Big Brother 14: Britney Haynes Eviction Interview

Britney Haynes with Julie Chen on Big Brother 14

Britney Haynes became the latest victim of eviction on Big Brother 14 this week when she was overwhelmingly voted out while sitting next to Danielle on the block. This wasn’t Britney’s first Big Brother rodeo and she often seemed most afraid of repeating her same mistakes from BB12, namely being blindsided by an alliance. Unfortunately for Britney it only took one player this time to seal her fate.

I had the chance to pose a few questions to Britney about pushing that ‘Reset’ button, her final week in the house, the parting “Judas” shot at Dan, and more. Read on for what Britney had to say.

Big Brother Network (BBN): You didn’t seem to campaign until Thursday’s show was closing in. Was that part of your strategy or had you resigned yourself to eviction?

Britney Haynes: Ian had pretty much tell me I didn’t have a chance, however when I woke up Thursday I decided I wasn’t going to just lay down and die. I did think a last minute deal could turn things around for me.

BBN: What convinced you to push the ‘Reset’ button that sent you in to the game?

Britney Haynes: I only had one player left, whereas Janelle and boogie each had three players left. So my chances weren’t looking too good as a coach. Plus I wanted to enter the game to play for myself and be in charge of my own destiny.

BBN: Who do you hope to see in the Final 2 and if different who do you think will most likely be there?

Britney Haynes: I would love to see Daniele and Ian in the final 2. But, the Houseguest are going to have a hard time keeping Dan away from the final 2.

BBN: In your final speech you referenced the infamous “Judas” line at Dan. Were you serious and do you harbor any anger at Dan for your eviction?

Britney Haynes: It was one of those half jokes – half serious and half joking and relying on chuckles to ease the awkwardness. I don’t harbor any resentment towards Dan. We came to play a game and he simply outplayed me.

Many fans may have questioned Britney’s return as a coach this season, but a quick glance at our popularity polls shows exactly why she was brought back. Britney was consistently a highly ranked player and even spent several weeks in the top spot. She played a fun game and was always sure to entertain and enjoy what she was doing. Britney might not have a shot at the grand prize, but she could still pull out another “fan favorite” prize like she did in her own season.

What do you think of Britney’s responses in the interview? She says she isn’t really mad at Dan, but could there still be enough there to keep him from getting her vote in the end if he makes it there like she anticipates? We’re just a few more weeks from possibly having that question answered.


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    • Oops – I accidentally hit the down instead of reply on my phone! Sorry! Anyway – it’s probably because Ashley doesn’t realize she’s left yet.

      • Lol..she probably thinks she won and her prize is the jury house. Right now she’s probably complaining that she has to pay property taxes.

    • That error was fixed early this morning and was just a mistake in creating the latest image. If you’re still seeing it then your browser is holding on to an old version. Trying doing a hard refresh (ctrl + f5) to clear out the old.

  1. She would still vote for Dan(unless Ian or dani is in f2 with him) to win, she isnt bias, like most payers. BB is a game, and she knows that.

    • Britney is the type of player that will vote for a favorite rather than on game play. If dani makes it she will vote for dani regardless of who is next to her in the f2.

    • I have to disagree. For britney having been in the game before, and as she has said, Dan outplayed her. I honestly think her vote would go to the “best Player”, not her Fav…. IMO

      • If that’s the case, she would have voted for Hayden on her season instead of Lane.

        Hayden clearly played a better game than Lane, but Brittney didn’t care as she gave her vote to Lane.

      • Which is sort of the point I am making, she entered the game as a “mentor”; I would hope that she has grown a bit and now respects the “game”. Just my personal opinion..

  2. Britney, dont know what you were wost at, being a coach or being a player. Maybe if you were a better coach then you would of have never had the need to enter the game.

    Then you enter the game because you want to be in charge of what happens to you , Yeah that worked well. To tell the truth you did even have a chance this season.

      • I have never liked britney on this or the previous season she was on. She may have a huge fan base but that is all she has. There is nothing to like about her at all.

      • She’s just like Jeff. Both good looking people. Both are funny. Both got to the jury house twice. Both won America’s Favorite house guest. But at the end of the day, they’re both two time losers.

        Their game play isn’t terrible, just not good enough to win it all.

      • Also its not being a HATER when she is also at the bottom of the list with joe and jenn. So far the top players in the game are Frank dominating comps, Dan always getting out of tight spots, and Ian who has everyone in his pocket. Next in line would be shane and then Dani.

        To make it simple….. What has britney done, absolutely nothing. Kinda hard to be a HATER when its true.

  3. It looks like Dani is having a love fest with herself. The mirror (she seems to think) is her BEST friend…geez.

  4. I heard Britney brag about getting her dress at a boutique that
    only sells one of a kind dresses.The color was good, but when
    I finally saw the dress on eviction night……it is in the style of a
    dress for a 12 year old. Not a good choice!

  5. I miss Brit already, she was always fun to watch, especially in the DR. But I must admit I’ll have a hard time deciding between Brit and Ian for America’s Favorite player.

    • I think maybe Ian is losing a few fans. At the time of Boogies eviction, his fan base swelled in numbers. But since then the only thing that seems to be swollen is his head.

      • Yes…He gets so mad and out of control when things don’t go his way. His behavior is so immature. It’s was o.k. and fun when he was playing the rat/mole, and stabbed Boogie in the back, but when Brittany got voted out, he got verbally out of control. He may be book smart, but he’s very immature. Hiis constant rocking tells me he has a nervous tick. I do think he resented Frank on a personal basis because Ashley was more compatible with Frank than himself. The part Ian played w/the quack pack was the part of a rat, and that’s was the only reason the quack pack kept him around.

    • don’t forget Brit won America’s favorite before too-not that she’s not deserving, I miss her too. Also (hopefully) She won’t be going home to find it’s burned down like last time too…

  6. I notice how the writers of the recaps and stuff on this site describe Britney as hilarious, I just don’t see it. Is it just me?

    • It’s not just you. I found her funny when she was drunk, but other than that she was whining & complaining constantly. She was funny Tuesday night when she was mad at Frank and sitting outside sarcastically saying what a good player he was, so good that he got himself chum baths every hour, a carrot suit and couldn’t play in the next 2 hoh’s. She looked like she was gonna lose it.

      • I love the thought of her having to deal with chum baths. Could imagine how much more bitchy she’d be.

    • Its not just you my man. Everyone that I talk Big Brother with (friends and classmates) adore Brittney. I just don’t get it. Sure, she’s a good looking girl and can be witty at times, but most of her comments come/came off as bitter.

      She got played again this season. Now, she’s just a two time loser!

      • No,I don’t find her hilarious. But compared to the other hg…ANYONE would seem funny.

    • Me too! Talking about her funny side, it was all counterfeit! Her “ring! ring! ring…” was a counterfeit of Boogie-Dr. Will, her “Judas” statement was a counterfeit of Brandon describing her, her immitating of Dan’s funeral….She just kinda sneaky bully!

      • In her case, imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery. If she has to imitate, then it must mean she’s not very original.

      • Someone previously described her as bitter and that is the perfect word for her. She is so bitter. Maybe I’m just one of the rare people who don’t find imitating people funny. Especially when it’s such a poor job. She just comes off as obnoxious and a try-hard.

  7. Brit only deserve to be where she is! When it comes to games, she was incapable both physically and mentally. Whenever she felt a threat, what she could think of was to make a caricature of the other hgs and made them look back, to trashed hgs. Yes, she got Rachael, got Willie, or even Frank. Oh wait, not Dan this time. Dan switched Fr’s decision with game talk, clean cut! With all this time Brit “teaming up” with Shane, she only used Shane as a tool, had never appreciated him inside, or outside the house. If Brit was good, it was no-brainer to switch Shane and Joe’s votes. Remember Dan tried to switch Dani’s decision before her HOH nomination? He just told her Shane would be nobody to her out of the house. Knowing nothing about gametalk and alliance, Brit didn’t belong to the BB. I believe Ryan should be very worried, Brit is the kind of woman who would take the last penny and trash you before she leave you!

    • Brittney can be funny at times which is the plus however, as a Big Brother House Guest, she was not much of a
      player. This is the 2nd time she has been played and
      maybe, it was unfair to put her in the same season as
      Boogie and Dan. That goes the same for Janelle. They
      were both overmatched because Boogie and Dan are
      among the best manipulators in the game, whether you
      acknowledge that fact or not! One thing going for her
      and Janelle is that they are both popular to their fans
      which is the reason Big Brother brought them back.
      What is strange in the Big Brother casting is when we
      have had almost 14 seasons of Big Brother, doesn’t
      it make sense to “only bring back all the previous
      winners”? That would be a hell of a line up and each
      of those 14 (including this season) winners would be
      the Creme de la Creme of the bunch and you do not
      need any extra twists and have to deal with dumb
      or lame game play!

      • Doubt if they could bring back all 14. They would have to bail Adam (BB 9) out of jail first. He won half a mil and STILL the guy was dumb enough to deal drugs using the money he won. Goes to show you that not all of the winners are geniuses.

  8. i am still brain damaged from danielle’s behavior last night. i hope she has a ounce of class tonight!

      • Lol…surely thinking of Cowzilla made time past faster. Even if you were just making a mental note of everything she ate last night…it should have taken up 8 hours at least.

      • going to hit the sack and see what happens pathetic…wake up and want to watch good game play and all i get is a duck looking in the mirror and flaunting herself to joe…ick ick ick

      • You must have thought you were still sleeping and having a nightmare. We’re all going to need hypnosis by the time this is over to get that image out of our head.

    • I’m sure she will ask Shane if the color of her bra matches her eyes. She’ll probably ask ALL of them. Joe will want closer inspection before deciding of course.

    • If Dan go to F2, his best chance of winning would be sitting beside the coaches. Now, with all the coaches gone, the best chance would be sitting beside Joe.

      • When the feeds came back on he & Ian were in the HOH bathroom talking about their F2 deal. If that’s the case I’d say the odds for Ian winning the 500K are pretty good.

      • He is BSing Ian. No way he will take him to final two. Best bet for Dan is to take Danielle. Who would vote for her? That way he can brag what a great player/coach he is. The horror!

      • And he would be right. How many people would be able to say they not only won…TWICE…but coached a player all the way to F2?

  9. VERY COOL Dan! Now you have a big decision to make….maybe not so big…leave the noms as they are…you’d have Ian on your side and probably everyone else.

    • There’s no way in hell i’d change the noms if i were him. They can get rid of a sure bet in F2. Anyone sitting next to Frank would be sure to lose. Take Frank out and Dan really has no competition to speak of. Ian can’t play for HOH next week…just the right time to evict him. Dan has proven he can win comps when he puts his mind to it. Now he’s even more dangerous than ever.

  10. Dan won POV? When did he decide to play the game. Guess he may have thought he was going up. I think he may use to save Frank. That would be funny. I hope Dan goes next week, so arrogant.

  11. The house is in for some serious campaigning…very cool season. Quite the ride….Better than last year in my opinion.

    • Jenn could probably go back into her coma and STILL not get evicted. I think these guys REALLY want Frank gone.

      • Too funny.
        What I’m seeing is that Jenn is still holding true to Frank. They want Dan to use the POV to take one of them off the block and then put up Joe. I don’t know what’s gonna happen….but it’s gonna be fun.

  12. I was cheering for Britney, but I gotta say, I was disappointed in her this season…I thought she was still pretty funny, but she didn’t play as much as I wanted her too. I wanted her to win more comps like in season 12, and fight for her life to get Joe and Shane’s vote. I know she could have pulled it off if she tried a little more.

  13. CBS or some other channel should really think about hiring Britney to host there show. She has a great personality and is extremely funny. I hope to see Brit on other TV shows.

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