Big Brother 14 Episode 19 Recap: Evictions Send Out a Target and a Sacrifice

Big Brother 14 Episode 19

Thursday night’s double eviction episode of Big Brother 14 was hands-down the best episode of the season. From Boogie learning Ian was the mastermind this week to Britney’s goodbye message to an underdog comeback, it was quite an episode.

The episode picked up right after Sunday’s show where we saw Shane put Jenn on the block in Frank’s place. Boogie and Frank were not happy, of course, so they let Shane have it. And Jenn got her official welcome to Big Brother 14 as she had to start campaigning and calling people out. She was not happy her loungey summer vacation was interrupted.

Better than the Jenn montage of confrontations was Boogie quest to rile up Dan, who was having none of it. There’s Dan quietly reading his Bible and in comes Boogie and sits right by him. Then Frank comes in and Ian follows. Jenn eventually joins the little game of “let’s talk about Dan right beside him because we know he’s just going to lay there and say nothing.”

And that’s what happens. Dan does not take the bait. He does not get up. He keeps doing what he was doing. And I have to keep reminding myself that Dan wasn’t even the person who put this whole thing in motion. Ian was. And Dan is taking all the blame.

There’s, of course, not much time for the non-live stuff, so Julie cuts in and tells the houseguests it’s a double eviction (as if they didn’t already know) and that it’s time to get the votes going. Jenn gets her final plea and it’s nice but pointless. She’s not the target. So we move on to Boogie. He takes one final shot at staying by pulling Joe’s family into his speech. He addresses Joe’s kids and basically tells Joe they’ll be watching for him to go in the Diary Room and make the right decision.

The voting starts and Ashley is up first. Her vote is for Jenn. Britney and Joe follow and both vote for Boogie. Frank is next and casts his vote for Jenn. Dan, Ian and Danielle vote for Boogie and he’s officially out of the game.

Julie delivers the news and Boogie heads out the door. During the goodbye messages, Britney wins the award for “Best Farewell Message of the Past 14 Seasons.” Her pretending that there’s a phone in there ringing and it’s Janelle on the line, calling in just to laugh at Boogie.

Oh, and there’s Ian confession that he was the person behind Boogie’s demise this whole week and that he learned from the best, meaning Boogie. Boogie is totally shocked but also so impressed that he takes his hat off for Ian.

At the quick HoH competition, it’s the Before & After quiz. Ashley is out first (shocker). Joe, Dan and Jenn are all out on the next question. Then Frank is eliminated. Britney follows Frank out, so that leaves Danielle and Ian. Julie pulls out the tie breaker question and asks a ridiculous number question and Ian comes closest and is the new HoH.

Having very little time to figure out what to do, Ian goes with the original Quack Pack plan and nominates Frank and Ashley. And then we head off to the Veto Competition. It’s the same competition as last year when Jeff Schroeder tossed out the clown shoe and was evicted right after. Frank does not pull a Jeff and wins the veto.

Frank, of course, removes himself from the block and Ian has to quickly nominate Joe. So it’s either Joe or Ashley.

The vote goes like this: Jenn votes for Ashley as does Shane, Britney, Danielle and Dan. Frank is the only  vote to evict Joe, so Ashley was the second person evicted. She becomes the first jury member.

Like last season, we didn’t get to see the second HoH contest and it played out later that evening. If you’d like to know that outcome ahead of Sunday night, we’ve got those spoilers ready for you.

What did you think of this episode? Best one of the season, right?


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      • What does that have to do them beening very enterianing. You must be watching that part cause I dont judge them.

  1. Omg i just learned that Frank won HOH really BB this looks a little fishy the veto and HoH ?

    • It’s called real life dingbat. How is it fishy when a player has to keep winning vetoes and HOH but he has no alliance or anything.

    • It’s called production fix Bert. Educate yourself before you start calling people names.

      • I find it really hard to believe production is intervening in people winning. It would completely defeat the purpose of the fact that everyone is there competing to win half a million dollars. Why would anyone bother to be on the show if they knew it was fixed and couldn’t actually compete because production was choosing who was going to win. “Oh, sorry. Production doesn’t want you to the win the money, so you’re getting voted out this week.”

      • they can fix the outcome of the game and they do like pov frank won who says they didnt put 4 shamrocks in franks bin while only putting 1 in each of the others kind of funny how ian had 1 and looking for 2nd  before frank even found 1 but then whamo frank won

      • Production fix?  I’m pretty sure it was the HG’s that decided to keep unathletic floaters in the game. 

      • CBS is forcing America to like Frank……NOT WORKING CBS!!! Frank has got to go then we will have something to watch becuz the Quackpack will have to go against each other to the end!!!

    • the sad truth is that no matter how many comps frank wins legeitmeltly, his haters are always gonna claim it was rigged, it’s a little sad but whatever helps them sleep at night i guess.  Also, theres a reason why frank does so well, besides shane and frank no one else is ANY good at comps.

  2. ::::::: suspense :::::::  continues … Will Frank put Dan/Shane or Dan/Britney on the block ?  Or, is Ian paired up with one of the above ?

    Stay tune to the nominations, veto competition, veto ceremony to find out.

    What about Pandora’s Box ?  The question cube in the arcade?

    Boogie going home was great !!  Now, it’s Frank against the house !

    • Frank will put up Dan & Shane then if one wins veto he can replace them with either Britney or Ian. Remember he wants Dan bad due to everything Boogie told him, Frank still doesn’t know that Ian was the one to tell Shane he thinks it was Dan. Now if Pandora’s box brings Boogie back in the game we will know for sure that production is behind this.

  3. I’m still trying to grasp why people hate Frank so much.  He’s played the most respectful and most respectable game of anyone so far (aside from last night’s tirade, although he was only flippin out because everyone in the Silent 6 threw shade at him).  And he’s actually putting in work.

    In terms of people actually playing to win, Frank and Shane at final two only seems right.  I’m just glad Ian’s blind jealous rage didn’t get him the revenge he wanted against Frank for taking Ashley from him.  I’m sure all the Janelle fans should be able to understand and appreciate that Frank has his back up against the wall and he’s been do-or-die every week pretty much from the very beginning.

    • what is respectful about a guy talking crap about people and ripping on dan based on assumptions, I liked Frank until he startting ripping on people without any facts just based on what he thinks, it is crazy and he is the reason why Boogie is out of the house, if he wasnt talking so much crap about Dan and thinking about back dooring Dan  when he was HOH I think Boogie would still be there

      •  I liked frank game play until productions started helping him. you might as well say they helped him.They let them cheat makes me wonder anyone else even had all there clovers in the pit to find or is frank the only one that had them all to find.

      • He didn’t trust Dan and Boogie squashed the idea in order to save Dan.  As far as I remember no one but Boogie knew Frank was thinking about backdooingr Dan and it never came to be. Frank is not the reason Boogie is gone Ian is.  Boogie and Fank did not go back on the Silen t Six deal and kept them safe.  They being the Quack Pack  turned around and put them on the block because the mole Ian told the group that Brit and Shane may be next.  All Boogie did was ask Ian if he were  to win the next HOH who would he put up Brit and when Ian said no he said Shane asking Ian as a question not a definite thing.  This was just future talk at the time and Ian ran back to tell the rest.  Brit got scared and blamed Shane for throwing her under the bus.  Brit doesn’t ever want her self to take any blame, but has no problem letting others take the heat,  She likes others to think she is never part of being in the know and uses the it’s not my HOH line.  They were all in on the decision to put Frank and Boogie  up and went back on the deal they had all made and did so again when they put Jenn up as a pawn.  That is why Boogie went and was in no way Frank’s doing.  Being put on the block was a blindside to them and then to not put up and get out Joe was another slap in the face so they were extremely angry and started trash talking.  Frank had a morning talk to the camera and said to any fans listening that he was not like that and apologized for it.  All of these HG’s are guilty of trash talking at one time or another. 

      • Wrong.  If Boogie went along with Franks idea to get Dan out, Boogie would still be in the house.

      • To Lockeocee.  others found two and one of them said they just found the third one when Frank buzzed in.  They certainly did not talk like any cheating was going on.

      •  what is respectful about the quack pack saying to FRANK twice he was not going up and then they blindside him… They are the ones who deceived first.. Frank held up to his word, unlike the others.. I do think this game is slightly fixed… FRANK is going to stay until at least one of the quack packers are gone

    • In any other season I would probably really like Frank a lot.  I still do in many ways, but his obsession with getting Dan out makes me not like him.  Whenever something doesn’t go right for Frank it’s automatically Dan’s doing in Frank’s mind.  Since Dan’s my all-time fave (I’m from the same area as him, and watched him pretty much dominate his first season) I wanted Frank out second after Boogie.  Oh well, I suppose this does make things a lot more interesting and we’ll see if Dan can get himself through a week of being on the block.  

      •  Dan has a history following him and remember that Frank has no idea that it was Ian betraying him and Boogie. Dan wasn’t defending himself at all. So  of course he is after Dan. He thinks Dan is his worst enemy in the house.

      • I agree with you 100%. Dan is one of my all time favorites so that is my main beef with Frank. I would like to pull for him but only if he backs off trying to get Dan out. I’d love a final 4 of Dan, Shane, Ian, and Frank.

    • I was rooting for Frank – then i thought it was a little unfair that he didn’t go home week three and everyone was safe. Also there has been rumors of him cheating, and with the feeds cutting to fish all the time someone metions it, it probably means its true.

      The way he acted this week was definitley unjust, and i hope he doesnt stay much longer because it feels like the whole show has its attention on him..

      • Yes, he bragged to Boogie about palming the Houseguest Choice chip when he was supposed to redraw. He made it look like he got a new chip, but actually held on to the same one. The feeds cut when he mentioned it to Boogie, and Boogie told him to never mention it again. The flashback time is 12:06BBT this past Saturday.

    • I did like Frank and then when he started this bit of “I worked so hard to get here…so don’t get rid of me” and this whole bit about “We’re at war…” and telling Ian how to play the game because they think he’s a kid that can’t think for himself – not cool. Frank isn’t the only person in the game and other players aren’t there to advance him to the final round they are out to advance themselves – he constantly loses sight of that.

      The other unfavorable quality is that he has said and implied on various occasions that he’s smarter than everyone else – that’s a major turn off.  People generally don’t like arrogance. If he was super humble, he would have an even bigger following. But that’s not him – he will claim it is…but it’s not by the things he says and does.

      • I agree. I would be rooting for Frank, but he has a lot of unlikable qualities that I think a lot of people aren’t seeing. The CBS version of Frank isn’t the real version.

    • Frank is far from respectful. He called Jenn “Dirty Brown Water Trash” and constantly talks smack about everyone that doesn’t do what he wants. The reason people don’t like him is because he’s pretty arrogant, and acts like anyone who doesn’t make moves to benefit him is “dumb” and “doesn’t know how to play the game”. He’s also a pretty bad sport, throwing tantrums when things don’t work out the way he wants. Shane had his whole HOH wasted that one week, and he didn’t complain a fraction as much as  Frank has been doing ever since he was nominated.

      I think a lot of people aren’t seeing the real Frank, and are watching the CBS version.

      • Frank does have alot of unlikable qualities not to mention his ego. He thinks he is better than anyone else in the house just because he has won so many comps (by cheating)!! He absolutely should have been eliminated week 3 then after he was gone is when CBS should have reset the game….NOT before!!!

    • Dizzle, I think the reason why frank isnt very popular is cause he’s kinda douche, and your right he has done work, but its been boogies work, and I didnt like Frank and Boogie being bullies, that was alittle uncalled for and stupid. Frank may have won HOH but he will be on the jury

      • Yes he will be on jury. Remember what he told Boogie about jury? He told him he could talk and persuade any of them to vote his way…….EGO!!!!

    • People don’t like Frank because he is too gullible and believed all the lies Boogie was telling him. Boogie has actually rubbed off on Frank!!!

  4. The funny thing here is, Boogie is the one who protected Dan, not Ian.  Then Boogie convinces Frank Dan is the reason they were both put up.  Ian gets forgiven and all is well in the house of Games.  Could things be any better?

    • Unless Dan rats out Ian.. i think it’s time for that to happen.. Dan needs to protect himself.. I can’t see him going out for this kid!

  5. What the fuhq was boogie wearing? So glad he is gone now.

    Did Ian throw that pov?

    Joes eviction speech was hilarious.

    I can’t believe how spaced out ashley was during her eviction speech but she seemed to be more lucid when she did her eviction interview with Julie.

    • There is a possibility that Ian wants to be sitting beside Frank in the final two because if he can show that he outsmarted everyone on multiple occasions without being found out, he might just win the game.  So it’s possible that he did throw the POV – BUT he wanted Joe out so much that perhaps not.  That being said, this is as much a social game as it is physical.  The more powerful player is the one who plays in the shadows – it isn’t the overt chest pumping player.  

  6. The plot thickens….the mentor Boogie leaves….the ultimate mastermind nerd Ian trys to pull a fast one on the rattled jock Frank to get revenge on taking his girl crush, and she is the one who gets caught up in the crossfire.  Anybody who says this season sucks can go screw themselves.

  7. Frank was  a machine in that POV comp. He deserved to win that and he has been a very strong player in comps. And so has Shane. The others are useless. The only reason Ian won that HOH is because he has an amazing memory. But I have to give him credit he is playing the game. He really played Boogie. And I have respect for the way Boogie handled it when he found out it was Ian who was selling him and Frank out not Dan. He had hats off to Ian for his game play and I have hats off to Boogie for the way he handled it. 

    • Of course it was easy to win that POV comp…..he was probably the only one to have 2 shamrocks in his pit!!!  Amazing how Ian knew he was going to win that very HOH….Ummm  Made foor good TV

  8. Epic episode last night! Britney’s dry. deadpan humor has been bringing laughs for me almost every episode, especially in the DR, but I couldn’t wait to hear her goodbye for Boogie. LMAO! Rring, Rring, oh hey Janelle. No, Boogie’s actually not here but I was actually just leaving him a message, is there anything you’d like me to say? Hahahahaha! Even Boogs had to laugh at that one. I loved all of the goodbyes tho. Didn’t like the guy’s gameplay but he partially redeemed himself when he tipped his hat and applauded Ian for being the one who ratted him out… Ian was a great double agent for the QuackPack :).
    Can’t believe Frank got his 3rd pov & now his 4th hoh?! Does this break any records? He and Shane are beasts in comps! Love this game and the drama this past week was riveting! Did I mention I Love This?!

  9. I think it’s so funny how people so easily say it’s fixed whenever Frank wins…but Shane winning 42 competitions…no wayyyyy that part couldn’t be fixed. 

    •  Yep! And where are all the people today who aren’t going to watch annymore now because Frank won and they think it is rigged!!! Frank is good!!

      • Those people saying they will leave are still here posting. You believe that malarkey? If I had a dollar for each time people said they were leaving and did not then, I would be filthy rich!

  10. When did Frank & Boogie admit to cheating? Didn’t Joe accuse Frank? Anyone know date/time of either? Thx

    •  The only thing that happened was Frank held on to the HG choice chip when they pulled for the Veto comp (when him and Boogie were on the block together) that’s it. He didn’t actually cheat in the competition. The comp he won didn’t even have the option to cheat, there was no way you could cheat at that comp. And he won anyway, so it didn’t really matter that he pulled that chip.

    • the chip pulling wasnt cheating…, they had to redo the chip pull because they didint get the right camera angle so they redid it and frank palmed the same chip and just pretended to root around the bag because they were reshooting it.

      • ilovebacon you make no sense you said the chip pulling wasn’t cheating then turned around and said all he did was palm the chip well that would be cheating.He blew it for stronger players to play cause he knew he would loose.So he goes after the weak ones where he knows he has a chance,I still can’t believe production never did anything about that maybe his pay back will be with the pandora box.

  11. Last night’s show was hilarious!! I am glad that both Boogie and Ashley (who was never sure where she was) are gone.

    Highlights for me were Britney’s DR – “Why is there a phone in the DR??” and Ian’s innocent explanation admitting he masterminded Boogie’s demise!

    Dan was cool as a cucumber – I have to say that was impressive also.

  12. Frank has to be a COMPLETE IDIOT to not know Ian was behind Boogie getting the boot…c’Mon. I know the second eviction went quick, but with his tongue in Ashley’s mouth, could he not see with a 5-2 vote that Ian voted Boogie out? Must be some of Ashley’s peroxide killed what few brain cells Frank actually has. Now, without Boogie in his corner doing all the thinking and plotting, let’s see Frank’s REAL game. Past seasons have proven that you have to be more than just a “physical player” who can win comps to make it to the end.

    • I can’t believe that Frank is not dead set on putting Ian up.  Ian betrayed their alliance big time, and as HOH can put up anyone he wants, which he did.  He did not put up who he told the QP he was going to put up.  I think Ian’s “double agent” work will catch up with him.  Ian was definitely playing both sides and still is.  He’s the snake to watch out for.

      • Ian made a masterful stroke in getting Boogie out but after that he tanked. He should have kept his mouth shut until Boogie was gone but he spilled the beans and Boogie had a chance to warn Frank before he left. Boogie would have learned about Ian 30 seconds later anyways!

        Ian ants to be remembers for being devious – he should have nominated Dan + anyone else from QuackPack ( what is the point of a five person group versus a handful of floaters, this alliance has to end soon anyways ) as a peace offereing to Frank. Now he has made a big enemy and is still number five in a five person alliance. He is no longer valuable to the QP and has no friends among the rest of the houseguests.

      • unfortunatley frank has bigger fish too fry then ian, franks number one goal should be to get shane out, shane is the only thing stopping frank from winning every comp since the rest are either terrible or always throwing it anyway.  ian will scate through this week but i figure next week if frank wins veto wich lets face it is getting pretty likely, that ian will be the renom and be voted out by the quac pac.

    • Frank only knows that Ian voted against Boogie.  He does not know he was working the other side all along.   Am I right?

    • How can you call Frank a complete idiot?  Frank and Boogie are the only ones who understand this game and all the others are stupid.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask Frank and Boogie.  All these stupid people got rid of the “genius” Boogie and according to Frank it was because they don’t understand the game and they are stupid.  Hmmmm.  It must be so hard for Frank to be the only smart one in the house (insert sarcasm here).

    • Why?  Would you want to “trust” someone who just had your “to the end” partner, mastermind his being booted out, while playing like he was on your side the whole time?  How can Frank trust him when he knows Ian was running to both sides with info? 

      •  I know Frank has a reason to get Ian out, but there are bigger fish to fry, he needs to worry about dan and shane. Besides Ian is my fav, I really dont want him gone.

      • While, Ian is rat and I want him evicted as well, that would be a waste of HOH. Frank should nominate Shane and Dan with the goal of evicting Shane. Shane is very good at HOH and POV. Getting him out will help Frank win HOH and POV even more! Do not waste your nominations on the weaker players. Target Shane and Dan first!

  13. Frank and Shane need to work together, really.  But Frank can’t risk this AGAIN.

    They are the ony people winning.  Make a final 4 deal, then every man for himself.

    • Frank should not trust anyone. Get rid of Shane then, Dan if he can. The Quack Pack will go after him next week. There is not time to waste and trusting one of the Quack Pack is a dumb move!

  14. Now we know that Ian is playing both sides and maybe working with Frank now. From the live feeds last night, we learned he might have thrown the POV competition. Frank, of course still clueless. It’s time to expose Ian and bury him alive with his hammock. 

    Ian is a double crosser. He will be exposed soon.

    • I totally agree!  Would love to see a “house meeting” where the QP, et all, call Ian out  (to Frank) on his deviousness to get Boogie out..  Boy, would that boy be a rockin’ and rollin’!
      (Hammock:  Squeak, SQueak, SPRONG!!!!)

    • no, this morning early frank and ian talked. ian confessed to frank that boogie was right when he told frank that ian couldn’t be trusted. he admitted to everything. frank forgave him and still wants to work with him. he also wants to work with britt and frank. ian exposed himself. frank said he’s putting up dan and danielle.

      • Frank should not trust anyone. He is all alone and he should not waste his HOH. His goal should be to take out the strongest players of Quack Pack which is Dan and Shane. The first target should be Shane as he is good at HOH and POV. Get Shane out and you change the dynamics of the game and anything can happen! They will go after Frank next week so, he needs to use his nominatiions smartly. Do not waste it on Danielle who is not even a threat. Go after Shane then, Dan and send them to the jury house and you chances just got better!

  15. I don’t understand why everyone thinks because Frank is pulling off all these wins it is always fixed.  Didn’t Janelle become veto champion in her season with 7 vetos?   Ian and Frank talked last night and Ian said Frank had not even reached a record.  Production is involved with certain things but a person still has to go out there and pulll a win off. 

    • Totally agree.  I don’t like Frank for his mean-spirited personal trashing of the other HGs, but he is winning these comps.  If Boogie returns to the house, then I will believe it is fixed.  As far as the comps, I think Frank won them legitimately except for the one he cheated on.

  16. During the POV competition last night Ian found one horseshoe (or whatever it was) and then he went back and sat in the balls and toss a few around while he watched everyone else searching like crazy.  He definitely threw the challenge.  No idea what he’s up to but I think he’ll be gone soon.

  17. absolutely loved the tributes to Janelle! would’ve been great to see a strong woman like Janelle instead of all this testosterone. miss you janie <3

    • Tribute’s are you joking, Jani is saying how pissed she is that Dan and Brit are trying to win her fans over with the boogie goodbyes when they were the reason she was sent home

  18. HOW can Frank not know about IAN.. yeah maybe he doesn’t know everything.. but Frank certainly knows that ian voted out BOOGIE and ASHLEY so obviously he isn’t in an alliance with FRANK!  Frank needs to put up DAN AND BRITTNEY because when they are gone the others will fall apart because they don’t have a coach to turn to for advice or help

  19. Britney is hilarious,and Ian’s confession to boogie was great. Ian won H.O.H! The Best episode of the season by far. :)

  20. Go Ian Go. its a good think frank stayed,now he can get rid of shane dani and dan. ian and brit will then get out frank and those floaters joe and that other chick.

  21. I’m sorry…but how is Ian a mastermind of ANYTHING? The only thing he did was tattle on Boogie…and he didn’t even do it right. Everyone else took it from there.

    I’m so tired of this cocky, borderline narcissist who thinks he’s all that. But what I hate even more is that everyone…EVERYONE….including the fans….are giving him kudos for absolutely no reason. He is the luckiest guy in the house to have everyone not rat him out for a reason that is beyond my scope of comprehension. I eagerly look forward to Dan ratting Ian out now that Frank won HoH. 

    • He made it seem like he was super loyal to mike and frank, and dispite the hints that both ian and brit dropped on boogie, he still didnt buy into it. Ian is very akward and nerdy,so no one believes he could do anything bad. Even though he made frank mad by voting off mike,Ian did damage control and now him and frank are on good terms. Right now no one is targeting Ian. ;)

      • That’s why I think a “call out” by the house re: Ian would let Frank realize Ian is the rat/snake.  Ian would NOT be able to contain himself…  Body language…

  22. I hope there isnt a house meeting, because i dont want anything bad happening to ian, and didnt ian tell frank,he voted out mike?

  23. now that frank is hoh the production will give him a power or something if theres pandoras box.

  24. Joe….. hasn’t done much, but I gotta give him this…. best nominee “speech” EVER!

  25. People like to have the young generation to keep their legacy going in their society.  The hard part is when adults want to work with the system, young people want to take over and dump you.  That’s the difference between Dan and Ian.

  26. I liked Frank at first, he was kinda of like Dan kin and trust worthy.  Here lately, expesally the end of the last show, he has turned in to Willie throwing little temper tandroms like a 2 year old

  27. ya but shane’s back hasnt been against the wall with 1 foot out of the door when winning those comps.   Makes it a litte odd that every time were are going to get rid of the fuzzy haired freak is comes back.  He has more lives then a cat!!!!!

  28. As much as I LOVE Ian and would hate to see him go, the LAST thing boogie said to Frank was “Ian can not be trusted” so it is clear frank doesnt have a brain under that bushy hair of his!

  29. Dan and brit should go. It not fair for a ventern to win bb again. Those stupid newbies need to get rid of dan and brit. As for ian hooking up with ashley I knew there was no way in hell fot that to happen.lan would had a better chance with will.

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