Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto

The Big Brother 14 action presses on this afternoon with the Power of Veto competition and the stakes couldn’t be higher. The nominations are in and the board is set, but thanks to yesterday’s Pandora’s Box event there could be some big changes hitting the game.

This week’s HoH has suddenly realized what could happen come Thursday if one of two people wins the Veto. The best laid plans could be completely thrown out the window. Then again, HGs continue to spread the word that production is pressed hard to control the players’ actions so who knows.

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Read on to find out who won the Veto and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Competition Results:

  • Jenn won the Veto Competition.

Wow! Congrats to Jenn. I’m glad to see her get a win on the board.

She’s telling Danielle that she has the votes to stay. It doesn’t sound like she plans to use the Veto on Monday. There goes the Quack Pack’s big plan to stay together this week. Dan is likely done.

The players in this week’s PoV competition were Frank as HoH with Dan and Danielle as the nominees. Britney, Shane, and Jenn were selected to join them. Ian hosted.

Dan is being punished with 24 hours in solitary confinement. Frank is in a carrot suit. Danielle and Britney are chained together for 24 hours. Jenn is on Slop for the rest of the season. Jenn also had to burn her clothes.

Frank can’t compete in the next 2 HoH comps as an elected punishment for points in the Veto comp and was disqualified from this comp. Frank said he was dq’d for answering out loud during Britney’s turn, but still had to keep his punishments.

Jump on the Live Feeds right now to watch the house react. You can check out the in-house uncensored cams with the Free Trial and then keep it for fifty cents a day. That’s a cheap price for a summer of Big Brother fun.

The Big Brother 14 Veto ceremony is expected to be held on Monday and we’ll know for sure then if it’s used. Stay close by and we’ll share those spoilers.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? Should it be used at the ceremony?

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    • Yea the ‘packrats’ might be over, but at least they’re not cheaters. Also don’t assume anything until everything is said and done.

      • ^ Anyone else see how this is a contradictory statement? I got a good laugh. Anyway, Frank is doing well.

      • Kinda like don’t assume anyone is cheating until everything is said and done. Right??

      • And…it’s not the FIRST time Frank has cheated. Not quite sure why production has allowed this to continue. Not a Frank hater…just don’t like his game play and game cheating!!!

      • how is production cheating in favor of Frank? he won HOH fair and square. You can rig that veto comp. such a stupid comment. stop making excuses…Frank is a beast!!!!

      • I agree! Something is amiss this year in the big brother house! I have seen good players before but I think some way or another production is helping Frank. We have already seen that there was some cheating during the picking of players for the video competition last week. And production was quick to extinguish that youtube post where Frank was discussing it with Mike.

    •  Like it matters. With Frank out of HoH for the next two comps he is gonna go one of those weeks.  He isn’t going to be able to pull out every PoV.  I am a Frank supporter too, but he blew it by trading HoH comps for points in this comp.

    • Frank can’t compete in the NEXT TWO HOH COMPETITIONS, still not looking good for him-Quack Pack is still gunning for him, Ian is till playing him, I hate to say it, but after this week I think it’s a wrap.  Just like Dani last year, with everybody after you, you can only dodge the bullets for so long.

      • I hope that happens. I have been hoping for them to get rid of frank for a long time. My fear is that Dan is going this week. Then people are going to start flipping and staying with frank because people like joe and Danielle are going to realize that they are at the bottom of the totem pole so they will try to get something going to they can get Shane or britt out. I just hope that I’m wrong. I want to see frank go

      • JennWontUseVeto,
        Totally agree with your name.
        I think the bottom of the totem pole begins with Joe and Jenn and then Dumbielle. Just saying…

      • That would be awesome but I read that jenn already told Danielle that she has the votes so she was not going to use the veto.

      • Are you kidding? Jenn wont use the veto. And even if she did, Shane or Britey would go up. Screw you Quack Pack!!!!

      • The hatred toward Frank amazes me. 1) He is a strong competitor. He has been lied 2 by SO many ppl in the house and yet u ppl hate him ??? What about pick face Brit who uses Ian as her scrap goat to find out everything from Frank and then tells no brains Shane to nominate him and when Brit is almost found out goings crying to Shane for throwing her under the bus. (boo-hoo) Then says to Shane I left my job and my husband for this. Duhhhh…u pressed the re-set button DRAMA QUEEN ! 2) As far as I’ve seen Frank was always nice to Shane, trusted him over and over again and all they do is screw him over because they know none of them can beat him at physical comps. Sure Frank is getting mad now, I would be to if a treated people nicely and they did that to me over and over and over again.
        It’s gonna be impossible at this point for any hope for Frank, unless something magical happens, I rather see a floater at this point win, and NO not DAN. Look at Jordan, see was a big time floater and everyone loved her, which puzzled me ??

    • Nothing is for sure. If he stays up with Danielle I could see Brit and Shane trying to save him, hes better for their alliance. And if Ian does what Brit tells him too thats 3 votes, and all they need.

      • I agree. Vote out Dan. Next get Brittany. All the coaches need to go. It isn’t fair for the rest of them. they have already won something. C.B.S. Likes to keep the uproar. It makes for a bigger audience. I don’t like the cheating. that’s the only reason I’m ready for Frank to be gone. He was with the wrong person when supported Boogie. He would through him under the bus in a New York minute. 

      • i like brit and dan and frank seemed a little bullyish tonight and in this game everyone lies but i do think frank is more in it for the win than the money tho

  1. kudos to Jenn, I’m pretty sure she’s going to use it to take off Danielle. Leaving Dan and most likely Britney. Now Ian might use his ball of power and take off Dan. Which means Shane is probably going up, because Frank promised Joe he was safe. It would be pretty interesting to see Shane and Britney up on the block.

  2. Fuckkkk! God damn it i really wish they didn’t rig this show the past couple weeks for frank…then he’d already be out and dan or ian could win this season

      • JP is a pussy full of yeast jus like the Headhunters. Got ya summers eve right here bastard

      • Why are so many people pulling for Frank? The guy is a cheater plus he’s got production helping him every step of the way. I just don’t get it. I hope by some stroke of luck that Dan survives this week and shows you all, as he’s been doing all summer, how the game is played. GO DAN!!!

    • Obviously production is on Jenn’s side now. They’ve been fooling everyone all along making you guys think they were rooting for Frank. So suck on that all you production haters!

  3. Jenn will not use the veto. She doesn’t want to rock the boat. Noms stay the same and if Ian does take Dan down then Brit or Shane will go up. Who knows – I have a feeling Dan stays. I hope Danielle or Shane get the boot. Team frIANK.

  4. Of production is running things they shouldnt let Dan go home this week for covering for Ian. Hes taken the fall all week and was hit pretty hard by Frank and Boogie and still taking it from Frank all to protect Ian. I think they should at least let Dan stay another week!

    • Enough of that nonsense already. Ian didnt mastermind anything. Boogie masterminded the downfall of Janelle. He came up with the plan and then sold the plan to everyone. Ian didnt come up with the plan to backstab Boogie and Frank last week. He merely supplied information to his alliance who then all agreed together. Dan, Britney, Shane, Danielle and Ian were all equally responsible in agreeing to get rid of Frank or Boogie.

      Dan doesnt deserve anything, get to steppin!

      • Exactly, Ian is just a dupe who will be expendable by all as soon as the bigger threats are gone….. go Frank go!!!

      • You guys are morons. Did someone else produce boogies elimination? Hell no! Ian did. Regardless who you want to win Ian spooked Britt who intern persuaded the quackers to betray froogie. Simple. He is the mastermind. No one else. If Ian didn’t start the coo froogie would be in power with Joe and dan on the block. Do the math people or is this your first big brother? Ian might be a dork idiot but boogie is at home watching bb14 because of him.

      • This is what you need to ask yourself: If Ian had never become a (very loyal) member of the “Quack Pack”, and fed them information, would Boogie and Frank have been nominated by Shane and then Ian? No. Both Boogie’s and Ashley’s exits are directly due to Ian’s actions, regardless if he “masterminded” their exits or not.

    •  No !!  Dan should not stay another 24 hrs..Dan has been the one to call all the shots,he and Britt.have taken control from day one,of decisions that were made by Shane,Danielle and now Ian…Hope to see Shane & Ian in final 2..They have taken all blame for those that want to float through and be known as the innocent ones…

  5. hmmm maybe Dan should have been a little smarter and ratted Ian out to Boogie and Frank. Sucks to see Dan go.,

    • hmmm maybe Dan should have been a little smarter and actually tried to win comps instead of throwing them in the hopes that everyone else will carry him to the end. He wouldn’t be in this situation if he played for himself.

    • I like Dan also but he has to win a comp at some point in this game.Social game will take you only so far.However Ian’s  probably going to use the veto power on Dan. Wouldn’t bet against it… 

    • If Jenn really wants Dani to stay, she should use it….but she’s not b/c she doesn’t want to piss Frank and everyone thinks Dan is leaving – Not so fast….Ian still has his veto ball (probably won’t use it though), and people could vote out Dani instead of Dan….This is gonna be fun to watch!! :)

    • Remind me what Britney or Dan has won? No coaches competitions, no POVs and no HOHs for either of them. Nope, Joe is not the only one. Dont forget Ashley who never won anything.

  6. Well, it looks like another “coach” is about to bite the dust. 

    I wonder how many “it was rigged” comments this comp will get.  How many people will threaten to not watch anymore because this went more Frank’s way than the QPs? (BTW, not a Frank fan, but the rigging/threatning talk is getting old.)  GO IAN!!!

  7. This actually puts Jenn in a great spot. She shows Frank some trust by not using it and a qpacker goes home. It’ll be interesting to see what Ian does. Im so hot and cold with him. One night, I sort of adore the kid and respect him, other nights – I can’t stand him. It’s hard to predict a F2 this year.

    • watch showtime after dark and watch Ian rock in the hammock for hours at a time.there is something wrong w/that kid

  8. I hope Dan convinces Ian to take him down britney goes up and goes home enough of hair and finger nail picking

    • If Dan would only go to Ian and threaten to out him to Frank unless Ian uses his special veto to take Dan down ….that would be his rabbit. But Dan is far to honorable & Ian is far too faithful to Brit for any of that !

      •   What you mean to honorable,,Shane didn’t rat on Dan,Britt or Danielle,when they came boo hoo hooing,that Boogie was chewing their butts out for going along with putting He & Frank on the block.Boogie went to HOH and confronted Shane,they had nothing to do with Shane,s choice..When they all were involved in it..Shane took all the blame,that it was his & his only choice..Honesty does fit Dan at all,Dan is way to small and conceded,thinks he has all the brains..Dan is a floater,hope he gets his wings cropped an falls out the door..

  9. Wait…if Jenn could be convinced to use veto on Danielle, then Ian could save Dan and name Joe as replacement (if he has a golden veto)…and the pack has the votes to send Joe packing…right???

  10. If Jenn uses it on Danielle, Shane or Brit goes up. If Ian uses it on Dan, Brit or Shane go up. Joes not going home. A Q’per goes home this week. Thank God. (hope its Dansmell)

    • Yep…The only way all 4 Quack Packers would stay is if Brit or Shane won Veto (which keeps 2 safe when one of them uses it), then Ian takes the other off, which leaves 1 quack packer, jenn and joe…Obviously this can’t happen b/c Jenn won POV, so yes, someone from QP will go home – I hope its Danielle.

      • I QP’r, Jenn and Joe as options for noms…then the people who vote will keep the QP safe and either Jenn or JOe goes home.  I was so hoping for Brit or Dan to win…

      • Jenn with the POV cannot be nominated or evicted this week but, Joe can!
        If Joe goes on the block, Joe goes to jury house this week!

  11. Congrats to Jenn! Seems like Frank is more the class clown than Ian. Not only has he been fighting to stay, but this is the second humility costume too.

    With one exception, Pandora’s Box never really works out for the HOH. I’m waiting for the moment someone actually says no to opening it.

    • all the players seem to be poor as dirt, its no wonder they all open it, hoping for money….  the way the talk about CBS not buying them more than three beers cause they are an expensive brand shows they haven’t got a clue just how afloat in cash the producers actually are…   CBS is just a cheap tight wad of an operation…    notice how the 100 grand just “disappeared” that was to be the coaches prize….   right into the producers pocket…lol

      • House guests probably get paid more per week than you realise. An actress on Dancing with the Stars stated on national TV that she got paid like $20,000 per episode not counting the bonuses if she lasted till the latter episodes. Boogie pocketed $16,000 not including his episode fees. Maybe, these house guests get paid less than that $20,000 say, just $8,000 per episode or week but, that is still a lot of money for little work if you think about it! If there are just 6 weeks, that is $48,000 and nothing to sneeze at!

      •  @122cab1d2ab7f66d6c9b3a8624c181a7:disqus : Coaches were paid more because they had to be convinced to come back. Regular HGs don’t make much. They get around $750/wk. Which isn’t nothing, but it’s not the kind of money you might expect.

      • BB spends a lot to put their show on the air. You’re forgetting about lighting, editors, cameramen, tech support, props… The HGs are complaining about the number of beers because they want to get drunk. LOL

      • Compared to other shows with professional actors and sets and locations, yeah. Still not that cheap.

      • Tim & Kate,
        Whatever. You try to feed that many people for that long and tell me it doesn’t get spendy. That alone is small fortune. Just saying…

  12. I only Care about Shane. He is the only one that doesn’t get on my nerves. I am tired of Danielle and Brittany. I just wish Frank and Shane would stick together until the end. It is really the only chance both of them have to get to the end.

    • Couldn’t agree more with them sticking together.  At some point they have to realize that their only chance to make it to the end is together.  That is why I wish Frank would have gotten rid of Brittany this week so Shane could be free to make a move like this. 

      • Shane takes his orders from Brittney and is her puppet. He does not dare go against her. Dan or Brittney can still win that $500,000 with these dumb newbies still listening to the coaches this late in the game! Brain transplant anyone?

    • Frank went to Shane with that idea how many times and what happened? No way he can trust Shane.

      • Frank is all alone and if even some of his brain cells was working, he will realise that he cannot trust anyone! His only shot is to win HOH and POV but, since, he cannot play for the next 2 HOH then, he is done! Next week Frank will be evicted!

      • I agree. Ideally, Dan is taken off by Ian; Danielle by Jenn. Shane and Bitchny on the block. Shane goes. Did Frank really give up HOH for 2 weeks?

  13. There is literally a surprise, Jenn finally steps up when it counted the most and won a POV, now she’s safe. But that really makes this weird as Jenn has a POV and Ian has a veto ball. Who uses what and on whom? Looks like Ian will pull down Dan and maybe Jenn will pull Danielle down, so that leaves Britney, Shane and/or Joe to go on the block. My guess would be a member of the Quack Pack will be going home come Thursday, but I don’t see who until Monday night at least. 

    But I don’t see Dan getting evicted unless Ian doesn’t keep his promise and take Dan off the block. It would be good if Dan was evicted though and the best time. 

    • ian will not use his unless jenn uses hers. would do no good. they would just put someone else from the qp up.

      • Frank struck another alliance with Shane and Brittney if they take just one off, it is going to be Joe on the block and Joe goes to jury this week! If two get off, Shane or Brittney goes on the block with Joe and Joe still goes home!

  14. Maybe the will give Jenn an ultimatum like they did to Jerry in BB10. ‘Use the Vito or go home next week’

    • It is going to be Frank getting backdoored next week so, Jenn should feel so safe! They can only evict one house guest each week unless, it is double eviction day!

  15. Ian’s got a tough choice to make. Frank  and Dan put it on him real good. Betrayl isn’t easy huh smartguy?

  16. Frank can’t compete in the next two HoH’s. Sorry Frank…not that I doubt you….but a backdoor is coming.

    • About time. This dumbo cannot think clearly to save his sorry ass for the life of him! His nomination sucks, he goes after Danielle instead of putting up Shane and Dan. Now, he can be evicted and we can move on the Quack Pack going after each other!

      • Like I said, I don’t doubt Frank. However, even he can’t win Veto if he doesn’t get picked to play.

      • @wayward – After Thursday, there will be 7 HGs left. 6 play for veto. So only one HG doesn’t play next weeks veto and all HGs will play for veto after that through the end of the season. So, he has a chance – unless he’s the unlucky one to not play veto next week. Then it would be easy to backdoor him. Who knows when and on whom Ian will use his power, don’t forget!!

      • @Rojeezee- Thank you I thought 5 played and 1 host. Forgot the HoH drew too. Apreesh!

    • Backdoor Frank next week and he will not get off this time! He is dumb and
      should be evicted! His lame and idiotic game play is sickening! He wasted his HOH for nothing!

      • Well, I have to disagree here. He has noone but himself and taking out Dan is a very good move. So, he didn’t waste his HoH. Does Dan throw comps…absolutely. Can Dan win those comps when it comes to it….I think he can.

    • How much do you want it veto I think. He gave up 2 HoH’s Jenn is on slop for the rest of the summer etc…

      • i dont understand why Frank would give up the next two hoh’s. Is getting Dan out really that important? He could just get rid of Danielle or anyone else in the house.
        Now he has a greater chance of going home in the next two weeks.

        Well he was supposed to go home in week 3 :/

      • I find that hard to believe ..He actually gave up the chance for “2”  HOH  loses…??/  Something a miss there…unless he is very sure and I mean no doubt at all that he is gonna play and win 2 veto comps…SOMETHING WRONG with Frank agreeing to that..

      • Frank is a moron and he already showed that with his lame nominations. He puts up Dan and Danielle? Then, strikes up another alliance with Shane and Brittney? This guy is dumb and Boogie was able to cover for him by making his decisions for him. Now that he has to make the decisions on his own, he cannot even if his life depended on it! Frank will be evicted next week! Atleast, we can move on the Quack Pack to start going after each other when Frank gets evicted!

  17. it still could work out for dan to stay if noms stay the same brit shane joe for dani to go

    ian and jen for dan

  18. Here’s I see this going down. If Ian doesn’t use his special power to take Dan off the block and the nominations stay the same, Dan will undoubtedly tell Frank that Ian was the rat and was the one who masterminded Boogie’s demise. There’s no way Dan goes into Thursday without ratting out Ian. Will it be enough to save him? I don’t know, but Dan needs to do something if he wants to stay.  

    • the only chance Dan has and it’s a small one is to get Shane up there with him. That’s it.

      • The problem is Frank struck another alliance with Shane and Brittney so, will not put them on the block. More likely, Joe will be put on the block and evicted and the Quack Pack goes their merry way into the sunset! Frank will be backdoored next week. Atleast, we do not have to see his very bad game play! Boogie probably has lost all his hair pulling at it watching Frank slit his own throat!

    • Totally agree. Gator, Frank will not believe Dan. No way. Dan’s only chance is to manuver Ian toward a confession…as if Ian would ever confess. In Big Brother, expect the…you know the rest.

      • Idk he might like he will be telling him everything Frank thought was just between him and Boogie.

    • If Dan does rat out Ian is Frank gonna believe it at this point? If I was Frank I would want to know why Dan didn’t share that info before he was stuck on the block, seems like it’d come off as a desperation move.

      • Dan,is not liked and never was liked by Frank. Boogie told Frank before he left,if he could oust Dan in anyway do it..Boogie told Frank that Dan would do anything to get him out,and said Dan would lie to save his A$$..Don’t believe anything he tells you & I will be watching..

  19. What kind of game was played for POV? Jenn wins! What a surprise! Ian better use the veto to take Dan off. I will really lose a lot of respect for him if he doesn’t. It will be the second person he will screw who trusts him. And that doesn’t even invlude his lady love Ashley! I don’t think he wants to be considered that evil! I don’t think anything is gained by Jenn if she takes Danielle down. HopeDanielle goes home! She is ANNOYING and least likable of the QUACK PACK in my book! Why can’t Joe go up?

  20. Man Dan is going to turn the house completely. He gonna expose everything to Frank. The best move for Frank Dan Jenn and Joe. Is to form a alliance. Dan will expose quack pack Frank actually realize Dan is the only honest person that has been to him. They should then expose quack pack to Jenn ad Joe. Jenn if she smart will realize she should take Dan off the block cause if I form a alliance with them then Shane prob go up and go home then they battle it out against Brintey Dani and Ian she can sit back and watch same with Joe.

    • And it’s good for Frank cause apparently he can’t play in next two hoh from pov comp and now there another target with Dan. And if Frabk doesn’t do this he gone next week. It just all depends if Frank can actually think and not just use emotions of hate towards Dan. But I think once Dan exposes everything Frank actually be like Whoah you took so much heat for your alliance.

    • Frank is just plain dumb. If not, he would not have formed another alliance with Shane and Brittney. He put up Dan but, also put up Danielle instead of Shane? He is an idiot and Boogie made decisions for him to make him look smarter than he is! Dan’s best chance is Ian to use his POV. Jenn might save Danielle so, dummy Frank will probably put up Joe as replacement nominee if one goes off!

  21. Hasn’t Brit got a whole week of safety veto from the pot filling comp?  Can anyone tell me is that ‘safety’ still good?

  22. Dan is going home and is stuck in solitary confinement for 24 hours and danielle is complaining that dan is mad at her…send this chick home already

  23. So Frank was disqualified from this veto and cannot compete in the next 2 HOHs and production is setting it up for Frank to it all! Now, all those saying that have
    all egg on your faces! What is your excuse now? Frank will be evicted next week for sure!

    • people were catching on that production was saving him. idk

      yes it does look like he is going. finally

    • Because he’s cheated at other comps, they finally said enough red, your done. 3 strikes I think.

      • If they were saving Frank, they would have given him a Special Power of Veto when he opened Pandora’s Box then, he would be safe next week. Now, he cannot even compete for the next 2 HOHs guaranteeing his eviction! 

    • Just because he got busted for whatever crap he pulled in the veto comp doesn’t mean he hasn’t been getting bits of help from Production throughout the season. Doesn’t the evidence speak for itself. They tried to get Shane to not nominate Boogie and Frank, there were no consequences for Frank cheating last week, the list goes on. There’s only so much Production can do to help him. They have to keep the show looking semi legitimate to the casual viewer.

      • I’m not trying to be critical or anything, I was just wondering how did Frank cheat last week?  I’m not a huge Frank fan at all, so the accusation doesn’t bother me, I was just curious, I must not have been very observant!

    • I don’t know how he end up not being able to compete in the next 2 HOH’s. If it’s a choice, It’s a dumb choice. It doesn’t really matter how much assistance he gets from Production, (not sure if its true) because if he’s dumb, then he deserves to be evicted.

    • R u just a jerk on this site, or as I suspect, u r as much a jerk in real life. Maybe Frank was disqualified because of the uproar from fans. Ever think of that? I hope production realized Frank cheating again would not fly. Production has done a lot to help Frank and even had no consequences for blatantly cheating. Disqualifying Frank helped repair damage to their reputation. Wish they wouldn’t interfere with HG’s game play, beginning to wonder if they make a suggestion to get HG’s to do opposite.

      •  Frank spoke aloud trying to help Britt in comp.. Then when he and Boogie were on the block he drew 2 chips,was told to put them back in bag and draw again, well Frank palmed the choice chip,& pulled the same chip out..people choice chip..

  24. even if jenn used it to save danielle which jenn never would shes not that type of player… brit would go up and ian then would nevr use it to save dan bc then shane would go up and he would not want to risk britney getting sent home…

    • If he does, that would really reek of total manipulation of the game by the producers.  Boogie was fairly and legitimately evicted, there is no way he should be allowed to re-enter the game.  If he does, then they ought to let Janelle re-enter as well.

      • Since Matt interviewed him it’s obvi that he hasn’t be in sequester so there’s no way he could now

    • Don’t doubt that Boogie will come back..I read where he said if they ask him he would come back.. 

  25. I think Brit and Shane are going to abandoned Dani and join Frank and Ian in some sort of alliance. Hope it happens! 

    • Dan said to Brit thanks for playing hard for the Veto and is pissed at Danielle….I think she had the chance to win and she threw it b/c she didn’t want Brit as replacement….Dan somehow knows this or saw that she could win and didn’t….hmmmmm….I really hope Dani goes home!!!!

      • dan will chastize dumbielle and we will have to hear the whining  and her saying “do you still love me dan, am i the prettiest, skinniest, the best  player, do you still like me?”

      • Oh great now we’ll have to listen to her whining all night on BBAD! I’m going to lmao if she’s eating cheese tonight too :D

  26. This is so disappointing. Im a huge Dan fan. And I was an Ian supporter but now that Ian is screwing up Dan’s game, I’m disappointed with him. Ian owes Dan!! But Ian might work with frank now and that’s scary. I don’t want a jerk/bully to win this game!! And definitely not boring Jenn or joe. This show disappoints me do much! Plus it’s been said on the feeds that the players are being persuaded by big brother to do things. Totally not cool.

    • How’s frank a bully? I’d go off on ppl too if my best friend and semi girlfriend got evicted the same nigh and had been on the block every freaking week. Ppl are wayyyy to damn sensitive… Bully is a strong word that gets thrown around way too much. How’s Ian a jerk? Ohhh he was a cool kid that was sweet when he did Dans dirty work last night in getting Ash out, but now he’s a jerk? He’s playing the freaking game! That’s how the cookie crumbles…. Just because things aren’t going the way you want doesn’t make someone a bully or jerk… I get it though because I’ve felt the same way in the past when my favs were in trouble. But calling Frank a bull is too extreme.

      • Excellent response, I agree that the word “bully” is way overused and I will continue to maintain that it is impossible for one adult to “bully” another adult. Adults should be able to verbally defend themselves, that is part of being an adult.   I think the term is much more applicable in school age kids (be it grade school, middle school, or high school), that’s when bullying is quite real and can have truly tragic results, such as suicides etc. It’s ludicrous to use the word here, in no way is Frank acting like a bully! He’s ticked off of having his strongest ally backdoored, although I think that was a great thing.  He’s mad about being on the block all the time.  He thinks Shane betrayed their alliance and so he’s upset about that too.  A lot of us might feel the same way in his shoes.

      • You must have missed big portion of game play week ago. Frank admitted to Boogie that palmed “guest choice” chip when played veto game. During rehersal he kept the chip palmed, then used it on real chip choosing. Later Joe told HG’s saw production helping Frank and Boogie cheat. I don’t have one favorite, watching the game play to determine that. But, the cheater should have been disqualified then! And for those of you who don’t think integrity plays a part in this game, better replay Matt’s interviews. Each player is asked about their integrity in the game.

    • It would be stupid for Ian to work with Frank since Frank can’t play HOH for 2 weeks, unless there is an entirely new alliance…

    • first of all Ian owed boogie for giving him 3000 and he owed frank for telling boogie to give it to him. he owes boogie and Frank for taking care of him first 5 weeks. so for you to say he owes Dan is hilarious. You now say that but I bet you didn’t say he owed boogie. you tard

      •  Sorry, no one owes the other a dam thing..It’s a game & they choose what they want to,as a hope of moving them up in the game..They all try to buy the other in one way or another..Buy,Lie,or Cheat..

    • Agree with you Laura. Wasn’t a Dan fan in beginning and still Hoping for either Dan, Ian, Shane, or Britney to win. But, Dan took the wrath and blame for the Boogie game play and continues to take it. Ian owes Dan big time, but think Ian is beginning to get tangled up with his own importance. If his ego takes over, it will lead to his downfall like Boogie. If Ian doesn’t give Dan retribution I will lose lot of respect for him. He has been playing game respectfully until recently. Think am seeing a little evil Ian twin coming out. Britney owes Dan also because she threw him under the bus and happily let him take the blame to keep herself clean. But, her focus so intent on winning doesn’t care who she walks over. Britney and Ian evil twins have united I think, to detriment of Dan.

      •  Ian,should not feel bad about Dan taken the heat for him..Dan was as much involved inputting Ian up to telling them everything he heard..Boogie told Frank not to believe anything Dan told him,and to get Dan out as soon as he could..So if Dan rats, Dan only lets others in the house know they can’t trust him..And they too will want him out..Frank will tell Dan to his face thats a lie.. 

  27. I had a dream Jenn was the winner this season and after that morning I was so confused for the whole day

  28. the outcome of this week depends solely on whether or not ian is stronger than his feelings of guilt. dan will undoubtedly use the argument that he took the fall for ian’s masterplan which wasnt really a masterplan at all but thats besides the point… the bottom line is its either dan or britney going home this week and given ian’s clinginess to britney im gonna say its a safe bet and go with dan

    • i think ian should go for dan. Am i missing out on anything or does dan never talk game with ian solely?
      If ian wants to be a villian he has to go for dan

  29. the only was jenn would use the veto is if she felt scared that ian was going to use his veto to take dan off in which britney would most likely go up and most likely be sent home.. but it would be a close vote so thered e a chance danielle could go home… but jenn i dont even think knew what she was going when she won the veto so i seriosuly doubt her thinking about the game in that way

    • I wish someone would have won POV who might have the gumption to use it if it benefited their game play, I don’t think Jenn HAS any game play, she undoubtedly won’t use the POV and hope that she can just continue to float on by.  The POV is wasted on someone like her, I wonder why she even tried so hard to win it?  As should be obvious here, I am not a Jenn fan, she is boring to watch, rather freaky to even look at, and is a joke when she indicates anything about her “game play” (after the coaches entered the game, Jenn had said that it helped her “game play”) when she appears to have NO game play.

  30. I hope Jenn and Ian do nothing – then they can have a new pac of Frank, Ian, Joe and ian.

  31. Let’s be real guys, this whole thing was never the result of Ian’s “master plan”. He went to the pack rats with the info. You want to put blame on someone, blame Britt. That’s right, what happened when Ian told F/B’s plan? She freaked out and told her attack dog to put F/B up. I don’t know about you guys, But I noticed a pattern with this chick since the Willie thing. She gets the whole house riled up with her paranoia and then walks away like nothing happend and nobody calls her on it. She’s caused so much drama is that house it’s pathetic, even more that Daneille because people listen to Britt, not Daneille. Now add Joes big mouth to the mix. How are these people getting a pass?

  32. How can Frank give up 2 HOH comp? Half wit. The odds of him being evicted soon is pretty good. That’s fine with me, but why give Production more work?

  33. Ian should  use his ball of power and take Dan off, he owes him that much, since Dan took the heat for what Ian did.  Shane should replace Dan. 

    • Frank is pleading Dani and Brit to not go after him while he can’t play for HOH during the next 2 weeks….If I were them, I would say, ok then, take Dani down and put Joe up.  Joe goes home.  Then they can play for HOH, nom 2 people (Ian and Jenn) and if Frank doesn’t win POV, he goes home…

  34. What it sounds like to me is that his HOH is void of now and I bet no one is going home.  I wondering what he did to get dq’d?  lol

  35. It sounds like QP are going  on.  It sounds like Franks HOH is void as of now.  I wondering what he did to get dq’d so earlier.  Cheater. lol

    • What are you smoking? You realize right that HGs are needing to be EVICTED quickly rather than keeping them because the end is getting close? How the hell would getting dq’ed from a PoV comp would cause him to lose his HoH? That’s the biggest malarkey I’ve ever heard from someone. Tell me then, why are they still talking abou Dan leaving and Jenn sting she wont use the veto, telling Dani she has the votes, etc. Sorry but you are delusional or wishful thinking, or delusional wishful thinking lol

  36. everyone forgets the fact that dan has never actually had to campaign for votes. in his original season san was nominated just twice and only sat on eviction night once and that was in week 2 when no one realized who dan was exactly. dan has never had the experience of campaigning for votes so when he declares how he is able to dodge bullets all the time it doesnt make sense since he has no experience having to survive evictions really and i doubt has the skills to. dan might be a great strategist when off the block but when on the block hes never really been in a situation where hes actually had to fight to stay. his game is done.

    • Dan will get off. Ian will save him. Just watch. Jenn will save Danielle.
      Frank will put up Joe with Shane or Brittney. Does not matter because the Quack Pack has the votes and will send Joe to the jury house!

      • MyOpinion247……Frank struck another alliance with Shane and Brittney. If one goes off, it is Joe on the other hot seat and Joe will get sent to jury because the Quack Pack has majority votes to send whoever they want to the jury house! The only idiot here is Frank. I was rooting for Frank but, his sheer stupidity and dumb game moves make me sick. I am ready for the Quack Pack to send Frank to the jury house. Then, I can watch the Quack tear each other apart! That would be much better game play!

  37. what production is doing to dan is akin to brain washing,  How can they get away with it??????????

    • I agree. Seems pretty harsh punishment for a game. These are torture technics. Are they trying to get Dan the sympathy vote? Or just enjoy to keep heaping the hate on him? It’s bizarro.

  38. Jacee….where are you? Please give us your update on all this, it’s the only one I can really trust

    • His nominations are useless because Ian’s POV and Jenn’s POV can take both nominees off the block. I am sure Frank will put up Joe having struck another alliance with Shane and Brittney and the Quack Pack will all vote Joe out and send him to jury!

      • I hope that happens but it sounds like Jenn and Ian are going to keep noms the same…they are dumb if they do that though…Frank can’t protect them b/c he can’t play HOH the next 2 weeks…

      • If Dan and Danyell :) get pulled down, I have no doubt Brat and Shame will go up. Franks not that stupid. No way is he going to waste this HOH on Joe

      • Kristen……..Frank has struck another alliance with Shane and Brittney and worst case scenario for Quack Pack is to have one of them on the block but, Joe on the other hot seat! Joe gets sent to the jury house as Quack Pack has the majority vote! If you look at how Frank’s mind works, he keeps his word to alliances but, they betray him each time which is why I say Frank is dumb. Boogie covered for him and made Frank look smarter by making the good decisions. Now that Boogie is gone, Frank cannot function to make good decisions which benefit him and not the Quack Pack!

    • Ian is playing smart. If he saves the POV, he can use it next week if Shane or Brittney decide they want to target him next week instead of Frank. Dan can be evicted this week because that may be Ian, Shane and Brittney’s
      plan all along. If Dan goes this week, Frank next week, you only have Ian, Shane, Brittney, Joe and Jenn in the house. Next, Ian, Shane and Brittney will target each other as there are only 5 house guest left by that time.
      Now, we will see who has game!

  39. How long is Frank stuck in that carrot suit?  Cause the costumes are always the kiss of death for the HGs.  They always seem to get evicted while wearing the costumes.

  40. I hate to bring this up,but IF Frank actually makes it to the “Final Two”, he’s not gonna be getting alot of votes with the way he’s been acting lately.

      • Kristen……The Quack Pack is not going to nominate Frank so that, if he is not picked for POV then, he cannot even play! If Joe and Jenn are still in the house, they will put up the two on the block. One of the Quack Pack wins veto which is very likely then, puts Frank as replacement nominee. They will still have enough votes to send Frank home which means it is over! I used to root for Frank but, his dumb game plays of late make me wish he was evicted! That way, I can watch the Quack Pack go after each other!

  41. frank is the only thing keeping this show interesting at all. I hate all of the quack pack. They are all lying cowards. and completely annoying.  But If frank can’t play in the next 2 HoH comps, he is screwed

  42. Not following all the comments as Jenn said that Frank should have won and whatever took place was not that big of a deal.  Frank said something which I am not sure what but it had to do with reading one of the cards and he was reading it slowly to make sure that he was reading it correctly.  He must have timed out and yelled a profanity or something to that effect.  His points stopped at that point in time and he can not play in the next 2 HOH comps. His penalty is not playing in an extra HOH and he would not be playing in the next one as out going HOH.   I am reading all these comments like his HOH is void as of now, etc.  That is not true.  Jenn, Ian and Frank met in his HOH room and Jenn said it didn’t matter because it turned out that at least their alliance won.  They are taking Danielle down and Dan is scheduled to leave.  Ian seems on board unless he ends up changing his mind.  Joe seems very irritated with Brit as he saw Dan doing some signaling to her during the comp but she explained it away.  I believe it may have had to do with their pre-arranged plan for Dan to throw the comp. and Brit was going to do some sort of signal to Shane, Dan, and Dani when to drop.  It seems like Jenn and Dani have some sort of all girl alliance that Jenn suggested awhile ago and it would not surprise me if Brit is in it as she has alliances with everyone in the house except for Joe.

      • Thanks so much but I actually came to make a correction.  Frank chose that extra week of not playing the extra week as part of the comp.  He was not given that as a punishment at all.  He received a DQ for something to do with the pushing of the button.  It was no big deal.  Also, Dani as usual saying she could have won, but did not want to.  Joe starting trouble as usual telling everyone that the coaches make a lot of money – Janelle told her whole team so he is trying to throw Brit under the bus.

  43. Frank cant play for HOH the next 2 weeks….looks like we know who will be winning next 2 vetos.. Frank..

    • No he won’t. He will be backdoored and sent to the jury house. Then, the Quack Pack can go about going after each other!

      • pretty much everyone will be in the veto next week moron AND the Fudge Pack alliance is the lamest one in history.

  44. Notice to NY area viewers: Thursday night BB (8/30) will be pre-emted by pre-season NFL football. Bummer. 

  45. Now it’s my turn…..It’s RIGGED! Stop Production Interference!!! Jen  won veto!
    Production wants Jen to win BB….OMG!!!! I’m So Stop Watching this Show!!! With me not watching, BB will lose all its ratings!!! Oh Production…How could you!!!

    • no matter who wins clowns like yourself whine and go through boxes of tissues lol get a life

      • Really? You couldn’t sense her sarcasm? I know it’s just text, but that was pretty clear, especially when she started it with “Now it’s my turn…”

        Correct me if I’m wrong, @f1717c5673662dce55a2cf2ea2292881:disqus 

      • sarcasm [ sahr-kaz-uh m ] noun 1. harsh or bitter derision or irony. 2. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.

      • You’re dumb as dumb gets …you can’t see sarcasm if it hit you in the face!!!  Go MJ…you got it!!!

    • Jenn only won because she had the next in the number of points and Frank’s stopped as he received his DQ for doing something that was not part of the rules.  Something to do with the reading of the card and the amount of time one has.  Production had nothing to do with it.  Actually Jenn was working with Frank.  He had talked with her previously. 

      • Jacee2…I’m not really angry…I was just tired of all the whining for the past week about production interference… and I was being sarcastic.. 

    • Hahaha!! Me too! Boycott BB! I heard they eat at Chick-Fil-A, and they are commies! I also heard BB production talked Michael Phelps into throwing that race! It’s a conspiracy I tell you! BB is actually behind the presidential race. They are trying to decide who’s gonna win the White House HOH. Paul Ryan is the mole, and Biden is the saboteur. LOL!!!

    • That is the funny thing. People say Big Brother is rigged. I will not watch it anymore and the same people saying that are here day in and day out still posting on this blog and still watching Big Brother! That is why the ratings will be high and Big Brother thanks you for all those big, juicy advertising dollars!

  46.  Frank had used up all 9 lives plus Production Can’t compete in 2 HOH’s. That’s it maan, game over, you can go to Jury house now.

    • lol stop drinking the BB is rigged kool-aid moron. you sound like a dummy who is probably cheering on that lazy-eyed hoe brit

    • Frank took that 2nd week as part of the game.  He has not used up his 9 lives he is still fighting and making deals by talking to everyone.  Don’t count him out yet.

      • His deals are worthless. Like Shane or Brittney will save his ass! They will stick a knife at this back as soon as next week when he cannot even compete for HOH! The Quack Pack will backdoor him to make sure he does not get off this time!

  47.  someone in another blog speculated that  productio fixed who got the special veto ball.  People stood in line and put their quarters in the machine  but production had access to behind the machine thru the wall and they pushed out the special ball to Ian and then talked him out of using it in the diary room.

    • I heard production talking Ian about not using the veto ball as well….I also remember last year about production talking to Jeff about not playing his veto (or something like that)…BB production is the bully…If Ian does use it, I can see BB plotting his demise afterthat…

  48. Frank is a total TOOL and he can’t even compete in the next TWO HOH’S….he’s toast!!!!! BUH-BYE FRANK :))

    • how’s he a tool? because of his lazy eye or hunchback? oh wait, im thinking of brit and dani.

    • Frank taking the punishment of not being able to compete in the next two HoH’s was completely idiotic. I like him but I’m calling a spade a spade. He’s alone in this game, he can’t afford to not play for the next two HoH’s. How badly must he have wanted to keep his nominations the same…and now Jenn will probably do that anyway because she’s a hypocrite.

      • Frank’s nominations are lame anyways. He should be targeting the strongest players of the Quack Pack which is Shane and Dan with Brittney as replacement. Instead, he puts up Danielle and struck up another alliance with Shane and Brittney? He is really asking to be backdoored! He has stupid tatooed on his forehead! Frank is all alone and trusting anyone from the Quack Pack is just plain dumb! Next week, Frank can be backdoored and we would not have to see him slit his own throat! Lame, pathetic, idiotic game play! I am ready for the Quack Pack to go after each other! That would be better game play!

  49. I see someone called Frank a cheater–have I missed something –what did he do to deserve that shot?

    • He did nothing wrong and bad information is being reported.  Calling Frank dumb is wrong as well as he has been talking with everyone playing a very smart game.  He is covering a lot of bases.  He would have won the veto today as he had the most points until they stopped counting.  He pushed the button at the wrong time (something to that effect) and it resulted in his DQ.  It was nothing serious as is falsely being reported. 

  50. As much as I like both Dan and Frank, I’d prefer to see Frank win this season. The smartest move would be for Jenn to use the POV to remove Danielle from the chopping block, and for Frank to nominate Britney as the replacement nominee. So he told her that she and Shane are safe. Big deal. This move would guarantee the eviction of a strong player. And everyone but maybe Jenn and especially maybe (probably not) Joe hate Frank anyway, so might as well form a small alliance and Hulk smash the house.

  51. Isn’t the big news that Frank can’t win HoH.  Shane will win and this time brit will tell him to not nom frank but to backdoor him with the veto.  If not this week, the next.  Even if they don’t want Frank to go, at this point in the game if you can’t be HoH and you’ve been HoH pretty much the whole game, everyone wants you out. 

    On another note, I don’t get why anybody wanted Dan out.  He hasn’t won a thing this season and his social game hasn’t been good.  If I were Frank I’d be targetting Shane and Brit.  They are the ones pulling the strings.  But I guess that’s what happened when Boogie left.  With the exception of going for the $10k instead of HoH, Boogie was the brains of Chilltown2. 

    I’m glad they got rid of Boogie though.  Anyone has a chance to win now.  If Frank AND Boogie had stayed one more week I think they had the game in the bag.  They could have dumped Shane and Dan and pull Ian back to them.  It would have taken cbs intervention to stop them from making final 2.

    • Next week there will be 7 players left, and the week after there’ll be 6. When there’s 6 they can’t backdoor Frank, everybody plays for Veto. Chances are he’s the only one not selected next week, with 7 players, are slim.

      Just flat out nominate him. This way he can’t save anyone else.

      • I meant chances of him being the only one not selected are slim…still awaiting the edit post feature…

  52. ok so with Dan out and Frank not being able to compete in HOH for two rounds could knock out two huge threats.  Britney may have this game in the bag.

    • brit has done nothing all game. she wont get the jury votes unless shes with joe or jenn

    • Dan is not out yet, when POV ceremony is concluded, we will know for sure who is still on the block. Jenn and Ian can still use their POVs to take off Danielle or Dan. If just one goes off, Frank will put up Joe because he has another alliance with Shane and Brittney. The Quack Pack will send Joe to the jury as they have the majority votes!

  53. Frank should have been disqualified and ushered out the door when he cheated on the veto ceremony last week.  
    I am sick of that clown and ready for him to GO!

    • That was already explained. Frank did not cheat. He drew the House Guest Choice Chip but, the angle was not good. So they shot it again. He palmed it and pretended to draw it again. There is NO cheating. He already drew that chip the first time around fair and square! If he dropped it into the bag, he would have gotten another chip which would not be fair for Frank. 

  54. Jenn won! That’s crazy, but I’m happy because she won’t use it, and Dan will be going home. Then hopefully Ian can win the next hoh and get Shane out, Ian needs to get the wo members out!

  55. Jenn is a piece of crap if she doesn’t pull Danielle or Dan off the block. I sat and watched her ‘tearful’ conversation with Danielle saying she’d essentially rather die than see Danielle’s game in trouble. She also basically swore allegiance to both her and Dan, and has nothing to lose by using it on Monday.

    Dan is my favourite remaining player, but I don’t care which one she uses it on, just use it. If Danielle is removed I’m sure Shane goes up anyway. Dan or Shane out, guaranteed a good player leaves. Do the right thing Jenn.

    • No way that would take a backbone and well, you know the rest. But I wouldn’t rule out a Shane backdoor either. Lots of time left.

    • all fudge pack members are boooooring for tv. hunchback dani is ugly and tells awful made up stories, dan just reads, shane just works out and brit is nasty and has a terrible woobly eye lol

      • But I don’t think Jenn is looking out for fun players for TV audiences to watch. She made it clear she would protect Danielle and now she’s talking about not saving her? It’s a joke. Think she has the votes all you want, bottom line you have the power to ensure her safety 100% and you’re talking like you won’t do it.

        I hadn’t heard about this supposed Veto ball of Ian’s until now. If he has a Veto and doesn’t save Dan, he’s just as much of a joke as Jenn for not saving Danielle. It’s a chance to save two QP members and he might not do it…great thinking Ian.

      • of course isnt thinking about the viewers but that’d be bad for her game to join the fudge-packers. ian will save his veto for himself. if jenn or ian used their veto’s they;d be dumb.

        and anyways, dani has enough votes to stay anyways (jenn, shane, brit)

      • I would hope Britney and Shane at least consider the idea of voting to keep Dan, if him and Danielle are left on the block. They still need help to advance. Jenn will vote out Dan over Danielle of course. Joe will probably suck up to Frank and his wishes and vote out Dan. Ian I would hope votes out Danielle.

        That would be 4-2 in favour of Dan, or 4-2 against him if Britney and Shane go the other way. Either way I don’t see a tiebreaker coming, and if it does, obviously Frank is voting out Dan.

      • completely agree this show is suffering after boogie left nobody else has any sense of humor they are all so boring and dumb

      • Tito,
        Frank is still good TV but I really miss Boogie too. It’s not the same. I  LOVED watching him and Frank bash all the other hg’s when they were within earshot of them. That was the best!

      • @f17312b53d5aef93148433df60bbac4e:disqus I realize Dan hasn’t made many game moves this season, but I like him, and I think he earned and deserved his win in BB10. I’ll be honest, that’s most of why I want him around. I also respect that he doesn’t drag names through the mud (as he proved by protecting Ian). I think there’s game left in Dan that people don’t realize. When he hasn’t been in DR saying he was throwing a competition, he’s performed well. The last HoH he was flying, he went for safety first and lost it, and still came back to take a lead over Ian and I think Danielle as well, and they were going for HoH the whole time. That shows what he can do when he wants to, and doesn’t strategically think throwing a competition is the better choice. I haven’t seen this Veto yet, but I would bet he finished top 3 or 4, not bottom (5th or 6th). We already know he took the 24 hour confinement and I bet he took more. His mental gameplay is mostly yet to be seen (only mostly, he’s had a hand in decisions in the game already) and I think it will come out more if he gets to stick around. Unfortunately, it looks like he’ll be gone on Thursday.

      • Really? I find that hard to believe, but I haven’t watched the feeds today. If she did, Danielle’s just as dumb as Jenn. Bottom line, as I mentioned, Jenn made it painstakingly clear she would jump in front of a proverbial bullet for Danielle. Not saving her so she can vote to try to save Dan is a mistake, unless of course Danielle doesn’t care to try to save Dan after all.

  56. People have to convince Frank put up Joe is Jenn/Ian uses it…maybe say you are safe next week (won’t put you up) if you replace Dan/Dani with Joe…

    • If someone goes off the block, Frank will put Joe in their place. He has another alliance with Shane and Brittney! Dumbo still believes that he can still trust Shane who has betrayed him how many times? Frank will be backdoored next week which would be good. Watching his lame and stupid game play as HOH is sickening! Evict Frank next week and be done with it!
      I am ready to watch the Quack Pack do what Frank will not do which is tear the Quack Pack apart!

  57. Methinks Frank enjoys wearing his costume a little toooooo much.  The word “fetish” comes to mind

    • He’s happy to be away from the wrath of Dumbielle for 24 hours. You shouldn’t feel bad for him. 


    I made a post earlier but wanted to make a correction as I have watched again to find out more.  Frank was not punished with an extra week of not playing in HOH.  He took it as part of the punishment of the game being played for points.  The reason he received a DQ was something to do with pushing the button at the wrong time.  Frank must have told Brit to buzz in and that is not allowed. Something to that effect.  He did nothing wrong at all.  He would have won the game and he took 18 items as punishment.  I am sure we will see when it is aired.  Just want to say again he did absolutely nothing wrong.

    Dani still complaining that she would have won the game.  Shane asked her how many points she had and she said 6 and started giving excuses of why she didn’t have more.  She is also sad because she thinks Dan is mad at her.  The usual Dani being Dani.

    Joe already doing his usual telling everyone that the coaches are making a lot more money as Janelle told her whole team.  Brit not happy about that. Dan knows he is going and they are sad, but Brit saying he won before.  It appears for now that they have jumped to the Frank side, but since he can’t play that second week they may try to get him out then.  Jenn is not using the veto and Dani saying she will not campaign against Dan.

    Just wanted to update you and let people know that Frank did not do anything wrong which resulted in an extra week of not playing HOH.  It was part of the game for points and he chose it.  He was playing to win and would have.

    Ian apparently feeling very bad for not being able to save Dan as he is walking around the house saying I am sorry, I am sorry.

  59. I’d like to see Frank, Ian, Jenn and Dan starting an alliance.Jenn vetoing Dan out and putting Shane on the block. Ian, Jenn and Dan (+Frank’s) votes would be enough to evict Shane.

    • Frank has an alliance with Shane and Brittney and you know Frank, he will stick to it! Joe gets on the block if one of the nominees get saved! Much more interesting is will Ian use the POV? I have a feeling Ian might now save Dan. The Quack Pack might be ready to eat one of their own which is Dan! Shane and Brittney and Ian might be thinking of betraying Dan and evicting him this week! That is a huge possibility. 

    • Word on the street is she took slop for rest of the season to win POV…..wth would she do that when she was in no danger?   The girl has finally arrived but she’s not all there!

      • Because she thinks she’s a big bad ass player and all the other hg’s are scared shitless of her. After all the girl lives in her own city in her mind, right Jenn City?

      • because if Dan or Danielle won…she wouldn’t be 100% certain she was safe.  Remember…she’s not Frank believing every BS told to him.

  60. In my area bbad is on from 2am till 5 am so I record it to keep up.  Whenever Jenn is on the screen it’s “fastforward”..I can’t stand the sight of her…….total waste of space

    • to me waste of space is brit, her cocked eye and hunchback dani…. fast forward all that junk.

  61. Did anyone notice how the wonderful and magnificent “chef” Joe was peeling a cucumber? Seriously. A chef? WTF dude? Even my 5 year old niece knows how to do that without it falling out her hands and rolling all over the damn counter!
    I don’t think he’s a chef….maybe he’s the kindergarten teacher!

    • I know right, and his recipe for a turkey burger Lol all he did was add papreka lol what a loser

    • You would have thought he {Joe) would have least made the ends flat.

      Imagine what listening to Danielle and Brittany together all his week will be!

      Watch Danielle constantly rubbing Shane’s back.  She is so weird.  They can’t keep their hands quiet.  Brittany playing with Danielle’s hair.

      And as usual, what is Jenn’s game?  In her room by herself listening to music? i  Strange no one is up there trying to talk game with her,     

  62. It does not matter that Frank cant compete in the next two HoH, they cant figure out that backdoor him is the only way to get him out, but keep nominating him, to insure he wins plays in and wins the veto! 

    • They will backdoor him next week and his lame and dumb plays will be put to rest at last! Frank just wasted his HOH!

    • LOL…for some reason that brought an image of Jenn running around the BB house nude.    I’m not even in the BB house and I STILL  get punished!   My eyes hurt.

      • Heeeheee! So funny ‘cuz that was my first thought too I just didn’t want to say it!

  63. Sick of the game being run by production. It is really frustrating to be rooting for the players who are not THE CHOSEN one! Last year I get hooked to into watching. I am watching reruns next summer!

  64. Word is that Frank got DQ’ed for talking during the POV comp and his punishment is no HOH for two weeks. Lets hear some more about production always saving him.

    • Read on please. He CHOSE to take 2 weeks of no HOH comps. It was HIS CHOICE!! That wasn’t a punishment.  

      • I had read that on another site. If production was helping him though, he wouldn’t have any punishment. I wonder what all the haters will bitch about now?

      • One of them was talking to Britney…trying to help her win the veto.  So he was Dqd…smh….if he was really helping Britney…I’m going to teleport into the house and give him 2 slaps in the face to wake him up!

      • Right. He got the drawing correct and that was the punishment he got along with 10 pts. With all his pts he would have beaten Jenn by a lot but he was DQed for talking. So he was unable to win and still had to endure the punishments. Frank has like 4 punishments; Jenn 2.

  65. I would’ve preferred the Ian/Dan duo than the Frank/Ian. I don’t know.. I’m happy for Frank, but I think Ian/Dan could do a lot more damage in the house from here on out. But it’s just.. I don’t see Dan fully committing to Ian 100% (which I guess, he really shouldn’t, since even if it’s Dan/Ian for the final 2, Dan wouldn’t win).  I am still rooting for Ian, but I’ve always liked Dan since his season. I also think some players are really funny and entertaining to watch. But I’m hoping for an Ian win.

    I do think though BB14 is tryna make a new Chilltown generation out of Frank and Ian, which I really don’t like.  I love the original ones, they were entertaining. But don’t get me wrong here.. They were entertaining for a reason– Will and Boogz actually clicked!! Really BB14, get over it. Make some more legends!! They’re almost forcing the duo alliance, instead of letting it all play out. But alas. Of course.. It’s TV. I do think they want some sort of history to prove that 14 seasons can generate more legends from existing legends.  You know.. votes to keep Big Brother alive for the 15th season.  And in my honest opinion, it’s garbage. 

    I also think the whole point of the game is to see what happens when a group of people are locked in the house and how they become to be — and studying psychology and from some of the most amazing literature out there — they really tend to become animals.  I think it’s more of a real life ‘Lord of The Flies’ book — though more of a Survivor-esque themed here — or maybe more of ‘The Mist’ reference (factor of fear is really good TV).  This is why I always root for the ones who can handle the pressure when they’re in a whole lot of trouble.

    But I guess what I’m tryna say here is I just want it to be…. minus the producers and just cameras. LOL.  Let’s see who actually wins then — the religious faithful one, the street-smart one, the good looking one, the slut, the intelligent one, the old guy, the athletic one, etc. It is, after all, the same characters over and over again. And although it’s hard to look for more variations of selecting the range in characters, BB could definitely switch it up and ditch the ‘good-looking’ characters into a wider range of differences in personalities. I mean, if you already have the athletic one, move on and go look for another personality (but also fit, since well, we don’t want that athletic one to be winning ALL the HOH/POV competitions). Now, I’d pay that kind of TV anytime. That’s more my cuppa tea.

    Anyway to end this rant (sorry, really got side tracked there.. like A LOT, lol), I have huge hope for BB Canada. Didn’t apply for this season, but hoping to do it next season. (And yes, Canadian here, but I’ve been a US BB fan since a long time ago.) Cheerio!

    • I hope there is a second season of Big Brother Canada, because I didn’t apply this time around either due to prior commitments, and I hope to look into it if there is another season of it.

    • Hey EM! I am in total agreement with you. I wish they would just allow the game to happen organically and allow people to play their game in their own way being themselves as much as possible. It would make it si much more interesting to, as you say, see who truly can conquer their obstacles to win. Human nature is interesting enough to observe without intervention and manipulating the outcomes.

    • Let’s fill the house with homeless people, give them all some cash & prizes and see how differently the story unfolds compared to a bunch of kids and a few older people who clearly are not hurting financially. Just a thought…

    • American here….visiting Canada at the moment.       Normally i root for the one that doesn’t crack under pressure also but when their head gets bigger than their biceps , i start to lose interest.     Most normal people can’t quit their day jobs for 3 months to play mind games with a bunch of strangers.    So their selection of house guests is somewhat limited.     But seeing as the economy has tanked, there should be more people than ever willing to take a stab at half a mil.      The Hollywood wannabes do get tiresome.    But …at least for the summer….i’m willing to let go and just have fun with it.      Good luck with your app to BB  Canada next year.     I’ll  throw you a couple of notes over the wall to let you know who has your back…..and a little poutine for nourishment while on slop  :)

  66. Being in isolation must be really frustrating when you should betrying to save yourself. Poor Dan.

      • Isolation is the least of Dan’s worries. He could be the target now of the Quack Pack. Ian has the POV but, will he use it to save Dan? If he does not then, Dan could in effect be backdoored because Ian, Shane and Brittney control the votes this week! Dan’s big mistake is not working with Boogie. Boogie would have stuck with Dan till the end or atleast, Final 3 but, he took the easy way out. His deliberately throwing competitions also hurt him because at some point, you need to win HOH to get out those you want to get out at your time! Dan has gotten to complacent thinking that everyone in the Quack Pack is trustworthy? This is Big Brother Dan or have you forgotten?

  67. It’s pretty bad when you’d rather watch Dan sleeping to rave music instead of listen to Daniel talk while she’s looking at herself in the mirror with duck lips smdh

    • I’d rather watch grass grow…in the dark…as to watch Daniele admire herself.

  68. This is shaping up to be a great jury this year. The final two better be scared. This whole cast has been playing on emotion than logic. There’s gonna be a lot of butt kissing and hardcore dissing on this finale.

  69. Is Ian lying to Frank when she tells him he is not using the VETO to save Frank? How sad would that be, after Dan spent a week taking Boogie’s abuse in order not to expose him! What a backstabber! Reminds me of Shelley getting Jeff out last year! BENEDICT ARNOLD! BETRAYAL!!!!

    • Yeah, too bad Ian couldn’t have won a complete set of balls.   Maybe Dan will loan him his when he’s evicted.

      • On the other hand, maybe, Ian is using his head for once. He might figure that Dan is just about to go after him and his usefulness to the Quack Pack is over. Also, Shane and Brittney might be planning to get rid of Dan. The path of least resistance is to evict Dan. Now, it would really be interesting if
        Jenn saves Danielle from the block and Frank because he has a new alliance with Shane and Brittney puts up Joe as replacement. Normally, you would expect Joe to be evicted. However, what if Ian, Shane and Brittney decide to vote to evict Dan? Then, you know Dan had 3 knives stuck on his back by the Quack Pack! That would be an awesome move because Dan would not expect it!

      • @Richie…i agree with you.    My point was that he should make his own decision and not let Frank OR Dan influence it.    He should do what’s best for HIM.    And truthfully, i think Dan is on to Ians game…..and really wouldn’t be surprised when he finds the knife wound.

    •  Yeah I remember that.  Shelly gave the reason of thinking about her family and blah blah lol.  Jeff was furious man.

    • Ian is Shelley of last season and also Cochran of Survivor wherein he betrayed his alliance of 6 to join the other alliance of 6 and to be number 7
      in that alliance! Ian was number 3 with Frank and Boogie yet, chose to be number 5 in the Quack Pack. Now how smart was that?

  70. THIS goes beyond what a TV show has the legal authority to do.  Putting Dan in what is, in concept, a “chinese red room” is inhumane and should be illegal.   I already object to the so-called “slop” food deprivation, but methods of torture from wartime eras is beyond the pale, folks.  BB, you have crossed a moral line here.  Yes, I am sure all HGs have signed a contract that you can perform a flexible sigmoidoscopy on-air, but when these tortures are inhumane I think all bets are off the table and I would start looking for a lawyer if I were Dan.  Folks – search your conscience.  Where is your moral compass?  What’s next?  A live burial?

    • They decided next year they will include water boarding – now THAT would be inhumane.      Don’t you think they’ve worked all this out with legal?    If you’ve managed to stay on air for 14 years you’re not so stupid as to put a house guest in danger.   I’m sure if they thought one of them were sick or hurt because of a punishment, they would discontinue it.    If you consider these punishments inhumane….take a trip to Syria and then we’ll talk.

      • Thank you. I didn’t know how to respond any better than that. Obviously.
        I mean the Eagle could have said it was a rigid sigmoidoscopy instead but we all know how far that gets.

    • They have had that solitary confinement punishment for a while now. In other seasons, other house guests were locked up. Why is it okay then, and not now? Because your favorite has to suffer?

    • Wow. Dramatic much? Please tell me I missed your unobvious sarcasm. They aren’t in a foreign prison camp. This isn’t Papillion. The slop is hardly inedible swill, and 24 hours in a room, in a nice climate controlled house isn’t inhumane torture. Go watch Midnight Express, or Locked Up Abroad, then we can chat about inhumane torture. Lol!!

    • It’s torture! And you notice how uncaring they all we’re in the house?! Jenn and Ian talking about gray music, great for dancing. Unbelievable. I think BB must scare these ppl into thinking they’d never win a lawsuit. Last year Porsche caught on camera putting laxative in slop/protein drink?! Still won’t second place. I say try the lawsuit, you may be surprised.

  71. I do not think anyone on the block should be put in confinement. I now believe production is directing games towards certain players. Like the year of the surf board where guys feet are larger than women and they did not last I feel that production is more involved than I ever knew. Thanks to Brittany and Ian repeating what production tells them in the diary room.

    • If Dan actually played the game he wouldn’t be in this situation. He did it to himself. Instead he depended on other hg’s to save his ass once again.
      Stupid is as stupid does.

      • Dan does play the game.He plays more of a mind game until he has to win. If he wouldn’t of went for safety in the HOH comp that Shane won he would of won it. He also came in second just 1 point behind Jenn in the POV comp. Funny how more points were given for less punishment. And he depends on knowone…he was trying to protect an alliance and all it did was get him in the position he’s in. If Ian does not use the gold POV on him watch a different Dan will be playing. He will probably out Ian for the snake that he is!!!

  72. I think Dan actually likes this solitary punishment.  He should at least pretend it’s bothering him.  If not, they might go in there and start waterboarding him.

    • He get a break from bat-shit crazy Dumbielle! Of course he’s lovin’ it! Smartest move he’s made so far in this game.

  73. Dear Showtime,
    Please don’t show us Joe feeding his fat face when there are 2 girls in the shower.
    Just saying…

  74. Bahahahaha!!!..Ian just made the best comment ever…
    “If you think about it Brit and Danielle are the only ones of the 8 of us that still like dick”. 
    Go Ian!! That made me laugh so loud my neighbors down the road heard it!!

  75. I hope they get Frank out soon, I don’t like him at all.Him and Boogie are sicken to watch. I hope Brittney or Dan wins. I would even like to see Ian win over Frank. Pack your bags Frank and hit the door.

  76. HeeHeeHee!!!
    Oh my…Twitney made me laugh twice this week….
    1st time –  her goodbye message to Boogie.
    2nd time – the final words of BBAD tonight!!

  77. Frank’s punishment seems really hard. Jeez.

    But bye Dan, it was fun while it lasted. I’ll miss you :(

    • Dan could be in a bind because the Quack Pack controls who goes this week. Ian, Shane and Brittney might decide to get rid of Dan while, they can and Dan probably cannot get out of it! Ian has the POV which can save Dan. Jenn if she uses her POV will probably save Danielle as she has an alliance with the women. Frank has an alliance with Shane and Brittney and he sticks to his word so, it will be Joe on the block. The Quack Pack can easily send Joe to jury which is what is expected assuming they still stick together. However, Brittney who is the puppeteer might whisper in Shane’s ear to vote out Dan instead. Ian might used his head too and think that Dan will go after him so, why not get rid of Dan now? Betrayal could be around the corner for Dan this week. Let us wait and see!

      • Reminder: Frank, Jenn, Ian talking in HOH room about their alliance. Is this a “true” alliance, or just faking out Frank? Are they still tight in original alliance? Feel that Ian and Jenn more true to other alliances.

  78. If Dan’s smart, he would go to Frank and tell him that Ian is the one who ratted them out in the first place. He would tell them about the packrat alliance and how Britt and Shane have a hard on to get rid of Frank. Then he would strike a deal with Frank and Frank should only accept if he can also get Danielle on board and tell him that you don’t even think about voting for Frank until Shane and Britt are out of the house. Keep the alliance a secret, then Dan goes to Ian and gets him to use the power to pull Dan off the block, get Jenn to pull Danielle off,tell Danielle remember who saved you and put Shane and Britt up. Vote Shane out, then Britt will know she’s next and there’s nothing she can do about it. When those two are gone, may the best person win.It’s risky but it’s the best move for both of them if they want that 50k. And for the love of God, don’t say crap to Joe or Ian about it.Dan and Frank must agree to bury the hatchet until those two are gone. I know Jen would be down for that in a heartbeat cuz she can slide through the cracks if she keeps her mouth shut.

    • Boogie already told Frank not to trust Ian. Ian himself confessed to Frank,
      you think Frank would have had the sense not to trust Ian? They are in an
      alliance. The same with Shane and Brittney who has betrayed him numerous times. At this point, Frank is done. He will be backdoored next week. Dan needs to get Ian to use his POV on him. If not, the Quack Pack members who control the votes might decide to get rid of him! Ian, Shane and Brittney might vote Dan out this week because he is a threat to them!
      Jenn has an alliance with Brittney and Danielle so, if she uses POV would be on Danielle. Dan better use his manipulative skills on Ian to use the POV on him. If not, the Quack Pack might be ready to eat one of its own shocking as that may be! All the decisions on who goes or stays are in the Quack Pack. Jenn will stay with the women so, Dan is out of luck trying to get her to use her POV on him!

  79. why is Ian constantly rocking back and forth? the kid cant stay still
    Why is Danielle always eating chips?
    when did this tattoo chick join bb 14 hg?
    Shane, ur ears look like fried onions, maybe Joe can make a recipe with them..
    Dan your not the karate kid, Daniel son wac on, wax off.
    Frank, no comments you ahould have been gone week 2.

    • As dumb and lame his nominations has been and his continuing to strike alliances with Shane and Brittney—–nobody can help Frank! When he gets backdoored next week, we do not have to see him make this dumb decisions as HOH!

      • They may not be as dumb as you think as he needs Shane to win HOH and actually join him until he can start playing again.  Frank was doing a lot of talking with everyone yesterday and his plans didn’t sound dumb at all. 

  80. Ian is always rocking back, and forth, and talking to himself all the time, that poor kid needs stronger meds.

    • At first I thought he had Asperger’s Syndrome, but I’m not sure.  But it does look like he has some form of autism.

    • Lol….Honestly….and i’m not kidding…..Shane said he couldn’t figure out the game.   So Legal Eagle is right….having to be Shane is punishment enough.

      •  Shane is a dufus..he can’t put a complete sentence together without stumbling through his words..that crap of “man to man” or ‘man to woman,” that is your clue that he is lying through his teeth..Wish he would leave, but now with Frank not being able to play in two HOH’s, I am afraid that good ole Shane will make it to the end with Danielle. Shane has played this game all season just guessing and relying off everyone else’s information and strategy. He was always ready to blame anyone but himself.

      • lol and that was after he had the game explained to him by Brit.  I am hoping that he joins Frank after Frank’s conversation of how the game really works at the end because I guess no one explained that part to him.  Brit has only used him to win comps for her.  I just hope Shane is smart enough to have really heard what Frank said to him.  He really is Brit’s puppet.  I hope Dani is just playing this game being so close to Brit and they go after Brit soon and actually join with Frank and Jenn.

  81. If someone in QP has to go home, I hope it’s either Britney or Danielle. They’re some of the whiniest players in the game right now, and Danielle is literally going insane; would not be missed.

  82. Help me out on this.  Ian doesn’t use his POV  until the ceremony.  Jenn won the comp POV.  Can’t they both use their POVs to get both Dan and Dani off the block?  Then Frank would have to nominate two other people.  I’m hoping that’s the case (reallly for Dan).  I like Dan more than Dani so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that that’s what will happen.

    • Jenn said she wouldn’t use hers and Ian is kind of up in the air on using his.   Both of them are leaning towards joining Frank.    Even if both used them…one of the Quack Pack would go home.   Frank would just nom Brit and Shane.

      • You explained that perfectly CuriosityCounts and I am beginning to think Jenn was aligned with Frank for longer than we think.

  83. Just going by the last few evictions, except Wil, it looks like the newbs are doing what the newbs shoulda done last season and getting out the vets. The plan sure isn’t a straight shot but it does make me wonder if there may be some sub-conscience alliance that stuck w/them all when Willie first sat them all down and said all the newbs should work together and get the vets out cuz the vets would be re-entering the game. I don’t wanna see Dan go, and Idk y cuz he doesn’t do much, but for any newbs to win their actually on the right track. I liked Brit before she flipped about Shane throwing her under the bus but it would be great if she was next to go. I wanna see Frank, Shane and Ian battle it out.

    • I think you are right and I heard a conversation that took place between Frank and Jenn that made me think they were aligned all along because she said that she was so mad at Dan when Dan said to Frank that he was all alone and she wanted to scream out to Frank that no he was not alone meaning Frank and her were together.  Also when Ian came in the HOH room when Jenn and Frank were there right after the veto game yesterday Jenn said that it turned out fine even with Frank’s DQ as the right person won and they all agreed.  Ian said it worked out just right Bubba.  Same as you I use to like Brit but dont so much any longer and especially after what she did to Shane and just her whole attitude.  I hear all these things and none of these coaches need the money as you hear them talk about their lifestyles and such.  Brit complaining because Janelle told all her players just how much the coaches made and other things she has done this season has turned me off.  I would like to see Dan definitely go and then Brit and everyone realize that they did take Wil’s advice – at least some of them.  I think Frank and Jenn did for sure and they were discussing who they wanted to see go next and in what order.

  84. Ijust don’t want to see Joe, Jenn or Daniellle win this. They do nothing. I would like to see the people who have worked the hardest like Frank and Shane at the end. They are the ones who deserve it.Not someone who just eats and sleeps and does does nothing to add to the game. Just my thoughts. Don’t hurt me now!

    • I agree with you.  I would much rather see that.  Frank took that extra week of not being able to play in HOH as part of the veto game of punishments and was winning the game when he got DQ for reading the clue out loud which to me was not right.  He was way ahead of everyone and then they stopped at that point.  Jenn won at the last moment when she took slop for the rest of the time in the game and beat out Dan.  They were still behind Frank’s points even with the DQ.  Frank had 18 points and clearly would have won.  I know a lot of people are against Frank but for me he has tried more than anyone during this season.  Shane as well has been really good in comps but has had it a little easier because he has not been on the block most of the season as Frank has.

      •  I am wondering if they came down on Frank really hard for that slip up because of the all the crap being said about him cheating and the producers  did nothing and want him to win. So maybe this is their way of smoothing things over. Who knows. Just a thought. They just seem to have come down really hard for something stupid.

    • I agree with you, I don’t think a floater should EVER win, BB needs to cast people who actually want to play the game and not just have a place to hang out during the summer.  They ought to think of being on BB as having a job, where they actually have to work at it, not as a summer vacation.  

    • I am thinking now that Dan is the target of the Quack Pack and Ian, Shane and  Brittney might move to evict him this week. Then, go evict Frank next week! There are only so many players left so, it is getting really interesting!

      • Ian is definitely the target of the Quack Pack and was even before he won the veto power.  Brit is not helping herself either by talking about how girls don’t win if they take a guy to the end.  Shane is aware of that and Joe is also talking about how much the coaches get for playing this season and telling everyone which is not making Brit happy.but Janelle told all her players that fact.  It will be very interesting.  Ian seems like he is getting ready to crack himself.  He is the one who keeps bringing up TPTB almost like he is using it as a defense to say they are influencing him and I am beginning to thing that is not really the case.  He is saying all of them are applying pressure and he does not like that.  At certain times he was going through his rituals and then going to read his letter from home.  Even mentioned he needed to talk to the house shrink.

  85. If Ian doesn’t use his POV to save Dan or Dani, then he is aligning himself with Frank. Why would he do that when Frank can’t play in the next two HOH’s? Dumb move.

    • No. I do not think Ian is aligning with Frank. Ian is probably thinking that Dan is about to go after him after all Frank will most likely be evicted next week, so, what better strategy than to get rid of Dan who is a huge threat. Shane and Brittney might be thinking of the same thing about getting rid of Dan this week and Frank next week! There are only so many players left and you will be a fool not to take the other out when you have a chance!
      Remember Boogie and Frank and Frank wanted to backdoor Dan? Actually, Frank if he were to do the backdoor then, should have gone after Shane because he was the stronger player. Anyways, the Quack Pack might be ready to eat one of its own which is Dan. Danielle is not much of a threat but, Dan is because he is a master manipulator! Dan’s big mistake is not forming an alliance with Mike Boogie and Frank. If he hid, he could go much further in the game! Instead, he targeted Boogie and now he may be a target himself!

    • I agree totally….and Dan will not vote for Ian if he makes the end.  Dan hated ratting people out (he would have done it when Boogie was still there if he wanted too)…but I kinda wish he did, then maybe Dan wouldn’t be in all this mess…

      • Dan was going to vote Ian out next either way.  Ian’s use was going to be over as the mole and Dan was not liking his attitude after he kept the secret.  Problem is during the competition of the veto Dan and Ian had some sort of struggle as they all were because balls were falling all over and Dan thought he had the veto ball and Ian tricked him somehow and whatever took place made Dan mad and he shouted out he was going to rat Ian out for Dan taking the blame.  Both Jenn and Joe heard it and told Frank.  Frank confronted him about it and Ian used some stupid excuse.  Frank and Jenn had a conversation and Frank does not really trust Ian any longer.

  86. I guess my main question is Does Ian have to use his Veto power this week? If it’s a one week only thing, then he will probably use it to save one of them. But if it’s for a few weeks, then he’d be smart to save it to use on himself. I would love to see Dan go home, or Danielle. But if Ian uses it and gets to pick the re-nom, then I think it’s buh-bye Joe. 

    • If he does have to use it for sure on Dan. Dan took all the heat for what Ian was up to running to Brit and rest of their pack. In Dan’s eyes Ian owes him big time. I would rather see Joe go anyway. He is useless and very loud!!

    • I think Ian should use his special veto power to save Dan.  I think Frank is angry enough at Ian for having been instrumental in evicting Boogie and then putting his other (former) ally on the block.  So why shouldn’t Ian just go ahead and align himself with Dan, I don’t think Frank will ever trust him again and Dan is Frank’s main target.  I think Ian has more loyal allies than Frank does anyway, it just seems to me that Ian would have the numbers on his side as opposed to Frank who seems to just further isolate himself from the others.

  87. I hate that a floater is going to win. I would love to see Frank , shane, Ian and even Brit in the F4. But if Jen and the rest get to the F4 it will be a disappointment. 

    • I felt that way last year when I was getting concerned about Adam, Kalia, and Porsche making it to the end…all three of them were classic floaters and were utterly forgettable.  Jenn is just plain annoying, she acts like she’s really “playing the game hard”, etc. and other than her lucky POV victory, what has she really been doing?  Hiding in the background, which is difficult for someone who looks like a walking art canvas and has the hideous hair style, or getting ticked off because she was on the block AS A PAWN ONLY.  For someone who’s supposedly playing the game, it would be seen as part of the game to be put on the block at least once, in some ways a deluded person could take it as a compliment, that they’re considered a threat by the others (even though Jenn was definitely not considered to be a threat in any way).

  88. The producers trying to control HGs decisions is disturbing… this will probably be the last year I watch… It makes me wonder if the whole thing is setup afterall.

    • Production Benn doing it for years, this is the 1st year that it has become factual public knowledge.  Rachael was given the $$ by the producers not by her unbelievable play…they were attempting the “Survivor” match of Rob and Amber.

      • Rachael managed to save herself when she had to, much like Frank has been able to save himself when he had to.  I think there’s a bit of paranoia when it’s stated over and over that production is controlling the game, deciding who stays and goes home, etc.  Why would they not have kept Janelle, then, who is one of the most popular players ever and it would have been to production’s benefit to have kept Boogie just because he was the one player we love to hate and would have been someone to keep the viewers interested.  Perhaps Frank stays because Frank is simply good at doing whatever he has to do in order to stay safe, be it winning HOH, POV, or making deals, etc.  For a long time, of course, Frank also had Boogie protecting him, I do agree with the comments that he might not do nearly as well on his own.

  89. Britney had told Dani that once they get Dan out the house they were going to get Frank out the house. Then she’s like “if we dont get him out, we suck” UMM YEAH! These people don’t understand that Frank has been on the block FIVE times. 3 outta those 5 he took himself off the block, and the other 2, and was saved (kara, reset) this people need to just quit trying to get frank out. it makes me angry that Frank can’t do HoH’s for 2 weeks. Hope he doesn’t leave from that. But they didn’t say anything about frank not competing in the POV’s! I hope that the rest of the guest are smart enough to keep him.

  90. Ok… part of this game is ….lying , back stabbing…cheating to win a comp seems alittle squirrely…if Willie can be thrown out for hitting someone….then actually cheating during a comp…he should have been thrown out too.

  91. Dan is gone…My husband only watches the CBS shows…he is going to be soooo disappointed….As long as Shane and Brit are there (my fave’s)…take ’em all out!!

  92. pretty said dr telling ian not to use veto i heard from him more than once and the cheating frank has done when picking for veto he said they told him to put bak in and he acted like hr did his words to boogie which boogie said dont say anything not wearing the unitart all the time last nite not wearing carrot come on i hope ian saves dan only cause he owes dan for not telling and so hate joe the way he now talks to frank about everyone dumb a** hope dan staysv and all the blood that shane has put on his hands for all of his group hate how prod wants frank to win

  93. I know there’s been discussion on this, but I’m curious.  Does Ian have some sort of Autism or ADHD or ADD or ASD or something?  Last night he looked like he was uncomfortable in his own skin….couldn’t sit still, couldn’t stop rocking, talking to himself.  I was kinda worried about him.  Does he need meds?  Should he not be in the house?  Anyone feel the same, or knowing or guessing anything different?  Just sayin.  Maybe he’s just nervous?  I’ve never seen anyone so nervous as to be acting like this.

      • Serious?  Then shouldn’t they be “seeing to him”?  I heard someone say he was refusing his meds, but I didn’t know if it was true but on BBAD last night he was downright scary looking.  I home he doesn’t get to the point of a freakout or anything where they have to remove him like Willie.  He’s fun to watch because he knows so much about the game, like Adam last year.

      • Should be interesting, to say the least.  I just hope he doesn’t have to get removed from the game….until his “time”.  Thanks for answering my concern.  He has changed SO much from that guy who came in the first day….definitely deteriorating.  

  94. seriously if Dan goes i am gunna be  peeved I like Dan and ya i like Frank …I do NOT think Danielle shane jenn or joe r worthy of the money at all ,,,I am sorry Britney and dan got them that far hate Frank all mu want y cus he  hooked up an allience with Boogie …hmm well lets see i sure as hell woulda too……anyway evan Ian is gettin on my nervves hes playing dirty and all those suckers r tgakin his wrath….ya okay so Frank all alone playin the game alone shuldnt stay ……ya whatever hes playing the best he can……

  95. Frank messed up big time , never give up ur chance at HOH seriously ! Knew he would the minute boogie walked out the door , just goes to show how big his ego is, and i like frank . But Dan is the one who has been done wrong , taking the heat for titty baby brit ! She and ian have dome all the dirty work and lieing but dan protectedthat coward and the mouse face lier … It ain’t over till it’s over ,so good luck hg !

  96. Frank was an idiot. I would have put Ian & Danielle on the block. Let Ian save himself & back door Dan right out of the house. Wait & see Dan will survive this wk!

  97. I wish production would stey out of the game.  Let them play… we will still watch!  (even if we threaten we won’t…)

  98. If Ian is smart, pull Danielle  from block, he keeps is word to Frank and still looks good in Franks eyes, in my opinion Frank still will believe Shane & Brit. will side with him. That means Joe goes up and the quack pack controls the vote, as Ian, Brit, Shane &  Danielle vote. 

    The only thing that might backfire on Dan is him being mouthy to Ian, then Dan might go?The only thing that might be downfall for Frank is he figures it out and sticks a Quack member in instead of Joe (think production may have to help him think), as Mike told him not to trust Ian.

  99. if frank would stop and listen and stop thinking he”s all that, he could win. Right now I hope Dan and Ina go all the way, After all Dan took the heat for the quackpack and everyone let him.

  100. I am really surprised about all of the comments and suggestions this season that production is interfering with the actual game! are we actually finding out now that the big brother game is somewhat or maybe even a lot read?

  101. Right now it’s Ian, Britney and Shane voting versus Jenn and Joe, so QP is still in power. Get rid of Danielle, save Dan who is the stronger player, 2 weeks to nominate Frank and get him out, otherwise he wins because he is the one who has played the
    best game and they all know it.

  102. Cannot believe Dan would throw Danielle under the bus like that. She has been nothing but nice to him, and this is how he repays her!!! Stay strong Danielle, Dan will be leaving on Thursday. Can’t wait to watch that happen to him. As for Brittney and Shane- you guys better watch out, the rest of the house is coming for you guys. Can’t wait to see that also.

  103. I personally am sad Brittany is being double crossed! Can’t stand Jenn what a loser! Dan a creepy bully liar really don’t like him before. Oh well

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