Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 7 Wednesday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Just when I thought things had stepped up on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds, today happens. Today, while on lockdown, the houseguests slept all day, talked about non-sense and then there’s Britney’s non-campaign.

For anyone who ever wondered what Britney would have done during her first season if she actually had a shot at campaigning, you can put your wonders to rest. The answer is nothing. Britney has had several days to try to flip her pending eviction around, but we’ve seen her do no such thing. Sadly, she’s given in and will go out without a fight just like last time. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 29, 2012:

10:18 AM BBT — First talk of the morning is how drunk Britney and Ian were the night before. Most agree Ian was a jerk and  Britney was hilarious. Britney apparently had so much to drink that she saw a medic.

10:58 AM BBT — Frank tells Britney that Ian said his social game was crap.

11:40 AM BBT — Danielle and Frank talking about who they want in the final four with them. Danielle says, the two of them, Jenn and Frank or Dan. She says she’s not sure between Shane or Dan. Which actually is a good question. Who would Danielle choose between those two…

1:49 PM BBT — Ian apologizes to Jenn for offending the night before.

3:20 PM BBT — Ian is talking to Dan about him telling Britney she didn’t have the votes to stay. Ian is nearly crying. He’s really upset Britney is leaving.

3:22 PM BBT — Now Ian and Britney are talking. Britney said she had planned to campaign to Shane and Joe today, but now isn’t sure if there’s any use. Says their decisions have been made.

6:42 PM BBTMost of the HGs are hanging out in the smallest room in the house for some reason basically talking about nothing.

7:16 PM BBT — Britney offends Danielle when she says at least Ian is upset she’s going home. Danielle tells Britney she’s upset too. Britney says she doesn’t act like it.

7:38 PM BBT — Shane thanks Dan for letting America see him cry. Britney thanks him for making her look stupid.

9:36 PM BBT — HGs having a late dinner since they slept and did nothing all day.

11:36 PM BBT — Ian asks Danielle if she’d put up him and Shane. She says no. She says she’s going to get Frank out.

 12:35 AM BBT — Britney tells Ian that she thinks everything went down hill when they got Janelle out instead of Frank

Let’s hope things heat back up over the weekend when the new HoH is crowned and two new people are up for eviction. It has to be better than this. At one point, a camera was on the HoH fish tank. And I’m not talking because someone was talking about something they shouldn’t. It was because nothing was going on.

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  1. Did anyone else notice the ad beside the site for the book “How to Get on Reality TV” by Dan Gheesling? LOL

  2. Ugh idk why Britney is just giving up. SHE HAS THE VOTES TO STAY!! Convince Shane/Joe. Seriously what is up with these HG just giving up. If she leaves I hope Ian wins HoH. Not Shane because the dude has no brain. Atleast with Ian there is gonna be drama.

    • Brittney was not that good of a player to begin with. She and Janelle got on this season of Big Brother on popularity and her fan base and nothing else! So, what would you expect? Also, she was playing against 2 winners, Boogie and Dan who know how to play the game! I agree that her throwing in the towel guarantees she goes home! What she should be doing is campaigning and framing the choice that keeping her serves Shane’s and Joe’s interest in going much further in the game than, saving Danielle from eviction! I will not even go into the reasons she can raise against Danielle as I am rooting for Brittney to be evicted this week! In my opinion, Brittney could have raised doubt on the wisdom of keeping Danielle over her but, I think Brittney just plain gave up! So, why keep Brittney?

      • That’s exactly why Britney doesn’t deserve to be on this season. She rode on Lanes back her season and this season she hasn’t done anything except backstab and trash talk everyone. She doesn’t even pick up after herself. She’s a little spoiled brat. How she won America’s favorite her season I’ll never know. And as far as Janelle she is up there with one of the best players. She didn’t even get a chance to play the game this season. As soon as the coaches got into the game she got backdoored. I’ll bet if she would of been able to play for POV she would of won and saved herself!!!

    • Because she thinks dani is awesome and a sweet girl she don’t want to campaign against her. If only she knew she thru brit under the bus and told jenn to go ahead and use the veto on dan it would be so diff then she would have shane and joes vote. But they have no clue they think dani was just as blindsided as brit.

      • When Britt gets to watch back the show ,wonder if she will still think the same of ,and be friends With Dani…

      • Pray tell ” How was that insulting to Jenn or anybody??” Maybe not the best choice or discription of words to use but why would Jenn think it was directed at her ??? It was a bad time for all Americans.. not just Jenn…

      • @4971b14920e20c9fab2d432c99d2c809:disqus he didn’t really say it in an insulting way, sometimes ppl can be too sensitive. He was saying how much of a fan he is of big brother and how long he’s been watching and me made reference to the towers, but by no means was it to insult anyone. It was truly just a bad choice of words and he was completely remorseful once he realized what he had said. Ian is socially awkward so he doesn’t always understand that some of the things he say can some off strange at times. He really was just making a historical reference that’s all. Any true BB fan would know that once of S2’s final 3 (do not remember her name) loss a cousin in the towers. He really didn’t mean anything by it.

  3. can’t stand how production edits the shows…. They make people like Ian look like a much better, innocent person then they are. (last night’s show showed him as an innocent boy that got blindsided. If you were to review the live feeds, you would see a pompous jerk filled with youthful arrogance, making insensitive 9/11 remarks)

    • His remark was not insensitive. He didn’t mean anything behind it and I think people are looking too deep into it. He was making an historical reference to how long he had been watching BB. I think his remark is being blown, way out of proportion.

      • Disagree. The remark was insensitive- he said it in a arrogant douchy kind of way. He should have been sensitive to the victims families and chose his words more carefully.

      • He was talking about how long he had been watching big brother and he mentioned a few things, a few historical references, one being 9/11. Paraphrasing his statement he said – “since the planes went into the towers.”

      • I disagree!!! I guess no one for that matter is allowed to mention 9/11 under any circumstance??? It effected us all and him mentioning it was not in an insensitive way. he didn’t make fun of the attacks, he didn’t make fun of the victims, he just mentioned the act – so how was it insensitive. Again, this is being blown WAY out of proportion.

      • I think the keyword here is SENSITIVE. Jay pointed out that Ian’s remarks were INSENSITIVE. No one is saying ya can’t talk about 9/11, or that the intent of his heart was wrong, but what comes out of your mouth says what is in your heart, and the way he said that comment was very INSENSITIVE-he did not talk about 9/11 in a SENSITIVE WAY.

    • Can’t stand how politically correct some of you are. The statement was in no way out of line or an attemt to be hurtful. I don’t like Ian as a player, but some of you just take this TV show so personally. Geez, get a life…

  4. Yep Frank can strut his stuff and shoot his mouth off but he is still Dans # 1 target…llol…SOOO Daniell thinks she has a choice of Shane or Dan..If Frank repeats that to Dan before the eviction things could be turned completely around .And there is no way she would take Jenn cause she is tooo self centered. And u know that may be why Frank ask her the question so that he could tell Dan at some point….And Frank plans on taking the weakest HG’s Joe/Jenn to the final 3…YEAH U GO SUPERMAN..UR AFRAID THAT U CAN’T BEAT ANYBODY ELSE IN HOUSE…Hard to say who gets the “I AM ALL THERE IS” award Daniell or Frank…keep watching…

  5. Ok,if Frank and Dan are working together and Danielle is suppose to be part of their alliance along with Jenn. Why did Danielle tell Ian she would get Frank out if she won HOH? Was that to throw off Ian or are Danielle and Dan going to stab Frank in the back after Frank helped Dan with his plan. That would be crap if that happend. Show a little loyalty to someon who has helped you. I wish Danielle and Britany could go together . Make it a 2 for 1 deal. And Ian can go too. Only in a perfect BB world. Now I know I am going to get some really nasty comments. Go ahead I can take it. But not too nasty ok!!!

    • I think it may be a ploy to mislead Ian. Dan already told Danielle that they have a new alliance with Frank and Jenn. It would be foolish to betray Frank because they need him for HOH and Veto whenever, he can play! Ian and Shane will be targeting Dan if they win HOH and Dan
      and Danielle would be utter fools to think they can do this by themselves! Also, Frank and Jenn are two crucial votes that Dan and Danielle will need to get rid of both Shane and Ian. They just need to stick together and get out Ian and Shane and all 5 of them (Dan, Danielle, Jenn and Frank, Joe ) got closer to that $500,000. Of course, it becomes a free for all when you get to Final 5 because the evictions got more important at that point! Even more important than this past week and the coming two weeks!

      • Dan is the smartest player in the Big Brother House. He will not betray Frank at this point because Ian and Shane will be going after him! He is going to need Frank and Jenn to play for HOH and Veto whenever possible and the votes to get rid of Ian
        and Shane. If they get rid of Ian and Shane then, anything can happen because with 5 people left, someone has to go home! If there is any backstabbing to happen, it will happen then! Also, Dan has stuck to his alliances compared to Shane and Brittney who are the ultimate douche bags to betray each alliance they have been in! As far as trust goes, I will take Dan over Shane and Ian any day of the week!

      • Sorry I like Frank, but you are entitled to your own opinion just like everyone else. Too bad others can’t see it that way.

      • She playing it like Dan and her are actually working with Frank and Jenn but no one else knows. Their basically being double agents like Ian did for them.

      • I believe Dan said to Dani that they needed to keep
        Frank this coming week so Frank will know he kept
        his word. They have one more week of his not
        being able to play for HOH. Ian is suppose to be the
        next one to leave if they play it like they have talked
        about it. Ian really needs to go. He has become so
        arrogant and mean spirited when it wasn’t good
        game play or necessary. Power can turn some people into tyrants. Just saying…

      • as outgoing HOH Frank can”t play in the HOH Comp tonight, plus he got a 2 week suspension because he cheated in the veto comp this week . it seems everyone has forgotten that . So hes got two more weeks after tonight before he can play again That means Danny boy better step up and start playing and winning comps. And I don’t know if Danielle can win anything. so we might see a shift in power. hummmmmm

    • Because Danielle is a useless idiot. Dan can see that he does need Frank to win comps. He also knows that keeping Frank makes the target on his back a little smaller. If Dan goes final 2 with Frank, e has a chance of winning. If he goes with Danielle, he pretty much guarantees 2nd.Danielle is gonna be the one that really screws up Dan and Frank’s plan.

      • I don’t believe Dan’s original plan was to pull Danielle back in. I think he was cutting his ties with her but then realized he needed her vote to get rid of Britney ! Once thats done , Danielle is expendable.

    • If Ian, Shane or Joe figures out that Dan/Danielle are working with Frank to get them out of the house then Danielle would likely lose the votes to stay in this week.

    • she told Ian that so that her cover wouldn’t be broken,duh! Know one knows she in on it with Dan. Remember her and Dan are done and she suppose to hate Frank. she can’t tell Ian anything else. wow! watch the game

  6. besides dan being good at lieing and backstabbing he hasnt won a contest yet i dont see him going to far this week brit gone what should happen next is ian win hoh put up frank and dan if dan wins put up danii if frank wins put up jenn would be nice to see dan go next so the coaches are out of it

    • what makes everyone think Ian get win HOH’s all of a sudden. He won one, one! and that because it was the spur of the moment. He won golden veto luckly and that won’t happen again. Ian isn’t winning anything again! guarantee!!!!!! he is gone next week

  7. I’ve been thinking about the fact that Dan USED the Holy Bible as part of his ploy. He said to Frank, “I want to talk with you upstairs and read you a scripture.” How lowdown can a person go?

  8. I think Dan is awesome, he plays a really good game, I was waiting to see what he would do to save himself and he did not disappoint. I don’t like everyone bashing the players, ya there are a few I don’t care for but this is a game, people act in different ways then they normally would in real life. I think Ian played a really good game and if Dan doesn’t win I hope he does. Frank is great at comps but he has a crappy personality. Dani ya is whinny but everyone has been at some point in the game, she just makes the mistake of playing with her heart. Britney, Shane & Joe I never seen getting into the final 3. And Jenn made me shake my head when she got all mad about being put up on the block… but at least now she is playing the game. I think it has been a great season so, I wouldn’t change a thing.

    • Frank and Dan need to work together without back stabbing each other, well until Ian and Shane are gone, even then I would like to see them in the final two. Would be great is Dan won again. He for sure would be the greatest BB player of all time.

      • If Dan back stabs Frank at any point until F2 then he is a bad person. he straight up on national TV swore on a bible his marriage and his dead dads necklace that he would not back stab Frank.

      • I think he swore that everything he was telling Frank was true. Mostly he outed Ian and the Quack Pack – nothing about a final 2. Then after that he convinced Frank to get Jenn to use the veto on him. Dan really is a master manipulator, you assume he says
        something when he really didn’t.

    • I don’t get how some People say Frank personality is crappy. He straight up and honest. He been back stabbed more than anyone I think I ever seen. I would be mad also. he straight up and honest that a real man

      • I agree. Frank is growing on me. He is mostly friendly with the others. Plus he is funny. I didn’t like him when he was playing with Boogie, but I’m really starting to like him. I thought his tweaking of Ian and Britney during the veto ceremony was smart and funny. “Britney, cop a squat”. LOL.

      • Frank has a crappy personality because he seems to think he is the only person in the game that deserves to be there because he “went through so much to get there.” Frank wants everyone else to lye down and give him the game. Everyone came there for the same purpose and that’s to win $500K, not one person in that house should have the attitude that Frank has – it shows how selfish, self-centered, and full of himself he is. Also, he has spoken disgustingly about just about everyone still in the house at some point in time and I’m talking about him making it personal and even bringing in some of the house guests’ significant others. Now you tell me if he doesn’t have a crappy personality?

      • Are you kidding? How many times has Britney said “I left my husband and my job to be here” to make it seem like she deserves it more? How many times has Joe alluded to his family to make his case for staying in the house? Right after JoJo got evicted she almost immediately started claiming that she deserved to be there more than other people in the house. Need I go on? Frank is hardly the only person in the house that feels like they deserve to be there more than anyone. Clearly, you’re just biased against Frank.

  9. Seems to me that Britney could get Joe, Shane and Ian to vote to keep her if she tried. Anyone who gives up – deserves to go home. If it is not worth the fight – pack your bags and go.

  10. danielle is a fake. its always about her. shes a liar. she wants everyone to feel sorry for her.i wish briteny stayed.

  11. please leave Ian alone.please don’t make a big deal of what he said.JENN OVER REACTED. she’s has no social skills either.

    • you really think Shane can make a choice without Brit? plus Dani will tell him not to put up Dan or Frank. Dan will tell Dani what to tell Shane lmao. so really Dan will be HOH whoever wins lol

  12. joe said he would vote for her briteny but he changed his mind. somebody get some ba## vote for briteny to stay. danielle must go before dan the snake gets to her.

  13. I liked Dan for a long while – until now. After last night I swear I think he compared himself to Jesus – about being “risen” etc… and that’s not cool. I have been on and off the Frank train, but now I really hope he wins. Also, I completely agree with “Jay” about the editing etc… Ian IS an as. He is showing his true colors. Once he got a taste of power he has completely changed. His new found arrogance makes me absolutely sick. Good thing Boogie was halfway out the door when Ian said “get to steppin’!”

  14. I for one am very angry about Brit leaving I wanted her to win. Wait til she finds out Danielle was lying to her. Sorry rit BB14 wont be the same now and may not even watch it now. It sucks that she wont be there.

    • Gonna stop watching cause your favorite will be out of the house? HAHAHAHAHA

      yea, your not the first nor will you be the last as many have said that and many still CONTINUE TO WATCH.

      My favorite Boogie was voted off and obviously he didn’t go to jury, yet, I still watch the show. Least people can still see Brittany in jury with those brief clips on Thursdays.

  15. If somehow someway Joe and Jenn made it to the final 2 who would you guys want to win.
    By the way I just felt curious and decided to ask that question.

  16. I don’t get why Joe and Shane don’t make a big move by voting off Danielle. It would be absolutely shocking if they told everyone they were voting off Britney but instead went for Danielle. Everyone’s faces including Dan’s would be hilarious!

  17. Dan and Frank I think will both be going home this week because they should be having another double eviction or Fast Forward this week and Ian knows how to get them out. Way to go Ian!!!!

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