Big Brother 14: Week 6 Double Eviction and HoH Results

Jenn Arroyo and Mike Malin on Big Brother 14

Tonight on Big Brother 14 we’re going to get a whirlwind episode featuring a double eviction. That means we’ll get an entire week’s events in one show. These are always intense and exciting. Remember last year’s clown shoe event? Oh yeah.

I’ll be updating this post here with the double eviction, veto competition, and HoH results as they’re revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds ready to go (Not signed up yet? Use the Free Trial!) because when the broadcast show is over the Live Feed will return and that’s where the real action will be. Last year the HoH competition results were revealed on the Live Feeds rather than the show so you’ll want to be able to watch.

Big Brother 14 Week 6 Live Eviction voting:

  • Ashley: evict Jenn
  • Britney: evict Boogie
  • Joe: evict Boogie
  • Frank: evict Jenn
  • Dan: evict Boogie
  • Ian: evict Boogie
  • That’s all it takes. Boogie is evicted.
  • Danielle: evict Boogie

By a vote of 5-2, Mike Boogie is evicted.

Unfortunately for Ian, he outs himself to Boogie just before he leaves. Boogie whispers to Frank, “Ian is not to be trusted.” If only Ian had kept his mouth shut a little longer…

Boogie and Frank on Big Brother 14

Big Brother 14 Week 6.5 HoH Competition – ‘Before & After’:

  • Round 1: Ashley is out.
  • Round 2: Joe, Jenn, & Dan are out.
  • Round 3: Frank is out!
  • Round 4: All are safe.
  • Round 5: Britney is out. Ian & Danielle are left
  • Round 6 – Tie-Breaker: Ian is the new HoH!

Ian is the new HoH for tonight’s Fast-Forward event!

Ian wins HoH on Big Brother 14

We get a moment of Ian threatening Joe that either he gives him safety next week or he goes on the block. Everyone then runs in to couches. Ian says he was scared by what Frank said after Boogie warned him not to trust Ian. Sure enough, Ian nominates…

Big Brother 14 Week 6.5 Nominations:

  • Frank
  • Ashley

Shane, Danielle, & Joe will join Ian, Frank, & Ashley in the Veto comp.

Big Brother 14 - Double Eviction Veto comp

Just like last year’s “Clown Shoe” competition, HGs have to find two items and be the first to bring them both back and grab the Veto. Ian gets the first one early, but Frank catches up quickly.

Big Brother 14 Week 6.5 Veto Competition – ‘Somewhere Over The Veto’:

  • Whoa! Ian took the lead, but Frank wins the Veto!

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Big Brother 14 Week 6.5 Veto Ceremony:

  • Frank uses it. Ian renoms Joe in his place.

Just before the vote both nominees have a chance to plea their case. Ashley wanders, mumbles, and slurs her way through her talk before Julie cuts her off. Joe goes on to make what Dan has called the greatest speech in the game. Watch and see what you think:

Big Brother 14 Week 6.5 Live Eviction voting:

  • Jenn: evict Ashley
  • Shane: evict Ashley
  • Britney: evict Ashley
  • Frank: evict Joe
  • Danielle: evict Ashley
  • That’s it. Ashley is evicted.
  • Dan: evict Ashley

By a vote of 5 to 1, Ashley is evicted from Big Brother 14. She is the 1st jury member.

Ashley Iocco evicted on Big Brother 14

The next HoH competition won’t be on tonight’s show. Instead it’ll be held soon in the house and we’ll be able to watch the results revealed only on the Live Feeds! Get your Big Brother Live Feed Free Trial rolling right now and be ready.

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Once the eviction show is over the Live Feeds turn back on and we’ll either have a brand new HoH in the Big Brother house or the HGs will be preparing for that competition. Make sure you’re ready to watch the house react to who is in power. The nominations will be revealed on Friday night with the Veto competition on Saturday, so stay close by!

Update: The second HoH competition is over and we have a new Head of Household! Find out who won and has the power to make the next set of nominations.


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    • Last night on BBAD they were talking about oral sex (BJs) and Shane slipped and made a comment about getting a bad one from a guy… I mean girl…. and noone caught it.    Oopsie Shane.  Maybe he figures being out will somehow lower his chances of wining.  Would be great if he did win and come out live.

  1.  Updates please, Unable to see live show because local cbs station is worst than  some of the players this season

  2. I’m in pacific time zone & don’t want to wait any longer. Does anyone know where I can see this online….haven’t had luck finding it anywhere yet!

      •  he had to respect Ian…like Ian said he learned from the best back stabber of all time…BOOGIE

      • Boogie was mad at Ian walking out the door because he thought Ian gave in and just rolled with the other side of the house…once Boogie found out that Ian actually masterminded it all thats when he become proud in an almost fatherly type way. 

      • Of all the comments made throughout this season, this is probably the one Ian will like the most, his hero whom he has idolized since he (Ian) was 10 saying he had played well. 

      •  I thought that was classy of Boogie to do that. He could of had a temper tamtrum but he didn’t. Great way to go out!

    • Production doesn’t like listening to her damn chipmunk voice and they know we don’t like it either! Having to listen to her host the veto comp sucked ass.

      • Why are you always bashing every houseguest in almost all the comments you post? Except for Frank and Boogie. Seriously, all I read from you is a negative comment about everyone else.

      • Totally disagree. Danielle is my favorite. Also, call me nuts, but I love her in the diary room when she has her makeup off. Super cute girl! Maybe you just have to be from the South to get it, but she’s hot!

      • Ollie,
        I’m sorry. Obviously you aren’t reading all of them.
        Tell me who you like so that I leave their name off my next post & so that I don’t have an opinion of them to share that might offend you.
        P.S. I haven’t said anything negative about Ian either :-)

    • She is super annoying! Do you notice how she looks at herself in the mirrors LITERALLY every 60 seconds! Newsflash Danielle: you are not all that!

  3. Are they playing for HOH now? This is probably one of the most crucial HOHs
    this season because this will determine who gets evicted after Boogie!

  4. Well I’m impressed with production so far that is as long as they don’t bring that piece of chit back…

  5. Brittney & Ian had the best goodbye messages ever.  Brittney’s was the cleverest ever & Ian’s was the best ZING…gotcha!!!!

    •  I think someone behind closed doors (DR) have struck again to save  Franks butt..Sorry no way a cheater can win in the end..He will and should be meeting up with Karma soon…

      • I totally agree, that game is just about luck (and some speed to run with the charm or whatever it was), no way one person is this lucky..totally sucked to see Frank take himself off the block again.  He will win this game if they can’t get him out, and they can’t seem to get him out!!

  6. This is so horrible. I don’t want to watch Big Brother anymore. Cant Stand Ian. Cant stand Shane. I did not want Boogie to go home. I do not want Frank to go Home. This show is going to be so boring now. Ian sucks. I am pissed. If Ian wins BB14 I am going to be soooooooo angry. I wish production had cheated.  This is horrible. I hate this. 

      •  I am not even a troll. I am a 14 year old teen who ACTUALLY has been watching Big Brother since season 8. I really did not want Boogie to go home. Gosh. I swear I am not a troll. Why are you attacking me?

    • Production has already let Frank cheat once and safety the restart night. He has such a big ego and foul mouth.

    • G their is a lot of immature people in here your entitled to your opinion don’t fret them…….sorry but I’m soooo glad Boogie is gone..

    • You do sound a little trollish by wishing that production had cheated to save Boogie. That is basicly saying that you want the show to be rigged, so long as it suits who you favor. Thats not right, or cool. While I know the show is rigged to an extent, myself, along with many other wish otherwise, so by you saying you want them to save your favorites, even by means of cheating is kinda trolling.

    •  thanks for the hissy fit. spoken like a real teen, in short sentences, with way too many periods.

      • Alright troll they’re 14 besides frank killed it so aaahahahaha. Is one period ok I don’t want to look like a teen

      •  At least I know how to capitalize the beginning of my sentences. I also know how to write a complete sentence instead of a fragment.

      • @Tunderwood, I want frank to win, so I don’t know why your laughing at me, but if it makes you feel better than go ahead and keep laughing. also @G You clearly don’t know what a complete sentence is, as if you did you’d know my comment was in full sentences, and yours had periods every other word.

    • STOP WATCHING THEN! Nobody is putting a gun to your head. Some of us are totally excited froggie is broken up, and with ash gone, its just frank.boohoo. they were mean, hateful, rude and deserve to go home. We will get enough excitment when other will have to turn on each other. I just hope they do it with alittle more class than boogie, he is a cocky bullshitter, bully. Bye bye boogie.

    •  Production might not have cheated,but have allowed a cheater ( Frank ) to move forward,when they should have taken him out of the game..

    • Its not impressive that you’re 14 and have been watching BB since season 8. I’m 20 and I’ve been actively watching since season 6, but I have gone back and watched recordings of all seasons. So you saying you’ve ACTUALLY watched since season 8…not impressive. Boogie has already won. If you didn’t know that…refer to season 7. Anyone who has played BB before shouldn’t play it a second time. I’m not a fan of Frank, but if he does end up winning overall, then he did a good job. I am, however, a fan of Ian. So why does Ian suck? And if rumors are correct, production has cheated and has cheated every season. If you hate it so much..find a different show. Better yet…go read a book. 

      • “Its not impressive that you’re 14 and have been watching BB since season
        8. I’m 20 and I’ve been actively watching since season 6, but I have
        gone back and watched recordings of all seasons. So you saying you’ve
        ACTUALLY watched since season 8…not impressive.”  . . . . .    . .. . . .. . .

        what is this? A competition? I was emphasizing that I was ACTUALLY a TEEN. NOT A TROLL. Gosh

        And I do not hate the show. I simply hate what happened tonight. I was SARCASTICALLY saying that I wish production cheated because I REALLY wanted Chilltown 2.0 to remain. Gosh.

        I used to like Ian, but I totally stopped when he turned on Boogie. As you can see, I am a huge Boogie Fan.

        Gosh. I did not know that I was going to get this trouble from that freaking comment. Gosh. :(

    • We get the point.
      You don’t like BB anymore.
      Maybe you should go watch 16 & Pregnant instead, it might be more on your level.

      •  16 & pregnant is the worst show on Television. Anything that comes on Mtv sucks.

        I love BB. I was upset.

      • G.
        It’s ok your emotions got in the way. At you least you are big enough to admit that. ;-)

    •  You guys take things waaay to seriously. I was mad for like one second. Glad Frank won POV. I am gonna keep watching the show. Disregard my above comment.

    •  I think that Frank is so pissed that it might actually be worth your time to stick around, plus you should watch long enough to see Frank send Ians ass home.

  7. Best moment of the last several seasons was watching Mike leave and hearing the awesome good bye messages by Dan, Brittany and Ian.  I can now start to watch this season again now that I don’t have to see and hear the asshole, Mike.

    • Thank You!!!! My thoughts exactly! I put up with Mike’s arrogant ass through all-stars. Thankfully he was booted out before jury this year. And thanks for not calling him “Boogie”! Does he think he’s still a tennie bopper having that silly nickname?

      • He doesn’t even use his real last name, because he’s a convicted criminal and doesn’t want people to find out. Look on The Smoking Gun – his real name is Michael Carri. He made up the names Boogie AND Malin. His original crime is belongs on one of those “World’s Dumbest Criminals” shows. His second crime wasn’t funny, he assaulted a woman in a bar in Denver.

  8. He nominated both not because of strategy, but jealousy….oh well…only 1 person can win the game…so I never understand alliances in these reality show games

    • Ian is dumb as hell. Shane and Dan already plotting his demise and he goes after Frank who is alone and Ashley who is floater? Hopefully, Frank wins POV. The rat will be killed soon enough by Shane and Dan!

      • How is Ian supposed to know this? The HGs are not privy to what we know. So glad to see Boogy go. LOVED Britnry’s goodbye speech.

    • nope that ain’t why….Ian knew that Frank realized he was the “rat”..Ashley went against the house….It’s par for BB  nominations….

    •  are you stupid.. alliances help you get more votes.
      and votes are obviously important in these kinds of reality game shows

      • Samantha…I already know how stupid you are by your posts.  I was being sarcastic…but even it was thrown in your face…you still wouldn’t recognize it…ass-wipe

    • Yeah, I’m sure he didn’t think if his alliance gets their way Frank will be joining her soon in the jury house. He’s such an idiot lol!

  9. Who’s Ian gonna put up now? I want it to be Shame but I’m not sure if Ian’s thinking smart….all the pressure is on him.

  10. Does anyone know what Ian said to Joe in the storage room?! I swear he said he was putting up Shane and Joe!

  11. I bet production was cheering when Frank won POV.. Seriously can this douchebag #2 get his ass out of here

      • I’m on the west coast too. Someone was nice enough to share a place called videobrother with me. I was able to watch tonight’s show live. Thanks again Mac.

  12. if ian would have thought about it he would have nom ashley and jen and hope frank didnt get pulled to play veto…best way to have got him out. oh well….

    • If Ian had half a brain, he would have put up Shane and Dan. He should know they are about to take him out and he is all nice and chummy probably because he thinks he is safe! LOL

      • At this point Ian is stuck unless he wants to play for second place. If he turns on those 4 and they end up in jury, they won’t vote for him to win. They would vote for the person that stayed loyal, even if they were loyal to the other side. They would not reward flipping.

      •  Nick, I don’t know, people normally vote for the most deserving person, unless there is a showmance

      • @ Jenn: I disagree with that statement. And my proof is Danielle and Kalia and Adam last season. Voted for Porche. She did not deserve to win. As much as I am not a fan of Rachel, she should have won 7 vs. 0 if we are going on who deserves it.

    • At this point its season 12 all over again with Brendon. He may last a few weeks and take someone out with him, but he isn’t going to be able to win everything to keep him in til final 2. He drops the ball once at this point and he’s done.

      •  Maan, when I saw him picked up that 2nd veto, I said daamn, he’s gonna win it. Sure enough. Oh yeah, the winning streak will end sooner or later.

  13. i wouldnt be shocked if production put 50 shamrocks in franks section and 3 and only 3 in everyone elses lol

    • man its like frank cant sneese in this house without someone saying he cheated or production is rigging it, the fact is that you tend to compete better when your back is too the wall, give the man some credit.

  14. Ashleys speech is so funny.. Just showing how stoopid she really is it seems… What a shame, the “showmance” is over b you blew it when you went out with frank 

  15. The biggest upset  (joke) of the nite is that ASHLEY will be the first member of the jury…..lmmao….

  16. I am sure his Nana is real proud of the bully and swearer she raised. Not. feel sorry for her

      • Joe will sell his vote to whoever is the HOH. That has been proven time and time again. He might win that $50,000 because someone has to be beside the winner!

      • Too funny….he might get a “special” pie. But now that I think about it, Joe is a disgusting pig and I’m sure he’s served some of the hg’s “special” ingredients in his terrible cooking.

      • He should bake Bratney a ” Frey Pie” featuring Shane.  If you don’t get this that’s okay but I bet someone will.

  17. There is only one truly great strategist in this game (IAN).  And while Frank is a great physical player, he has the absolute worst strategy in the game.  Guess he hasnt learned that intimidation, cheap shots, and whining is the quickest way to get himself isolated from the rest of the house?!  SMH…

    • Great strategist my foot! Wait till Shane and Dan backdoors him. He is a fool for wasting his HOH. He should have gone after the biggest threats on his back which is Shane and Dan. They are already planning to evict him.
      Ian won’t get a 2nd chance that you can bet on!

    • It was terrible strategy for Ian to rat out and get rid of Boogie and possibly Frank. Why? Because now he is #5 on the pecking order. When it comes down to it, bye bye Ian, D/D/S/B wont need you anymore. The only good strategist, and I hate to say it, is Dan right now. He does nothing, but has the biggest impact on everyone else.

  18. I know Ashley is a ditz, but tonight she seemed stoned to me. No joking, I think she was high on something….painkillers maybe?

    • I agree with this.  I’ve thought it so many times….some times she has even slurred her words…eyes half closed.  I’ve seen it before…hell, I’ve DONE it before.  LOL

  19. Let see what you got now Frank n beans besides a potty mouth and piss pour attitude toward others

  20. So, the question is, who will Frank kiss/fondle this week? His fake lady love Ash, has gone bye bye. 

      • Its big brother, all your morals, class, dignity, etc. went out the window as soon as you stepped inside the house. 

    • Plain wrong because hes defending himself against the people that just backstabbed him and voted out 2 of his allies? Yeah, totally such a loser for standing up for himself. What a bully yelling at other people. How dare he get mad that his best friends were voted out. Make no sense for them to get rid of Ashley over Joe… really? Guess in 3 short days Joe has went from one of the most annoying players in the house to God.

      • No he’s a loser because of all of the disgusting & nasty things he’s said about the other house guest & their significant others.

      • you obviously haven’t heard the way he talks when him and boogie are sitting around… senselessly rude and demeaning and insults that have nothing to do with anything

      •  Completely agree! Literally EVERYONE in the house is against him. I’d be pissy too. I don’t even know Frank but I’m damn proud he’s made it this far. Frank won me over tonight!

    •  ikr. however he “keeps it classy” yeah right,he keeps it classy when he wins hoh,and the veto.

      • Yeah because Shanerd, Judas and Bratney are REAL classy. Newsflash no one in that house keeps it “classy”.. get real.

  21. Ian screwed up by saying something to Boogie last minute.  He should have stayed silent, and when he won HOH, put up Ashley and Shane, and attempt to back door Frank.  If Frank had played and won, OOPS! Bye, Ash. But he might not have played. And if he had stayed, he could have kept his “alliance” with Frank while staying loyal to the Quack Pack by letting them know what he was attempting.

      • @9b128776da75d61c73e62f1a1d8fed34:disqus True-but then Ashely would still be in the house to defend her vote which would still oust Ian

    • I don’t know that Frank would have been cool with Ash even being nominated. Hard to explain that away.

  22. That’s what that biach gets for jumping men! Ash, you picked the wrong side; at least you floated long enough to make jury:/

  23. Hahaha first Boogie then Ashley next Frank hopefully. Big baby is pouting cuz now he’s all alone. I’m rooting for Ian to win this in the end. GO IAN!!!!

    • That’s not gonna happen. The quack pack has no use for him now. LMAO. Who would trade putting up with tension for a few minutes in a double eviction compared to a whole week? He won’t be able to get rid of his real threats now.

      • He is a damn Bully & a disgusting coward. How can you take up for someone who was so disrespectful & vulgar about the other house guest? Getting personal & talking about their significant others. He’s a disgrace & shouldn’t be on TV, just like his boy Mike.

      •  agree!!! what they did to ronnie (don’t ask me to name the season) was bullying, this is just playing the game.

  24. I’m going to be so upset if Frank wins HoH. He needs to go this week, if not next week.

    • Frank if he wins HOH can send one of the Quack Pack home. Don’t waste it on Ian. Nominate Shane and Dan so that, they fight each other and reserve Brittney as replacement nominee. That guarantees one of the top three goes home!

      • But will he be thinking clearly enough if/when he makes nominations? He may still be mad at Ian for masterminding the whole “get Boogie out” thing and just go for him blindly.

  25. I can’t wait to see the cool kids start kissing Frank’s ass when he wins HOH. In a game full of floaters with the personality of my pinky finger, Frank is a breath of fresh air. You also have to give it up to the guy, he’s a great competitor, how many other players have been on the block 5 times and survived? Pretty impressive. 

    •  “Frank is a breath of fresh air”…HOT AIR. Full of himself. He’ll have to do some kissing… he is alone…..

      • The guy has been on the block 5 times and is still in the house, why shouldn’t he be proud?

    • Floaters? Britney, Dan, Frank, are still there and are running the show.

      Shane, though winning competitions, I like to consider him a floater because he doesn’t really make the decisions.

      • Britney and Dan? Please, as soon as their boy toy is backdoored they are going to be scrambling. It will be hilarious. 

    • It’s not that impressive when you know production is helping him all the way. They never show him tirants or vulgar, nasty comments. I will have a party when he leaves the house.

      •  really? a party? well have fun, but I didn’t know people were that emotionally attached to a reality tv show. i mean i’m a pretty hardcore fan myself, but i don’t you know throw parties every time my least favorite house guest gets evicted

      • why dose everyone say production is helping Frank?  Just because he’s winning and playing a hard game productions helping him!!! Get real!  I hope Frank wins hoh this week and let everyone throw each other under the bus.

      • PRODUCTION IS NOT STEPPING IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He just puts it into second gear when his back against the wall. man you all  losers

      • LMAO give him credit where credit is due. To say production helped him EVERYTIME he was on the block is going really far. Stop being so bitter and preashh!

    •  I hope hope hope he wins HOH so everyone can start kissing his a**. That’s be awesome.


  27. For these quick HOH does Ian get to play in the new one or is his only reward being able to nominate?

  28. LOVED Britney’s goodbye speech to Booger. If I didn’t follow this thred, I wouldn’t know what a jerk he is. CBS showed some bullying and intimidation, but not all the vulgar remarks. Ian shouldn’t have nominated Frank and hoped he didn’t get picked to play in the Veto. Only way to get rid of him.

  29. if Ian really wanted to be “Evil” he should’ve put up Dan or Shane and flipped sides and team up with joe, jenn, frank and ashley.  That really would’ve shook up the house tonight

    • Then play for second place, Because if all 4 went out (Brit/Dan/Shane/Dani) they would no way vote for him in the end.

    •  why would he do that? out of everything ian has done since the quack pack joined together, why do you think he would do that?

      • They had 2 alliances, the QP and the S6 and whichever one came in power was pretty much the one they rode it out with. Ian is just an expendable puppet to DDBS and he’s #5 in their alliances and once Frank is gone, he’s definetly next. They would probably keep around Jenn before Ian. Keeping around Boogie/Frank would ensure that Ian has a shield of some sorts because both sides would be gunning for each other and Ian would be safe from week to week. Sadly though Ian felt like he was sitting at the “cool kids” table at lunch and thought they actually wanted to be his friend. Ian’s a fool, Boogie gets the last laugh.

  30. As much as I loved Boogie, Brit’s farewell was hysterical! So glad that Frank won veto. Poor Ash. She never had a chance, and Joe just showed what a douche he is. Really hoping Frank takes that HOH!!

  31. Come on BB, what, did you put more shamrocks in frank’s station! This guy is like a fly on a hunk of crap, you cannot get rid of him. I just don’t buy that it is on his own he is doing this. I’m so glad that mike is gone. I guess the dirty trick he was going to pull on Danielle didn’t work. It’ll be So nice not to hear how stupid everyone is coming out of his mouth. Yeah, everyone’s stupid boogie, they are still there, you’re Not!

    • Telling Boogie off like hes actually going to read this. You got him good Misty, internet high five!

    • This was only the second comp that Frank won that wasn’t a questions comp. And what makes it anymore believable that BB hasn’t rigged things for Shane then?

  32. Did anyone else think Ashley seemed a bit out of it tonight? her speech didn’t really make sense and it looked like she tripped when hugging Ian. 

  33. I want Frank gone. But if he wins HoH i wouldnt mind seeing Dan go. Give someone else a chance to win!

    • Ian is the biggest weasel in BB history. He backstabbed two people that would’ve taken him to the end for a group of 4 that’s using him. 

    • Do not waste the HOH on Ian. The better target is Shane, Dan then, Brittney. Get those 3 out who are good at competitions like HOH and Veto.
      Nominate Dan and Shane and Britney as replacement. That should be enough to send one of the three home. Then, do it again if Frank wins HOH again. If he just manages to take Shane and Dan out, the Quack Pack would be weakened considerably!

  34. I don’t understand why Jen wasn’t put up as a replacement for Frank. Joe seems to try harder than Jen. she hasn’t really played the best game and is going to float through til the end. She talked some talk when she was put up earlier, but that’s it.

  35. Frank I really don’t think bashing and intimidating others will get you far in this game. so on that note,keep doing what you doing. ian got boog out,ashley out and guess what, your next! #IAN

  36. Frank is the only one anyone will ever remember from this season, at least Boogie and Jan made good tv.  Now it is Frank and a bunch of clowns going against a bunch of clowns riding on Shanes coat tails.  Why hasn’t anyone from the other side point out to Shane and Danielle that Brittany and Dan are absolutely useless?  All Dan does is lay around and say three word sentences and all Brittany does is get all dramatic at the first sign of trouble and freak out. 

  37. if frank wins HOH he should team up with ian, dan and danielle to get shane and brit out. as going after both shane and dan will only keep you as #1 target. instead might as well go after the people trying to get you out since week 1. and hope dan, dani and ian keep there word. if not at least shane is gone giving you a better shot at veto.

      • either way works i guess. but i think taking out shane would be smarter, he’s too good at comps, and remember the last two times they were “working together”, shane nominated him.

    • Frank should not trust any of these guys. Just play hard for the HOH and Veto. Quack Pack will go after him. The best defense is offense. Go after them first by nominating the strongest players: Shane, Dan and Brittney.
      Even just evicting Shane and Dan would weaken Quack Pack considerably!

  38. Hey lovesdrama/h8sbb…I was here first with my screen name now you need to change yours it to close to mine and I don’t wanna mixed up with you….change it or I will change it for you…

  39. Frank went on block 5 times and has survived every time. That is why the house fears him, cause he is good. Frank will be back in future seasons. He going to go down as one of the best in history….And for you haters production is not helping him. can you not just except he that good. cry babies

    • Hopefully, he wins the next HOH. His time is limited as the Quack Pack will target him at every turn. Just nominate Dan and Shane if he wins HOH and have Brittney as replacement nominee. It is time to send one of the rats home!

    • I agree, as long as I’ve been watching this show I’ve not seen a better competitor.  He has to be the best in history.  The other side is just too pathetic for words.  Dan does nothing, Brittany is useless, Shane and Danielle are the only ones in the alliance who are capable of winning the physical comps.  They are just too dumb to get rid of the dead weight.  I want to see a season where the strong playres get together and say “hey we deserve this and not some of these other clowns” and team up like the brigade. 

      • Big Brother just needs to start casting more people that can win. This season had way too many floaters and people too dumb to play game. 

        For instance, Ian, Jenn, and Frank are all too dumb to realize they’re not really a part of the other four.

    • He literally has to win back to back HOHs until the finale, and the weeks he cant he has to win every POV. Quite sad to say, but his light of winning keeps fading and fading.

  40. Ian trying to evict Frank, Epic Fail!! Take the pov out of his hands by back dooring him. Rookie move

    • Why not put Dan up? I know it is risky, but if it was Dan vs Ash I think I know the direction that would have gone. I just don’t get it, Ian had a chance to have one of the biggest nights in BB history but he blew it by sending home a floater. I hope someone gets rid of the weasel sooner rather than later.  

      • Ian should have gone after Shane and Dan when he had the chance. He will not get a 2nd chance because Shane and Dan will target him first!

  41. Ian’s arrogance is really starting to annoy me..I hope Frank does give him a hard time, the little snitch deserves it, if you are going to make that decision to play both have to be ready for the consequences that may follow. 

    •  Frank will work Ian. Frank will work everyone. It’s his MO. Talk everyone to death. Didn’t work last week, but you have to hand it to him…he talks more than most women.

    • Agreed. I hate how people think Frank being mad at Ian is being a “bully”. If you backstab friends and are a complete weasel, you SHOULD expect people to be mad at you. Just because he’s an awkward dork shouldn’t give him a free pass. He needs to just man up. 

    • Frank should just go and win that HOH. He will always be a target of the Quack Pack. The best plan is to attack and nominate Shane, Dan and have Brittney as replacement. Send one of the three home and rinse and repeat if Frank is still in the Big Brother House!

  42. i was so proud of ian tonight. now he can say he got rid of the biggest, most egotistical a==++*% in the house. he’s soooo cute. i bet if he doesn’t win the 500k he will at least win americas favorite. you go ian.

    • Would have been great had Ian been responsible for getting rid of Boogie and 1 of Dan/Shane/Britney in the same night. Then aligned himself back with Frank and rocked the rest of the way. Talk about a twist and ultimate game play… nope, instead he did the other sides dirty work, and he’s expendable because now hes exposed

      • Exactly. Shane and Dan already planning to evict him and he tries to take out Frank and Ashley who is not even a threat? Dumb as hell. Anyway, when he gets backdoored, the reaction on his face would be priceless.
        He is number 5 on the Quack Pack and if he was smart should know that he is expendable. He already did the dirty work of taking out Boogie and is now useless to the Quack Pack!

    • He’s such a weasel and a loser. I can’t believe anyone can like him, other than the fact that he’s like some three-legged puppy you feel sorry for when you find him on your porch.

  43. I really hope either,brit,shane,dan,or dani win the next hoh. if not them then joe. I just dont want frank to win. 

    • Why? What kind of season will it be once Frank is gone? The evictions will be as predictable as the sunrise and sunset.. At least as long as frank is there, there’s some kind of suspense and battle going on. Once Frank goes it’ll be Jenn, then Joe, then Ian, then Shane.. What kind of show is that? I don’t get the minority of you supposed fans that want boredom. Sure, like Frank or not, at least there’s action in the house with him against the house. Y’all wonder why ratings are horrible this season and began trending even lower this week…. Just like the recent Survivor seasons with old players in there, nobody thinks for the,selves and followed Rob and Coach blindly, to the point each tribal council was predictable. The editing tried to create suspense but we always knew what would happen. And look at Survivor’s ratings the past few seasons as a result. Want that to happen to BB? Because while Survivor could afford a little ratings drop, BB can’t afford much more drops. Frank likely won’t make it to the end but at least while he’s there, there’s some suspense. Ian wasted his HoH and he sealed his BB fate tonight… he’ll come in 5th place at best… that’s if the powers that be (Dan) don’t decide to oust him sooner. If Frank had gone tonight I would have hated for Ashleyto be stuck alone in that house with nobody. I’m kind of glad she’s in jury, Frank can take care of himself but Ashley would have really had it rough being shunned by everyone. Whenever Frank leaves, which I won’t be the least bit surprised it he’s gone this coming week, at least him and Ashley will be in jury together… She may be ditzy and kind of a free spirit but she is sweet, doesn’t seem to have an evil bone in her body… she’s both beautiful inside and out and Frank would be lucky to have her… Ian never had a chance with her.. that’s my two cents.

  44. Frank maybe good on physical competition but he has to improve his social game and start being respectful to other HG’s..He has to realized he’s all alone.

    • What is the point of being respectful to a bunch of cowards on the other side at this point in time?  He’s playing this game on his own, he might as well call these guys out for what they are in the process.  Shane is the only other person who has been playing the whole season, everyone else is laying around and taking a free trip.  Dude has to realize that he’s being used and as soon as Frank is gone they are booting him from the alliance and the house.

      • Agreed! Frank has no chance to win, so why kiss butt and be respectful to people that do NOT deserve it? 

        Ian backstabbed him…so he should be civil to him? That’s BS!

        And he’s been the target pretty much every time he hasn’t been HOH. Again…why be respectful to people always gunning for him? 

      • Plus keep in mind that Frank didn’t just lose a comp. In a very short time this evening, he lost his bff/strong alliance partner/confidant AND Boogie drops a bomb on him at the last second to not trust team mate, Ian AND add to that tension and adrenaline, he lost the HoH comp TO Ian AND then lost his last ally/confidant Ashley AND barely saved himself. Whether it was Frank or whomever, that is alot to process in a short time. If I was them, Id let him blow his steam for awhile. He might be your next hoh.

    • Frank is alone alright but, trusting the Quack Pack is the dumbest move. They are going after Frank as shown by Ian just a while ago. Frank’s best chance is to fight hard and try and win each and every HOH and POV starting with the next one. Then, nominate Dan and Shane with Brittney as replacement nominee. One of the three goes home. They will target Frank again. If he survives the next week. Go try and win HOH again then, rinse and repeat and nominate another two of the quack pack with a third as replacement nominee. Frank can send atleast, a couple of the Quack Pack. If he gets Shane and Dan out, then, his chances just got better because he weakened the Quack Pack considerably. The floaters could care less and will vote out whoever is on the block so that, convincing them to vote out the stronger player would be a far easier sell.

  45.  Ian has a good chance of making it far as he proven himself to his alliance! Also, is Frank part cat as how the bloody hell is he surviving the onslaught.

    •  i really hope he makes it far. he just needs to climb to the top of his alliance. hes shown that he can win when he needs to.

  46. OMG will Frank ever leave??? Well he has 9 lives and he just used his last one up so hopefully he won’t win HOH and will be gone Thursday. Maybe he will miss his boyfriend Boogie too much and self evict.

    • Why want Frank gone so bad? What exactly has he done in this game that makes you hate him other than being associated with Boogie?  I  just don’t get the Frank hatred. 

      How easy is it to root for a 5 person alliance with 8 people left in the house?

      • Frank is a loser who has been unemployed and mooching off his Nana for 3 years. At least everyone else in the game works for a living or goes to school. I would rather see that money go to anyone else but him.

      • Rachel, that’s a little uncalled for. Unemployment is at 8.2%… There are a TON of people unemployed and I’m one of them. It’s sad that there are people who have no empathy like yourself. If I was as cold hearted as you, I would wish that you lose your job and end up having to rely on family to survive. My wife and I have had to rely on our family to live, and I can promise you that we, Frank or anyone else unemployed would choose a job over suffering a blow to our pride and self esteem being forced to rely on family. I pray for you, and pray you never have to experience what 25-30 million Americans are going through right now. You talk like we choose to be unemployed. If anyone needs the money, Frank needs it for the very reason he is unemployed. I really will pray for you, that your cold heart will somehow thaw, and you will gain so,e empathy for people less fortunate that yourself.

      • BTW, Rachel, Britney QUIT her job to go into that game this season… guess she doesn’t deserve the money either, by your logic, huh? IMO, that was pretty irresponsible of her to quit her job and put strain on her husband income-wise, but I’m not sitting around here bashing her over it even though it was her choice to quit…. she chose to be unemployed… most people don’t choose to go down that road… it’s a very depressing road to take. Sorry, but your comment I cannot help but take personally because you pretty much say that anyone not employed or in school are somehow losers..

      • I never used the word hate…that’s a strong word and don’t put words in my mouth. Everyone has a right to who they root for and who they want gone. I want Frank gone because of his actions. All he did was talk crap about everyone to Boogie. Also always blaming Dan for everything when Dan did nothing to him or Boogie. Frank is the one that wanted to backdoor Dan when he was HOH. He started the war first.

    • He is like the Troyzan of BB you can win alot of challanges but some how he ends up staying by pure luck.

      • Well it looks like he’s going to stay for another week since he just won HOH. Damn.

    • to Rachel: franks dad has money…. frank told boogie to give the money to the other people on his team because his daddy is a wrestler and he didn’t need it…. and they all get a pay cheque to be on the show….. i’m not routing for frank but how people are doing in life doesn’t make a difference on them deserving to win the game…. it is a game and people should focus on the game play and not personal attacks….

  47. Frank just “forgave” Ian….called him a little brother…Sure Frank. You can be trusted.

      •  Honest? Frank? Yeah, sure. He’s thrown everyone under the bus EXCEPT his precious Boogers……….

    • Frank the only one in the house that has been true to his alliances from day one. he didn’t put Shane Or Dan when he had the chance cause in the end even though thought about it remained loyal…How can anyone not like the dude for working his butt off when on block 5 times and beating it…Frank all the way

  48. I just hope Frank and Ian can kiss and make up – you know – Ian knew there was a good chance Frank would win POV – he may be able to make the argument that he put Frank up because he wanted to give him a chance to fight rather than be BD – just a thought – I also think Ian blew the POV – I think he had the second shamrock and dropped it back until Frank had his

  49. I want to see Brittany go home.  Shes useless and a terrible player, I would rather anyone win than her. 

    That being said, it would be really interesting to see what would happen if Shane left.  Then his alliance would actually have to play the game and compete.  They would all fall apart except for Dan who is capable of winning comps but just unwilling to do so.

    •  Britney is the worst…I am starting to think that her and Ian have a final 2 deal..if Frank falls for his crap again, he just told Frank in the storage room that he was so sorry for what he did and that he wants to start working with Frank again..C’mon, Frank don’t fall for this little twerp’s deception again, he kinda sounded like he was just a little. Don’t go there, Frank!

  50. I am so sure Frank will win HOH and nominate Ian and Shane.  If it’s Shane and Ian on the block next Thursday, Ian will go to jury!  Next Thursday isn’t double eviction, so 2 weeks from now it will probably be another double eviction, and again the week after.  

    • Maybe when they split up he can slide through to the finals. I wouldn’t count him fifth just yet ;)

    • Nope, he’ll be 3rd. He’ll side with one pair to get the other out. Then It’s just one comp to the final.

    • Agreed, although Shane is pretty deserving too and Dani isn’t a terrible competitor.  They are just dumb.  This season is full of floaters and tag alongs.

    • Why? So he can stop living off his grandma and probably the government? Here’s an idea Frank, get a job!

      • so why did frank point to ian and jenn when boogie had money to give to his team? again, he has money. he’s playing the GAME to play… again, not routing for him but your comment is mis-informed.

      • he said he was helping his grandmother out YOU don’t know what he’s doing for her so SHUT UP and talk about his game NOT he’s private life!!!

      • Once Frank goes out half the audience will find something else to do on BB nights and just catch updates on here.  I couldn’t imagine a more boring show onces he’s gone. 

      • @ BoredtoDeath: How will it be boring. We will get to see the Quack Pack implode once Frank is gone.

      • @Nick but we already know how they’ll implode because of the obvious pecking order starting with ian then shane followed by britney then it’ll be dani and dan oh and then SHOCKER Dan will win for a 2nd time with the same exact stratedgy, floating. Opps.. Sorry if I ruined the big surprise..

  51. oh my gosh….ian is such a dweeb. he had it good with frank and boogs but karmas a bitch so watch out ya little nerrrdd….

    GO FRANK! kick the crap out of the “quack pack”!!!

  52. I think Karma does exist in the house. It shines on certain houseguests
    – Wil betrayes Janelle, evictes her, then he gets evicted
    – Boogie rudely evicts Janelle, two weeks later evicted
    – Ashley makes out with Frank (not Ian) and she is evicted
    Even look at last year
    – Danielle betrayes her alliance, evicts Brenden, and is evicted the following week
    – Jeff gets out Danielle, then he is evicted (?)
    – Shelly betrayes  Jeff, then is evicted
    It doesnt happen all the time, but its woth mentioning

  53. So survivor starts on September 19th, the SAME time as Big Brother (meaning BB finale will be Thursday, September 13th).  There need to be 6 more evictions in 3 weeks… They would basically have to have a double eviction for all the live shows to finish in time.  I hope they do something like: “America’s Eviction” where America votes for 1 houseguest they want to see evicted.  Then on the live show, Julie reveals who America wants evicted and they have to leave immediately (I can see this being Danielle).  It would be so awesome if they did that on a double eviction episode, so it would basically be a triple eviction!

    • That would be awesome, I agree it could be Danielle or possibly Shane but I would hope for Brittany.  At least those other two have done stuff.

      • Britney will never be evicted by America, because she won America’s choice in BB12.  Even though everyone thinks CBS gave her America’s choice just because her house burnt down the day of the finale.  I hope Janelle wins America’s choice! She so deserves it! 

    •  Poor Danielle is crying AGAIN!  Someone hurt her little feelings..this girl is ridiculous with the way she acts, she craves attention and she has to always make sure the focus is on her. She is in the back room with Shane right now, cuddling together. I really hope one of them goes this week.

    • it would be so easy to stick 4 clovers in Frank’s bin during that veto to help him out… but i’m happy he stays because if Dan gets out of this if Frank is HOH, Dan deserves another 500k

    •  The only way Frank is going to be able to stay in the house is to win every comp that is left..he is on his own.  I hope he can get that HOH tonight and put up Shane and Britney..see how that plays out with Veto, if one comes off, put up Dan.

      • Frank’s back is against the wall. The Quack Pack will target him at every turn. He should try to win each HOH and POV and nominate two of the strongest in Quack Pack (Dan and Shane) and Brittney as replacement. Keep nominating each time he wins HOH and he can decimate the Quack
        Pack! Of course, the Quack Pack house guests will target Frank but, they will target him whatever happens. Go after them Frank and evict them from the Big Brother House. If you just get Shane, Dan and Brittney out of the Big Brother House, you would have already won because you took on 5 people and evicted 3 of them!

  54. Big Brother did a lot of double eviction weeks during BB7 as well.  On Thursday, right after the HOH comp, the HOH needs to make the nominations.  Sunday is a live show with the veto ceremony, followed by another HOH comp and the HOH immediately has to make the nominations, and the rest of week proceeds normally.  These weeks used to be SO intense and it made the Sunday episodes SO much more interesting! I wish they would do this again!

  55. Danielle is nuts
    Britney is annoying
    Joe is loud and obnoxious
    Jenn is ..who is Jenn
    Ian is ..grrrr Ian..
    Dan is such a floater..amazing
    Shane wins..but he is a follower
    Frank is the man..has to fight to be there

    • Totally right.  Frank and Share (possibly Dani) are the only people with any worth in the entire game.  Everyone else is a bunch of floaters.

      • i disagree. if you are clearly on a side of the house you are not a floater. Where is Jenn and Joe’s at? they are floaters. Britney has a very good socail game and danielle has also won comps. Ian, even though he floated the first few weeks, is playing a great game now.

      • Brittany doesn’t have a good social game, she talks to like 5 people in the entire house, shes an idiot.  If it wasn’t for Shane she would be another Jenn, someone who just lays low and hopes not to get picked off. 

      •  Brit has no game totally useless just like her first season.
        Danielle just made a move because she lucked out and won something.
        Dan is good but only social
        Shane is good but just at comps
        Frank is the man saves himself every time, takes 100% credit for all his moves and plays a good social game i think even if he makes it to final two with the quack pack in the jury house they will see his accolades and give him their vote(i mean for god sakes Rachel won big brother)

        Everyone one else doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned


    • Doesnt matter if Danielle is nuts or Britney is annoying. They are playing the game good too so.

      But i agree with you on Jenn. She is finally plaiying the game on week 6? and she is doing a terrible job

      • Brittany has literally done as much as Jenn in this game.  The only difference is that Brittany has Shane to protect her and Jenn had Wil.

      • Brittany has NOT been playing a good game. She’s been shielded by Shane and she was responsible for the first two of her “team” to go home. If any of the other three coaches had Willie, they would’ve been smart enough to calm him down. She antagonized him and pretty much shoved him over the ledge. 

      • Britney is sitting in a good position and NOT floating. She knows she isnt good in comps so she alligns herself with people who are. Britney knows how to execute her plans and is not mindless like Shane or Frank.
        just saying.

    • Hope Frank gets HOH again and puts up that lying coniving Ian, and the 2 faced lying Shane. can’t stand them. If  Frank doesn’t make it to the final 2 i hope Dan is one of them, the other one i hope isn’t Joe, or Jenn

  56. I was rooting for frank to win…then when he survived week 3 when he was supposed to go home, and possibly cheated i thought

    he should go home

    • gooo Frank..reminds me when everyone was against Jeff so much..loved how he had such a big heart

  57. What I’m anxious for…Frank to win HOH and see who wants to be his best friend. If he’s smart…anyone comes to him, he should ignore him or shut the door in his face.. He should know they are there to save their ass and will get rid of him as soon as they can. Why be nice at this point…it’s useless.  Why I’m for Frank is the whole freaking house is against this kid from day1.  No one had his back not even Boogie.  Go kid…try hard and make it to Final 2 and take Jen with you.

    • Frank should trust no one. Talk BS like everyone else and say yes and promise them what they want to hear. Pit them against each other and let them duke it out! Keep winning the HOH and POV and nominate two of the Quack Pack each time with a third one as replacement nominee. Take out Shane, Dan and Brittney first and you weaken the Quack Pack!

      • Frank should play it like they play it on Bachelor Pad….tell everyone what they want to hear!  Love it!!!

  58. If Frank goes home they will not a have a show, everyone in the house are boring, Least boogie gave life to the house and was truth to his words. Frand should of put Dan up when he had the chance, who knows things could be different. Oh well this year BB is not that exciting anyway, need better players.

    • You seem to forget it was your buddy Boogie who stopped Frank from putting up Dan – hopefully Ian can convince Frank of this truth – the other key truth is Boogie went for the money instead of saving himself

      • and what explanation should Ian give for putting up Frank and trying to get him out? I hope he can convince him it was for his own good….hahaha…damn how stupid Frank would be to even entertain the idea of really listening to him.

    • Frank is so stupid for acting he did tonight.The quack will decide the winner no matter what because of the numbers in jury house.Frank will be playing for second place no matter who stands beside him in the final 2.

      • If the Quack Pack gives it to a newbie at the end then, fine. That is the game right there! Frank even if he gets only $50,000 for 2nd would still be good because it would mean he sent Dan, Danielle, Brittney, Shane and Ian to jury and more importantly, the Quack Pack did not win that $500,000!

  59. If they were truly smart the Shane and Frank would take this time to make a final two deal and say screw everyone else in the house.  They have to realize that no one wants to see either of them in the final two.  They would at least have a punchers chance against each other and win the second place prize money.  But of course they are too dumb to realize that both their days are numbered and of course we will see another Jordan, Natalie typre situation in the final two.

    • i used to think this, but i think Franks only chance to win is to pick up Ian Jen and Joe by explaining to them that Brit Dan Dani and Shane are final 4 together so their best is 5th spot they fight out between themselves.. with Frank its 4 vs 4… anything can happen… and they prob still have the same chance to fight for 5th :)

      I’m rooting for Dan so i hope Frank doesn’t do this. If he does, then he will be a good BB player, not only a player that can only win comps. 

    • That won’t happen because Shane has struck alliances with Frank and betrayed him each time! Frank should play to win HOH and Veto each time.
      That is his best move and start targeting the strongest players of the Quack Pack, Shane, Dan and Brittney and get them out of the Big Brother House if possible.

  60. I don’t get why people are saying Frank deserves to win.

    The greatest player of all time is Will…why? because he didn’t win any competitions. Thats the ONLY thing Frank can do in the game. Yeah he’s good at comp, thats it. 0% in all other categories. Dan is a more complete player anyday of the week even if he floats. 

    If Frank lost just one, one POV he’d be out. (And those are pretty easy to manipulate… 2 clovers in the box? why not 4 he’ll stop after finding 2 no one will know.. j/k but hey you never know )

    Pretty shitty game if everone wants you out all the time and would actually vote you out too.

    • So you are saying it just has to be a social game? What is this the Bachelor? Even Survivor which is highly rated has both. You need a well rounded game but, still that does not guarantee a win. If Frank does not have a social game or good enough social game, why would it matter to you? Shane has also won more competitions but, does he get credit because he has the Quack Pack alliance? That is 5 people there and
      pretty much thwarts any social play because those 5 are loyal to the
      alliance. So, in your mind, Shane, Brittney, Dan, Danielle, Ian are all
      playing very good social games when all they did is form an alliance?
      And if Frank gets evicted then, that is part of the game. And if he lasts
      all the way to the end because he is a good competitor, that is also
      part of the game! They want Frank out the game because that was
      dictated by the coaches and dumb newbies like Shane continue to
      follow what Brittney told him. If the newbies were using their heads,
      they would have targeted all the coaches including Dan and Brittney
      and got them out of the game. The biggest threat in this game right
      now is the coaches if they do not know it yet!

      • I don’t think much players this year are playing a good game and would have been eaten in some previous seasons. (Daniele and Shane are lucky they have Brit(lol) and Dan because those 2 dummies would have been lost. I mean beside Boogie and Frank they were playing against real idiots ( Jenn Joe Ash! (Ian is far too stressed to survive that double eviction was crazy for him im sure he had like 20 expresso’s in that coffee mug   ) 

        But i’m just saying Frank isn’t the greatest player of all time as he keeps saying and his fanboys writing. its annoying as hell. He’s not a bad player, but doesn’t have much beside the comps going for him this year because he teamed up with Boogie since he was the coach. I think it hindered him, he could have maybe built good alliance.Yes if he wins ALL comps he deserves it. But to me, and the general population it is much less deserving that say 100% perfect social game or a 50/50 social / comp game. Just winning comps and living on the end of the sword each week is not a good strategy and needs more luck to pull off. 

    • You are wrong Wonderband…the greatest player of all time was Evil Dick…was a total ass to the house and won.

  61. I absolutely loved the reaction on Boogie’s face when Ian revealed he was the one that helped nominate and eventually evict Boogie!  Glad Ian won HOH and nominated Frank and Ashley (he had good enough reasons), and that Frank won the POV, then Joe going on the block only to see Ashley voted off the show!  Good night!!!  Getting ready to watch BBAD!  Should be interesting how all react to what went down!  Does Ian get to remain HOH or will they already have another competition before next Thursday and another HOH in place since it was a double elimination night!  Sorry, this is my first season to ever watch BB from start to finish!

  62. You Do realize that 90% of the people on here, that are against Boogie and Frank, and So glad that Mike go, are all the ‘Chicks’ that are salty because their ‘Hero’ Janelle was back doored. It hurts their ‘Girl Power Pride.’ So this is the best they can get. Sorry to the 10% of guys that liked Janelle too.

  63. Love himor hate him Frank is the new Janelle.  He is a monster in the comps.  As long as Frank is in the house Joe and Jen are safe.  The smart play is for Frank and DDBS to call a truce and eliminate the floaters, Joe and Jen as well as Ian.  Frank could sell it by telling DDBS that he is playing for second place even if he makes it to the end because they will control the jury against him.  He should also let them know that at the final five if he is gone, one of the pairs will be eliminated due to which side Ian picks.  Do they want to take that chance essentialy letting Ian decide who wins $500k and further letting them know that Ian will win the endurance leg and probably the questions at the end.  No on will win over Ian at the end.  That would be my strategy if I am Frank, a leap of faith

    • Frank is playing alone. The last thing he needs is to trust the Quack Pack.
      He will get evicted easily doing that! Better strategy is for him to try and win each and every HOH and POV and start evicting the strongest players from the Quack Pack which are Dan, Shane and Brittney. Get those three out and Franks chances just got better! Joe and Jenn could care less who is on the block and can be persuaded to vote out the stronger player on the block which Frank should do!

      • If Frank plays this way he’ll still have to win comps.  If he can get to the five he can pick which two he wants to play with.  He can pull the newbies over the coaches card.

      • Yea. Win everything. Great strategy. Worked for James. Oh wait. Worked for janelle. Oops. It worked for Jeff. Well. Maybe not. He CAN’T win everything. It’s not possible. His worst strategy would be relying on himself to win everything.

  64. I love love love spoilers…… thanks for the up date.. Now if Franks wins you know he will put up Dan and Ian, and backdoor Shane….. I hope now, maybe Frank and Shane can work together and get everyone else gone!  How exciting!  Thank you to how ever work about what went on tonight…. Love it!  :o)

    • I don’t think it’s impossible, but there are too many people in the house with only four weeks to go. However, if he does come back, through a pandoras box, he wouldn’t come back as a player–he would come back just to be a jackass for a day.

  65. I can totally see Frank getting 3rd place. Back in season 6, Janelle basically had to do the same thing Frank is doing this year, winning a lot of comps. Only thing different is that Frank is winning more

  66. I hope they don’t fool frank again…. they are trying to.. Brittney is devious! Hate her game play Ian frank dan and Shane are the only ones playing…. poor frank though he is all alone.. I’m hoping he wins and doesn’t listen to Brittney and Shane..

  67. It’s HOH time!!!!  C’mon Frank..time to get a quack packer out of that house!

  68. wow, what a great night!! Boogie’s gone! yeah! too bad it wasnt Frank that also left. too bad for Ahley, but she will get some much needed sleep!  so who is the new HOH? I dont care but dont want Frank to get it again or Shane.. needs to be someone who hasnt won yet..  

  69. i bet ppl will rip this comment up, but i really wish willy had not gone crazy and stayed in this game…. but whateves, it’s history now… still don’t really know who i’m routing for…

  70. Say what you want  if you don’t like him but he is the most honest person in the house never went back on his word  FRANK deserves to be there more than anyone..Shane second.. Brittney and Dan and Danielle all deserve to go home they are worthless

      • I think Frank Shane and Ian are the only 3 deserve to be there..Dont get me wrong Danielle did win a tough HOH Competition but she’s annoying and relying on her alliance  Shanes only problem is he’s not very bright and automatically agrees with whatever anyone says never stands up like Frank  Frank is a straight shooter  and and stuck by his word

  71. also… Loved the look on Boogie’s face when he found out abt Ian!!   priceless!!  also Britney’s little comedy was funny too!!  

      •  Thanks my live feeds are down right now……not sure what was up. Would you please post as soon as we have a winner?? Thanks a bunch….YOUR AWESOME!!!!

  72. I love this show, but I will be so glad when it is over….staying up every night to watch the after dark from 12 to 3am and tonight is 1 to 4 am i am so tired all the time and have to get son up for school at 6:30 so not getting any sleep….but it is so worth it….I tape the show too….but cant wait to watch so stay up ….call me CRAZY!

  73. Ian should have put Shane and Danielle up.  Then he could have bacd doored Frank.  I really hope Danielle goes next.  Don’t get rid of the players who can’t win competitions yet.

  74. Frank deserves the $ and the title, “The Great Escape Artist.” I hope Dani goes home next. That would be amazing. Only she would probably flood the studio with her “everyone hates me” tears. Seriously, are there any Dani fans out there??

    •  NO WAY!!!!!!! RU KIDDING????? If I have to see her check herself out in the mirror again ….I think I will just shoot myself!!

      • Ian is a mole and a good player which gets him by, Jenn is a floater and needs to go home, Joe is loud and annoying,shane is cute and athletic which is why he is controling the game, dan is good with words, i hate frank, and brittney is just trying to make sure shes safe. If the quack pack wins HOH they need to nominate joe and jenn then safe joe at veto and back door frank simple.

    • I love danielle, yeah shes a huge crier but she has 1 HOH 1 veto and she has great alliances of dan,ian,shane,brittney. I mean she has it good.

    • Frank doesn’t deserve anything. At this point in the game I feel like he’s a terrible social player. With Boogie out of the picture he’ll have no one to fight his battles for him. Frank could have deserved to win if he played his own game and backdoored Dan but he didn’t. Sorry Frank fans but I’m afraid Frank is nothing but a good ‘right hand man’.

      • I think Frank lost a lot of respect by being Boogie’s lapdog, when he was HOH he should have made his own decision and backdoor Dan like he had wanted to do and not let Boogie tell him not to.  Why did Frank not think that Boogie was saying that for Boogie’s own benefit and not Frank’s benefit?  It’s one thing having a close alliance, it’s another thing letting someone else pull one’s strings.

  75. I knida cant help but to pity Ashley. She was in a good spot, not a threat, and quite likeable. However she made a wrong move and allied herself with the wrong people, lost a good friend in Jenn.

    • Yep……….but SO glad to see her go!!! Maybe Boogs can get him a lil later!!!…………LOL

  76. I kinda cant help but to pity Ashley. She was in a good spot, not a threat, and quite likeable. However she made a wrong move and allied herself with the wrong people, lost a good friend in Jenn.

  77. Ian made a big move way to soon. He’s sunk…Quack Pack will dumb his dumb ass as soon as they can. 

    •  yeah……..i like him but if he makes it to the end……..he will win it..hands down!

    • Ian tried to throw the last question to Danielle..He didn’t seem happy he won the HOH.  But after nominating ashley and frank he had to win the POV…Ian is so lucky Frank has forgiven him already….Once DDSB sees how tight Ian and Frank are again, they will drop Ian and replace him with Jenn or Joe.

  78. what good is paying for the live feeds when they are down when you need to see whats going on the most /?? AND HOW MUCH DO THEY COST ? just wondering 

      • then again, it’s coming from frank. he told ian that boogie came in to get some of his stuff and that boogie was crying re: ian. Seems like a frank guilt trip

      •  just got info on another site that he and Ian had made up and formed a new alliance after the DD ! being that they are totally outnumbered….one can only do the math. i like him just wish he could keep his mouth shut sometimes, but i wish a few other could too!

    • Frank would be dumb to trust Ian again! Ian just put him up and he has not learned about being betrayed by the Quack Pack? 

    •  sorry i could only like this comment once if i could i would hit the like button 10000000 times

  79. This might be a dumb question…but if you sign up to get live feeds, do you get to see what happens on After Dark?!

  80. Out of everyone in the house, Dan is in the best position…everyone in his alliance has a big reason to keep him around.

  81. Boogie was such a hypocrite beating up on Ian after he was evicted.  It is obvious that Boogie would have taken only Frank with him to Final 2 if he could have, Ian would have been long gone by that point.  Ian turned on Boogie before Boogie had a chance to turn on Ian, big deal.  Boogie said Shane seemed to be enjoying going after Frank and Boogie, kind of like Boogie enjoyed trying to convince Will that he was safe when he knew Will was going home, Will was just too smart to fall for that lie.  Boogie enjoyed twisting the knife in Janelle’s back as well, so Boogie got what was coming to him and I’m glad it happened right before the first person evicted went to jury!  I bet that just totally galled Boogie, he had always made it much further before.

    Frank is doomed unless he can manage to win every single competition and that would seem unlikely, they need to backdoor him and hope that he can’t play for POV.  He has made himself a bigger target than had to be the case by having closely aligned with Boogie so much at the expense of having a broader alliance, or a couple of alliances at the same time.  I didn’t mind Frank at first, but I began disliking himself when he became Boogie’s stooge.

  82. I just love how people are complaining and whining and of course screaming RIGGED. Frank won POV fair and square, he’s a beast and the only one left I want to win. Britney can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. Danielle I liked, but now she is Dan and Shane’s pawn, along with Joe (who I personally can’t imagine why production picked him to begin with). Ian is cool but his rat strategy is kind of annoying. And who the hell is Jen?

    • they fix the comps so they may suit a particular player in need. ive been watching way too long to know that. but even that does not always get it. luck is in there too.

  83. What is the point of having live feeds if they wont let you watch anything?Sounds like a waste of your money,you get anything you need to know on here.In regards to Ashley I think she will love being in that mansion ,dreaming of fairies and  looking for butterflies.It was hard to watch her try to speak tonight,it is best she rest up and wait for Frank to get there.

  84. I’ve never seen the contestants act so childish and petty when they don’t get their way. It’s all a game until they go on the block. Mike acted like an immature p.o.s. who acted like he never knew alliances could fall apart and people could lie in Big Brother. Didn’t he like…invent that ish?  Production does have a bias for Frank. They have cast him as the “white knight” so they never show the vile things he says to other HGs. It’s just like Jeff. He was pretty repugnant with some of the things he said but on the shows that aired he was Ken to Jordan’s barbie. That being said, it’s not Frank’s fault he just straight up owns competitions but they have to stop these catfights. They need to nut up and remember each week is fleeting and a new alliance can form at any time. Never stop playing that part of the game. Don’t write off people because they betray you, make deals with them because you know they are capable of betrayal in the first place. 

  85. Why does this site hate Chilltown? “Frank is out!”. Frank is a beast. He is a winning machine, 2 HOH and 3 veto’s. Every week he hasn’t been HOH he’s been nominated. It’s getting crazy. Furthermore, he hasn’t lied as much as lazy eye and Shane, or even Dan. People say he’s a bully, well I’m sure anyone who’s been nominated 5 times would be a dick. Can’t blame him.

    Woobly-eyed Britney needs to go, shes boring and lame. Shane just works out, Danielle is a hunchback and Dan just reads all day. Ian is exciting and Jenn and Joe better have life vests. 

    If Frank goes next week the house will resemble a bible camp. It’ll be a yawnfest and people will be begging to bring back the Glass House lol!

    • just like this site at the top wont put hoh until after the show has aired on CBS, BBAD wont put in case there are people who stay off spoiler sites, even though you see the hoh in there room and wearing the key, so its kind of pointless all the way around! 

  86. It appears on BBAD that Frank won HOH! Joe just told him he would vote the way he wanted him too as long as Frank didn’t put him up. :-)

    • hahahahahaa you think it’s rigged because frank is a smart guy and a tough physical competitor? I bet your pie hole was not saying this show was rigged when shane was winning every comp early on in the season. Go get a tissue and watch the glass house.

    • hahahahahaa you think it’s rigged because frank is a smart guy and a tough physical competitor? I bet your pie hole was not saying this show was rigged when shane was winning every comp early on in the season. Go get a tissue and watch the glass house.

  87. So there it is my friends its not rigged it was trivia and the machine won it again grow up people things don’t go your way so the show is rigged COME ON!

    • Except production called Frank into the HOH room before the competition. Aaaaand he was the only one.

      •  i don’t believe it. if it was ever leaked the show would tank why risk it.

      • hahahahahaa you think it’s rigged because frank is a smart guy and a tough physical competitor? I bet your pie hole was not saying this show was rigged when shane was winning every comp early on in the season. Go get a tissue and watch the glass house.

      • sterlingarcher is a fudge packer fan…or whatever that alliance is called.

        he probably wants lazy eyed britney to win

    • Actually I’m a whoever doesn’t take things personal fan. I’m a fan of the game, not the players. Every season someone wins in their own way. I’m a fan of the warped social experiment more than anything. It’s entertainment. I don’t get invested in the players, just the strategies. The show isn’t rigged so much as swayed. Everyone who has watched from the beginning sees that. It’s the players that can win in spite of production interference that impress me the most. Remember at the end of every episode it says production has the right to and can interfere in the outcome. That’s true of all reality shows. 

  88. now if Frank is on his game he would gid rid of shane so the comps are all his

    • That he should do, but I’m afraid he’ll let his emotions get in the way and put up Ian and Dan. 

    • I think Frank is smarter than Ian actually. Seems that way anyways. Ian is just an awkward BB-oholic with no life and no strategy.

  89. ARE YOU KIDDING ME  Brittney  your saying  Frank should keep his want Frank to keep his word.Coming from the biggest backstabber in the house after Dan.I hope you go to jury.The butt kissing begins Frank always did keep his word but i hope he’s like the rest of the houseguest and starts lying and backstabbing..Frank is the only honest person in the house

    • What show are you watching???  Frank is the only honest person…what a joke. Frank wanted to backdoor Dan when he was HOH. That’s what started the war. I agree about Britney playing all sides, she’s already covering her butt with Frank. But Frank is a backstabber and has been after Dan for something that Ian did and not Dan.

  90.  I hate how the majority of you people have to find reasons why the
    people you like suck ass hardcore. News flash: the only person playing
    in the “Quack Pack” is fucking Shane…….Ian made ONE GOOD MOVE this
    entire summer and suddenly he is a mastermind?!?!?!?! Give me a break,
    he misunderstood what Boogie was saying to him, ran to Britney like the
    GOOD LITTLE BITCH that he is, and it resulted in a slight shift in
    power. If he had truly meant to do it, he would have kept his stupid
    mouth shut and not said anything to Boogie at all. Frankie won because
    He is the best physical player in the house. Period. Not because he
    cheated or because he has special x-ray vision that allows him to see
    through plastic. Come the f*** on already.

  91. They are doing everything to keep Frank. They let him cheat in pulling names for the veto which is total B.S. Pulls houseguest choice for a second time when there is only 1 of those in the bag. How could they let someone cheat like that, hmmm? Then on the feeds Frank said both of his clovers were right next to each other. Ian should have backdoored Frank and put up Joe right off the bat with Ashley. Frank doesn’t get picked for Veto he is done. The worst thing that could have happened was Frank gets picked, wins Veto, pulls Ashley off, and Joe goes home. I never seen such poor sports. Frank choose a side as did Asley. They lost and 2 of their team got voted out. That’s how the game goes. Mike and Frank putting down every single person in the house was so childish.

    • Go get a tissue whiner. Stop drinking the: BB is rigged-kool-aid. Bet you weren’t whining and saying everything was rigged when Shane was winning everything at the start of the season or when Jeff did great in challenges in past seasons. AND I’m pretty sure you’d be a dick to you if others treated you like crap and lied and backstabbed you and nominated you EVERY week they could. 

      Pay attention or stop watching.

      • Why dont you kiss my ass big mouth. I state my opinions and you can disagree all you want but don’t be calling me names and being a smart ass. If Frank was the only 1 production talked to before the HOH what does that tell you? Explain 2 house guests chips being in the bag and coming up back to back when there is only 1? PLEASE! I could care less that he won HOH, I’m not whining I’m stating facts. If they are going to have a show which pays half a million dollars, I want it done fairly, I could care less who wins I don’t get any of the money but they shouldn’t cheat.

      •  obviously there were 2 chips if they air it on national tv its not cheating its not like they didn’t want anyone to see it and whos to say someone else wouldn’t have pulled it out

      • I believe out of everyone that was nominated Boogie and Frank are the only ones that acted like a couple of 2yr olds. Everyone else except for Jenn (a little) acted like adults playing a game. All Frank and Boogie did for 3 days was talk crap about every single person.

    •  another sore loser pulling for answers out of the sky for why Frank won again he is the best all around player in the house and thats why he is the biggest threat. even if his clovers were next to eachother he didnt know that or he would have came right back with the second right? and whos to say he would even look in that spot get a life tbone

      • Another 1 with a BIG mouth. Same thing I told the other jerk. I dont care if someone has a different opinion but don’t tell me to get a life or attack me. I’d bet mine is a whole lot better than yours idiot. BIG mouth people behind a computer. I’d bet you’d never would tell me to get a life to my face, JOKER!

      •  i would love to see faces. and i have a fantastic life with a loving family and a boat that is worth more then everything in your life combined haha

    • Production would’ve known that HG’s choice didn’t matter. Production would’ve known that Ian was a lying rat and that he wouldn’t help either of them or that picking Ashley would be as much help as picking a sack of potatoes… Why would they cheat that way? 

      • Finally a reply without calling me names or telling me to get a life. Appreciate it, that’s how all replies should be. We are just giving our opinions and we all have different 1’s and thats what makes the boards fun. All I can comment on is what I know. There has NEVER been 2 house guests choice chips, Frank said it himself he cheated by palming the chip on the feeds. The feeds didn’t come on for like 7 hours after all this happened. When ANYONE said anything close to mentioning what happened they cut the feeds or BBAD switched cameras. Frank said it himself he cheated I don’t know how anyone can tell someone their nuts when they say he cheated. It came straight from the horses mouth, what more proof do people need? They surely dont want Frank gone and are going to continue to try and keep him in the house. If production only talked to him before this last HOH it’s pretty obvious something else went on. I don’t care who really wins nor do I hate Frank. I’m just stating FACTS.

  92. I find it really annoying how Brittany is always in everyone’s ear saying, “You need to do this…” “I’m counting on you to do this…”, etc….

    I also find it really annoying that everyone was rooting for Frank to get out of the house, and now that he’s HoH, they want to be nice to him…I know, I know…they always try and kiss the hoh’s a**…but c’mon…it’s really getting annoying!!! I like Frank…I sure hope he’s smarter than that…

    • I could not agree more. She says she voted out Ashley because she lied, well what does she think she does? Or Ian who has been lying to Boogie and Frank every single day for a month straight. Britney and Ian have lied more than anyone else in the house.

      • She also told Ian he needs to vote against Dan (I guess assuming he gets nominated for eviction)….said they need to backdoor him…then he walks away and she tells Dan that she told him (Ian) he needs to vote to keep him!! (assuming he gets nominated)….ugh..she makes me sick. I realize this is a game, but she is working my nerves….seriously!

  93. so excited that frank won hoh. but the thing that he should do is put dan up on the block first thing he should put to house guest that would sure win the veto comp. i know that one of them would take them selves off the block then frank gets the decision to put up dan.

    frank should put up shane and ian then if shane wins pov he will take himself off the block, then frank could put up dan. if you take two noms from one alliance, it would be hard for the alliance to vote. you have jenn and joe, then ian shane brit dan and dani. if you take 2 people outta the quack pack, you have just 3 votes for their side. they would either have to vote out ian or dan.

    • i meant for the first line is that frank should’nt put dan up first thing and so on…..

  94. Frank send Shane to jury withAshley. We want to see Danneille go bonkers. Leave Dan alone for now, he can’t win anything.


  96. FUNNIEST thing ever was when Britney was whining how Frank is lucky to be in the game because of the coaches accepting the offer to join the game and saying Frank should have been gone. NEWS FLASH Lazy eye Brit: You accepted the offer and Boogie didn’t. Therefore she saved Frank and Boogie didn’t. Too much thinking for a dumb blonde I guess.

  97. i heard that the produstion specifically told shane that he was NOT allowed to put mike and frank on the block. so this is what should’ve happened. frank on the block, wins veto, then wins hoh.

    • “produstion specifically told shane that he was NOT allowed to put mike and frank on the block” 
      I’m 100% sure Shane nominated Frank & Boogie – I seen it. Frank just owned the Veto. Stop whining kid and Stop believing everything you read. You must be new to life. 

      • actually i’m not i’ve been watching big brother for the longest. i’m not new to life. i’m be living live and well for over 18 years. you obviously dont know what you are talking about. i’m not whining at all. i was just looking around on the internet and saw it. calm your tits. how about you stop believing everything you read since you think what i said was false. y you no make sence?

  98. “BB is rigged kool-aid” must be on sale where all the fudge-packer alliance fans shop because there are certainly a lot of whiners commenting tonight. Hope they all brought in their coupons for a free box of tissues with every 2 kool-aids!!

    • I know right iam done for tonight iam gonna sleep well knowing the HOH key is fairly placed on the best players neck and i look forward to a fudge-packer going home



      •  he wins triva comp too so dumb no. take a look at Shane if you want to see dumb. And he has an excellent social game just watch the feeds and bbad he gets along with everyone. its his pure domination in this game that makes everyone want him out. Didnt break my heart just made it look like you never watched a single episode this season sorry sweetie

    • Yeah, agreed! The house is full of idiots, so it’s not shocking that Frank (or Shane) are winning almost everything. Danielle being short with a fat butt, which gives her a low center of gravity, just makes her a shoe-in for endurance comps or else those two would win everything. 

      Only chance Joe, Brittany, or Jenn to win comps is if they’re the ones that are 100% dumb luck and random. 

      Dan can win, but his tactic is to not try too early.

  99. Well Frank wins HOH so another week of safety. That’s okay Frank you can’t play next week. They will get you out sooner or later. And hopefully Dan wins POV. As I’m sure he’s going up.

  100. This is a serious question! lol…

    But is it me or does Danielle ALWAYS look surpised?! I wonder if she makes her brows do that or if she just has a really high arch……

  101. What Frank should do IMO is make a Final two deal with Shane and they should just start picking everyone else in the house off one by one. they are the only ones who ever win comps, so maybe it would be cool to get Shane from out of under Britney this week and send her ass home.

    • It wouldn’t be good for Frank to be at Final 2 with Shane because the Jury would be full of Shane’s people.

  102. I’m so glad that Ian got a letter from home. I thought he wouldn’t get any HOH perks.


  104. WOW!  Loved last nights show!  Brits goodbye speech to Boogie was too flippin’ funny! (She needs to be the permanant Zingbot for BB)  Now, Ian’s goodbye speech was awesome.. it made me cry just a little.  GO IAN!!!
    Heck, even Joe made me laugh last night and gave some good entertainment for a second.  His “don’t evict me” speech was funny!
    It’s a good thing for Frank that he has comp skills, because his social game is starting to suck just a little bit.  He may get rid of a QP member this week, but he better watch out next one.
    Thank goodness Ashley is gone.. she was one of the nuttiest HGs ever.. and not in a good way.  I cringed for her everytime she spoke or played in a comp.  (I am a 44 year old, overweight smoker and I could have beat her in physical comps)  As we say in the south, “Bless her heart.”

  105. Hasta la bye bye bitter Booger! I am at least glad he tipped his hat to Ian. Now if Ian can get himself together & get focused. Since Frank ain’t going anywhere this week, pretty please send Danielle home!

  106. I think Frank will put up Dan & Ian.. maybe Dan & Shane…..Ian backstabbed him but is not a threat like Shane is… so probally Dan & Shane….. Unless Dan saves himself with POV … then he will leave…..

  107. Did anyone other than me absolutely know that CBS would make sure that since Frank didn’t winthe first HOH, he would win the Veto? Then the next HOH?

    The producers should just let the chips fall where they may and pick better cast members instead of steering contests towards the people they want to win (very likely making sure those medallions in Frank’s lane were a little easier to find than in anyone elses).

  108. Boogie was always paired with Will when he was in the house the last 2 times. I think that he was trying to prove himself this time but overdid it. He wasn’t that errogant before. Without Will he had to think for himself. I also think he felt his age this time around up against the young ones. He was trying to be them and over did that too. I know everyone is going to come down on me for this but just my thoughts. Don’t beat me up for it.

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