would cause major damage but do it before evictions and vefore next Hoh  comp   Bahaha

    • What would be fantastic is if BB would mix up the teams!!!  Make the coachs pick from a hat what team member they would have and start again!  That would be amazing, then each coach would have 2 players!  But I don’t think they are smart enough to do that.  They will let the coachs play which I don’t think is fair, but who said BB is fair!  Frank needs to go!

      •  @ Producer’s Box: Season 9 should have been good, they had the cast for it. It was the twist that made it suck, and the winner. In the beginning people were being evicted for their partners antics and that kinda screwed the season over. Also, in final 4 when production screwed Shanon out of HOH which led to her eviction, the season would have ended differently if that would have been corrected (she lost to Ryan when she answered a question wrong, about hamsters being in a relationship)

  5. If Frank stays in the game he will win. Too predictable, he reminds me of Hayden. Hate to see a win wasted on Frank. Plus, it’s more like he’s playing Boogie’s game, not his own. In fact, he seems too afraid, or smart, to veer from Boogie’s advice. That’s the problem with coaches in the game, no one is playing their own game! Shane, Danielle, Ian and Will stepping up their games in right direction. Let’s hope they stay smart.

  6. Frank is going to be evicted this week… 

    Ashley – evict Frank
    Wil – evict Frank
    Danielle – evict Frank
    Jenn – evict Joe
    Ian – evict Joe

    Wil is NOT going to flip because he knows it will not benefit him in anyway.  
    I have a feeling the coaches will enter the game right after the eviction (to compete for HOH), and I hope Janelle wins and nominates Boogie and Dan!  

    • She wouldnt nominate Dan. Last night on After Dark, they predicted them going in the game and said they were going to work together.

      And who knows what Danielle will end up doing…there’s still 2 days left. Frank will get her farther, what will Joe do to help her?

    •  JesseC25, I want you to be so right about this. But, CBS is getting low rating with this BB housemates and Frank staying in the house would keep thing more interesting. Ratings Ratings

      • Big Brother does NOT keep evicted house guests just to save the ratings… the ratings TANKED season 12 after Rachel was evicted.. and tanked even more after Brendon was evicted.  They brought Rachel back for 24 hours but they don’t bring houseguests back unless they are voted back in.  Last year when Daniele Donato was evicted they didn’t do anything to save her and she was definitely causing a of drama and boosting the ratings.  

      • But will is so entertaining, more so then Frank, I hate the way Booger and Frank act like chill town…. laughing thinking they have it in the bag…. pee u, Frank needs to go to chill out booger!!

    • If the coaches enter the game after eviction, I hope Shane is allowed to participate in HOH….I don’t think it would be fair to all of a sudden have 4 people play HOH (when technically they aren’t supposed to) and let Shane sit there….If one of the coaches win (except Brit) – Shane is going up.

      •  I doubt that. I bet that Janelle makes a team with her Brit Dan Shane Danielle and her orig. team and try to get rid of Boogie and his team.

  7. Don’t be too sure about Frank leaving, all Shane has to do is string Danielle along and it’s bye-bye Joe. From what it sounds like , the dummy is self destructing.

  8. This by far is the most paranoid house in my bb viewing history..They all are thier own worst enemy..i have a strang feeling that frank may pull this off again. JOE is going to be his own reason he goes home,,just like before he goes around the house shooting out his fat mouth about shyte that aint even true. Why cant they just stick to a plan for once.

  9. From last night’s BBAD, an alliance are brewing between Dan and Janelle in anticipation of coaches entering the game. I’m not sure how solid their pact was, but it’s interesting.

  10. What is Janelle and Britney going to do? Convince Ashley to change her vote to Joe so they can “ferret” Wil out? It makes more sense to stick to their original plan. It’s going to go down the way it’s going to go down, and if Wil had switched they would find out at the vote and could adjust accordingly. 

    • How will you know who switch anyhow? Any one of three people can switch and they cannot know for sure who did. Danielle, Ashley and Will are all expected to vote Frank out however, if one does decide to switch then, who will know which one did on Janelle’s side? On the other hand, Mike Boogie’s team and Frank will know Danielle voted to evict Frank because she joined an alliance with Shane and Frank just recently and for the vote to go down to 3-2 would mean that Danielle voted to evict Frank! The only one who cannot hide on the votes is Danielle! It would be too obvious on each side how she voted by whoever gets voted out!

  11. Looks like Frank will be walking out the door on Thursday, just heard Danielle tell Joe that she is voting for him to stay and she told him that she does not waver and she will not change her mind..I hate to see Frank leave because of a bunch of lies told by Janelle and Joe..I know sometimes you resort to lying and backstabbing in this game..but to tell blatant lies about someone is not fair, which is what Janelle has done with Frank..Shane is just doing her dirty work.

    • The only reason I would want the couchs back in is so they could vote out Janelle, I use to like her, but DO NOT now, I hate it when she lie’s about stuff, I know its a game, but you don’t have to make stuff up, she needs a better plan…  Put Janelle on Survivor!

      • I agree about Janelle as I can’t stand her this season.  She keeps bragging about herself and how great she is.  She has started so many lies this season.  Don’t like Joe because of his loud mouth and feel that Ashly is a mini Janelle.  I still am not happy about the coaches entering the game, but looks like it will happen.  I wish they had been up front from the beginning.  If the coaches band together I see them as taking down the house.  I have seen Janelle already approach Brittney and Dan for deals since the three of them have talked about the coaches entering the game.  I have not seen Boogie talk about it and of course Janelle is after him.

    • Shane is a dummy and cannot think strategically what benefits him. When it is his turn to be backdoored next week, he will say, what happened! LOL

  12. Would somebody tell me why Frank being hailed as a  “a great player”???  Would somebody tell me what he has done that makes him a force to be reckoned with /great competitor. I don’t see anything he has done to warrant being called a great game player. He answered a  quiz question and won HOH. Big deal…Did he do anything in the way of major moves while he was HOH??? If he stays and works with Shane it appears that he (Frank) will ride Shanes coattails to final 3/2. It would not bother me to see Joe or Frank leave this week…neither have given me a reason to want them to stay…

    •  Right. Why? Cause Frank has Boogie and is some what physically fit for certain challenges. But, he can’t play his own game. If, the coaches enter the game,hmmm? Boogie is gonna drop him like a hot potato. So long Frank one way or the other.

      •  Boogie will latch his hitch to Franks wagon if he enters the game and Frank sticks around. He will use him as a human shield as long as he can and drop him off just shy of final two, if he can pull it off. Frank would be nothing more than a pawn for him, disposable.

    • I’m not sure why Frank is considered a threat other then he is big.  Shane is the only one who has really shown his strength, but then I keep hearing how all the rest of them have thrown comps so who knows.  I think Frank will end up leaving even with Frank feeling very safe.

      Just hearing Shane and Wil talking about an alliance and dropping their coaches which would be nice if true.  Don’t know what to believe at this point.  Wil is talking like he is sick of Janelle and hope he is telling the truth.  I liked Wil until he seemed under Janelle’s spell.  If he is telling the truth to Shane and they start leaving the coaches then they won’t be so shocked when the coaches end up staying.  It would be more interesting to see some newbies band together so they at least have a chance.  Janelle now trying to back pedal with Wil and is crying.  Guess she is an actress as well.

  13. Ironic that these 2 led to the demise of willy i hope to see some real drama pop on on bbad. Joe is a nutcase i hope he goes crazy in there lol  

    •  It would serve Joe good to go nuts. He pushed Willie’s buttons and set him off. He help got rid of Willie and laughed about it.

      • After Shane won HOH last Thursday, Joe (and Will) were pissed. But then Joe said something like “I am going to pull a Willie on them. Also, do you think he washes his T-shirts? They were all stained up when he was in the Dr Team Shane and Dani

  14. ring ring (boogie)
    Frank here (frank)
    hey frank so looks like shane but you up for eviction and had the numbers to get you out(boogie)
    yeah he did(frank)
    did you go home?(boogie)
    No Joe did (frank)
    (serious stare)
    hahahhahahahahhaha (boogie and frank)

  15. I think Ashley should vote to ecivt Joe. Think about it… It would create an uproar in the house and no one would expect it to be Ashley.. she would simply fly under the radar but cause others to continue to go after each other. She is sitting in the best position in the house… but to earn respect you’ve gotta make moves.

  16. Joe is a floater. Really, a cook in the BB house. That is all he is good for-cooking and lying. Needs to go soon.

  17. Joe is doing pretty good at manipulating in the house so far. Personally, I really like Frank and I would love to see Joe leave. It annoys me when he yells in the Diary room to everyone watching. I feel like he’s trying to be one of those “in your face,” unforgettable BB characters. Trying too hard.. 

    Also, if Joe stays he might get caught in any lies he spreads around the house. 

  18. Shane should work to get Danielle to keep Frank.. then no one would know about their final 3 deal.  Please!!!!!! BB dont bring the coaches into the game.  I dont mind the game within the game idea.

  19. See, big brother can’t win. If they bring back veterans, they’re criticized and if they have all new people (like 12) they’re also criticized. Why doesn’t everyone stop complaining and just enjoy the show. And if you can’t enjoy it,, then stop watching it.

    • Season 12 wasn’t bad because they were all new people, it was bad because it was predictable, everyone always voted the same way and blind nuns in Tibet could have told you who was leaving the house each week before nominations were ever even announced.

      And the guy that ended up winning sat back all season and really didn’t do anything except stab someone that was loyal to him and his alliance, in the back. As much as I hate to say it, that season would have been better if Brendon or Ragan would have won, just because they faught to be there week after week.

  20. this is the bravest move I’ve seen in the game this year. I like it because if you dont get Frank out now then chill town will be impossible to defeat. Especially when the coaches get in this.

  21. I can’t wait for Thursday. The newbies faces will drop when Julie announces they will enter the game. The only one I haven’t seen say they will enter, though, is Boogie. But, he won’t have a choice once Frank goes home. Dan seems locked in. If he can get Danielle and Shane onboard with him, Janelle & Brit, goodluck to the rest of the HGs. That includes Boofie too. I think the way Wil is acting towards Janelle, he will lose it on Thursday.

  22. so who do yall THINK will go???? and who do you think they will target next??  Ithink Jenn….???

    • It will be Frank this week because they have the numbers then, if the coaches come in, it will be Shane next week! Coaches if they come in will win that $500,000!

  23. Shanes an idiot, Frank even said he would’ve had his back if he let him off this week.

    Once Franks out and the coaches enter the game it’s going to be everyone vs him and the useless Danielle.

    Going up against Will, Ian, Danielle, Joe, Jenn and Ashley in competetion makes shane look better then he really is, once Janelle, Dan and Boogie enter they it’ll be hard for him to win anything.

    • The coaches will all align because that is their best bet. Last thing they want is the newbie players to unite and vote them off one by one! Divided, the coaches are vulnerable and can be voted off. United, the coaches will wipe the floor with the newbies including Shane! Shane looked invincible only because he was competing against fellow newbies. Against Mike Bookie, Janelle, Dan and Brittney, the newbie players goose is cooked!
      The coaches will dominate the HOH and POV collectively then, one of them will collect the $500,000. 

  24. The worst season ever. A total collection of snore bores who are all trying way too hard to go unnoticed and all being too chummy with each other. I think some of these reality shows are in trouble now because most people have figured out to stay quiet and not make waves to stay in the game. I have been watching for weeks and still can’t remember half of them

  25. Brit hit the nail on the head tonight. It will be mass chaos on Thursday. Boogie will freak once Frank walks out. And, the other HGs will freak out aswell. Good times. Dan is awesome. I wish I saw his season because this guy is ontop of everything. He made a smart decision to tell Danielle he’s entering the game. Also by letting Shane know, too. Seems like Brit’s onboard. They will use Janelle and Boogie to keep the targets off their back. That’s a pretty solid team if Brit doesn’t throw comps. I’m sorry, but this is what this season needs. I find myself more interested listening to Dan & Boogie talk game than the newbie HGs. Wil already said it wouldn’t be fair if they dropped the coaches in. Everyone will be running around with their heads cut-off, while Dan, Brit, Danielle & Shane are sitting pretty.

  26. Voting out Frank would be best for the house guests, voting out Joe would be best for the viewers’ ears.

  27. I thought Danielle, Shane and Frank were working together?  Why would “Team Dan” send Frank home?  Clearly something happened I’m missing.

    • Apparently, Danielle as the swing vote has decided to vote out Frank. She better enjoy it because she just put a target on her back. Having joined an alliance with Frank and Shane, she cannot hide her vote as only 5 people are voting. If it goes 3-2 as expected with Frank evicted then, you will know how Danielle voted!

  28. The coaches are comming, the coaches are comming. Fairness aside, my guy Dan has one chance against Janelle and Boogie: enter the game and align with Boogie. ‘Janne is too good’ and Boogie needs Dan’s vote. Yes, I said vote, singular, because Daniele will align with Shane should the coaches ‘enter’ the game…duh. (Watch your back, Dan. We’re cheering for you.)

  29. Joe needs to go! lol but Frank is the bigger target and would probably leave. I hop team Janelle is sticking with Shane for real now and will target boogie’s players

  30. I’m opposed to bringing the coaches in…only because they have had a free ride the past several weeks already!  To be fair, maybe BB should have a competition for all the players and the coaches.  If a coach wins, they can switch with a player…making the player the new coach!  If the player wins…same option!  Then the players at least have a chance for the coaches prize money because you know all the coaches want in!

    Please keep Joe…send Frank home for picking on my man Shane and break up team Boogie! LOL 

  31. With Joe staying in the house… you know that this jerk is safe for at least 3 weeks.  Janelle/Wil will take over the house this week, which will be the end of Shane for sure.

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