Big Brother 14 Episode 25 Recap: A Nail-Biting Double Eviction

Big Brother 14 - Frank and Joe nominated

Aaaaaaah do we love double eviction episodes or what? I know I do. I’m finally coming down off the high from this week’s Thursday night live installment of Big Brother 14.

During that hour, we saw one eviction go as planned, a new HoH crowned, two new nominees, a veto winner and yet another nominee. And it was all topped of with a second eviction. And there wasn’t much time to breathe in between any of this.

At the beginning of the episode, we get a lot of Dan’s backstabbing Frank and Frank remaining completely oblivious. Dan played hard the past week and Frank is the one going to pay for it. It becomes very obvious that Frank will be the first houseguest going home, so Big Brother throws in some Joe mess-ups to attempt some suspense.

Joe keeps saying the wrong things and even starts to talk smack about Dan TO Dan, thinking he’s Shane. Ian even says if anyone could mess up the plan to get Frank out, it’s Joe. But we’re not falling for any of this are we? Nah. Let’s get to the first vote.

Julie asks Frank and Joe to make their final pleas. Frank gives a good speech and you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice that playing Big Brother has been so important to him. I’d almost feel sorry for him had I not seen him seem so entitled for the past several weeks.

Joe’s speech is like all of his others: kind of loud, and very confusing. I never know what he’s trying to say or why he’s saying what ever he’s saying that way.

Here’s how the votes played out:

  • Dan: evict Frank
  • Danielle: evict Frank
  • Jenn: evict Joe
  • Shane: evict Frank

Frank is evicted and he shuns everyone but Jenn. During his conversation with Julie, he’s clearly shaken and knows that his biggest mistake in the game was not sending Dan out last week when he should have. Julie seemed equally upset, which leads me to presume she is a Frank fan. See you on All-Stars 2, Frank.

It’s time for the HoH contest. It’s a who said what quiz and Shane and Joe blow it. Jenn, Danielle and Dan are neck and neck the whole time and end up having to answer a tie-breaker question. They’re asked how many minutes Jodi spent in the Big Brother house. Dan wins with his guess of 363 minutes.

Dan has very little time to make his nominations decision so Joe helps save some time and already takes a seat in one of the chairs. Dan does nominate Joe and then asks Ian to sit next to Joe. We have no idea if Dan let Ian know that he was going to do that or not. People watching the Live Feeds do know that Dan’s plan was to send Ian out next though.

At the veto competition called “Swimming With Sharks,” the HGs had to guide a shark fin through a vigorous maze and then be the first to hit their button. Ian finishes without anyone even on his tail. He wins the veto.

Ian takes himself off the block and Dan scrambles to make a replacement nomination. Trying to keep Jenn from getting too angry, he aimed for Shane but then asked Danielle to sit next to Joe. And the universe smiled.

With only three votes, it’s unanimous and Joe is the next HG evicted.

So your Big Brother 14 Top 5 are Ian, Dan, Danielle, Jenn and Shane. One of them is the new HoH and we’ve got those results already posted for you if you don’t want to wait until Sunday to find out.


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    • Don’t think so…It may be Jenn and Daniell or Jenn and Shane….Not sure how Dan wants to try and get Ian to play it….The Shane /Daniell click needs to be broken up but so does Dan & Daniell and then Jenn and Daniell…So in all the DANIELL IS THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO GO..

      • rumor has it Dan threatened Ian saying “I will cut your face” if he goes for Danielle. this is suppose to be out Danielle mouth to Shane. If so, Shane needs to get a back bone and confront Dan.

      • do u really believe that coming out of her duck mouth. dan is dirty, but can not fathom that he would say that on t.v.and off.

      • I have no video on the original dan to ian, but BBAD dan and ian are whispering so it is hard to hear, but it does sound like ian confirm the statement, and says “as you said to me:”

        At this point in the game, who know what might be up. Dan always aligns himself with the one with the power, so without seeing the original can’t say what it is all about.

    • Next on Dan’s list is Shane. Don’t be surprised to see Dan influence Ian to get rid of Shane next.

    • I think Danielle should be the next to go. She is too
      close to everyone left, as is Dan. Either of them could
      win veto and that would leave either Jenn or Shane to be
      put up. I think he would go for Shane. Dan is really pushing
      Ian to not put him up. Danielle is campaigning against
      Shane and acting stranger than normal towards Shane.
      She will most likely try to get all the way with Dan. She
      will lose up against Dan.

  1. i cant beleive they did not get rid of shane, that was so stupid, why get rid of joe when he has not won a dam thing , he sucks at everything, Jenn or Danielle should have got sent home,

    • Yes, Shane should be history. Now, they want to try to get rid of Shane, just stupid. I guess Dan didn’t think Ian would win the veto. I’m actually glad Ian won the veto and hoh. I like Dan, but I am glad he isn’t going to just dominate the game. After Ian told Dan about him having ADHD, I now feels a little sympathy for the kid. However, if he does not put Dan and Shane on the block with the target being Dan………Ian will go back on my idiot list.

  2. Yeah, Ian needs to put up Dan & Danielle and make a deal with Jenn.
    Personally I think a coach winning would be bs. Especially a returning winner. They should know now Dan is full of it basically. I don’t know about swearing everything on the bible & his families lives all the time. Maybe Karma will come back to bite him like that other snake who won and got arrested for dealing drugs. Poetic Justice.
    If this tool was my kids teacher I would ask to have my child put in another class. Corporate CEO’s think Dan is a slimeball.

    • So glad Franks gone! He’s worst move was definitely keeping Dan and accepting the 2 hoh sit outs. I hope he feels like a real asshole for taking all the punishments to keep someone that just turned around and voted you out! These hg must really not see how Dan is playing, I really can’t believe they believe him about everything. Especially Ian who knows Dans game from his last season and they really think him and Danielle aren’t in an alliance anymore come on! I was so happy when Ian mentioned getting Dani out I think that would be a great move and really Dan should be all about that he can get her out and not by his hands but then again she’s someone who wouldn’t ever get him out so I can see why he doesn’t want to! I don’t hate Dan but I don’t really want him to win either, he is a great player but I just don’t like how he can’t pick an alliance and stick with just them! If a vet wins again this year that’s gonna be annoying!! I’m all for an all new cast or all all star, is it known there is going to be an all star for sure?

  3. I don’t understand why people act like Dan is complete scum for the way he’s playing the game. Do you honestly think outside of the game he behaves this way? I don’t think so! He’s just doing what needs to be done to win the money. Obviously it’s working since he made Top 5 last night.

    • Dan is catholic…people, he’s use to being a liar and scammer even outside the house trust me I know being an EX- catholic myself! What lets me know never (even outside of BB house) to trust Dan is that; for a dollar amount he would shaft his morals and character, his wife and deceased grandfather’s memento to try to win?! I guess $500,000 is the cost of someone’s good nature and with of course the handy trump card of mentioning that “It’s a game and I don’t act the same in my real life outside the BB house.” I say total B.S. this may be just a game but it does let you see just a glimpse of most peoples true inside persona.

  4. Last nights episode was awesome. I truly enjoyed watching Ian during the veto. He totally analyzed the maze visually and then made his move. I am excited to see who wins this. It’s easy to speculate but I still think its anyone’s game.

  5. Thanks for the recap. I didn’t even want to watch last night. I am glad Julie is a fan of Frank as I am. I hope to see him in the All Stars. I am also glad that he shunned everyone but Jenn. At least Jenn voted to evict Joe and stayed somewhat true to Frank. That is a real nasty bunch there. I will watch only so I can enjoy them evicting each other. Frank, you are a great player in my book!

    • My thoughts as well. Frank was a great player. I was really sorry that he went. I really hope that they can get Dan out. At this point with Frank gone, I need Dan gone. He is a lying jerk and is being a bully now. I think Ian has to get him out. Dani seems to think he is her saviour and he will take care of her. He would stab his grandmother in the back. Just saying.. We all have our own favourites. We all have our own opinions. And that is the way it should be. This would be a pretty boirng site if we all thougt exactly the same. You have your favourites and I have mine. You have your thoughts and opinions of what is gong on and I do too. We need to respect each other. Just saying!!!

    • agree with all here. The others need to wise up and realize they do not want Dan at the end. Dan and Ian, I would hope Ian wins but any of the others next to Dan are just signing over the check

    • I would rather watch the jury house than watch the twits that are left in the bb house. I can’t imagine anything more boring than to watch the band of idiots now left, plus I can’t stand the idea of any of them taking home the money. I’ve cancelled my tivo of BB and BB After Dark for the rest of the season. Looking forward to next year!

  6. On the live feeds, Dani was talking to Shane saying how sweet it was for Dan to protect. She said Dan grabbed Ian and threatened Ian by saying, ” I will cut your face if you vote to evict Dani.” Since he didn’t have his hands on the bible, I guess that’s ok. Dan is the biggest bully in the house. I hope he goes home next week.

    • is this available on the BBAD? can you give the time of the comments and is the video between Dan and Ian available? sounds like he needs to be removed. how long will they let Dan bully Ian, this is the second time I’m aware of. Bullying is not permitted in School, the workplace and should not be tolerated in BB house.

      • It was on the live feeds. Dani said it, so who knows if it’s true. I did see Dan yelling at Ian last night and he also grabbed him after he won the veto.

      • hate that bitch. why is she always being protected by the horny morons.she needs protection from the outside, not within the premices. get out you big tart.

    • She is a huge liar. I’m not a Dan supporter, but you actually think he would threaten to cut Ian’s face? He knows this game, and he knows there are live feeds. A comment like that would put his job at risk. Dan may act like a dick, but I don’t believe he’s violent.

  7. Dan should take Ian to the final two – and here’s why. The houseguests are upset with both Ian and Dan so either could win depending on who is hated the least. Dan against anyone else loses and the same goes for Ian.

    • Well…except maybe Jenn. I’m not sure she’s done enough for the houseguests to vote for her to win if it comes down to that.

    • I believe Ian against anyone wins, why do you think Danielle is campaigning to get him out? If Frank is true to word, Ashey and Frank will vote together against Dan, Britney and Joe will vote against Dan. 4-3 against Dan at least regardless of who he is against.

    • I don’t believe he will take Ian, as he is afraid he will
      lose up against Ian. Jury are going to hesitate to let some-
      one who has already won, win again. Ian is a college
      student and will give him more credit for getting that far.

  8. Oh Please people! Dan has surpassed Will in being the Best player EVER!! He does not have to yell or argue! He plays the people and their emotions! And is very successful! I mean really Frank….you believed him???? You got to take your hat off to Dan! He is a winner! I think Ian is his only threat to win the game! Play on Dan…Play on!!

    • Dan may be a winner right now, but I don’t think he will win the money unless he finds the “softer side of deception”. Right now, I believe, the three evicted hgs will not vote for Dan to win the loot. I don’t have a problem with Dan’s strategy. However, I do have a problem with his method. Dan needs to find a middle ground, so that the evictees will not hate him for what he did.

  9. Ian is such a little weasel! Sad to see frank go I think he was a really good player in the game. His down fall really was he just wanted to trust everyone. You have to give the guy alot of credit, how many times did he escape eviction!! Was mad to see Ian win veto, I can’t stand that we now have another week to watch his looney behavior. Come on HG’s get that weasel out!

    • I liked Frank too. Sucks that he is gone now but I have to give Ian credit he is playing a good game.

  10. Happy that Frank is gone. The same for Joe. I was tired of the yelling and he couldn’t win anything. I’m Danielle goes home next. Something is really wrong with her. If not Danielle then Dan. I don’t think Dan deserves to win. I want a new player to win. I would like for Ian to win. With the money he wins he will finish college and invent something great for America. Go Ian. He though he seems weird but he is very smart guy.

  11. Sorry but Dr. Will manipulated people into doing his deeds – twice, he let Boogie have the win the 2nd time around – Dan swore on a bible people, swore on his family, thats is low, low, low. This isn’t armegeddon, it’s a game show.

  12. A lot of people say that Franks biggest mistake was not taking out dan last week. I think not. Franks biggest mistake was not working with dan earlier instead of having a grudge against him. If he would of have worked with dan like boogie wanted, when the coaches entered the game, instead of hating him. Frank couldn’t get over the hate and that was his downfall.

    For those of you that keep saying ” oh well if dan was gone frank would still be around. Well no he wouldn’t …. he may of have survived the first eviction but in the Q & A HoH, if dan wasn’t there then the next person that would of won was dani and then here we go again, Frank on the block and he would of have had no chance in this veto since it was Ian’s bread and butter. Frank would of been gone the second eviction. So dan or no dan it was still going to happen.

    If only frank would of have gotten over his dan issue earlier in the game and joined together, Imagin the power house we would hvae right now, Frank, Boogie, Dan, and Ian.

      • What has Shane done recently other than sit around???? When he was on top in the beginning of the season Ian, and Dan were both hiding in their shells. Now that Ian and dan are out of their shell he hasn’t stood much of a chance.

      • He may not be good at the end game, but he is still ahead of other player where it counts.

        Player HOH POV
        Frank 3 3
        Shane 2 3
        Ian 3 2
        Danielle 1 1
        Dan 1 1
        Boogie 0 0

        The point was to have a powerhouse team. I was hoping that these three would get together early, but sadly they did not and Frank is gone.

  13. Clearly dan is proving he’s the best player to play the game , I mean come on, his first time he showed he can be loyal to one person and win the game and now he’s just showing he can make it to the end and probaly win being slimy too , this guys got the game figyerd out better than anyone, doesn’t mean he’s like that outside the house just proves he can win either way

  14. Are the houseguest given info about the veto comps beforehand (i.e. whether it will be endurance, physical, mental). I’m trying to figure out why Dani (don’t remember what Jenn was wearing) didn’t dress down for the veto comp.

  15. Stop, just STOP with the “Dan has dethroned Will as G.O.A.T.” business. One major thing Dan had that Will didn’t was the advent of POV.

    Will won his season when POV didn’t even exist. Dan’s win in season 10 and his extended life this year have depended greatly on the veto. Plus, Dan had a few weeks of exemption from being nominated this year when he was a coach.

    Dan is probably the greatest beneficiary ever of all the ridiculous and predictable “twists” that have come to define and de-value the Big Brother game

    So again, just stop

  16. besides crabs, i think dummyeell has another illness,o.c.d. does any notice when she puts on make up how she looks in one mirror, then the mirror behind her then the mirror beside her, then then mirror in front and starts all over again.

  17. Frank was good at commotions but he played just as dirty, & spoke just as bad about the other players as everyone else in this game. It’s really irritating that he & his fans are upset that he was voted out by the other players going back on their deal when he was planning on going back on said deal. They just had the oppurtunity to do it first. This Frank does NO wrong, I’m totally over. He’s as bad as everyone else who has ever played the game. There is no such thing as a clean honest game in the Big Brother House.

  18. i think Frank was the only one that really deserved to win, he had both strength and dignity and he can at least look back at his time in the house and be very proud over himself. What Ian and what Dan did to Frank is just ” the lowest of the lowest” and I hope at least that non of them wins.

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