Big Brother 14 Week 7: House Fights And Drama Round Up

Britney crying on Big Brother 14

This week on Big Brother 14 we’ve seen some of the most incredible drama yet for this entire season. Since Sunday night things have gone from calm to complete chaos and it’s likely to keep up as we head in to the final few weeks of the season.

Here’s quick round up of what’s gone on for the past few days so you can rewind on your Live Feeds Flashback and watch the action because this is some incredible stuff that you don’t want to miss. If you don’t have the Feeds yet then this is the perfect time. Sign-up now for the 3-Day Free Trial to watch all these events and more.

Dan released from confinement: Flashback to August 26th 4:30PM BBT

The drama kicked off on Sunday when Dan was released from his solitary confinement punishment as part of Saturday’s Veto comp. Dan had spent the past day locked in the Have-Not room with nothing but one techno song blaring and disco lights flashing. A seemingly tired and broken Dan emerged and wandered aimlessly through the house. Of course a few furtive glances and smiles at the camera let the viewers know he was really doing just fine, but there was no way to guess what he was about to do.

House Meeting – Dan’s “Funeral”: Flashback to August 26th 7:52PM BBT

Dan announced to the HGs that he wanted to call a house meeting and clear the air. Everyone gathers around as Dan dubs this his “Big Brother Funeral” and begins to go around the room saying kind things about everyone complete with sniffling and choking up. Everything goes smoothly until he gets to Danielle and things take a shocking turn.

Danielle in tears on Big Brother 14

Dan’s “You’re dead to me” Bombshell: Flashback to August 26th 8:01PM BBT

Dan begins with drawing parallels between Danielle and his BB10 partner, Memphis, before making a sharp turn with what he said next. “In this game, you’ll never earn my trust back. You know what you did and in this game, you are dead to me.” The house is silent. Danielle sits there mouth open and stunned. Dan ends the meeting there.

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Dan reveals it all to Frank: Flashback to August 26th 8:05PM BBT

Frank and Dan immediately go upstairs as Dan has requested the opportunity to apologize, but that’s not his true intent. Instead Dan goes on to reveal everything about the Quack Pack and the HGs working against Frank including Ian.

Meanwhile downstairs the other HGs crowd around a hysterical Danielle as she sobs and cries “I don’t know what I did!” The crying continues with Danielle, but your attention should be on Frank and Dan as they talk for over an hour. By the end of their meeting they’ve formed a new alliance which depends on Frank convincing Jenn to use her Veto and save Dan from the chopping block.

Dan returns to Danielle: Flashback to August 26th 9:10PM BBT

I can’t decide if this was really all part of his plan, or just how it worked out and he went with it. After talking with Frank Dan went back to “apologize” to Danielle in private. Instead Dan breaks out a huge grin and tells her he has just protected them both. Danielle is furious that he was playing with her emotions, but ultimately forgives him.

Frank offers alliance deal to Jenn: Flashback to August 26th 9:35PM BBT

Alone with Jenn, Frank begins to detail out what Dan has told him. Jenn is shocked to learn that Ian was the real “rat” as she calls him. Jenn is nervous, but on board to use the Veto to save Dan and shake up the game.

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Dan seals the deal with Jenn: Flashback to August 27th 12:31AM BBT

There are many more brief, secretive meetings earlier in the night between Dan, Danielle, Frank, and Jenn, but this one has Dan and Jenn confirming their deal. Jenn is a little annoyed with Dan’s methods, but she says she wants the “rat” out and if Dan will call Ian out then she’ll use her Veto on him. Dan says, “consider it done.”

House explodes post-Veto ceremony: Flashback to August 27th 12:35PM BBT

After a night of prep the plan goes in to action and it sets off a firestorm in the house. When the Live Feeds returned from the Veto ceremony we found Ian and Frank yelling at each other in the HoH room. Ian is livid and Frank isn’t going to put up with it. F-bombs are being dropped all over the place. The rest of the house is in shock. They did not see this coming and are completely confused by the turn of events.

Big Brother 14 - Ian yelling at Frank

Ian goes toe-to-toe with the Carrot: Flashback to August 27th 12:57PM BBT

Ian is fuming when Frank walks by the couches. Ian lays in to Frank for his renom of Britney. Things quickly escalate to Ian yelling at Frank and telling the rest of the house that if anyone is stupid enough to take Frank to the end that he’ll win seven to nothing. I don’t think even Willie got this mad in the house. The only thing missing from this fight is a headbutt. Ian really surprises me by how hard he goes after Frank. Frank breaks the tension with a joke that he’s having to do all this fighting while dressed up as a carrot.

Today the house continues to be rattled as the HGs scramble to figure out what’s going on. They’re not sure who is really working together and who can be trusted. The drama has been turned on to full blast. Good times in the Big Brother house!

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After a little lull earlier in the season this recent action has totally brought it back to life. The Live Feeds are awesome again and we owe it all to Dan and his plan. So big thanks to Dan and the other HGs for “totally redeeming yourself” and this season.


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