Big Brother 14: Week 7 Eviction Predictions

Tonight on Big Brother 14 another houseguest will be evicted and after all the drama this week I think we know exactly who will be evicted.

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing.

Tomorrow we’ll be interviewing tonight’s evicted Big Brother 14 HG so feel free to share any questions you might have and we just might use it.

Big Brother 14 Week 7 Eviction Predictions – Britney or Danielle:

Britney Haynes on Big Brother 14
Britney Haynes on Big Brother 14
Big Brother's Spoilers Britney Haynes on Big Brother 14
Big Brother Access Britney Haynes on Big Brother 14
Big Brother Junkies Britney Haynes on Big Brother 14
Big Brother Live Britney Haynes on Big Brother 14
Zap2It Britney Haynes on Big Brother 14
Britney Haynes on Big Brother 14

Things are not looking good for Britney. What do you think? Share your guess in the poll below!


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  1. Brit is out the door, but it would be super awesome if Shane, Joe, and Ian flipped their votes…Frank, Dan and Jenn would be in shock!!!

    • Problem, Joe is not smart, Shane doesn’t ever dig deep enough and just believes what Danielle says, and Ian’s big head is getting in the way to figure out what’s going on. Ian will be the only one to keep her even though Shane’s loyalty should be with Brit. Joe just wants to be on the winning teams good graces for the following week. Ratings dive on afterdark

      • Brit just needs Shane, and her plan is to talk to him today, last, so she had the last word. Joe said he would vote with Shane, so if she got Shane she’d have 3 votes and would stay.

  2. That was insane just how dan did that… BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! Man, you have to give it up to him… he’s getting rid of all the stronger players now and keeping control over the weaker ones and they don’t even see it… mentally, most of them are weak players and only are making the moves they are told to make. I like Jen city, but man…. yeah, we can’t say she didn’t make a big move in the game, but it was cause she was told to do it… she didn’t do it of her own accord… She has strings just like most of them do. ^5 to Dan. He is the man!!!! LMAO… I wasn’t loving the season… but it’s been picking up lately and i’m an addict again… Thanks BB14

    • She did it cause basically she has nothing else to do, so this made her look in her own mind like she did something big in the game besides floating till the end. Jenn who ?? LOL

    • I have to agree with you! I actually wanted Dan out b/c he wasn’t really doing anything! But his come back was on the mark Brilliant! BB14 love it!

  3. Dan’s quack pack sure didn’t try to save him… He had to save himself. Remember, it is ALL about the $$$$$!!

  4. She played bad and deserves to go home. Made way to many mistakes this season especially evicting Janelle. Why Evict someone who would for sure keep you in the game. Dumb dumb dumb. Bye Britney

  5. here is how IAN wins – Frank is out of HOH for 2 weeks – Ian wins this week and puts out Dan, Shane wins next week and puts out Frank – now Dan cannot play HOH – ian wins and puts out Shane – that leaves IAN to own the game

    • Dani has 1 HOH and one veto. Hopefully Dan will start winning comps like he did at the end of his season and Frank can play veto. A lot of different things can happen.

    • Eric are you saying Joe or Jenn can beat Shane or Ian – Danielle maybe – but not Jenn or Joe – please – Jenn only won POV because Frank was disqualified

      • Jenn going to come on strong, just watch. Shane will abandon Ian in a second so don’t think that with Shane winning HOH Dan and Frank done. Dan and Frank with Dani and Jenn help will convince Shane to do whatever. every move Shane did was what he was told. I do not see him standing on his own without Brit and Dani working with Frank and Dan

      • See I’m not as stupid as you think I am. I was thinking the same thing. After you put me down so nastily I am a little gun shy to say much. But I agree with you on this.

    • Except, if Brittney gets evicted this week, it is going to be Ian and Shane facing off in the HOH competitions versus Dan, Danielle, Joe and Jenn. If any of the 4 win, it will be Shane and Ian on the block and the Dan alliance with Frank, Danielle and Jenn will have the majority votes if they can keep both Ian and Shane on the block. That would guarantee either Shane and Ian evicted this coming week.

    • so terry the 2 with no game is jenn or joe danielle is the best female this season no doubt she beat janelle in an endurance comp remember no one saw that coming i know she crys trying setting in a house and no where too get away you would be in alot of stress and every girl who has played the game has cried at some point stop making fun of daniellie you people on here dont know her either do i i hate people who judge she is playing the game maybe its part of her game to be annoying and using being emotional to get ahead if so its working

      • Every girl has cried…i don’t think so….So far in this season Ashley, Jenn ,JoJo, Jodi, and Kara didn’t. And there are 2 many in other seasons to mention that have not

      • Jenn cried too after the HoH comp where they had to fill those juggs and the ground was slippery. She was crying while eating pizza lol. And then she went up to Shane’s HoH room

      • Disagree with you. I think Brit has played the best game so far this season (by a female player) socially and strategically. Danielle is the best competitor in the girls group I’ll give you that.

      • Brit gave her the HOH she won. And Brit also won safety in an HOH comp, while Dani didn’t win anything. I think Brit is a decent competitor as well.

      • Brit gave it to her? Brit looked like she was dying at that point and was begging Ian to give it up. Dani looked like she could be there for a lot longer. She looked completely comfortable. In the other comp Brit went for safety which was a lot less to fill. Dani went for HOH and came in 2nd to Shane.

      • I agree. And the same thing happened during her original season, with the endurance comp – someone (can’t remember who) gave her that comp as well.

      • You can’t really say she gave it to her. If you’re not capable of winning it then a deal is your best bet. Obviously she wasn’t capable. Same goes for going for safety instead of HOH. Who else was going for safety? Only those that were incapable of winning HOH.

      • i just read something damien danielle and shane are actually dating in real life you know big brother is taped and when there tapying the show there tapying the live feeds and they just post them when you pay for them
        how do i know there dating her actuall facebook page says in relationship with shane

      • I disagree as Brit was great socially although she could be a mean girl when she wanted to be. Strategically, she made to many F2 deals and was found out. She tried to hide behind Shane during his last HOH and was mad at him for having to take some heat. She wanted to fly under the radar and got caught.

      • They all have been making final 2 deals with everyone, not just Brit! They all lie and cheat too! Don’t just point the finger at Brit!

      • That’s true. But she just wasn’t as smart about hers. The trick is to not get entangled in your own web. Not only did she get entangled but she’s about to get eaten by a snake.

      • Lying is part of this game. Somebody doing something in this game that they normally would not do outside the game should not be held against any of them. Heck, look what Dan did & the things he said in his “Funeral Speech”. There is no doubt in my mind that he is a Christian & would never say those things outside the house. That is just part of the game. I don’t like what he did, because Britt is my favorite player in the game, but I have to agree that what he did was the best move so far this season.

      • I hate people who judge other people as well. Everyone comes in with a plan of how they are going to play the game. This year they came in with the coach twist. When the coaches entered the game I am sure that a lot of their plans had to change. I don’t think I have seen a girl this season who has not cried with the exception of Janelle who said she does not cry. I remember Brit questioning her about all these different things that would make most people cry, but Janelle said no. That is why she would even say she had to bring on some fake tears so she would grab some kleenix and pretend to cry.

      • Jenn cried too after the HoH comp where they had to fill those juggs and the ground was slippery. She was crying while eating pizza lol. And then she went up to Shane’s HoH room.

  6. Brit will definitely be going. She made too many F2 deals and never wanted to take the heat for anything. She ended up getting caught. She got too close to Ian and when Dan knew that both Brit and Ian were willing to let him go he spilled all to Frank and both of them knew Brit had to go. In order for Dan’s plan to work he had to convince Frank that he was not lying to him even though he had many times before and then Frank had to convince Jenn. Major props go to Dan, Frank and Jenn to make this all work. Remember Dan’s plan would not work unless Frank and Jenn were on board. Some people are short changing Frank and Jenn, but Dan’s plan would have gone no where without them and Dan would be walking out that door tonight. I like the fact that Dan and Frank have a F2 and a F4 with Dan, Frank, Dani and Jenn. I would really like to see Dan and Frank in F2, but they have some hard work ahead and hope that either Dan or Dani win tonight. It has gotten exciting and BB14 has turned out to be better than I thought.

      • Yes, just not Ian or anyone that is against Frank, Dan, Jann or Dani. I hope that Jenn will prove that she can do endurance because that is what it will be. Hopefully she has been saving herself until it counts which could be tonight.

      • I agree with you. I hope she can come through too. Maybe she has been just sitting back and waiting for the right moment. We can only hope.

    • I agree with you totally, Jacee, except for tonight’s HoH. Jenn has to win, otherwise if Danielle wins, she’s going to put up Frank probably, thanks to Ian influencing her (last night’s BBAD).

      • I think that no matter what Ian or for that matter Brit as well said to Dani she is loyal to Dan. I could be wrong, but just based on Ian and Brit willing to let Dan go showed Dani that Ian was not to be trusted. I didn’t finish watching all of BBAD yet so will have to see what his pitch is. She already has a F2 with Dan so unless Ian told her he would let her completely win the title of BB14 and even with that I don’t think she trusts Ian. The one thing Ian has never shown is him being loyal to anyone. Ian is out for Ian only. The part I did get to see was when Ian said he admired Shelly from last year. He is playing very much like her. Shelly ended up really liking Jeff and Jordan which she did not think would happen. It just about killed her when they found out. I don’t see Ian having that same relationship with anyone, but Brit and even if he took her to the end he knew she could never win against him so it was a safe move. Ian is all about getting the best out and that would include Dan. He may start with Frank, but then would go to Dan. I know it will be hard, but hope that Dani sticks with Dan and not Ian. I will be a nervous wreck – that is one thing I can guarantee. lol

      • Ian is the next target but, he does not know it
        yet. Would be amazing to see his face when
        he winds up on the block. No one has nominated him yet, this season. His time might be up and that would be awesome!

  7. Britney‘s my favorite! The house will be lost without her, she‘s such a peace keeper! You‘ll be missed Brit <3 xo

    • I agree with you Lindy. She will be missed. The house is going to be boring. My husband won’t even watch BB anymore because of Dans hatefull ways and the way Production sets up events to keep him in the game.

      • Funny how last week everyone was saying how production was rigging the game to keep Frank in. its always productions fault if the person winning is not your fav.

      • well, there wasnt a “twist” that kept both noms safe this week – one of which being Frank that was sure to go home… i think that’s the root of the rumor that production was saving Frank.

      • Right. It’s not like there was an extra veto ball that could have kept the whole QP together and made Franks nominations moot. People see what they want to see.

      • Only answer the following questions: 1) Did Ian with his Golden POV have an opportunity to save Dan? 2) Did Frank have a new alliance with Brittney and Shane and if Dan went off the block, it would have been Joe in the hot seat with Danielle? 3) If it was Joe against Danielle in the hot seat, did the Quack Pack not have the votes to save Danielle? There was Dan, Brittney, Shane, Ian versus Jenn.
        Now, if Ian saved Dan by using his golden POV, all the Quack Pack, all 5 of them would
        have been safe this week! Think about that one!

      • Dan’s hateful ways? It’s a GAME. It’s about who is clever enough to make it to the end and get the 1/2 mil., no matter who you stab. They all know the game before going on the show. No surprises. You can’t trust ANYONE. That’s what this show is about.

      • Well your husband needs to know that its a reality tv show. Dan had to do something, does your husband think Dan should have just sat back and do nothing. Dan had to do what it takes to stay in the house and that he did. I don’t see any other player in history come up with a plan like dan did. Dan and his new memphis will be your final 2 standing.

  8. Can’t wait for Brittney to be evicted. Hopefully, Dan will give her a nice farewell message. I can think of one funny one right now on Brittney but, do not want to jinx it!

    • I want Frank to say in his farewell msg: ” Oh I got a phone call from Boogie?, Oh you want me to relay a msg to Brittany?,-HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

  9. Buh bye Bitchney…that’s what you get for making an alliance with everyone in the house. And also backstabbing one of the best players in BB history. Did you really think Dan would let you and Ian get away with it???

    • she backstabbed 3 of the best players in BB history: Janelle, Boogie, and Dan. go home Bitchney and make babies instead of coddling Ian the Freak.

  10. They all better watch out or Ian will win it all. They know what a snake he is, but they aren’t doing anything about him.


    • Just because she’s funny she should be allowed to stay? How can you say she doesn’t deserve to be sitting in jury if she wasn’t smart enough to protect herself? Guess she will be tickling Ashleys funnybone in the jury house.

  12. As much as I want Danielle to go home, It’s definitely going to be Brit. She was my favorite too….

    • I have to agree with you. I can’t stand Danielle… Brit is so funny, I’ll be sad to see her go.

  13. If Brit would at least throw Dani under the bus she could stay. I think she’s knows if she stays she don’t have a chance. At least she found out now, and not the final five like before.

  14. so unfair britney is going, no doubt dan is good but how he did it was really mean. britney at the beginning was one of my least favorite players and watching bb after dark she became my favorite hands down!!! she really is a funny girl and its a shame to see her go

    • I think it would have been possible to stay if she had changed her game plan. But apparently she relied on her personality to get her through the game. While having a good personality helps…its not everything.

    • She should have thought about throwing Dan under the bus by getting Ian to use the Golden POV. That is all that needed to happen. Take Dan off and Joe would have been on the block with Danielle. The Quack Pack, Ian, Dan, Brittney and Shane all vote to evict Joe and all of them are safe! Now, how hard was that to figure out?

    • So, Dan should have just been “fair” and allow himself to be evicted because Brit is funny?

  15. Wished people would step up (Ian, Shane and Joe) to exvict Danielle…. Will keep fingers crossed in hope this happens.. If Joe was smart he would vote to keep Brit along wiht Shane and Ian.

  16. Please explain. As a penality Daniell and Brittany were supposed to be shackled together for 24 hours no matter what. Even when they went to the bathroom. We see them dressed in different clothes,bikinis,other clothes. Your two legs are shackled together how do you change clothes? They violated the rules and both of them should be evicted now. Is big brother’s rules just another fraud?

    • they squeezed their bikini bottoms, etc., between the shackles. duh. what’s so difficult about that? on BBAD after brit got wasted on a bottle of wine all for herself, danielle helped brit change into her bikini in the shower and even went into the bathroom with her. sorry guys..production didn’t show any inappropriate scenes.

      • The shackles,if you noticed were tight,you would have to take them off to put a bikini on.. How do you squeeze pants on if you don’t remove the shackles? There were no locks so I don’t believe any of that premise?

      • Oh my god get over it. Jenn is supposed to be on slop but she is drinking protein shakes. Dan was in a solitary dance party but didn’t have to dance. Frank gets in the hot tub without the carrot costume, just the hat. By your delusional logic the whole house should be evicted.

  17. Well I want Britney to campaign more votes and get Danielle out then they ca go after Dan & Carrot top Frank!!!!!

  18. Brit goes and my whole family and most of my friends are done due to cheating and productions interference are done with BB!!!!! Watch rating will go down I PROMISE, PRODUCTION CONGRADULATIONS ON GETTING YOUR WAY, CHEATERS!!!!!!!! <3 TEAM BRITANY

  19. I love Brit! She is soooo funny and I’ve enjoyed watching her all season, especially the past few nights on BBAD. If she goes, it’s gonna be pretty dull around the house. Unfortunately, she will probably be walking out the door.

  20. i wonder if danielle realizes Dan screwed her from getting Brits vote in jury if Brit finds out or figures it out…I bet Dan had already thought that…w2g Dan

    • You are worrying about nothing! Danielle is not going to win this game. More than likely if the chips fall into place, it is going to be Dan and/or Frank. I say end or because they might both win up in Final 2.

  21. Joe is the key player this week. He needs to think which side is going to keep him in the house longer. He needs to align himself with Britt Shane & Ian. Because if Brittany goes home, he has a 33% chance of going home next week.

    • If Dan’s alliance, Dan, Frank, Danielle, Jenn and Joe win HOH, it will be Shane and Ian on the block! Why would Joe put himself in harm’s way when he has atleast, 2 weeks safety if he just vote to evict Ian and Shane? Also, Dan’s alliance has the votes. Why would Joe stick his neck out to save Brittney or even Ian or Shane?

  22. Brit’s gettin’ the royal shaft on this one.It should be Danielle leaving,not Brit.This sucks!!!

    • You mean the same way Dan was when Brit went to Frank to make a deal? She’s just upset that she’s getting run over twice by the same train.

  23. The biggest problem with Dan’s plan is if he makes it to the finals with Frank, all of the jury except Britney will be nebees. Will the jury give a past winner the $500k. Britney the only player who might give a veteran a vote will be upset with Dan because of her eviction. The only way I see Dan winning the $500k is to take someone other than Frank to the finals, but he has sworn on everything precious to him for a final two with Frank.

  24. Really wish Dan or Danielle were going home, but it sure looks like Brittany is going. The house will be boring if Brit goes home. Love you Brit as a player & hope u don’t go home this week

  25. Wouldn’t be surprised if Britney was evicted this week considering houseguests have been targeting former players and Britney is the bigger threat in this game than Danielle. But personally I would have liked to see Britney make it to the final two to see if she could win.

    Of course if Britney goes home, hopefully that means Dan will be next considering he’s a former player/BB winner and for his desperate grilling speech.

    Just one question, who is really working with who following the live eviction tonight?

  26. Cant wait for brit to go home. She is a dangerous player and has been lying and calling shots the whole game. If they dont get rid of her now it will be hard to do it later. She had her chance to win HOH. She missed two answers thats her fault. Good by Britney…hehehehe

  27. i am not going to say anything mean about britney, because she was my favorite out of the coaches. but it would be very nice to see a newby win and not a vet. Even though many people are bad mouthing him I hope Ian wins.

  28. @richie you’re not getting what I’m saying: Joe is the SWING VOTE! Joe should vote to keep Brittany because Brittany shane and Ian would keep him in the game longer than frank dan danielle and Jen would. If britt goes home and danielle stays, Joe has a 33% chance in leaving NEXT WEEK. It’s in Joe’s best favor to vote which way takes him further NOT WHO’S IN POWER THIS WEEK @richie

    • Joe has a Final 3 deal with Frank and Dan. Still don’t get it? What use is it to ally with Ian and Shane and Brittney when those are the biggest rats in the house and cannot be trusted? Shane and Brittney has betrayed Frank each time they had an alliance and Ian, is the biggest backstabber and has betrayed Frank and Boogie and Dan too boot! Joe would be double dumb to ally with them.
      Also, Dan’s alliance has numbers and it is still a numbers game and Dan, Danielle, Frank and Jenn would be a pretty good group to be in an alliance with against Ian and Shane! Only a fool would side with Ian and Shane!

  29. It needs to be Daniel sent out the door. She has no game and isn’t the least bit intertaining. Britney is funny and scheming and constantly playing the game. She doesn’t wait for others to scheme and lie for her. This is a game!!!!

  30. Unfortunately, it will be Britney. If, Shane & Ian would get Joe go with them then vote out Danielle so they can get rid of coward Dan.

    • Cowards are usually people unwilling to try. At least Dan is trying to save himself….what has Britney done?

  31. I like dani I dont understand why people dislike her
    Brittney had her changed its dani turn
    Brittney can be very nasty SO who the bitch here
    I dont see Dani bein a bitch Plus she playing a good game everyone in the house thinks she a little sweetiepie
    Game play right on Dani it help Rachel win wit hthem tears

  32. I don’t have the live feeds, so i’m thinking something is going on I dont know about. Why wouldn’t Shane, Ian, & Joe not vote to keep Brittany? That would leave only Dan & Jenn to vote Britt out cause Frank can’t vote as HOH. Somebody please explain?

  33. the funniest thing so far on this season, when Brit imitated Boogie after he was knocked out…… she is awesome!

  34. I like brit better than dani but Dan is the man and he needs dani to get to the end.. he takes dani to finals and he just might won again

  35. Dan was always steps ahead of the game. He never sold out his alliance until without a choice; even in the heat of the game, when he took the blame for Ian and the Quack pack from the whole BB house, which was exactly opposite with what Brit had done. When Shane told Brit he had mention her name, of course “we worked together” when BooFr asked him whose idea was it to put them on the block, Brit’s response was “hilarious”! She even came up to BooFr and told them it was Shane’s decision 100%. As Shane said, “is it me to dirty my hand with blood again?” Even at the time of life and death, Dan could still come up with a plan that not only save himself, but also his partner, Dani! That is why ppl want to work with him instead of Britney! For all the BB seasons,hgs just look for their immediate safety, open my eyes when Dan and Boogie trying to save Frank did sth otherwise! Dan is such a fantastic player!

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