Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 7 Friday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

What a day in the Big Brother 14 house. We had the fallout from the double eviction episode, Pandora’s Box returned, and nominations were revealed. There wasn’t as much drama from the nominations like we had last week but the real action is sure to follow. Pandora’s Box left a surprising power in the game and the pressure is on its winner to make the right decision.

Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 24, 2012:

8:30 AM BBT – Frank is up talking with Jenn. He lets her know she isn’t his target. Danielle will be going up since she’d vote to support Dan. Dan is his main target.

10:30 AM BBT – HGs come back inside to find they have the smaller table w/ mozzarella and matzo. It’s a milestone in the game. Frank also discovers the HoH room is locked.

12:20 PM BBT – Dan still considering telling Frank about the Quack Pack to out Ian’s betrayal of Frank and Boogie.

12:35 PM BBT – Frank explaining to Shane why he is going to put up Danielle against Dan. He knows she’d vote to keep him and if he can’t get Dan out then he has to “cut him off at the knees like he did me.”

3:03 PM BBTLive Feeds return. Pandora’s Box has returned. Ian won a special Veto power. Dan is relieved he didn’t out Ian now that he’ll need that power.

3:10 PM BBT – Frank talks privately with Britney on how to keep Ian from using the Veto power. Plans to say he’ll renom Britney if he does it. Frank is again trusting Britney, Shane, and Ian.

4:06 PM BBT – Frank and Dan have a very good talk in the HoH room. Dan is trying is hardest, but Frank isn’t going to be swayed. Dan tells him he may not come for him if he stays.

6:40 PM BBT – Nomination ceremony is over. Dan and Danielle have been nominated. No surprises.

6:50 PM BBT – Shane and Frank in the HoH room. Frank complains about how Dan tried to get him out despite Big Brother being Frank’s dream. He thinks he should get to be here simply because. Shane is agreeing with everything Frank says. Promises to bring him information, etc. I’m pretty sure Shane is just lying to him again, but we shall see.

8:10 PM BBT – Britney takes a turn in the HoH room. Frank is nervous about how she’s wronged him in the past.

9:10 PM BBT – Danielle reveals she targeted Janelle for things she thinks Janelle was saying about her.

11:01 PM BBT – Britney mentions Ian says production is trying to talk him out of using it. “They said are you really sure this is good for your game?” and we get Fish.

11:30 PM BBT – Ian and Britney discuss the possibility of Dan going home and that maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing for them. DR may be pushing Ian to work with Frank.

1:30 AM BBT – Ian and Shane talking in bed about his upcoming decision with the Pandora Veto. “I give you the moon and you ask for the stars.” Sounds like Ian is setting himself up to not use the Pandora Veto.

Friday was a pretty busy day in the game with Pandora’s return, but Saturday will be crucial for Dan and Danielle. Shane or Britney need to win the Veto if they want to keep the Quack Pack alive, but even if they do win would they use it? Or for that matter, will Ian use his special Veto power? I keep thinking he’ll want to use it just because it’s a special power and it’d be a shame to waste it. Time will tell.

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  1.  Still anxiously waiting for the Boogie interview lol

    No pressure though, I can wait all season!


    • I’m going to post it around noon. I was working away on it when Pandora’s Box hit and decided to spread it out so the interview could get its own spotlight rather than getting buried under Pandora & noms.

      • Matt,

        Good job on the Boogie interview. Enjoyed very much reading the interview and most especially the goodbye messages! Brittney’s the best and rocks!
        Even Mike Boogie got a huge laugh at that one! And Ian’s goodbye message too got Boogie to tip his cap to Ian! 

  2. He’ll use it.  Ian has wanted to play the game, experience the game and take it all in.  He didn;t mind being on slop, or being a dog for a day…because he wanted to experience everything….he’ll use the veto…for the experience of course.

    • Exactly. That’s what I keep thinking. He’s got to be thinking how the audience would see it for him to not use this once-a-season power. Could you imagine if Hoffman hadn’t used his DPOV? It’d be nuts.

      Maybe Ian is saying out loud that he won’t use it to get DR off his back.

      • I am actually thinking that Ian might not use it DR aside.  It is better for his game to evict Dan just as it was better for his game to evict Boogie.  I could be wrong, but besides the excitement I think Ian knows what he is doing.  He evicted Boogie because of the excitement of getting Boogie out and am thinking how great it would be to get Dan out – another huge player in BB history.  Only this time to get that player out he would not use it.  I would think the best move for any of these players would be to take a Jenn or Joe to the finals.  If anyone is a Dan fan then they would want him to use it.

    • Saying he wanted the full experience& taking punishments was part of Ian’s strategy. He said that if he took the slop & cold showers other people wouldn’t have to &they’d keep him in the game for that purpose. I feel if he uses that veto, its just bcuz he is giddy with power after evicting Boogie & not bcuz he is thinking strategically. It would be best for HIS game to get rid of one of his fellow quack pack members , otherwise the best he  can do is finish 5th unless he somehow wins hoh again & turns on Shane. He can win this game if he doesn’t let the power cloud his thinking.

  3. pretty sure this post will be removed asap..but this season this the worst in BB history…I have spent more time deleting entire UNwatched shows then watching shows…BB plz get it right next season or this viewer wont be back again.

    • Why would I remove this post? We aren’t CBS.

      I disagree about this season being “the worst in BB history.” It had a few slow weeks in the middle, but it’s getting pretty exciting again. If you’re deleting episodes unwatched then you’re really missing out.  Thurs’ episode was awesome.

      • I agree Matt.  It can’t be exciting every single minute but have ended up enjoying this season and I was one of those that thought I wouldn’t so has been a nice surprise to me.

    • I think its been a pretty dang good season.  Sure, there  has been a coupkle of disappointments and some things have happened that we saw coming…but the drama and game play has been great.  At least these newbs aren’t all sheep like last season.

      •  Becky the newbies are the only reason I have watched it so far. I love Ian he is the goofy underdog that has shown he can be the little master mind when needed.

      • unfortunately i agree with Regan. I think the problem is the producers seems to think that they need to throw in a bunch of twists to create drama when, in all reality, they just need to cast better. This season had some good personalities, but the vets coming back star struck them. They need to just go back to basics. They did that in s10, and its arguably one of the best seasons. 

      • I agree Becky as I thought for awhile that it was going to be boring but have been surprised and I agree last season was too predictable with the newbies.  Last season I knew a vet would win but this season a newbie has a chance of winning.  If they play their cards right I can see a potential where all coaches leave.  Dan should be going this week if they are smart and that would only leave Brit in as a coach.  Yes, their have been disappointments and boring times, but there has been lots of excitement as well.

    •  I will say it again! Sick of the whining and crying about not liking this season. If you don’t like it then don’t watch. Tired of the “I’m not watching anymore crap”.

    • For the time being…Ian once again holds the most power in his hands.   Yes, Frank is HOH and at this point decides who is on the block but Ian is in control of their fate.   Would you want your destiny in Ians hands?   The kid certainly leaves a big impression.

      •  Frank has just as much ower as Ian.  Even if Ian uses the POV, Frank gets to renominate the replacement so how does Ian have more power than Frank?  I can’t stand Ian.  I hope Frank gets wind of Ian’s double agent behavior and puts him up.  That would be fun!

      • @Georgia.   I believe i said….for the time being.   Frank has made his noms and now Ian can change that if he wants.   So for the moment…Ian has the power.

    • I too like Ian and he could win, but it looks to me like the show wants
      Frank to win and are making moves to make that happen. Remember
      when Shanes nominations were just thrown out. One more safe week for
      Frank, Why??

  4. hgs think next comp will be “how bad do you want it?” i guess we’ll find out who’s willing to shave their head or eat slop for the rest of the season or something else just as bad. if that really is the competition. production also wants britt and shane to work with frank.

    • Even if Production is involved the best move for any of them is to get rid of Dan.  If you think Production is only looking out for Frank getting rid of Dan benefits all of them.

      • Production needs to just let them play the game and stop trying to tell them what they should do…They are the ones in the game not production..

  5. Am I right in thinking that if Ian uses his GPOV he will get to name the nom?  If that’s true, then possibly all Quack Packers will be able to remain in the game?  IF Ian does pick the replacement, who will it be?

    • They will probably save Dan and Danielle and put Joe and Jenn on the block. Yawn……That is so exciting like sitting thru a movie and falling asleep while, watching it! Happened to me one time, I was watching Sphere which started off well then, dropped off to totally boring until I just fell asleep. Woke up near the end thankfully.

      • They would be making a big mistake in leaving Dan in the game. This would be the perfect time to do it.  They will have to make that move sooner or later to save their own game and what advantage is it to leave Dan in except for Dan?

      • Jacee2…….You make perfect sense but, this bunch of newbies are the dullest tools in the shed! Include Frank in the bunch and only Dan and Brittney to a little degree because she is not really that smart really if you watch her talk, there is not enough brain cells to go around this group. Dan probably will still survive because he can talk them into doing what he wants. Danielle might be sacrificed if they decide to evict one Quack Pack although, Joe or Jenn probably is going home this week!

      • Britney is the show! Cute smart and fun. If she goes Boring.
        I hope she makes it to the end with Ian.

  6. The quack pack should really start looking out for themselves. Do Britney, Dan and Danielle really think Shane will take them to Final 2? Much less Ian. I think they’re going to figure out they need the only floaters left in the house and one of the quack pack will be going home. It’s only Frank against them, so why wait til last minute to break up the alliance?

    • The finale is Sept 19th. We’re expecting another double eviction to keep things on track. Production delivering the coaches twist before Frank was evicted put the season in a situation to have too many HGs even with one double eviction. Hopefully they do something exciting to work that out.

      • That is the start of Survivor I believe. Are they running Survivor after Big Brother? Looking forward to the double eviction because that means more drama!

  7. It really is in Ian’s best interest not to use it.  The QP needs to shatter for Ian to have any hope of winning the 500k.

    • Also, Dan and Shane ready to stab Ian in the back because he is now useless to him. After Frank goes, who are they going after? Who else but, each other? Someone has to win that $500,000 but, you have to be still in the house to do so!

  8. Is shane stupid…does he really want to kick out britt over stalker Danielle… doesnt he know he can beat britt in finale… maybe Danielle too… but for sure a coach.  besides she won 25k for americas favorite player on her season. shane to me is ready to lose this game… if i were Shane i would take Dan no one is gonna give dan another 500k…. 

    • Dan just might pull it off and I think the smart move would be for anyone to take Jenn or Joe.  Yes, it gives them $50,000, but they would be sure to win over either one of them.  Not only have they no resume, but can’t talk like Dan can.  Dan needs to go to benefit any of the players.

    • The smartest move is take the newbie floaters, Joe or Jenn with you to Final 2 and you will win easily as these two have done nothing in the game! Dan has been manipulating everyone and Brittney too to a lesser extent so, you bring one of those two in the Final 2 and you will lose that $500,000 because those two played a way smarter game than most of the other house guests!

  9. why is production in the game I don’t understand this is the first year I have hear of they doing this what’s up if this keeps up I will no longer look at big brother because I think it’s wrong stay out of if production let the player play the game the way they what too.

    • If this is the first time you’re hearing of of production interference, you haven’t been watching any of the past shows.  It started since season 2. Who is to tell…maybe from Season 1.

      • Yes…all seasons have made references to “production” interferrence..But this season is the worst…The HG’s are talking openly and telling each other  about their DR discussions and the viewers are hearing it. Yep..This season “Production” has gotten to involved in how the “game ” is being played….

    • You “ovi” didnn’t watch the season with Brenchel…everyone on the board here (pretty much) screamed interference from production.  Lots said they wouldn’t watch yadda yadda, but they still did so they could complain . I am sure production does give some imput, but how scripted, only past players know for sure…and they probably have a gag order as to what they can say.

  10. Frank and Shane winning everything is so stale. This season is boring for that reason alone. 

  11. I really think Ian will do what is best for his game and not use the power UNLESS Dan wins POV, then he’d save Danielle.

    I think this will be like the Brigade sending Matt home, you get rid of the threat when you have the chance.

    Ian might be into this experience but not more than he is intO 500k

  12. I guess the more
    I think about it I don’t see why the Quack Pack are sticking together.  Yes, Frank is a big threat physically, but
    what is the advantage of keeping Dan in the game to them over Frank?  He is the brains and they know it so why not
    get rid of the brains right now when they have their chance?  He hasn’t demonstrated so far that he can win
    anything.  Shane is physical and has
    demonstrated he can win but Shane can’t play for you each week.  Why aren’t they making side alliances with
    Frank instead of concentrating on getting him out next week.  Ian has to know he is the bottom of the group
    and and should realize that this would be the perfect time to get rid of Dan
    just like he knew it was the right time to get rid of Boogie.  I would think that each one of them are smart
    enough to keep a Jenn or Joe to take to the end so there is no chance that
    anyone would vote for either Jenn or Joe against them.  As an example if Brit or Dani were to take
    Dan to the end who would win with jury my guess would be Dan.  He is a good talker and what would they say
    for their resume over him?  Brit would be
    able to say she is funny and Dani would say she won one HOH and a veto.  I still say Dan would win because he is so
    liked and never got blood on his hands. 
    The same would hold true if Shane were at the end against Dan.  Yes,  Shane
    could talk about all his wins but what type of strategic moves has he made?  He has been a puppet to Brit.  The only one who might benefit would be Ian
    against Dan as he would be able to say he got Boogie out and Frank if Frank
    were gone.  They have to turn on each
    other at some point and anyone would want Dan out so why not now when they have
    the perfect chance?  If they don’t do it
    now they are the ones making the wrong decision at this time.  Dan was the only one who figured out this
    hail Mary play to save himself and they are all being stupid if they go along
    with it.   If they were smart they would
    realize that this is only a good move to keep Dan in the game but what does it
    do for their game personally?  JMO

    • I agree. Ian may have made one great move, sending Boogie home which got him further in the game and took out a huge threat. Frank is alone and he can’t win everything. Jenn and Joe are there to take to Final 2. If he breaks up the quack pack, he will have a shot at winning the game. Because right now it looks like the QP just used him to get rid of Boogie, but if he breaks up the QP, it shows he wasn’t anyone’s puppet.

      • Frank will not make it to the end. No one wants to sit beside him or Shane in the f2. However, the difference is that Shane has some people working with him. Frank doesn’t. He will not win everything. I gave him one more week. I predict the final two will be Brit and Ian. Unless Ian starts winning and thinking on his own Brit will beat him. It wasn’t his idea to be the double agent so once agn he has to make another big move besides getting out Boogie which was Brit and Dan’s idea which she will totally use in her F2 argument.

      • Tmoore68 Brit or Dan would not have come up with anything if not for Ian being the mole.  They all owe all their moves to Ian for running back to them with all the information.  Just think how different this game would have been without Ian.  He also hasn’t gotten caught which is kudos to him and the fact that nobody has turned him in.  His best move would be to break away from the Quack Pack.  Dan already wanted him out next.  Ian’s best move would be to move to Frank IMO.  I know Ian loves Brit so maybe the 3 of them would move to Frank.  Although Frank told Jenn he doesn’t trust Brit, but don’t know if he was giving Jenn a story.

      • Jacee,
        Very well said. The QP’s game would be nothing without Ian. In fact I have doubts that the QP would’ve existed past 2 days without him. They better be grateful to him taking them so far and keeping the their hands clean.

      • Tmoore68,
        I’m pretty sure that Ian would be happy to sit next to Frank or Shame in the final 2. It’s more likely he’ll be sitting next to Frank as Shame will be going out  way before that.

    • And I think that is how the QP will think it Dani wins veto. Ian will not be saving Dan; however if Dan wins then they will save Dani just because it gives them their alliance for a little while longer.

      However if Shane wins they might not save either and send Dan home

      I think everyone in the QP is currently wondering if this is their best chance to send Dan home without getting blood on their hands.

  13. I hate that production intervenes too much…..however, I wish they would when it comes to Joe not washing his hands after using the bathroom…then going straight to the kitchen and opening the fridge….GROSS!

    • I agree!!!! You would think they would get on to him aboaut this as it is
      a real sanitation problem that could affect the other Hgs. I am amazed
      they eat his food at all. I surely couldn’t knowing his lack of sanitation
      in the kitchen. Having owned his own restaurant, I have to wonder if the
      health dept. didn’t close his rest. down.

      • He’s actually a fry cook at McDonalds. He said if he didn’t get out of the house before jury that he would get fired from there.

      •  And then he makes their dinner. I remember he made a comment about studying all kinds of sauces….just saying.

  14. I remember another contestant that had 9 lives and spent his time being HOH all alone…Brendon…Frank is in the same situation…

    • How about James Rhine of season 6?…the other hg wanted him out soooo badly.   But he won 4 straight vetos in a row.

      • or another james, the one with the pink mohawk from season 9, i believe he won 3 vetos in a row before he was finally evicted.  Theres usually one each season that gets them selfs stuck in the situation that they can only win if they keep winning veto and eventually they loose and have no allies, frank should know this.

      • that wasn’t for Rachel’s benefit…that was for Jeff’s girl…I can’t remember her name

  15. I can not believe Frank is still trusting Shane after all the times he lied to him. And Britney is a snake in the grass, Frank is going to get bit again

    • I believe Brit is the biggest snake in the house. It is hard to understand
      why the HGs don’t see what she is doing. She is so irritating that you
      would think they would want her out of the house, especially since she
      was a coach and a vet. I have noticed she has tendencies to act like she
      is smarter and more knowledgeable than anyone in the house. She talks
      down to them and makes fun of them to their faces in ways that are
      not attractive. She acts like the mean girl in high school everyone was
      afraid to cross. If she is such a great player, then why hasn’t she won a
      comp or done anything on her own. She is a coattail rider who schemes
      about everything and throws everyone under the bus for her own game.
      I would be thrilled to see her put up and leave this week!

      •  You said that perfect. I really can’t stand the way she talks down to Ian. Holy crap if anyone ever said to me some of the stuff she has said to him and in the tones she uses I would get far far away from that person as possible before I went bat-shit Dumbielle crazy on their ass!

    • Frank deserves what he gets trusting shane and britney after they’ve tried to get him out 3 times the dude is just dumb

    • Frank is Mr. Dumbo that is for sure. Boogie kept him safe and made him look smart as Boogie made the decisions for him. Now that he is on his own, he cannot function. Very sad really because now more than ever, he has to make smart decisions and not waste his HOH by making dumb nominations like targeting Danielle? Forming another alliance with Shane and Brittney? This is getting old and stale and next week, Frank will be backdoored. Atleast, Frank will be evicted and his very bad game play will end!

  16. LOL!….be honest Frank your just mad because they got to Ian before you could….your no different than them get real dude…now stop talking to the cam’s you sound really stupid

  17. my odd prediction- frank wins pov. ian has his veto prize. frank already nominated dan and danielle. ian uses that veto prize and takes dan off the block. danielle still being up there. BUT if frank wins pov, he’ll be told that he can veto ians decision with taking dan off the block, and put dan back on there. bam dan goes home!

    not saying this will happen.

    i always creat this senerios in my head!

    • Then why bother giving Ian a prize that’s useless….that’s no prize at ALL.

      • i dont know. i follow big brother updates on twitter so i now who wins hoh, pov and the noms are before they show it. as you can see that we know that frank is hoh and who the noms are. but anyways. im not sure why ian has that prize. people know that is a veto prize, but some might not what it is used for. now i could be wrong. it’s just predictable.

  18. why is house on lock down now? britt said they were going to get them up early for veto draw whatever that is.

  19. did everyone notice damnielle pluckin her hairs off her chinney chin chin.hehehehehehe  i ll get u my pretty.hheeehhhee

  20. Just read Joker’s updates. Frank told Joe they have to work together because if QP wins veto and they use it but they also use Ian’s veto, Joe will have to go up and they control the votes.  

    • then Joe  should say if you were worried Ian might use the veto….why the hell didn’t you put him up against Dan then?….you dimwit!

  21. Hopefully someone can answer this for me because it makes no sense to me, why does production give Ian a special power and then try and talk him out of using it?  If they didn’t want it used, why give it in the first place?  or did it all depend on who won the power, if production wanted them to use it?

    • yeah now that you said that it doesnt mae sence at all. i think production wants dan gone (another big move) and the know if ian uses it he will take dan off the block.

    • Yes…that’s what I want to know too…the whole damn house is against this kid….he can’t play….if they didn’t want anyone to use it…why put it in the game then….smh

    • I think what it all comes down to is that production wants Ian to flip over to Frank’s side so that he has an ally. Ian mentioned several times yesterday that in the DR they keep telling him not to use the special power to remove Dan or Danielle from the block, and every single time he mentioned it, he was called back into the DR. How anyone cannot interpret this as DR manipulation is beyond me. It’s just like the first week when Ashley was saying that she was going to vote for Kara to stay when Frank was up on the block with her and she would get called to the DR and then all of a sudden, she was voting to keep Frank. She had a meltdown about it a few days after the eviction saying that she really didn’t want to vote Kara out but “they” bullied her into doing so. Production loves Frank, plain and simple, and now they’re doing the same thing to Ian. 

  22. I really don’t see the problem with production asking Ian if its in his best interest not to use his special power. Its just another part of the game. Now if production blatantly does something to change the outcome of the game, then I’ll have a problem. But asking Ian some thought-provoking questions really isn’t a big deal… 

  23. I feel this is a fixed game production should not be involved in anyway! I don’t understand it. Go Ian , I want to see brittany and Ian in the F2. If all theses twist keep happening in Franks favor then this is no longer a true BB game and who would ever want to play again. I did find it funny that Frank won POV they prob set up his clovers so he can find them easy. Thats some BS! Frank needs to go next!!!

  24. What’s funny about all of this is that the HG’s themselves can see the writing on the wall re: production and Frank. It’s been mentioned several times that it seems as if TPTB want Frank to win the game and every time they mention it, we get fish. I think that’s the real reason why Ian is afraid to use his power, because he keeps getting called into the DR and being told not to use the power on Dan or Danielle. 

    I was watching on After Dark last night and since they can’t cut to fish every time something is mentioned about it, I got to hear Ian say to Britney that the DR doesn’t want him to use the power because they want him to align with Frank. He was called back into the DR moments later and when he got back out, he told Britney that they were asking him how it would benefit his game to use the power to save Dan and that he’d be better off flipping over to Frank’s side. Ian didn’t seem too happy about the DR trying to manipulate him and he said: “They want us to work with Frank, me and you.” to which Britney replied “Why, because it’s good for the story?” Ian nodded and said “It’s good for the story, they like you and they’re working to show me as being influenced by the bad forces and that I was taken advantage of and now I’m seeing the light.” So basically the story line that production wants is Frank, Britney and Ian against Dan, Danielle and Shane. Ian seems reluctant to do what they want but who knows what is said in the diary room to pursuade people into doing what they want? For all we know they could be telling him that if he does this, he’ll be invited back for a future All-Stars season. Bottom line is that production wants Frank to win and the rest of the people who are there are just pawns in their little game of chess. Sorry this is long, but I’m just trying to get my point across about how badly production wants Frank to prevail this season.

    • And there’s always the possibility that Ian is lying to cover his ass as to why he will side with Frank.   And he doesn’t want to leave Brit behind so he includes her in the little scenerio.

      • I have a hard time believing that just for the sheer fact that every time Ian brings this up, he gets called back into the DR. Last night when he was telling Britney about what they want him to do, he was called back in and he said very exasperated: “I was just in there! What the hell?!” They’re working that kid over good, trust me on this.

      • @Deb…I’m not saying he IS lying but just that there’s the possibility.   And even if production IS suggesting he go with Frank….he doesn’t have to do it.   They suggested Shane change his nominees….but he didn’t.     Ian has the final decision and i think he’s the type to want to stay in the Quack Packs good graces by putting the blame on someone else if it helps him with the jury if he makes F2.

    • Just like when Janelle asked the HG’s if she was getting their votes and Britney cried fake tears and said Production wouldn’t let her say?! Ian could just be making it all up to split the alliance for his benefit.

    • And how would you know that what Ian is saying is true? Sure he could have been called to the DR but, the conversation could have been something else and they could have suggested he use the veto. However, his version is that they dissuaded him from doing so! All of these house guest are liars and outside of seeing on video tape with audio what was actually said (although, even a video tape can be doctored), I do not see that just because Ian said something that it is necessarily the truth! Think about the fact too that they gave the special power to Ian and not Frank. If they wanted to help Frank, a diamond power of veto would keep him safe next week when he is backdoored but, they did not give it to him. This is no way fixed because the house guests decide on who to evict and who to vote to evict! They determine who stays or who goes. All production is doing is try to put more twists in the game if at all. Anything suggested is just that.
      The house pretty much decides when it matters who to evict and when! 

  25. Frank and his mr. nice guy loyalty act is stupid what did getting wil out and keeping his word get him? stabbed in the back..sorry frankie u dont deserve to be in this game if u trust britney again if she gets HOH plan on franks key not being in the box

  26. I think production is rigging the game for
    Frank because of the producer an who his father is. Shameful!

    •  They have only mentioned Sid Viscous ONCE this entire season, and unless you grew up watching the WWE you have no idea who that is, so I seriously doubt it has anything to do with that.

  27. The rats wills jump ship after the POV today. They’re all taking about knofing each other. Cmon Frank win the POV convince IAN not to use the Power and backdoor Shane. I know wishful thinking but one can only hope.

  28. The way I see it. Ian should use his special veto on Danielle. The reasons are three fold. #1 Dan can stay against anyone else except Danielle as Danielle  she is a vote for Dan that is not there if she is on the block also. The way I see it Jen Danielle and Ian would vote to keep Dan. #2 Ian would not be going directly against Frank as He would be leaving his main target (Dan) on the Block. #3 he would be making his alliance with Dan and Danielle stronger. Dan needs to go to work on Ian using these reasons. Just my opinion

  29. Do you guys ever stop to think that maybe the DR is just asking a series of questions? Because obviously they ask the HGs questions when they go in there, thats why it always sounds like the hgs are ANSWERING QUESTIONS. just a thought. Maybe the DR isnt trying to sway anyone, they are just asking questions from every angle. I would assume that because I have never been a HG and pretty sure most of us on here haven’t, then we can’t really know for sure, can we?

    • Seriously!! I couldn’t have said it better!
      Geez people, get a clue! They don’t go into the DR and just start rambling at a camera in an empty room. Well maybe Dumbielle does, but seriously get over it already.

    • As dumb as this group of newbies are, that is why the DR keeps calling them in to ask them questions. They have too! These guys are just too bad as far as thinking goes and needs to be helped. Has not anyone noticed that the coaches are in the game and still they need direction on what to do? Frank followed Boogie, Danielle followed Dan, Shane followed Brittney,
      Ian followed Boogie before turning on him as well as Jenn. Joe followed whoever had the HOH and did what he was told! This is still a show and they have to make sure the ratings stay up because of the advertising dollars but, the game play of the newbies sucks unless, people are blinded by their favorites!

    • What about Dumbielle flirting with Twitney? Every night she’s picking her up and carrying her around like a baby then putting her in bed. I’m waiting for her to make a move on her just to see Twitney’s reaction!

  30. Amberb669 you are probably right but have you ever heard of a leading question. Ian evidently thought that they were trying to influence him by there question. i think it is right that they ask why did you use the veto but to ask do you think that it would be good for you before the fact is not good IMHO

  31. If Frank is intent on getting Dan or Dani out, he should have put up Dan and Ian.  Ian would have to use his veto on himself and then Frank could have put Dani up as replacement.  Now there is a chance they can both get off the block.

  32. well.since Shane and Britt are both playing in POV that means production has to interfere one more time so frank wins it…. I still think a.quack packer is going home… and I hope its dani..

  33. The producers sure want to keep Frank bad.  I wonder if they tell him where game pieces are hidden or what #’s to choose in counting comps etc?

  34. Ian’s crying about how Dan and Frank are pushing him into “these positions” He should’ve thought of all that before you stabbed your team in the back. He’s got 3 weeks tops left in that house. You made your big move too soon son, now deal with the blowback.

  35. Matt, the biggest disappointment this season is the blatant play of production. The cheating, etc. They are the ones really playing the game. In the past, it was never this obvious. Frank was probably singled out to stay around because he can win competitions. But give the others a chance. Unless he was selected to win it all before it ever started!

  36. The way production has fixed it so Frank can win every POV, I would be surprised if Frank lost. It would be a shock if they did not intervene somehow to make sure the PET did not get his way and give him the best chance possible to win! Pretty sure Dani or Dan going home this week. It’s what favorite production househuest wants, and they will find a way yo facillitate it!

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if only frank’s tub had two clovers for that last POV comp…

      •  shane got his second clover, frank just got his quicker. did you not watch the comp? shane found his second while frank was running back to get the veto

    • So…aren’t you kinda shock they haven’t told him about the Qpack, and Britney, Ian and Shane shouldn’t be trusted? Since they’re doing everything for him to win.

    • Production loves the stupid quack pack, that’s why they are all still there and why they got an extra veto, to make sure they all stay this week.

    • Let me see. Frank is all alone. Dumb as hell and they gave the special power to Ian? Yes, that is some rigged game! Next week, Frank cannot play for HOH so, will be backdoored and sent to the jury house. In all these, the Quack Pack are all safe as they have the majority votes and they vote out either Joe or Jenn. Yes. It is stacked. All in favor of the Quack Pack!
      Now, you have egg on your face and look pretty stupid!

  37. BB completely blew its cover this time.  Now everyone knows it is rigged.  It’s still entertaining to watch, but not as exciting since everyone knows it is totally scripted.  The question now is not about who is going to win, but the question is about who BB wants to win.  BB wants Dan out because they don’t want to give him another half million.  They shouldn’t let former winners play again if that’s the case.

  38. Big Brother production team needs to STOP trying to influence the players. I know they have done it in the past seasons, but not this bad. They put players in the game to play the game, so let them do that on their own. I hope Dan wins veto and that Ian uses his power that he got.

  39. Just this afternoon, Britney and Dan were in the Have Not room talking about scenarios for the veto comp. Dan smartly covered up his microphone while he was talking but was pointing at the ceiling to indicate that he was talking about production. Britney then whispered “They want Frank to win this whole game.”  Like I said before, even the HG’s are making comments about how things are being slanted in Frank’s favor. And Ian being called into the DR every time the subject of him using his special power to remove Dan or Danielle from the block is more than just a little bit suspect. He made a comment earlier today that it was inferred that he would get more TV time if he decided not to use the power and went over to Frank’s side. Production loves Frank and the entire house knows it.

    • Yes, the quack pack is so persecuted by production that they only have two vetoes this week and are a virtual lock to get all five them to the final five. Production is so rough on them.

      • Bucky, you’re missing the point here. If production can sway Ian NOT to use the veto ball, then one of the QP are most certainly going home. And it’s looking like that may be the case. Every single time he says that he’ll use it to take someone down off the block, he gets called into the DR and when he comes back out he says he’s being pressured by them not to use it. Production is working him over bigtime, which is weird because why else give out a special power if they don’t want the person to use it? It’s been speculated that it can be used next week as well, so in that scenario if Frank winds up back on the block, Ian can then use it to take him down off the block. That doesn’t sound like production interference to you? 

      • Deb, Why would production give the quack pack an extra veto when Frank was HOH if they love Frank so much? I do not believe every word out of Ian’s mouth. He could easily be telling Dan that to cover himself in case he does not use it. We will find out soon enough. Look for Shane to win the veto comp, pull back Danielle, Ian will pull back Dan and Joe will go home. Frank goes home the next week, then Jenn. QP gets the final 5 and then production’s beloved Ian or Brittany will win it all.

      • Frank is alone in the game against 7 and they neuter him with two veto’s all at once and they are rigging him to win? Let us wait till next week when Frank cannot play for HOH and gets backdoored. Let us see what the excuse then is!

    • And when Frank is backdoored next week, they so fixed it so that he can win! So, what are you going to say then?

      • I’m going to say that Ian will use his golden veto ball to take him down. Foregone conclusion.

  40. idk why they want frank to win so bad. during the live veto when he won the whole crowd was upset.

    • Ok Ok,  Does production want Frank to win it all?  Maybe.  Is Ian playing WITH production to keep people guessing?  Maybe.  Does production think keeping Frank around for awhile boosts our interest?  YEP!  This is a TV show,  it needs viewers.  Production may just be messing with Us.  As long as we are watching they don’t care who wins in the end,  their job is to keep us watching.   Just a thought…..

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