Big Brother 14 Episode 20: Week 7 Nomination Show Tonight

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Big Brother 14 returns tonight on CBS (8/7c) with the conclusion of Thursday’s double eviction episode and the new HoH’s nominations. After Ashley and Boogie were evicted on Thursday the action continued with another HoH competition later that night (HoH spoilers). Of course the results weren’t terribly surprising but definitely insured we’d have plenty of drama and conflict for the week to come.

Before the HGs could get to the nominations another twist hit the house: Pandora’s Box. They were left scrambling to compete and beat each other out for a special power that could shake up the house and disrupt the nominations later that night.

Tonight CBS will catch you up on the events up to the nominations, but the Big Brother 14 game has already moved on well past that. Yesterday the HGs competed in the Veto competition and there was even some drama surrounding that. We’ve got those Big Brother spoilers for you when you’re ready.

The real BB game continues to be on the Live Feeds with plenty more drama than CBS can fit in to three hour-long episodes. Want to see what it’s like to watch the in-house cameras, listen in on the HGs private conversations, and see who is doing what? Then get your free trial of the Live Feeds and see what you’ve been missing.


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  1. Be a first for what?  First, I am really annoyed with Ian for getting rid of Boogie.  It was enjoyable to watch a smart player.  And, the next smart player being Frank is not allowed to compete for HoH two times.  I guess that is a great way for Production to get rid of him or something?  Ian is so annoying with his hopping around to spy and report back to his Quacky Pack.  Jenn is boring.  Britney thinks she is so clever but she is a floater and boring.  Joe–must I say boring.  Shane–all brawn and absolutely no brain–boring.  Danielle–dumb and boring.  Dan–hopefully he will get evicted–boring.  It is very disappointing what Production did to Frank.

    •  This going to hurt Frank because Ian is still back stabbing him he dose not understand that Frank would take him to the final four I HOPE THAT FRANK CAN WIN ALL THE VETO FOR TWO WEEKS ALL THE REST HAVE HID BEHIND SOMEONE THE WHOLE GAME

      • You have got to be kidding!!!!  This is all BS.  It is all orchestrated and having been a fan for years,  I am not sure that I will every watch again.  Let’s hope that once in the jury, that Frank will not get the votes.  Ian should see a therapist or get some drugs to help his ADD

    • Frank Cheated and was caught and production did nothing ? If you ask me he should be put out with willy

      •  I AGREE with you Bow,but “BB PRODUCTION” doesn’t Frank out of the game, so that’s why they haven’t done anything.

    • Another butt hurt Frank fan, Boogie literally did all the strategy talking for Frank. If it wasn’t for Boogie, Frank would have been evicted already. Also, Boogie was a big threat so it was obvious that he was going to leave the BB house. 

  2. Watched BBAD last night and was surprised they allowed Britney to recount the Veto comp. They kept the camera on her as she divulged every detail, from the theme of the game, to who got which punishment, to who won the contest. This wasn’t a big deal to those watching the feeds, but I’d assume the crew would want to save those nuts and bolts for their Wednesday show. They kept the camera on her but the second someone said the word “disqualified” they would immediately cut to Dan. LOL I don’t believe the show is rigged or fashioned for a certain outcome. They just want to keep a lid on the conspiracy theorists. We’ve seen many HGs lie and scapegoat each other. Why not blame production? They can’t talk back.

      • To Lady Jane: Jenn’s clothes are custom made by Paris courtiers. Each outfit costs about $15,000. Its going to cost CBS a lot of money to replace them.

    • It’s definitely rigged. Shane said the people in the DR told him not to put up Frank and Boogie. Oh well, my interest in the show has plummeted; it’s fake.

      • And the HGs never lie? See I disagree. Production probably asked Shane if he was sure he wanted to nom Frank and Boogie, which is akin to asking, “Is that your final answer?” It’s really not leading one way or the other. If the crew told Ian, “Don’t use the veto ball on Dan!” then we have manipulation.

      • Unless you heard the conversation between Shame and the DR, you don’t know what was said.
        If anything, I’m sure he was asked about different scenarios while in the DR. I’m sure he wasn’t told to do or don’t do certain things. He only has one brain cell so in his little pea brain he thought the DR was telling him to do something when it was just a “what if” scenario.
        You mentioned that the show is “fake” & your interest in it has plummeted, nobody is making you watch it.

      •  I agree 100%, this show is rigged, I’m sure if Shane said the people in the DR told him not to put up Frank then that’s what happened. There is manipulation or brain washing,LOL. Let them think for themselves and play there own game. I watch the show HOPING maybe this year production will change, but they want the rating…so yes, it is 50% FAKE

      •  REALLY????? I didn’t hear about that and wasn’t aware that Shane made mention of it…interesting.

    • I was kinda glad they allowed Britney to give a recount of the Veto comp. She has been giving recounts every now and then on BBAD so its no surprise. I kinda laughed whenever the camera shifted to Dan. Poor guy. Didn’t even win the Veto yet he still has solitary confinement for 24 hours. He’s pretty much done for this week unless a miracle happens. Hey production I guess that’s your queue!

      • Production,  Let’s have a miracle for Dan.  He was just covering up for Ian.  I think he should blast Ian beforfe he leaves

      • If Frank was in solitary they’d give him a king-size bed, 4-star meals and a cell phone to call his Booger.

    • Actually production did tell Ian not to use the gold pov ball on Dan. Not in those exact words but they were talking to Ian for over 20 minutes and asked him how this would benefit his game and also that Ian and Britney should work with Frank. I’d say that is trying to control the game. I believe production wants final 3 to be Frank, Ian and Britney.

      • You just said they “asked him how this would benefit his game”. To me that is a question, not a command.

      • Ian’s true ally would tell him, “Don’t use the ball. Save it for yourself.” I haven’t heard anyone say that to him yet. It’s so easy to let these special powers go to your head and affect your judgment. They play into your ego too well.

      • Just answer these questions: Who decides who gets nominated isn’t it the HOH? Who decides who to use the POV on, is it not the house guest who won the POV? Who decides on who gets evicted, isn’t it the collective votes of the house guests that have the right to vote? Just because production talked to the house guest does not mean it is fixed. Production has to talk to these house guests because collectively, they are the dumbest players in the history of Big Brother. Even when the coaches went into the game, these newbies still took orders from the coaches on who to nominate and who to evict. This is still a show where advertising revenues are in the tens of millions of dollars. The last thing the producers want from the house guests is little to no game play because it gets boring and viewers will tune out and watch something else! All they are doing is putting twists if they have to because they cannot control the house guest if they do not want to play the game! The house guests are paid per week if you do not know it yet, and if they do not do what they are supposed to do, the producers have to make sure there is still some game play happening!

      • Jillith did I ever say command??? And I said they were talking to him for over 20min. trying to covince him not to use it. (Ian’s exact words) I only chose to post ONE comment that production made. AGAIN comment not command!!!

      • You said in the above post that “production did tell Ian not to use the gold ball on Dan.” No you did not say command, but imo that’s a command from production for Ian not to use it on Dan.
        You also mentioned that they “asked him how this would benefit his game”, to me that’s a question. So please don’t get mad I was just stating my opinion of what I read.
        I’m just tired of the whole accusations that production is making people do certain things rather than presenting different scenarios to the hg’s to make them think. And that is my opinion.

      • Production said this, production said that… how the f**k do you know…  as you are obviously just guessing, it would be prudent to use the term “allegedly” prior to your callus statements,        I rest my case.    Production you are free to go.

      •  REALLY????….Like I said, BB Production NEEDS to stay OUT of the game and let the HG’S PLAY THIER GAME!!!…

    •  It’s only obvious when they don’t want the HG to rat them out about what they are up to, they switch to someone sleeping or eating or walking around or Ian bopping back & forth………sooooo annoying!!!!!

    • Production has always responded before  LOL.  What are they doing asking people in the Dairy Room Is that good for your game.  Is this coercion, will they be taking stipend money from them.  What gives

    •  Weell..IF BB Production isn’t cheating,then WHY did they grill Ian in the DR for about 20 mins and told em NOT to use his Golden Veto Ball??? They reallyl need to stay out of it and allow the players/HG’S to play their own game. BB hasn’t done anything to Frank becoz they want him to be in the game…

  3. 1. Frank should be gone 3x already.
    3. 2x frank has cheated or tried , got caught… join willy on the bench..get off       daddies coat tails this isn’t the wwe n shouldn’t be fixed
    4. still waiting for a girl to streak, BB lets get that to happen since your controling the out come anyway

    •  LOL!! If your favorite house guest “got caught cheating”, I guarantee you’d be sweeping it under the carpet like it was no big deal.

      I find it amusing that when things in the BB house don’t go the way certain fans want it to go, they immediately cry out “this show is fixed I’m never watching it again!!”. Give me a break.

      • actually no. people who like frank admit that he has gotten unfair help from production. lets assume that all of franks wins in comps were legit that still doesnt answer the question why the coaches entering the game needed the eviction to be canceled. if anyone but frank had been sure to be evicted the eviction would have gone on anyway and frank palmed the chip during the week 6 veto draw. yes he still won but what if he hadnt cheated and picked another person that person could have won. the bottom line is frank has cheated and production has saved him everything else is debatable but those two things are just not ignorable frank should not still be here. period

  4. PRODUCTION – I have watched BB since the beginning, but only started reading spolier sites this year. I now read all this stuff about production influencing the game, etc… What does a newcomer like me to the spolier sites need to know to be convinced 100% that it happens, not in isolated instances, but routinely, and a lot? Is it wishful thinking on the part of the “conspiracy theorists” or is it no doubt, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it happens over and over and over?

    • It does happen…production tries to manipulate the game for the ratings. Watching the live feeds you catch the houseguests talking about it.

  5. What’s really going on this week?  Is Dan or Danielle going home?  Is Ian using his power?

    • As per the live feeds….Qpack will vote out Dan (Britney and Danielle was discussing this)…also they fear if veto is used Britney would go up.

      • I can’t til Twitney gets nominated. It’ll be fun watching her try to pick her way off the block.

  6. As per live feeds….Frank wants Ian and Britney gone.. (I got back my faith in you bro….thought you were a dimwit for trusting them…) He hasn’t forgiven Ian for putting him up.  He also knows none of them wants to take him to final 2.  He believes if he takes Shane (if he makes it to final 2) he has a chance to win against Shane.  This is the order he wants them going to jury…Dan….Ian….Britney….Danielle.  If Joe wins HOH…he hopes he put up Britney and Shane.

    • Meanwhile Joe & Shane talk about how they need a plan to make sure Frank goes home in these next 2 weeks while he can’t play HoH.

      Frank is a great competitor, but when is he going to learn that he can’t trust anyone in this game?

      • that’s true….I don’t understand why he wants to align with Shane so badly.  The only one that hasn’t done him wrong is Jenn….he even said so….so why the heck he wont align with her.  He has to win POV in the next 2 weeks to survive.  I’m for Frank….because in BB, I always go for the underdog :)

      • Right, Matt.  Comp skills will only get you so far.  His social game has been lacking to say the least. 

      • Matt…..Frank is a great competitor as far as HOH and POV but, his game play absolutely sucks. Boogie covered up pretty much his pretty bad game play and I can go thru his numerous mistakes starting from his nominations. Why not put up the strongest players from the Quack Pack knowing everyone is gunning for you? Shouldn’t getting both Shane and Dan be at the top of the list? Also, why trust Shane and Brittney again with another alliance? Hasn’t been Frank been betrayed multiple times? Frank is done at this point. All they need to do is backdoor him. If he is not picked for POV, he his done for good!

      • Frank is an ego maniac.  He should also go and get some help for his digestive problem.  It is disgusting.

    • I think with those on the Jury with the exception of Ashley who is brain damaged,  Shane would win betweeen the two.  Someone just has to help him articulate his message and plead for there vote.  Frank would have been  gone but for the reset

    • Frank wants a pony too.   If wishes were horses, we’d ALL get to ride.   The only order Frank will get is his marching orders.

  7. Britney’s punishment shouldn’t have been being shackled to Danielle. They should have made her wear oven mitts.

  8. If Dan was smart he would tell Frank look Britney and Shane are tight, Britney and Danielle are tight, Britney and Ian are tight, then you have Danielle and Jenn, and Danielle and Shane. Not one of those peole will take you to the end. They are going to protect each other. Ian is playing both sides. Keep me here and you and I can make a run at going to the final 2. We take Joe along for the ride because we can beat him when it gets down to 4.

    • Without getting off the block, Dan is done. The Quack Pack has the majority vote so, Ian, Shane and Brittney have the votes to evict Dan if they want to! Nothing that Dan says at this point can save him except the vetos of Ian or Jenn. Jenn is in an alliance with Brittney and Danielle so, if she uses it, it would likely be on Danielle. Frank has an alliance with Shane and Brittney and if one nominee gets saved, Joe will take their place. The only option left for Dan is Ian but, Ian might not use the veto but, keep it for himself next week in case the Quack Pack goes after him! So, it is looking pretty bad for Dan right now.

      • If Frank talks Ian into using the veto on Dan and tells Ian he wants to put Joe up and get rid of Joe it could work because Ian hates Joe. It’s a big if though. Can only hope…I want Dan to stay this week.

      • Lavendargirl……Do not think that is going to work. Ian wants that veto for next week fearing a backdoor. He can protect himself. Also, Shane, Brittney and Danielle are all together to send Dan to the jury house. Dan won’t know he has been betrayed till Julie Chen announces the votes. And Ian will claim credit for evicting both Boogie and Dan.

  9. Explain why production is coddling Frank.  Let’s hope Ian uses the POV.  Shane or Brit can handle their own.  Frank is precluded from HOH for two times. Which should give them time.  

    • The game started I hated Frank. Boogie & Frank had some weird man thing so I hated them both. Boogie gets iced thanks to Ian I still hate Frank. Frank keeps winning and winning. WHO deseves the half mil more than anyone? The one who played the game like a champ. Well suprise suprise I now think Frank proved WHO deserves to win if we like it or not.I hope hes final two and gets something for all that labor WHO would have guessed

    • He is not injured or sick. Trying to play the sympathy card on Ian to use his veto on Dan. Ian is one devious guy, let us see if Dan’s acting works.

  10. if production is going to rig the entire game for someone at least do it for someone likeable and fun… frank eudy is a hypocrite, an idiot, and a loser. he thinks he is one of the bb greats. absolutely not- good at comps every other area is pathetic thinks he is not a bully et he makes fun of all the other contestants behind their backs and threatened them during the week of boogies eviction doesnt see that he was boogies puppet has th nerve to call julie chen “jules” as if theyre bffs and thinks he automatically should win this game because he has had to fight and he is such an honest decent human being.. he is honestly the most despicable person on that show in a while and ive watched since season 1 and seen a lot of unbearable people. big brother production get your head out of your ass FRANK SUCKS.

    • but it all right for the others to talk smack but not Frank. If anyone should be able to talk smack it should be Frank. Frank the only won that can back it up. Frank one of BB every and I have watched since season 1..FRANK WILL BE BACK FOR FUTURE SEASONS

      • no everyone can talk smack but frank acts like hes above it all. he accused willie of being a bully but then goes around saying these thigns to people when he doesnt get his way and he also doesnt seem t oget the fact that this is a game. his allies are going to get evicted. he plays ona personal level and yes he is a master at competitions but his social game is so abysmal that it completely overshadows those wins.

      • yeah. Big Brother is going to give him another shot if he looses and will spice his name up like “the luckiest houseguest” or “greatest fighter” or “chilltown 3.0”

    • ^great thoughts
      What is so special about frank that production would rig it for him? Britney is the most probably player on the show, and i would think that if they were to rig it, it would be for her favor. Ian and Shane are also popular too. But why frank? most of america doesnt even like him.
      ^great thoughts

      • No frank didn’t have to try. she asked him first, and he’s a guy stuck in that house…. What man would have said no?

    • Well, Dan has a $500,000 reason to keep trying otherwise, it will be all over!
      Got to give the guy kudos for atleast, trying to turn it around!

  11. so funny that frank accuses ian of being dans puppet frank wake up and smell the coffee you were boogies pupppet please frank you are so delusional its laughable

    • agree. he called willie out for bullying week one and look what hes turned into. calling other people disgusting names behind their backs and yelling and threatening them when he doesnt get his way he takes everything as a personal attack and thinks he is a saint who deserves to win the money. its sad and its a shame that production encourages his behavior. when will they learn that the majority of people are going to celebrate when frank gets evicted

  12. Has anyone thought about if Dan gets evicted this week right after Boogie, Big Brother’s two biggest manipulators have been evicted this season? More to that, Ian whether rightly or wrongly will claim credit for it! I can almost hear his farewell message to Dan, “you are there and I am here because I masterminded your demise”. LOL

      • Now, that would be funny. Ian is like Cochran on Survivor. Do not remember the season. Anyway, he betrayed his alliance of 6 to join the opposite alliance of 6 where he became number 7. Then, when all his alliance members were booted off, he would be the next one. He begged his new alliance for one more week before being evicted, they all laughed at his ass and evicted him just the same. Ian left Boogie and Frank where he was number 3 to be with the Quack Pack where he is number 5. When Ian’s time comes, the expression on his face will be priceless!

      • v Ian does remind me of Cochran from survivor south pacific.

        However if Dan gets evicted this week, Ian moves himself from 5 to 4 in the quack pack. Survivor is a different game where there is only one challenge to save yourself. If Ian was on survivor and he doesnt win the final challenge he will be 4th. But Big Brother offers hoh and veto, so he can probably slide through to the final 2.

        That’s if they dont split up before final 4 in Big Brother

      • The last few comps of BB are more likely to be some mental games.  I believe Ian think he can trump those physical players instead of Boogie and Dan,  I myself don’t want him get the win other than the best player though.

      • Cyril Axel        Yes. It was the season that Ozzie played against the Dragon Slayer. Cochran was a villain and joined the Dragon Slayer who betrayed him after using him to get rid of Ozzie and his entire alliance.The Dragon Slayer still lost it in the finals.

    • Michaeln7    Ian only makes himself number 2 on the target list after Frank. We are at the stage where it is everyone for themselves and where the backstabbing is already starting. Dan will be the first casualty but, there will be others. Hard to imagine Shane and Brittney not going after Ian just after Frank is gone. Of course, if Ian wins HOH, he might go after Shane and Brittney and Frank all at once!

  13. this comp is a little unfair the person in the lowest seat has an advantage they get more used to playing it. and no im not saying that bcuz im a frank ahter im saying it becuase its true.

  14. This HOH comp is the dumbest thing ever. After playing it a few times a total moron could get use to it’s repetition. It’s unfair, especially if one player is playing again and again against people who aren’t so use to it. 

    • Ok this is your saying that production knew Frank would get lowest number so by the time he got threw the first two people he knew how to do it. well then if others are so good why didn’t Dan beat him and he go all the way. cause Dan is nothing compared to Frank

    • Maybe Frank saw the benefit of placing as a low seed. Albeit risky, it paid off. He didn’t seem genuine with his “aw shucks” after getting a 5. I don’t believe production “rigs” anything. Yea, they may feed the HGs lines in the DR for better representation of their product (that they produce for profit btw) but I doubt they sway the HGs. Frank, love him or hate him, is a beast. But I can’t imagine he doesn’t get picked off eventually. Shame cause I loved Dan in season 10 and like Frank ok so I’m upset they couldn’t work things out.

  15. This episode should have been called The Frank Show. No one could won all the comps without help of the producer.

    • so I guess Production likes Frank and hates everyone else..give me a break!!!!!! I guess all six of those people he just beat for HOH is in on it all so. The guy is good! give credit where credit is do!

      • the player who came in last in the initial rankings had the biggest advantage because he got used to playing the same board over and over so he could play the board by heart. the whole setup fo the game was backwards and id be saying that if ANYONE had come in last. not just frank. just stating the facts

  16. Watching Ian rock on the live feeds and BBAD is unbearable. I feel sorry for the guy but he makes me dizzy!

    • Yeah I like the kid but what’s his deal? He can’t sit still for 2 seconds. If he isn’t rocking he’s pacing back and forth on his tippy-toes

  17. Ian is a.scumbag to let Dan take the hits from his actions and then not help him out when he needs it..Brittney has done nothing for him except boss him around so.who cares if she is the replacement.. I know its a game and all and you gotta make moves but I don’t like Ians game so much. and the way he keeps playin I wouldn’t be suprised if he gets no votes from the jury if he makes it to the end.

    • Game play and votes in the jury are two different things. The one who plays the best whether he evicted you does not matter! House guest will still vote for who deserves it. None of the house guests would give Joe or Jenn that $500,000 against Dan, Frank, Brittney, Danielle, Shane or Ian. And if you do not believe it, wait for the finale!

    • Where are all the screams calling Brittany a BULLY? She’s bullying Ian more than anyone has tried to bully anyone all season including Willy. She does does it in a female voice instead of some aggressive male voice…

      • I agree 100%!! She was so full of it when she was trying to cry and tell Frank, please don’t yell at him, it was sickening. but the manipulation and mind games she plays with him is worse than the loud in your face crap when he finally realizes what she was doing to him all along. losing your cool is normal sometimes, but it’s the ones who try to act like everything is ok when they know you don’t like them are the people you have to watch out for

    • Members of the Jury are angry and upset in the beginning. Some of them take it personal which they shouldn’t. They do cool down after a while, and try their very best to award who’s the best player as far as strategy, winnings, social skills, etc. etc. Most of them are fair, and they should be.

      …and YES IAN IS A

    • I am so sick of you idiots thinking game is rigged if it don’t go the way you like it. Same people who probably complain at work complain at home etc etc… 

      •  before i would have totally agreed but now after i got live feeds and watch bbad they talk about the BB Wizards not allowing ian to use his veto and then the cam quickly jumped to frank sleeping in the hoh room and a warning over the loud speaker saying “your not allowed to talk about big brother production”

        so i dont believe its all rigged but some decisions are manipulated by production

  18. This is really pathetic: Frank “dedicating” his eviction nominations to Boogie. Frank is totally obsessed with the Boogyman. What a big jerk. 

    • sounds like your the jerk..why is Frank a jerk. for only one in the house who is true to is word. for being a great comp player. He going down as one of greatest ever!

      • frank one of the best players ever? please. he has not made a single strategic move this entire game. yes hes good at comps but comps are not the ony thing in thsi game. frank ahs zero social game and zero ability to make alliances why would anyone want to work with soemone who attacks people when he doesnt get his way is a hypocrite for calling willie a bully and look at the way hes behaving and for calling ian dans puppet when he was boogies and his hatred of dan literally makes zero sense. frank is a horrible player.

      • Exactly! That is what I hate about some fans of the show. If their favorite person does something it is fine. If a person they do not like does the exact same thing it is “pathetic.”

  19. lets just assume for arguments sake production has not been involved at all this season in frank staying cue the BITCH PLEASES but that is beside the point.. that still leaves the nagging thought that frank has zero ability to make alliances or fight for himself. it is next to zero that frank will win every comp from here to the rest of the game. when he has been on the block and not won the veto… frank has not been able to campagin to stay. hed be gone if willie hadnt gone nutso cuckoo hed be gone if boogie hadnt saved his ass by convincing that fool danielle to backdoor janelle. frank has not been abel to save himself on his own. and he never once made an attempt to make an alliance or gain other peoples trust while boogie was still in the house… that my friends is a terrible player… frank can win all the comps he wants but hes gone the second shane beats him in a pov

  20. Dan is faking this whole panic attack thing..does Ian not realize he is the QP’s little puppet? Thought this kid was supposed to be so BB smart? Give him a little ounce of power, he acts like a  complete jerk. Get to steppin, Ian!  

  21. Game is being controlled by production, the competition that aired tonight is not believable! Frank’s cheating has been alowed etc. Why do they want Frank to survive?

    • How is not believable? Frank played the most out of anyone. It makes sense that got used to how to control the board to move the ball up the more he played. And there is no proof that production is controlling anything. Until someone can prove it, then everyone needs to stop saying they are. It doesn’t matter how much you speculate or think they are. 

  22. I lost all respect for Frank. He is being a total jerk with yelling and everything else he was doing to the other house guest. It is a game and that is what people are doing.  Im sorry but Ashley didnt do much in the house to be the one to stay. Frank is just mad that all his allies are going out the door. The way he acted should of been repermanded.  I dont believe he is trust worthy. He wanted to break up the silent six first and back door Dan. I would like to see shane, Ian, and Danielle in the final three. I know Frank has won comps and stuff but his attitude I feel doesnt deserve anything. Just my opinion.

    • I agree with you…why should he be angry that the whole house is against him.  That was very inhuman.  He should’ave just be happy and skip around the house.  Better yet…why didn’t he call for a group hug and thank them for trying to get him out.  Just my opinion.

    • There is a difference between others in the house backstabbing him and Ian doing it. Frank would not have been nearly as mad if someone else was HOH and put him up because the others have not pretended to be his friend for 50 days. Frank thought Ian, Boogie and Ashley were legitimately friends in real life. Unfortunately for him only Boogie and Ashley are. He had talked with Ian about hanging out sometime outside of the house, etc. He thought Ian was a real friend, not just a TV show friend, that is why he was so upset. He knew that he was not a real friend with Shane, Britney, etc but he thought Ian liked him. He was wrong.

    • Frank without Boogie is just like Rachel without Jordon, a total disaster!  You could smell Rachel during the his spat with Willie!  I also felt that team against Rachel back then was way worse!  BB 14 hg are way better, other than Brit’s asking everybody to isolate Willie, that was brutal.

    • He’s very bitter that Boogie is gone and is probably scared that he can’t make decisions on his own.

  23. If anybody think BB is rigging for Frank, then talking too loud and got another week without HOH comp must be a good rig, but for Frank’s demise!

  24. I have been reading this site for weeks now and ill tell you some of you people are so funny and your messages are great. But some are so rude like you dont want to leave a message.

  25. did anyone notice the sly “oops” when frank dropped his ball in the 5 slot. i either think he did it on purpose knowing that hed have an advantage being one of the last ranked players or production told him to lose in the intial rankings of the hoh. and for everyone who says this game is not rigged for frank. BULLSHIT. there is so much proor of rigging for frank that could be an entire season’s worth of footage. what would be the theme though.  i guess it would production for some reason likes a bullying douche bag and will do anyhting to make him win. oh wait thats what this season is already

  26. Well, on second thought, Dan looks pretty whipped.  What do my fellow BBer’s think about Dan’s “panic attack?”  Dan is so slick, you just never know with this guy.  Where on flashback is the wink and I’m ok thing?

    • It’s around 4:28 BBT….Dan in the storage room.   Not sure which cam so try the quad cam.    Then about 5-10 minuites later he’s in the arcade room with Danielle when he gives us a little wink….check it out.

  27. for everyone who is in favor of frank…. please tell me why the majority of comments are devoted to this game being rigged for frank. either almost everyone who watches big brother is missing something or the game’s rigged. i think its safe to go with the latter.

  28. I be interested to know what Franks plans are if Dan is not voted out…There is not alot he can do about it cause he can’t play in the next 2 HOH comps…so he cannot bully threaten or intimidate people to go his way…Havenone of the remaining HG’s thought about Frank being powerless and they can go against him???  Unless he wins the next 2 Veto comps he is…Frank is nothing to be afraid of….lol

  29. Does anyone know if the two HoH Comps that Frank cannot compete in includes this next one since he cannot compete anyway as HoH? Seems like it should start AFTER this next HoH…….

  30. another question     Has it been decided which Veto Holder goes first??? That may be an important factor in Ian’s decision to use it…

  31. When they go to cast the vote in the finale – they’ll all be like, “who’s Jenn?”. omfg rotfflmfao

  32. Wow Frank lose the Boogie jersey, looks kinda “SWEET”. Man up, thank goodness he is long gone and hopefully you will be soon too. Played by Ian, THE MASTER just as Will predicted.

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