Big Brother 14: Week 9 Nomination Anticipation

Big Brother 14 - Dan and Ian gametalk

After another late night HoH competition last night there’s just one thing to do today: nominations. Thanks to some behind-closed-doors conversations since the competition we have a pretty good idea of who will be nominated. Or at least who the new HoH claims to be nominating. Read on for those Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Shortly after 10:30PM BBT last night Ian is pacing in the Kicks room when Dan quickly passes through. Dan asks Ian if he knows what he’s going to do for nominations. Ian says he has to put up Dan to keep appearances going since Dan had just put Ian up during the rapid fire Double Eviction episode. Dan leaves but isn’t gone for long.

Flashback to 10:40PM BBT to find Dan return to the Kicks room and go over scenarios with Ian. Remember that whole thing about Ian wanting to nominate Dan to cover their Final 2 deal? Well forget about it. Dan convinces Ian their best bet is to nominate Jenn and Shane because, well does it really matter what Dan tells Ian is the reason? The real reason is because it won’t be him on the block. Ian says he understands what Dan is proposing and seems okay with those nominations.

Dan circles around to close the deal on his Jenn-Shane noms plan with Ian later in the HoH room. Flashback to 1:36AM BBT to hear Dan and Ian discuss scenarios further. Dan is billing this plan as a way to make sure he doesn’t go up on the block. Dan suggests Danielle wouldn’t use the Veto to save Shane and it’s not likely, in their opinions, that Danielle would win the Veto. Both Ian and Dan are expecting the morph-o-matic (facial feature recognition) competition for this week’s Veto. Ian then asks Dan for advice on how to cover not putting Dan up on the block. Dan suggests telling Shane he was just being used as a pawn to make sure Jenn goes home.

So there we have the plan. Later today at the nomination ceremony Ian will most likely nominate Jenn and Shane. If those noms remain the same then I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dan working Danielle to make sure Shane goes home this week. If that happens then each of the other 3 remaining HGs would have a close tie to Dan and nearly guarantee he makes it to finale night.

The pressure is growing in the Big Brother house and we’re going to see plenty of lying and deception as the game continues. There will be nominations tonight, Veto competition tomorrow, and Veto ceremony on Monday. If you’re going to be on the go then download our free iPhone app and free Android app to get the latest spoilers.

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For those who missed all these events, here’s a short clip of what Dan did. Again.


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  1. wow…gotta hand it to Dan, he really knows how to play this game. I really am not a fan of all the backstabbing and such, but that’s what u have to do in order to win and he does it well :)

    • Ian is not using his brain if does not put up Dan. He could of course be hoping that someone can pull themselves off the block and he will then put up Dan as a replacement… Finally he might also believe that he has a better chance of winning sitting next to Dan in the F2. Don’t think the jury will give the money to Dan. Not only because he was a scumbag to so many of them, but also simply because most don’t want him to win a second time. Oh they are bitter and I don’t think time will mellow that… If anything it will be more time to stew in their bitterness together and to get each other going…

      • Yeah but maybe they realize wow look at what Dan did that was amazing. Even Britney said that in her interview. I really think he would only loose to Ian in the finals.

      • I agree with you. The jury will all see what a great player Dan is, and him winning before shouldn’t come into play when it’s time to vote.

      • I’m thinking Dan can only win if he takes Dani to the finals. I think he’s played it like that all along. Who knows if Dani might be happy to take 2nd? She may know it’s the best she could ever do!

      • Dani haters are blind. Britney loves her, Jenn loves her, Dan loves her, Shane loves her, Ian is an ally and friend, Frank seemed to like her (he even tried flirting with her at times), Joe was up her boyfriend’s butt and would vote her if she made it and Shane didn’t… I don’t know how Ashley felt about her. Still, Dani has played a great strategic game. She’s had a decent physical game. And the majority of the jurors love her. She’ll probably beat anyone in the final two.

      • omg you are insane,you think brit is going to like she devil after what she did to her. i dont believe you have been watching bbad. dan was the one doing her thinking for her. twit twat does not have a noodle.

      • Brit won’t love her when she discoves the knife has Danielles fingerprints on it, Jenn only wants to date her because she’s easy, Dan only tolerates her as a means to an end, Shane fears her, Frank wanted her vote so pretended he liked her, and Joe would have only kept her around to please Shane and if Shane wasn’t there he would have dumped her quicker than you can say jack rabbit. The jury is probably at this moment celebrating that they are not locked in the house anymore with that psycho. In fact i’d say they WANT her to make it to F2….just so the jury house can be a psycho free zone.

      • I totally disagree with you on Dani playing a strategic game, she played Dan’s game lol. Whatever Dan told her to do….she did. I don’t think she’s a good player at all.

      • I dont thik he was the master mind. He was running to britt and telling her everything and he done what everyone else wanted. They called him the master mind and he beleaved it

      • Don’t necessarily agree that he was a scumbag to them as he was just playing the game, but do not see the jury rewarding Dan since he already won once. Dan would be the one I would want to be sitting next to me in Final 2.

      • If Ian does not get rid of Dan this time, whatever his plans are then he is done. As Ian has stated he will die for the Quacks then his wishes is about to come true if he does not use his brain.

    • Really does not matter to me who he puts up, I would love for it to be Dan but at the same time Dani and Shane need to be broken up! They will not vote for eachother. And even IF Dan makes it to the final 2 with Ian… he will not win. The jury would not vote for him after they see everything

      • The jury only sees clips of nominations and evictions. But the rest of the evictees can fill them in on what they know.

  2. Dan is playing smart, but Ian should be playing smarter. His suggestion makes sense, and if he would step back and think about it, he would realize that.

    Dan and Jenn should be the nominees. Then, he should hope that Jenn wins POV so he can nominated Danielle or Shane without “technically” breaking up the alliance.

  3. Ian and Dan are just brilliant. Two brains working together and they know exactly how to prepare for the next competition. If these two keep it up then it will be them two at least in the final 3. … And for that to happen all dan needs to do is stay alive this week and win HoH next week and its a done deal

    • That’s assuming Dan doesn’t stab Ian in the back like he has to everyone else. He needs to realize that Ian is the only one who might get jury votes.

      • Dan would have stabbed Ian in the back last night if Ian didn’t win the veto to save himself.
        Ian can think that he was just a pawn but he was out the door if he had not won the veto.

      • Dan needs to get rid of Ian if he wants to win again. Ian is top dog right now especially with franks head as the big trophy.

        Ian vs Dan in the F2….. Ian would win. Ian or Dan in the F2 against anyone else, they win. Its all about who they use to get to the F3

        ……. After all Once in the final 3 its 1 endurance comp and 2 mental.

    • The only one brilliant would be Dan if Ian continues
      to be the dummy that he is! It is his HOH and he pisses
      this HOH by nominating Shane and Jenn when Dan is
      the bigger target? The object of the game is to last till
      the Final 2 and get that $500,000 and not hand that
      prize to someone else which Ian is doing! Pretty dumb
      move if Ian sticks to Dan’s plan. Also, Dan will not take
      Ian to Final 2 when he has Danielle or Jenn to take to
      Final 2 and guarantee that he wins that $500,000!
      Why would Dan take Ian who has played better than
      Jenn and Danielle? Does that even make sense?

    • Ian better be smart if Dan wins HOH next week, he will back door Ian because he knows that Ian can win and he knows that F2 between him and Ian, he has no chance. Britney being at the jury house, he back door Frank, lie to Joe and there is Ashley too. That is four votes already, but if he goes to F2 with either Jenn or Danielle or Shane, he can have a legit excuse that his game strategy worked and those three did not have one. If Ian let Dan slide this time, he will be another Frank.

      • He is already the other Frank. But its not because of Dan or trusting him. Everyone left in the house wants Ian out he has to win everything to make it to the final 2.

    • Just because he won already why shouldn’t he win again? Is there a rule stating you can’t win a second time? If one of the sports teams wins the super bowl or stanley cup does that mean they can’t win again? Dan deserves to win if he makes it to the end. He’s the best player and deserves the win. GO DAN!!!

  4. why would ian believe him??? WHY IAN??? i thought ian was smarter then this. he needs to get dan out no matter what this week or dan is gonna win another 500,000

    • Yes, he should not believe him and if he does, when Dan wins next time he will not take him to F2 as he knows there is not a chance that the jury will give him the grand prize. Ian needs to back door Dan and now is the time. Ian might need Production to realize this or maybe he is playing Dan and hoping he does. Dan and Ian F2, Dan knows he will not win, hoping Ian can realize this and stop listening to Dan.

    • Respectfully disagree I think keeping Dan as final two guarantees whoever is up against him that they will win the $500,000.

      • I do not think so, if he goes to F2 with Shane or Danielle he might have a chance and can reason that it was just a game and he played successfully by doing what he did. Shane and Danielle did not win a lot of comp but if he is up with Ian he has no chance. So it is a guaranteed that if Dan wins HOH next week he will back door Ian. I thought Ian is smart, if he still trust Dan and do not back door him this time if Jenn or Shane wins POV then he is not intelligent that I thought he is.

      • Maybe that’s what the hg’s are thinking, and why they want to go to the final 2 with Dan. But that’s not how the jury votes. They always vote for the best player out of the two. Dan has proven to be the best player out of all of them. The only one who has a slight chance of winning over him,is Ian.

    • Agreed! It is like Ian is afraid of Dan now. If he could backdoor him, that would be awsome! The guy has to go.

    • ian is not a smart player he is a very emotional player. he wont make it to the final 2 Dan will cut him loose as soon as he gets the chance. I so see the final 3 as Dan, Danielle and Jenn

  5. Well, hopefully Jenn wins POV (a long shot I know) then Ian can put up Dan as a replacement and it’s out of his hands, someone has to go home this week. That would be wonderful to watch. Although, if that happens and he puts up Dan, we are going to have a lot of Danielle crying and whining about how it’s not fair to HER and so difficult on HER. (because obviously, the only person that matters on this show is her, LOL)

    • That’s funny! I am hoping the same thing. Only the chance of Jenn winning really aren’t that great. But we can hope.

  6. After this season Dan as gained so much more repsect from me. I seriously think Dan is the smartest BB player ever. Dan has a 99% chance of making history and winng BB for the second time <3

    • Any one of us who watch the show could go in that house and pull off what Dan is doing with the people that are left. Not only that, but we wouldnt have needed to put our hands on a bible, a dead relatives necklace and our wedding ring to get the best player this season to believe in us.

      • Why do you say get over it when someone mentions Dan lying after he swore on the bible? It’s a new low for this show lol we can’t get over it!

      • Wow I think I have a stalker…no matter when I make a comment you seem to pop up. Even when I reply to someone else you have to get your remarks in. STALKER

      • why are you borderline hostile? I get it’s a game, and I wanted Frank to win, and I will not get over Dans actions..that’s reality :)

      • Just because I’m sick of hearing about swearing on the bible (comments have been going on for over a week and it’s getting boring) does not mean I’m borderline hostile. It’s people like you that can’t get over something on a reality show that have a serious problem.

      • Lol why don’t you get it? Frank fans can’t get over this…so get over it :)- I don’t end all of my comments with eight !!!!!!!! I feel that’s borderline Hostility lava girl lol ;)

      • I agree with some of your comments, I just don’t like Dan anymore.*sigh* I really liked him until he screwed Frank. I know this is Big Brother but Dans “actions” ;) really disappointed me. But in the words of Judas whoops I mean Dan, no hard feelings ;)

      • Hey I agree only a game. I even used to really like Frank and wanted Dan and Frank to work together but I just didn’t like Franks comments about he was the only one that deserved the win. He seemed to get a little arrogant. IMO. And Dan is from the city I grew up in so that’s another reason I’m rooting for Dan. But whoever wins good for them and I’ll have another favorite to root for next year. LOL

      • Frank is from my hometown too! Lol and the way this show is going, we may be rooting for Dan and Frank again! ;)

      • That would be fun. If they have another allstars I hope there both back. Maybe then they would work together from the beginning. And Dan could be a 3 time winner. LOL

    • With the dumbass newbies Dan is playing against, he
      looks like a master as should be! None of these
      newbies including Ian who considers himself smart
      have really made any smart decisions. All their
      decisions has been made by Dan for them even
      though they may have HOH or Veto and that speaks
      volumes of the intelligence of the newbies. Maybe,
      next time, Big Brother should administer an IQ test
      on those who want to play on Big Brother. Anyone
      who scores less than 150 should not even be
      accept as a house guest on Big Brother!

  7. Surprise, surprise! So, Dan suggests Ian nominate Jenn
    and Shane with the plan of getting Shane evicted! When
    will these newbies learn? If Ian is dumb enough to go for
    this, Shane will probably get evicted this week and next
    week, Ian cannot play for HOH and will now be Dan’s target.
    Dan gets rid of Ian next week and Dan will be in the Final 3
    with Danielle and Jenn. Ian should not listen to Dan and
    put up both Dan and Shane on the block. That way, Shane
    and Dan will be fighting each other to win POV to survive
    and if Danielle, Jenn or Ian win POV then, they could keep
    the nominations the same and send Dan to the jury house!
    That is how it is done! Then, Ian just has to worry about
    Shane next week and he will be in the Final 3 with Danielle
    and Jenn instead of Dan!

  8. Has anyone noticed that this season they haven’t shown the jurors in the jury house! I wish Ian would cut Dan out of his plans! he doesn’t need him to help him win and Dan has already won. If they are smart they would get him out asap!!

    • They usually don’t show jury until after 3 get there. Now that 2 went again last night they will probably show the jury house on Wednesday or Thursday.

    • I wish Ian would make a big move on Dan too, just like he did with Boogie! I certainly wouldn’t underestimate him…you see what happened to Frank and Boogie when they never saw Ian as a target! Dan wasn’t behind that, he only agreed with Ian when Ian suggested he’d put Frank and Joe up after you went through all the convos!

    • Personally, think they are very smart to keep Dan as I do not see anyone in the jury voting to give Dan $500,000 again as most of the jury are pretty mad at Dan right now. Smartest move for any of them except maybe Jenn would be to keep Dan and it almost guarantees they would win against him. Just my thinking!

      • you are so wrong. dan is very good at his social skills and so far he is the only person with a very high chance to win. for ian to keep DAN over a player like JENN is just plain delusional and idiotic. ian is not a very smart player

      • Usually and most of the time…the jury votes for the best player in the house. Ian, Frank, Brittany and Ashley said they will vote for who they think played the best game. The only way Brittany won’t vote for Dan if he’s in the final 2….is if he’s up against Ian.

    • I wish the last couple of weeks they would do at least a half hour extra show, just showing what is going on in the jury house. Once it gets down to five or less in the BB house things seem to wind down there anyway.

  9. If Ian was a smart as he says he is he would tell Dan what he wants to hear and then after the veto comp get them to use it to take Jenn off (because Jenn would stay loyal to Ian for saving her) and then put Dan on the block. If Ian and Dan go up against each other then Ian won’t make it to the final two. Dan’s not going to risk taking Ian on the off chance they want to give it to a noob that actually played the game.

  10. Ian is pretty much screwed no matter what he does, he is going to have to win the veto in the final four to stay and if he did get to the final three he would have to win two of the three final comps because everyone left knows that they can’t beat him.

  11. You can’t come at Dan directly. Frank did, and well, we all know Dan is still here and Frank is in jury. Ian is aware of this. I don’t care who Ian nominates, because the renom has to be Dan. Ian has to keep Dan in the dark much like he did Boggie if he wants to survive to the end. You got 5 players left, and only one has shown he can’t be trusted.

    • I actually think Ian best move is to keep Dan. Ian is everyones number 1 target. At least if he was on the block aginst Dan he might have a little bit of a better chance of them voting to save him. But really they only thing the kid can do is like Frank try trusting someone maybe they’ll help but ultimately have to win all the comps.

    • None of these players can be trusted. Are you serious they have more alliances that is possible. None of them have been loyal to anyone, and if you had to pick which two have been the most loyal I have to say it is Dan and Danielle. They have stuck together from the very beginning, but believe that Dan will lose no matter who he is up against in Final Two unless it is Jenn.

      • Danielle is loyal to Dan, but he is loyal to no one. She is simply a vote in his pocket for his own protection and as easy to control as a personal robot. The second he doesn’t need her, he will cut her throat. He’ll twist the knife with a sheepish smile on his face. And of course she will once again forgive him and still vote for him from the jury house!

      • you can never be that sure though. Jury changes there votes a lot and especially with time to think about it. And heck Dan’s amazing at convincing people. i really think Dan would only loose to Ian in the finals. No one else has even done anything of the remaining 3.

    • Remember the talk that Britney had with Ian before her eviction. She said get out Frank and Joe and then Dan.

    • The only reason Dan survived is he ratted out the Quack
      Pack on Frank. If not, he would have been gone. Ian,
      Shane and Brittney were all ready to vote Dan out!
      Frank thru Jenn saved Dan’s ass. That is the only
      reason he came off the block. Nominating Dan and
      Shane if the best move for Ian because you have
      Shane and Dan both fighting for the POV to survive.
      Only one can win it and if both fail, then, you get to
      evict Dan! Nominating Danielle or Jenn is nonsense
      and Ian cannot play for HOH next week. The last
      thing he would like is Shane and Dan to be still in
      the Big Brother House targeting him and evicting
      him the very next week!

  12. This Kidd needs to grow some balls and stop listening to Dan. He tried to take him out yesterday.on a different note, I think Ian has a better chance of winning against Dan because he has screwed everybody. That’s his best option.

    • No he doesn’t. Dan has made the bigger move and
      he has manipulated Ian numerous times which he
      can point out too! However, Dan will be stupid to
      leave it to the jury. Dan will not take Ian to Final 2
      when Dan can take Danielle or Jenn and win that
      $500,000 guaranteed! Why even chance losing it?

      • I would like to see Dan go out just to see what the others do, they won’t have anyone to listen to and they may just have to start thinking for themselves. Would also love to watch Dummy have a breakdown, sobbing and screeching, “oh what do i do!”

    • And honestly does it really matter who Ian believes or puts up anyways? he is number 1 on everyones hit list he is the new Frank. There really nothing he can do at this point expect win all the comps.

  13. C’mon Ian! Why is it that all of us can see the move that needs to be made, and he seems to be blind as a bat! What can Dan really say to dispute the move when he did the same thing and just put Ian up! Does anyone ever want to go on the block? Yet Dan readily volunteers others as so called pawns. Surely this must P-off the others also. Don’t be scared Ian! Just do it! Who gives a F about the stupid Qpack… It’s time to pull your head out of the sand… every man is now for himself. They never really existed as none have been loyal to the Qpack cause, it was all just a mist to get you to do their dirty work and then to dispose of you. Please hear the cryptic voice of your beloved Britney, as she walked through the mist and out the door… Dan is Judas!

    • Really though if anyone woulda won hoh their target is Ian. It doesnt matter who he puts up he is screwed either way unless he wins all the comps. And all this shows is how genius Dan is.

  14. if ian was half as smart as he says he is he would nominate dan and danielle….dan for obvious reasons and danielle has the whole house fooled as the innocent belle…we all know in the outside world she is nothing but a crazy be-atch but i honestly think she has the whole house hoodwinked and that she is nothing but sweet and honest…

  15. I like Dan but he will never get the jury votes. That is something he can’t manipulate. He’s played a great game and everyone in the BB house stabs and lies. He is no worse. But, look at the jury. They are either dumbells or really angry at Dan. Whoever goes to the F2 will win against Dan.

    • No they won’t. You are confusing game play with the
      jury vote. Most house guests in the jury house will vote
      for the house guest who played the best even if he or
      she evicted them! That is beside the point. This is about
      who played the better game and the best player if that
      happens to be Dan will still win it! Very few players
      take it personally in the end. Most are fair people and
      will vote for who played the best game in the Big
      Brother House! If you do not want Dan to win it then,
      don’t allow Dan to get to Final 2!

      • Ok maybe the hg from past season would vote for the one who played a good game but you have to remember who is playing this year,none of them could think for themselves and would only vote against the one who stabbed them in the back They wouldn’t even think to vote for the player that played a good game because they wouldn’t know how to. I could see them voting for jenn over dan cause he sent them to jury.

    • This is not true. Every past winner has scumbagged someone, and members of the jury usually dont hold grudges. I think the only Juror to hold a grudge was Jen from s8. This isnt survivor. If Dan makes it to the final 2, he wins because the Jury knows what he did to win, and will respect it.

      • I agree with Marilyn even though if you look at game play Dan does deserve to win if he makes it to Final 2, but this jury is probably the least intelligent that has ever been in BB and they will hold grudges and will not vote for the best in terms of game play. Bet Dan loses to everyone but maybe win against Jenn but even doubt that.

  16. It is definitely Dan’s dream game because he is left in a house with a bunch of dummies! They are all pretty much sitting on their butts, saying, “well what does Dan want to do”. It’s depressing to watch. Maybe they shouldn’t be eating the treats from Dan’s hoh basket… He probably has them laced with something… He was really pushing those “Sour patch” treats on everyone last night… Hmmmmm…

  17. I just can’t believe after Dan putting up Ian that ian would be so dumb. Also how dumb can danielle be to believe Dan after the stunts he has pulled. Dan will take jenn to f2 because she is the ONLY one he might win against. I just wish they would all put there heads together and get Dan out. I like Dan but I don’t want him to win again. Ian is a super fan and I think he deserves to win. Shane hasn’t even seen the show before, danielle and jenn have only watched a few seasons.

  18. Everyone is saying how this is such a bad move for Ian. But really look at the bigger picture! It really doesn’t matter what Ian does everyone wants him out regardless of who he trusts. He is the new Frank he has to win the rest of the comps to make final 2 because he gone as soon as he looses a comp. he just trying to put some trust in Dan but really whoever he trusts he going to get him out Thetis just not much he can do expect win comps now.

  19. Since Ian is now HOH he therefore won’t be eligible for the next HOH comp. He should now play it safe and team up with Dan and take control of the BB house. That should open the door for both Ian and Dan to make it to the final night. There is no way the jury will give Dan the $500.000. Ian is playing a good game despite the Dan surge and I predict he will be the BB14 winner.

    • idk about that I think Dan knows Ian is the only one he probably could not beat in the finals. And Ian is everyone number 1 target the only way Ian is getting to the final 2 is if he wins all the comps.

    • Biggest problem with the idea of Dan/Ian teaming up is that Iam is Dan’s biggest target right now. Supposedly they are teamed up as they have a final two deal, but Dan has a final two deal with almost everyone. I think Dan wants the final three to be Dan/Danielle/Jenn, they would be the easiest to beat.

  20. PLEEEEEEZZZZEEE Ian! Use your head! Don’t let Dan get into it. He is going to boot you out the door the first chance he gets! He is going to play for the Veto HARD! That way he will control the eviction. This is how I predict things will go down… let’s see how close I am. If Ian puts Shane and Jen up and Dan gets Veto, he will pull Jen and put up Danielle, essentially busting up the couple AND the “Quack Pack”. Shane will be evicted as he will be percieved as the greatest threat to the remaining contestants (Jen and Dan voting…Ian only in a tie) That would leave Dan up against Jen and Danielle for HOH (Ian inelligible to compete as ougoing HOH.) Dan win…Dani & Jen on block…Dan gets POV…pulls Jen & replaces with Ian…Ian goes. Everyone remaining participates in HOH…Dan wins again…tosses Dani… leaving he and Jen for the jury to decide. Jen is a floater and has been the whole game. Dan would win he jury vote. NOt the way I WANT it to turn out but that’s what I am predicting.

  21. I’m still surprised at how many people still trust dan after he ratted out the QP and got Britney sent home.

  22. the matrix video made me crack up! Dan dodged alot of bullets. He will play it to were it’s him, dani and jenn in the finale, why you ask cause he is smart?

    • I mean look at all of his moves. The house guest that are left in the house are followers not leadership material. Thats why they had coaches. By the time they actually realize they were played they will be talking to julie haha poor frank. Dan has one strong point and it is to break up the showmance. He will convince ian that he needs Dan, because rolling with Jenn won’t help him one bit. If the stars align in Dan’s favor then he will win the veto leave nominations the same. Make the vote a split decision and have ian kick shane out the door. If only if only.

  23. Can anyone help me with an unrelated topic? I want to use flashback to watch the drama and head butt between Willie and Joe. Anyone remember the date for that?

  24. No one will take Ian to the final two and he cant win all the comps. Ian and Frank should have realized Dan was playing them and they should have worked together to get rid of Dan.

  25. Ian is screwed regardless of who exits the house this week. Dan’s just going through the motions. Its amazing that he has plotted out everyone in the Jury thus far, with the exception of Ashley. If he makes f2, he wins. Even against Ian (which is an unlikely scenario).

  26. Dan deserves to win. People take this too personally, even when boogie and frank were roasting him he didn’t crack. He has never been in a BB argument. Dan is a silent killer even when he lost both chances at a veto he didn’t crack. He just planned a funneral. Yeah he lied some heavey lies and made some deals that he went back on and hurt his on character but to be honest this is a game, and part of playing it is the deception and manipulation involved. Frank was going to be on the outs one way or another, it just happened with dan twisting the knife and not britt. Dan is the best because not only was he having his near death experience but he manage to get two players up that were against him. Now he will just play along with the QP until he gets his chance to sprint to the 500,000 cause he is already sitting pretty with everybody in his house

    • Yeah but if Frank had gotten rid of Dan instead of Brit he wouldn’t have lost that pov and would have had a better chance of staying in the house.

      • Not necessarily if dan would have left frank’s show down would have just been with a different person. So you never really know i mean even in the first round of the veto Joe was the first one up. It could have been anyones game. Reminds me of easter

    • Seriously. I was hoping Ian was smarter than that to be yet another one of Dan’s puppeteers. Alto Ian hated Frank as much as Dan does why can’t he see that exactly want Dan is doing to him. Ian is the one who turned on Frank first so maybe it’s just the payback Ian deserves. Anyway I seriously don’t care a rats ass who wins as of now because Shane is as dumb as they come, Danielle is delusional and Dan is just not a kind of cut throat person I would ever have respect for game or no game. His sold out his wife, grandfather, regardless about this stupid ongoing fight on here if he swore on the Bible or not. Who cares at this point. He will also be a scum bag sleaze ball in my eyes. Again, we are all entitled to our OWN opinion because i no i will get pounced on for saying it. Whatever….one of these worst seasons of BB in a long time.

    • I don’ t think Dan had to swear on the bible,etc. to make that deal Frank. Frank needed that alliance and said so after he got booted out. Having said that, however, Frank should have been on red alert afterwards because Dan sounded too desperate to be 100% sincere. Joe shared that same malady.

    • Totally agree with you. And like lets be honest the first time he played and won this game he probably played as honest as you can be and win the game. And coming into the house for the second time he has a huge target and everyone thinks he is playing the exact same way as his reputation. Thats why he’s made so many final 2 deals because he was loyal to Memphis to the end, so everyone is thinking his word is golden. It just shows you how good this guy really is he adjusted his gameplay from almost completely honest to backstabbing everyone it’s mind blowing. He is easily arguably the best player to ever play this game.

      • Chace I’m glad someone else gets it. He even said he had to totally change his game play this time.

    • Very well said…that’s what people don’t get it is just a game no matter who wins or who you’re rooting for.

    • actually he yelled at ian more then once and elbowed brit at the pandora box where ian won the to see how he would act with the whole house against him.but these hg our so dumb not to vote him out he deserves to win.

  27. I dont see Ian wising up to Dan despite how much they might try to lead him onto it in DR. He’s a total nerd but he cant even add 2 and 2 up.

    • I wondered the same thing about Joe, except everything he wore was blue. If there was a reason behind it, I never heard.

      • Thane, did you miss the University of Kentucky on almost every shirt he wore? We at UK are the Big Blue Nation. We bleed Blue. Go Big Blue!!!

      • All Big Blue Fans would wear the logo night and day if they were on national tv. It’s a source of pride for them. As a one time member of Big Blue Nation…and still a fan…of Kentucky Wildcat basketball…I’m sure all the fans are proud of him…whether he won anything or not.

  28. Dan Will Always Be Judis To Me!!! He Makes Me Sick To My Stomach. You Don’t Need To Swear On Bibles And People…Hes Beyond Classless And I Don’t Think He Will Win No Matter Who He’s With… IF He Makes It Til The End…I So Hope He Doesn’t Go To The End But With These Brainless People He Probly Will. How Can Parents Even Want Him Near Their Children After Being Such A Disgrace. I Know It’s A Game But Come On…Hes Beyond Classless. Just My Opinion!!!! Karma Will Get Him Either Way!!!

  29. Dan and Ian are the only two strong players left in the game… Ian is an absolute fool if he doesnt put Dan on the Chopping Block now, he will not get another opportunity, ever… elimination of his main rival should be his priority. At this point of the game, there really are NO alliances, its dog eat dog.

  30. Best bet for Ian is to put up Dani and Dan. Shane votes out Dan then Ian tries to convince Jenn to vote off Dan

  31. This “could” work. Ian puts up Jenn and Shane. Shane wins POV, talks to Ian and they WAKE UP about Dan, replace with Dan and vote him out. In the meantime, Ian solidifies a final two with Shane with the argument that Dani does not deserve the money but they will let her tag along to final 3.

      • LOL…I hope so. If Shane goes up and Ian tells him it was Dan’s idea…well if he doesn’t wake up I guess he is dumb after all LOL

      • OMG! So on the live feeds, Dani just tells Dan that she is sick of Shane following her around and he is a douchbag!! She is a piece of work.

    • I don’t see that happen since shane can’t think for himself.Shane is one of the biggest floaters in the house.He was strong in the beginning then just layed back like the other floaters he really needs to go.Would love to see daniell get backdoored.

  32. Dan is playing an awesome game and if he makes it to the Finals he deserves to win cause he is doing the same thing he did last time and if he wins again he will go down as in my opinion either tied with Dr Will for being the greatest Big Brother player ever! He reminds me of what Boston Rob Mariano did on the last Survivor he was on! Boston Rob best Survivor Contestant Ever!

  33. Dan has played these last two weeks out perfectly. I would even go far as to say this whole season. He stayed out of sight when it was down to danielle while he was coach. and merged nicely when the reset happened with brit and shane. Ian has reall only started to become a factor because Dan convinced the group Ian was ripe for the picking. GO DAN!

  34. Dan’s a great player and is easily one of the greatest, but the title of Greatest will always stay with Dr Will for one reason, he didn’t have POV in his season.

  35. Dan is awesome!! It isn’t his fault he is the smartest person in that house!! Frank had a huge ego..I just saw on the live feeds where Jenn said he told her she was only going to make it to 6 or 7th place. Really?? She was his ally! And he got too close to Boogie instead of trying to build relationships with others.If he had maybe he’d still be there. Frank was his own worst enemy.
    On another note, is it just me or did Danielle get annoying after Britney was gone…like she is queen bee now..I def have seen a personality change take place.

  36. “The QP can’t eat one of it’s own.” Ian’s words to Danielle. Shane and Jenn are going up, plan is to vote out Jenn, let’s hope she can win veto and send one of those quackers home. Ian is so smug right now, I don’t even want to watch feeds anymore, they are so boring.

    • He’s too dumb to realize that his HOH’s have been controlled by the coaches, just like Frank, Shane’s and Danielle’s were. This is by far the most clueless bunch in the history of this show. They’ve done thier dirty work the entire season and he doesn’t realize if he doesn’t cut Dan, he doesn’t have a chance of winning.

      • You are right, Dan will only take Jenn to F2. However, if I am in the jury house, I won’t care what he is going to say. Dan won’t get my vote, period!

      • Frank’s gonna have a lot of pull in that jury house. “britt, how many people voted for you to stay? Ever wonder how you got backdoored? Ash, who put you on the block for no reason? Joe, who kept putting you on the block? ect. ect.” This finale is gonna be very interesting to say the least

  37. As to dan and Ian – who is playing whom? I can see an argument that Ian wins against Dan based on the fact Dan has already won. Ian can claim he controlled the house since evicting boogie – he can claim he kept Dan to the final 2 because he believed based on his overall game play, and the fact Dan has already won – he, ian should wini. Also Ian needs someone who can carry him to the end. If he has Dan believing he is Mr. Evil and everyone on the jury hates him, then Dan will want to take him to the end.

  38. i thought Ian was smarter than this. he’s won comps, he evicted the biggest threat, he’s played a decent social game… now it’s time to make a big move. but instead he’s falling for Dan’s crap.

    I think it’s more important to be a Big Brother story (in his mind the quackpack is the new brigade) than it is to be a winner.

    he needs to take Dan out now.

    fingers crossed that Jen wins the veto.

    • I really believe Ian will give more thought to what Dan’s wanting versus what he wants after he calms down from the double eviction onslaught. Ian gets easily distracted when he’s in hyper mode…but once he’s had more time to think, he gets a better perspective on game playing! He is keeping in good standing with Dan by going along with him for now! Let’s see what he does when his ADHD is more under control – rocking in the hammock, rocking in the kitchen chair or on any of the beds, couches, chairs and of course talking or whispering to himself out loud! LOL

    • And really does it even matter who Ian puts up or gets out from his perspective. He is everyone number one target right now, and the only way he is going to get to the end is by winning all the comps, cause everyone knows that no one can beat Ian in the final 2.

      • I think Ian can pull it off if it’s endurance comps or mental comps more so than Dan, Jenn or Shane…Danielle will be more of a target for him…he won’t do so well in the physical comps…let’s hope there is only one of those left and someone pulls him through it!

      • Dan is sticking with Ian like glue to make sure Ian does what he is told its Dan’s hoh. he is telling Ian he will keep him and when Dan wins the next hoh he will get rid of Ian.This hoh Dan will get rid of Jenn or Shane and Dani wants Shane to go now.

      • Dan will make sure that Jenn won’t go because she is better at mental comps than Shane for the final 3 comps to beat out Ian. Shane has very little chance to beat Ian in the F3 comps. Shane should go home this week if Ian continues to be an idiot and putting all his trust into Dan

    • I think Ian will go next too. Everyone left wants him gone and I hope it happens. I was rooting for him in the beginning but over the last few weeks I’ve seen him change from a nice young kid to an arrogant ass.

  39. Daniell is the COMMON DENOMINATOR for Dan Shane and Jenn…They all have deals with her…IAN needs to use that genius brain and figure that out…Daniell needs to go home ..not Shane or Jenn…

    • I forgot about DAN who really needs to be evicted next …but I don’t see that happeneing unless it’s a backdoor situation….If Jenn was not ‘interested” in Daniell as a possible conquest Ian might strike up a for sure deal with her…but that is also iffy…

  40. anyone watching the feeds? When did crazy-woman Dani tell Dan she hates when Shane follows her.? That stupid b&%@h needs to be taken out fast along with her demented back-stabbing, lying, over-puffed-up partner Dan.

    • That just means that Dan has probably already planted a bug in her ear that Shame needs to go next. He probably talked a lot of crap about him to her. Being such the smart girl that she is (ha!), she’s beginning to believe any crap that Dan’s told her about Shame.
      OR…my second opinion is that she’s just been watching herself in the mirrors too much and got confused with reflections coming and going…it was actually HER following HIM around.

      • I’m sick of her looking at herself in anything that shows her reflection. I wish BB would put a fun house mirror on the ceiling over her bed. Maybe the shock each morning would cause her to never look in another mirror again.

  41. Come on guys, the only even F2 matchup would be Dan vs Ian, IMO. Put either of them up against Jenn, Danielle, or Shane, and they have it in the bag. The other three don’t stand a chance winning against Dan or Ian. Which is why a Dan/Ian F2 would be the most exciting!!!

    • Dan is not going to take Ian in a Final 2. That would
      be stupid. Dan has Danielle and Jenn to choose from
      who to take to Final 2. All Dan needs is to get rid of
      Shane this week and Ian next week and he is in a Final
      3 with Danielle and Jenn!

  42. Ian deserves to be sent home if he does not nominate Dan. Surely he is smart enough to see through Dans crap.

  43. ian is just so stupid. i cant believe people thinks he is a good player. if he cant see that dan is running the entire house and that he has much better chance against a player like jenn than dan, then ian deserves to lose.

  44. was just on jokers looks like they are getting ready for nominations Dan just ran after Ian and said it was last min talk , Guess he has to remind him who he wants on the block Jenn and shane

    • it doesnt really take a genius to influence a stupid amateur player like ian to nominate them though. ian has been ass-kissing dan ever since the quackpack was formed.

  45. went on CBS and looked for Franks chat with Jeff it wasnt on there. nasty Joe was but not Frank wonder what happened

  46. Earlier today Jenn went up to Ian and tried to make a deal with him. He then told Dan that there is no way Ian will sell out a QuackPack. Really Ian? Jenn is ready to make a deal with him and he still kisses the QuackPack’s ass? He is truly the dumbest person left out of these 5 people.

  47. ian may be book smart but has no common sense.dan put him on the block and if he did not win the veto his ass would be gone.he can’t play in the next hoh and is dan next target.

  48. IM team IAN was britney to I was so mad that Dan & Danelle turned on her I was so happy that Ian won head of house hold.IF I was him I would put up danelle for being a back stabber.

  49. In this game…never ever trust anyone. Backstab, lie and manipulate others, It’s the only way to get far. Having a good social game helps. You don’t have to win many comps, and I think Dan has done all of the above, and that’s why he is where he is now.

  50. Update: Shane and Jenn are in the backyard and both said that no matter who is in the final 2, they will vote for the person who played the best game. They also said, they think the jury will also do the same.

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