Big Brother 14 Episode 21 Recap: Dan’s Master Plan

Big Brother 14 - Shane and Danielle

On Wednesday night’s Big Brother 14, we saw an epic move play out that the past few seasons have been lacking. And of course it was all from the only player left in the house who has already won this game before.

Before we get into the juicy stuff, let’s back up. The episode picks up right after Sunday’s when we saw Head of Household put his No. 1 target Dan and his closest ally Danielle up for eviction.

A lot of different plans fizzled out throughout the week and one was for Britney or Shane to win the veto and use it to take Dan or Danielle off the block and have Ian use his veto to take the other, thus securing the Quack Pack’s safety.

That plan came to an end when Jenn won the Power of Veto playing the Draw Something Big Brother art gallery game. Along with the veto, Jenn walked away with her clothes burned and slop for the rest of the summer. Britney ended up shackled to Danielle and Dan got some time in solitary confinement. Frank ended up in a carrot suit, 24 hours of chum showers and benched in the next eligible HoH contest. That means Frank is out of the next to HoH competitions.

Frank would have won the veto, but like most of the rest of the season, Frank made an illegal move and was finally disqualified.

Dan heads off to solitary confinement, which he uses to his benefit. While there, he trails off into some Jedi mindfreak territory and hatches a plan to save himself this week.

When Dan is released, he starts on Round 1 of his plan. He gathers the HGs for his Big Brother funeral. During this time, he goes around the room, saying nice things about all the others. He’s crying. Britney’s crying. Even Shane is crying. Oh, and Danielle is crying too, but that’s nothing new.

When Dan gets to Danielle he has nothing nice to say. In fact he says that he picked her for his team thinking that she was going to be his next Memphis, but she has proven him wrong. He tells her that she knows what she did and that she is dead to him in this game. Her jaw drops, along with all the others in the house.

While they’re busy scratching their heads and comforting Danielle, Dan and Frank head upstairs so Dan can move on to Round 2 of his plan.

Dan tells Frank everything that has happened involving the Quack Pack, sells out Ian and proposes a deal to Frank. He wants him to get Jenn to use the veto on him, put Britney up in his place, vote her out and go to the final two with Frank.

It takes no actual convincing because Frank really has no other options. All Frank has to do is shake Dan’s hand and talk to Jenn.

Much like Frank, Jenn’s easy to convince, but for different reasons. First of all, she knows basically nothing about the game and secondly, she wants to make at least some sort of move this summer that might make her seem less pointless.

So Jenn’s in. At the veto ceremony, Ian does not use his veto and Jenn does. Jenn takes Dan off the block and Frank puts Britney in his place. So Danielle or Britney will be entering the jury house on Thursday night.

What did you think of Dan’s plan and the outcome of it all? Who do you want to see evicted Thursday night?


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      • Actually, not really. Technically, you don’t have to be lying scum to win. Just look at Frank–he’s been relatively honest from the start. Another example of honesty from past seasons was Jeff. Just because most people are dishonest on the show, doesn’t mean one has to be.

      • @Matt, so, it’s not OK to lie but it is OK to be a horse’s butt to other HGs when you dont get your way?

      • Technically he didn’t lie, he told frank the truth…. don’t know what show you’re watching matt. Besides the point is to get to the end to win all the money, if that means throwing a couple people under the bus or lying to some people, go for it. At least they’re playing the game.

      • That’s really funny.

        First of all, who is “he?” Thanks for being specific. Is it judas? judas has only been honest, ironically, about his dishonesty–that is, about the fact that he was (and still is!) in the loser-pack the whole time Frank and Boogie were together in the game. EVERYTHING ELSE he has clearly lied about, including his latest “alliance” with Frank, Jenn, and cat-face crybaby (danielle), which he is already turning against before the ink has even dried on the contract.

        Second, you’re right, the point IS to win the money, but if you reference an earlier point I made above, you can still play the game honestly (or at least, relatively honestly) and win. You’ll probably encounter a lot of resistance and criticism from the house scum, but you can still do it. judas literally lies with every breath he takes–hell, he admits in his own DR-sessions that he has no principles and is only loyal to himself. You don’t get much scummier and UN-catholic than that. He’s playing the game alright, but in a dirty manner.

        In this game, everything is a matter of degree. True, you have to lie TO AN EXTENT, but only TO AN EXTENT, which everyone seems to be missing. Frank has been relatively honest the entire season–Boogie, admittedly, was more dishonest, but even HIS gameplay was cleaner from an ethical point of view than judas’. Comparing Frank to judas should obviously be like day and night.

        One other important point to consider while speaking of honesty in this game: Frank ALWAYS answers questions directly, while judas just smiles and shrugs his shoulders for five hours, all the while occasionally throwing in a “i don’t know what I should say to you” comment (like he recently did to britney when she asked him to justify his recent theater performance, which resulted in her going up).

      • What are you even talking about? Are you referring to Frank? Do you even have specific examples? And as far as acting childishly, how about britney and danielle, both of whom cry at the drop of a hat and act like they’re 2 years old? Especially the former, who, shortly before her just eviction, was literally throwing things around the house because she was not getting her way. That’s a level of childishness NO ONE in the house has even remotely approached.

      • Frank has totally lied as well, and so did Jeff in his seasons! Frank and Boogie were telling the ‘Silent Six’ they were solid with them and all the while working another alliance with Ian and planning to sell out the Silent Six as soon as they thought it most advantageous. How many times did Frank think about backdooring Dan only to have Boogie talk him out of it?

        And technically- Dan only told Frank the truth! Everything he said about the Quack Pack was 100% true.

        Everyone lies. It’s a game-check your morals at the door as far as I’m concerned.

        CBS may not highlight all the lies people tell. They always gave Jeff the most favorable edits to cast him and Jordan as America’s sweethearts.

        Lying doesn’t bother me in this game. With $500,000 on the line, I’d be doing the same thing. If lying bothers you, then why the heck are you watching this type of show!?

      • Again, you’re mistaken and jumping to false conclusions.

        First of all, again, in BB everything is a matter of degree. By now, EVERYONE has lied, but no one MORE than judas! That should be plainly obvious. His whole recent performance was a lie. No one comes close to approaching his level of deception.

        What did Jeff ever lie about? And even if he did, I’m sure it was hardly ever, unlike many of the scumbags he had to play against.

        And please, Frank and Boogie were never “working another alliance”–they would merely discuss theoretical possibilities, not actually carry them out. And actually, if you want to talk working other alliances, how about that effeminate scumbag-nerd ian, who was REALLY working another alliance while PRETENDING to be with Frank and Boogie. He’s REALLY guilty of what you’re talking about, a true judas (along with judas #1). And yes, Frank thought about backdooring judas (as he should have anyway!), but he did precisely that–TALK ABOUT IT! There’s a monumental difference between talking about something and actually doing it. Besides, Boogie talked him out of it anyway–they were going to remain true to the silent six until late in the game, when it would necessarily have to fragment anyway. Period.

        And yes, everyone lies, but as I said in all my previous comments, it’s all a matter of degree–you can still be relatively honest and play the game. Just because the vast majority of people who have played have NOT been honest, doesn’t mean you have to be. judas is a good player, no doubt about it, but only because he plays with no principles, honor, or class. He’s a totally dirty, scumbag player–and in this wonderful world we live in, dirty scumbags always win.

        And judas didn’t tell Frank abut the loser-pack until AFTER he was nominated! Timing is everything. Before, he didn’t say a word to Frank about it because he was safe and didn’t have to. He told him to save his lying, scummy ass. You’re only focusing on the one time judas told the truth, and again, he HAD to! And what about the other 99.9% of the time when this scum simply lied about everything?

        That comment about Jeff and Jordan is just highly doubtful, at best, and hardly even relevant. You have no proof at all and your comment is total conjecture.

        Lying doesn’t bother you, really? What about outside the game? Lying is lying no matter where, how, or wherever it’s done. If you were a businessman and a family went homeless because of a cutthroat deal you made, I doubt you would hide behind a tired, status quo cliche like, “Everyone lies–it’s capitalism. Check your morals at the entrance to the office building.” Somehow I seriously doubt that you would say that, and there’s no difference between that scenario and BB. You either have ethics or you don’t–end of story.

  1. Not impressed.. i was hoping he would go.. hope he gets it next week and danielle goes this week with votes to evict from Shane Ian and Joe..

  2. This master plan proves that Dan is one of the best players in Big Brother history. I really hope he wins the $500,000 instead of Frank.

    • He will cut Frank the first chance he has. My guess is that he wants to sit next to Joe or Jenn

      • I agree. If Dan sits next to Joe or Jenn, there really is no game and he’s guaranteed to win it all.
        However, I would love to see Frank sitting next to one of those floaters in the end. Go Frank!

      • He wouldn’t mind siting next to Dani either. Then again, I am sure Dani could stretch out her endurance comp win to all the jurors as she has done to us the last month.

      • He DID say in a DR that aired last night that he actually meant it when he said he would take Frank to the end.
        Not saying he won’t change his mind. But apparently at this point, he thinks he could win next to Frank for some reason or another.

      • He better not. He lost my respect when he swore on the Bible. He better be careful and keep his word. It’s not bad enough he had to do that, then he went on to swear on his marriage, his wedding ring and his deceased grandparents.

        Yes, the plan is good and yes it should carry him to the final two, but the swearing is what makes him despicable to me. No amount of money is worth selling your soul like that.

        Then there is Frank at the veto comp., trying to cheat even after being warned and looking so surprised that he was caught and tossed out of the game.

  3. I think you made a mistake, ”
    So Danielle and Britney will be entering the jury house on Thursday night.”

  4. Awesome move by Dan to save himself from certain eviction to
    being safe and getting rid of one of the major threats left in the game! Frank made a smart move too because he had nothing to lose! Shane and Brittney cannot be trusted because they have betrayed Frank each time they had an alliance. This alliance will stick because Frank and Dan need each other to go further in the game! Send Brittney to jury house this week then, go after Shane and Ian if Dan, Danielle or Jenn wins HOH next week. Nominate Ian and Shane with Joe as replacement. That should be enough to finish the Quack Pack if Frank and Dan pull it off!

  5. Dan is probably the best player to ever be a part of Big Brother. Even if he doesn’t win the season, his master plan to save himself and Danielle, will go on to be one of the finest moments in Big Brother history. Go, Dan, go!!!!!!!!!

  6. i am hoping production has an evict danielle button when they vote and if one person presses it britney stays and danielle is sent to jury.

    • It’d be even better if it was still a big red button that said “reset” crossed out and “evict Danielle” written below it!

  7. The feeds….Britney /Daniell talking…Britney is looking very much like a person that knows Daniell stabbed her in the back….But she has yet to make a move toward saying anything…Gotta keep watching..

  8. Jenn did play it right for her best interests – but for nothing she took slop and Frank is now out 2 HOH for nothing leaving Dan to screw him over. Unless Shane finds out that Danielle screwed him even after he comforted her after Dan’s vile act, Britt goes home

    • Dan is doing a balancing act kindf of like throwing the chips in the air and seeing where ther fall.He knows if the vote to get Brittney out fails he has burned all his bridges . If Shane decides to keep Danielle Dan knows her game is to bein the final 3 and that will not includfer Shane..

    • This alliance will stick for the simple reason that Frank and Dan need each other. Shane and Brittney has betrayed Frank numerous time even with an alliance with Frank. And Ian we already know is a big rat who should not be trusted at all! So, who is left in the house to trust? There is just Jenn but, you need more than one ally and each vote counts especially when there are less house guests in the house!

    • BTW he’s really out ONE HoH…He was out next one no matter what. He was the outgoing HoH regardless…

      • Didn’t they say that he had to sit out the next eligible HOH. That is next week not tonight’s. So technically he is out two.
        This weeks and next.

    • I want players. If I need comedy I can always turn to the “funnies” in the Sunday newspaper.

  9. Not impressed. I was hoping Dan was gone and sad he will not be… I hope Danielle is gone now with votes to evict from Shane Ian and Joe! Maybe Dan will be gone next week … if not bb 14on may go off my watch listing!

  10. So just out of curiosity, why did they decide to bust someone for cheating this time and close their eyes before? And WOW! Jenns big move was playing puppet. And she is so proud of herself! What a joke. I would love to see this turn around and bite Dan and Frank in the butt.

  11. I think it was the best move in many years… It takes guts to make a move like that… What a go Dan!,,,

  12. Aha! Finally some real game play. Good job Dan. Ian had the trophy until Dan grabbed it right out of his hands. Way to go.

  13. Send Danielle to jury the please find a way to get rid of Dan. He is rotten man. Bye the way when did the producers start playing the game fot the hg. Might be last year for. BB. In my house.

    • I bet we see you back here next year. So many people threatening to stop watching but we all know we are addicted!! There would need to be a Big Brother Rehab Facility somewhere!

      • Yeah, and it would make you watch reruns of Glass House until you wanted to shoot yourself at the awfulness of it all.

    • We have heard that story how many times now? I will stop watching Big Brother if my favorite is evicted! Yet, the same people who say they will leave are back in these blogs every single day posting! And I am sure they continue to
      watch Big Brother on TV too! If you really want to try and drop the ratings, you would “really” stay away and not watch Big Brother but, that is not going to happen! You are addicted like everyone else! So, go ahead and make the empty promises because Big Brother has millions of fans worldwide. Do you really believe the rest of the Big Brother Fans in the millions cares whether you stay or go? Watch Big Brother or not? You already know the answer to that don’t you?

  14. How come nobody gives Rachael her due for what she did last year? The whole house was against her and she was on her way out and in one night she fooled Dani into a fake alliance which got her bounced outed Shelly for the lying which made her turn against J/J, J/J went to bed that night in control of the house and woke up that next morning with their stanglehold on the house completly destroyed which made Kalia and Porshe grow and pair and bounce Jeff in the double eviction. She even won comps and POV’s to solidify herself. Nobody ever mentions what she did. CBS did the veiwers a great diservice not showing any of that. If there’s another all stars, she for sure earned the right to be one of the contestants.

  15. The look on Ian’s face was priceless! His cockiness was his downfall. He had no problem letting Dan take the blame, and he was prepared to let Dan leave. Haha you little worm. What goes around, comes around. Here’s hoping Jenn really steps up and wins HOH. Ugh, still stuck with whiney Danielle.

    • I do hope Jenn wins HOH next and puts up Shane and Ian on the block. That would be just dandy! Let us see how Ian likes being put on the block because he has not been in danger all this time being coddled by Mike Boogie and Frank for the most part then, the Quack Pack of late. He will probably flip out.


  16. man im sick and tired of this production meddling, now there adding a brand new contestand named “Jenn” halfway through the season? hows that fair…

    • hahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahah thats hilarious. i thought her name was amy up until last week

  17. Flashback to 11:39pm Tuesday. Britney refills the air in her head as she’s washing her hands in the bathroom with Danielle. It’s so funny!

  18. No Britney will stay and Danielle is going to Jury. Dan and Frank better watch their backs next week because they are going out in a double eviction or Fast Forward and they will be backdoored if HOH is smart

      • I really hope so. Dani needs to go, I just don’t think she is really there playing the game. Brit is. And if Shane flops and keeps Brit, Joe said he would vote with Shane. Thats 3 votes (Ian) and she would stay in the house to seek her vengence, which would be some funny stuff.

    • You wish Brittney will stay but, Dan and Frank have the votes with Shane and Joe voting out Brittney. Brittney has only the rat Ian voting to evict Danielle. There are only 5 votes this week and Dan and Jenn will definitely vote to evict Brittney. They just need one vote to ensure Brittney goes to the jury house and Shane and Joe unless, anything changes that, will vote to evict Brittney. Joe has a Final 3 deal with Frank and Dan as well.

  19. too bad the final vote now relies on the “joe” factor….ugh. next episode is going to be both sides wooing that fool.

    • I think Joe will vote the way Frank and Dan tell him too. He has a history of doing what people say. They’ll make a fake F3 deal with him, he’ll believe it and do what they want.

    • actually i dont think it matters wich way joe votes bacause i believe shane is gonna vote out britney… i dont really think shane understands the concept of this game…

      • Shame doesn’t understand much beyond working out, looking in the mirror, and growing scary pedophile hair on his face. Twitney & Dumbielle have been very annoying to listen to & watch but I would rather watch them anytime as to watching Shame. At least the girls make me laugh, Shame makes me want to hit myself in the head with dumbells until I pass out. He’s got not personality.

  20. Dam Daniell is sooo jealous of Dan and Britney ..They are just talking and it is eating her guts out…..Please throw that 2 faced bitch out….She’s pathetic…

  21. I thought this episode was a little anti-climatic compared to what I was reading on the web. Dan’s “funeral” was not edited very well, and neither was his talk with Frank in HoH. They made it look like Frank just gave in to Dan’s charms and I have to believe it took more convincing. But the segment with Dan talking to Danielle was great… love the evil looks on Dan’s face. And then Ian’s reaction after the POV was priceless! Can’t wait to see him explode on Thursday’s recap. I also think we’re looking at a Dan and Frank final two. First, because Frank seems to be winning EVERYTHING, and second because Dan is so sneaky, but I think he’ll keep his word with Frank. Those are the best players and they deserve to make it to the final two. It will be tough to decide who should actually win.

  22. I read a spoiler about this shake up in the nominations; but let me tell you, I was jumping for joy. Since Janelle was evicted so early in the game, I felt that a force that could go straight to the finals would be Dan if he teamed up with Danielle and Shane and/or Frank. Frank had such resentment for Dan that I didn’t think they could work together; but, ideally, they would make the best final two. There have been some interesting power moves, albeit rather predictable ones, that have taken place in the house. Sadly, I don’t see Big Brother allowing the “Evil Witch Queen” to exit so early this seasons and they will come up with a way to save Britney from being evicted. She seems to have fans who enjoy watching her continual lying, manipulating and backstabbing method of playing the game. In a perfect world, now that Boogie is gone (thank you, Big Brother!), Britney should also “get to steppin…”.

  23. so it seems to me if ian and shane vote to evict danielle and jenn and dan vote to evict brittney, that leaves good ol’ Chef Joe as the swing vote. that stinks because now this goober will get wooed by both sides and actually have a say in what happens. Joe is easily the worst player to ever play the game and now he’ll probably be the deciding factor. thats how the game goes though I guess. Best move in the best season ever. I went from thinking Dan was worthless to thinking he was extremely brilliant within a span of an edited 5 minutes. nice.

    • I think you’ve forgotten about Lawan (sp?) now that’s the WORST player ever-but Joe is a sheep he’ll follow Shane I think it’s really Shane’s decision

  24. and this is why I want Dan to win again…this guy rules and made this week pretty exciting!

  25. Yes one brillant move. I dont like Dan but that move was great. The year has been the best BB in 5 years. WE have had 3 big moves in the last 4 weeks…Excellent..

    • Agreed. It was so funny to me how so many said “this season sucks and it’s garbage now, I’m done” after Willie left. This was a great year for BB fans and not a bad year for live feeders either. I have enjoyed it. Oh, and when my favorites leave….I WILL STILL WATCH. Have to go against the grain sometimes.

  26. Great move by Dan and a good decision by Frank. Dan saves his life and Frank extends his again. This is a very good season.

  27. if Shane doesnt vote for danielle she said she will lose it… i wanna see that crazy stalker lose her mind please Shane vote for Britt..

  28. Watching Brit crying is priceless. No funny jokes Brit? No Hahahahaha? You get played again? Buh-bye.

    • LOL!!! You think she would have learned her lesson after getting played by The Brigade. Guess not! haha! Sucks to suck Brittney.

  29. Wow! This was probably the best episode this season! The look on Brittney’s face when she was surprised is priceless. Not like the mock surprise she showed when Janelle was backdoored.
    And Ian the rat also had the expression like he saw a ghost!
    He was livid and pissed at Frank and so, what? How does being
    betrayed feel now chump?

  30. today britt asked ian should she fight for votes…Ian said dont waste your energy.. why Ian maybe its because you have second veto… now that would make for tv… egg on Dans face…..

  31. Dan has pretty much solidified himself a tie with Dr. Will for best HG ever. A couple more weeks in the house guarantees it. A win makes him best ever, bar none.

    • As a huge Dr. Will fan I have to agree. I liked Dan before, but the gap between him and Will was pretty wide IMO. If he wins this…he has my vote as #1. Though Will was much more fun and mischievious.

  32. I think Britt will be staying they will find a way…Jordan got saved.. when we thought she was toast..

  33. For a Catholic School Boy Dan is 1 devilish fiend. Thats why only the slimiest of dirtbags usually win BB. I give him big props on the plan he cooked up. However doubtful that another 250Gs are going to earn you those Angel wings at the Pearly Gates

    • First, it’s 500K. second, I doubt that making a sneaky move in a game will send him to hell.

    • Brittney was really, genuinely surprised unlike her fake surprise expression when Janelle went on the block! Ian was shocked beyond words and was pissed! Good for the rat, he now knows how to feel being betrayed! Apparently, the rat did not like it!

  34. This new alliance between Jenn, Frank, Dan and Danielle all hinges on future wins for HOH. Well 3 of the 4 have not won HOH this season…they will be fighting to stay through VETO comps and if Frank wasn’t disqualified Jenn would have not won this week. So as much as this move was awesome for today…Shane is a very likely candidate to win HOH next week..then what add Shane to the alliance or hope for a veto win and that none of the alliance members are on the block at the same time. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds…if Dan is one of the last two standing he 100% deserves to win just because of this move today.

  35. I *LOVED* seeing Brittany during Jenn’s veto speech after she said she was going to use it. Brittany just kept looking at Frank and back at Jenn, like, ‘what is she doing?, Is this really happening?’ BEST!

  36. Dan’s IQ is what, 400? 450? Einstein would approve of his IQ, no matter his level. Way to go, Dan!

  37. I loved watching the reaction of Britney and Ian…Priceless. Now who is going to get evicted because in my estimation its 2-2 with Joe as the swing vote. Maybe Britney stays and teams up with Shane, Ian and Joe and takes down Dan, Frank and Jenn. HMMM everyone is quick to say Britney is done, but not so fast. Only Jenn and Dan are the for sure votes to voter her out. Need one more.

    • Joe has a Final 3 deal with Frank and Dan and Shane is with Danielle. Ian has said he will vote to evict Danielle.
      If that is the case, it will be 4-1 to evict Brittney. It is tomorrow so, we shall see. Actually, it only take 3 votes to evict someone this week which means even if Shane votes to evict Danielle but, Joe votes to evict Brittney. Brittney is still going!

  38. …What is Shane’s draw to so many? He’s got about as much personality as Danielle, slightly more than Joe and braggart Jenn, so what am I missing here??
    Somebody in these blogs said that this season though is one of the best, and I sure agree on that point! Dan is King of BB.

    • I don’t get the reason people like Shame either. The guy has no personality. I’d much rather watch Twitney & Dumbielle. As stupid as they are they still make me laugh.

  39. Okay people…one more time. Dan is NOT “The Best”…He’s NOT the “Greatest”.BUT what he IS is a “selfish, Self Centered” person who would “sell his OWN mom down the river”, OR throw her “under a bus” IF he thought that he had a chance to WIN the 500K Grand Prize or at least buy some maybe another week or two in the BB House. Hope it was worth the “15 pieces of silver” Dan….

    • This has to be one of the most ridiculous comments I have read in a while. So here goes…#1. This is a game for $500,000.00. I believe this is an accurate figure. #2. I do not believe any BB player has had to throw a family member “under the bus” or “down a river”. I know their was a twin twist and a father/daughter duo who went to the end together. But I guess, maybe this “Dan” guy is different. #3. So, if you are one of the lucky people, out of thousands who apply, who actually get to play the game….when your time is up, you should just lay down and die. I guess so according to this poster. I think this is BS. To all the people who apply: doesn’t it make you more upset to see people just give up? I guess some people love a quitter. #4. This is a show called “Big Brother”. As “Boogie” would say…”Perhaps you didn’t get the memo”. This game is based on lies. Sorry for the long post, but this crap is ridiculous no matter what name starts in the beginning. There are other shows w/o lying if it makes you feel better. Go watch those. (Or maybe one of your favs are on the way out). Probably more likely.

  40. Dan is a ass! thats all I need to say .Its a game this I know but when you have to swear on the bible on his kids and grandpas passing that is just a joke . He needs to go NOW.

    • How else do you get people to believe you in a game that centers around the concept of lying? Let’s see what you come up with. Oh and remember, you’d be playing for $500 grand, life-changing money. You can’t say “I’d never do that even for money” until you’re in the situation yourself, and not only your life, but those of your loved ones could change with that kind of prize money.

      • Oh I saw it. I was going to comment on it but I decided to just down-vote it and move on. He clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Maybe he thinks Maggie from BB6 was a great winner because she did nothing to get to the end.

      • I guess we can just say ‘haters gon’ hate’. In a game like this, with his back to the wall, I can’t think of a much better plan for Dan. A lot of underlying accomplishments with this plan. Ditched an alliance that was ready to vote him off (Britney proved that all episode long today), gained a new alliance with Frank and Jenn, kept Danielle, only Ian and Shane are real threats to go after him. Exposed Ian and increased the size of his target, as well as left Shane with just himself in competitions, as Danielle won’t help him get rid of Dan or Frank. I could go on too…

        Great move in many respects.

  41. I could watch the final 15 minutes over and over…. and I have!
    Danielle’s reaction to Dan!
    Jenn being convinced by Frank!
    The veto ceremony! PRICELESS!! Britney’s and Ian’s reactions!!!

  42. “Brittney pop a squat!!” hahaha! Wow!! Frank was ruthless during that veto ceremony.

    Ian and Brittney’s reactions were GREAT. Ian is just shaking his head in terror as Frank is letting him know he’s putting up his closest ally.

    What an episode. Say what you want about Dan, but holy cow is he GREAT at this game. He’s everything you need to be to win this game: RUTHLESS. I’m convinced he will throw ANYONE under the bus (including Danielle) to win this game. Good for him. I wish more contestants were like that.

  43. Tonight’s episode was the first time I’ve seen any footage of Dan’s Funeral…it was even better to watch than it was described to me. I don’t often credit the editing team, but bravo on that one. The sad music included was awesome, Dan’s acting was great, true emotion in his voice. He even got Shane choked up. Freaking brilliant. Throw a dagger at Danielle so they’re too busy consoling her to think too hard about why Dan’s talking to Frank for so long. Almost sadly funny that Danielle was trying to push a smile through her sad face as Dan was talking, thinks she’s going to receive some nice words too, then “You’re dead to me”…and her face drops. Poor girl lol.

    Overall great move, and it’s put a new face on the game this season.

    • If you can you really need to see the uncut version of the funeral. Editing aside, cbs presented it to us great, but the uncut version is so much better!

      • I definitely want to do that sometime. I figured as much as I was satisfied with the edit, that I was definitely missing parts. Only thing I would be missing with the feed version is that awesomely fitting sad music they played lol. I’ve gotta admit it even got to me a little bit, of course I was smiling too though because I knew from this website that it was Dan’s plan (starts to make me wonder if I should stop reading spoilers).

      • I’ve actually tried the feeds in past years. What a great time to not do it, eh? Pretty sure at some point I’m going to sign up just to flash back and watch, but not for a while as I’m leaving town next Tuesday.

        I’m going to need to document all the watch-worthy stuff and the BBT timestamps on them…#1 Dan’s Funeral, #2 Ian yells at a carrot

  44. Frank’s speech was brilliant, how he built to a crescendo, with Ian ultimately realizing that doom was awaiting. Culminating with: “In the words of a not-so-smart young man, Britney, pop a squat.” HILARIOUS!!!!!

    • Agreed completely. As I mentioned below, Frank’s great speech was only lost in, and overshadowed by, Dan’s great move. Frank’s speech was perfect and it was a nice slap in the face for Ian. Ian’s reaction of ‘oh, oh no, no please’ as Frank was using words like ‘closest ally’ and making Ian realize it was going to be Britney, was great TV.

    • So….what we need is a bunch of people that don’t really want to win. Sounds great. Pitch it to CBS.

      • I’m seriously glad you’re on these boards dude lol. You think like I do. I’m still shaking my head at Lawton’s comment.

      • Just recently married too lol. I highly doubt Dan would ever risk Chelsea for this game, that’s a joke. He’s said he’s only cried twice in his life (before this week), when his grandpa died and when he got married. Yeah, totally going to risk that marriage, isn’t he…

  45. It appears the commands to “Please Stop Singing” have gone unnoticed lately. Personally I think it’d be funny if the hg who was singing would get tased out of now where by zingbot. That might teach them to “please stop singing!”

  46. Probably the most elaborate plan ever. It wasn’t just a backdoor of an unsuspecting houseguest. It was multi-phased. He set it up with the funeral by tweaking each person such as telling Frank he wanted to read the bible to him later, which is why the other HG didn’t suspect he was making a deal with Frank in the hoh room. Then he needed Jenn to buy in and Danielle to keep quiet. One phase led to the next and it was executed to perfection. Brilliant. He could probably solve the Middle East crisis.

  47. Did anyone else see Britney getting wasted last night on BBAD? She’s totally the “I love you man” type of drunk, constantly telling everyone how much she loves them. It took her a while but she had a full bottle of wine to herself.

      • She definitely can be funny, I won’t take that away from her just because I’m not her biggest fan, but I do think she’s a little overrated in that department. That being said, I never hated her (I’d rather see others out first) but I don’t want her to win this game. Leaving now works for me.

    • Yes! That was funny, but personally I was hoping she would be an angry drunk and raise all kinds of hell. Before she got the wine she was talking so much crap about Frank & I thought for sure she was gonna have a bipolar meltdown at his expense.
      When she was bashing Frank I was hoping she’d get some beer or wine and then she let me down by being a sappy “i love you” drunk.
      But I do have to say there was a point in the bathroom after she changed into her bathing suit & she was looking in the mirror and made the funniest face & took in a deep breath of air…I swear she was refilling the air in her head she lost earlier in the day! If you had feeds you could flashback to 11:39 Tuesday night & see it happen. I wish there was a way I could share it. It was hilarious!

      • Yeah I saw her laugh-bashing Frank before she started hitting the bottle. I was shaking my head thinking “Yeah well guess who’s staying and who isn’t, he can’t be doing too badly”. In that respect I’m glad she started drinking, to stop the head-shaking. But you’re right, snapping at Frank while drunk would’ve been great to watch.

      • She was a mess yesterday. Throwing Franks food in the kitchen, playing with a knife, beating up Ted, bashing Frank… was all leading up to an epic night of drunk Twitney ripping the house a new one. Although it was funny to watch, she let me down. I wonder if she’s recovered from her hangover yet!

      • I bet she had the “omg nooo what did I do/say last night” type of morning today. She was being too nice last night, smiling a lot, joking, dropping the L bomb everywhere. To be honest though, while I was hoping for anger as well, I kind of expected her to get all sentimental and talk about the memories they’ve created this summer…

      • I hate those nights! It’d be so funny if everyone told her that she was being good and normal last night. I would LOVE to see her reaction when she watches her drunk self!

      • Yah, we have all been there though. Maybe not quite as dramatic though. I wonder if her husband has live feeds!!!!!!!

      • I saw that as well and shook my head. I am not understanding all the Frank bashing. He is a cheater, doesn’t deserve to be there, etc. Brit telling Dani to trust Ian and how to get Dan and Frank out. Ian is so trustworthy. Dani has to win. Now I need to do the flashback to see the funny part with Brit.

      • It was almost funny how Brit was (drunkenly) telling Danielle to trust Ian and to go after Dan and Frank, and Danielle was half smiling and nodding along, all the while thinking “Yeah that’s not happening but you’re drunk so I’ll humour you”.

        If Ian or Shane don’t win HoH (which I think could be endurance again) then they’ll be up and in real danger. Shane struggled with the last endurance comp (Walk the Plank I mean) but Ian was strong. Luckily so was Danielle.

      • All signs are pointing to an endurance HoH comp. Apparently the DR has been asking everyone how they are feeling physically which is making them think it’ll be endurance. With that said Joe doesn’t have a chance.

      • Neither does Jenn lol. Danielle, Ian, and through determination Dan (who will only drop if Danielle or Jenn are last ones up) should be the contenders here. Shane may surprise if this one doesn’t destroy his forearms.

      • @disqus_TKG5jizxPY:disqus I hope that Danielle or Dan could pull it off. I think it is endurance as well. I did catch that part with Danielle smiling, but later when Ian and Brit were so drunk in the pool they had a conversation where they all at once did not act drunk and were clearly talking game. When you say Ian or Shane need to win I am confused as Ian would put up Frank and Dan.

      • I didn’t mean ‘need to win’ as in I want them to, because for the first time this season I don’t want either of them to win it. I’m just saying if they don’t they’re in trouble. I’m still not a Jenn fan, but now that she’s on Dan’s side and if nothing else is a vote to help him advance, I now want her to stay longer. I don’t give her or Joe a chance though if it’s endurance. I don’t think Dan really wants this HoH, but I don’t think he’ll drop if his biggest threats are still alive.

      • I don’t give Jenn or Joe a chance either and now I get what you are saying. If Ian or Shane win they are in trouble. Here’s hoping for a Dani or Dan win. I’m still hoping for a Frank and Dan F2. May not get it, but that is what I would like to see. Is Shane with Ian or is he with Frank? I get so confused at times as it flips back and forth so much.

      • I too am hoping for a Frank and Dan final two. Frank would take the win I think, unless Dan between now and the end of the season strings together competition wins, including big ones like the final HoH.

        I’m pretty sure that while Shane doesn’t fully trust Ian, that he’s still on his side, because Britney’s in his ear while she’s still around to go after Dan. Who knows though, maybe Danielle can pull Shane in with her and Dan, Frank, Jenn, at least until final 5.

      • That’s silly thinking Dan’s gonna actually win a comp! He’s been relying on everyone else to carry him along this whole time! But kudos to him if he can actually pull off a legit win!

      • Jillith he has to in order to help Frank out. Either that or Frank is going to have to keep winning vetos especially if Ian wins HOH. Otherwise it will be all up to Dani and she did prove she could do it before. I guess it will be between her and Ian. My fear is that Ian will try to backdoor Frank.

      • Dan can and will win when it comes to crunch time. Remember in Season 10 he ended up with 3 HoH’s and 2 vetoes en route to his win. He won when it mattered most, and if he manages this again, he can argue he won enough competitions and mentally outplayed Frank (if he’s final two with him) and actually has a chance to win. Going to be tough to convince the jury not to vote for Frank to win after the path he’s had to take, so it’ll start to come down to bitterness and likeability. If someone hates Frank they may throw the vote to Dan.

      • @disqus_TKG5jizxPY:disqus I can’t remember Dan’s season as far as his comps so that is good to know. As far as jury I know one person who will not vote for him and that would be Brit. Ian may be a toss up, but he seems to respect Dan’s game more. It would be close I’m sure.

      • You are right Jacee, I am not a Dan lover but I am always for the players that play the game. Not the floaters or the ones that sit back and feed other players like Brittany does. Frank is a powerhourse in comps and Dan has the brains. They deserve to sit together final 2. And really both them deserve to win. Dan pulled off the best move ever and I just hope he stays loyal to Frank and doesn’t throw him under the bus the first chance he gets.I think we will all be sitting on pins and needles tonight waiting for the outcome of who goes and who wins HOH. Big night ahead. My next pick to go is Wonder Boy Ian.

      • Most of the house guests are fair people and would vote for the best player in the game. The argument that they will vote against you because they hate your game play or you as a person is pure hogwash! Does it happen? I would guess that is possible with what Danielle Donato of last season did where she got her puppets to vote for Porsche although, Rachel played the better game. Shelley who was allied with Danielle Donato still did the right thing and voted for the best player which was Rachel Reilly. And it was the deciding vote. So, by and large, the house guests will vote for the best player in the game. You will always have 1 or 2 disgruntled house guests out for revenge but, majority will vote for whoever played the better game!

      • You can’t call it hogwash and then right away give a perfect example lol, as in Daniele from last season. Adam as well. It does happen, enough that you can call it a factor. A lot of HG’s are complaining about Frank, and Britney (while sober) was saying she’d sooner vote for the backyard plant to win the game than Frank. For her, if the other choice has played even a remotely good game, I can see her justifying giving them her jury vote over Frank. Only someone like Joe she would have no justification.

        More often, you’re right, they put feelings aside and vote for the best player. Just not always.

      • Good point. I guess Dan better “get to steppin!”
        However, if Dumbielle miraculously won HoH she would do whatever Dan said, plus she believes she’s in a F4 with them. Idk…It’ll be interesting to see what happens.I can’t wait!

      • You make me laugh so much. It will be interesting and I sure am going to be nervous tomorrow night. I better say goodnight as it is 3:41 am where I live. I am going to be dog tired in just a few short hours. Great chatting with you and MJ. Catch you tomorrow.

      • Good night everyone. Early morn tomorrow…secretly I’ll glad to get back to normal life when this season is over!

      • That’s just it. He may need Frank, but I wouldn’t put it past him not to win anyway. I mean if he feels safe in having Danielle and Shane on his side, then with Brittany and Frank gone he can take out the others.

      • Ailsinn he may not win and he does have Danielle on his side, but not Shane. So far Shane was with Brit and part of getting rid of Dan. Ian and Shane are together so far and want both Frank and Dan out. Dan is in an alliance with Frank, Danielle, and Jenn. So he has to hope Dani or Jenn wins or win himself.

      • That would be great – I did like Ian a bit until he showed us his other side. Now I don’t trust him one bit. Hopefully, Shane will listen to Dani over him, but who knows. Same with Brit. I really liked her in her season and she can be funny, but she has a mean side to her as well.

      • I’m sure Shame will listen to Dumbielle. I kinda think she’s got a spell on him somehow.
        And for sure Twitney has a mean girls side…holy crap! I would not have wanted to go to high school with that girl, could you imagine!

      • Umm, for what I have seen, Shame is with his muscles and his hair. Haven’t seen any real game play from his brain yet.

      • If Ian or Shame won HoH and put up Frank or Dan, Frank would win veto & once again be saved. Isn’t there a saying about history repeating itself? :-)

      • @disqus_vu4BuOXHrw:disqus Sorry I missed this one. lol I agree except if Ian wins he may try to backdoor Frank and not give him a chance to play veto.

      • Only 7 players left after Thursday. Chances Frank isn’t picked as one of them when 6 play…it’s possible but slim. If it happened Frank would probably puke lol

      • @disqus_TKG5jizxPY:disqus @disqus_vu4BuOXHrw:disqus Me three!!! Good night to both of you.

      • Dang, some reason I keep forgetting about Ian!! Geesh! Put’s a whole new spin on things.

      • I was hoping for that as well Jillith, and just quickly watched what you mentioned. Thanks for the time and you described it perfectly. lol

      • What was she doing? I had to watch it a few times and I laughed harder each one! I think it’s a good game play to get her out but I’m gonna miss moments like that!

  48. I can’t wait to see how Ashley’s doing in the JH tomorrow. I hope she’s ok. She has the best smile ever.

  49. No wonder Frank gets a bad rap. It was not mentioned that it was Frank’s idea to bring Jenn on board. It also was not mentioned how Frank was actually helping Brit during veto because Dan’s master plan had not been revealed yet. Brit had just made a F2 deal with Frank and the reason that Frank actually tried to help Brit as Brit was willing to let Dan go. Frank’s DQ certainly did not bring him any gain. He is certainly being trashed by many and labeled a cheater unfairly. I guess he didn’t win those comps. I guess fans of Rachel from last year have to realize that she did not win any of those comps. as Production won them all. I don’t see anyone calling Ian a cheater because he told Britt she was going be going on Thursday even though Production told them all they were not allowed to. I agree this was a great plan by Dan, but unless both Frank and Jenn were on board it would never have taken place. Frank still thought he had a F2 with Brit, Ian was on board not to use his veto and had another alliance with Jenn so he did not have to trust Dan as Dan had messed him over how many times. This great master plan would not have taken place without Frank and Jenn. If so many are willing to believe that Production lets everyone cheat then that would be saying that Production came up with this plan and not Dan. Which I am not saying, but the reasoning is the same. At least give everyone a fair shake. Enjoy BB for what it is and if you are not happy than stop watching.

    • Good to see you Jacee,
      I agree, but one thing that’s bugging me after seeing the veto comp tonight is the whole deal about not talking to other players.
      Please anyone correct me if I am wrong. In the beginning when Ian was reading the rules he specifically said do not talk to other players (maybe not in those words). To me that means don’t say a dang word no matter what. Ok, so Frank tried to help Twit and got dq’d. I can accept that. But what about Dan telling Jenn she’s safe….apparently the no talking rules didn’t apply to that situation?!
      I think there might be funny stuff going on behind the scenes, but I am addicted to BB and I REFUSE TO QUIT WATCHING!!

      • You are right and I was thinking the exact same thing. No talking is no talking and Dan talked plenty. Yet Frank lost it all and is labeled a cheater all the time. I am like you I am addicted and I enjoy it for what it is. I am sure funny stuff is going on, but what reality show doesn’t have that. I refuse to stop watching too. On BBAD last night when Ian and Brit were in the pool could you understand what they were saying. I just kept hearing different players names mentioned, but no mikes in the pool so could not make that part out. They didn’t even act drunk at that point. Yet, moments before they acted crazy drunk. They were definitely talking game.

      • Oh my gosh, the pool audio sucked! I kept hearing what I thought was the pool pump or something totally unnecessary like that. I can only hope that cbs will decipher what was said and share it with us tomorrow.

    • Heeheehee! Her jaw is gonna hit the floor! For once she will be speechless….I hope. Although right now Ian is giving her a lot of info. She may figure it out before she gets to Julie.

    • Do not think Brittney would be surprised. She has suspicions that Danielle did not break up with Dan! The obvious give away is Danielle has not been bashing Dan in the whole time she was with Brittney. To be believable, Danielle could do a better acting job if she bashed Dan and called him choice words!

      • I’ve edited but I can’t cancel. I accidentally responded to the wrong comment & just wanted to cancel it but couldn’t. If you know a way to do that please share. Thanks!

  50. danielle should go home. brittany doesnt deserve what happened to here. and dan has no shot of winning this game with the enemys he is going to make from this. he has to remeber that these people are going to the jury house, come one dan you have to think about the long run

    • Brittany deserves to stay over Danielle???? Really??? What has Brittany done to deserve her spot in the house. Brittany deserves everything that happened to her because she went against her alliance 1st. She’s selfish and makes deals with everyone and is never true to anyone. She turned on Dan 1st and now she’s getting everything she deserves. Glad she’s going tonight.

  51. This was one of the best episodes ever in BB history. The editing was well done. It could have shown more and more juicey details, but great nonetheless. The look on Ian’s face when Frank is calling him out, “not so bright young man”, is classic. Then the vut away to Brit crying like a baby in the DR. A Classic moment in BB history. Dan is awesome. This was one of the reasons I was pissed at the beginning of the week because I thought he was a goner. I hope Dan makes it to the end. If you go back to BB10, this is when Dan makes his move. Does History repeat itself? If he does take Frank, though, he will still be tough to beat.

  52. DAN—-YOU WERE AMAZING-!!!! GREAT PLAN–YOU ARE THE BEST –BIG BROTHER–PLAYER–YEAH DAN,,,poor Danille her face was priceless—an I do really like IAN,,don’t be to hard on him-he is young an learning-its way different being IN THE HOUSE–than watching it on so give the guy a break–

  53. OH,,, I DID FEEL FOR BRIT–THE LOOK ON HER FACE WHEN FRANK CALLED HER NAME–THEN IAN’S FACE–he knew right than why Jen let him go first an NOT use his veto–cause we all new he would of used it to take brit off—-sorry Brit–ya played a great game—-between DAN & IAN –either will win—just because Ian pulled a GREAT BIG BOOGIE MOVE–an the look on BOOGIES FACE -WHEN IAN WAS TELLING HIM IN THE GOOD-BYE SPEECH—WAS FANTASTIC –YOU COULD TELL BOOGIE RESPECTED IAN FOR THAT—-IT WAS A HONOR TO BOOGIE—

  54. After going through last weeks’ clips again, I find it was Britney who herself triggered her own demise. First of all, Ian wanted to put up some other hgs instead of Frank, and backdoored him afterwards. It was Britney who insisted on Ian to put Frank up right away, as that made Ian blew his teaming with the Quake Pack that eventually made Dan more convincing, and offered Dan the chance to make a deal with Frank later on. And after Frank won the veto and wanted to put everything behind, just to made sure if a deal with Shane, Dani and Brit was possible. Dani said she couldn’t sell out Dan even she knew she was in tough spot, Shane hesitated; but Brit had totally no hesitation to lie, and she was the only one who knew she won’t keep up with any deal. Shane was kind of, “we still had a deal with Dan…..” If Brit was not the one to go, I don’t know who should!

    • So true!!! Looks like someone has been paying attention because others on this site seem to not remember how Brittany threw Dan under the bus and was ready to make deals with Frank before they even had the HOH competition. She makes me sick with her pity party and trying to place blame on everyone else, same thing she did her season.

  55. Just a simple comment from me.. take it or leave it. I dont get all the “love” for Dan. Sure, he seems like a pretty decent guy who plays BB pretty dang good. And yes, he definately made an awesome move. (Not sure it’s “the greatet” ever, but still saved his butt) I just don’t get the way some people “worship” him. Don’t get me wrong, because I also don’t understand the opposite of why some people hate him. He is just a normal guy playing a game on TV. He is not an evil person just because he made a bold move and sold some people out.

      • I have seen BB10. Actually, I have never missed any BB show except the year they were crowning Adam as the winner when a storm caused my satellite to go out. Still don’t get the infatuation.

    • Personally, he is not my favorite but, I know that other than Boogie, he is the other very good player in the game. Truth be told, Janelle and Brittney were brought back into Big Brother because of their fan base. Some other previous players are way better than them! You have Dr. Will and Evil Dick among them. What about the other 13 previous winners? Janelle and Brittney have both not won on Big Brother. Some fans take this game way too seriously. At the end of the day, this is a game, it is not real. Although, the name reality tv is a misnomer. No way is it real! I watch this show for the entertainment value and get enjoyment when the best players make the best moves! Dan got the adulation because he made a huge move, the same way, Boogie made his big move in evicting Janelle! If people cheer Dan and Frank, it is because people feel they have been wronged on more than one occasion and being the underdog, you will have fans cheering for you!
      That is in addition to the big moves they made.
      The opposing fans who are pissed are pissed because their favorites got outplayed and outfoxed and may be going home! So, they hate Dan and Frank. The rest of us will cheer the best moves whoever made them! Even Boogie gave Ian credit for his betrayal. At the end, it is all a game and nothing else!

      • Oh, I do think he is an awesome player! Anyone who can completely turn the house around and get out of a for sure eviction is great. I have nothing against him, I just dont get the “idolization” that some have for him.

  56. I know people would love a final 2 between Dan and Frank, but if Dan is as smart as he seems to be he might just drop him near the end, and do final 2 against Jenn, Joe or Dani. Most likely he’d take Dani to show that he was loyal to her and helped her get to the end. Just to prove the point of “what has she done in this game?”. They talk a good plan now, but this IS Big Brother. Doesn’t mean they’ll REALLY be next to each other at the end.

    • I hope they are next to each other in the end. It will be a great finish the two them against each other. Better than a non player all season sitting there who in my opinion does not deserve to be final two. .

  57. Hopefully Frank will win….He deserves it all….Yeah Dan made a big move and everyone thinks that he pulled one over on Frank but Frank actually knows what he is doing…He went from being the number one threat to being number two and exposed Ian for what he really is and formed an alliance with Jenn and Dan and now Joe will more than likely come on board leaving Shane and Ian all alone because Danielle is still with Dan

  58. No, you’re mistaken. Ian’s Veto was an additional Veto, or a “second Veto” if you want, but that “second” didn’t refer to the order in which it’d be played. He got his first, so it makes perfect sense that he’d have to decide to use his first.

  59. Dans plan was masterful. He worked it to a t making Ian his bitch in the process. I’m hoping Brit beckoned the newest jury member and the HOH contest is an endurance contest giving Dan, Jenn, or Dannielle a chance to win the thing. Then I’d like to see whomever wins put Ian and Joe on the block then hope to win the veto so you could backdoor Shane. That way either Captain Oblivious (Shane) or Ian goes to the jury house next week.

  60. I’ve never been a Dan fan but that was simply beyond brilliant! Must-see TV right there. He was a genius. Don’t know how it play out in the end (is betrayal just down the road) but so what? He’s still there so far and that’s what he wanted.

  61. LMAO!! this wednesday episode was by far one of the best if not THE best that i have seen ever on bb. rat faced ian got exactly what was coming to him, im jus disappointed that Franky had to make a deal with the devil that is dan to do it. i hope ian goes next and then theres a double eviction that knocks out dan and dani in the same damn nite. dan does not deserve to win bb a second damn time he has done nothing this entire season, now won one comp but yet ppl think he deserves to sit next to frank?!! comon ppl dan lucked out, he caught frank wen he was deperate and without allies, of course frank caved but the supposed move he made is not what it seems, dan meant every word he sed during his funeral because he knew he was goin home , wen he relized upstairs in the hoh room that his pitch might work he made it seem like he had come up with this whole elaborate scheme but i aint convinced. dan needs to get the hell out d bb house and let the newbies duke it out…cept joes worthless ass of course :-D

    • You might want to refer to the feeds. Dan came up with the entire scheme while in confinement. They didn’t really show it on the show last night, but he even faked not feeling well when he came out of confinement so that everyone would feel sorry for him. He knew what he had to do to save himself and that was to tell on Ian and Brittany because they had threw him under the bus and didn’t care if he went home. There is no way you can be a BB fan and down play the BIG move that Dan made. Because think about it like this, Frank took a chum bath for 24 hours, took an avocado bath, in a carrot suite for a week and has to sit out the next 2 HOH comps in order to get Dan out. Then Jenn decided to have only slop of the rest of the comp in order to get Dan out. They had what they wanted and Dan was able to convince them to keep him. Frank could have still decided to get rid of Dan knowing how dangerous of a player he is, but Dan was able to persuade Frank to then persuade Jenn. Now if you don’t seem to think that is the BEST MOVE EVER in BB History I have to wonder if you’re truly a fan.

  62. Dan just made one hell of a STUPID move…& so did Frank!! Frank is too trusting & if he doesn’t make it to the final 2…then his being too “trusting” would have been his downfall! He should have thought about the fact that Dan was only trying to SAVE HIS OWN ASS at the 11th hour, cause if Dan REALLY wanted to do cut a deal with Frank, then he would have done so the moment Frank won HOH…NOT sit around & wait until after he’s nominated, after the veto competition & then after he came out of solitary for 24 hrs!! If I were Frank, I would have took Dan’s info about the “quack pack”, dealt with Brittney, Ian, & Shane next week, but STILL kept his ass up on the block to be evicted this week…that way, Dan would have looked like a plum fool for turning on his alliance without a justifiable reason for doing so. Why would Frank want to trust Dan at his word…if Dan could easily sell out his “quack pack” alliance to save his ass, then who’s to say that he wouldn’t do the same to Frank (in the final 4) in order to win BB14!! Frank’s too trusting & he’s being played like a fiddle!!

    Dan on the other hand is a classic textbook sociopath! Did anyone see the look on his face when Danielle asked him why did he have to embarrass her in front of everyone in the house? Classic textbook sociopathic facial expression from Dan!! If he would have thought about it, his alliance had the votes to keep him safe from eviction DESPITE what Frank may have wanted, but he would have had to sacrifice Danielle in order to stay in the game. He didn’t want to do that (Can you say…Janelle #2, anyone?? Remember, she didn’t want to sacrifice any of her players either.), so he decides to sellout his alliance. The ONLY thing different that he told Frank was that it wasn’t him that was gunning for Frank to be evicted (which was a LIE)! Frank should have already known Ian was working with Brit & Shane when Ian helped evict Boogie, & he should have already known that Brit & Shane were targeting him, sooo…what TRUTH did Dan REALLY tell Frank!? If Dan stands a chance at winning, then he’s going to have to throw Frank under the bus at the final 4 & take Joe with him to the final 2…otherwise, all the Jury votes are going to Frank or Jen City! Dan should have realized (before he came up with his so-called “masterplan”…which is REALLY a sociopathic plan!) that everyone evicted since last week goes to jury…so, you want to make FRIENDS with the jury vote…NOT enemies!!

    • Excellent points! I agree–Frank made a major mistake by trusting that piece of garbage, and it’ll probably come back to haunt him. Why, after everything judas has already done, Frank would now, of all things, TRUST him is beyond me (and all reason). And yes, dan is definitely a sociopath, which makes it sorely ironic and hypocritical that he claims to be, of all things, CATHOLIC!

      Incidentally, the way dan and the quack pack reconvened last night is absolutely disgusting–this right after dan supposedly formed a new alliance with Frank, Jenn, and cat-face crybaby (danielle). The guy is garbage and obviously has no loyalty other than to himself.

      Here’s to Frank hopefully winning BB.

  63. Another thing…had Dan actually WON the veto competition or the Powerball Veto…I’m quite sure that he would’ve took his OWN self off the block & left Danielle up there to sacrifice her, instead of taking Danielle off the block & keeping himself on the block & trying to cut a deal with Frank in order to stay in the game. His stabbing his alliance in the back was probably the reason why he acted the selfish way that he acted all week long toward his alliance…he had it in his mind all week long to turn on his alliance. I got much respect for Frank, because every time he’s nominated up on the block, he steps his game up & wins the Veto comp to pull his self off, EVERYTIME, but Dan…He just wants to sceme & backstab in order to save his ass INSTEAD of stepping his game up to win veto!!

    • Jason, what are you watching??? Did you not see that Dan’s alliance (Brittany and Ian) turned on Dan 1st? Go back and watch Sunday’s episode. Better yet if you have the feeds check them out and go back to last Thursday before the POV competition/ceremony. Brittany made a deal with Frank before the POV competition/ceremony when he took himself off the block. Dan didn’t turn on his alliance for no reason they threw him under the bus, Ian wouldn’t use his POV to save Dan even though Dan was taking the heat for Ian’s betrayal. The only reason Dan was put on the block was because Frank was under the impression that Dan manipulated Ian, when in actuality it was Ian that turned on Frank and Mike. So Dan had every reason to do what he did. He’s there just like everyone else to win the game and he would have been loyal to his team had they been loyal to him. And why shouldn’t he save himself if he won veto. Had he won veto and saved Danielle, he would have been going to Jury because Frank still would have put up Shane as a replacement and they still would’ve voted Dan out – so he did what every other smart person would have done and that’s save themselves. He’s not in a relationship with Danielle, so he doesn’t owe her a thing and he has every right to save himself over her.

  64. Dan had no other alternative BUT to rat out the the quack pack lol.. he even said it to ian when they were trying to get the veto out of the machine.This move was a great one but there is NO way he deserves to win this game because of this one deed.
    Dan has been a lousy player leading in to this week that is why he was stuck with 1 player by the second week.
    Frank being in an alliance with dan will do nothing from him dan did nothing for the quack pack but float and betray them.

  65. “Jen wants to make some sort of move to make her seem less pointless…..” Bahahahahahah! Whoever wrote this is both correct and also hilarious.

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