Big Brother 14: Mike Boogie Malin Eviction Interview

Big Brother 14 Mike Boogie Malin evicted

Mike Boogie, winner of Big Brother 7: All-Stars, was evicted this Thursday on Big Brother 14. He came as a Coach, was dragged in to the game by his fellow Coaches, and was ultimately sent packing at the hands of his own player. Now that’s Big Brother!

I’ll admit I wasn’t a past fan of Boogie, but he definitely brought something to the game this season. It wasn’t always positive, but he never held back and that helped make it more enjoyable for many of us. Everyone season needs a “love to hate” kind of HG.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Boogie on the phone to discuss Ian’s betrayal, his last words to Frank, who he wants to see in the Final 2, and more. Read on to find out what Mike Boogie had to say.

Big Brother Network (BBN): Why did you hold Frank back when he wanted to target Dan earlier in the season?

Mike Boogie Malin: I really truly believed in my heart of hearts that Dan thought we could be a real powerful force together. My idea was to try and make it a threesome [w/ Frank]. Obviously he had Danielle and other people. At the end of the day, Dan just didn’t want Frank around and I was unwilling to bend on that concept. I trusted Dan and I play no fear, no regrets, but obviously there were points in the game where I could have made different decisions. We could have voted out Danielle and Dan when I was still a coach and we didn’t do it. We could have backdoor’d Dan when Frank was HoH. I don’t even know if Dan would have been voted out now that I know they were altogether. Who knows if it even would have worked. Obviously if you don’t win there are always moments you’re going to look back on.

BBN: Your parting words to Frank were, “Ian can’t be trusted.” Knowing what you know now, would you still advise Frank against working with him?

Mike Boogie Malin: I told everybody it’s all fun and games to gang up and have a giant alliance, but when you get out your target you then have to turn on each other. But in the meantime, like what happened apparently, is if the other side gets power, you can fragment and segment the other group. If Frank puts up Dan and Shane, the Danielle is going to be forced to choose. If Shane Vetos and Britney goes up, then Shane will have to choose. That little group that was so happy to get out the great Mike Boogie has a whole new reality this morning, don’t they?

To answer your question more directly, Ian is still possibly someone good to work with. It’s weird, I have to go home and form a whole new opinion [of Ian]. He won HoH after I left. The kid might be a player afterall.

BBN: If Frank and Ian can’t make it to the Final Two, who would you like to see make it there?

Mike Boogie Malin: Dan. I think Dan would totally deserve it. It’s obvious that if Dan sits in the F2 seats with anyone but Frank that he’ll win, but if you really want my pick of someone who might sneak up it’s Danielle. I think Danielle might get there. She might be a classic second-placer, like Porsche or Erika from All-Stars, but I do think Danielle might find her way to one of those Final Two seats.

BBN: What was your favorite experience from this summer?

Mike Boogie Malin: Good question, no one has asked me that yet. Voting out Janelle!

BBN: Was voting out Janelle a personal or strategic decision?

Mike Boogie Malin: It’d typically be strategic, but the way she was bad mouthing me I felt really, really satisfied not only in voting her out but getting all the people together to get her out. That took a lot of work. It saved Frank and it got Janelle. So to me that was the most satisfying.

BBN: Great. Thanks, Boogie.

As a parting “gift” from his fellow HGs, Boogie received some pretty top notch goodbye messages. These were easily some of the best we’ve seen in a long, long time. Here’s that segment from Thursday’s show:

What do you think of Mike’s answers? I was glad to hear him admit they missed chances at getting out Dan and Danielle earlier in the season. He also had great insight to what Frank should be doing right now with his nominations. Boogie offers a smart strategy that Frank doesn’t seem to see or understand with the nominations he’s made.


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  1. Boogie may be a player but the man as a person is not somebody that I would invite to Thanksgiving Dinner…I have enough family members that create turmol chaos and drama …I don’t need any more help in that dept…

    •  I would LOVE Boogie to be at my Thanksgiving Dinner! Holy crap that would be so good for my loser brother & his witch wife to get some of what they dish out right back in their fat faces!! They would cry & I’d finally be happy that I attended dinner with them.

    • do you know him outside of the house, do you know what kind of person he is when he isnt playing this game? or do you just judge people on a game based around lies?

    • You’re judging a man based on actions in the house, in the game of Big Brother. You have no idea how he is as a person. For all you know he could be a great guy when off camera, especially as a new father.

      You’re implying he would bring the same chaos, turmoil and drama to Thanksgiving dinner as he brought to the game. I find that highly unlikely.

  2. I like Frank, but he doesn’t have a chance.  He is being a fool and did’nt listen to Boogie about Ian.  He is in the house right now trusting Ian, while Ian and the Quack Pack are plotting against him behind his back still.  He will be evicted from the house soon, & with the way the Quak Pack is scheming this next eviction, Dan will stay- So although I was rooting for Frank, since he is being dumb and STILL TRUSTING IAN, I will be rooting for Dan after his demise.

    • Don’t like Frank……and he will never be evicted he will either take first or sec place……

      • I disagree..  He can’t be HOH next week and the whole house is still against him- sure , he can win POV, but who knows?  Just like Dani last year, when the whole house is against you, you can only dodge bullets so long.

    • I like Frank and if Ian and the Quack Pack are smart they will take this opportunity to get rid of Dan.  If they don’t they have just handed Dan all the money again.  There is no way anyone will win against Dan going up against him.  It is not just Frank making a bad decision it is every single player left in that house.  Dan is the only one who gains by them trying to save him.  They will have to turn against him at some point in order for their game.  Let’s see how smart they are.  This may be their only chance.  I am not a fan of Dan’s and never will be.  We all have different people that we are fans of and that is everyone’s own choice.  I don’t like players who let others do all their dirty work and pretend to be clean players because they don’t get any blood on their hands.  When I saw Dan’s goodbye message to Boogie he said this one’s for you Janelle.  Dan voted against her and no one forced him to.  He did it because it was best for his game.  Bottom line Dan only cares about Dan and JMO of why I don’t like him as a player.  No disrespect to those who do.

    • Is it me or does Frank always seem to try and threaten people. He’s a bully, I’m sorry he’s a honest straight-shooting MF’r.. Whatevesssss

      • It appears that he is telling everybody that they will be put up if they win veto and take Dan off…Frank can only replace one person unless Ian uses his ‘power ball veto”… The eilgible voters need to keep that in mind..So yeah he is being a bully and making threats  but in his position it’s a do or die kinda deal….He’s aslo using jury votes to get them to go his way…lol…That won’t help his cause…

      • frank a bully? haha good joke he said no worries to ian britney and shane after they dirt bagged him.. frank is soft as tissue paper he may be big but he is not bad

      • He IS a bully, you’re right.  Punks bully.  He is a punk with little self confidence.  I used to like him because he can be a nice guy but not so much anymore….his hatred of Dan is outside the bounds of reality…I think he is jealous of Dan because he is respected, people like him without Dan having to beg or bully them and Dan doesn’t respond to Frank’s jabs – he ignores Frank, which drives him crazy because you can’t fight with someone who ignores you.  Frank is a 20 watt bulb.

      •  Keep in mind…Dan says “I will rat you out MF” and threatens jury votes…However, Dan is a saint.

      •  It’s part of the game people. I don’t think he’s said anymore alleged threats or has allegedly bullied anyone anymore than any other frickin houseguest in there…with the exception of Jenn cuz she’s still at summer camp in her mind.

      • To Canadian Guest: Frank is not only a bully, he has the filthiest mouth of anyone I can remember on BB.

      • Can’t stand him at all. If he is ANYTHING in real life like he is in the game…I wouldn’t want to put my faith in him and the way he personally trashes EVERYONE show’s what kind of person he really is. I hope he goes SOON!!!

    • I agree. Why in the world is Frank even remotely trusting Ian at all, especially after what Ian did to him and Boogie. Hopefully, Frank is only playing him and sticks it to him when Ian is least expecting it. GO HOME IAN u little Weazel !!!

  3. Excellent interview…love that he gave it up to Ian with a tip of his hat, good sport in the end. Still love all the goodbyes…lmao at Brit’s!

    • Yes. Pretty good interview. He also liked Brittney’s farewell message which was da bomb! Boogie, thanks for the entertainment. It was fun while it lasted!

      • I am a fan of QP; however, Mike Boogie knows how to play the game. He plays hard and tough in the house, but excited with grace.

    • Britney’s message was a reach, and showed that she’s continuing to suck up to America by playing the ‘Oh I love Janelle’ card. She won America’s Choice in her last season and she’s trying to ensure she gets it again, especially in the event she doesn’t win the big prize. She was instrumental in Janelle leaving, then cried about it…now goes and uses Janelle in her goodbye message to Mike.

  4. Frank isn’t dumb. After all he is fighting a 5 person alliance that will all make it to jury if he somehow gets to the final 2 with joe or jenn. He has to play nice with these people to ultimately gain their vote in the final two. He has to team up with Ian because the quack pack may vote against ian in favor of Frank if Frank and Ian make it to final two, especially if Ian betrays them in some way. Any other alliance member with FRank will easily get their votes. Ian has to realize he’s 5th in the alliance and hopefully will team up with Frank or a floater. Frank knows this and is hoping for the best while not trying to burn bridges to survive in the house. Remember everyone dislikes Frank or views him as a threat. He’s not trying to ruffle any feathers. So quit saying he’s dumb, he’s actually very smart and sweet unlike other people in the house. His only fault is his lack of social game and honesty. He needs to stfu sometimes Jeezus.

    • When you do not make good decisions, you will not last in the Big Brother House. The last thing Frank can afford to do is trust anyone in the Quack Pack. They are only waiting next week to strike and backdoor him! Any promises of safety and alliance that Shane and Brittney gives him is a huge sham! His best chance at survival is to win each and every HOH and POV if possible to stay in the house. Also, he has to take the strongest players in the Quack Pack out which is Dan and Shane yet, he wastes his nomination on Danielle? He strikes another alliance with Shane and Brittney who has already said they will lie to Frank if they have to! Ian who has relayed everything Frank and Boogie talked about to the Quack Pack? Trusting anyone from the Quack Pack is stupid, it is dumb and no sugar coating that! What I can conclude based on Frank’s dumb decisions is Boogie made the decisions for him and made Frank look smarter than he really is!
      I was rooting for Frank and Boogie but, I will say it again. Frank is dumb!
      And that is the reality of it! He will be backdoored next week and be gone!

      • I did not friggin say he has to trust them! and he doesn’t but he can’t make people dislike him even further. Retard, understand, Frank is not dumb, you are! He CANNOT AFFORD TO BURN BRIDGES THIS WEEK SO HES BEING NICE ALL THE WHILE ATTEMPTING TO SURVIVE. HE KNOWS HE WILL GET EVICTED IF GIVEN THE CHANCE BUT HAS TO GET JURY VOTES! OMFG read things properly.

      •  Frank’s best chance at staying is winning every HoH and PoV? You don’t say. I’m pretty sure he understands that. Maybe he should put his trust into Joe and Jen.

      • I wouldn’t consider Shane one of the strongest players, maybe physical sometimes, but Frank blows them all out physically when he’s in the comps. No one came near him in that puzzle maze, even Shane. And Shane’s social game is for the pits. He only does what ppl tell him to do, like Brit. I really don’t Frank is dumb, he wanted to take Dan out last week already but Boogie talked him out of it. Too bad for that, u snooze u lose. Big mistake by Boogie which got him evicted. Dan needs to put his Bible away which he hides behind and lets everyone else to his dirty work.

    • Rosemary, I like Frank and think he is smart, but he is being dumb for TRUSTING IAN, and I have been following the live-feeds, and he REALLY trusts Ian-he thinks Ian is a scared little guy (his words) that was bullied by Dan and the others to go against him- Meanwhile, as of today, Ian is going back to the Quack Pack plotting Frank’s demise, and telling them everything Frank is saying.

  5. OF COURSE JANELLE BAD MOUTHED HIM! The guy stabbed hwr in the back and laughed about it. He was the most dangerous player in that house. Janelle understood that from experience . Unlike any other hg this season Janelle had 1st hand experience with Boogie and his tactics. So she knew it was imperative to make everyone understand how he operates, spoil his game and convince them he had to go immediately if anyone but Boogie and Frank wanted a chance at final two. They chose to listen to Boogie and Frank will win in all likelihood.

  6. As much as many people hated boogie in the game, (me not included) he knows it’s just a game and at the end of the day he left that side of himself inside the big brother house.

    In a way he did win as he proved that he’s as good of a player as his chill-town buddy.

    • If it was “all fun and games”, Boogie would not have acted like a petulant child when he got chumped.  He would not have personally trashed everyone in the house.  Boogie is the most overrated player ever in BB.  Without Will, he would have been sent home early both other times he played just like this time.  He actually called himself “the great Mike Boogie”.  What a punk.

      • Boogie is the villain in the house. If he did not act his role and was all nice and respectful, it would have been boring and  you would not have hated his guts. Look at this message board, how many hates Boogies guts? A lot of you do because, he played his part of being the villain very well! This is a lot like WWE where you hate the villain beating up your favorite wrestler and you watch, pay for PPV, buy merchandise because you are a fan! It is still a business and Big Brother is a business too! All of the house guests get paid a fee per episode so, if you believe this to be true, CBS did its job because they know you are hooked and addicted to Big Brother and they did their job including Boogie. Next time it could be Evil Dick in the Big Brother House and you will cuss him out as well because he is nasty!
        Still, that is just his role as well!

      •  You are so right, also, don’t forget……’s “production” that was helping Mike & Frank scheme, they did not think of these power plays on their own. I really believe “production” causes the chaos in the house and helps each HG when they go in the diary room. Let these people play their own game. I also hate that it’s so predictable, and they keep asking Ian what challenge is next, CHANGE IT UP!!!!!!

      • lol right because none of the others talked trash about anybody else. will was an amazing player but there were two people in that alliance and i doubt either are as good without the other. They balance each other out. This is a game they are supposed to trash talk and back stab, would you watch if there werent players like will and boogie?!!

    • He knew it was “just a game” after he realized there was no way he was staying….that’s when they all say it is “just a game”.

    • I don’t think it is possible to “leave thar part of you inside the house”……it’s an integral part of his character………..

  7. Boogie is such a idiot!
    This guy is a forced bitch, since BB 2 and BB 7.
    He drives me insane, i hate him. 

  8. OMG!!!! Frank thinks that IAN is being told what to do by Dan Shane Brit & Daniell…If Frank only knew the real truth….Joe is telling Frank that IAN is smart and he is playing the game….Joe has crap all over his face ..He kissing Franks ass like nobodys business…lmao..

    • PS….For once Frank should really listen to Joe and take heart as to what he is saying…

      •  Frank just confronted Ian about Dan saying to Ian yesterday during Pandora’s Box comp. “I will rat you out MF’er.”  If that doesn’t convince Frank that Ian cannot be trusted, he needs to just pack his bags and go home now. This kid cannot be trusted. Now he is telling Britney that the QP is in trouble and that it is all Dan’s fault. Once again, Frank is going to have to win this veto comp.

  9. Love how Boogie handled the goodbye messages! I really think he’s a chill dude outside the house. He’s playing a character on Big Brother. That’s all. 

    • He is obviously the villain or the heels or bad guys in wrestling. None of it is true but, WWE fans will hate the heels and boo and hiss at them and pay
      their hard earned monies for merchandise, tickets, PPV. It is still a show and a business as Big Brother is!

    • I like boogie in BB but let’s be real I wouldn’t trust giving that guy 50 cents to go buy me a pack of gum.

  10. Good interview Matt.  Unfortunately haters will always hate.  At the end of the day they are just people trying to provide you with some entertainment.  We all have different players that we are fans of or those we are not. 

    Hope Boogie is enjoying Brady because obviously he is what is most important to him and that’s the way it should be. 

    • It is nothing more than entertainment but, some people believe this is the real deal. It isn’t and will never be! Just like the WWE…E stands for Entertainment by the way!

  11. everyone playing in veto comp but dan. ian is the announcer. ian says he won’t use veto if frank wins the other one. sounds like he’s planning to use it if the other hgs win.

  12. I miss u boogie the house is already lame and boring without u!! frank is a moron without u and the rest are completely dull and boring when mike boogie left big brother left my tv screen

  13. Thanks Matt!

    If only I could watch the show with mike, he must be freaking out that frank isnt listing to his advice 

  14. Do not kid yourself Boogie. Evicting Janelle was all personal. You could have targetted anyone from janelles team but you picked her. At least Janelle was not saved by production all season. You are nothing without Will.

    • I agree that it was entirely personal Boogie voting out Janelle, he was mad because she was bad mouthing him, like he wasn’t bad mouthing her as well?  What a hypocrite, everyone bad mouths the others in that house.  Boogie simply didn’t like Janelle on a personal level, wanted revenge for whatever she supposedly did to him on All Stars (I don’t remember exactly what that might have been), etc. I know others might not agree with me, but I think the show will be more enjoyable without Boogie on it, I simply could not stomach the idea of him making it to the end again and then further gloating about having gotten Janelle out early.

  15. Nice interview! I thought Boogie was a Dik b4 this season. I have mad respect for him now. Game won’t be the same

  16. Face it Boogie you failed when you tried to trust the packrats and you failed when you went for the money instead of HOH. You and Frank were on track to win it all.

    •  Check her out before the awesome plastic surgery. The Doctor did a remarkable job.

    • She is looking really good & healthy. Much better than a few seasons ago when she looked anorexic, I was starting to get concerned for her.

  17. Ian wants to use his veto power in a perfect scenerio…IAN!!! There is no perfect  scenerio in the BBgame/house….The best laid plans have a way of crashing down around u….Don’t waste a given IAN…

    • Ian also said that the DR is telling him not to us it and to work with Frank. It just shows that they want Frank to win. Ian will not win the game if he screws the Quack Pack after Dan talking the heat for him all last week. The producers should stay out of it.

      I want to like Frank, but he brought a lot of this on himself.

      •  You confuse me. First you blame production and then you say that Frank brought this on himself. Pick a side please…preesh!

  18. Ian said he would rather piss off one person in the house that’s not able to play HOH next week, than any of his group. So Ian…USE IT !!!

  19. Frank doesnt think Ian is playing him haha how funny Joe just looked like a harvard graduate compared to Frank during their talk

  20. FrankIAN is totally freaked out about the veto comp and who will win it…Dan  is putting him under alot of pressure as is Frank…Britney and Shane have talked to him but I don’t think he is being forced to make a decision by them…IAN does not fuction well under pressure..They “all ” should know this by now…

    • SSFrank is not freaked out…His name should not have been first… a long day..

  21. Frank can’t help that no one is teaming up with him. Ian.Joe, and Jen should figure out that they are the odd ones out. If they would legitimately align with Frank they would have a fighting chance. The way it sits now they are sitting ducks.

  22. I want to go into the BB house myself and slap Frank upside his head..what is he thinking? These people are lying to him left and right..he for sure needed Boogie’s help this week..Ian is gong to use that veto if Dan doesn’t win today..I just can’t believe Frank is still willing to trust these people..Good Lord!

  23. Ian is only going to use veto if Dan wins and takes himself off and Brit is put up.  That is what he told Frank and then later Brit.   Brit has F2 deal with Ian and just about everyone else in the house.  Ian confirmed it with her as Frank told Ian that Brit and Shane had a deal and for him to not believe Brit.  Just before they went to pick veto players Ian asked Brit if they still had a F2 deal because Frank said she had one with Shane.  Brit said she didn’t and why Frank thought that as she never even talked game with Shane.  Brit even made a F2 wih Frank and if I remember correctly Dani.  I think she has just about the whole house covered,  I think she was so burned in her season that she is making sure she has alliances with everyone to keep herself covered.   Joe is doing his usual and spilling things to both sides.  Brit seems okay with Dan leaving at least in front of Ian and to Frank. This whole thing is very confusing and I don’t know how they keep anything straight. I know I sure can’t. 

  24. Can somebody clarify this for me? Last night from BBAD, was DR trying to talk to Ian to use the veto? or not to use the veto? I thought I heard Brit talking about it.

    • It wasn’t only last night it was just within a two hour span.  He said he would only use it for Brit and now he said they said he couldn’t.  Something about it has to be the perfect scenario and then he would use it on Dan.  Completely weird.  I still don’t understand why they would try to save Dan now and try to get him out later.  This all makes no sense to me.

      •  If Brit or Shane won the veto, and takes say..Danielle off the block, then he’ll use the veto on Dan? Is that the perfect scenario he’s talking about? I have no idea what’s he gonna do.

  25. I am so confused earkuer I heard Ian say he would not be using the veto.  Now he just told Dan if it is the perfect scenario then he would use it.  What is going on?   He did tell Dan that he was going to let Frank know and not blindside him.  Dan is now going to throw it. 

    • Just think though…if Dan does throw this comp thinking that he is safe with Ian’s veto and then Ian decides NOT to use it then Dan will have screwed himself! Bye bye Father Dan!

      • Brit has me so confused as she is talking away telling people different things that I have no clue.  I would love to see Ian do that for Frank because the only one who is trying to keep Ian safe is Frank and all the others are using him for what?  Just there own private gain and then they say bye bye Ian.  I feel bad for Ian and yet don’t know what he is thinking.  Frank told him he would take him to F2.

      • Brit is crying everyone a river that she is so scared of going up and she doesn’t have the votes.  Everyone is telling Frank something different and all he wants to do is play the game.  What is the purpose for a large group to stick together when they have to start turning against each other?

      •  Jacee,
        I wish that Frank & Ian would align. Ian should SECRETLY pull away from the QP. But he needs to continue “working” for them at the benefit of him & Frank.

        How many more days do we have until the veto ceremony? There’s gonna be a lot of back and forth until then & it’s gonna be hard to see what exactly Ian is going to do…Dear BB Gods, please help Ian do the right thing!

        As for Twitney, she’s just like that dirty girl in high school that would run from one guy to the next one just to stay “popular”. The only difference is that Twit isn’t sleeping with everyone. Her game play pattern has been to run to the power, kiss their butt, and make all kinds of deals and promises and even take baths with them.  She can’t be trusted for nothing.  It’ll be interesting to see if she changes up her game play once she is sitting on the block!

      • We really need the BB Gods because I don’t know if this is all for show or what, but the live feeds are driving me crazy.  Ian is acting very strange and was very mad at Dan for saying what he said about ratting him out which Joe told Frank about.  Frank told Ian and had harsh words to him about using the veto.  Just now Ian told Dan and Dan basically wormed his way out of it and they shook on it.  Then Ian told Joe he wanted to know if Joe had picked a side.  Also forgot Dan told Ian not to tell Brit about what they decided.  Meanwhile Frank and Shane having yet another conversation and trying to make deals with each other.  Like I said so confusing and I don’t have a clue what will happen.  Basically, it is up to Ian and we will know who wins today’s veto, but don’t know what Ian will do until the veto ceremony which I am not sure even is.  Then Iam talks to Brit yet again saying he is tiring of being badgered by Dan, Frank and even Joe.  I am completely confused. by all these people and what they are saying and who is even really with who.

        Love your name Twitey for Brit and you sure have her pegged.  Sadly, everyone has fallen for her act.  Do you have the feeds?  If not, I am beginning to think it might be worse to spend all my time watching because it changes every five minutes. lol

      • Hey Jacee,
        I don’t have the live feeds, just BBAD & this wonderful site. I thought of getting them when the season started but now I’m glad I didn’t. I’ve seen so many people on here complaining that they are down and watching fish or trivia. As it is, BB has taken up more of my time this summer than anything else. I’m addicted & need help! I can only imagine how much more time it’d take up if I had the live feeds. I do “preesh” your updates though :-)

        I am so glad I’m not in that house. Like you said things are changing constantly. People don’t know if they are coming or going or who they are even supposed to be talking to. It’s crazy. With that in mind it kinda makes me understand Dumbielle’s craziness a little…hmm…no wait, on second thought she’s legit crazy.

      • You are so right about Dumbielle.  The house didn’t do it to her she came in that way.  I have been spending way to much time with the feeds, but mostly because I fell down my deck stairs, broke my fibula and tibia, had surgery and now have a plate, 12 pins and 3 screws in my leg just above my ankle.  After the hospital had to go to rehab and am in a very large cast so not much else to do.  At least they give me something to do this season even if it has not been the best.  I had them last year, but didn’t spend the amount of time that I have this year.  I guess that’s why I can’t figure out this crew this year.

        I have been watching since the first season and I became addicted right away.  I had the live show in the beginning and then the last 3 years BBAD which showed me how different it was from just the live shows.  This is my second year of feeds, but people are right about down times, fishes when your really not sure why, etc.  Do like the Flashback feature. 

        I am not the best strategist, but am not understanding why this group is having such a hard time with wanting to get rid of Dan and trying everything to get him to be safe when they may not get a chance later.  There are 7 people with 5 (including him) of them wanting him to stay.  They all can’t get to F3 or F2 so I would think they would look at this as a golden opportunity as they need him gone eventually except for the 3 in an alliance with him.  Maybe they all have alliances with him – not really sure. lol

        Bottom line he needs to win this veto to make sure he does not get on the block next week.

      • Jacee,
        I’m so sorry to hear about fall & the tib fib break..ouch!! I hope your recovery goes better than the best doctors would ever expect :-)
        On a brighter note, at least you have BB to keep you occupied!
        I’m still confused about Dan too.  I just don’t get it. 
        Do the others really feel safe with him in there?  Do they think he’s gonna protect them? Are they all smokin crack in storage room or something?
        As soon as he turns on Dumbielle they are all gonna see what a worthless player he is to keep around and they’ll all go after him. I can’t wait to see how everyone responds to that, especially Dumbielle. Can you imagine those surprised eyebrows getting any more surprised!

  26. I remember about that banner plane that flew over the house. That was hilarious. I wish that would happen again.

    • Danielle would swear it was a terrorist threat….and she’s their main target.

      •  Hahaha, yep, Danielle thinks it’s always about her. That Mickey Mouse voice of hers is driving me NUTS! About Danielle, she told Jenn she would NEVER, never vote her off, so does that mean she would go against her alliance? Are they BFF’s now? What about Twitney?

      • SwtNLow31  Yes, they appear to be BFF and Twitney most likely is in an all girl alliance with them as well since she seems to be in an alliance with just about everyone.  I think there was that thing that Janelle told them about if a girl and a guy goes to F2 the girl never wins so that may be why.  Which tells me all these other alliances are just for protection for all of them.

      • It wished one of them a happy birthday….can’t remember which one.   Plus it said …we (heart) you. They were put on lockdown while it went over.

    • During very early seasons in happened quite a bit.  Even telling a Hg not to trust another and things like that.

      • I remember those Becky. They were fun especially when they gave them hints which is why they obviously stopped them.

      • I actually think it was aimed at Britney from season 1….I remember her crying afterwards when everyone ran out to read it….and another cheering on Chicken George….those were the days. :)

  27. Great interview Matt :) I too miss you Boogie and haven’t laughed watching BBAD since you’ve left. I wish Frank would of put up Brat and Dan and if one of them would of been pulled off then Shane could of gone up. Hopefully Dan or Shane go home and Frank continues to win. He deserves to win this season IMO

  28. Am I the only one who doesn’t understand why Dan is a such an amazing player? He hasn’t done much. Frank and Boogie gave him too much credit

    • No, because I don’t understand it either.  I don’t know who wants him gone more me or Frank.

    • No you’re not. I don’t get it either. His “game play” consists of hiding behind other people and laying on the couch pretending to read the bible. His so called “lucky” shorts are gonna prove to be extremely unlucky for him real soon.

    • I don’t think its so much that he’s an amazing player.   It’s more like the drama that he brings because of the contention between him and Frank.   Its like two prize fighters…both hitting below the belt.   Both have other strategys but delivering one below the belt is much more satisfying.

    •  LOL!!! Watch season 10 and then come back to me. By not doing much, Dan has done a whole lot.

  29. no news….checked @ Jokers but they got nothing to report….UH OH  HEARD  A VOICE ON THE FEEDS     maybe soon

  30. I really don’t understand Boogie’s issue with Janelle.

    I mean you beat her in all stars, you won, why do you still dislike her?

    Dr. Will loves you and not her, why do you still dislike her?

    She hooked up with Dr. Will in Jury (or so Boogie implies because he doesn’t want to repeat it out of respect for his boy *eye roll*) so what, he married someone else. Why do you still dislike her?

    I don’t get his issue with Janelle at all.

    • Is there any chance he was still a little bit into the ladies then and got butt hurt because Janelle chose to hook up with Will instead of him? Jealousy.

  31. Frank says he’s an honest player– maybe he is bit production IS NOT!!! No one of big brothers players have ever won back to back HOHs and power of VETOs like he has. This year”14″ is FIXED and PHONEY. Just give frank all the money and save time and let the rest of the playets go home. Dan said he can’t win??? Because production won’t let him. Ian has power but not allowed to use it, production won’t let him unless it’s for frank. Production YOUR BUSTED, and I’m sick of frank, his hair and mouth.

    • makes sense to me…that’s one of the reasons that I do not have a favorite this year…When I found out the extent of Productions efforts to keep and aid “one certain player”  I did not stop watching but I am not as inthralled or interested in the show as with previous seasons….

      • joker updates reporting same
        Updates before 6:30 PM BBT…
        6:28 PM BBTBrit saying as if Dan isn’t upset enought, he has to sit alone in a party room, with strobe lights NT 6:28 PM BBTConfirmed…Frank WON POV NT 6:27 PM BBTFrank won POV! NT 6:27 PM BBTFRANK WON NT 6:27 PM BBTFrank is in a carrot costume for a week NT 6:27 PM BBTFrank has PoV NT 6:27 PM BBTFrank won POV NT 6:26 PM BBTFrank has an orange costume NT 6:26 PM BBTDan lost POV NT 6:26 PM BBTDan is in 24 hour isolation in a party room NT 6:26 PM BBTUnless Dan won veto, nobody has the necklace around them. Unless Frank has it in his room. It is not next to the picture wall NT 6:26 PM BBTBrit & Danielle will have to be shackle together for 24hrs NT 6:26 PM BBTSounds like Brit and Shane shackled for 24 hours. NT 6:24 PM BBTDani is fixing her hair in the BR…not crying. NT 6:22 PM BBTFeeda are back. Ian, Brit and Jenn in the kitchen NT 6:22 PM BBTFrank in a carrot suit NT 6:07 PM BBTHave not room set up for solitary confinement, Britney,Jen, Joe, Ian, Shane all seen in have not room (feeds still off) NT 6:03 PM BBTfeeds came on for a very brief sec..There was alot of people in the HN Room NT 6:03 PM BBTShort feed leak, then back to triva! NT 5:30 PM BBT3 hours of Trivia NT 4:31 PM BBT2 hours of Trivia NT 2:33 PM BBTFISH and now Trivia NT 2:31 PM BBTIan headed to dr. Joe deciding if he should change if it’s going to be hot outside. NT 2:31 PM BBTA downstairs camera was zooming in on the DR handle. Ian to the DR. NT 2:30 PM BBTJoe joins Ian and Frank in hoh. Ian called to dr. They say it must be time for the comp NT
        More >>>BB Updates: Quick View | Forum

    • hopefully he will keep everything the same and dan goes home – that leaves Brit and then Shane, Frank and ian can fight it out

  32. Frank won pov. Let the rigged comments begin even thought the only other person that can win is Shane ,but you never hear the rigged talk when Shane wins.

  33. I just read somewhere else that Jenn won POV? When did she wake up and start playing. Can anyone please confirm that this is wrong! Preesh.

      • Hahaha! There goes that damn production again….and they had all of us fooled thinking they were there only for Frank when it turns out it’s really Jenn they are helping out. Suck on that all you production haters!

  34. shame  on cbs for fixing games and telling Ian that he and brittney needs to work with Frank it was heard on live feed.  If it was me and i heard that i would walk out the door.  Cause if they want Frank to win then he’s going to win  each and every one of use should call there corprate office maybe  that’s why so many of there worker left and want to ABC

    • I would bet money I don’t have that production tells each player before they even enter the house what persona they would like them to play, who they would like them to work with, who they would prefer to win, if they want that HG they’re talking to to win…the list goes on, and I’m only being partially sarcastic with what I listed.

  35. so its 50 50 some saying jenn some saying frank please clarifly god i hate when people lie and say someone else won. WHOS THE WINNER?

  36. Kind of curious how Boogie felt, being the lone hold-out for the reset, knowing that he’d be dragged from being a coach to being a player.

  37. I respected his exit interview with Julie and was surprised that he made basically positive remarks and took his elimination well …. with no disparaging, demeaning comments at others.  Generally disliked what I saw of him in the show, but have to give him this.

  38. this is why boogie blames dan. people dont get it. he thought they had each other’s backs long term and would keep one another safe long enough to eventually pair up. didnt work out. frank was too much of a force.

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