Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 8 Friday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

After another late night HoH endurance competition on Thursday the Big Brother 14 HGs looked to rest on Friday, but that wasn’t in production’s plan. Instead Friday was filled with another Pandora’s Box visit, nominations, and even the Veto players pick.

The build up to nominations was only a concern to a few HGs this week. Namely the three players not in the Quack Pack which made its return the night before. Meanwhile Dan continued to play his pivot position between both groups as the game marches on to the nearing finale.

Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 31, 2012:

9:45 AM BBT – Joe nervously questioning Shane whether or not he’s in danger this week. Shane doesn’t reveal anything to Joe even though he knows Joe could be the replacement nom.

10:25 AM BBT – Frank has been released from his carrot costume.

11:15 AM BBT – HGs go from being locked out of the HoH room to a full outdoor lockdown. They know something is up.

12:15 PM BBTLive Feeds return. Pandora’s Box struck but no twist this time. Ian received gifts while the rest of the HGs received Jessie. Jessie took all their junk food. Best part is the new hammock for the backyard. This one doesn’t squeak like the old one. Ian is in rocking heaven.

2:00 PM BBT – HGs out at the pool enjoying their new toys from Pandora’s Box.

2:42 PM BBT – Dan and Shane talk privately about the upcoming Veto. Shane fears Frank winning Veto again this week. Both agree they need to take this shot at Frank. Shane says he does not trust Joe at all.

3:15 PM BBT – Frank and Jenn gametalk over their concerns about Ian. Frank hopes Ian is really just trying to target Joe. They don’t know what he’s thinking but share several theories.

3:30 PM BBT – Dan joins Frank and Jenn to discuss the situation. Just before Dan came over Frank told Jenn he had hoped Dan would have been evicted this week.

3:50 PM BBT – Frank tells Dan he thinks he would have the votes if it’s him against Jenn on the block come Thursday night.

6:21 PM BBTLive Feeds are back. Ian nominated Frank & Jenn as expected.

7:52 PM BBT – Brief Trivia before Feeds come back. Veto players were picked. Everyone but Shane is competing.

7:55 PM BBT – Jenn and Frank are nervous. Both hope they can get the Veto so Joe goes up since they believe he’s more likely to be evicted.

8:05 PM BBT – Joe talks with Ian about the Veto comp. Ian tells Joe he shouldn’t use the Veto if he wins it. After Joe leaves Ian reaffirms he does not trust Joe.

10:35 PM BBT – Frank and Jenn discuss Veto scenarios. They hope either Dan or Danielle would save them with it.

12:13 AM BBT – Dan previewing his F2 speech for Danielle. Says he accomplished came here to do: get his player to do the end.

12:35 AM BBT – Frank talks to Dan about Dan’s key coming out last. Frank has been talking about this all night to various HGs. Frank is worried that means Dan is the renom.

1:35 AM BBT – Dan talks to Ian about Ian’s rocking behavior. Ian says he does the hammock rocking to “get the extra energy out.” Ian believes he has ADHD but does not take medicine for it.

2:50 AM BBT – Ian warns Dan that if Joe wins the Veto and uses it then Dan will go up as a renom.

The HGs are set and ready for Saturday’s Veto competition. If Frank pulls off another win it’ll be interesting to see if Ian keeps Dan safe as I expect or if he’ll surprise me and renom Joe. That part won’t come until Monday, so there’s time for the HGs to debate and discuss before then.

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  1. I hope Frank doesn’t win the veto. He needs to go to the jury house. he is always – i mean always – just constantly blinking his eyes. he makes me nervous. i can’t take it anymore.

    • He probably has a mild form of Turrets. You can’t fault him for that. Likewise for Ian’s ADD. These are medical conditions. Empathy anyone?

    • He HAS to blink. If he didn’t the little hamster wheel would stop turning in his head.

    • He probably has a mild form of Turrets. You can’t fault him for that or Ian for hid ADD. These are medical conditions. Empathy anyone?

      • You know he probably doesn’t wash his hands at the restaurant he works at…..this can’t be good for business. The first thing a chef should learn is hand sanitizing .

      • Yes, they all have noticed and have talked about it.
        Yet they continue to eat his food. If production does
        not want to say anything to him about it, then I think
        the HGs should. This happened in an earlier season
        and one of the HGs made a big deal about it to the
        person in front of the others.

      • I don’t know about Joe, I was referring to another season when they had the same problem and they took the guy down. It was nasty!!They just have to do the same to Joe. But he will just go into the diary room and yell and make our ears bleed!

      • They continue to eat it because they’re too lazy to make meals theirself. Goes to show how far they will go to avoid work.

      • I think Bit even said they were all sick to their stomachs once and she thinks it’s because Joe didn’t wash his hands and then made their dinner. So gross!

  2. Jez they NEED to get Frank out NOW or the next noms. Cause he cant be HOH… So tired of Frank. He is great at winning comps. And if the other HG are smart they will get rid of DAN asap too. Dan is a winner cause of his great way to play the game overall. FRANK and DAN will be final 2 if they others dont make moves. Get with it everyone else in house. YOU HAVE TO MAKE MOVES and not be scared. ITS JUST A GAME not real life. They act like this is real life and not a game. BE RUTHLESS!!!
    I want Ian to win. So sad Brit is out. I am nervouse to see who is Ians puppet master now. I think it will be Dan since Brit is gone. Ian is smart but makes silly mistakes that will affect his game in long run.

    • Seriously????? you want Ian to win? even though you just admit hes not a real player he needs a puppet master. I think Ian is the biggest scumbag hiding behind his nerdy personna. In my opinion, he’s a spoiled, immature, rude jerk who can dish it out but not take it (his attack on Frank) I wish Ian would do the honourable task of putting himself on the block lol or just simply walk out the door, straight to Mike’s house to give him the 3K back!

      • If you think that about Ian’s game play then you’ve missed a whole fantastic part/view of this season!

    • Ian has no puppet master. In beginning he explained staying low-key, when it was time to step out of the shadows he did and been up front about it ever since. Ian’s downfall may be his trust in alliance and trusting Dan. Dan has no problems being cut throat. Ian has very analitical mind and has planned very well, but he might be too much of nice guy regarding Dan. Team Ian!

  3. About Dan’s key being picked last… I hope that’s a warning that Dan will be renom’d.

    And, the icing on the cake would be Frank and Dan on the block in a double elimination… I can dream :o)

  4. I would be OK with either Dan or Frank going this week. Then, get out Joe or Jenn in the second elimination. (I couldn’t handle one of them winning BB..ugh) TEAM IAN!!!!!

  5. I hope frank and dan stay cause if you have bbad with both of them gone think of how boring it will be.Not ready to have daniel,shane ian joe and jen left.Think of it daniel following shane around like a puppy dog,shane who has no personality,joe with his stupid stories,jen well pretty much doing nothing and ian walking all over the place.there would be no real game play cause none of them are smart enough to play the game atleast frank and dan know how to switch things up in the house to make it more exciting

    • I cant recall Frank making any big strategic moves. Sure, he is great at comps, but thats it. No “entertainment value” there. Dan has only made one.. so no great viewing there either.

      • I totally agree. The real “entertainment value” was having Brit on there. I just ordered the Live Feeds last week and now that Brit is gone, I wish to God I could get my $15 back. I sure miss her. IT IS SOOOO FREAKIN BORING NOW!!!!! :/

      • The house seems much emptier without Britt and obvious HG’s feel it too. Wish you had not just given up Britt!!! You fought so hard until your nomination.

    • Frank is one of the worst strategic game players I have ever see. He was going after Dan practically the whole game, and after one conversation he makes one of the worst game moves in Big Brother history by thinking that Dan will take him to the final two!! LOL. He is so moronic my IQ drops by watching him. I know I’m probably going to get a lot of hate by saying this, but Frank fan or not, he wins a lot of competitions but is as dumb as a box of rocks.

      • You are so right. Frank has been full of big talk thru the entire game, yet always disregards any of his own ideas and follows whatever his partner of the week says. He is the biggest pawn of this season!! And I’m not sure he even realizes it because of that brick wall ego mentality. Either that or he does realize strategy his weakest point and putting on show. Smoke and mirrors the common denominate in personalities this year. Go Team Ian!!!

  6. I want Dan to win. Kinda liking Frank more after he took Dan off the block. So maybe they can both stay til the end!

  7. Dan had a long talk with Ian last night. Worried that he could be backdoored. So far, Joe is the main target. as he is the replacement nominee. If Dan is sitting beside Frank and in case of a tie, he has no problem sending Frank out. (Bad news for Frank) What Ian doesn’t realized is, if he sets these two free, Frank/Dan, he might end up rocking that eviction chair.

    btw, I want Dan and Frank to stay and end up on a F2. None of the HG’s deserves crap

  8. best bet for pov. jenn wins that leaves frank still on the block. replace jenn with dan. one of them will go.

  9. I really hope Frank wins POV, then it could get interesting! :), Or something like Dan uses the veto on him.

  10. Jenn in kitchen (feeds) looking at photo wall…Think maybe Jenn realizes that she was duped and used by Frank….lol…to late now Jenn that “big game play” (THE ONLY GAME PLAY U HAVE MADE) may be coming back to bite u in the ass…lottsa luck girl.. lmao

    • I have watched BB since day 1. Of all the players I have seen Jenn annoys me most. Please send her home and get her off my screen. Her ridiculous hair, ugly clothes and tats and this woman is 37 not 20years old. Dam I miss Brit!

  11. Ian is really starting to show his skills. People thought he was a bad player because he didnt win any comps and kept taking slop. There was no reason for him to win HOH because he was never a target,and taking slop was apart of his strategy. But when he turned on mike he knew frank was after him,and he had to get to work and he won hoh(he wasnt even trying to win) and when his best allie brit was sent home, he was determined to win HOH again, and he did. GO IAN!!!

  12. Frank and Dan make the house different and exciting. Jenn and Hoe do not add anything new to the house and one should go in the double eviction. I want Ian gone as well. He acrs like he did nothing to Frank and is so innocent.

  13. If they had a cooking comp of course it would be made for Joe..maybe just maybe he could finally win something..

  14. It really irritates me when people say Ian backstabbed frank and boogie, they were never really with ian. it was just frank and boogie. just because boogie was ian’s coach, dosnt mean they were together. So if Jenn put up mike (when he was still in the game) and frank, would she be backstabbing him and frank??

    • When you nominate 2 of your allies that early part of the game, it is backstabbing. Same as if Jenn nominates Frank and Boogie, it is backstabbing. What else can you call it? Noticed how Jenn stuck with Frank? It’s called loyalty. Listen, I have no problem with backstabbing , since it’s part of the game. Ian made a big move, and that was gutsy of him. In fact he’s probably one of the best player in the house right now. They’ll be crazy to sit with Ian in the F2, coz he’ll get the jury votes. Because of that, Ian is a target.

    • That’s right, Ian very loyal to Boogie until Boogie swept him aside for the all important Frank. Frank and Boogie biggest downfall their own egos. You brought it on yourself guys! Ian went where his mind and play were appreciated!

  15. if jenn wins put up dan if frank wins put up dan i dont trust dan to win pov he could pull off frank or put up daniell in jenns spot so u know u would have the votes to get frank out
    shane dan joe for frank out
    jenn for dani out
    and even if joe voted for frank to stay it would be tie and ian vote frank

    • Never trust Dan! He is a brilliant player, but you’ve had your win Dan! I worry if Dan stays another week his focus will be Ian. Ian deserved to win!

  16. Dan is walking a very fine line with his 2 alliances lol. I’ll be relieved once its past veto ceremony, because Frank just needs to rat Dan out to Ian, and Ian will backdoor him. ( Ian still doesn’t think that Dan said anything to Frank about QP wow )

    • Are you serious? Wow. I thought it was obvious. I heard Brittany suspect that Dan ratted them out.

  17. I dislike Dan I wish Britney would have stayed she deserved to win she got people to make moves and was controlling the house. All Dan does is use his bible to make deals and backstab them take the bible away from Dan and he’s nothing. Frank is one dumb player I like him but he makes such horrible decisions, Ian he’s playing the second best except he’s kinda dumb wen it comes to game. Shane is the best no one wants to take him out

    • Ian: about ADHD and not taking meds and all: its not really that big of a thing because i got into the house
      Dan: did they know?


  18. Dan has spurred the “revival” of the quack pack to keep himself safe. With Ian in power as hoh this plays on his ego since he seems to think that the qp was his “brainchild”. If Dan becomes a renom its bcuz Ian wised up to the fact that Dan is playing both sides. Thats something Ian should know & recognize.

    • if Frank smart he tell Ian that he knows about QP. Ian doesn’t know Frank knows anything about QP. So when Frank tells Ian he knows everything Ian will then know Dan sold him out. Dan be put up and Frank be saved

    • Usually what we see in others we don’t recognize in ourselves. It’s easier for Ian to justify his actions whereas Dans betrayals are unnecessary in his mind.

  19. I don’t see Dan as any more of a “Judas” than anyone else is. Eventually they ALL have to stab each other in the back in order for us to get to F2. So the whole flock of quack packers can’t possibly win. It’s not called F5.

  20. ian has a.d.d. he watched kara take a shower and he will not stop rocking back and forth like a mental patient. you suck ian. go back home to your room where your parents want you. theres no possible way ian has ever had a girlfriend. he cant be around the opposite sex without being awkward. frickin weirdo. have fun at jury forrest gump!

  21. YES! DAn wins the Veto, OUT goes the #1 Biggest Target, Frank! I do think this may be Dan’s first win in two seasons? Someone correct me if I’m wrong? He has always used his “social game”, as opposed to Comps. WOW!! Props to Dan, again!

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