Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 7 Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

The pressure was on in the Big Brother 14 house this Saturday. The Quack Pack had a narrow window of opportunity to keep all of them safe, but there couldn’t be any missteps. Eventually the Veto competition came and went with some interesting results with even one HG being disqualified.

Read on to find out who is making new deals and who is in danger of eviction.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 25, 2012:

8:10 AM BBT – Jenn and Frank have an early morning gametalk. Jenn is suspicious of Ian. Frank defends him saying he was just confused. Jenn says no, it’s more than that.

8:30 AM BBT – Frank camtalks in the HoH room. He’s confident Ian only went against him and Boogie because Dan manipulated him. Frank is intent on defending Ian. This tunnel vision could come back to get him.

9:50 AM BBT – Frank and Joe discuss Ian. Joe thinks Ian is very smart and could be playing both sides. Frank doesn’t think he’s that smart or that he’s doing that.

10:15 AM BBT – Ian tells Frank he won’t use his Pandora Veto. “The powers that be wouldn’t like that.” We get Fish. So either production doesn’t want Ian to use it or Ian is making that up to keep HGs off his back.

10:40 AM BBT – Veto players were picked. Joe and Ian aren’t playing. Ian hosts.

12:00 PM BBT – Ian says he’ll only use the Pandora Veto if Shane or Britney wins. That way everyone in QP would be safe.

12:25 PM BBT – Ian growing bolder as he confronts Joe and tells him to pick a side in the game.

1:25 PM BBT – Frank and Ian talk game and which HGs are floaters. Ian wants to wait and talk game on Sunday when drinking beers since talking game stresses him out. Frank says that’s a bad idea. I agree.

2:10 PM BBT – Ian and Frank now upstairs talking game. Ian acts desperate for Frank to win the Veto. Tells him he has to be willing to take any punishment to get the Veto. HGs are expecting the “how bad do you want it?” comp.

6:25 PM BBTLive Feeds are back from the comp. Jenn won the Veto. Lots of punishments. Frank is in a carrot suit. Dan is in confinement. Frank can’t play in next 2 HoHs. Frank was also disqualified for answering Britney’s question outloud.

7:00 PM BBT – Ian, Jenn, and Frank discuss the comp. Frank explains why he was disqualified and how he didn’t mean to read something outloud during Britney’s turn. Ian leaves and Frank tells Jenn he’d take her over Ian to the Final 2.

9:33 PM BBT – Britney gives a detailed explanation of the Veto competition rounds, who got what, and points associated.

10:25 PM BBT – Britney reminds Jenn that no woman has won sitting next to a man at the end of Big Brother. Jenn doesn’t get what Britney is suggesting (get out the guys, keep the girls) and instead says she thinks that’ll change this year.

11:30 PM BBT – Britney and Danielle take a shower together in the HoH room since they’re chained together.

12:39 AM BBT – Frank is getting his chum bath going. HGs say it smells terrible.

Despite having the best chances possible at the Veto competition things did not turn out well for the Quack Pack. Dan lost to Jenn by just one point and it could cost him the game. Once Dan is out of confinement he’ll likely start working on Ian and Jenn as they both hold the power to save him. In the meantime, the 24-hour punishments continue.

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      •  I think if I hear that threat about not watching anymore one more time I will lose it. Get over it. It is a game.

      • I cant stand watching Dan, in fact he is so annoying the fast forward button on my DVR is wearing out…    Bye bye danny boy and good riddance…  don’t come back now, ya hear

    • danielle was more worried about how big her teeth were and if she was clingy last night then wanting to stay and play the game…she so needs to go!

      • She didn’t worry if her butt looked bad? Wow that’s a first. I’m amazed the idiot can have more than one thought at a time.

    • Really hope Dan can use his magic on Ian so he can stay a little longer after going through this 24 hr. disco business.

    •  does anyone else think there is a key to open the trunk turntable thing in the cake?  WAKE THE HELL UP DAN, DON’T GIVE UP TEAR THAT CAKE UP!!!!!  It is not a random party cake?!!! 

    • Anyone who nominates Dan and Danielle and then, strikes up another alliance with Shane and Brittney including trusting Ian because he was misled by Dan is a moron! Frank will be backdoored next week which is good. I am ready for the Quack Pack free for all which is a long time coming!

      • I think Frank is not the brightest if he thinks Dan will go over Danielle. I really think Shane and Brit will vote to evict Danielle and Ian right along with them since Dan is more centeral and needed in the alliance. (and a bigger target in front of them going forward)


  1. Please Keep Dan and get rid of Joe or Danielle. Come on Big Brother, Its time to make a big move! Dan and Brit=F2!!!

  2. I don’t understand why production would let Ian get the special veto ball and then try to talk him out of using it. I hope after the game is over someone who interviews Ian (not associated with CBS) will grill him on this. If Ian truly loves the game, hopefully he’ll blow the whistle on productions “Hunger Games” like control… unless he wins and has to abide by a confidentially agreement.

    • You’re an idiot. Ian wouldn’t benefit from saving Dan at all. He can continue playing every body this way and save his thingy for later if possible. Don’t assume production is pulling every string because you’re a whiny baby and didn’t get your way.

      • Not necessarily. Ian could hold on to it and wait until next week, and then use it so that he is able to backdoor Frank. Productions really has shown favoritism towards frank this season, but it can’t last forever. I see Frank leaving next week, one way or another.

    • we have no idea if thats actually production stepping in, ians a smart guy and can be just claiming that cause he knows they already tried in the oast and its a convinient way to get the quack pack off his back when he doesnt use it.

      •  i agree it is not fair to say that bb has steped  in and saved  anyone it would not be the first time that Ian has made something up he is a very good at not telling the truth or change it to fit the story

    • I am for Dan leaving. One less Quack Pack in the house. Let the Quack Pack play against each other. They have been floating around just targeting Frank. Get out Frank next week then, take out the knives and go after each other Quack Pack. Time for some fun!

      • But Dan being apart of the Quackpack fighting against each other would be so much more interesting to watch! 

      • i agree but after last night dan changed everything he isnt going anywhere..but yeah 1 less QP member

    • Dan needs to get Ian to use the special veto on him by threatening to “out” Ian to Frank !  However, Dan is too honorable to do so & Ian won’t use it otherwise because he is Brit’s faithful lapdog & Frank threatened that Brit would be the renom ! So its likely Dan is going to jury this week. That leaves Britney as the only veteran left . Wake up newbies ! brit & Ian need to go up next !

  3. Now that Jenn City has proven herself in one of the most crucial comps of the season, you will need to invent a new pseudo-reason for the disparaging portrayal of her. Just sayin’……

    • Its easier to win something in that type of comp. I don’t think she deserves anything. She needs to go home, he big talk and nothing backing it but one veto. Not much of a social game player either. It not how bb portrays her, I watch live feed. Just not impressed by her, just luck she’s still here. Just my humble opinion, and pissed she one

    • I really felt sorry for Dan yesterday. His solitary confinement was like
      torture used in the services. That loud music, bad bed, strobe lights, and
      isolation were worse than anything they have askedof HGs in solitary
      confinement before. I don’t think anyone but Dan could have done this
      punishment. My hat is off to him for just doing this over the top punsih-
      ment.I would have loved to have seen Brit do this one. For her not to
      be able to communicate with anyone would have probably driven her
      over the edge. I think he deserves to stay this week if for no other reason
      than he was a champ at this punishment. I have not been a fan of his,
      but kudos for yesterday!

      • Yah, Dan’s definitely going to be really sleepy tomorrow. (LOL!) It’s a pretty tiring punishment but he hasn’t really played the game very much so far this season so it’s time for him to take his punishment, start playing the game and begin stepping it up a little.

      • i really think there is something in the cake or turntable trunk.  I can’t believe he hasn’t at least tried to think of any silver lining or special power in this???  the cake was so random? and the turntable trunk for that matter?  shelley had nuttin….lol.

      • to 007: I am sorry, but I am confused. What about the cake and turntable?
        I don’t know about this. Could you clarify for me. Thanks!

    • There is no such thing as owing anyone in this game. By your logic, Shane should owe Frank plenty having betrayed him how many times? Shane will betray Frank yet, again! And the object of the game is to lie, manipulate and outsmart everyone else and make it to Final Two and win that $500,000!

      • I can not after all his hard work to stay in the game and I feel he deserves to win as he is a fierce competitor and a nice guy. He should have put Britney and Dan up. Or at least Ian . And now he can not play for hoh for two weeks he needs the angels to watch over him

    • Dan took the heat, but Ian was the one that put forward the idea, and was the only person in danger of being found out. Ian would be on his way out the door this week if he had been found out to be playing both sides. Dan and Boogie were going to be agaisnt each other at some point, it just happened earlier than some thought it would. We are at the point in the game when the people that have shown themselves to be real good at things (Frank and Shane) will start to get picked off without a solid alliance. Ian and Dan are both aware of that, and Dan can’t afford to out Ian, because it would alienate him with his alliance.

  4. VERY interesting stuff happened yesterday! I just saw BBAD on my dvr this morning and the house is definitely getting nuts now. You’ve got Frank, wearing a stupid carrot suit and hat, Danielle and Britney chained together at the feet, which makes a ton of noise when they walk, (LMAO! They look totally cute together, though!) and poor Dan is stuck in the crazy-room by himself for 24 hours while having to listen to constant Techno music, REALLY LOUD! (Holy crap. NO sleep for Dan. He’ll be exhausted tomorrow.) Jenn DID win the Veto (love her!) but I heard that she has to be on slop for 25 days though. Oh no… :/ Man, they had a rough day! :P

  5. Frank is such a fool! Ian is gonna burn him bad…. maybe not this week but soon unless frank wins those POVsss I can’t see him staying much longer! I kind of feel bad for Dan…. how much longer does he have in there??? Ian needs to think jury votes here….. if he votes Dan out then there is now 2 votes not for him at the end! He can save the veto for himself (can he or does it have to be used this week?)but vote Dan to stay this week. you know Dan can work jenn and Joe for their votes this week!

    • The person who plays the best to the end will win it! Too much said about jury votes but, most house guests are fair as to judging who should win that $500,000. Last season, Danielle Donato tried to get her puppet to win that $500,000 and she and her allies voted for Porsche. However, Shelley who is also in her alliance voted for Rachel Reilly in the end because Rachel played a much, much better game and deserved it. This is a game and whatever happens in the game is different as to who deserves to win it in the end! Who played the best game?

  6. Is Danielle crazy asking Jenn if she thought she was Miss America. She couldnt win Miss Piggly Wiggly at the county fair. Send this dillusional nut job home.

  7. AAARRRGGGHHH!  Already with the comments “If so and so leaves, I won’t watch anymore.”  Who cares???  Not even the person you are rooting for really cares if you keep watching or not.  I have always had a favorite in the BB game and usually, they get evicted making me choose another favorite.  (Heck, I only had ONE fave HG this year and he was expelled very early and I hated that.. but still watched.)  I am making a promise to BBN, Matt, commenters and fans.. if I ever quit watching BB, I promise I wont announce it here.

    • Exactly. Why would you need to announce you are leaving? There are millions of Big Brother fans worldwide. Do you guys really think any of the rest of us fans cares? Get a life and move on if that is decision but, spare us the whining as we could care less and Big Brother will go on without you!

    •  Wow, love it. I have been complaing non stop about these whiners and they aren’t watching anymore. Either you like the show/game or you don’t. Great comment. Thanks!!

      • And the same whiners are here on this blog posting day in and day out.
        So much for that I am leaving and no longer watching crap! 

  8. Realize that Jenn only has week 7 to use her power of veto but I hope she doesn’t.  Let the chips fall where they may.  –> Hoping to say adios to Dan.

    Ian should save his veto power until he needs it… which may be soon … shrug!

  9. While, the Quack Pack has been united so far, why do I get the sense that this may be the week they eat one of their own! It seems to me that Dan could be a good target for the Quack Pack this week. For one, Ian has outlived his usefullness to the Quack Pack, if he is smart and using his head, he would know that Dan, Shane and Brittney will target him next as Frank is probably going to be evicted next week! Dan being on the block presents a tempting target for Ian, Shane and Brittney. Why not get Dan out now when you can? You know Dan will go after Ian, Shane and Brittney soon enough and Frank just about gone out the door, you know you will be next! And if Ian, Shane, Brittney get rid of Dan this week and Frank the very next week, you know that there is going to be only:
    Ian, Shane, Brittney, Joe and Jenn in the Big Brother House and one of  them is a guaranteed winner of that $500,000!

    • Erratum….Ian, Shane, Brittney, Danielle, Joe and Jenn in the Big Brother House and one of them is a guaranteed winner of that $500,000. Forgot about Danielle. 

    • I agree, Ian will get nominated to get rid of his power and will prevent him from saving Frank. I wish Dan would tell Frank about Ian. I know he tried but Frank won’t believe him. So why not tell Frank to tell Ian he made a mistake and will convince Jenn to use her veto on Dan and backdoor Britney, then watch the cams to see where Ian goes. I bet it would be right to Britney. Maybe that will convince him. It’s one thing to forgive him but another if he keeps doing it. That should prove to Frank that Ian is, I would say, working both sides.

  10. Is anyone tired of seeing Ian rock back n forth all the time and constantly make faces and stare at himself in the mirror?? Or Brit constantly picking her face and making faces! BB wake up please get rid of one of these boring people and keep the feeds and after dark interesting!!

    • Last night nearly turned me into a raving maniac watching all the tics
      and bad habits of some of the HGs. Ian is beginning to really worry
      me. He is getting worse each day. He really needs to be put on some
      meds. I have an ADHD child in my family and the meds really help. He
      has a lot of problems that could be better controlled. I would like for
      for production to have a talk with the people like Brit about her bad
      habits and how poorly they are being received on the air. I would like
      to have them sit Joes down and talk to him about not washing his
      hands. They could come over the loudspeaker and just call their names
      every time they see these things. At least with constant awareness of
      their bad habits, they might knock them while in the house and come
      out better people. Shane needs to quit playing the drums out of nerves
      and boredom on table and countertops. Brit needs to quit that awful
      humming she does to mimic Danielle. Everyone else in the house is
      reprimanded for singing or humming. While not she?

      • I believe Ian has a form of autism called asperger’s. I won’t go in to detail but he has classic signs plus adhd can go along with it. I think its cool to have someone like that go this far in the game. If it drives you crazy to watch, imagine how he feels. As a mother of a son with autistic tendencies, I am proud of Ian. It takes years sometimes to become that social, and alot of hard work. Yes I am just guessing but I am pretty familair with types of autism.

      • to mels: I, too, have a child with mild autism, ADHD, anxiety disorders. and
        Trts. Syndrome. She is treated with medication and does well when on it.
        Ian has even admitted he stopped taking his medication. If medication works, then he should take it. He does not have to suffer with the symptoms
        and should know after all of these years how much better he does on
        the meds. Just saying…..

    • I think Ian might have Asperger’s or be mildly autistic so there needs to be some understanding of his behavior.

      •  I agree. There is no need to make fun of or put down somone with a disability. We need to make it about the game.

      • Please leave Ian alone!!
        What about everyone else’s behavior in the house?
        We all need some understanding of that more than we need of Ian’s.

    • Please leave Ian alone!
      I’m so sick of the autism and rocking comments!
      Ian Is HUMAN!!
      Get over it!
      I’d much rather be his friend than yours seeing that you can’t appreciate the differences in people.
      I feel really sorry for your sad life.

      • I totally agree. Just what is “normal”. I made a statement that I think he has asperger’s or some type of autism, but its great how he is overcoming and doing GREAT on the show. I think that is how is doing so well, he smart, other player are underestimating him. I love my son who is kinda like Ian and gives me a look into how smart and cunning he can become. I just wanted to point out that people who are doing those things like rocking and staring at himself, not looking people in the eyes, etc, they are aware of it and try hard not to do it. So give em a break! As before this is my opinion.

    • Right. I’m surprised that production didn’t just give him the veto for what he did. Seems to be the norm for them! lol

  11. There’s a little too much “Production” involvement here… let them make up their own minds and stop discussing possibilities with them.

    Is it like this every season or has it been getting progressively worse to the point that it is now becoming blatant?

    • The newbies do not know how to play so that, they brought in the coaches. Coaches comes in to play and what do the newbies do but, follow what the coaches tell them to do! These are the dumbest bunch of newbies who needs direction. If production needs to call them into DR, because the newbies are stupid and need direction every step of the way! This is a show which depends on ratings and when the newbies screw up by making bad decisions, the production needs to clean it up! It is all about the money—-the advertising dollars. And these house guests get paid per week so, do not feel bad for them! Boogie got booted out with $16,000 in cash plus his weekly appearance fee. That is not so bad for easy work.
      All that production does is make these dumb newbies think and use their brains! The final decision is still theirs to make. Production does not make the nominations nor the evictions. Only the house guests do!

  12. obviously age and personality can help you out a lot in this game. frank trusts Ian because he’s young and too nerdy to do bad things like backstabbing others and lying to their face, but if only he knew,not to judge a book by its cover.

    • Frank is only saying that to Joe to make him settle down. Frank may not be the brightest crayon in the box but give the guy some credit…he’s not an idiot.It’s a numbers game, people, and QP has them and Frank doesn’t and noone is showing up at the door except Joe & Ian & Jenn…no matter how many times he doesn’t get Ian’s vote, Frank can’t say NO to a n y possible vote to keep him in this game!

      • Oh yeah, and he only has Joe if he’s in power and sitting out two hoh’s, goodbye Joe…he floats to the power. Frank’s bag of tricks is looking grim.

  13. when frank and Joe talked,frank said he doesnt think Ian is that smart. uhmm he knows the entire periodic table! He’s a total nerd*no offense Ian* so he is that smart, and boog even told frank not to trust Ian ,if frank had half a brain,he would start to watch him

  14. Ian is a snake in the grass….he has to go home soon.  Frank is an idiot for believe that Ian is this innocent kid, that was bullied by Dan.  He’s going to have a rude awakening when he is evicted by Ian, and watches BB from the jury house. Then he can see how Ian played him and Boogie.  

    • Blame Frank. He is the dummy. Boogie already told Frank before he left, do not trust Ian. Ian confessed to his crime to Frank. Does Frank still need more clues? Frank strikes up another alliance with Shane and Brittney when Shane has stabbed Frank how many times in the back? Frank makes the lame nomination of Dan and Danielle instead of going after Shane and Dan, two of the strongest players of Quack Pack and then, gets himself
      disqualified, gets himself penalized two HOHs he cannot play just as they
      will backdoor him! Good job Frank. Now wear the dunce cap. It sure fits you!

      • Frank isn’t very perceptive. He’s kind of a douchebag like Boogie is. Personally, I don’t think he’s that great of a player. I never thought Boogie was very good either. NOT impressed by Booger. His predictable constsnt lies were getting old. He was very transparent, to me anyway. (Janelle was right!) He just laid around talking to Frank about how so-called “awesome” he was the whole time. I guess he didn’t have any time to play the actual game cuz he was way too busy insulting everyone in the house. Hmmm. Funny how all those “idiots” kicked his arrogant, creepy butt right out of the game; just like they all planned. LOL!!!

    • Don’t blame the snake.   If you’re dumb enough to pick him up….don’t be surprised if you get bit.

    • That would actually be a delicious moment. But I think Dan is gonna out the kid once he gets out of solitary because Ian promised him that he’d use the golden veto ball on him and even shook his hand. For a BB historian like Ian, he knows that when Dan shakes your hand it means his word is good and vice-versa. Once he realizes that Ian has no intention of using it, the rat’s gonna get ratted out.

      • Like that is going to save Dan’s ass. The Quack Pack has the majority vote and Ian, Shane and Brittney can vote out Dan if they wish to! Dan should have struck an alliance with Boogie and worked with him instead of against him! Dan got Boogie out alright but, he is going out right after him! Boogie would have been more trustworthy than the rats he chose to be in an alliance with! Dan made his bed. Now, go sleep in it!

  15. Please explain to me (without flame or sarcasm please) how can production be so involved in this process? I get the concept of ratings, I understand the need for interest maintenance but first off it is a game show with prizes, (I thought there were laws governing game shows and fixing) and secondly, if someone going home ruins the season than perhaps contestants should be chosen more carefully… how is this happening? It is frustrating and could cost someone the game.

    • All production is doing is suggesting things to the players in the game. These newbies are the dumbest bunch if you have not noticed it yet!
      They will not play the game. Production inserts the coaches in hopes the
      newbies will start playing the game but, what do the newbies do but, go follow what the coaches tell them to do! Now, how is that playing the game?
      Each time production has to step in and clean up the mess these dumb newbies make. Like it or not, this is still a business with tens of millions of dollars in advertising dollars involved. These newbies are paid a weekly appearance fee so, they should atleast, be earning that money by playing
      the game but, if they do not, the producers have to pull them to the DR in the hopes of making them think of how to play the game. At the end of the day, the producers DO NOT DECIDE who gets nominated, who gets saved by a POV and who gets evicted that week. That is still the decision of the house guests. All production does is try to put in twists to make it interesting otherwise, people will stop watching if it gets too boring!

      • Thanks. Good answer… but what about fixing competitions? There seem to be alot of claims in this direction…

      • Writtenbykenneth……Where is the proof? People just mouthing off without even any proof of cheating. Frank did palm the House Guest Chip however, it is not cheating. What happened is the angle was bad so, they had to re-shoot the scene. Frank drew the House Guest chip first time around so, he palmed it because they are shooting the scene again. If Frank dropped the chip in the bag, he will get a different chip which would not be fair to Frank. So, it is not cheating as alleged by some trolls on these message boards. Other Big Brother fans saw it, I do not have live feeds so, did not see the re-shoot of the scene but, others did!

      • If Frank has not cheated then why did he tell Boogie he cheated? Why
        did Boogie tell him never to mention that again? Why did he get dq’d
        during the last comp? There is evidence of cheating. Not everyone has
        seen it, though. I do not have live feeds, but have heard this over and
        over again of how it happened. No wondering we are all so confused at

      • Johncompton88……..You are wrong. Watch the next draw of the veto. This does not happen during the actual competition but, is done inside the Big Brother House way before the actual competitions.artist1………..Frank palmed the Chip which is not in dispute, what people who apparently saw it said it was a re-shoot of the video because the angle was not good. Frank originally drew the House Choice Chip but, palmed it in the re-shoot so, no cheating. As for Frank saying he cheated. I have no explanation because he might have thought he had to drop the chip again the in re-shoot. As for the 2nd so called cheating. Frank got disqualified because he answered out loud and it was Brittney’s turn and was disqualified. Frank got disqualified because he made the mistake of answering so, where is the cheating? He go penalized for his mistake did he not? It they let go Frank’s mistake then, it would have been cheating!

  16. Why is Frank so trusting of Ian.

    He’s gonna be so upset once Ian confesses to everything in his goodbye message like he did to Boogie.

    Come on Frank, Open your eyes, take boogie’s words to heart!

    • Frank is just plain dumb and no going around that. Imagine, he is HOH, all alone in the Big Brother House without allies and instead of going after the two strongest players Shane and Dan, he nominates Dan and Danielle?
      Danielle is not that big of a threat. You hardly even notice she is there. Also, Frank strikes another alliance with Shane and Brittney when Shane has stabbed Frank in the back how many times? He trusts Ian even though
      Boogie told him before he left, do not trust Ian! Still more, he gets himself disqualified and allowed himself to be barred from playing for HOH the next two weeks. Good job Frank, you get the dunce hat as your prize!

      •  He’s been so lucky having winning streaks, but for the 2 reasons you mentioned, trusting the wrong people, and dumb choices, he’s going to fail this time around.

      • Cyril Axel……No doubt. In this game, you can only make so many mistakes and survive at that! At some point, your luck will run out and you
        will get evicted!

    •  I just don’t understand why Frank is STILL so hell bent on getting Dan out? He is looking so naive right now. I mean come on, he really thinks Dan manipulated Ian into doing all that last week? Frank, pull your head out of your a** and get your crap together.

    • If the QP really want to stay together, they are going to have to expose
      Ian. I would like to see him squirm and have to fight for once for himself.
      He has let someone else do all the fighting for him since day one. Yes,
      one HOH, and the golden veto (don’t know how much was luck in this
      one). I don’t think anyone can really trust Ian. It is time for him to step
      up to the plate and be a man about some things.

  17. the people that might win the next hoh is, Ian,Shane,dani,jenn. Britney and Joe won’t want any blood on their hands

    • Don’t be too sure. They may want Ian on the block so that, he uses the POV. So, if Shane wins HOH, Ian and Joe on the block. If Frank does not get picked to play POV then, they backdoor him if Shane or Brittney wins POV!

      • So how long does Ian have to use the POV he won?   If it’s more than one week then any person in their right mind would save it until he’s put on the block.   And the others would force his hand by putting him there.    It pretty much would guarantee a backdoor.    And we all know who THAT would fall upon.  

      • CuriosityCounts……..Don’t have live feeds so, don’t see everything. However, the fact that Ian might be saving it for himself makes me think it is good for atleast 2 weeks. He probably thinks he could be targeted by Quack Pack next week so, the POV is his insurance that he does not go to the jury house! I do see Ian and Joe being put on the block next week to get rid of Ian’s veto and backdoor Frank. There just a few good players left in the Big Brother House when next week rolls in.

  18. for the next hoh, I hope Ian wins,but if he doesnt I hope jenn or Joe wins,because frank can easily influence them,and he will tell them to target dani,Shane and brit,and not Ian

    • Don’t count on Jenn being trusting of Frank. She’s in the game now and plus, she won’t get rid of Danielle. Don’t underestimate Jenn. GO JENN-CITY! ;)

  19. I would love to see isms whole personality change,and for him to start being more assertive and start running this show

  20. Oh my I would probably start thinking about chewing off my own arm if I was chained to Danielle!

  21. It really bothers me that production is playing such a big roll in the game. I don’t remember this much talk about production wanting this or that in the other games. Makes me wonder if the game is not rigged for who production wants to win.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty bad when the other house guests even comment on the fact that production is favoring a certain person, and they have for a few weeks now. At this point, I’m hoping that someone like Joe or Jenn wind up winning the game because it would drive Allison Grodner absolutely crazy.

  22. Well, shucks. It seems that Golden Boy Frank once again got caught cheating in the Veto Competition and was actually disqualified this time. This guy thinks that the rules don’t apply to him. I wonder how many times this week he’s going to be trying to get away with not wearing his carrot costume correctly? 

  23. I would love for Dan to expose the QP to Frank. Dan’s already said he’ll call a house meeting so maybe if Frank hides somewhere while they talk he’ll convince Jenn to use veto and nominate Ian. Ian can only veto the initial nominee not the replacement. Great way to backdoor Ian. It’s the only way to save Dan.

    • So Ian can’t use his own POV to take himself off the block? hmm…Anyway, if Dan is not successful and he gets evicted, whoever wins HOH nextweek could nominate Ian and flush his POV and Backdoor Frank

      • He can use it to take himself off but only if he had been nominated in the first place, not if he’s the replacement nominee.

  24. Having been a Big Brother fan for a long time, it is getting so obvious that Production is telling people what to do, etc.  Frank and Boogie both cheated.  Brenden had to dunk in the chum so why is Frank getting a pass.  Please save Dan!!!

  25. Frank is one stupid bastage. Jenn’s even telling him not to trust Ian. I just can’t wait for Dan to come out of his brainwashing session. I hope he drops some bombs, cuz his alliance deserves it bigtime.

  26. Georgia ,not THIS season, but he did win the big money on his original season.  And he did it by playing the same way he has been playing this one.  Nothing against him personally, but I would vote his butt out, too.

    • I have no idea why I posted that here, it was supposed to be in a reply somewhere else.
      It was regarding Dan winning comps.

      •  Hahaha…dingbat :-)  
        Sorry, I couldn’t resist!
        Regarding Dan, he really should have come into this season with a new game plan. Letting everyone else play the game for him didn’t get him far…especially being a veteran!

  27. production is bound to read fan’s comments and after seeing a good half devoted to the obvious favoritism towards frank and manipulation of the game so hell win theyve gotten smart and are now doing little things to lower suspicions while theyre still going to fix the game for frank just not as blatantly obviously. now people who are saying ian got the golden ball of veto jenn won the veto frank got dq from the next two hohs… theres never been any rigging incorrect production has just gotten smart and they realize they dont need to rig it while franks hoh. next week let the rigging begin.. and for those who say its bullshit… its not. not even close

  28. if production is going to rig the entire game for someone at least do it for someone likeable and fun… frank eudy is a hypocrite, an idiot, and a loser. he thinks he is one of the bb greats. absolutely not- good at comps every other area is pathetic thinks he is not a bully yet he makes fun of all the other contestants behind their backs and threatened them during the week of boogies eviction doesnt see that he was boogies puppet has th nerve to call julie chen “jules” as if theyre bffs and thinks he automatically should win this game because he has had to fight and he is such an honest decent human being.. he is honestly the most despicable person on that show in a while and ive watched since season 1 and seen a lot of unbearable people. big brother production get your head out of your ass FRANK SUCKS.

  29. Would u all shut up.. if u think the game is rigged its easy dont watch!!! CBS will not miss any of u there are millions of people who watch and always will

  30. Dan should win fan favourite. For taking all the bullying from everybody. Bb please save Dan because of that.

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