Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 7 HoH Competition Results

Big Brother 14 Week 7 HoH Competition practice

The drama continues tonight on Big Brother 14 as the live double eviction show spilled over on to the Live Feeds. Following a miraculous recovery from yet another eviction Frank was pumped to head in to the second HoH competition of the evening. This time we’re expecting it to be very similar to the skill challenge the HGs were given last night.

Read on to find out who got the big win tonight and what that could mean for the game.

Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 7 HoH Competition Results:

  • Frank won the HoH Competition.

Big Brother 14 - Frank is new HoH

There’s no rushing this HoH’s reign in the house so settle in for the normal routine of nominations on Friday night, Veto Comp on Saturday, and Veto Ceremony on Monday.

Frank told Joe he’s not coming after him. Dan is Frank’s target this week. But don’t forget that the next eviction will still be controlled by the HGs voting, not Frank. He can want Dan gone all day, but if they want to keep Dan then he’ll stay. Frank is now playing 6 against 1. Next week it’ll be 5 against 1. He’s got a long road of obstacles ahead.

Who do you think should be nominated? Now who do you think will be nominated?

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      • He’s not even close as one of the greatest. Production is the reason he’s still here. Frank should’ve been gone 3 weeks ago

      •  Ballon, every year it is production rigging the game, whiney excuses for certain player fans

      • There’s no way he’s even close to the greatest Big Brother player. Did you miss the first 10 seasons?

      • When you’ve got Productioln behind you, it’s easy to win . Just you watch, Frank will win, but it will be because of Production. I’m so disappointed in BB.

      • Winning competitions doesn’t mean you’re the best player. By that logic, Janelle is the greatest player, not Frank.

      • OMG…you’ve GOT to be friggin kiddin me, right? Frank? The GREATEST BB player…EVER??? Did you just suddenly FORGET Dr. Will? What about Evil Dick? Frank?? Even Jeff from last season (BB13) is better than Frank!! Frank is a BEAST & yeah, I’ll have to admit that this joker really DOES have 9 Lives (So does Joe…he seems to somehow or another escape eviction after being put up on the block almost every week)…but he’s NOT the best BB player EVER!!

      •  Yeah he is the greatest BB player.. But the great BB players dont let other people make their moves for him. Frank may be a competivive player.. Greatest?? Not even close. He let Boogie play his game for 6 weeks now

    •  You got that right. And have people been watching Frank go He is a machine. That POV comp. he was flying. If he wins I think he will deserve it on comps alone. Those ones anyway. It seem to be between him and Shane. They 2 powerhouses But no one complains about all the comps. Shane wins. Then of coure in their minds it isn’t rigged.Only when Frank wins. Get over it people.

      •  @ Barbmarsh2000: Shane was right behind him with the second clover. I don’t think they would not put 2 in each but Frank may have had more than 2.

      • Wow really? They didn’t put clovers in others pits? You people are ridiculous. Just because every other person there other than Shane is weak and can’t win anything, it’s rigged. I guess it was rigged last time Britney played too since she didn’t win any comps that season either. Must have been rigged Janelles season too when she won a lot. Oh and it’s rigged when Shane wins too. Get over yourself already. This gets old.

    • THERE IS no reason to use the Lords name this is  a game also Frank has and is doing a great job he is a strong player that is not a reason to hate the guy I am ready to see him play his game as far as  cheating gose i think that was just more lies from the QUACK PACK starting trouble

    • RIght now the online big brother community is trying to come up with a conspiracy theory on how this was rigged…Just admit it…Frank is good.

    • Quack still controls the house and will for the foreseeable future, Frank is playing by himself now, will be gone shortly.

  1. I gotta say, Frank is just a beast! He’s pretty much going solo at this point and it’s amazing just seeing how long he can hold on. Grats to him on another HoH win. I’m rooting for ya man!

    • It’s amazing when the show is clearly rigged and he and Boogie basically admitted to cheating the other night? How impressive. Screw you Grodner. 

      •      I will admit that after hearing about Frank and Boogie cheating during the picks for the Veto (what difference did it even make lol) that I lost a little bit of respect for them. Thing is, cheater or not, Frank is STILL the best player in that house! Even if half of the comps and evictions were “rigged” or “cheated” he still has more game then any player this season. I just call it as I see it.

      •  This one is for Jimmy. You are right. I have to wonder about what else has happened over the many years this show has been going on. But everyone is zeroing in on Frank.

      •  he cheats, admits to it on camera, and gets away with it.  Production needs to stay out of it.  Some like Frank, some don’t.  HE is a cheater and should have been eliminated from that competition and then sent home.  BB allows cheating, not the first time and sure it wont be the last time.

    • Jimmy, I think I’m going to disagree with you and agree with Gwen on that one.  I think the best players are the ones who can keep their ground while there is fire in the house or influence others’ decisions without winning any sort of power. That’s a real skill to have in the BB house, and if you just keep winning competitions every other week (refer to Frank and Shane), there won’t be no use UNLESS you team up with a ‘mental’ player. The thought of a possible Frank/Ian alliance, I think would go far. But to just say Frank is good, I have to admit, I think is a no.

    • Frank heard what you said. Then he won veto and HoH and said “No, Fuuuucckkkk yooouu”!

    • As much as I dislike Frank, and it is much,  I have to give him credit.  He is a strong competitor!!
      Shave his head and feed him crazy glue…. I could grow to like him.
      He plays like he has been practicing every possible game that BB could put on, his whole life.


    • I look at it like this: Frank is one hell of a player. He’s far more deserving of being there then anyone else. Here’s my run down of the current house guests.

      Britney: Honestly I don’t think shes been playing a good season. Whether she wants to admit it or not she has played a big role in a large number of blindsides yet she wants to come out clean. She’s lucky that Frank will likely target Shane and Dan this week.

      Shane: I gotta hand it to the guy. He’s a pretty strong competitor. Out of the entire Quack Pack I’d rate him 2nd or 3rd best. He may not play the best social game but he’s just as good as Frank when it comes to most of the comps.

      Dan: I’ll admit Dan is in an alright spot now. Even if he’s nom’ed this week (pretty much a sure thing) it’s unlikely he’ll go home. Props to Dan for taking all the heat that Ian caused between Boogie and Frank. Not sure how many could handle that pressure.

      Danielle: She’s alright. She managed to backdoor one of the strongest players to have ever played Big Brother. I for one am glad her obsession with Shane is gone (at least I think it is). Hoping to see more from her but likely won’t.

      Ian: He’s one hell of a mastermind. I can’t speak for sure if turning on Boogie and Frank was the “best” option as I am sure the other members of the Quack Pack will target Ian as soon as Frank is gone. It’s pretty obvious they don’t want Ian lasting too long. Half the Quack Pack agree he’s in one of the best positions right now (and he is). Let’s see what else this dude has up his sleeve.

      Jen and Joe: Putting them both here because I got nothing much to say about them. Classic floaters who will likely make final 5-6 at this rate. Hopefully neither wins the 500k or even the 50k.

      Frank the “TANK”: This guy is amazing. Call him what you want, he’s still a great player. Not many can say they’ve been on the block as many times as this guy and managed to pull through. Good luck to Frank and I hope he wins.

      • I’m afraid all Britney’s done is pick at either her face, hair, nails or any other body part available.  Danielle walks around as if she’s God’s gift to humanity, Dan is silent as always, Shane also thinks he’s God’s gift to women, Ian is in la la land, Jo is Betty Crocker, Jen is one Hell of a mess and her face needs a bloody good wash; what a disaster of a woman!, Frank is a dick head.  Have I left anyone out?  Oh, yes, Boogie………thank God that disaster of a human being is gone.

      • I would like Frank if he wasn’t so full of himself and so mean to people. He has a strong comp game but one of the worst social games. When things go his way he is like “I am the best player ever you will all bow down to me” and the moment things don’t go his way he is like “people are dumb they should do what I want so I can get further in the game why are they listening to ____ who will only screw them over I will at least let them stay in the game a bit longer before I screw them over” Then he goes around and throws a temper tantrum and acts like a 3 year old

    • Yes, I liked him at first but now he is starting to get rude and cocky. Plus Dan is one of my favorite players and he keeps insisting on going after him. I also hope Pandora’s box backfires on him.

    • FRANkenstien  hheee aaalllivvvveee alliivvvveeee i tell you ,now go get out the wicked witch and throw her in a pot withthe other dummies, i mean bunnies

    • Frank a stud?????????  What rock do you live under??  If he learned to speak properly he might just pass the ok mark, but on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate him a -1  Sorry Frank, but your muscles don’t impress me.  Your legs have no muscle definition and look like a woman’s legs.  Makes my skin crawl.

    • I guess I’m the only person on planet Earth that actually like Boogie and Frank. But there has to be one I guess.
      I was so upset that Dan sat there and took the heat for that little weasel Ian. But guess that shows what kind of man Dan really is.
      I am so glad Frank has won HOH again and since it seems to be him against the world , it’ll take a miracle for him to win the whole thing.
      Rigged or not I like BB and hope the next one out is Brittney.

      •  Good job. I agree with you and I like it too. And I think Dan is a bit of a weasel too. I am so glad he got told to stop with the Julie comments about how beautiful she looked. That was creeping me out. Go Frank Go.

  2. Go Frank !!!
    Everyone hated you hours ago but now they are gonna be dying to be your best friend…..wonder if you’ll get Joe’s bad breakfast in bed tomorrow.

    • Oh can it with the “Appreesh” garbage.  I’ve had it up to the eyeballs with this man’s evisceration of the Enlish language.

      • English. Learn to read yourself before you bash the greatness of Frank!!!!!!! Poor Liz. apreeeeesh!

  3. WOW of course frank won HOH Ian Which I Wanted to win BB Will probably get nominated and get voted out.

    • I think Frank is going to be the one kissing a**.  He needs to win every comp to stay in the game and then he needs more than just Ashley’s vote to win the big prize.  If he acts like a jerk like his buddy Boogie he has no chance to win it all.  I think he’ll figure that out and try to be nice and not an arrogant idiot.  He can’t be HOH next time so he might have to win another veto to survive.  Looking for some big-time sucking up by Frank.

  4. OMG. How does he keep doing this?!! He really does have 9 lives!! I don’t like Frank, but for the game he plays, if he makes it to the end, he deserves to win for sure!! UGH!! I just wish he weren’t so gung-ho on getting Dan out. The whole mess where Dan was going to vote him out was weeks ago and he’s STILL holding onto that! Hoping Dan can step up and win veto cause he’s gonna need it!

    • Because its rigged, he isn’t all that great or smart for that matter. BB has set it up because pretty much everyone hates Frankie boy and it will be a věry happy day when that fool is GONE!!

      • Is really is rigged for Frank did you not see last night’s HoH “Before or After”. A MEMORY GAME. Which little orphan none showering Annie won 2 of? Ughhh. Frank probably will get evicted next week if production doesnt hand over the veto to him.

  5. I think it should be Shane and Brit hi biggest competitors. But I think it will actually be Dan and Ian. Does he have an alliance now ?

  6. For all those that hate Frank…he has cemented himself in the next BB All-Stars. Deal with it.

    •  How can people hate this guy? He’s playing his ass off and is doing a great job. The Quack Pack has the entire house vs him and they still can’t get him out! Go Frank!

    • He is a freaking joke, he is hated and the only reason he is still in the house is because BB has it freaking rigged that way. Can’t get a honest reality show without producers staging everything.

      • Frank is good at competitions so he wins. It does not mean that everything is being rigged for him. Also don”t say that he is a freaking joke because he has to fight to stay in the house unlike some of the other houseguest.  

    • What an accomplishment in life………Frank has cemented himself as a BB All-Star……….better the fuzzy head bum get a job.

    • Hopefully, Shane gets booted out first because he is good at HOH and POV. That takes one good competitor out of the Quack Pack. Then, target Dan assuming Frank is still in the house!

  7. What is the matter with these people,cant anybody else win anything?So lame.
    Frank deserves it since he is the only one who can get anything done how could they not give it to him in the end.

  8. Frank is by far the best player in the house (and the most likeable). I don’t understand the haters. This is gonna a fun week to watch.

      • Uhh no. Frank is a cheater, a bully, a douche, a nasty person. I dont like him. Now had Frank not played Boogie’s game and become Boogie’s shadow. I probably would like him.

    • Because as good has he has been in the game.  He makes comments like “I am the greatest player ever”  “How dare you go against me and Mike”.  It was a strategic move to get Boogie out.  Even Boogie said “well played” once he saw what went down.  If I was Frank, I would have been pissed at Boogie the whole week for going for the money instead of HOH and told him it was his own fault instead of Dan’s.  That is just my thoughts.

    • Most likeable??? Seriously??? Now that’s funny!!!! If it was not for the staging and fakeness from the producers franks dumb ass would of been gone a long ass time ago!!! His days are numbered.

    • I would like to see Frank get his heaviest competition out…..Shane..those 2 are the only ones putting physical effort into this season. Britney will go home broke and unemployed.

    • I have to disagree with him being the most likabale. He’s painfully arrogant, he’s a sore loser when he doesn’t have his way, and he goes around blasting people for making moves that don’t benefit him. I think he has a terrible social game, honestly, because he keeps throwing tantrums whenever things don’t go his way.

      He is a beast at competitions. I’ll give him that. But his self-righteous behavior, his cockiness, his mentality that everyone that doesn’t work with him and make moves for him is stupid, is a serious turn-off.

      • Ryan you are right on the money!!! Frank would have been gone week 3 if BB didn’t interject. They should have done the eviction 1st before the reset, that would have been the honest thing to do. No one started thinking about BB interferring until that happened, after that it all went down hill.

  9. I doubt Frank will put Ian up. He wants Dan out, so it really comes down to who he puts up in the second chair. I’m not sure he should put up Shane so maybe Britney.  QP will push for Joe. 

    •  He does want Dan out, but you know Dan is going to throw Ian under the bus this week. He’s going to make it VERY clear that Ian was the mole, not him. Will that change Frank’s opinion of Dan? Probably not, but you never know. Time for the Pack to scramble baby!!!

    • Frank already told Joe he is not going up.  Neither is Ian.  It will be Shane and Dan.  The only way Dan stays is if he wins POV.  Dan will have only Jenn and Dani’s Vote.  Ian and Joe will do what Frank wants and Brit will vote for Dan to go over Shane.

      • And it makes sense. From Frank’s perspective a group of people got to Ian and convinced him to do their bidding. Joe was put up as a replacement, so Joe is the group’s next target. I’d say appeal to Joe, however Joe likes to talk. Or should we say blab? LOL

      • That is the best strategy. Put Dan and Shane on the block with Brittney as replacement. Frank should try and win Veto to guarantee Shane and Dan stays on the block. One of them is then 100% guaranteed to be evicted!

  10. How does Frank do it… ?! I was hoping someone new would win HOH, but it looks like it just switches back and forth between Shane and Frank along with the POV too. Sigh.

  11. For the love of……–put up dan and shane, the twin-king douchebags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You’re all alone, Frank–good luck.  You’re going to have to fight EVERY week against these vermin in order to stay.

    R.I.P. Boogie.

    • Actually Frank and Boogie were the king douchbags last week, I guess you weren’t watching  the feeds

      •  Actually, you’re an idiot–I guess you’ve got your head up your ass.

        Why were Frank and Boogie douches?  Because they’re both strong, epic, honest players who win big and are confident?  Genuine strength, confidence, and winning offends small-minded imbeciles, and causes the latter to villify the former, all because the latter, essentially, suck.  I’m for supporting straight-shooting, strong winners, not bitch-ass weakling backstabbing complainers.

        The rest of those disgusting rats, though, ARE real douches, and the douche of the week is ian for betraying Froogie.  What does he think?  That the fag-pack are going to keep him?  None of them want to take him to the final two because they all know he has a good shot at winning, so just for that reason alone they’ll dump his effeminate, nerdy ass.  All of them, along with this gay nerd, are liars, complainers, and backstabbers, one of whom (britney) does not even deserve to be there at all because she grew up rich.

        All of these arguments are in addition to the simple likability factor as well, in which Frank and Boogie VASTLY exceed the other garbage in the house.  They both have killer personalities, Boogie in particular with his razor-sharp wit and side-splitting sense of humor.  Frank is one of the nicest people to have ever been in the house, if not THE nicest.

        And then there’s the legacy of Frank–no other player has ever had to face the whole house and succeeded so incredibly, ESPECIALLY in removing himself from the block.  Frank is truly an EPIC player, arguably the greatest in the history of the game, and all while being largely honest about his gameplay!  Simply extraordinary.

        Now go ahead and send another ignorant-ass reply just because you’re stupid and have nothing better to do with your time.  I, on the other hand, will not because I’m very active and busy, with plenty of better things to do than argue endlessly online with morons like you.


      •  Um, no.  Just because they’re strong, confident players does NOT make them douches.  When you’re a pathetic weakling who primarily plays socially because you have to, worships whoever has the power, lies, and backstabs–THAT makes you scum–hence, the rest of the house.

  12. Use your head Frank, get Shane out of there first. You take him out you take away the wins, then everybody will kiss your butt. Leave Dan alone, he can’t win anything, he’s not sandbagging this time, he can’t keep up.

    • No matter how many times Shane has gone against Frank, Frank still wants to work with him…I can see Shane and Brit jumping ship…

      •  Me two, since they have no allegiance to anyone but themselves, and are both cowards and share a brain.

    • Frank isn’t smart, the show just makes him look that way. I have rocks in my backyard smarter than that dirtbag. The show is rigged!!!!

    • This is a very important nomination which can change this game. Put up Shane and Dan as nominees with Brittney as replacement. Then, win Veto and keep both Dan and Shane on the block. Do not know if Frank can secure the 3 votes but, having both on the block guarantees one of them goes to the jury house. If he can secure the 3 votes take out Shane, if not
      even Dan being evicted is still okay.

    • Very interesting points, Gene–I agree.  Ideally, I think, the order for the vermin to leave should be as follows:  shane>dan>ian>brittney>danielle>joe, with Frank taking jenn (that way he’d be by himself) to the final two and winning unanimously.  Let’s all cross our fingers, though the world is far from perfect.

      •  Oh ya that would be a smart move to put Shane up when the guy wins comp too. Frank isnt smart at all. Boogie was the one with all the brains with them two. Now we will see how he really plays the game and without Boogie and see how smart he really is. Frank did whatever Boogie wanted him to. So everyone stop talking like he was the master mind between him and Boogie. Frank was nothing but Boogies puppet. Hes just another Shane in the game. Good at Competitions

      •  gin, you’re drinking waaaaayyyyyy too much gin.  Get rational, start reading, and learn basic grammar and punctuation, then get back to me.

    • Thank you! Exactly what I’m thinking. I seriously thought Frank might have had 7 clovers in his pit. I just don’t trust production on this any longer. Can someone else pleasepleaseplease win something?

    • SICK of hearing whiners like this… I suppose you want the show to go on til the end with everyone doing nothing? You’re not a true fan, I guess.

    • I agree. He spent 45 min in the DR before the HOH competition. Whose to say production didn’t take him outside and let him practice more?

  13. Wow, I just realized while watching Frank walk around with his smug face and a key around his much I actually don’t like him.  I was routing for him earlier in the season, but now, I just really, don’t like him.  I would like anyone but Frank to win BB.

    • I agree %100. I would root for him, but his arrogance is intolerable. He’s a sore loser and throws tantrums when he doesn’t have his way. He likes to call people out for their faults, but he igores his own. He slanders everyone every chance he gets, and comes off as a foul-mouthed jerk. I’ll give it to him, he’s a beast at the comps, but his personality and the way he carries himself turns my stomach, and I don’t want him to win.

      • How’d you feel if you were back stabbed more times than ever and on the block EVERY week except when you’re HoH? I would be the same way if I found out someone close to me (Ian) turned on me.

      • I don’t believe he is a beast at comps, I think its rigged for him to win them honestly.

      • I totally agree with both of you Ryan and NYC. And you don’t see Dan acting like a baby when he knows he will be nominated. He needs to let Frank know that Ian was the mole. Dan is getting blamed for everything and Frank is not playing a strategic game.

      • i would rather see franks arrogance than looking at that jokerface dumbiellelookinginthemirror. mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all.,she says____CRACK

  14. Way to go Frank! ! I don’t think he’ll waste this one on a floater. Hahaha I’ll bet Ian is shitting bricks right now

  15. Frank is a beast!! One man army! The whole house would of evicted him again this week if he hadn’t won HoH or PoV.. This makes this week interesting at least and maybe it will shake the quack pack alliance(what a horrible name).  Definitely the best person to win it this week.  I think he targets Dan and Ian with Shane as a replacement hopefully.  Screw you quacks!

  16. This is sickening, in my opinion. He has no one! He blasted the WHOLE house for voting out Ashley; the WHOLE house, and now, we get to deal with his reign as HoH…. I don’t think my stomach can take it, literally…

    • How’d you want it to be? Everyone getting along and a show as predictable as the sunrise? I seriously don’t get you people that claim to be fans.

      • Oh, I’m so sorry to express MY feelings over the events! I should have just typed in anonymously, like 99% of You do, and yelled Frank is a God! Sorry, I think he a mess!!!
        The only epic event in the whole night was Joe’s speech! Historical!!!

    • It is getting predictable. I had a dream Frank won HoH. I checked BBN on my phone.. I was disappointed

  17. Dan & Danielle and if one comes down backdoor Shane. Shane is the only one winning comps for the Quack Pack. 

    • Don’t waste the HOH on Danielle. Put up Shane and Dan as nominees
      and Brittney as replacement. Doing it this way guarantees one of the three goes home. Better still, Frank wins veto and keeps both Shane and Dan on the block. That will guarantee Shane or Dan evicted and goes to jury house!

  18. yessssssssss I am so happy go frank hope you win it all i am so tired of that little rat rocking he thought ashley wanted his dumb rocking ass lol and britts puppet shane and nasty chef joe I want to see a real man win gooooooo frank

  19. This is what he will do he will put up Ian and Shane. Shane Wins Veto and Ian Goes Home. Because he sent  Boogie home.

    • No they already made up. Ian is out of quack pack now.  Franks won’t nominate him or Joe.  He knows Dan will still have he votes to stay.  He needs to put up Dan/Brit or Dan/Shane.  He also might put up Dan/Danielle.  It will be a combo of the 4.  If Dan does not win POV, he will be up and will most likely go home.  I hope Dan/Danielle goes up…I want Dani gone. :)

      • None of the Quack Pack would have the votes because if two of the Quack Pack get on the block and nominated, they lose two votes right off the bat!
        The Quack Pack has 3 votes max and it will not matter because if you have two Quack Pack on the block just before the votes—-those 3 Quack Pack members will have to vote one of their own out of the Big Brother House just the same! That is why putting up Dan and Shane with Brittney as replacement guarantees one of the three goes to jury and there is nothing the Quack Pack can do to prevent it!

      • Yes I know that will be the plan…Rachel mentioned putting up Ian…Frank is too smart to put him or Joe up…It’s gonna be a combo of SBDD…with Dan probably leaving.  He already said it tonight….If he doesn’t get POV, he is gone. 

    • Best bet for Frank’s game is forming a secret alliance with Dan – they need it, and together they will gun for Ian and everyone else.

      • No. Do not trust anyone from the Quack Pack. That will send Frank
        out of the door sooner. Frank can trust himself 100% he cannot trust
        the rats on the Quack Pack. That has already been proven a very bad

      • No one would suspect it. Wonder if he can put water under the bridge.

        Frank might want someone he can trust to win POV comps (other than himself) to take him off the block, ala season 8’s Dick & Danielle.

    • I agree 100%. This pits Shane against Dan and have Brittney as replacement nominee. Frank should do his best to win Veto and keep both Shane and Dan on the block. That would be the ideal situation to have them fight and betray each other. My preference is to get Shane out ahead of Dan because he is good at competitions and you take one good competitor out of Quack Pack!

  20. You gotta like a guy who’s back is against the wall and fights for his life in the house every week.(regardless of the fact ppl think the producers are helping him) Its the reason I started rooting for Rachel last season, even though I detested her as a person lol. I just admire ppl fighting and earning their place in the house rather than “floating”.

  21. Not surprised…. it is extremely obvious that production is doing everything possible to keep Frank in the house… with last week’s cheating POV competition, Frank not putting the chip in the bag , cheating once again…. it is getting to the point of being ridiculous. Part of the reason that I love big brother so much is that is unscripted and unpredictable… but this season…. productions ways of keeping HG’s in the house is much too obvious and it is annoying. 

    • It started last year, the manipulation by the producers. This year, obvious intervention in Frank’s favor.

    • Because she lies and then tryw to play it off. Look what she did to Janelle. She can’t win, but makes Shane get all the blood on his hands and then tells him what to do.

  22. FRANK is absolutely A MAZ ING! I’m a totally in love with Frank!!!! He is border line the best player EVER!  Shane and Brittany need to go up!!!!! POV used nominate Ian or Dan! end of story!!!! end of “Quack Pack.” BTW     CHILL TOWN FOR LIFE!!! I love you Doctor Will and Boogs!!

  23. Way to go Frankie!   I would love to see Boogie back in the game!  Pandora Box maybe????

  24. He should put up Dan and Ian.  Ian has no stones, putting up poor Ashley, not one of my favorites, but no threat to anyone at all.  What a waste of nominations.  Ian accomplished nothing.  Go Frank, he deserves to win it all.  What a fierce competitor.  Not his fault he was partnered up with Booger as a coach.  So why punish him for staying loyal to his coach.  Everyone else did as well, but no one is blaming them.  Finally, I have someone to root for in this pitiful season.  Go Frank.

    • I love Ashley but I think she was a threat to Ian’s game & he knew that. With her out he won’t have to worry about what she is doing with Frank. I think he played with his heart on that one.

      • Yep and when he goes to jury, he gets no nookie, not like he had a chance but that definatly seals it.

    • Do not waste the nomination on Ian. Go for the strongest players in the alliance. Nominate Shane and Dan with Brittney as replacement. That guarantees one of the three gets evicted and they will end up fighting because now they have to campaign against each other! The floaters,
      Jenn and Joe could care less as long as it is not them. They will
      happily vote to evict whoever is on the block!

    • Ewww I wouldn’t wish that on Ash. She would be so uncomfortable around that perv. I hope a frank, Ian, and ash go to jury and frank and ash sleep in the same bed heh….. I hope Ash and Frank get something serious outside the house. She’s such a sweet girl, not a mean bone in her. She might be free spirited.. But she’s still a sweet girl. Her and Frank would go well together and he would be lucky to have her.

  25. Frank they may as well sign over your 500,000 now you earned it! Boogie and Ashley are lookin on you now! Waay to go! Take donations to get britneys crazy cross eyes fixed while your at it

  26. i guess big brother has become the shane and frank show??? and we wonder if things aren’t preplanned???? anxious to see how frank plays “his” game w/o boogie. glad to see boogie go and can’t wait to see how frank is going to play. i like frank. i didn’t care much for “froogie”. have to say tho that britt’s message to boogie was about the best i have seen!!!

    • I will take Dan being evicted but, Shane is better target as he wins HOH and POVs. Dan or Shane being evicted this week would be good! Frank would guarantee one of these rats will not be creating any further problems for him!

  27. Not another week of Frank as HOH HE’s a snooze. Good riddance to boogie and Ashley. Kudos to Ian for a big move

    • You joking right? Yea… Such a HUGE move taking out the huge competition beast that is Ashley Iocco. How the heck you figure his HoH will be a snooze… He’ll get out one of the rats this week.

  28. Does Dan have ANY other shirts??They dont say he smells,but it is all he ever wears.This may be a dumb question but are the evicted house guests unable to comment on these sites or just dont bother,anyone know.?

    • I noticed he either wears the same shirts or shorts like forever so you aren’t the only one.

  29. Go my boy…7 to 1 and you won! they are so stupid …GO FRANK!  now don’t be stupid…put up Dan and Britney.  If Dan wanted to be safe..he should’ve outed Ian

  30. If Frank were really smart, he would enter a secret FINAL TWO with Dan.  Dan will help him get through the critical weeks instead of always fighting for his life and maybe how he is viewed by other HG’s will change for the better.  Hey, if you can’t beat em, may as well join him.  I’d rather have him on my side than against me.  Ian should be shitting bricks right now.  He’s gone.  That scorned little virgin. LMAO

    • Frank should not trust anyone. This late in the game and Frank playing alone, why should he trust the Quack Pack.Just go out and win each HOH and POV and start evicting the strongest players of the Quack Pack which is Shane, Dan and Brittney. Frank should evict Shane this week. If not then, Dan. That guarantees the strongest players get evicted before next week when the Quack Pack will target Frank! Get Shane out atleast, would be a big help.

  31. Completely off topic and makes no matter but in watching BBAD, am I the only one that notices how Brit is ALWAYS picking at her face? I don’t have the feeds so not sure if it’s all the time, but certainly seems it!

  32. Ugh! Im over him. So boring anymore. Hey why not next week he just hand the HOH key to Shane cuz we all know how its going to turn out. Frank is annoying. Dan needs to rat the mole that is Ian out BUT Dan has too much class for that. I know hes not going to stay around much longer but Im still team Dan. All the way.

    • AGREED! Sometimes GOOD GUYS FINISH LAST! Hope Dan wins again. He really is an upstanding guy. GO DAN!

  33. Sorry but with Frank winning HOH it just seems to coincidental. Production doesn’t want Frank to leave so I think they had something to do with this win. It’s too perfect. I hope that Frank goes next week just so tired of the Boogie ego still in the house.

    •  Stop whining and give the guy some credit…he’s got physical and mental skills that help him win, can’t say that about most other people in the house (except Shane)>

    • I totally agree that production must be setting Frank up to win. It is unlikely anybody else can win anything with the advantage Frank is obviously being handed. Dan better step it up and play more agressively if he wants to get any further, or maybe the ‘coaches’ have all been set up to lose and be evicted. Janelle, Boogie and Dan all going home before some of these inferior players seems awfully suspicious. Ian needs to step it up and protect Dan from going home after what Dan did for him
      this past week. Dan does not deserve to be back stabbed by any of the quack pack! Funny, Britney’s goodbye video for Boogie. Watched it twice, and laughed hysterically! And Dan, dedicating his vote to Janelle, awesome! Boogie’s exit more classy than I anticipated. So long, SUCKER! Little Ian got you GOOD! CHILLTOWN OUT!_

      • I think if this season is set up for a coach to win, it will be Britney, production would like that because she is a fan favorite. But it definitely seems like Frank is getting production’s favorite right now.

      • Why does everyone say something is rigged whenever a strong player wins a lot? Supposedly this is the reason Frank was targeted unfairly in the first place. Shane wins whenever Frank doesn’t. Is THAT rigged too? Or only the players that you aren’t rooting for? Get over it already. Frank is an awesome player.

    • Then stop watching. What do you expect the season to be without Frank? One big happy family with floaters being evicted predictably for a few weeks? True fans would like this outcome… It keeps excitement and drama in the house another week instead of relegating the season to a Quack Pack snooze. I’m sick of people saying its rigged. That tune got old a while ago, find a new one.

  34. Go Frank. Do not waste this nomination. You have to send the strongest players from the Quack Pack out and make them fight each other to survive! Put up Shane and Dan as nominees and Brittney as the replacement nominee. That will guarantee one of these three go home! Keep fighting for HOH and Veto each time and rinse and repeat and put two more each week until you get Shane, Dan and Brittney out of the house!

    • yep, but I got a feeling Dan’s gonna use the trump card and rat out Ian and try to get a secret alliance with him. Shane for sure has to go, he’s the only one that can win. Take him out and it’s a whole new ballgame.

      • Frank should just say yes to anything the Quack Pack tells him but, do what is in his best interest and evict them just the same! Pit them against each other by telling each other what they are proposing because now their lies could be exposed for other Quack Pack members and let them all duke it out too! That way, it becomes a free for fall on the Quack Pack and their paranoia might be enough to switch their focus on each other as Frank could be a target next week. 

  35. Shane vs Britney. Shane will likely win POV and backdoor Dan.

    If Dan is able to convince Frank it was all Ian’s fault, and after what Boogie whispered to him… he miiiiight be able to stay in the game.

    Frank would have been gone had Ian not gift wrapped him a chance of safety. That being said, damn fine work Frank. Get ’em! Pour one for the fallen Boogie.

  36. It blows my mind Frank wins again – he seems to be the best player in the longest time.  I hope he can work something with Ian which leaves Dan and Britney in the dust – This game needs to be done with the coaches and be limited to the newbies – the problem with this is – Frank and Shane seems to be the only one who will be able to win.  (maybe Ian will finally start winning) If he is smart he will realize this and align with Ian to be done with Dan and Brit – and then it will be time to get rid of Danielle, Joe and Jenn – Although I would keep Jenn until the end if I were Shane, Frank and Ian –

    • Frank would be a fool to trust anyone this late in the game. His focus should be to win HOH and POV and take out the strongest players of the Quack Pack which is Shane and Dan. Send Shane to the jury house this week! Then, go after Dan and Brittney next!

  37. I lost all respect for Ian tonight. Not because of his voting out Boogie or nominating who he did but because it seems as though he is now going to walk all over Dan, the person who took all of the crap that was rightfully Ian’s. I guess it is good game-play but he just sickens me. I can’t stand Frank after his behaviour this week. I’m now rooting for Jenn and I would give anything for Will to come back so the live feeds were entertaining again!

    • This is the same Dan that is deliberately throwing competitions so that, others can do his dirty work and continue with nice guy image. The only reason Dan protected Ian is because Ian was the mole and giving vital information about Boogie and Frank’s plans to the Quack Pack. That is the self-serving reason and not because of the goodness of Dan’s heart. Dan is a master manipulator like Boogie and the only difference is he is not arrogant like Boogie but, tries to portray a nice guy so that, he can float all the way to the end with others doing his dirty work. I hope Shane goes this week and I will be rooting for Dan to be 2nd. If Dan goes this week, that is fine too!

  38. Lame. Pandora’s Box is going to come and give him something like a diamond power of veto to save him next week.

  39. i dont know why people panic so much over frank… its 6 vs 1… if QP stands strong they can get him out. HG needs to stop panicking. 

    • It is because they want their favorites to stay. I hope Shane goes this week. If not, I would be happy to see Dan go! Shane preferably because he is good at HOH and POV and Frank is fighting for his life!

  40. It’s rigged for Frank to stay. Production probably told him where the shamrocks were and to not make it look to obvious.

  41. Way to go Frank! I have him in a pool at work and I think I’m going to have a heart attack before this is all over cause each week he’s on the block but each week he pulls a miracle outta his azz!

  42. Frank should put up Dan (#1), Shane(#2) with Brittney ready to fill the spot if either gets the POV.

      • I think Frank needs to not worry about avenging Boogie, perhaps it will end up being to his benefit to not have his puppet-master around anymore.  What was so bad about Ian supposedly betraying his “alliance” with Frank/Boogie – Ian was always the outsider to that alliance to begin with.   The coaches were all supposed to be in an alliance with each other, yet Boogie was instrumental in getting rid of Janelle, alliances mean nothing to this snake.  I don’t see the point in Frank putting up Joe, Ian or Jenn, none of them seem to be real threats because, unless it’s a quiz (Ian), none of them probably have much of a chance to win anything.  Put Shane and Danielle up then perhaps try to backdoor Dan.  Perhaps the game should now all be just the newbies and no more vets playing.

    • Agree 100%. Frank should try to win veto then, get the votes to get Shane out first because he is good in HOH and POV. That would weaken the Quack Pack considerably if Frank gets Shane out.

    • Hopefully, Shane is evicted this week. If not, I will be happy with Dan getting evicted! Time to get the rats out!

  43. I still wonder who’s pocketing the hundred grand from coaches prize that disappeared…   CBS looks like a cheapwad since they didn’t fold that money into the main prize!

  44. Ugh. I didn’t even need to watch tonights episode to know Frank was staying.
    Also, why is it always the same people playing in the veto comps…Shane, Frank, and bunch of floaters/terrible competitors. Brit and Dan haven’t even had a chance to win one yet.
    This season is just WAY too predictable and its pretty boring. New people need to start winning!!

  45. Like him or hate him, Frank is going down as one of the best players in the game. don’t give me the production crap cuz everytime he went up he stepped up and did what he had to do to get off the block.The best chance they had to get rid of him was when Dan, Janelle and Britt screwed thier team and Shane’s HOH to enter the game. And they’re still dumb enough not to realize you have to backdoor him.

  46. Hope frank puts up Joe and jen, if he doesn’t he will make the quack pack mad and they will crush him

    • Ummmmm….they’ll crush him anyway… As they have betrayed him more than once at this point.

  47. I am over big brother I am over it…Congradulations for cheating for Frank no way will I believe otherwise hand him the check. I am over the season.

    • Bye bye…. Must not be a true fan… Sick of people like you that claim cheating… And y’all say Boogie whined and frank whined…. Pot, meet kettle! I don’t get y’all… What do you expect to happen once frank leaves? It’d be a joke.

    • I think Frank has tended to win when he’s has his back to the wall because he was fighting for his life in the game.  He has probably had the most motivation to win and motivation means a lot!  He knows he’s going home if he doesn’t win, everyone else probably thinks they’re more or less safe because they have numbers on their side.  I agree, though, it is getting tiresome the HOH alternating from Shane to Frank, too bad the others don’t seem to be trying as hard to win HOH.

  48. when i saw that frank won hoh, my heaart dropped. but after putting some thought into it,im happy he won,because he gonna want to put up dan and shane,and brit will be the renom. ian will be safe and able to play in the next hoh. Ian, you better win the next H.O.H 

    • Yea he needed to win so we can keep the season goin for another week of fun. After frank goes it’ll be snooze city because the evictions will be like clockwork to predict….

      •  the house will still be fun without frank. the only people that wont spice things up is jenn,joe and dani. there boring i wud include dan, but hes bound to get in some arguments

  49. Send Shane out the door next. The thought of Him and AAshley in the house alone will drive Daneille over the edge.

  50. Either the game is really rigged for Frank or Ian is really smart! He didn’t backdoor Frank at the second eviction cause he really didn’t want frank to leave. Ian knew boogie wouldn’t take him to the end so he knew he had to use the quack pack cause that was his only chance to get rid of Boogie before he got too far into the game. As for the rest of the HG’s game play I think they should have evicted Boogie then Frank then Janelle followed Brittany and Dan. I think either Brittany, Shane, or Dan will be leaving this week. The quack pack will be torn apart because I think Brittany and Shane will turn on Dan just to save themselves or Dan and Danielle will turn on Shane just to save themselves as well how this plays out depends on who wins the veto. Franks new alliance will consists of Ian, Joe, Jenn, and Brittany/Danielle depending on how things play out with the quack pack.

    • Britt’s already scheming with Ian to put up Dan and Joe. Why do people listen to this worthless player?

      •  Who’s the worthless player Brittany or Ian? I don’t have the live feeds but I expected Brittany to be the backstabber before Danielle. This is going to piss Danielle off so much.

      • Britt’s worthless, at least Ian stuck his neck out, I have to give him some credit for that even though it was a dumb move.

      •  I do agree that Brittany is being very worthless this season. However I do not think Ian’s move was dumb. Ian knew boogie would not take him to the end he got rid of boogie while he had the chance and is probably not going up this week. Very smart move in Ian’s part.

  51. Glad that Frank won HOH. Smart move would be to put Dan & Shane up, then if one wins, put up Brit. Hard to make it to the Final without an allience. Wish that Brit would stop picking at her face and Ian would stop rubbing his junk with pillows-stuffed animals. Creepy Creeper

    • It is hard not having an alliance but, with the Quack Pack members, it would utter stupidity to trust anyone of them this late in the game! Better for Frank to try and win HOH and POV. So, get Shane out first then, Dan. If he
      can do so, that would weaken the Quack Pack and Frank atleast, has a chance against the Quack Pack!

  52. Frank will likely open an Pandora’s Box that gives him the Diamond Power of Veto for him to use next week. Watch it happen… 

  53. My man Ian came out victorious tonight. Got rid of Boog,won H.O.H, got rid of ashley(she was against him), and despite  frank winning hoh, hes still safe because hes not the target.

    • Ian made himself a target when he put up Frank and when Boogie tod Frank not to trust him. Frank just may put him up against Dan. Go Frank!!!

    • It’s been 5 hot seconds since Boogie left. I don’t think any determinations can be made about the show being boring just yet.

  54. Haters gonna hate. Frank gonna Frank.

    Seriously he’s the only reason I’m watching and I’m proud of him. People keep saying “rigged” well life isn’t fair! Frank has been a target since day 1 and that’s not fair either. The whole house is against him for no reason and that’s not fair. So shut up and deal! He deserves to win this season and honestly Ian gives himself way too much credit. He annoys me and needs to go. Then get rid of Shane because he’s a moron. Everyone besides Frank is playing someone else’s game none of them are playing for themselves and it’s pathetic.

    • Wtfe, you are delusional fool. You must not be watching the same thing the rest of us are. It’s obviously rigged and frank cheated and production let it slide. And everytime the cheating thing came up the live feeds were cut. That right there tells you its rigged so get your head out of your a@@.

    • Amen!! I’m sick of the whiners saying its rigged anytime Frank wins something… These are the same people who said rigging was perfectly fine last season when the DR was trying to get Danielle Donato to stay, that anyone calling it out was insane. And these are the same people who say Boogie and Frank whine and complain. What hypocrites.

      • Hey Frank Haters, is it rigged when Shane keeps winning or is it that’s he’s just a good competitor?

      •  Last year was defiantly not rigged for Danielle it was rigged for Jeff but when he couldn’t find his clown shoe they decided to give it to Rachel. Even though she did deserve to win because of all the comps she had won.

    • “Not fair that the house is against Frank?”  “For no reason?”  There’s always a reason if the rest of the house hates you.  Frank commiserated with the biggest low-life in the history of BB — Boogie.  Boogie trashed everyone (and their families) personally–everyone–some real lowdown mean-spirited stuff and Frank laughed and agreed.  Time will tell if Frank was only trying to humor his scum buddy or if Frank is actually a scum like Boogie.  Telling lies in the game is standard practice.  Personally attacking people and their families is another thing.  Frank has some damage control to do if he wants to have a chance. 

  55. Since the whole house is against Frank I wish he would just start by nominating the most annoying houseguests — Britney and Joe, and let the house decide who to get out. Then he can make a deal with Shane and Dan. They would be able to win competitions back to back and nobody could stop them.

  56. He needs to nominate Brit & Dan and try to convince Britney that she has nothing to worry about. That’s the only person I see Dan leaving over. & Just hope one of them doesn’t win POV.

  57. This HOH only keeps Frank safe for 1 week (unless production steps in with pandora’s box and gives him a special power). So hopefully Frank goes next week.

  58. not that i like frank, but if he wants dan out, he needs to non dan and brit.
    Shane no questions will keep brit
    Jenn wants dan out
    brit has been controlling ian since the quack pack started
    joe will do what ever the HOH wants

    • He is impressive.  It takes a special kind of person to be able to lie repeatedly to people you are pretending are your friend.  And then just now when he was able to fake cry while reading the letter from his parents during the part where they said play honest and play the right way.  He’s slick.  Makes Boogie seem like a choir boy.

    •  Nonsense–he’s a classic backstabber and blows at comps.  That last one was plain bs luck.  And he’s freakin’ annoying as hell.

    • Ian is the Cochran of Survivor. Cochran had a 6 person alliance but, betrayed his entire alliance. He joined the opposite alliance of 6 and he was number 7 mind you. He was number 6 in his group but, went to the other side to be number 7. He voted his alliance members out one by one and when it was his turn on the chopping block, he was begging the new alliance members to stay one more week. They laughed at his sorry ass and evicted him!
      Now, in Ian’s case, he was number 3 with Frank and Boogie and was safe all thru out. He seeks out and joins the Quack Pack and he is number 5.
      He betrays Frank and Boogie and you know the rest of the story how Cochran in Survivor ended up! Ian is no genius and he is a twit and a rat!

    • You are right. Shane and Dan are the biggest threats and should be nominated. Win POV then, evict Shane.

    • Ian got his HOH basket and letter (from his mom).  Dan is going to be buddy/buddy with Joe so Frank hopefully puts them both up (I don’t think it’s going to happen)…just had Brit’s bday cake.

      •  oh yeah i forgot her bday was today, how did everyone act in his room, i bet frank was giving dirty looks

      • Frank hasn’t got his HOH room yet….Ian doesn’t get one…he just got a basket and letter.

  59. does ian get to go to the HOH room? IS HIS IN THE LIVING ROOM? I ALSO BELIEVE BB IS RIGGING THIS GAME.

  60. Prediction: Frank gets the Diamond Power of Veto from Pandora’s Box, and the rest of the house gets something bad (Boogie comes back for a day? Doubt it, so I don’t know). Frank nominates Dan and Shane, Shane wins veto and Ian gets put up against Dan. Not sure who survives that one. Think Dan would go home. 

  61. I hope Frank puts up Dan and Danielle and if one comes down backdoor Brittney  get rid the worthless players

    • Frank should put up Shane and Dan. Try and win Veto and keep those two on the block. Then, get the votes to evict Shane. Shane is the biggest threat considering Frank has to fight for his life each and every week from here on in!

  62. This will likely never happen, but if Frank and Ian were to make it to the final 2 without any funny business from Grodhog, I would forgive any stupidity that has happened this season.

  63. It would be a suicide move but would be kinda funny if Frank put up Jenn and Joe  didn’t even go after any of the backstabbers

  64. heres the order of my fav hgs to my least fav hgs
     If you have any questions, on why i put it in that order just ask, and i will respond

  65. What the heck happened to Ian’s HOH.  Did the poor bugger even get to go into the HOH room?  What a rip off for him.  Now airy fairy Frank is HOH again.  I must have missed something along the way……..Good God, I’m beginning to think like Ashley…….God help me!!!

  66. Ok so more than likely Dan/Shane goes up.  I kinda hope Brit then wins the POV so she takes Shane down, Danielle goes up as replacement and then she goes home….That’s what i’m hoping for!! :)

    • brit would convince shane and ian to vote dan out she’s closer with dani but as long as brit and shane are safe i really dont care

    • I am hoping in that scenario Danielle wins POV and saves Dan.

      I don’t think Frank would put up Brit or Ian, therefore Joe or Jenn go up against Shane and go home.

      I am kinda rooting for these crazy quack pack kids.

  67. cant believe the idiot won its rigged im sure he was in the dr for a long time plus he cheated twice and never got in trouble for it when enzo ate a grape he got a point against him come on i know it will be boring but it wil be fair just watch they will even give him a pandora box so hate to say i hate someone but when you call everyone in the house really horrible names and cheat so he can win and it a life long dream of his well hate to say everyone there its a dream for them probley dear old dad pulled some strings so gma doesnt have to support his lazy a**

    • Congratulations, you set a record for most misspelled words and fewest punctuation marks in one sentence in the history of mankind.

  68. What the @&$?)!( was boogie wearing? So glad he is gone now.

    Did Ian throw that pov comp?

    Joes eviction speech was hilarious.

    I can’t believe how spaced out Ashley was during her eviction speech but during her eviction interview with Julie she seemed to be more alert.

  69.  Ian needs to form a new alliance fast! i wud like to see him  and brit make it to the end, but i dont know if thats gonna be possible since dan,brit or shane could possibly be going home.

    • I think Brit is going to be ok….I can see Ian, Frank and Brit working together if Dan/Shane goes home.

  70. Frank is way classier than I could ever be.  Everyone left in the house treated him like absolute $%^& last week and despite that he is being gracious to everyone tonight.  Pretty impressive.  While the other players are being nice to him he has to know all seven of them still hate him and will put him on the block next week.  I think he should just hole up in the HOH and ignore everyone for the week and prepare for Veto next week since he is 100% for sure getting nominated next week.  The QPers are definitely sticking together and Joe/Jenn are too stupid to switch sides and have a chance to win it all.

    • He was not nice to Dan. Had a little bitch fit about Dan being behind his nominations.

      I mean the bullying that Boogie and Frank tried to engage in was obscene. It was not some sort of mind tricks to get in Dan’s head, it was just Frank and Boogie being douches. 

      It made me dislike Jen because she took part in it as well.

      Before that I sympathized with Frank, now I think he’s a complete jerk. 

      • Talking about Dan’s wife was uncalled for.  I hope Boogie apologizes to her (and Dan when he’s out) b/c he was mad and thought it was Dan who ratted him out….

      • Are you not watching the feed right now?  He’s 1 against 7.  He knows everyone in the house hates him yet he is still being nice to everyone.  Could you be nice to people that hate you?  Every single person left will nominate him next week when he is ineligible to be HOH yet he is still being nice to them.  Who exactly do you think is being classy?  Ian, the guy who pretended to be his friend for 48 days but sold him out and is now trying to sucker him again just so he can sell him out another time?  Is that your definition of classy?

      • Yes, Frank is classy. He’s the only one there who doesn’t lie to people’s faces and put up people who had his back. If slimy wimp boy Ian wins, I will be sick. Or idiot Shane. If Frank doesn’t win, it better be Jenn. I like Dan, but he should’ve stuck with Boogie and Frank.

    • Joe already knows he is safe.  Frank told him he is going after Dan.  Joe is sitting pretty right now….He always seems to be the swing vote.

    • Hopefully, Frank thinks clearly. The last thing he needs is to waste his HOH. Nominate Shane and Dan. Win POV then, move to evict Shane!
      One tough competitor out if he does that!

    • I wouldn’t say Frank is classy. He called Jenn “Dirty Brown Water Trash”, talked constant smack about everyone, and just went about last week being a sore loser and blasting Shane for his nominations. He showed his arrogance when he constantly talked about others like they were beneath him.

      He wasn’t being gracious to everyone. He was blasting everyone for voting Ashley out.

      And the house didn’t treat him like crap. Him and Boogie treated Dan and Shane like crap.

  71. Why is everyone saying put up Dan? He is no threat to win comps and he has no chance to win since he already won. Frank should put up Brit and Shane they would turn on each other so fast it would be hilarious to watch.

    Sad Ashley is gone. If Frank leaves I will stop watching.

    • Me too. Frank is a good competitor. He’s been honest, why is everyone against him? He’s been unfairly targeted since day 1. Get out Shane, Britney and Ian. I actually like Dan.

      • Frank is an excuse for a man.  He needs to cut his hair, get a job and stop eviscerating the English language with his “Preesh man.”  God, what a looser.  Makes my skin crawl. 

    • I agree!! Shame needs to go ASAP!
      Heehee, what sweet revenge it would be on Dumielle if Shame is stuck in the jury house with Ashley and all the alcohol they ever dreamed of. She would for sure go Mad Chicken Disease Crazy!!!!
      So for everyone who claims production has a play in the game………..

      Dear Production, please make sure Shame is the next person in the jury house.
      Thank you.

  72. Why hasn’t Big Brother done anything about Frank and Boogie cheating when they played for the Power of Veto?

    • Please prove they were cheating. For what I’ve read the past week it’s all alleged. People are mad that their favorite hg didn’t advance as they wanted & all of a sudden it’s cheating. Oh no…It’s the end of the world!  Please get over it. It is what it is and it is what production makes of it. It’s not fair to judge based on what you see for an hour on CBS…wait…..36 minutes due to commercials.


      • I don’t know where to even reply to you, but thanks for explaining the game to people who just see the very edited version of the CBS show.  All I know is you and I are watching the same thing.  I guess people never say things in the heat of the moment.  No one has been lied to more than Frank and Boogie and Frank has been on the block most of the game.  He was frustrated.  Right now Brit, Jenn and Dani sweet talking to Frank in the HOH room – all scared and I am loving it.  Brit is ready to give her pitch.  Won’t spoil it for those that don’t want to know.

      • Jacee2,
        Again you rock! Well said. IF only everyone knew what was really happening in the house. I hope Frank wins & shows all those pos’s what a player he really is! Oh ya…and wait for the morning. Bet you anything Frank is rudely interrupted while sleeping by “Chef” Joe with a kiss-ass-hoh-please-don’t-nomimate-me-breakfast.

  73. I really hope ian and frank  can get on good terms, i cannot have that competition beast go after ian once he gets out dan and shane.

    • I think they are good already…Frank still doesn’t know that Ian was the reason Boogie left….They hugged it out.  I think Frank is legit.  His goal is to get Dan out this week.

  74. I don’t particularly like Frank (Go Dan, I hate to see people get bullied) but I think at this point it’s Frank’s game to lose.

    The competitions are all him or Shane, and he doesn’t have the kind of backup Shane does. So if he makes it to the F2, Frank will win unless he sits next to Shane or Ian in which case Shane/Ian will win (all their friends will be in Jury).

    But if he takes any of the girls, he’ll win.

    I think if any of the girls make it to the F2, and by that point Joe is still there they can break a record of women not beating the guys by bringing Joe. I actually even think Brit/Danielle might win against Dan but that’ll be close.

      • The entire segment in tonight’s show and on the feeds about Boogie and Frank sitting there and talking crap about Dan.

        Boogie talking about Dan’s wife. Frank taking part in that.

        Frank, Boogie and Ashley talking about Dan hiding behind the bible was all just in bad taste.

        I get they thought Dan orchestrated everything but I think in moments like that people should just remember what Jeff said “you got got” and not act like a-holes.

      • The seven people left in the house are all bullying Frank.  Surely you can see that. He’s by himself against 7 people that want him gone.  He could be Andre The Giant and still feel bullied.  He’s been nominated FIVE times, how is that not being bullied?!?!  What is the record for most times being nominated? 

      • Cutesmartdarling (ha) & Voltaire97:
        Are we watching the same show??
        Here’s the deal, you can’t make your opinion based on the 36 minutes that CBS shows us 3 times a week.
        IF you have been following the feeds or BBAD you will know that Boogie & Frank have been “talking crap” about EVERYONE in the dang house since they joined forces. It’s not breaking news. Sorry.
        In the part that CBS did show us, Father Dan WAS hiding behind the bible. (please don’t think I take offense to the bible I keep those opinions personal).
        And so what if Boogie talked about Dan’s wife….maybe she was with Twitney’s husband on his birthday having the time of her life!
        I can’t even begin to image what being married to Father Dan would be like…..where’s the highest bridge?

      • I am not basing my opinion on the 36 minutes only. Those 36 minutes are proof of what is already true, Frank and Boogie are bullies.

        Just because they have always been bullies doesn’t somehow make it ok.

        And you’re right maybe Dan’s wife was with Brit’s husband, but I doubt Boogie knows that. He and Frank were all about just messing with Dan. It was stupid because they should have acted like adults instead of petulant children,

        Frank’s entire hissy fit about this guy’s good and how he should have nominated Dan last week should have been self directed not Dan directed.

        Frank screwed up not nominating Dan, now he can fix that. He certainly should.

        He however should not act like a bully or a douche. It is not attractive, no matter who does it. 

      • It’s the other way around actually. Frank is the one getting bullied. He’s been honest and classy, I don’t blame him for finally getting mad and lashing out a bit. Every week he puts trust in people, and every week they backstabbing and target him. He’s tried to align with people, and didn’t put certain people up just to get backstabbed by that same person!!! The alliance he planned to stick with put him up the week after they formed! What show are you watching???

      • Rissygrl,
        We are watching the same show. I see what you mean about Frank getting bullied. My thing is that Frank is getting a bad rap and he’s the only one playing a real game. He should not trust ANYONE!!

      • Cutesmartdarling,
        The 36 minutes that CBS shows America are what production & CBS want everyone to see. Too bad for CBS there are live feed and BBAD so thats we can see what is really going on in the house.
        Frank & Boogie were no bigger bullies than anyone else in that house. Have you ever listened to Dumbielle & Twitney & Shame talking of the other hg’s?  Coffee’s on…wake-up call…


    • How on earth can Frank beat anyone in the final 2 vote when it is currently a 7-1 alliance against him?  He will get Ashley’s vote but that’s it.  Everyone in the house HATES Frank and has been trying to get him out since week 1.  You must not be watching the feeds.

      • Remember Rachel won right?  Dr.Wil won right?  By the time everyone gets to jury, they truly do vote for the best overall player…If Frank continues to roll to the end, he will win for sure.  Dan will have his vote (he is all about playing the game), so will Ian, Ashley and Shane.  Jenn will prob vote since they were teammates…

      • Reply to Tammy, they won because they were the best “game-players”, not because they won the most challenges.  People that win challenges don’t get rewarded at the end, just people that “play the game” get rewarded at the end.

      • Yes true, but if he somehow makes it to final 2 (he really doesn’t have a choice but win HOH/POV til the end) he totally deserves….the odds are against him….the HG now are saying its amazing (3 HOH and 3 POV)…He has not been safe w/o being HOH or on the block once.  They will vote for him for sure…I guess what i’m trying to say is, they are not going to not vote him b/c they hate him.

  75. Yay Frank!!!!!!!!! Bet Ian and Dan go up! Whoo hoo! And if one wins veto, up goes Shane! Get rid of one of those weasels.

    • I kinda think  Ian is safe for now. As of tonight I think Frank’s targets are Shame and Father Dan. Frank is smarter than he gets credit for.

  76. AH HA HA HA  Dan is being all unsocialable being all quiet on the couch  Hows it feel you backstabber???

    • His brain is turning a 100 miles an hour.  He is constantly thinking game…If he pulls this out, I will give him huge props

    • Dan needs a new red shirt! I’ve been saying this for a couple weeks now. Heck, I even asked production to give him a new red shirt.
      But tonight it all made sense!!
      Dan’s red shirt helps him blend into the nomination chair. He thinks he is invisible in the red shirt & everyone will forget he is in the house.

      • Jillith you and I think alike.  I have been posting that he also needs new shorts or bathing suit bottoms – can’t tell what they are, but that is all he wears.  I so hope he goes.  Did you hear his comment on the live show saying this one’s for you Janelle.  He did not have to vote for her.  He thinks he is so above everyone.

      • Jacee2,
        I look forward to your comments each day because I know we are on the same page! As for those damn shorts Dan wears, he said they were his “lucky” shorts from his past season & they even have stains on them from that time because he has never washed them! GROSS! I just hope Boogie never wore them….Dan would be catching his STD’s

      • Brit has worked it and Frank still doesn’t know that Ian was behind Boogie going so he trusts Ian.  Frank wants Dan out blaming him for everything.  She wanted Dan to stay, but finally said okay and she would roll to F4 with him.  Of course Ian will be giving all the info. to the other side.  She said she would be winning HOH next and will keep Frank safe.  She is lying through her teeth but Frank is falling for it.  Poor Frank can’t catch a break with these jerks.  If he doesn’t win all the comps himself he will be out. I know she will be running downstairs laughing with the others saying she duped him.  Frank is planning to put up Dan and Danielle with Dan going home.  I don’t know how Frank can pull it off, but hope somehow he can.  Go Frank!!!

        Thanks for the info about the lucky shorts. lol Update: now Dan is knocking at the door and bet he is willing to give up Ian.

      • How about those stupid black and white shorts he wears every day, stating these are lucky.  He seems so unkempt to me this season and of course I don’t like Brittany and he plotting to get rid of Ian.

  77. If he’s smart, he’ll convince Shane, Ian, Jen City & Joe they need Dan gone and Brit next week so a newbie can win.  C’mon, let’s get rid of Dan already! He’s won once, that’s enough!

  78. So the game in the arcade might be in play soon…Someone noticed coins on a chair with the arcade room open….Maybe it’s pandora’s box or perhaps this leads to a luxury comp with chances to win a prize for the house, safety for the week, etc…

    • I need to say that I tried to comment on this and for some stupid reason my comment needs to be approved first. WTF?
      I originally said I’m watching BBAD & haven’t seen a thing about this “coin on a chair”….please explain what you are privy to knowing.

      • I read it on another site (don’t know if i’m allowed to say it on here) and they are doing a play by play….I don’t have the live feeds so I read them as they go from time to time…BBAD is Canada is on from 2am to 5am and i’m watching it now so its a bit behind whats going on but last time I read the most current update it said something about coins on the chair and 1 of the cameras focusing on the arcade room…thats all I know

      • Tammy,
        Thanks for your update. BBAD is over on the west coast now. I’ve had it on all night and didn’t see any real game play.
        As for the other site….just say the name of it without the dot whatever. That might work. Earlier I posted about videobrother & when I added what comes after the dot, my post had to be appoved. Still haven’t seen it posted. Whatever. At Videobrother you can  watch the show live no matter where you are. It’s good info to share.

      • They were wrong…they updated and said Dan looked right at the couch and didn’t do/see anything…so it was probably nothing…newest updates are just regualr chatter…sorry about this..I got excited when I read it. :)

      • Tammy,
        You rock! I’d be posting the latest thing I saw too, it’s hard not too!
        Hopefully everyone else who saw that will know that Father Dan is a P.O.S. and needs to be on the block ASAP…preferably next to Twitney.
        Dear Production,  you have been in the line of fire for a couple weeks now, please help send Twitney & Father Dan to the block & do the right thing.

  79. I dont like how frank says he soo classy but he bullies everyone, and i dont like how he was co signing with Mike when mike was attacking Dan when he was reading his bible

    • What do you mean by “bullies everyone”?
      Dan was pretending to read the bible so he didn’t have to be a part of the conversation……he pussied out.
      If there was a tampon-how-to-guide he would have been reading that.

      • That wasn’t a conversation. That was an ambush. So was the conversation in the HOH, about Dan just tell me the truth, I can’t believe you. Blah blah blah.

        Frank is a bully. Dan just didn’t engage which makes him the better man.

        He might not be a better player, since he doesn’t win as much as Frank. But he’s definitely a more stand up guy.

      • Cutesmartdarling,
        I feel bad we are meeting this way.
        Whatever you ambush/converse here is a conversation…I’m not sure what you are expecting from everyone else.
        Dan is still a pussy. He hasn’t played the game in the line of fire yet! That says that he is hiding behind other players (mainly Shame who is hiding behind Twitney).
        I still want to know how Frank is a “bully” and the rest of the hg’s aren’t?? Please explaijn…in detail?
        Are you watching anything other than what CBS shows for 36 minutes 3 times a week???


    • Are Brit, Dani and Shane being classy right now as they trash Frank and scheme against him right now on the feed?  Brit and Dani are the two worst this season of trashing other HGs whenever they are together.

      • Thank you Bucky wish I could like this 100 likes – I heard that too.  I use to like Brit, but she is the queen of trashing and such a phoney.  They all are.  I love how they all change their tunes and kiss his a## in front of him.  At least they have to vote somebody out this week and I can’t wait.  Go Frank!!!

  80. I think Frank should put up Brittney and Dan, then Shane might not be able to play the POV and then backdoor him once Frank wins the POV.

    Ps Franamania is very fitting since his dad is Sid Viscious the famous pro wrestler :)

    • Agreed, the rest of the HG aren’t really HOH/POV threats. Get Shane out ASAP, followed by Dan and everything is smooth sailing for Frank

    • Not putting up Shane leaves the possibility that he wins Veto and saves Dan then, you leave the two strongest players of the Quack Pack for next week when they go after Frank. Better to nominate Shane and Dan. Sure, they play for veto but, play against each other as well as only one can save themselves. Frank should just play hard to win the Veto. If Frank wins the veto, Shane and Dan remains on the block. Get Ian, Joe and Jenn to vote out Shane as the is the strongest competitor on Quack Pack side. If Frank gets Shane out, he won’t have to worry about him next week when they go after him!

  81. The bummer about Boogie being gone is that I won’t get to watch the smug, arrogant, condescending scumbag whine like a little b**ch when things don’t go his way.  He brags about his lies and then when he gets it back he pouts like a 3 year old for two days.  Totally enjoyed watching the little crybaby whimper and squirm.  Like people have said for years is that the only reason Boogie had any success before was because of Dr. Will.  No Will this time and Boogie doesn’t even make jury.  Boogie was severely overrated. 

    • You can mouth off but, doesn’t change the facts. Dr. Will got evicted ahead of Boogie in the Big Brother All Stars. Boogie won HOH over Janelle fair and square and hate him as much as you want, he won Big Brother All Stars just the same and does not change the facts even if you say otherwise!

  82. Frank needs to wise up and realize that it’s either been him or shane winning HOH or the veto and send him packing if he wants to dominate the game and win.

    • Seriously?
      I’m sorry but do you think Frank has been asleep this entire time?
      Just saying…..

      • i’m just saying that he needs to get rid of shane before dan. his best move would be put up dan and brittany and then hopefully shane doesnt get the play in veto and backdoor him.

    • Frank should target Shane and Dan this week with the goal of evicting Shane. That would be so awesome if he gets Shane evicted! This is a long time come!

    • Do not agree with the backdoor plan because if Shane gets picked to play veto then, he can take Dan off the block. Better to put up both Shane and Dan on the block. They both play for veto but, they have to go against each other! Frank needs to do his best to win POV. If Frank wins POV, Shane and Dan stay on the block. If either Shane or Dan get off, put Brittney on the hot seat! That guarantees one of the top three threats of the Quack Pack is gone!

  83. Look at these frauds pretending to be nice to Frank.  He’s being waaaaaay too nice to a group of users who will stop at nothing to get rid of him. 

    Enjoy those nuts Brit, you’ll never win a damn thing to get some for yourself.  Talk about overrated.

    Joe you heavy-breathing hillbilly, do you have any vision in this game past getting Frank out?  Do you realize the most obvious alliance of four ever is going to drop you like bad habit? Quit walking around like you have any game at all.

    While Ian is pissing his pants in bed later it may finally hit him that he’ll finish fourth or fifth at best after trusting these hypocrites.

    Shane, can you be a bigger fake douche?  At least you got your looks kid.

    Shut up Danielle, just don’t cut your psycho self now in fear of getting put up. 

    If Dan survives the week he’ll be in the final two.  That’s if sweetheart Shane don’t back stab him during the final three.

      • Brittney said on TV that she needs to take stronger control over Shane with  what he did throwing her under the bus! Wow. The puppeteer is mad now!

  84. Cmon Frank, put up Dan and Shane and Keep Britt as the backup. That’s your only plan. See it Realize it, Do it.

  85. So sick of Joe O.o if he says “if it’s in my power” one more time grr…news flash’re a fricken loser who’s never had any power this entire game.with that said lol I hope Shane goes home . Nobody besides him and Frank can win to save their lives.

  86. Looks like Frank is going to put up Dan and Danielle….He said to Brit if he can’t get Dan, he wants his closest ally…

  87. Holy heck, what a BB night.
    I gotta work in 5 hours & need sleep. Catch you all tomorrow…can’t wait to see what you have to say. After all it is the nomination ceremony!


  89. It also looks like Brit and Frank are teaming up…they say they trust each other.  We’ll see.  Frank did tell Brit that if Shane wins POV, he better not use it and take Dan/Danielle down or Brit is the replacement…and if Dan wins, Shane will probably go up with Danielle leaving.  Frank’s #1 hitlist: 1) Dan 2)Danielle.  Brit better not screw this up.  I wouldn’t tell anyone about this convo…just play it out.  If he is gunning Dan, she might have to cut ties with Dani…

    • Brit said she would be happy with the 50K and that Frank will win hands down since he had the toughest road….she is planting the seed that if they are together near the end, he may take her…

    • Frank should trust no one! Play hard to win each HOH and POV and start taking out the strongest players. Nominate Shane and Dan and have Shane evicted first. He takes out one of the strongest players of the Quack Pack then, next go after Dan, Brittney and Ian.

  90. Frank the Tank!!! Put up Dan and that Rat Ian, Ian gone, keep winning the pov every other week and you will end up the strongest player ever to play this game.

  91. If Frank hadn’t acted like such a f*ckng pussy this week with Boogie, running around for 3 days berating the other hg’s, I’d probably be rooting for him.  But he showed his true colors and it wasn’t pretty, the dude’s a total douchebag and has the maturity of a second grader.  He needs to grow the eff up and act like a MAN. 

    • you mean as opposed to Dan Danielle Brittney Shane Joe and Jenn acting like 1st graders huh

    • He was running around trying to save his guy because he was loyal.  They weren’t doing anything any different sitting up in HOH talking about them.  It works both ways.  When you are down and in the heat of the moment knowing you were lied to and played after you had kept your word I think a lot of people would be really mad and try to fight. 

    • I don’t think so. He already got his nasty goodbye messages. But why did he tell Frank to leave his clothes in the storage room?  Maybe he doesn’t want the reminder.

  92. You know if i was Frank  I would tell Jenn and Joe that once he’s gone (Frank)  the quack pack are going after them next of course  neither of them will believe it  and I can’t wait to see them go on the case either of them win HOH next week which is pretty doubtful..btw I’m not sad ashley is gone but she was  a better overall houseguest than Jenn is..competitor social loyalty  etc..  Joe thinks he’s going far in the game  what a mook

    • Frank should stress to Joe and Jenn that their chances of getting to Final 2 is not to join up with the Quack Pack because they will be targeted if they help the Quack Pack take out Frank. Hopefully, Joe and Jenn have enough brain cells in their head to figure out that Frank is not the enemy but, the Quack Pack itself! If he can succeed doing that and can continue winning HOH and POV then, Quack Pack would be in serious trouble. First, take out Shane and Dan because those are the biggest threats among the Quack Pack then, Brittney and Ian.

  93. Yes! Frank is a beast, now we can watch the dumb quack pack scramble and turn on eachother. The only problem is when the real players go after eachother the floaters might sneak through. Joe, Jen, and even Brit or the rat Ian. The silent 6 was the way to go……….. Stupid quack pack

    • Franks should put up Shane and Dan and evict Shane. Shane is the bigger threat as far as competitions HOH and POV and Frank will need to win each and every HOH and POV just to survive the coming weeks as the Quack Pack will go after him! He should also not trust anyone including Ian.
      Otherwise, he will get stabbed in the back again and he cannot afford to make any mistakes.

  94. Frank doesnt control the votes but if he puts up the right ppl he can make sure one of the quack packers go but I think he is going to trust Brittney and put Joe up against dan.. he needs to put Shane against Dan then if veto us played he replaces one with Ian, Brittney or dani

  95. I just wish the HG’ s would stop acting like they havent done anything to deserve to be nominated, it’s Big Brother everyone is playing. I can’t stand it when alliances get their panties in a wad because another alliance has power. Go Ian!!!!

  96. Seriously im so over his disgusting none showering cheating ass. I give Frank another week in this house. (Hopefully production wont rig the veto then & Frank should be out the door)

  97. Joe is running telling Brittney everything.on Big Brother After Dark .Hey Joe your going to jury no matter are not in any alliance ..Get it through your head  they are using you

  98. LOVE FRANK! This is going to be awesome! I hope he puts up Ian and Shane then when Shane wins veto he puts Brit up. Break up that aliance. I also hope he buddies up with Joe and Jen for votes because they will be easy to pick off in the end and would never get picked on judgement day.

  99. Okay Im sick of hearing that production is “letting” frank win. So if a sports team won every game is that because the refs are “letting” the team win? Why cant people just be happy for the guy. Why does it matter if he wins everything? he is good, the rest of the group clearly isnt. Get over it. Quit whining. Do yo u think the rest of teh group is gonna not realize if they “make” him win something which I dont think is possible. 

    • You are very naive if you think this isn’t rigged. Frank is good at comps because they are given to him.

    • That is their lame excuse. Frank is fighting to stay alive that is why! If you had your backs to the wall and say, someone was trying to kill you, you will fight like hell because you have nothing to lose! So, go down fighting! The
      other fans, just want Frank to roll over. Don’t worry, you will get another chance next week when Frank cannot play for HOH. This week is Frank’s
      week and time to send Shane or Dan to the jury house! Put those two on the block and win that Veto Frank. Then, you guarantee Shane or Dan goes to the jury house! I also think you can get 3 votes to evict Shane! Get Ian
      (time to check his loyalty) and the two floaters, Joe and Jenn. They could care less because both Dan and Shane are good players. You could frame that their chances of getting to Final 2 is getting the good players out! You only need 3 votes this week.

  100. I disagree with the people who are saying Britney isn’t playing a good game.  I think Britney is playing the best game.  She has been basically running the show through Shane.  He is her lap dog and does almost everything he says.  Britney has is in a really good spot and I would love to see her win this. 

    •  Exactly! She is very manipulative, and thats whats gonna get her far in this game. Ian is still my fav, but shes my second fav, i would love to see ian form an alliance with her and make it to the end with her

    • His best chance is to try and win HOH and POV each and every week. He is all alone and he should not trust anyone including Ian. Also, talk BS like everyone else in the house. Tell the other house guests what they want to hear but, evict the strongest house guest each time he wins HOH. He can do serious damage to the Quack Pack if the can take out Shane and Dan.

  101. Does anyone else agree that Ian telling Boogie when he went out the door about everything and blowing his cover?! I mean… if you had boogie find out when he was sitting with Julie then Frank wouldn’t have caught on possibly.. now that Frank has killed HOH again and fired right up. That Ian was a dumb move. 

  102. Does anyone else agree that Ian telling Boogie when he went out the door about everything and blowing his cover was really stupid?! I mean… if you had boogie find out when he was sitting with Julie then Frank wouldn’t have caught on possibly.. now that Frank has killed HOH again and fired right up Ian will most likely be game over this week. That Ian was a dumb move. 

    • Ian talked to Frank and made excuses and Frank believed him and forgave him. Not smart. Boogie told him not to trust Ian. He should have listened to him.

  103. frank should nominate dan and britney, and another coach gone. if one comes off block, then another quacker goes up and 1 gone. then joe and jenn can make an alliance with frank and try winning something. i’ll miss boogie.

  104. Not again.
    Why wont he leave already?
    If anything the productions rigs the games so he can win.

  105. If Frank wants Dan out then he should put Dan up with Danielle and if one of them wins the veto.. then put Britney up.. If he put up Jenn or Joe as a replacement then Dan will be safe.

  106. Frank is an idiot  he is running around demanding people vote the way he wants, he  does not have the numbers.  He really thinks he is part of Chilltown–not even close.  His Nana is calling  him time to go. 

  107. Did anyone else notice Boogie told Frank to keep his bag in the storage room on the way out the door? I think production had already told Boogie he will be coming back in the game.

    Also – I wouldn’t be surprised if there was only one shamrock in Ian’s ball pit. It seems awfully convenient that Frank managed to pull himself off again. Probably the easiest competition for production to rig.

    • You think the game is rigged ???  What makes you think that, you are problably the only person watching BB thinking that….  ;)  Not!

    • It would be wrong to let Boogie back in the house after they played Ian’s goodbye message…unless production sees to it that Ian goes out next.  Yes, Ian was stupid to tell that to Boogie because he didn’t know at that time if Boogie would be coming back or not.  He should have just let him find out however it played out.  They don’t have to show Ian’s goodbye message if they know he is coming back.  

      Frank will absolutely be the one who gets to open Pandora’s Box.  

      They need to just stop the competitions & had Frank the check.  

      On another note…I can’t believe CBS allowed Boogie back in the house after the charges that have been filed against him.  I know innocent until proven guilty but the charges are pretty disgusting.  Would they let a person charged with rape be a guest before an acquittal?  

    • Ashley didn’t take a bag either.  That Big Brother bag is just a prop, they have more luggage – I’ve seen it in the storage room.  They pick it up later.

    • I don’t think Ashley took a bag out with her either when she was evicted oit of the house.

  108. He should nominate Dan and Ian.  If either win the veto, he’ll put up Shane.  He has to break up the Quack pak..going after Jenn or Joe is pointless as they both suck at everything in the house. and Frank is much more of a threat then Britney and Dani, so why put them up. 

  109. I can’t Stand FRANK!!!  He will look back at the tapes of the show..and be embarrased at his actions…demeanor..and nastiness, because I don’t think that is the kind of guy he is outside of the house.  Now, with that said….he is a MONSTER competitor!!!  He wins everything having  to  do with competitions.  How can you say he doesn’t deserve to be where he is?  I hope he goes home soon….but I still give him credit for what he has done.  If anybody can overcome the 5-1 minority he is….Frank can. 
    I’m rooting for Dan!!  Wow was he a cool  cucumber underpressure last night…as Boogie, and Frank bullied and tried to get under his skin.  Like a Duck (Quack Quack) Dan let all the verbal arrows just roll off his back.  Cool.  I know he has won  before…but Dan is my hope to win this time too!!!!

    • Frank wins anything physical because he is a strong guy but when its something using brain….hum….

  110. My hats off to Ian, he out played the great Mike Boogie, gave him some of his own medicine.  He should win it all.

  111. Frank is not the greatest player. Winning comps is not all this game is about. Frank is just not very smart and his social game is terrible.  He went from being one of the most well liked guys in the house to being reviled.  By cuddling up so exclusively with Boogie the last few weeks (this past week in particular), he’s managed to completely ostracize himself from the rest of the players. Furthermore, taking Boogie’s often bad advice (not back-dooring Dan when he had the chance), was not smart game play.  He might be able to win competitions, but when the rest of the house is against you, that eventually catches up.  

    For the record, I’m glad Frank is not the smartest player.  At this point, I’m hoping Dan takes it all.  Don’t care that he’s already won.  He is the best player in the house right now.

  112. Can you say rigged???  It seems like it’s just getting worse each season.  When you can start predicting what’s going to happen and you know who’s going to win before it happens then you know it’s rigged……

  113. Why does this feel so staged? There is no way someone can be playing the game like Frank and stay that long unless it’s staged.

    • I know. It’s either Shane or Frank HOH and I can’t stand it. You can’t tell me nobody else can win these games. And Frank always wins the veto, but I don’t think he will win. Boogie warned him before he left not to trust Ian and Frank forgave him. He is obsessed with Dan. That will be his downfall. Ian will take him out. It also seems like Dan never gets picked to play veto.I think Ian is playing Dan’s game is his season. However he has noone he’s aligned with. Dan also doesn’t have anybody this season. The quack pack has already turned on Dan. No backbone. Well, Dan will be able to play for veto this week. I know he is going to go up.

    • Apparently, you have not been watching enough Big Brother. Danielle Donato who is not my favorite is like that! She fights hard for HOH and POV so that, if she wants to take out anyone or fighting to survive, she usually ends up winning HOH and POV and it is very hard to evict her! What about Rachel Reilly? She is a tough fighter and last season was on the block maybe, atleast 5 times and still got off because she fought for HOH and POV each and every time! There is probably others in Big Brother who have
      fought and won HOH and POV. Also, Frank’s back is against the wall, he will be targeted next week so, he is playing hard just to survive!

  114. This situation reminds me of James from season 9!  He had more lives in that game than anybody I’d ever seen…until now.   LOL 

    However, his run will run out.  If he makes it all the way to the end considering the odds against them THEN I will name him the best player Big Brother has ever had.  Right now I think he is on the lucky street.  

    • He is fighting for his life! If you were in his shoes, you would do the same.
      If I were in his shoes, I would do the same! Frank has nothing to lose and
      everything to gain by winning HOH and POV. His chances probably are not that good considering everyone will go after him next week. He has to take each opportunity and maximize it by evicting the strongest players like Shane and Dan out of the house if he can. If he can just take those two out, he atleast, has a fighting chance because he would have taken out 2 of the strongest players left in the house!

  115. Boogie is finally gone.  Now to get rid of Frank.  He says he plays straight and doesn’t lie.  That is the biggest lie.  He bullies and badgers and lies to people.   Does he really think that he could even come close to Dr. Will?  Some think he is the greatest player, so not true. Oh, please cut his hair BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. I didn’t wan’t to believe CBS would rig at things but Frank winning POV and HOH too coincidental. Oh well…hopefully Dan will be able to borrow one of Frank’s lives, if he doesn’t he will be so totally bored in jury as Ashley is so boring she can’t even “articulate” a conversation.

  117. What if Frank was the only one who had two veto symbols in tne pool of balls? I wonder if any of the other house guest even checked. This would be such a joke on all the Frank fans that think he’s so amazing.

  118. What does it matter if Frank wins if he doesn’t have the jury votes at the end. I am now even more convinced that Production is helping him somehow!!! 

    • It matters because that means if Frank is in the Final 2, the worst that can happen is he gets atleast, $50,000. And do not be too sure. Some people still do have a conscience. Would you give $500,000 to someone who does not deserve it? Last season Rachel Reilly won it because although, Danielle Donato asked her puppets to vote for Porsche who was with their alliance, Shelley who was in an alliance with Danielle, broke from the alliance and
      cast the deciding 4th vote to give Rachel a 4-3 win. If Frank is in the Final 2 with say Joe or Jenn, you would look like a complete idiot on national TV to vote for either Joe or Jenn. My money is on Frank still winning it because it is night and day. Will someone vote againt Frank, probably but, there is also a very good chance, the majority will vote for Frank knowing that he
      played the best game!

  119. If Frank stays next week too the competition will get extremely boring. The whole season its been Frank and Shane.
    I am curious what will happen when he is gone.
    And they better not bring him back in a future season because he is not America’s favorite player like Britney or Ian.

    •  Great bring back Ian so he can say how big of a loser he is, and rock back and forth like a mental patient.

  120. Ok wait……why in the hell does Frank hate Dan sooooo bad! Seems like he would be after Ian!

    • Dan has betrayed Frank on a number of times that is why! The targets should be Shane and Dan with Shane as the number one target because he is good in competitions. Frank should do his best to win veto and keep Shane and Dan on the block. Then, get the votes to evict Shane. Get the floaters Jenn and Joe as well as Ian (time to test him) to vote out Shane.
      In any case, if both Shane and Dan on the block at the time of voting—-one
      of them will be evicted this week! That would be awesome!

  121. He will Nom Britney and Danielle knowing he would not be able to get Dan out…or Ian and Dan will go out since he knows that Ian betrayed Boogie and him.

  122. No surprise here. Frank wins HOH and chance are huge that a member of the Quack Pack is going home. Maybe that’s Dan, maybe that Shane or maybe that’s Britney, you never know. One thing is for sure, this is truly going to be an interesting week with a big player being sent out of the house this week. 

    By the way if Dan is evicted this Thursday, that’s fine by me. That would make the third former coach/former player to be evicted in three weeks.

    But I am routing for Ian, Shane or Britney to win this season, however in order to win, they will have to go through Dan and Frank.

  123. To say he is the best player could be true, for sure he is the best in competitions. Dan plays a different game and he is the best at what he does. So it just depends on which game u prefer

  124. FRANK!!! What a powerhouse this guy is!!! Im sorry I really like him, look at the game he has played! One the block week after week. And last night proved that he deserves to stay! I would like to see him win actually!

    No one else has played like this in a long time winning so much!

  125. Frank was actually my favorite in the beginning of the season. Then he started to turn into an exact duplicate of Boogie, mean, cocky, and goes after people that could help him. I’m glad Boogie is gone.

    I hope Frank is gone next week, followed by the floaters.

  126. Give me a freaking break! OK production, how’d you rig this one? Hopefully, the next HOH will get him out.  This guy’s like a fly on a hunk of crap, you just cannot get rid of him. 

  127. Mark my words BB wants Frank to win the BB game and all games are rigged for that reason. No Frank is not the greatest player, its rigged for him to win and get off the block.

  128. It’s far too evident that the Producers are pulling out all the stops to keep Frank in the game. I will no longer watch the show. What’s the point when we already know who wins the game.

    • If it is “far too evident” then surely you can provide some evidence to support your claim.

    • But we don’t know who is going to win.  Production certainly has a role, they are putting on an entertaining show.  Look at their ratings each week and the involved comments we observers make.  

      If they  (the production crew) were not doing such a good job why would we get so involved, biased and eagerly await the next showing even those times we are not thrilled with what always happens.

      It’s a bit like watching family dynamics and not always being able to stop what is happening.  

  129. I love Frank!!!! Go Frank! I liked Brit on her season, but she is getting on my last nerve!  I don’t think anything is rigged at all!  Frank is such a great player & a geniunely nice guy.  He definitely deserves to win.  Has anyone in BB history been on the block as much as Frank? If he were smart he would put up Dan & Shane.  Shane has put him up everytime he has been HOH. 

  130. Hmmm let’s see why Frank has haters…
    1. He’s cocky and rude.
    2. He cheats, and although other players have too production is probably helping him.
    3. Instead of getting his help he insists to go after the only winner left in the house for who knows what reason.
    4. He thinks he is a great player but if he was he would be able to prevent
    being nominated in the first place

    • Jenn must be the best player in the game, she hasnt been nominated until 3 weeks to go and she was only a pawn (who didnt realize it!)

      Jenn, because she didnt get nominated until last week, is the best player in the game!

      Great thinking Jake!

  131. I knew Frank would win ,Ok Big brother tell me its not rigged,It always happens like this.Ever who you want to be hoh is the way it goes every time,you must pay these people so much to let it go the way you want it to…….

  132. The feeds will be fun to watch this week with that arrogant bunch of quack packers running up and kissing Frank’s butt..he better not waste this opportunity to get either Dan or Shane out this week..Britney and Ian were already scheming last night as were Dan and Joe..they want Frank to push for Joe and Dan to go up..let’s hope Frank makes the correct decision and thinks all things through and that it will be Dan and Shane sitting in those chairs on Thursday! 

  133. Frank see you would not want to be you..all the smugness is out the door ….what amazes me is the people on this show doent realize they are all one vote one smart mouth thing away from being the next one out…I have no sympathy for Frank. Still want to see all new casr next year no repeat players….

  134. It was so enjoyable to see Ian and his team out Boogie…even Boogie says he learned from the best…kudos to Ian…..I want to see Ian and Dan in final two….and since Dan already won…give the money to the kid…that would be just great to watch

  135. Frank has to split the house – he must nominate Dan & Shane.
    Dan because he has tried to vote Frank out every week
    Shane because he is Franks biggest competitor
    Noming Dan would mean Danny has to part with Shane
    Noming Shane means Brit has to part with Dan – and the rest of the house goes berzerk. This is scorched earth and what is better than that

  136. I’m getting tired of this season, every time they can get Frank out he saves himself then wins HOH. It’s getting old.

  137. Hey  Frank fans, if yall think he is the best player, your wrong. He is a beast at the comps, but you cant win everything. A great player dosnt aloow him/her self to get nominated everyweek. he messed up when he stood bye boogie. Boogie put a bigger target on franks back. Hes not a smart player, and thats that.

    • Whos the best player? Danielle, who stalks Shane, checks herself out in the mirror, lies and exaggerates habitually? Dan, who acts like everyones friend, allows everyone else to do his dirty work, pretends to be an angel, doesnt win any comps? Shane who can win comps but has the IQ of a 5th grader. I bet Shane auditioned for smarter than a 5th grader and got referred to BB. He is the ultimate puppet being pulled by Dan and Britney. Is it Britney? The girl who cant win anything when her team needs it most and constantly complains about everything? She hates people one week and is friends the next week. Is it Joe? The person who shifts to power, cant win anything and never will anything. Cooks everyones food, somehow hes become likable because he said yes ill vote out boogie even though it does nothing for my gameplay because its nonexistent. Is it Jenn? I have nothing to say about Jenn, its not Jenn. Is it Ian? The kid pulled a fast one. “Huge” game move he made, but did it benefit him? Absolutely not, the B/S/D/D already want Ian gone, thanks Ian (in Janelles voice).

      Frank is hands down the best player left in the game. Hes tried to play game with people who wont play game with him. Hes been backstabbed EVERY time by people he think are being loyal. His only loyal person was Boogie. And even Boogie played an honest game this season. Its a shame that majority of people dislike Frank for whatever odd reason. Probably because he was associated with Boogie. Thats just laughable.

      •  Ian,Dan,and Brit would be some of the best players this season. Ian had everyone fooled, and made it seem like he couldnt possibly be the type of person to backstabb someone. He got rid of Boogie(one of the best players) which completely took him by suprise. Then he won hoh and got out another enemy ashley. He approached Frank and they made up, and now he is not the  target. Brit is very manipulative. She has control over a great player (Shane),and when she wants someone out she can easily talk him to doing what she wants. Dan is playing a good game, by staying in an alliance where he #2 in his 5-man alliance,and not getting blood on his hand. You dont need to win comps all the time to be a great player, a great player wins competitions win needed. So win Ian voted out Franks partner(pun intended) that was a good time to win H.O.H. And since Dan is the target right now, this would be a great time for him to win the veto.

  138. Hopefully this year they will bring back a player. If they do, i’d like Janelle to come back and kick Frank out of the game. He’s survived too many times on the hot seat.

  139. I’m sorry, but I’d like Dan or Ian to win again this year. They’re both amazing players. Even though they haven’t won one competition (except for Ian), They’re socially good players. Ian could be one of the best.

  140. My prediction for the next two weeks
    Frank nominates Dan and shane, Frank wins the veto. Dan goes home. Shane wins the next H.O.H and nominates joe and jenn, shane wins the veto and backdoors frank. And after frank gets nominated Ian wins the H.O.H

  141. Ian will be going down in Big Brother history. 
    Why?——-He may be socially awkward, but this kid is smart and knows how to play his game. Instead of rolling with “the best” he learned from the best and that’s why he’s there and Boogie isn’t. Ian is one of the best players Big Brother has had in so long. I can guarantee Ian will be winning this season.Frank will only because he’s saved himself multipul times from eviction. 

    Frank will put up Dan and Shane.
    Dan/Shane will be leaving and Shane/Dan wins HoH. Shane/Dan puts up Joe and Jenn, then wins the Veto competition and backdoors Frank, and bam Frank is out the door.
    My opinion. (The right one) :))))

  142. To anyone that thinks that the competitions have somehow been rigged in Frank’s favour: before you embarrass yourself by posting conspiratorial nonsense, actually think about what EVIDENCE there is that the games are rigged.

  143. I’m really interested in seeing frank play with out boogie. I really do believe that the final three should be Ian frank and either Dan or Shane. Seeing boogie take his hat off to Ian for being the mastermind behind his demise was like, at least to me, like a passing of the torch. He knew he taught him well. I know my vote goes to Ian to win America’s player!

  144. If Frank was smart he’d send Ian packing for sending Boogie out. I he sends Dan then he will be out next week for sure.

  145. Frank will be a lost puppy without Boogie telling him what to do, that caused a lot of animosity in the house and he stands alone.

  146. i disagree to what is said above that frank is on his own and its 6 against 1, you have jenn pissed at shane for being put up, joe pissed at ian for being put up. So he isn’t really alone however its not much of an alliance 

  147. Boo! I want frank to go home he can’t if he wins the hoh every time Ughhhhhhh

    • every year I read how BB is fixed. I want to believe its just good clean fun BUT……. How is it that Frank wins every vito? Even my daughter who isnt watching , just listening to me, believes it How many shamrocks were in each section of balls and why are they nametagged if its fair. I dont know any more I do know I want Frank gone

  148. LLol….im glad frank won…they keep trying to get him out & bam he keeps coming back!!! I think im ruteing for frank to win!! If he was smart he’d put up Ian & Brittney!!! GO FRANK!!!!

  149. Yall should look up boogie on the internet….
    Personal Life
    Malin was born Michael Robert Carri on July 16, 1970 and raised in Concord, New Hampshire. He left New Hampshire to pursue his education, and enrolled in Bentley College, in Waltham, Massachusetts. At Bentley, Malin majored in finance and was active in the college’s theater program.
    Malin now has a son, Brady.
    In 1996 Malin was arrested under his real name, Michael Carri, and charged with trespassing at the lot of Warner Brothers Pictures and using false identification. He and friends had secretly filmed and taken pictures of Batman & Robin.[2]
    On January 23, 1997, Carri pleaded no contest to carrying counterfeit government-issued ID, trespass and property damage, and malicious mischief. He was sentenced to three years’ probation, fined $100, and ordered to do 400 hours of community service.[3]
    Malin was arrested again in late October 2007 and charged with assault after attending the 2007 World Series between Red Sox and the Colorado Rockies in Denver. Malin spent 15 hours behind bars before he was released on bail.[4]
    On August 1, 2011 Malin filed a lawsuit in Superior Court against the law firm Lavely and Singer, accusing the firm or someone acting on their behalf of hacking into his email as well as his phone. Also included in the lawsuit was one of Malin’s business partners Shereen Arazm. Two days after Malin filed his lawsuit Arazm filed a suit against Malin, accusing Malin and another business partner, Lonnie Moore, of embezzlement of funds from Geisha House LLC, a restaurant group that included Malin and Arazm as investors.[5]…
    Maybe they need to research who they put in the house with other people.

  150. Can someone please tell me the significance of Britney’s departure “phone call” for Boogie?  Did he do this in a previous season or?

  151. The ONLY way I see Frank being evicted is he’s going to have to be backdoored by someone, cause everytime this joker gets nominated, he wins veto, takes himself off the block, & then, wins HOH.

  152. I used to be kind of a fan of Frank but Frank is a pig, (sorry pigs I didn’t mean to insult you by comparing you to Frank).

    He is moronically after Dan when Dan did nothing, but stupid ignorant Frank somehow thinks he did.

    And after Ashley is evicted he foolishly attacks all the other houseguests, come on you can’t survive with everyone mad at you.

    He is good at comps and that is the only thing that will save him, he will have to win the veto EVERY time to survive, because next week he will be up again.

    The sooner he is gone the better, he is good at comps but is by far the dumbest player left in the game.

  153. They should bring back Willie!!  Ian rocked!!  I loved his video goodbye to boogie!!

  154. Frank is not the best, he was playing under boogie directions, now let’s see how Frank plays now. Ian is the one that fooled Boogie and out the door he went. Frank needs to make friends now not enemies. That is only way he will stay in the game.

  155. Boogie must be paying production a tidy sum because Frank and Booger cheated all the way I won’t watch next years

  156. I really feel that Ian needs to man up and take some responsibility for the decisions that have been made.

  157. If people think there is cheating or production help for certain players then don’t watch the show! Boogie would still be there if it was rigged don’t you think! Frank is a great player, one of the best. He beat Janelle, so give him some credit. Reading some of these posts is so funny. Where do you guys come up with some of this crazy stuff. Just enjoy the show, give credit were its due. Besides Frank there are 3 other players doing a good job staying in the game while not being obvious. Don’t count Frank out. Might be some good game play ahead!

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