Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 9 HoH Competition Results

Big Brother 14 Week 9 HoH competition

The drama continues tonight on the Live Feeds after the Big Brother 14 live double eviction show wrapped up. The craziness just keeps getting crazier too.

While the HGs waited for the HoH competition Dan speculated this one would be where HGs had to get a ball in to the correct slot based on the day # of an event. Then we were treated to the above picture snapped by an audience member after tonight’s live broadcast. Those two match up very well. With that in mind I fully expected Ian to win based on his thorough knowledge of the game. If he can manage the physical portion of the challenge, of course.

Read on to find out who got the big win tonight and what that could mean for the game.

Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 9 HoH Competition Results:

  • Ian won the HoH Competition.

Sure enough it was the “what day did this happen?” comp. HGs say it came down to the wire. Can’t wait to see it play out on Sunday’s episode.

Between the end of the live show and the start of the HoH competition we saw Dan and Ian reaffirm their “Renegades” secret Final 2 alliance. Will Ian stick to it? I think he might.

Who do you think should be nominated? Now who do you think will be nominated?

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  1. I thin Dan and Danielle SHOULD be nominated. Ian needs to split them up. But I think Shane and Jenn WILL be nominated.

  2. IAN! I’m hoping he wins this game, he’d be my favorite player since Dick to win. But he’s got a big decision. Jenn and Dan? Shane and Danielle? Hmmm…. gotta go Jenn and Dan, can’t see anything else that benefits him.

    • he COULD go Jenn and Danielle, to make sure Jenn goes home. But Jenn and Dan is still a better choice in my opinion.

  3. I’m glad I stayed up to wait for the results. Ian must put up Dan and ??? not sure. he needs to cut an honest deal with Shane and Dani to get Dan out. The bad news is, he will be put up the following week – he cannot trust dan – if dan goes home – Shane and Dani will put up ian and Jenn. Jenn will put up Ian and Shane – so Ian must choose wisely – his best hope is to cut a deal with Shane which includes Shane accepting it is time Dani go home – that way he can nom Dani and Jenn (assuming Dan is the next to go home)

  4. Dumbelle is lying to jenn telling her that Shane is following her around the house..Jeez your the stalker and she lies to everyone..and get over yourself looking in the mirror..Your not that good looking

  5. Funny how this comp was all about what day is it…kind of sounds like it’s another comp set up for Ian to win. Oh wait he did win. I liked Ian in the beginning and wanted him to make it to the end but now he is so arrogant and his head is bigger then his body. Want him gone next week before the final 3.

      • Every week it’s being set up for someone different to win?? Especially with recycled comps from season after season. Come one guys-Production totally stepped in for Frank on the reset night I assume they hint to house guests comps before they happen but seriously was the DE rigged for Dan to win?? More than DOUBTFUL. I’m sorry you don’t like the outcome and have to blame production.

    • Wah. My favorite didn’t win HOH. It must be rigged. I mean, none if the other seasons had memory based competitions near the end… Oh wait. Cut the crap. Who else would win? We have 2 competitors (one of whom was ineligible), 2 floaters, and one guywho ha been increasingly laid back in terms off competitions since week 3.

  6. Dan overplayed his hand tonight. He’s for sure going up and if he’s smart, he’d put up Shane also. Crunch time Little man, it’s gotta be done.

    • I think he did too. Ian looked like a man possessed during the veto. He knew what was up.

    • If Ian mucks this up, he will be the one going home
      next. He was lucky he won POV and he should know
      he is a target! Nominate Shane and Dan. One of them
      is 100% guaranteed to go home. Just get Jenn’s vote
      and you are done. In the event of a 1-1 tie, Ian breaks
      the tie. Only one of Dan or Shane can win POV and
      if both of them fail, then, Ian can go evict Dan! If Dan
      gets off via POV, put Danielle as replacement but,
      vote to evict Shane! He would have gotten rid of one
      strong threat in Shane at the very least! If he gets
      Dan out then, he just slew the Dead Man and must
      be congratulated!

  7. If Ian wastes his nomination on Jenn….You have to get rid of Dan. I think Ian realized he was going home if he did not win the veto.

  8. Ian will go after Jenn. Whether it’s smrat or not he has been big on the Quack Pack making final four. Also for people saying he needs to get Dan out that won’t be happening. Ian, like many in the house thinks Dan has his best interests in mind and seeing as Shane and Danielle are an obvious pair he doesn’t want a final 3 with those 2. Look for Jenn and either Danelle or Shane to be nomitated with the other going up if veto is used. Also, knowing how well Dan’s played Ian, Danielle, and Jenn it makes sense he’ll be targeting Shane. Shane probably has to win veto this week to avoid being evicted. I know Dan has been much more cutthroat this season but I’m still a fan of his. I felt bad for Frank though. I could be satisfied with either Dan or Ian winning this season.

  9. Ian has a F2 with Dan that Dan has been checking in on fairly regularly..I don’t think Dan is going up…my bet is Danielle, they’re not as close. VETO is what really counts now.

    • I agree. Someone can play in every Veto competition. They can’t play in every HOH if they win one of them.

  10. When & where will the bb14 las Vegas party be? Any one know? I live in las Vegas & can’t find that info anywhere.

  11. Oh and bye Frank. I’ll miss ya. Julie said it best…”You played a heck of a game”.

      • This is what I am hoping for too. They brought back Brendan last season. Does anyone think they will be bringing someone back this time? I think that’s why we haven’t seen anyone in the Jury house. They are possibly all being kept seperate until they let someone compete to get back in. I am hoping! I want Frank back.

      • I can’t remember how late in the game they did it last season, but it seems it was when there were about 5 or 6 players left???

      • Pretty sure Frank isn’t coming back…it’s too late in the game… I’m assuming they only haven’t shown anyone in Jury because there are so many people this season they keep having to have double evictions, theres no time to show Jury footage… maybe Sunday they will!

      • no wont bring anyone back to late they brought brendon back when 8 people was left and then he made 9 but danielle got hoh and he was back out door and usually they will show the quest house when 4 th person walks in then they show all but only 1 at time going in and show a dvd will show next week

  12. I think Ian is doing great I like him and he needs to get “risen from the dead Dan” out… I think he did wrong and I don’t like the way he has played the game this time…. he needs to put up Jen and Dan and get Dan out….Go Ian but I want Dani to win!!!!!

  13. I wonder if Ian shouldn’t just try to back-door Dan, I would love for Ian to really bond with Dan, etc. and then just totally blind-side him, Dan would have it coming to him.

    • The thing about Dan is that you can never really blindside him, he trusts no one. He is always expecting the worst, so he plans accordingly.

  14. The obvious target should be Dan if Ian is half as smart. Or
    atleast, take out Shane. So, put up Shane and Dan on the
    block because only one of them can win POV then, corral
    the votes to evict Dan if he is still on the block after POV.
    If Dan gets off, put in Danielle as replacement but, get
    Shane evicted!There are only two votes this week so,
    Jenn and whoever is not on the block will be the votes!
    Ian decides who goes home if there is a 1-1 tie. Perfect
    time to send Dan to the jury house if Ian does not mess
    up the nominations. Actually, Ian just needs Jenn’s vote
    as even if Dan or Danielle or Shane is the other vote,
    Ian will be the deciding vote to break the tie and send
    Shane or Dan to the jury house. Preferably, it is Dan as
    he is the biggest threat!

    • Agreed. Have fun next week Ian. Welcome to Frank’s situation…..all alone in the house.

  15. Ian is stupid for trying to get rid of Frank. Frank is the only person that would even consider taking him to the final two if they decided to work together. Why didn’t Frank and Ian put their personal feelings aside and try to get rid of Dan. There’s no way Ian can win. He’s out next week

      • Yeah but who’s going to take Ian to the final two. It’s definitely not going to be Dan Shane or Danielle that take him.

      • Exactly. Both players were mad at each other because each got rid of their closest allies but if they had put away their personal feelings aside then they would have noticed that working together would have been beneficial for both of them.

    • Ian didn’t even want to put up Frank last week. Dan was all in his ear calling all the shots. Ian is not an individual at all.

      • I’m surprised both of them didn’t realize Dan was playing them for saps. It was so obvious that Dan was manipulating them.

    • Ian will make it to the final 3, because the veto for top 4 is always trivia on the entire season in some jigsaw/puzzle form, and as we saw today on the live show, Ian will take it with a huge lead.

      • I still think everyone will be coming after him. He better hope he can win every single competition until the end or he’s finished

  16. he nees to put of danielle and dan! would love to see dan cut the bimbo down and this time it won’t be for a show! lol…one can only hope!

  17. Eye for an eye….you’re next Dan…… If not here, than in real life. You dont swear on a bible AND you family, and take it lightly for the sake of money. Are you kidding me. Frank, you were the most honest player in the house…….I hope it pays off for you in the end. Boogie, look after your guy!

  18. watching bbad and all danielle is worried about is sleeping arrangments. she tells shane “at least you get your own bed tonight” really…with everything happening you concerned your not sleeping with shane tonight?….geez…hahahahaha

  19. Please get Dan out.. i think he should put up Dan and Danielle.. they needto be spilt up. I look for Ian to win POV.

  20. I don’t believe BB is setting it up for Ian to win anybody could have won the veto or the HOH. Ian just outplayed them that’s all!!

  21. Is this scenario possible? Ian goes to Jenn and works out a deal for safety to the F3, or if he can, F2. Then, he nominates Shane and Dan. If any of Jenn, Ian or Shane win Veto, Danielle goes up, Shane votes out Dan and Jenn votes out Danielle, Ian personally evicts Danielle. Thoughts? That’s the only way Ian can win without having to win all of the competitions. :P Just thinking out loud. Then it’s Dan, Ian, Jenn in the F3, Shane is the target.

  22. Dan needs to go now. Should he survive to the finale 4, then the final 2, Dan will win easily. I cant stand Dan because of the way he’s played and the fact that he”s already won $500,000. Let someone else win, Please!!!

      • Winning competitions go only so far. Look at
        what happened to Frank. Good decisions matter!
        Ian should nominate Shane and Dan and that
        would guarantee one of them goes home as
        only one can win POV! Ian just needs to get
        Jenn’s vote and it is set. And if someone else,
        wins POV then, the most they can save is one
        person and the person on the block still gets
        evicted! Evict Shane or Dan this week and Ian
        just improved his chances at that $500,000. If
        Ian wastes his HOH this week evicting Danielle
        or Jenn then, he is utterly stupid and Dan or
        Shane will make sure he gets evicted next

    • I disagree. The only reason anybody is singing Dan’s praises is because of his BB Funeral. The only thing he did was convince a gullible guy to align with him. I don’t see how anyone can find this impressive. This move only worked because Frank is dumb.

      • Frank isn’t dumb. Dan is just a deceitful snake. Also Frank didn’t completely trust Dan but he had NO ONE until he decided to help Dan.

      • I’m gonna miss Frank. I really liked his personality despite what all the stupid people were saying about him. Obviously they were basing their opinions on what CBS showed us 3 times a week and not BBAD or the feeds. Frank’s a rad dude with real emotion and feelings, unlike some of the others that are left in the house. Man, I sure hopes he gets America’s Favorite. He earned more than he got.

      • i guess I do not see the same game as you. i watch the live feeds and saw a totally different person than you saw. my opin, your opin, agree to disagree.

      • if he is as real as his father I would to, just have my doubts to this point. really hope he will prove me wrong. i like to look for
        Best in folks. Finale will tell.

      • I like that you are open to seeing other sides of people unlike a lot of people around here. I think at the finale you will be pleasantly surprised about him.

      • Yeah I never understood why his haters thought he was a douche. Frank seems cool and pretty honest. I don’t know if he’ll win America’s favorite but hes got my vote.

      • My vote too. Honestly with all the other HG’s I think his only competition for America’s Player will be Ian. With that said, I don’t know if the winner of BB can also receive the America’s Fav prize. I guess we will find out soon.

      • I haven’t been watching bb for that long so I don’t know how everything works but I’m pretty sure America wouldn’t vote for someone who won the grand prize.

      • Well welcome to the world of BB. :-)
        I guess we just have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully good stuff. It’d be kinda funny if Ian could win all the potential money in the end.

      • Kenny do yourself a favor, go youtube the first 4 seasons if you have time. that was when the game was at it purest. Seaon 4 is my favorite because it showed how to float and what happens when you keep floaters around too long.

      • Yeah I found seasons 1 and 2 and I watched a few episodes. I’m going to watch more after this season ends. It’s amazing how drastically this game has changed from what I’ve seen.

      • He was going out the door by Franks hand and turned it completely around. Now look who’s in jury and who’s still in the house. I’d say Dan made a brilliant move and he is going to win this game!!!

  23. Ian, being the big brother historian that he is, should know that final four veto, which is the second most important competition of the season, is almost always about trivia of events in the house. i think Ian has a strong shot to win it in order to secure his spot in the final three. Let’s go Ian!

  24. Ian’s ok, but he needs to stop copying lines from others. It’s getting old. Latest was copying Frank’s “I wish I had two of these jokers.” Come up with your own lines buddy.

  25. I’d like Ian to put Shane and Jenn. And if one of those three wins the veto, replace one of them with Dan.

  26. he will be stupid and keep dan he will put up Jenn and Shane and vote out Jenn. I want Jenn to win now but on jokers and after dark they are talking about how Ion wants Jenn gone.Ian thinks Dan put him up just so he could see what the block felt like Ian has Dan so far up his butt he don’t know whats really going on lol. I hope he has a brain and gets Dan out but like every moron in there he will trust evil Dan

  27. Dan has to go up. That’s all there is to it. Seriously, how much does Ian need? The man put him on the block himself, masterminded the eviction of Britney, and has flopped back and forth all game. If Ian doesn’t see the opportunity to possibly evict fan this week, he may as well walk out the door.

  28. Ian will not put up Dan because he and Dan bonded one night while talking about Ian’s ADHD. Dan asked him about it and Ian said he was the only HG who had taken an interest and asked. That meant a lot to Ian and it made his bond with Dan all the more stronger.

      • I disagree with that because the only two people that I saw take an interest in the other house guests personal lives outside of the house at all were Dan and Britney. I think they actually wanted to get to know the other people and were genuinely interested but they also wanted to win the $500,000. The other people in the house are way to self absorbed in themselves.

    • If Ian believes Dan, he might as well hand Dan that
      $500,000 check as Dan will evict Ian the first time he
      has the chance. Ian should nominate Shane and Dan
      and not waste his HOH! There are only a few players
      left and good decisions matter more than ever! Dumb
      decisions will cost you that $500,000 and get you

  29. put up dan and jenn…these people are idiots for letting a big brother winner go this far in the game. Did they not watch big brother before this

  30. I just dont understand the thinking behind getting rid of Joe? The guy was no threat. He couldn’t win anything. He would have been great to take to either the final 4 or the final 2. With tonites second eviction, Shane could have been back doored and then sent home. Now, we are left with 4 strong players and Jenn. Jenn wont go much further, but hopefully Ian is smart enough to back door Dan, and evict him on Wednesday. With another eviction on Thursday nite.

  31. If Dan doesn´t get out next thursday, he is the winner. So, Ian must place up Jen and Danielle.
    Since everyone needs to play on the Veto, Ian can try the backdoor move. The only thing that can stop it: Dan winning the POV. In any case, if he places Jen and Danielle, there will be 4 players that can win the Veto. If any of them wins: Dan is going home.
    Since Jen is all alone (well she his tied with Dan pants…) she is not a problem. Next week Ian will be out of the HOH, so he will need to see the competition from the backside. If Dan is still in the House, he will always win the game.
    So, let´s hope Ian sees that and if he knows the game so well like he has showed… he knows that the only way to stop dan is kicking in out next week. And not by showing that. Just by saying: “I need to get Jen out. So i will place Danielle has a pawn. Since Shane will vote for her to stay, Dan you vote for Danielle to stay. Jen is out”. Since Ian as the deal with the quackpack, nobody will even thinks that he is placing the pieces to backdoor Dan.
    If Ian plays it right… he can secure a place in the final 2.

  32. Now is the time for Dan to break up the Danielle? Shane showmance, or whatever the *&%$ they are. They would each choose the other over Dan, and he needs to split them apart. With Ian’s help he could do it.

  33. Yes, most likely it’ll be Jenn and Shane, with Dani as a replacement nominee. She’ll vote out Jenn, unless Dan REALLY convinces her to vote out Shane. It seems doubtful that she’d vote Shane out, but she’s such a weird nut that you never know.

  34. At the beginning of this BB season I was routing for Shane. But, as time has gone by I find myself wanting either Dan or Ian to win. Would be cool if they were final 2.

      • It’s happening. Dan’s gonna piss her off so much that she’s gonna rip him a new one. Personally I was hoping Jenn would be the 1st to do it, but I’ll support Dumbielle doing it too. It’ll be hilarious to watch, I can’t wait!!

      • Dan’s forgetting one thing, you can’t win if you piss everyone off in the jury house. He needs to lay low and let Ian do his thing. The harder he pushes, it’s gonna backfire on him

      • Help? Does AD show the diary room. Have been watching the live feeds and dan has been in the DR the whole time. Thanks

      • Geesh, if Dumbielle is on again next season it’ll suck. But I will probably watch ‘cuz I’m addicted, I will just have to drink a lot more.

      • Jillith you are too funny. LOL. I’m also addicted and don’t know what I’m going to do when this is over. Guess I’ll watch Survivor.

    • He doesn’t want Ian to know they have an alliance. Just watch how this plays out. Dan will protect Danielle. He even told Ian that Shane needs to go up.

    • Dan is protecting himself first and foremost! You
      have to be the the ultimate dummy not to figure
      that one out! Ian should use his head as next week,
      he can very well be a target again! Get the biggest
      threat Dan out this week if he can. Nominate both
      Shane and Dan. Only one can win veto and if they
      both fail to win it and Danielle, Jenn or Ian win it,
      they can not use the veto. Dan gets evicted and
      Ian just got closer to that $500,000. If Dan wins the
      veto then, evict Shane. Ian would have atleast, got
      a strong player out of the Big Brother House!
      His next target should be Shane or Dan whoever is
      still in the Big Brother House and Ian is in the Final 3
      with Danielle and Jenn who he can beat in Final 2
      in front of the jury!

  35. Ian, I pray that you have a plan and see through Dan. And that you put both him and Dumbielle up on the block. I hope you talk to everyone and out the side deals and final two deals Dan made with everyone and send him packing. Ian if you can pull that off you will be the BB playa of the season!

  36. I sincerely hope that Shame is the next to be evicted. I can’t take anymore of his stupidly annoying fake nervous “drumming” on whatever the hell is in front of him.
    Dear Ian: Please, pretty please with sugar on it, heck I’m even throwin’ a cherry on it, send Shame home asap!!!

  37. Put up Dan and Jenn since all 5 are playing Veto. Danielle, Shane, or Ian wins they don’t change and Dan leaves. Jenn wins Danielle goes up and Dan leaves. GET DAN OUT! If he doesn’t win veto he better leave Wed.

  38. I hope he soon wakes up and gets Dan out I am now for Jenn to win she told Dani she has anger issues and wants to hit someone lol

  39. I hope either (or both) Dan and Ian make the final two. Dan and Ian are the only ones left who deserve to win. Frank was the only other one who would have deserved it. Shane, Danielle and Jenn do not deserve to win 500k. If neither Dan nor Ian make the final two there will be an undeserving winner.

    • The name of the game is not to lie, only liars see it as the only way out! They also see honest ppl as fools! With so many liars all around America, that’s why this country being helpless!

  40. i am presuming that after dark is not concurrent with the live feeds. most of the posts I am seeing happened over an hour ago on the live feeds?

  41. Dan needs to go, he has already one this game and its time to let someone else in. Ian you need to send Dan packing!!

  42. If Ian doesn’t get rid of Dan like he should, Dan is gonna win it all because he would be the only one there with a brain. He already won get him the F out

    • And I heard him say something about investing it in the stock market and losing a crap load. He may be smart with BB, but not so smart financially.

      • Losing money in the stock market sounds like just the type of story Dan would make up to help deflect the fact that he won before. I am not saying he didn’t, just at this point I wouldn’t believe a word that came out of Dan’s mouth.

    • Don’t be too sure. A lot of it is an act! Production tells
      the house guests how to act. Much like WWE wrestling,
      someone has to play certain roles. Boogie was the
      villain, Ian was the nerd, Dan the mastermind, Danielle
      the crazed woman, Shane the reluctant suitor, Frank
      the nice guy who has no clue, etc. It is still a show and
      they have to have some drama otherwise, people will
      not pay for the live feeds and also, sponsors will not
      pay for commercials if the ratings go down!

  43. We know Ian is wierd, but he would have to be completely nuts not to put Dan on the block, or backdoor him.
    I mean Dan put him on the block tonight for cryin out loud!

  44. The real showmance is that Dweeb Dan, and that nerd Ian!
    None of these people deserve the 500,000.

  45. Being the fan that he is, Ian should realize that Dan is the only real threat to him left in the house. But Dan will not go easy. Best bet, backdoor him. Only way to do that is to put up Danielle and Shane. Anyone other than Dan wins veto and boom, goodbye Dan. Tough part is Ian needs to break Shane and Danielle apart and confirm Shane’s loyalty to him over her, at least for a single week. Basically, Ian is going to have to win comps for the remainder of the game to survive, and he should be aware of that.

  46. I’m impressed with Ian winning competitions when he really needs to. If he’s smart he’ll put Dan up, but I somehow doubt he’ll do that.

    • You never know. Ian can be as sneaky as the rest of them. I think we just might see that happen.

  47. Ian needs to play it smart. I honestly can’t stand him, but that’s just my opinion. I see no point in getting Jenn out, but I would love to see dani go because her accent & whinny voice annoys the eff out of me! Her game play is weak also. Dan is gonna go to the F2 if ian does not backdoor him or nominate him. Shane & dan are the one’s he should be gunning for, they are the biggest threats. The girls really haven’t done $h!t. He should make deals with the girls to secure their vote on whoever he desires to be evicted but I don’t see this happening because he is a sheep that does what he is told to do. I honestly want jenn to win but I know she isn’t . Been a fan since she was in the band KITTIE! & now a fan of suicide city. Either way, this nomination week is huge because if ian puts up the wrong people, he better win the next POV because he will be on the block & heading to jury.

  48. GO IAN!!!! I really do hope Ian thinks this one through. He has to pull off getting Dan out since of the remaining HGs, Dan is the only one who has a chance of beating him in F2. I don’t have live feeds, so I dont know where his head is at right now. His best best is to put up Dan and Shane while getting into Jenn’s head for an alliance. Target Dan, but if he wins veto, replace with Danielle and still evict a stronger player (Shane).
    ~~~IAN “ROCKS!”~~~

    • BTW, I don’t dislike Dan. I loved Nice Dan on his original season, but I REALLY LIKE Evil Dan. I just LOVE Sneaky Ian.

    • That is the correct strategy for Ian. If he mucks it up
      by nominating Jenn or Danielle then, he deserves to
      lose and he may have just handed it to Dan!

  49. It all comes down to if Dan thinks he is going to get the votes he should think again ~ not that I like anyone left in the house Ian will get the votes against Dan any day ~ never should of been a reset ~ people will think Dan has won that $$ once why should we give it to him again ~ plus Ian has made the moves that Dan engineered and no one knows that xcept the audience ~ everyone in the house thinks the mastermind is Ian ~

    • The best player who made the big moves will win the
      game whether it is Dan or Ian or someone else, they
      have to earn it and get to Final 2. If Dan and or Ian
      does not even make it to Final 2 then, it is pointless
      to think that either one of them can win it! The jury
      votes for the best player 90% of the time. There may
      be one or two disgruntled ones that vote against you
      but, if you played the best game, you will win it and
      it does not matter if you won before too!

  50. If I were Ian, I’d put up Dan and Shane, or Shane with one of the girls and attempt to backdoor Dan. For Ian’s game, he needs Dan or Shane out, preferably Dan. I’d be trying to take Danielle or Jenn to the final two because Danielle has floated all the way here and Jenn just recently started playing the game. I really don’t like Ian, but I’ve said from the beginning that the HGs better watch him. This season has been great!

  51. I am so happy that Ian got the H.O,H,!!!!!!! I knew that he had it in him. I only hope that he can carry it with him to the end. If he and Dan are the finall two, there’s no question in my book who the jury will vote for…….Ian is the man !!!!!!

    • If Ian and Dan are in the Final 3, Dan will evict Ian!
      Do you honestly think Dan will be stupid to take Ian
      to Final 2? Dan will take Danielle or Jenn to Final 2
      because it guarantees that he wins that $500,000
      which is what he is after! What Ian should do if he
      uses some of his brain cells is to put both Dan and
      Shane on the block. Only one of them can win POV
      but, if both do not win POV then, Ian has the best
      chance of evicting Dan! Big move that would be
      because Ian just put himself in a very good spot
      and Dan would be out of the Big Brother House! All
      he would need to do is get Shane out next!

  52. Seeing how big of a Big Brother fan, Ian is, my guess is he’d want to go against the best in the end, and that would be Dan. It’s all about Ego with Ian and knowing the history of the game I suspect he’d like to beat the best.

    • Ian has Aspbergers folks. High function autism, why do think rocks all the time has an increble memory and struggles socially. He is doing pretty damn well. I’m all for Ian winning and I thin IV he’s final two it will be a unanimous jury in his favor

      • What does his condition have to do with the fact that he has an ego and will probably go to F2 with Dan if he can so that he can act like he beat the best of the best?

  53. The only way I see Dan winning this thing is to be in the final 2 with Jenn.

    To get there he will need to convince Ian to go after Shane and get him out this week.

    Then with Ian not being able to play for the next HOH he should be able to convince jenn and Danielle that noone can win against ian with this jury.

    He can then get together with Jenn and Danielle and agree to throw the HOH to one of them and agree to play the pawn against Ian on the block, if they will agree to vote Ian out.

    Provided they can prevent Mr.ADHD from winning the veto, Ian is evicted.

    Along the way Dan needs to convince the ladies that this jury will not give him another half million.

    It would be ideal for him if Jenn won the final HOH and selected him to go to the finals because of better odds against him than Danielle. It wouldn’t be the truth but I think he could convince her of it. Of course he could also win the HOH and select Jenn telling Danielle there’s no way he could beat her with the jury.

    I think he could get Ian, Shane Joe, and Danielle’s vote for sure based on gameplay giving Dan the win and 500K. Ashley and Frank vote for Jenn with Brittany’s vote potentially going either way.

  54. Ian needs to take out either Dan or Shane and it should be Dan, if Ian didn’t win the veto last night he was going to the jury house at the hands of Dan.

    • This is crunch time where we separate the men from
      the boys! No lame decisions will win you that $500,000.
      Ian is in the driver seat but, will he capitalize? The very
      obvious nominations are Shane and Dan. Danielle
      and Jenn you take them to Final 3 where you can
      beat either in the Final 2. So, put Dan and Shane
      up and let them battle for POV. Only one can win it
      and if both fail and Jenn or Danielle or Ian win it, they
      can leave the two on the block. Evict Dan and Ian
      has a decent shot at that $500,000. Wasting his
      nominations on Danielle and Jenn is the absolute
      dumbest decision to make at this point.

  55. Jenn should be the next one to leave followed by Dan, then Danielle… I want to see Ian and Shane in Final 2…. Whoever said Dan needs to go now is SMART lol… Hes already won before… But they were smart to get Frank out…

  56. Can anyone tell me how an audience member took this photo? And what was with Julie Chen and her tone of voice interviewing Frank? I swear she was trying to ‘talk him up’ so everyone would vote him as Fan Favorite. Of course BB wants him to get FF! I’m sure he will, and I will probably vote for him, but Damm, come on, really?

    • They may have a live audience watching the taping.
      Most shows are canned which means they are taped ahead of the actual show on TV! I know because I
      was on Price is Right with friends when it was still
      Bob Barker hosting the show. We did not get into the studio till 2:30pm and we had to line up at 7:00am
      with our tickets. They taped it live with all of us in the audience but, our episode did not show till about 2 months later on TV!

  57. I think Ian can win against any of them. Dan may have pulled an awesome move by saving himself but he hasn’t gotten his hands dirty…he’s allowed everyone else to do it. I think Dan is cocky enough to think he will win this even if he takes Ian to the final two but I don’t see Dan doing that…he won’t risk it. He would be better off taking pounty, cry baby Danielle with him.

  58. He should put up Dane and Jenn. Jenn because she’s not a quack pack member to make it look like his with his alliance and he should say he put up Dan because Dan but him on the block last time so he’s repaying the favor. Then he should secretly aim to evict Dan, even if that means replacing Jenn with Danielle.

    • Ian doesn’t have a weakness. He is very smart and also good at endurance comps. What would not be geared for him?

  59. Dan does not deserve the win for the sole fact that he did not finish his “plan” properly. He needed to vote frank to make it a 2-2 vote giving Ian the tie breaker. He would have kept Frank in his back pocket.

  60. I can’t believe Ian won HOH. Dan is crazy to want to take Ian to final 2. He needs to take Jenn if he has any chance of winning. The jury may think he’s a douche, but he played one hell of a game. Jenn wins one veto (barely) and thinks she’s a great player. Ian needs to take out Shane or Danielle.

  61. I think it would be best for Ian to nominate Jenn & Shane (but ask Shane to be a pawn) & stress the importance for one of them to win veto if he doesn’t win it. Then if Jenn/Shane/Ian wins the veto, Ian needs to renom Dan & get him backdoored! At this point, Dan doesn’t give a rat’s ass about a “quack pack”; he only used the QP alliance to help him get Frank out of the house & now that Frank is gone to jury, Dan’s in this for himself!! Look at his noms from yesterdays’ double eviction; He put Ian up (instead of Jenn), Ian won veto so he renoms Danielle (instead of Jenn). If Ian, Shane, & Danielle can’t see that Dan doesn’t give a crap about a QP alliance anymore, then…they all deserve what they get!! As far as I’m concerned, Dan would win BB14 ONLY if he takes Jenn City with him in the Final 2 (Jenn’s a floater!); Dan vs. Ian would be a win for Ian, Dan vs. Shane would be a win for Shane, Dan vs. Danielle would be a win for Danielle, & Dan vs. Jenn would be a win for Dan! What Dan doesn’t realize is that all that backstabbing people & swearing on his family/dead relatives/bible, etc…is going to come back to haunt him in the end!! You DON’T make enemies of the jury vote…NEVER!! He couldn’t even talk to Frank face to face when Frank was worried about Dan’s vote…he kept cutting the hell out of that apple, but acted like he couldn’t talk to him man to man!! What a classic sociopath!

  62. WOW!! Ian HOH,AGAIN!! He saved himself last night, then got HOH!! As much as people like to make fun of his constant motion and weird quirks–this kid pulled off the unthinkable in ONE night!!Amazing! He gets my vote this week for sure. He has really come out of his shell this summer..who’da thunk it??

  63. I’m so on and off with all of these HGs! Who ever is in power has my vote. Last week Dan, this week Ian

  64. Wow Ian is playing exactly like Dan in s10 and it’s amazing how he’s doing it just like Dan did. Hope Ian takes Dan out this week though

  65. dan cannot be trusted the perfect two for noms would be dan and dany. Jenn has dans back shane has danys back. this is the most improtant hoh and the time to make the perfect three alliance. dan is nothing but a bitch and will do anything to win. shane has no clue and jenn has no idea of how to win. Dan nomimanted ian in hopes he would be gone. then he nom dany knowing she would be safe. dan needs to go , dan cannot win against ian or shane. jenn and dany are nothing but floaters with out game. ian is a good player and is the only one this season who had big balls. I hope he does not disapoint the fans and puts dan up and says goodbye.

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