Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 6 Wednesday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Another week in the Big Brother 14 house is coming to a close and either Boogie or Jenn will be heading home first tonight. Then before the night ends, another person will be walking out. Wednesday’s Live Feeds were a continuation of the pervious day with Boogie and Frank campaigning for Boogie’s vote. The HGs also got the chance to practice for the second HoH tonight. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 22, 2012:

8:22 AM BBT — Frank delivers the news to Boogie that Joe doesn’t plan on voting to keep him.

8:49 AM BBT — Joe has to go to the bathroom, but goes back to bed when he sees Frank and Boogie. Hahaha.

9:46 AM BBT — Boogie and Frank are mad that Jenn was talking bad about Boogie and that she has seemingly gone to the other side. Frank calls her “dirty brown water trash.”

10:35 AM BBT — HoH lockdown. The HGs are worried about Pandora’s Box.

10:50 AM BBTBoogie wants to address everyone while they’re all in the HoH room. Boogie says he realizes he’s going out the door Thursday night and wants there to be no more drama. He wants people to be nice to each other, etc. Boogie’s trying to get some sympathy? Who knows anymore.

10:52 PM BBT — Frank says this isn’t just a game to him, but his life. At least while he’s in that house. He seems to think he’s the first person to ever live out their dream of playing Big Brother and deserves to go all the way. Interesting.

11:34 AM BBT — Lockdown ends. Several go down to see if they can find any clues to Pandora’s Box or some other twist. They turn up nothing.

11:55 AM BBT — Dan says he would not trust Ian as HoH.

12:37 PM BBT — Britney recapping the previous night’s fight between Ashley and Jenn.

12:39 PM BBT — Indoor lockdown ends and there’s nothing waiting for them in the back yard. No Pandora’s Box this week.

12:47 PM BBT — Ian is filling the Quack Pack in on Frank’s plan to put up Danielle and Dan and try to work with Britney and Shane. I have no clue where Ian’s loyalties lie anymore. He is playing a weird game suddenly.

1:06 PM BBT — Ashley and Britney talking about the game. Ashley says Britney has a team she’s working with and Ashley has no one. She says she had to pick a side.

1:22 PM BBT — Dan tells Danielle that he took the heat for Ian this ween and that he won’t do that again. He says that’s terrible game play.

1:32 PM BBTFrank making his pitch to Dan. He wants Dan to give Boogie his vote and says they can blame it on Joe. Frank says he won’t come after him next week if he does that. Frank says if anyone could make such a move like that, it would be Dan.

1:34 PM BBT — Britney not happy that Ian told Danielle and Dan that Frank would be targeting them. She says now they’ll try to make a deal with Frank and that puts her and Shane at the top of Frank’s list. She’s not happy with Ian and she makes Ian feel bad.

1:41 PM BBT — Dan tells Danielle and Britney about Frank’s pitch. He told them he didn’t agree to vote for Boogie and the plan is still in place.

7:27 PM BBT — Following another indoor lockdown, the house guests go out back to find a game set up. They’re each allowed five minutes to practice, including Shane. Which means that will be the second HoH competition. They realize that means there will be a double eviction. This goes on for a while as each HG practices.

8:46 PM BBT — Britney gets upset with Ian because he won’t say he’ll put up Frank. She tells him he’s been riding high and everyone has been taking the fall for him and he won’t even put up who they want him to. He tells her that he’s still on their side and that he’s voting Boogie out and will target Frank. Who knows what’s really up with him, though.

9:38 PM BBT — Ashley and Britney have a cry-fest. Britney misses her husband and it’s his birthday. No idea why Ashley is crying.

10:07 PM BBT — Ian continues his obsession with getting Joe out. If he’s not in the hammock, he’s talking about getting Joe out of the house.

It’s really looking like Boogie is one of the HGs heading out tonight, but you never really know what Dan’s going to do. And Ian has been so up and down, anything is possible. Don’t be surprised to night if you’re, well surprised with the outcome.

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  1. The way i see it  Boogie needs to go but so does Jenn  the way she acted when she went on the block..I mean we expected it from boogie  he’s a baby..and Jenn 37  i mean its ok to be a little disappointed and all but she acted like a child too..If you can’t act like a adult when your on the block you don’t deserve to be there..Im not saying you can’t be upset  but you don’t deserve to yell and scream at everyone either..and Joe too  but his tantrum wasn’t as bad

    • I havent been able to find where she blew up..  I herd she blew up big time so I checked everywhere to see if there was a clip or something.. The only thing I found was with her and Ashley argueing…

  2. Watch Frank is going to win HOH during the live Dlb eviction and get a Pandora’s Box and get soemthing great like a diamond power of veto or the power of Coup d’État. It’ my guess what that ? mark is about in the game room. This season as been so rigged for Frank.

    • I can’t see them doing DE and Pandora’s box all in the same hour.

      If he wins HOH tonight, he wont be eligible to play in the 2nd HOH tonight… who would be the person to get a chance at Pandora’s box.

      • I think there will be two hoh comps tonight. The double eviction then they will have another one for the hoh for the rest of the week. That one will probably be a long one and we won’t know the results tonight.

    • That is true!  It has been rigged for Frank to stay in the house and win!  Makes mad and I haven’t really been watching any more.  I read the updates and that’s about it.  I don’t think it’s right that they don’t just let them all fight it out.  Instead, they interfere and rig everything.

      • if they didnt rig it to keep frank, he and boogie wouuld be gone, the quack pack would have ALL the power, and everything would be too predictable and easy and boring!!

      •  Frank has won all of the competitions he has needed to , in order to keep himself in the house. All but on of the comps Frank won has been questions, not endurance or physical. So, I don;t believe at all that anything has been rigged for him. He would have been out the door has Danielle not decided to be so overly obsessed with being the one to get Janelle out. They made that mistake all on their own. The week they did the “re-set” they would have done it no matter who was on the block, it was the only way to get the numbers right. I didn’t like Frank up until this week. But to be honest, so far, he is the only one who has had to fight his way through the game every single week. He’s done that with only one person watching his back, the rest of them have 5-6 others watching out for them. Frank deserves to win at this point in the game, but there is a lot of game to go and we’ll see if anyone else decides to step their game up.I also wouldn’t mind seeing Dan win, his social game is amazing.

      • I love how everyone keeps saying Froogie is making the show fun to watch and exciting…
        You mean how they do their stupid little routines in the DR and are trying to recreate Chilltown from seasons ago.
        So Played Out!
        Sick of their frat boy antics and the the other competitors will be lively and backstabbing enough once they are gone. You all act like when the time comes, the quack won’t do what they each need to do to stay in the game.

    • But all the comps shane has won are totally legit its just that evil ole’ frank…you people need to step into reality quack pack killed this season…long live mike boogie win it all frankie!!

      • I’m not saying Frank’s comps aren’t legit, most them he won fair and square, not the last Veto though, even if it didn’t change the results he should’ve been penalized for cheating, and about Shane, you really want to insult his game, if anything production has ruined his game, they threw out his entire first HOH, how is that fair, and I don’t believe for a second that, production had to cancel that eviction, the only purpose it served was saving Frank.

    • hahahahaha yeah right! This season is rigged for ol’ wobbly eye britney, shane, hunchback and dan.

  3. thinking BB should hire a house shrink… Boogie and the women crying … not to mention so many of these people having issues … :o)

      • No I think they both need to go, besides I can’t even believe bb would give him(boogie) another chance to win some more $$ instead of giving someone else that really needs it, unbelievable!!

      • YES!! It WOULD be boring!! nobody does anything!! jen ash joe, there ALL floaters and jenn deserves to go not boogie!! at least he PLAYS the game. if they leave, then everything would be in  the quack packs power and it would all be predictable and easy and the show would suck!!

    • What are you talking about? The frat boy DR routines? The uber rehearsed skits they do?
      They are played out! It was funny when Boogie and Will did it, but to do the EXACT same thing again is boooring.
      The other players will step up and play the game, make new enemies and allies, backstab and such making an interesting show once those two doofuses are out of there!

    • What are you talking about? The frat boy DR routines? The uber rehearsed skits they do?
      They are played out! It was funny when Boogie and Will did it, but to do the EXACT same thing again is boooring.
      The other players will step up and play the game, make new enemies and allies, backstab and such making an interesting show once those two doofuses are out of there!

  4. So glad to see mike go :  )  So sick of listening to him. He hates everyone for doing the same thing that he wanted to do. To bad boogie, they beat you to it, lol.  He keeps calling the other players morons, idiots, muppets, guess what mike, you’re the one on the way out! So who’s the moron? Here’s a clue, look in the mirror, lmao!  So hope Frank follows you out the door, that would be sooooo sweet!

  5. boogie cant go. he makes the show entertaining. likable or not, without him BB14 will just be a big snorefest.

  6. ian should win hoh and turn on the quack pack. if he were to put up dan and shane, and one of them were to get off, and he put up either dani or brit, one of the quack pack members wud be going home. ian wud have ashley,frank, joe, and jenns vote. So that would be a 4 to 2 vote. I know some of you ink its dumb for him to switch, but if the quack pack makes it to final 5,thats as far as he will get. Hes number 5 in his 5-man alliance. However if he switches to frank,jenn,joe and ashleys team,most likely he will be number 2 or 3 in that alliance.  

    • Ian is number 5 in the Quack Pack. He is a total fool too for putting his trust in faith in one allliance of the Quack Pack. Shane and Dan are already talking of taking him out. Now, who is going to strike first? My money is on Dan. He is the smartest of the bunch and knows Ian and Shane will just as easily stab him in the back and he has to move first or he is done! Of course, if Frank wins the 2nd HOH tonight, one of Dan, Shane or Brittney will be evicted and there is nothing they can do to prevent it!

    • I think Dan might inform other people in the house that Ian is the one doing this crap, not him.  Dan has a HUGE target from this weeks shennanigans on his back, especially because its DE this week.

      Smart thing to do would be to call out Ian prior to any comps/live show today.  Ian will squirm, and would have to “win back” the QP. 

      •  im an ian fan, and he needs to dump the quack pack. ian can just say dan’s lying ,and everyone would believe ian because he seems trustworty, and all dan did on his season was lie. so who will the house believe.

      • So right!  Ian would never be able to handle that much stress right before a competition.

      • Rodney – good call, they do trust Ian more… but half the house knows he’s playing both sides.  Once Franks and Boogie hear this, that lightbulb will go off in their heads  (unless Boogie has been protecting Ian the entire time by not accusing him).

    • He’s going to have to turn on one of the powerhouses anyway…I wanna see how he does it!

    • That sounds good but Ian can’t win all the comps.  He needs players that will play. hope some how  some way he wins it all.

  7. if boogie doesn’t leave tomorrow, this game is completely rigged. Boogie needs to go tonight, and Frank needs to leave right out the door behind him. That would be the best possible outcome to double eviction week.

  8. Can’t wait for Booger to go! Hope nothing happens to stop it…so sick of his hypocrisy and cursing! He’s so rude & hateful & bitter that someone beat him to the punch on backstabbing. It’d be ok if he would’ve done it, but it’s wrong when someone does it to him.

    And Frank, I was kinda looking forward to seeing his gameplay without Booger, but he’s about as ridiculous as Booger.

    • Especially since everything out of his mouth, is “F— this, MF, etc..”  What a stellar vocabulary…  His Mommma will be so proud…  NOT!

    • Frank is just as ridiculous, rude, nasty, hateful and biter as Mike.  I want him gone more than anyone because he seems to think he’s entitled to be in the game and win.  That statement he made the other night saying how this is his life being on the show and he’s supposed to be there as if everyone else isn’t doing the same damn thing he’s doing, really showed the type of person he is.  The only difference is that everyone else had a job/career/family, which means they sacrificed more to be there than him.  Entitled Prick!!!!

  9. Without Frank and Boogie, the show is really going to be boring.  I sooo wanted Ian to continue working for Frank and Boogie, makes me wonder where the power would be now.  Ian is just being used then he will go home, as has already been discussed.

    • Ian lets himself be used his sole gameplay has been to lead Boogie on  to think he is in his debt for all the favors and gifts he bestowed but only to the ends of obtaining useful info to sell him out and further his game with his alliance. I don’t think he ever worked with F & B only was in it to get the most from both sides.

    •  Completely agree. Boogie and Frank make this show much more interesting. Even though Boogie is getting evicted (presumably) he’s right about Joe being an idiot. Joe and Ian are CLEARLY the odd men out in their so called alliances with Shane/Brittney/etc. Its amazing that they don’t see that. In Dan’s and Shane’s eyes, they’re both expendable.

  10. If they don’t get rid of Boogie they ALL deserve to lose because they will!  If Boogie doesn’t leave then he wins the game.

  11. Here is my prediction: 
    Boogie gets voted out on Thursday. Frank wins 1st HOH, He nominates
    Danielle and Dan. Shane wins Veto – and doesn’t use it. Dan goes home 2nd.
    Shane wins 2nd HOH, opens the “box” (due to it being a large amount
    of cash being offered) and Boogie ends up back in the game.  

    • That’s similar to  how they brought back Brendon.  But he had to beat Lawon in a comp (lol).

    • they’re not bringing anyone back in the game. games over in 1 month. they have to have another double eviction in the nex 2-3 weeks.

  12. 10:52   Because everybody is in it to win 500k, Frank is in it because he wants to become a Big Brother Legend. He loves the game more than anyone and you shouldn’t be able to able watch the show if you can’t see that. Frank could care less about the money.

    • Frank is unemployed. Do you understand what unemployed means? He has no money. If anything, Frank needs the money more then anyone! This is a big reason why he is so driven to win….for the money. So you are kidding yourself saying its not about the money with Frank.  

      • So true!!!  He’s a sore loser and very disrespectful.  Can’t wait to see him gone – UGH

      • Ky Girl  There are a lot of unemployed people out there. they are not loosers just because they are unemployed it’s a tough job market out there my husband got a job after 2 years of not having a job. and he is NOT a loser. i don’t know who i want to win. but this just got me. please don’t assume people are losers for not having a job. i am not trying to be mean honest this just got to me. have a nice day peace.

      • Thank you for that Susan!  I have been unemployed for 2 years and trying to find a job in a field I’ve had over 30 years experience in is now a crapshoot to find outside my home….they require more schooling in this field which I can’t afford right now to go get since hubby and I have a college boy taking up those funds at this time.  I’m sure it’ll change soon allowing me to get a job where they will help pay me to go back to school to acquire those credit hours needed…just not at this time is all!

      • how about Frank comes from a family that has a lot money? how about Frank being raised in a world where money wasn’t really an issue to him?

    • Frank wants to win Big Brother but, he probably wants the money too. Who wouldn’t that $500,000 is nothing to sneeze at. 

  13. Totally agree, I guess boogie doesn’t actually even like playing the game, he wants every1 else to do the work & he can jus sit back, to bad Dr will isn’t here to do the work for u…..

    • What are you talking about? He got Janelle out didn’t he? Nobody is perfect. His greed got the better of him in going for that $10,000 instead of HOH. That is his big mistake but, playing the game, he played his cards as best as he could. Of all the house guests in the house, only Dan, Boogie, Ian and Frank were playing. The rest were taking orders from someone else like Shane,  Brittney just gave orders which is not playing (no strategy no nothing), Danielle (delusional nothing else), Joe (biggest fool), Jenn (ghost in the house), Ashley (showmance girl).

  14. Bye Boogie. It was good while, it lasted and you made Big Brother atleast, interesting. I was against the coaches coming in but, seeing how the newbies has played to this point—-I would rather have had a Big Brother All Stars with all 13 previous winners. Too bad production did not have the sense to do that! Even with the coaches in and competing for the $500,000, newbies still taking orders
    from the coaches. That is pretty lame in addition to being dumb! Next time
    Big Brother let us have all the Winners in a free for all and make the prize be worth $1,000,000 so that, you can bring all the previous winners back!

  15. What hap with the golden coin? Do you think you use the golden coin to play the crane game and get the ?

      • I think it was just a question to give them a heads up that there will be a double eviction or a production change in how the game is to be played!  Sort of a distraction from what was going on so they can start thinking of what their next move should be than thinking about the moves already made!

    • It is too late for that. He should have built the alliances right from the start before he decided to form an alliance with the Quack Pack. Now, even the floaters like Joe and Jenn are hanging on the Quack Pack thinking they will be safe! LOL

      •  I totally agree. Ian was always the 5th wheel in that alliance. He is supposed to be so smart but how can you not see he was just being used to spy on Frank and Boogie because the others did not trust them.

      • That’s how Ian likes it, until he has no more use for them and so they aren’t dissing him before then. He won’t survive Dan’s exclusion of him if it gets to that point!  He really NEEDS to win HOH or a POV NOW!!

  16. I am dying to see how Boogie and Frank swallow that huge crow and clean all the egg off their face when they find out that Ian was the person who sold them out. I watched after dark and the mean personal attacks about Dan reading his Bible and Britts hub being at a bar on his Bday. That’s just not cool. It’s amazing how people act when they are not in power. I hope Julie tells Boogs who the mole is in tonights interview just so I can see his face. Oh don’t let me get started on Ashley. WTF is all I can say.

    •  I totally agree, I’m so over Boogie, and Frank never shuts up, everyone there has a dream to be there and deserves it just as much as he thinks he does, get over your self frank, i want him gone so much, I would rather him go than boogie and boogie makes me sick , and don’t get me started on ashley, loser with a capital L

    • Ian better watch out as he is going to be perceived as a “mole” on both sides.  Just like “Zoila” told Jeff on ‘Fliipping Out’ preview:
      “The dog ate my mole!” 

    • I agree and then when Boogie was talking about how certain people would look after 7 years.  Danielle will be fat, Brit will be okay for a few more years because she’s small and Joe is already a fat slob.  But he’s the nice one that doesn’t talk bad about people.  Has he looked in a mirror lately?  I don’t think that man has any lips.

    • YES!!!  M/F/A, all 3 of them disgusts me.  This is a game and for them all to take it to a personal level because one of them are going home show you the type of people they are – WTF, they’re aren’t entitled to anything but they seem to think they are and want to have it their way all of the time.  I was truly disgusted by what they were saying about the other house guests and their significant others etc., it shows you the type of people who live in this world and how twisted their minds are.  I’m so glad Mike is going tonight and hopefully Frank will be following right after him.

  17. I wish production would take away the hammock, or at least tell Ian to stop frantically swinging in it.

  18. You know as much as Ian hangs out with Brittney BBAD I can’t believe Boogie or Frank doesn’t realize somethings up with that..If you seen enough Big Brothers in the past and you hang out too much with one person more than likely your in a alliance with them..Its they’re own fault for not being smart enough to catch on..Cmon now  

    • I’ve thought that as well.  I watch BBAD every night (damned sleep depravation anyway) and I was just thinking that exact thing last night when they were rocking in the hammock together, talking openly, with Booger and Hairball sitting over on the sofas.

  19. ian rocking on that hammock is driveing me crazy. boogie will know it is ian, that way when he comes back in the game it will be game on . jenn and joe crack me up they are number 6 and 7 they don’t think they are really gonna win this do they? brittany is a  coward she talks smack about everyone and hides when she gets called out on it.dan is playing the same game as last time.

    •  I agree why would Jenn and Joe actually believe that they had any chance with that group of 4? I guess they feel good they can hang out with the cool kids. I am sure they never had the chance to do that in real life. Joe’s only chance, be it slim, would be to team up with Frank and Boogie. He thinks that those two are too tight,but so are the other pairs, and they are already teamed up together. I just don’t get it.

  20. as badly i want boogie gone i won’t believe it till i see it happen.people in the house are too wishy washy. half of them don’t even know what they’re going to do till they get in the dr and have to make a decision. ashley seems to be the only floater with her mind made up.

    • Ian, Frank and Brit for final 3.   Who would take who to F2?   Ian would get the sympathy vote…Frank would get the strongest comp player vote and Brit would get the best social game vote.    It would be a toss up as to who would win.  

      •  i dont think ian would get a sympathy vote, but a vote for being sneaky (so sneaky he got boogie out) and p.s Ian britney and frank would be choice to have in final 3 too. Brit is manipulative, and i love manipulation. Frank is great at going from the bottom to the top. Ian is the perfect spy, he gives off this nerdy weak vibe,so no one knows suspects him of doing anything bad.

  21. i love smart players, i dislike players who win alot of comps but have no social game, i hate floaters whom get mad when they nominated

  22. boogie needs 4 votes unless both Ian and Dan vote to save him he is a gooner a tie goes to Shane and he will evict boogie

    • Can you explain how you would get a tie? To me it seems impossible when there are only 7 people voting…

  23. I enjoy reading the daily blogs and then watching to see how its edited..that being said- Franks “cheating” was not addressed if it happened..and they only seem to piece together what they think is big game talk..Boogies threats and bullying was not shown(hmm,gee i wonder why) I guess they dont want viewers to realize what golden boy is really like(aside from annoying to his “non fans”). I have found this year to be the most eye opening for me..especially with the detail in this particular blog- I find this to be very unbiased and comes off as written by someone who doesnt care the outcome,just the gamesmanship. Iam excited for double eviction tonight!! Idont particularly care who goes and I think no matter who is left-there will be blood!! or drama-same difference.Eventually the floaters will have to come to terms will their floater roles and will have to own it–then be evicted..If your gunna be on big brother come to play–and understand no one will tell you the truth(ever-lol) and your alliance is only steady from week to week.. competition to competition..they arent your best are just a ways to their means and vice versa!! Game on!! ;)

  24. I don’t understand Boogie at ALL !!!! Where is he coming off telling everyone to be nice , when HE wasn’t when Janelle was on the block. I thinnk he just wants them all to feel sorry for him, and vote to keep him in…NO WAY Boogie. Your turn has finally come, so pack your bag and get ready to head out the door tonight…Frank isn’t so nice either, calling Jenn ” dirty brown water trash ” You people that likes Frank, should hear everything he has been saying. He is not as sweet as some people thinks he is.I watch B.B.A.D.every morning and I hear what all the H.G. have to say. I realy think that Dan is the best one to win this game. Ian was on the top of my list, but not anymore.Dan plays the game the best.  GO DAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  25. I’m not particularly fond of Boogie (I didn’t start watching the show until Evil Dick’s season, but I’d heard a lot about him and Dr. Will), but I’d much prefer to see him still in the house than Jenn. This season, out of all the seasons I’ve seen, has had more floaters than I thought possible. All of Team Janelle, Dan completely controls everything Danielle does, same with Britney controlling Shane, and oh my god, Jenn. What the heck has she done all season? No alliances, no social game to speak of, never does good in competitions. What is her point in being on the show. Her and Joe are completely delusional if they think their strategies will get them 500k.

    The only newbie who isn’t being completely controlled by their coach (if their coach is still in the game) is Ian. What have Shane and Danielle done that Britney and Dan haven’t wanted them to do?

    • and that’s where his downfall will be….should’ve listened to his coach…kinda stupid to be in an alliance of 5 when you’re number 5 than in an alliance where you would be number 3….just saying

  26. No quackers at geisha house…dont worry frank you will be living the high life in LA while all the wack pack is back in their pathetic lives..sad to see ya go boogie this season is complete trash now go frank go ashley get the junior nerd herd out!!!

  27. Frank is the biggest bully I have ever seen!!Always talking about “when”not if he wins HOH or POV.Makes me wonder if he isn’t being given a heads up on answers or notice from production on upcoming comps. Wouldn’t be surprised.That’s probably why everyone has to sign a contract so production doesn’t get dimed out about how they control everything.I really am tired of Boogie and Frank’s potty mouths and “my sh-t don’t stink” attitude.Some of the things Boogie was saying about Brittney last night leaving her husband to play the game were way out of line.Do you think she would have come back if her husband said no? I doubt it.

    • What is with posters here and their conspiracy theories? Frank shows a little confidence? THE SHOW IS RIGGED! Seriously, think about what you’re posting.

  28. these would be some cool alliances
    Dan and Ian
    Frank and Shane
    Jenn,Brit,and ashley
    Joe and Danielle will be stranded

    • If only such a wonderful thing would happen. Dan and Ian are the only two people I’m still rooting for at this point.

  29.  Frank and Boogie need to go they are the most obnoxious couple sitting outside last blaming everything wrong with their game on Dan. They talk so much bull with so many they can’t seem to remember the one who knows all is sitting right in front of them,Ian. As soon as Frank is shown the door Ian needs to follow him to the jury house so he can enjoy that part of the game and explain to Frank how he stabbed Boogie and him in the back.

  30. Sick of the hunchback of BB14 aka Danielle, sick of Shane and his lack of BB knowledge, sick of Britney and her wobbly eye, sick of Jenn and Joe floating their way to 5th, 6th, 7th, etc., sick of all the good players getting eliminated ie jojo, kara, boogie, janelle, sick of a bad season.

  31. If Boogie and Frank go, this season will be so lame. It’ll be a bunch of boring people working out, dan flirting with the hunchback danielle some more, joe feeding to his high blood pressure/weight issues/diabetes, jenn going back to floating and kissing ass, ian not sure what he is doing, dan not saying more than 3 words/day. sooooooooooo boring. stop casting such losers cbs!!

    • I think they ALL have something to add to the entertainment value.    There’s a lot of different personalities in the house.   And once Boogie goes (yes he was entertaining), the house will realign.    The backstabbing doesn’t stop just because Boogie has left the building.   They can’t quite exactly go back to the way things were before his departure.    Some strategys have been outed….some alliances made clear.    What worked before….may not work again.   It will be interesting to see who gets run over by the train next…..and who has a ticket in first class. 

  32. Highlight of tonight’s show would be the departing words of HG’s to Booger’s eviction. Particularly Ian(the mole)..and of course Boogies face/reaction.

  33. This has been the strangest season of BB and whether you like or dislike Boogie he at least made the game interesting.  Some of the best players of BB have talked really bad about HG’s so I don’t see why all the hate for Boogie.  When Frank said it was a dream for him he was speaking the truth as he has tried for 3 years to get on this show while others were hand picked.  That’s why they don’t know anything about the game.  Frank at least knows the game and actually talks strategy.  Think about the rest of the newbies like Jenn, Joe, Danielle, and Shane and tell me what their strategy has been.  Jenn couldn’t even figure out what a pawn was.  Joe just follows the power, and for me is the most irritating man I have seen.  He is a true floater.  Danielle and Shane are merely puppets and Shane can win comps.  I think Ashley and Ian are two that are a question mark for me.  I think Ashley played being a ditz, but knows more about the game than people in the house realize and sometimes I wonder if Ian is not playing at being this nerdy, strange guy.

    Looks like Boogie is leaving and I will say one thing about him he has been loyal to Frank all the way.  The same goes for Frank and his loyalty to Boogie.  I was never a Boogie fan before and I am surprised but will miss him in this strange season.  I kept hoping there would be a way for him to stay.

  34. Both Boogie and Jenn need to go. Boogie is sometimes a jerk, and Jenn is a 37 year old cry baby.

  35. Enough with the fish breaks on live feeds everytime a HG says something about the diary room is there really that much sketchy stuff going on in feeds are a joke

  36. Danielle i hope when you go home to your pathetic life you understand things about  guys …let them pursue you,,,you dont chase them… even when they dont want you…you still keep trying and trying… Thats soooo sad that you dont get when a guy doesnt want you… you need professional help,…. maybe you will win 50k and you can afford to get some..

  37. joe is such a- hole, this guy really thinks he is going to the end.every person has a differnt side 2 deal going shane has one with  britt, one with joe ,one with dani and one with dan,and i think he made one with jenn these people are crazy

  38. Frank tries to play a nice peaceful fun loving guy, but as soon as their backs are turned he’s cursing people out, really being degrading with Boogie.  I hope they both go tonight.

  39. I think someone already said it below me but they should’ve done Big Brother: All Stars 2 with all 13 previous winners rather than another season.

  40. Please tell my why Britney was picked as a coach? I understand the other 3 but not her. She never wins comps, irritating as hell, and SHE talks bad about others, in the DR, never to their face. Her strategy is to align with a big strong man and be a monkey on his back. It didn’t work last time and if there is a God in heaven it won’t work this time. Did all other past guests say no, is that why she was picked, it had to be that.

  41. What would be awesome is to see Dan flip on the quack pack(stupid name!) Vote to keep Boogie in. They would be unstoppable! Ian would do whatever Dan says. I don’t want Boogie to win, but he has been the only person loyal to Frank. I really want to see Britney and Danielle go. She’s so busy trying to get with Shane. I wonder how Britney’s husband felt when she straddled Shane after he won that one comp. Nasty!

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