Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 7 Nominations

Big Brother 14 nominations

This week’s nominations have arrived on Big Brother 14 and there are no surprises. The new HoH had a target and a plan to make it happen. Step one is nomination. Step three is profit! I kid. Step two is Veto and three is eviction. It might not be that simple.

Earlier today Pandora’s Box hit the house and has opened a new window of opportunity for the Quack Pack. The stars will have to align, but there is a glimmer of hope for them.

Now that the nomination ceremony results are in we know who is on the block and what to expect this week. Read on to find out who is on the chopping block.

Big Brother 14 Week 7 Nominations:

  • Dan
  • Danielle

Dan did try a little to avoid the block, but actually wanted to be put up against Danielle. Now that Ian has the Pandora Veto Ball he can remove a nominee. If Britney or Shane plays for Veto and wins then they can save the other one. That would force either Jenn or Joe up on the block. Quack Pack would then control the votes and evict him or her.

Frank told Britney before the ceremony that he’d pick Shane to compete if he gets the “HG Choice” token again this week. Let me back up. Frank thinks Britney and Shane are now working with him. Yes, Frank believes the pair that has nominated him twice already is now trustworthy. Sigh. Frank is far too naive or trusting.

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Do you think Frank made the right choices? Who would you have nominated?

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  1. Wrong choice it should have been dan and ian…ian uses his veto on himself then put up shane or brit then whoever wins veto if they choose to use it put up dani or something

    • No, this is good. However, if Shane/Brit win veto then Frank HAS to nominate Ian. Ian would then save himself and the final nominees would be two Quack Pack members.

      • oo right ic your point if ian uses the veto on dan then ian is powerless if he looses in POV he might be on the block..soo shane,dani or brit shouldnt win

    • He should have put up Ian and Dani knowing Ian would take him self down.  Then simple Back doored Dan.  Plus it would mean only 5 players in the veto because Ian would not be aloud to play and Dan would not be ensured to play this way.  I love Frank but this was not very smart

  2. wouldnt ian have to use the veto before the veto comp to know if he would play or not.

    • they said ian would not get to play in the veto comp because he already has a veto the gold one.

  3. Nooooo! I really hope Frank gets his head in the game. Fool me once shame on you, but this is like the 3rd frickin time! I know he needs an alliance but at least go with Joe or Jenn they’d be just slightly more trustworthy. In truth, Frank is absolutely alone and he needs to just own that.

    • Frank is a damn idiot. He cannot figure out that Shane and Dan are the biggest threats in the house aside from him? You need a clue Frank?

    • Frank may be great at physical competitions, but it was his pal Boogie that did ALL the Strategy talk, deal making. Frank obviously seems to have missed Boogie’s whisper to him to “NOT trust Ian”…. Now, at the very worst, Dan goes home; but throw in a Veto “Power”, held by Ian and then it just may be Jenn or Joe. Shane and Brit’s team have all of the votes! I hope the 3 Grand was worth it.

    • maybe he is going on shane being strong in comps…. i agree, not a good move but really how would jenn or joe protect him?

  4. i don’t see how, if brit or shane win the veto they can save the other one and it forces jenn or joe up on the block, wouldn’t there be the possibility of either brit or shane going up (whomever didn’t win the veto)?

    • yes frank will get to pick but say its shane that wins veto he takes off dani then ian takes off dan frank can olny pick brit jenn or joe 2 of them have to go up and shane dan dani and ian all vote and they all vote to keep brit

    • Brit or Shane would go up with Joe or Jenn, and then with the numbers they would send Joe or Jenn home.  I think Franks selection for the block was a big waste.  His HOH is wasted. After what Boogie said, it had to be Dan and Ian on the block.  If this were a horse race, Frank would be a 99 to 1 shot.

  5. he made a great choice if you like the quack pack!!!!.. if they can get threw this week and jenn/joe(who ever doesnt go home) doesnt win hoh then the quack  pack will all be in the top 6

  6. Dan needs to go. I’m bored of his exact same strategy of throwing competitions as Season 10. 

  7. Well … Frank did imply that Dan and Danielle were going on the block.

    Does Ian have to use the veto during Week 7 ?

    • No, he doesn’t have to, but Dan hatched this plan and told Dani and they let Brit and Shane in on it.  If any of them win veto they use the one to pull off Dan and then have Ian use the other to pull off Danielle and Frank has no choice, but to renom with Joe and Jenn.  Brit made sure she was in Frank’s ear.  Of course Ian, Joe and Jenn are duped again.  Not only did Frank not realize it, but lets give props to Joe and Jenn for not realizing this could happen either.  They are just as dumb for not helping themselves and think they will all do better staying aligned with the 7.  The only one who can save Frank is Ian by refusing to use it or Frank winning it himself.  I am sure he won’t think he needs to because he trusts everyone.

  8. Shane win the POV to take Danielle off the block!
    And Ian use the Golden Ball Veto to take Dan off!
    Then Britney can go up against Jenn or Joe and either Jenn or Joe will be evicted 4-0.

    Tehe, perfect Quack Pack scenerio.

    • Such blasphemous words from a crazy blogger. The world is ending on December 21, 2012. Repent Shane and those sins you committed in Vermont. Joe better repent for touching himself. Where are you Jesus?

    • As stupid as Frank’s nominations has been, he might as well put himself on the block so that, he can be evicted this week even if he is HOH because he is a big idiot! Why did you even fight for Veto then, HOH only to make the dumbest nominations ever?

      •  He makes it more personal than strategic. He is so adamant to get rid of Dan and the closest person to Dan. More of a revenge. Dan hasn’t even won anything. Shane is the biggest fish, if you ask me.

      • Cyril Axel……On the plus side, Frank will be backdoored next week. It is painful to watch him. He is dumb and Boogie covered him and made him look better because Boogie made the decisions for him! Now, we can watch the Quack Pack go after each other! The game play would probably be way better! I will not miss Frank. Adios!

      • If Ian is put up as a re-nom can that make Ian be forced to use the GBoV to save himself as re-nom from getting backdoored; thus leading to Shane on the block? Shane vs Dan.

        Ian’s in an interesting place. If he doesn’t use it to save anyone, it shows his cards but he still has the GBoV. Or he could make some big moves and break the Pack. If Ian’s forced to save himself, I just don’t see how Frank couldn’t put a different Pack member up.

        Frank, you wanted to nom Shane and Dan since your last HOH but Boogie talked you out of it. You see how that went and he specifically told you not to trust Ian. C’mon man!

        He should have ousted Ian’s GBoV first round of nominations, but he still has a chance. If he doesn’t, he’s got some Vetos to win. Or the backdoor will be hittin’ em where the lord split him.

      • Aubergine Ego………Do not have live feeds so do not know what Ian’s special veto can and cannot do. Some posters pointed out that the Quack Pack can use the regular veto to save Dan or Danielle and if Ian uses the special veto, he can take the other Quack Pack, say Danielle off the block.If that happens, the floaters Joe and Jenn go on the block and get evicted.Even if Danielle is still on the block and Jenn or Joe goes on the other hot seat, the Quack Pack still has majority votes to send Joe or Jenn to juryhouse!

  9. I am Team Frank but he should have put up Ian so he would have to use the Pandora Veto on himself and Shane, his biggest competition. He and Shane are basically the only people winning anything.

    • Frank needs to nut up and go after Shane, Dan’s to busy staying out of the fray. I am a fan of Frank and Boogie. Since Shane has put frank up all those times. It would be nice to see Frank blindside shane. I would talk to the two idiots (joe and Jenn) and pull them aside and tell them they better roll with him otherwise thier gone. Then I would make a side deal with Ian and Brit. I would tell them it’s time the Quak pack alliance end. I would also tell them that I will be winning the remaining HOH. They are all afraid to compete against Frank except Shane. I almost stopped watching when Boogie left. It’s actually boring now. Who wants to watch these people on showtime talk about thier favorite movies.


    •  when she turns 30 she is going to be a heifer, thunder thighs with extra cottage cheese

      • That’s not nice. What does that have to do with this game? Nothing but you making yourself feel better by putting someone else down. Definition of Bully I am sure you would see your name beside it. You think nothing of a comment like that, but you are awfully naive. Being treated like that has destroyed lives and families. So grow up and say nothing if you have nothing nice to say

    • the only think I would wish for is that Shane and Frank would work together in a secret aliance that would be great, from NB Candada

  10. Frank’s strategic game has been bad throughout the game and now with Boogie gone, it’s getting even worse. I think that the smart move would be getting rid of his best competitor (Shane) because all Frank can basically do now is win almost every competition he can. However, I do like Frank and I think that he deserves to win now that Boogie is evicted. Also, making a reset button is just like when Jeff was voted to get the Coup detat. In fact, I dont see any reason that people think this show is rigged and it is getting worse. Production does have a hand in things, but ultimately when people have these conspiracy theories about production having a person win the whole game, it isn’t true. Do you guys really think that production wanted Boogie and Janelle to get evicted this early? With that said, GO FRANK!!!

    • The problem is Frank should’ve been gone weeks ago when the coaches entered the game and not have made Shane’s HOH reign a waste

      • Blame that on the coaches greed. Dan and Brittney are still in the game
        and may win that $500,000 now that Frank is almost done! Frank gets evicted next week and Dan and Brittney have a pretty good chance because of it!

      • I was referring to the coaches entering the game incident when I mentioned the reset button. I just think that America voted for the coaches to enter the game and that frank being safe for that one week isnt that big of a deal.

    •  I am totally team Frank…  I just wish he would quit trusting people!  They lie and then say, “I’m sorry” and he forgives and forgets.  He could have made a really big move this week and put up Dan and Brittany.  Then Ian would have to use his veto to save someone (which I doubt he would) and they would have to fight for veto.  Then if someone took themselves off the block, I would put up Ian and/or Shane.  Mike Boogie needs to be there to help him out!!!

  11. No surprises is right, he said Dan and Danielle would be nominated and that’s what Frank did. Now it comes down to the POV especially for Britney and the veto ball Ian has. But one thing, Frank is working alone despite what he thinks.

    • I thought the HOH was not suppose to say who he/she was going to nominate. It seems Frank told everyone who he was going to nominate.

      • No, he’s the HOH, he can do what he wants to do. Besides it was no secret anyway as Frank doesn’t trust Dan and Dan and Danielle are working together. Although you might be talking about the chatter on who each houseguest is going to vote for to evict on Thursday in terms of telling a nominate on the block that there going home. But I think that’s terrible and chatter.

  12. Frank what where you thinking? That is some dumb nominations. I agree with putting up Dan but, wasting the other one on Danielle? Also trusting Shane and Brittney too? Why don’t you just hand Shane a knife now and be done with it!
    So that, he can stick it now in your back! Why wait next week? Damn Frank.
    You are so stupid and I thought you are atleast, smarter than Joe, Jenn, Ashley and even the others and you let Shane who gets his instructions from Brittney
    wrap you around his little finger? Nobody can help you Frank so that the Quack Pack better finish you off and put you out of your misery! Very pathetic game play and I am disappointed totally! You certainly needed Boogie’s direction
    because you cannot make good decisions on your own!

    • I agree, he want to be accepted so bad it’s killing his game. To be suckered by all people Shane. It sucks cuz the guy is a beast and they made t more than clear on many occasions they have no problem lying to the guy. Honestly, I hope Joe and Jenn are final two. Packrats don’t deserve anything, they’ve hidden behind Shane the whole way and Shane has no integrity whatsoever.

      • I will be rooting for the Quack Pack to backstab each other and hope one of
        the floaters miraculously win HOH and evict the good players of Quack Pack. This sucks because Frank slashed his own throat!

      • You know Boogie is pulling out what’s left of his hair while watching this. He kind of sealed his own fate with these terrible decisions.

    • Did anyone ever think that maybe Frank’s real target is Shame & this is all a set up to backdoor him? Hmmm….put that in your pipe & smoke it.

      • Frank just struck another deal with Shane. You think Shane won’t shaft him next week? We already saw how many times Shane has shafted Frank and Frank will backdoor Shane? This guy has no clue going by his nominations alone. The Quack Pack has the votes this week, they have the special veto held by Ian and can win another Veto (regular veto) and take out both Dan and Danielle if they wish. Joe or Jenn goes home. Sorry, Frank slit his own throat and it is very painful to watch it!

  13. if dan goes home, the quack pack can backdoor frank next week with ians veto ball, that would be perfect if he still has it

    • ians veto is probably only good for next elimination.that’s how it’s been in past games.

  14. I am a Frank fan…but, does he need lightning to hit him before he can see the light!?  He needed to put up Dan and Ian.  Ian then could save himself, but he could then put up Danielle.  If he is SMART…  he would put up Dan and Brittany!

    • I was rooting for Frank but, man he is totally dumb! He cannot make any good decisions without Boogie! He cannot even figure out that Shane and Dan are the biggest threats to him?

    • Judging by his hair….lightning has already struck.     Maybe if he put it in a ponytail , he could see what hes been missing.  

  15. I don’t hear you rat bastards complaining that the show is rigged since Ian has this lame power. Sad. If Frank had this, you retards would never stop hitching.

    • That’s because Frank is not in jeopardy of leaving this week. This special POV is of no use to him this week. Wait until next week.

      • If it is not to be used for this upcoming POV why are Dan and Danielle feeling so safe?  Are you talking about the the televised version?  They really play it out way before it is televised.  If it can’t be used for the present nominations then either Dan or Danielle has to be leaving.  I hope you are correct, but I hadn’t heard that before.

    • Production was trying to talk Ian out of using the veto for over 20 minutes. So I would say they are trying to fix the game as much as they can in Franks favor.

      • Waywardirish, No they don’t want him to use it. They asked him how will this benefit you and they want him and Britney to work with Frank. Obviously production wants to see Frank, Britney and Ian in final 3!!!

      • Yeah, better for two nerds to breed. They will get ugly kids but, pretty
        smart kids who will be rich and famous. Then, they can always get
        cosmetic surgery and look that much better in no time! They will have
        the best of everything!

    • As someone who was rooting for Frank, I cannot but, agree 100% Frank should put himself as replacement nominee when Dan or Danielle get off
      to spare us waiting another week for the Quack Pack to put Frank out of his misery. It is apparent that Frank cannot make good decisions on his own and needs Boogie’s guidance every step of the way!

      • Truer words were never spoken.   It’s pretty sad when you need guidance from Boogie!   The blind leading the blind.

  16. He Should’ve Put Joe And Danielle Up Then He Could Back Door Dan If He Wins The Veto Again To Force Ian To Use His To Save Danielle

      •  She needs to go out before the final 4. Her chipmunk voice and crazy ass stories are making me almost as crazy as she is.

    • Yes. However, the best part of Big Brother is getting to cheer and jeer your favorites and villains. It is entertainment after all and not much different from movies where you cheer the heroes (depending on which side you are on, the other side are obviously the villains!). That is the reason we watch Big Brother. If not, why bother watching?

      • How long is Ian’s veto ball good for? As much of a Frank fan as I am, if he…let me change that…when he gets nominated by them next week, I’m not gonna feel bad for him. How bad can one person’s game play be? Trusting Shane, Britney and Ian? Really? When did Frank drink the kool-aid? They must have switched off the feeds for that one.

      • Kristy…..Not sure of the life of Ian’s veto ball but, someone mentioned that Ian has to use it before the veto. So, I guess one of the nominees gets off right off the bat. Maybe, Dan? Frank obviously is not a very smart guy. Either he is so naive that he thinks everyone is squeaky clean and to be trusted but, hasn’t he been betrayed before by the same people? No, Frank is just dumb. Boogie covered his mental deficiencies by making the decisions for him! I am disappointed in Frank but, would be glad now if he was backdoored because I find watching him agonizing!

      • Richie I agree that this was not a smart move by Frank and yet he had some great ideas and gut feelings before.  He wanted to backdoor Dan and Boogie had to talk him out of it.  He had a conversation with Jenn saying he didn’t trust Brit or Ian fully.  Something about Brit and her closeness with Ian just didn’t sit right.  I thought when he said that he would realize about the veto.  I hope there is more to this than we are aware of.  In truth I would not have thought about using it on Ian myself and some of the others didn’t think he could be nominated because of having this special power.  Who knows maybe he couldn’t nominate him and we are just thinking it to be true.  Maybe that is why he told Ian if he used it he would backdoor Brit thinking that would be okay.  I am only going by what they said and maybe we are unfairly blaming Frank for making a bad decision.

      • Jacee2……This looks pretty bad because of Frank’s very questionable decisions. He nominated Dan and Danielle. Really? Strikes another deal with Shane and Brittney. Seems Frank enjoys getting stabbed in the back!
        And now with Ian’s power and the Quack Pack having a good chance of winning the POV, there is a good chance we will have Joe and Jenn on the block. What a huge waste, Frank fights to win Veto and HOH to survive then, end up evicting a floater like Jenn or Joe! Some HOH this has turned out to be, instead of going after Shane and Dan, he goes only after Dan. Now, if he put Shane and Dan on the block, I can accept if they got off thru POV or that special veto of Ian. However, Frank did not even try to get the two strongest players out! And now, he will end up sending a floater to the jury house! Next week, they will backdoor him and Frank will be done.
        On the plus side, we can move on the Quack Pack going after each other
        because Frank is out of the house!

  17. That’s what I like from Frank. He’s very honest and very trusting. Be true to yourself and trust everybody in the house Frank. Listen to Nana. You are getting close to winning 500K. KEEP ON TRUSTING…good boy.

  18. Ian BETTER not use the veto lol whatever he’s in qp so he probably will use it..frank since you messed up noms please win veto?

    •  Ian would be stupid to use it. Once, Frank is gone he is at the bottom of the totem pole. Who will they go after…Joe and Jen? Please. Keeping Frank leaves him some leeway.

  19. I don’t like Frank but I don’t think he’s being an idiot.

    Yes Shane/Britney have betrayed him before, and they probably will again but at this moment he can’t afford to turn his nose up at any chance he has of safety.

    He thinks Dan is controlling the house, not true, but he is making the best decision he can with faulty information.

    I really think Ian will not use the power this week, because he wants Dan gone. Britney isn’t as much a threat as Dan, so Ian will probably let Dan go home this week.

    They are a little scared of Dan and that will be his downfall unless he wins POV, I don’t think Ian will be saving him. 

    • Frank is a moron. He makes the dumbest nomination when he has HOH and had the best chance to send either Dan or Shane home. Now, he will end up sending Joe or Jenn home! Now, I can conclude that Boogie made Frank look good and way smarter than he is because Boogie made the decisions. Now, that Boogie is gone, Frank does not have a clue! Trusting Shane is the ultimate stupidity! He should just hand Shane a knife now so that, he can bury it Frank’s back! And while, we are at it, Frank should put himself up as replacement nominee so that, he can be evicted this week to the jury house instead of waiting next week! This guy is pathetic and I thought Joe and Jenn were both dumb but, Frank just out did them!

    • Ian has to remember though that Frank can’t play HOH next week and if Quack Pack wins (minus Dan/Danielle) that is not Ian, he will go up.

    • Faulty informatio? Boogie point blank told him Ian was intrustworhy. Shane has nominated him twice. He’s not very bright if he can’t figure out who his real enemies are. And he is not so honorable. He and Boogie were downright brutal talking against everybody and having Janelle backdoored.

  20. These sound like good nominations, it would not really bother me if either one of left, but I would rather have Danielle be evicted.  It would be a perfect opportunity for Shane to get rid of his stalker in an indirect way, just try to rally up enough votes against her.  He could win POV, not use it telling Danielle that she’s just the pawn, he’s working with Frank and didn’t want to mess up his nominations, etc.

    • I think that Dumielle would be a good person for Shame to take to the end, IF he gets that far. He’d beat her in a second in any endurance or physical comp, everyone who will be in the jury knows how stupidly annoying she is and they definitely won’t pick her to win.
      With that said……………..

      GO FRANK !!!!

  21. All at once Dani is loving it because she is basically the only single girl left and Shane spending all kinds of time with her  What happened to the Shane who wanted to keep his distance?.  She is still bragging about all her jobs.  Everything is all about her – I am hoping that a miracle happens and her or Dan leave this week.  This group becomes so boring when the drama has passed for awhile.  Dan talking away like I have never seen him talk before and looking ever so happy.  I can’t wait to see these people all at once start turning on each other and their happy faces will disappear.  Ian feeling bad about Boogie and Dan telling him not to worry Boogie will forget all about it  Joe bragging about his cooking.  Jenn – I still can’t figure her out. I just feel bad for Frank because he just wants people to like him and they are playing it up big time.  That’s whats going on in the BB house.  Those that said Boogie must be pulling out his hair are so right.  

      • If his nominations is any indication and his continuing desire to trust Shane pretty much tells you that Frank is brain dead! I have been rooting for Frank but, seeing how badly he is playing—-I am now convinced that Boogie made Frank look smarter than he actually is! Frank should be backdoored next week and then, the Quack Pack can go after each other because there are only so many house guests left!

  22. I’m new to this Livefeed thing…Does Ian always act like that?? He was pacing acting all weird…unless I missed something while I was working…LOL. Does anyone know?!

  23. I really believe in the Quack Pack. And it is hard to believe anyone would want Frank to stay in the game. If everyone could just listen to me I could get them out of this mess !

  24. Danielle:”If the PoV is endurance i will win since i have already won an endurance challenge before and if you don’t believe me i will keep telling you this till you want to kill yourself…:)”

    • the sound of her voice is like nails on a chalk board…there she goes again talking to frank in hoh room…”all the girls hate me” jojo/ashley/janelle…..gurl just shut up plant your wide load on a chair and look in the mirror…guess what  there is one more girl that will hate you….YOURSELF!

      • You know, Danielle is annoying with her attitude towards other women. However, talking about her size is pretty immature. She is a normal size woman. You are just as petty as she is talking about how she looks. I am so fed up with women setting unachievable expectations for one another! Talk about things of substance and not superficial stuff. Women should support one another.

    • And Ian and Brit dropped for her…Remember Danielle?  Brit could have beat you but you asked her to drop.

  25. Interesting new situation.  This is when the game starts.  The preseason is over now and this is where the real games begin.  .If Frank can work some people and make the finals then he deserves to win.  Highly unlikely, but he’s trying.  They won’t vote Dan another $500k so I think there will be a new winner this season.    

    • Frank just slit his own throat. Very painful watching him play like a naive little boy without a clue that not everyone out there is good! Backdoor Frank next week and be done with it! I cannot wait for the Quack Pack to start going after each other. Then, we will have some drama then!

  26. Shane is as dumb  as a box of rocks, he doesn’t put up any body it is brit or dan telling him what to do. Does dan have another shirt besides the blue one with the white on the chest. But big brother after dark is a really boring show. enought said

  27. What he should’ve done was put Ian and brittney up, then Ian clearly use his golden veto, at the veto ceremony. Then Frank nominates Dan in his place! Thus in a sense backdooring him and getting rid of that snake.

  28. Danielle is up in the HOH room right now lying to Frank, after the heart to heart he just had with Britney, which I thought was maybe a turning point for Frank, she heads right down and blabs to Dan and Danielle, Frank was telling Britney that he is really emotional today with Boogie and Ashley leaving and the whole house being against him, he had to win everything yesterday and he is physically and emotionally drained, well, guess what, Danielle turns to Dan and tells him that she is going up to HOH room and take advantage of Frank since he is so emotional right now…these people are so mean..I think Frank has kept his word and right now he is trying so hard to find one person he can trust and play the game with and everyone keeps turning their backs on him. I do think Ian will use this veto power, even though Britney swore to Frank he wouldn’t, to take Dan off if he doesn’t win POV tomorrow..Hang in there, Frank.I am rooting for you, although it is going to be a tough road ahead for you.

    • Frank is alone right now because of his own choices and behavior.  Frank was as mean as anyone by personally trashing people behind their backs.  If you watched the feeds or BBAD you would’ve seen that.  No reason to feel sorry for him.  He’s disliked for a reason.  He still has a chance to turn it around, but he is in this position because of his own “mean” behavior.

    • Couldn’t have said this ANY better!!!! Poor Frank…I hope he still goes for POV…

  29. I never understand in these game why people like Joe and Jenn are content with going out 6th and 7th.  Rvolve a little geez.  Work  with Frank and you could go a lot further potentially.  i bet Joe would put up Frank and Jenn if he wins HOH.  Guess he doesn’t like money.

    This happens on survivor all the time too except for that 1 season when Rob C. switched it up and went from 9th to 5th on the totem pole.

    • Atleast, on Survivor, there is more gameplay and more strategy involved. They have better players I am sure because atleast, each one is trying to
      win the big prize! There is going to be floaters but, in Survivor, you have to try and play because all the others are scheming and taking it easy, you will get booted out sooner!

  30. @ Mmmm Your comment was the best out of all that I have read today. I don’t care about “riggings by production” or which player has won the most competitions. If winning the most comps was really important then people like Jordan and Dr. Will would not have won their seasons. Not Jordan (sorry I was not a fan) but Dr. Will caused me to love BB because I loved to watch him lie, scheme, and talk his way to the win. BB lately has lost some of that now fans hate the people who lie and scheme but love the boring I’ll just win as many comps as possible. And what is wrong with being a floater? To me floaters are the ultimate strategists, it is hard to be in a house and not aligns yourself with someone. Frank and Shane really could have made the ultimate duo but they allowed the coaches twist to mess up their social games. Honestly Britt, Dan,and Ian have the best social games but since I really didn’t want any coach to win was they cam into the game I say GO IAN!!!
    I love Ian because he was willing to turn against his coach and “friend” Frank while still avoiding retribution against Frank. I hope Ian goes far because I think he could be the next Dr. Will.
    As far as who deserves to win they all do because they have managed to get this far so they have outplayed everyone else so far….with that unbiased assessment I am going for the Quack pack because I like when alliances actually work…..

    Holding out on maybe Frank, Ian, and Shane working together and making it to the final 3 (I WOULD LOVE THAT!!!!!!)…..keeping my fingers crossed for these 3!!!!!!

  31. Lol doesn’t anybody think that Ian’s gameplay this season is more like Shelly than anyone else

    • He’s a lot like shelly. Like her he has deluded himself into thinking he’s a major player when he’s nothing more than a jailhouse snitch running to the warden. There is something mentally wrong with that kid, offering his vote for a handjob. His parents must be proud.

    • Ian is the male Shelley. I mentioned that before. He also reminds me of Cochran in Survivor who betrayed his alliance of 6 to join the opposite team of 6 so that, he can be number 7 in that alliance! Remember Ian was number 3 with Boogie and Frank and he chose to be number 5 with the Quack Pack! Cochran voted all his former alliance members out then, when the other 6 alliance members were going to vote him out, he begged to stay one more week and they laughed at his ass before evicting him! Like Ian, he was an arrogant twit who believed he is so smart, he can do no wrong!
      In reality, he was one big moron!

  32. I cannot wait for this POV. It will be awesome!!!

    Apparently Dan got aggressive during the PB, and Dani/Brit thought he was rude.

    I can only wait till the POV, because there should be some serious fireworks there.

  33. Why won’t Danielle shut-up? I guess I’m going to have to stop watching Bbad tonight grrrr. She’s not funny at all, and her lame stories suck geeez

    • in danieles de-funked eyes she is funny/skinny/pretty/strongest and all the boys love her and poor poor me….all he girls are jealous of me.  she actully believes they all want to be just like her.  hello???? wake up—> nobody wants to be a semi that walks around telling everyone  poor me, i can’t help i am strong/pretty/skinny/funny….ooooh please,  like i said look in the mirror and actually look at the reflection…a pathetic crazy dellusional stalker that needs another cookie

  34. Whoever gets to the end needs to be there with Jenn and Joe! If Frank makes it to final 2 he should have J or J with him because he’s most likely to then end up getting the votes to win. None of them should be voting out J or J now!!

  35. Rachael beat Jordan last year because she won so many comps while Jordan did nothing but float. Just saying

  36. OH MY GOD Dumielle shut up please!!!!!!!!!
    Mid conversation – and not even her conversation – “Dan thinks I should keep the glasses because I look like Bristol Palin” oh puh-lease…..
    Wait!! – Now they all have her convinced she looks like Sarah Palin. What’s next, she’s gonna look like Marilyn Monroe?!

  37. please someone muzzle the semi (aka danielle) her and jenns gossip about ashley is a sad sad portrait of 2 pathetic girls

  38. Honestly, I think all of the newbies should be trying to take a coach to the end. The way I see it, I think its impossible for either Brit or Dan to win this game unless they are the final two together. I don’t think the rest of the newbies would vote for a coach to win, if the option of a newbie is there. I know if I was one of the newbies, I would 100% vote for a newbie to win.

    • The newbies will vote for whoever played the best including coaches. If you watched last season, the newbies voted for whoever Danielle Donato wanted except Shelley the swing vote who had a conscience and voted for the player who voted for the player who played best which was Rachel. If Dan or Brittney are in the final 2 at the end, they will win that $500,000 because majority of the players will still vote of the best player who deserves it!
      And if Joe or Jenn is the other house guest, don’t tell me they will win it over Brittney or Dan?

  39. Frank is soooo lucky he has physical ability to win competitions because he is such a bad social player! Props to Frank for avoiding eviction so many times but come on, the guy is so oblivious. He doesn’t deserve to win this game compared to other players in the house like Dan, Ian, even Brit. I will admit that it is hilarious watching Frank have the wool pulled over his eyes even though the truth is right in front of him. So naive.

    • Frank does not deserve to win Big Brother because he is not smart enough to make the good decisions he needs to survive when he is all alone. The last thing he should be doing is wasting his nomination on Danielle, trusting Shane and Brittney yet, again, believing everyone will keep him safe! This guy has no clue. Boogie was evicted 5-2 which means Frank and Ashley are the only ones who voted to evict Jenn. So, who is against you Frank?
      Don’t know how to count?

  40. People, People, People–for a bunch of supposed experts, you are all missing the obvious move Frank should have made.  Dan and Danielle were the one’s he should have aligned with going forward. Shane and Ian should have been nominated.  Ian’s pulls himself off the block and Brittany goes up as replacement.  The house votes out Shane.  That is the only power move here.

    • No. Frank should trust no one. Just try to win HOH and POV and go after the strongest players. That is his best chance to go farthest and maybe, even win at the end. Trusting Shane and Brittney in addition to nominating Danielle are pretty dumb moves. He will surely be backdoored next week and atleast, we do not have to watch his pathetic and pitiful game play!

  41. Watching BBAD.  Ian just promised Dan in front of Britney, Jenn and Shane 1000% that he will take Dan off the block.  If Ian is telling the truth then Frank is so toast. 

    • Frank is already done when he made his stupid nomination of Danielle. He is all alone and cannot afford dumb decisions at this point because he is hanging by a thread with no one on his side. He compounds it by trusting Shane and Brittney yet, again! Pathetic and pitiful pretty much describes
      Frank’s game play. He will be backdoored next week then, we don’t have to
      see his dumb moves! The Quack Pack can then, go after each other and
      atleast, the game play would be so much better!

  42. Should have put Dan and Britney up.  It’s time for the former coaches to be out of the house and force the houseguests to play their own game.

  43. Frank says he won’t shave his head if veto comp is “How Bad Do You Want It”. The same is probably true of Brit/Shane if they are playing. Dan probably would, but him winning Veto would not save QP.

  44. I’m gonna puke. BBAD just showed “Chef” Joe leaving the toilet WITHOUT WASHING HIS HANDS!!!!
    We all knew it was true but to actually see it GROSS!!

    • I wonder what would happen if everybody got food poisoning and was to sick to play the game

      • Oh my god. I seriously think that is his motive! I’ve said it before and I still stand behind it. Watch him make a family dinner for everyone the day before a big comp. They all hate it but they feel like they have to eat it because poor “chef” Joe gets his panties in a bunch if they don’t. He’s an evil “chef” and I use the work “chef” loosely. Evil, evil, evil I tell ya. He’s so evil that Hell’s Kitchen doesn’t even want him!

    • See, that is smart strategy. Get everyone sick and out of the house and Chef Joe wins by default! And we thought, Joe was stupid!

  45. This season is fixed they told ian not to used the veto thing that he won,and they told dan that he could not play on air showtime big brother needs to do a better job on there game playing. Frank will probably win the whole thing because know can win all this vetos and hohs all the time( really !). And for everyone who believes this stuff is for real is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Frank will win when he is playing now like the dumb idiot that he is? He will be backdoored next week for sure. He is HOH now but, he will end up evicting Joe or Jenn which is pitiful when you have 7 people against you in
      the house and he should be targeting Shane, Dan and Brittney!

  46. What kind of “deal” did Ian and Twitney just make or what info did they share? I have idiot f**k neighbors and missed that part due to them. Anyone want my neighbors, I’ll gladly give them to you for free…heck I’ll even pay shipping!

    • BB should tell Joe in the DR  to wash his hands..Its a serious health issue..Think of ally he people in the fast food industry who make people sick cause they’re don’t  or don’t have proper hand soap

      • “JOE, Please return to the bathroom and wash your hands before you run off to the kitchen and open the fridge and finger all the food in there and then serve it to your housemates”.
        I imagine that’s what production would say to him.
        It’s extremely disgusting to think of the germs that are floating around that house. What kills me is each time someone opens or closes the back door and then goes to the fridge and gets food and don’t even wash their hands first. That frickin back door has got to have more nasty germs on it than the toilet seat in the main bathroom. I could never survive in that house bases on the germ factor.

      • If i ever got on that whow i would watch every single houseguest  come out of the bathroom at least 3 times to see if they wash they’re hands..I would be very discreet about it ..

      • Just send Chef Ramsey into the Big Brother House so that, he can hit Joe on the head with a frying pan to straighten him out!

  47. Danielle needs to stop crying! And get over herself. Shane is not having it and she’s just annoying… not entertaining. Dans joke about Kara… o god Danielle, no one cares about hurting your feelings. Your feelings would get hurt if someone gave you the wrong water bottle.

    • She did quit crying. She’s laughing like a f**king hyena right now for absolutely no reason!! Mad Chicken Disease I tell ya.

  48. I am so sick of production fixing the game in favor of one player or another. I don’t care if it’s someone I want out or someone I’m rooting for. They need to let the players play the game. Ian just told Britney that they told him in the DR that him and Britney need to work with Frank. They also talked to Ian for over 20 minutes trying to convince him not to use the POV. I love this show and have watched since season 1 and will continue to watch but now I look at it totally different. Thanks a lot production.

    • I saw that, too.  And i agree….stop fucking with the game.  Let the players play the ding-dang game!!  It’s all about money and ratings…and it sucks.

  49. The biggest downfall for Frank/Boogie was letting Boogie convince Frank to NOT take out Dan or Shane. If they take out 1 of them, then they both might still be in the house, instead they stayed with them only to get stabbed in the back. Boogie failed by trusting the silent 6.

    • In this game, you have to trust someone at some point. You cannot totally avoid it! Either way, they would have gone after you. What is bad now is Frank is playing like an idiot wasting his nominations when he fought hard to win Veto and HOH just to survive. And he wastes the nomination on Danielle of all people? Then, trusts Shane and Brittney again? This guy is a glutton for punishment and will get backdoored next week. Atleast, we will not have to see him slash his own throat!

  50. Bat sh*t crazy Dumbielle is talking about her sister. She doesn’t have one!!! Holy crap what a delusional freak.

  51. to Lenniereisch:she brings it on herself with all her petty commets on other houseguest watch the whole season!

  52. I don’t think Frank is naive at this point, the problem is he has no choice!  Just like Rachel in BB, he is always the target being put on the block.  What he can do, instead of annoying everybody in the house, he just tried to make deals with whichever can win HOH in advance, hoping those persons might, if in any case, live up to their part of deal.  He’s in such a tough spot, what else can he do?

    • His best move is trust no one and fight to win each HOH and POV. Then, when HOH nominate the strongest players like Dan, Shane and Britney. That would improve his chances because if he were to take Shane and Dan out of the Big Brother House, he will have an easier time of winning HOH and POV. Can he be backdoored, sure. However, atleast, he is not trusting anyone which will make it easier for the Quack Pack to backdoor him.
      He can also use manipulation to pit the Quack Pack against each other.
      Say yes to everything then, tell the other house guests who are obviously aligned with them of their devious plans. When Shane, Dan, Brittney, Ian, Danielle see that the others are out to get them, they might instead go after each other. No guarantee but, still, that is a better strategy than merely trusting those that have repeatedly betrayed you!

  53. Can Frank play in the POV ? and if he wins can’t he keep the nominations the same or can he change them if he wants. i keep hearing about Ian and the ball but if Frank wins will it be like a normal POV. sorry if this has been asked before or sounds goofy just was wondering thanks have a good weekend.

    • yes, frank could win the pov and leave it the same but then ian could use his pov also and take someone off. it’s like there’s 2 povs this week.

  54. You guys are being too harsh on Frank. Keep in mind that Frank has no clear idea about the existence of the Quack Pack. All he has now is the knowledge that Dan, Danielle, Shane and Britney are having an alliance and the suspicion that Ian is either a floater or a loose member of “Team Dan”.

    What Frank needs to do now is to convince Ian that he is a disposable member of Team Dan, since Britney-Shane and Dan-Danielle have each other backs. If Frank made a 1- 2 finish promise to Ian, I am quite sure Ian who likes playing villain would back door his Quack Pack. And as an incentive, Frank can remind Ian that if he backdoor-ed the Quack Pack this week by not using the veto, Ian would still be free from any risk eviction the next week, even if the Quack Pack won the HoH.

    Next, Frank needs to convince Jenn and Joe that this week would be the best week for them to stop being floaters and start a loose alliance with them, until the final 4. He can do it by telling them about the “Team Dan” alliance and tell them if he goes out the next week, the two of them would also be eliminated soon after.

    The bottom line is this, Frank cannot play this game alone and it would be to Ian’s, Jenn’s and Joe’s best interest to join up with him.

    After the veto ceremony, if Dan is removed from the block, then Frank could just put in Shane in his place and vote Shane out. And if Dan isn’t removed, then Team Frank will just vote Dan out. (3 votes for Shane/Dan and 2 votes for Danielle)

    Either way, either Britney or Danielle would lose their main source of support. If Frank is cunning enough, he would trick the one who had just lost their support about a final two finish and ditch their alliance. That way, no matter who wins HoH, Frank is going to have enough votes to save himself.

    • only ne thing wrong with that. the golden pov isn’t good row the rest of the game. just this weeks elim. so it can’t keep ian safe next week.

    • Do people even use their brains at all? Seriously, no clue about the alliance? Haven’t they put up Frank how many times on the block? Has he not been betrayed by Shane, Brittney, Dan how many times? Unless you are really that stupid, you would know that these people are working together. And you are telling us this guy cannot count? Boogie was evicted 5-2 which means there are probably atleast, 5 people against you? At this point in the game, his only chance is win HOH and POV each time and make the smart nominations of taking out the strongest players of the Quack Pack like Shane, Dan and Brittney yet, he strikes another alliance with Shane and Brittney? This guy is hopeless and the Quack Pack will backdoor him next week then, we do not have to see him slit his own throat!
      The Quack Pack then, will go after each other because there is no one left except the floaters and one of the floaters probably will go home this week so, atleast, it will get more interesting and no more of the idiotic game play like this week.

  55. Frank is the best player ever??????????? Some people have said this more than once.  Puleeeeeeeze.

    • Sorry…but Frank is only good at comps.  Winning comps doesn’t win you the game.  He has no social skills, cannot think for himself, and he’s way too naive.  IF he was a good player, he would have put Brit and Dan on the block, forcing Ian to use the golden POV to take Brit off…and putting up Shane in her place.   

  56. Frank doesn’t have any other options. He has to believe someone (anyone) is working with him.

    • This is his HOH and he has a chance to get one strong player of the Quack Pack and he wastes it and then, trusts Shane and Brittney again? This guy is just plain dumb! At some point you cut your losses and move on. That is the smart thing to do! Repeatedly trusting the same people who has betrayed you, you might as well slit your own throat and be done with it!

    • Frank has already said ot would not be Shane because Yes, he actually trusts Shane yet again!!!
      I am a fan of Shane and his alliance,, but like I said above, when it comes to “strategy”; that left on Thursday. He’s “clueless” without his Boogie….
      He even alienated Jenn and Joe!! The only 2 people that might have worked with him.

      • Boogie is the one who told Frank not to put Dan on the block last week.  What good was he to Frank? 

  57. Frank should have nominated Ian and Shane.  He really doesn’t have much power until a couple quacks leave… Jen and Joe still have no clue that they’re at the bottom of the totem pole.   I bet Boogie is yelling at Frank through the TV.

  58. First i just watched bbad OMG so boring.There wasnt much game play except one piece of news Production is butting in AGAIN.They are trying to talk Ian out of using the GPOV.Back off Production let the game get interesting.Ian tells Dan he is going to use the GPOV then turns around and tells Brit he isn’t.If both nominees come off the block Frank isn’t going to waste his hoh on jenn and joe he will put up brit and shane.Brit has been in Ians ear crying to him I just don’t won’t to be the replacement.Brit and Daniel have been so far up franks butt all nice and throwing whoever they can under the bus.If Frank was smart and i said IF he should see right through all them and try to get Shane or Daniel out cause they are the stronger players cause if Dan would make it to the end no one will vote for him.

  59. Problem with Frank is he is stuck on Dan being his biggest compitition. Dan is not the big threat to Frank Ian is. Dan wasn’t the one who gave Brit & Shane the info Ian was. Frank should be smart enough to have figured that out by now.

    • especially since ian told frank all about it right after boogie left. he told frank he is the one who got boogie out.

  60. If anybody deserved a power it was Frank, not the dam nerd herd!
    Frank is taking on the whole house by himself, and BB gives some power to those idiots?

    • LOL…Frank chose to open Pandora’s Box….He is a big boy ..he knew the risk…It is what it is….

      • Don’t you think Production seriously influenced him to open it?  They wouldn’t want to put all the time and effort into it and then have it not used.  Every season has a Pandora’s Box now–HGs and fans expect it.

    • No one “deserves” anything in the house.  They all knew what they signed up for.  It’s Franks fault for not making more alliances than Boogie and therefore having to “take on the whole house by himself.”  Frank has already received one “get out of jail free” card and should be grateful for that.  Be thankful that he has comp skills to be able to take on whoever he needs to.  He seems to be doing pretty good with that.

      • Couldn’t have said it better.   If Frank had to rely on his social skills he would have been out long ago.   As for opening Pandoras Box….he would have opened it with or without productions prodding.   Like most people…the curiosity would get the best of you.

    •  I agree. Dan is the biggest snake in BB history, that guy can talk his way out of anything, and he is so smooth while doing it. I can’t understand why Frank is putting his trust in some of these people again. Ian is drunk with power since he has this veto ball. he was actually holding it up to the cameras last night, saying “look what I got!” He will use it today, if needed. This kid is really on my nerves. Boogie is probably screaming at Frank through the TV.. What in the hell are you thinking, bro?

      • I disagree with Dan being the biggest snake in BB history.  He did win his season doing what he’s doing now.   I think he’s playing the game well, laying low, throwing comps.  If you watched his season, he won many POV’s and HOH’s when he needed to.  If he gets to stay, watch him go.


  61. Britney deserved it when she got shafted by the brigade,and she deserves to get shafted again!

  62. Frank should have never opened Pandora’s Box..something bad is always unleased on the house..with Frank being such a fan of the show, he should know that..the bad thing is that Ian got this golden veto thing..and he is going to use it to take Dan off if Dan doesn’t win POV later today. Frank is on his own. Britney lied straight to his face, but I blame Frank for alot of this, that guy puts his faith in too many people.  I can’t believe he is giving Ian another chance at working with him, Frank will be the 4th member of the jury, unless, of course he can pull out another POV.  I don’t know why Frank would waste a nomination on Danielle, I think he should have put up Shane and Dan. 

  63. Everyone is missing the obvious…BB producers want Frank to win so his strategy really doesn’t matter. Veto will be rigged so that Frank wins and one of the QP will go…

  64. So disappointed. I really did like Frank but I just watched after dark and production has told Ian not to use the Veto and that they want Ian Britney and Shayne to work woth Frank. I really wanted to see how Frank worked without Boogie but it doesn’t matter now that production is totally running it

  65. britney! you have to get britney out of the house people. she is running the show. get rid of her and shane would make choices on his own. she is so so 2 faced

    • I agree…when Jen wins the POV, she will use it on Danielle.  Ian will use his GPOV on Dan, and Frank will put up Brit and Shane.  Wouldn’t that be great?

  66. pleaaaaase tell me thereis a chance my 3 stooges will go…..joe….jen…and danielle  i cant stand them from the way beginning. if they win ……im eating slop till halloween.  ian is  my fav…followed by frank…and shane.  britanny shes ok seems like a cool participant…and  dan  well hes strategic and not as doublecrosser like boogie.  i was duped this season though…thought ashley was playing a quiet but effective game…until i noticed the more and more she seemed on planet mars….even with her julie chen interview.  she got me  lol

  67. Frank needs to go home but he keeps saving hisself by winning he needs to lose and go home.

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