Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 5 Friday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

After a return to power, Frank, the new HoH, had to sit down and make his nominations once again on Friday. There were no big surprises there, but a possible shift in target may be inevitable as we’ve seen it happen again and again this season. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 10, 2012:

10:50 AM BBT – Joe gets the morning started by driving the bus all over Wil in a talk with Frank. Frank warns Joe that he’ll likely be a nominee, but he isn’t the real target. At that time, I believe he was.

11:15 AM BBT – Britney, Boogie, and Frank discuss nomination options. Frank isn’t sold on nominating Wil, but Britney thinks he should go soon.

12:15 PM BBT – Frank wants to nominate Dan. Boogie talks him down from that for now. Hey, Dan. How’s that vote against Janelle treating you?

12:20 PM BBT – Wil talks with Boogie and Frank but won’t make any “next week safety” deals with them. This does not go over well with Boogie and Frank. It seems this conversation is what earned Wil a nomination.

3:15 PM BBT – Live Feeds return from the first Have-Not competition. The punishment food is cod & candy canes. Joe, Shane, Britney, and Dan are this week’s Have-Nots. HGs are upset that Joe was yelling at his team during the competition. Ashley did not compete due to her back issue, but still didn’t have to be a Have-Not.

3:40 PM BBT – Wil and Frank go back upstairs for another attempt at that conversation. Wil says he was terse with Frank because he didn’t like Boogie being there.

4:10 PM BBT – Frank warns Joe again that he’s going up on the block.

4:15 PM BBT – Frank talks with Ian, Britney, and Danielle to say Wil should be their target. My how things change in just a few hours. Earlier Frank didn’t even want to nominate Wil.

7:40 PM BBT – Live Feeds return from the nomination ceremony. Wil and Joe are the nominees.

9:05 PM BBT – Boogie complaining about Janelle’s decision to leave her baby at home to come in to the game. Say, Boogie. How’s your baby at home doing? Seriously, Boogie? What’s the difference here?

11:55 PM BBT – Frank and Boogie discuss nominees and how they want Wil to go this week.

12:25 AM BBT – Frank’s days in the spiritard are over. He’s allowed to take it off.

1:00 AM BBT – Britney and Shane hope Joe stays so they can use him to go after Frank and Boogie. Gotta love how this “Silent Six” alliance is trying to eat itself from the inside out.

The nominations are decided and the only thing left to shake those up is the Veto competition. That comp will be held later today so get ready for that drama and action. Once we know who won that power we’ll have a better idea of where things are headed next. Stay with us for all the updates.

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  1. I like Brit and Shane’s ides but that is just dream it will never happen…they had their chance they blew it…

    • That is a dumb idea because Joe is a loudmouth who will end up exposing Brit and Shane’s plan to Boogie. Boogie can then, manipulate the other newbies to evict Brittney or Shane or both. Going after your allliance members this early in the game has dumb written all over it. The floating newbies like Wil, Joe, Ashley, Jenn will all go along to voting out whoever as long as it is not them! They may get out Boogie and Frank but, at what price? They themselves, maybe, Brittney, Shane, Danielle will all be booted out as well. Dan even if he survives will be a huge target for the remaining newbie floaters in the Big Brother House! This has already been done by Danielle Donato last season and despite her having the newbies as her puppets to do as she pleased, she got evicted early by her former alliance and lost her chance at that $500,000. Her alliance members also got evicted by the newbie floaters and they almost won it though. Rachel
      Reilly’s social game saved her to last long enough to win it barely!

      •  Why is BB producers allowing this? Send her home bring back one of the evicted newbies or Jeff. I would love Jeff to be back without Jordan being a distraction or making him a target!

    •  A “loud mouth” and “throw other people under the bus” person like Joe is not to be trusted. BAD IDEA!

  2. This has to be the dumbest bunch of newbies on the Big Brother House. So, Wil could be put on the chopping block and he will not promise Frank and Boogie safety next week? How stupid can you be? If you get evicted this week, what good would your plan to evict Frank or Boogie be next week if that is your plan? Considering this is the Big Brother House, you would have lied thru your teeth and gave it your best acting job yet, you tell Frank and Boogie no? If there is one big reason to evict Wil this week, it is for being stupid! Joe might end up a bit smarter that Wil this week and may survive yet, another week!

    • At least someone is standing up to the HOH in power this week instead of running to kiss their ass. Wil is taking a big risk and putting all his chances in the POV competition but here’s hoping he wins and throws a wrench in the plans of the cowardly secret six alliance.Also hopefully Joe goes berserk this week and starts drama…

    • It would never happen. Those two have developed a friendship. With Boogie being a multi-millionaire Frank would be better off having a friendship with Boogie then winning 500k

      • don’t agree,i know to many millionairs and they didn’t get that way by handouts.most of them don’t even want to become very close with people in the outside world that ain’t in the same class as them because thy figure them people want handouts and they want no part in that.the only handouts they want to give out is the ones they themselves choose and those are usually fundraisers or chariates.

      •  A “friendship my ass”! $500,000 is on the line! Boogie will betray his “momma” for that “HALF A MILL”.

  3. I agree with Mat!!

    This game is all staged out with BB calling all the shots!


    And all the people that BB decides to SACRIFICE along the way via fixed we all
    Know get paid to leave and keep quiet!

    We also know that BB to

  4. Wouldn’t Brit and Shane be better served to keep Wil instead of Joe?   Afterall, Wil refused to make a deal with Frank and Boogie.   But Joe tries to play all sides even though hes not very good at it.     

  5. The “Silent Six” is trying to eat itself from the inside out because it’s not truly an alliance.  For Boogie and Frank it was a hail Mary to save Frank from eviction.  For Brit and Shane it’s a smoke screen to cover their true alliance, the “Quack Pack.”  For Danielle nothing matters because she will just do what Dan wants.  For Dan, the ultimate goal is to be the greatest player in BB history and in his mind the only way to do it is to be sitting beside Boogie and beat him.  Beating anyone else isn’t in Dan’s plans.  So Dan will use each alliance against the other to accomplish that goal.

    • Really smart observation.   The only thing i would wonder about is whether Danielle would do what Dan wants or what Shane wants if their ideas were different.   Which would she choose?  

    •  Maybe you’re on to something with Dan’s motives. Maybe that’s why he wanted to keep Janelle so she could make it deep into the game, along with Boogie. That way if Dan were to win, he says he not only beat Boogie, but he beat Janelle too.

      I wonder who Dan is truly with though. He tells Brittney/Shane that when the time comes they gotta get rid of Boogie and Frank, yet he says the same exact thing to Boogie and Frank too. Hm…

      • I truly believe Dan is only with Dan.  Everyone else, except Boogie, is expendable.

        Everything Dan has done to date has been to get Boogie to work with Dan.  And when Boogie refused to agree to work with Janelle, Dan instantly sided with Boogie.  Remember what Dan said to Frank, “you’re rolling with 2 of the greatest BB players.”

      • Truly, Dan is with Dan. He lies and manipulates like the rest to just make it through each week. He is just gonna let it work itself out. Then, he can say to whomever is lefted, “I told you the final three, baby”! Like he helped them! Dan’s strategy is floating!

    • It is still an alliance and some alliances are better than others. Probably the alliance of Mike Boogie, Dan and Frank is the real deal because you have 3 good players who can go deep if they last long enough!

      •  Frank,would not still be in the house,if it were not for boogie..Get rid of boogie first,he could’nt beat an egg,let alone beat anyone in the house..3 times in BB house, as an informent and walks out with $$ in his pocket..Time to clean house newbies..Out with Boogie & Dan..Shane trying to pay off $30 Grand in school loans and Ian a student..Time to show U.S.A. BB House,is a house of Dreams come True.. 

    • i think dan want to take boogie to final two becos he know if he take someone else they person may win becos they jury will think that dan has won before so they should give someone else a chance to win

  6. Quack Pack should get rid of Boogie and Frank as soon as possible. They will be screwed if they don’t

      • I will say it again, big mistake getting rid of Janelle, they should have split up Frank/Boogie when they had an easy opportunity.  You wonder if when the coaches had reset the game and the eviction that week was cancelled if that wasn’t an obvious attempt to save Frank because they WANTED the alliance of Frank/Boogie to remain!  Poor Janelle was the victim of the idiotic attempt to try to save the ever annoying Chilltown revival.

  7. Brit is trying to Steer Shane towards looking at Bogie and Frank. She
    says why wait another week to let them turn on us. Shane says he wants to stay true to Frank because Frank stayed true to him this week. Damn..How unprepared and clueless Shane is. Frank is way ahead of him in this game. I hope he wakes up soon.

    •  Backdoor!!!! Backdoor!!!!!!!! Who is really safe? No one until after the veto competition!

  8. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Frank/Boogie is being dumb for wanting to break up the silent 6, Britney and Shane are also dumb for wanting to break up the Silent 6. Take this alliance and run with it and you have a final six. Quit trying to make big moves and just make the right ones.

    • Regardless of who decides to break up the Silent Six Alliance this early in the game, it is a very bad idea and those house guests will be evicted as the other alliance members will know about the betrayal and go after them next week! We will see soon enough who is the smart one and who isn’t.

    • I don’t believe Frank/Boogie EVER intended to stay with the so-called alliance of Silent 6, they just said that in order to get enough votes to evict poor Janelle.  I think the two of them are so full of themselves that they don’t think they need any other strong alliances, or they probably think they can just b.s. their way out of  the betrayal.

  9. really getting tired of the live feeds cutting to the fish, i think its worse then any other season

  10. If Ashley can’t play in the comps Why is she still in the game??? In a way it is a plus for the other HG’s..But then it’s not fair either…Ashley should play or leave..Production & Ashley should discuss her options in great detail as to her status in the game..The other HG’s should be questioning her satus as well…I mean a few of em are working their asses off in comps to stay in the game.. While Ashley gets to sit on the side lines and possibly win $500,000…..seriously??? Hmmm ..have to keep my ears open for comments from the house..

    • I intended to post those same thoughts when I came here.  If she can’t fully participate in ALL events, then she should be removed from the game by production. Since she wasn’t physically able to compete in the Have/Have Not comp, she should automatically become a have not.

      • I agree.   If she were in my alliance i would consider her dead weight.   I know she still has a vote but you wouldn’t be able to count on her to win veto…or anything else for the alliance.   I do feel sorry for her.   But she couldn’t possibly sleep on the have not beds with a bad back.   I think they should take her out of the game for her own safety.   BB is about the physical as well as the mental and she would be playing with half a deck.   Not fair to her OR the other hg.

    •  BB should never let her enter the house in the first place..They are suppose to screen all players..What is the Problem BB ? Do you have a druggy in the house?? Send her home..

      •  Something is not right! This season has been something else! I believe something other than Ashley’s back is going on with her. THE SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: TAKING TOO MANY PAINKILLERS CAN BE ADDICTIVE! 

  11. Boogie complaining about Janelle’s decision to leave her baby at home to come in to the game. Say, Boogie. How’s your baby at home doing? Seriously, Boogie? What’s the difference here?

    His statement says a lot like ” a woman’s place is in the home ! “. Sheds light on his perceived (or other) attitude towards women….

      • Women want to have lives outside of just changing diapers, too. Boogie is a hypocrit. HE should be at home wirh his kid then: if he feels that the parents should NEVER leave them. He’s a chauvinistic ass.

    • ” A woman place is at home”—–HMMMM. Really, then Boogie’s place should be at home!

    • This is just one more piece of the puzzle, that being the total disgusting human being that Boogie is!  The big difference between Janelle’s situation with her child and Boogie’s situation is that Janelle has a husband who is home caring for their child, as far as I know Boogie isn’t married, who knows who’s taking care of his child, I’m assuming the child’s mother, but still his situation does not appear to be nearly as stable as Janelle’s situation, so it is probably more acceptable Janelle leaving her child for a period of time for that reason.

  12. In my opinion, Britney needs to bail on Shane and really focus on having a stronger alliance with Dan. Shane is too much of a risk since he could easily choose to stick with Danielle over Britney. And Frank and Boogie are clearly a package deal. Or else Britney really will relive the Brigade alliance all over again… 

    • I have no doubt that Britney has already been comparing recents events to her past season…I think Britney knows Frank & Boogie are not to be trusted but she has to play it by ear for the time being and not rock the boat tooo much or else get put on the block…I think she is totally aware of what is going on around her and while she won’t catch all the backstabbing or have an in to “all” the plans she is gonna try to stay up with events or  stay one step ahead without giving herself away…I am talking game so keep the ritney lover comments to urself…Please..

    • did you not read mats spoiler today? look at 12:15 it says frank wants to nominate dan so if he’s feeling that way how is getting with dan going to help brit?

  13. I can only hope Shane is thinking of all angles and gets to play in the
    POV. If he sees Wil is coming close to winning, he needs to be able to
    win himself if possible. If Wil wins,he will take himself off the block. Then
    they could easily backdoor Shane. I fear this is a real possibility. As long as
    Shane is in the game, Frank doesn’s have the biggest target on his back alone.

    •  Shane should play even if he isn’t picked because he has the veto ticket from last week..Darn..I want him to go!

  14. Janelle’s fan are so pathetic, she cried cuz she was ruled out, I happy coz even if she get money she’ll use it on silicon to add more fakeness in her body lol.Just get over it, her BFF Britney sold her out her team hate her, so shut the hell up or go to chill town and have some beer on me. And Dr. Will has the biggest ego in BBH ever followed by evil

    • Mike and Janelle both are like; I don’t like either of them.
      I wish if BB stop bringing the previous players. I wish if all coaches get out.
      I will love to see newbie wins it all. If they didn’t ruin it with coaches the
      game would be nicer Frank is good player and very nice guy but being stuck with
      Mike hurt him.

  15. Sheesh,it’s  after 8:00 — when is the P.O.V. comp going to begin? Or is it being held off until tomorrow?

  16. Shane is more loyal to Brittney than stalker danielle…I believe he likes brittneys stratagy cuz he is a bit starstruck with her being a  popular player from season12

  17. I’m a little confused about what turned out after watching Big Brother. There are 2 alliences going on right now – The Quack Pack (Ian, Dan, Shane, Britney, and Danielle) and The Silent Six (Boogie, Frank, Dan, Shane, Britney, and Danielle). I don’t think any of the moves in the house are helping anyone! It’s anyone’s game! Whenever someone is HOH, they think they have ALL of the power. But they don’t, because the next week they’re up for alimination! Everyone in the house is talking bs, and because of that they don’t trust eachother. I wish the alliences would stick longer than a week. I’m glad Janelle left though!

  18. Also, I think Joe should go home next week. Obviously the house is keeping him there because he can’t win competitions and is a very weak player in the game. If Dan and Britney and their “children” work as a time for the long run i think they have a chance at making it for final four.

  19. Boogie and Frank are good at using their voices to manipulate players. The Quack Pack should get them out because Boogie and Frank have power even when life is on the line and could be voted out. Frank and Boogie have a real friendship, Frank doesn’t want money from Boogie. It is proven when Boogie wins 10 Gs and Frank tells Boogie to give some to Jenn and Ian. Unemployed people have adapted to being poor. Anyhow, Frank and Boogie have power of persuasion in this game and they could take themselves to the final two, too. Britney says she sees through Mike Boogie but if that is so then why does she make deals with him?  Stupid Girl lol

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