Big Brother 14 Episode 18 Recap: Blindsides and Blame

Frank, Boogie, and Britney on Big Brother 14

Frank and Boogie found themselves fighting hard to stay in the game this week on Big Brother 14 and Wednesday night we saw one of them do just that and the other one scrambling to join in on the safety.

The episode picked up right after the nominations we saw Sunday night. Frank and Boogie were completely blindsided by Shane, who they thought would keep them safe as part of their Silent Six alliance pact. Little did they know that Ian let his own alliance, the Quack Pack, know that Frank and Boogie were setting their sights on Britney and Shane. And since Ian’s alliance are all also a part of the Silent Six, they decided to severe their ties with Frank and Boogie and put them up.

Post nominations, Boogie and Frank make their rounds calling people out. Of course they first hit Shane. They let him no how unhappy they are with his decision and he resounds with a lot of stuff that doesn’t make sense and along the way ends up putting the blame on Britney.

Shane lets Britney know that he may have painted a giant target on her back by throwing her under the bus to Boogie and Frank. She makes sure Shane feels pretty stupid and then heads down to talk to Frank and Boogie. They let her have it and she make sure they know that this was Shane’s HoH and his decision. She also says that they heard they were their targets so Frank and Boogie want to know who told them that. She refuses to say so she can protect Ian and they instantly think it’s Dan.

So Britney has gotten the target off her own back and put on Dan’s, even though that wasn’t her intention. Boogie and Frank just kind of ran with it.

Shane and Britney go another round about him throwing her under the bus. This time around she makes sure he knows that she is not happy with what he did. He actually comes off as quite pathetic and one would almost feel sorry for him (if maybe this was the first time you’d ever seen him or heard him try to make any kind of sense).

Dan is the last stop on the Boogie and Frank blame tour. Dan does what Britney did and protects Ian. The fact that no one can say who told them the new and Dan’s silence convinces Boogie and Frank that Dan was the snake. Dan decides to just take the heat and Frank and Boogie are happy they have someone to blame.

The Veto players are chosen and they’re basically Boogie and Frank’s dream team of Ashley, Ian and Jenn. Of course Ian is playing both sides, so that probably wasn’t the best pick.

The game is the now-classic Big Brother guess how many somethings are in the something game. If you like your answer you stay and if you don’t like your answer you fold. Danielle hosts and she’s terrible at it. She’s clearly reading lines and her voice sounds like Eric Cartman on helium.

Boogie is the first out of the game followed by Jenn. Then Ian is out. Shane is out next so that leaves Frank and Ashley. On the next round, Ashley folds, giving Frank the Power of Veto.

So now that Frank has won the veto, the race to get Shane to re-nominate Dan to sit next to Boogie is on. Boogie rallies his troops of Jenn, Ian and possibly even Joe to work on Shane to put up Dan. Boogie takes on Britney and even gives her some tears, hoping she’ll talk Shane into doing what Boogie wants. Boogie isn’t buying anything he’s selling, so it’s all up to what ever Jenn and Ashley can do. Sorry, Boogie, that means you’re out of luck.

At the veto ceremony, Frank uses the PoV on himself and Shane is forced to put Jenn up in his place. Boogie, Frank and Jenn are not happy, of course. Boogie is pretty sure he’s heading home and Jenn finally starts playing the game. Thursday’s live show should be quite entertaining.


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  1. So Jenn thinks Dan is the biggest threat. Clearly she has never watched all stars and should be more educated about the game before entering it. same goes for others.

    • Somebody please tell me what is Frank’s obsession with Dan?  
      Ian is the one that messed up Froogie’s game, right?  No matter what is going down, Frank is always throwing Dan’s name in the mix. 

      • because since day one its been no secret that dan has wanted to work with boogie and that frank is the third wheel in his equation. “Two’s company. threes a crowd” was the quote frank used i believe to describe dans thinking.  Franks just tryng to protect himself.

      •  Because Boogie and Frank think that Dan is the mole.  They were trying to find out who rat on them and they took the silence of Dan that he was the  one.  Dan should tell them it was Ian and cannot understand how can Ian betrayed Boogie who gave him $3000.00.  

    • but dan is a bigger threat than boogie. boogie has been terrible at this game this season  and he is definitely going out on thursday.

  2. Frank and boogie are so obsessed with Dan that they cant even think straight anymore and just look for a reason to blame him for anything, They cant even think back and see who they tell all their secrets too , Ian. ….. Funny thing is Dan has really not done much this season but yet all the blame is on him.

    And then there is jenn, the biggest hardcore poser ever. ” Hey I dress the part so I call my self a rocker ” I have honestly never seen a rocker as quiet as her EVER. Now we get to see who they are messing with……… Jenn you are just a huge joke.

      • maybe she can leave with boogie, go to his clinic, and they can have dr will remove them for her.

    • You make a good point: F/B, who did you mention Brit/Shane to, besides each other? Even though Boogie didn’t quite say what Ian told Brit….Do the math, boys. Won’t save you but that info will help Frank and Boogie can be prepared for Julie….and of course he willplant some seeds before leaving…Johnny Appleseed.

    • And that’s the power of Dan. He’s so innocent? Watch his season. Good Lord. They know. Unlike the handpicked contestants…

  3. One should never assume…you know what happens when you do!  Hurry up Thursday, hurry up Thursday!  I’m ready for some new drama!!!

    • Today is “Whacky Wednesday” as the HG’s refer to it.
      Production please, please, please give them some beer & wine tonight!
      I need to see Jenn freak out & go crazier before she goes home tomorrow.

  4. Frank is fired up to win the next HOH. If by some chance he does win the second round tomorrow Dan and Shane aren’t going to have much time to throw Ian off a cliff. It won’t make much impact even they did. Best shot for them is to win veto if Frank succeeds.

    • Shame needs to go home ASAP!
      Please BB gods let him go home Thursday……I said please!
      (p.s. make sure his ego goes with him. Thanks)

    • How much notice will they have that its a FF? Wondering if Dan will jettison Ian to hedge his bets? Joe doesn’t know about the QP….

      • Julie will let them know it will be a double eviction close to the top of the hour. That only gives them time during commercial breaks and such to run to a corner to talk strategy. The HGs probably already suspect that’s what will happen. If the players can predict what type of competition they will be facing next or when the double evictions are like we can then it’s time to shuffle the order around or come up with new contests.

  5. Oh and of course Production tries to give Boogie and Frank a good edit even though are disgusting individuals.  Seriously CBS tries to give a good edit to two men who, and it does not matter if the did not mean it, one says he is going to go and sexually assault Dan’s wife and the other just goes along with it laughing and saying yeah, yeah!!  Also love how CBS edited it to make it look like no cheating was going od during the Veto but Boogie and production have already acknowledged cheating was going on and pretty evident it was since feeds were down for over 7 hours and that competition could not of taken over 15 minutes to compete. The whole show tonight made me throw up a little in my mouth!!

  6. I bet Frank is going to win hoh. If it is a true/false comp, the producers are going to tell him the answers. If not in the veto the producers will give him clues.

    I he manages to get to the finals this season would be one big joke.

      •   It sure seems someone in production wants to keep Frank in the house.No one should vote for Frank if he makes to the final 2 because he should already be evicted.If Boogie goes home Frank is in big trouble even if he wins HOH thursday and gets Dan or Shane out he has no protection the next week.Frank will have to win HOH or veto every week to stay in the game.

    • Something tells me its going to be a memory comp since Frank is good at that. I bet its going to be Before or After

      • Except Dumbielle’s game! She thinks every answer is about her. Didn’t u see on BBAD when she was asking Ian about that…”who would America want to see in a bikini me or Janelle? Who does America think is the smartest player, me or Dan? Who does America think is the biggest douche, me or Shame? (ok so she didn’t say all those but u get the idea) :-) She thought America would vote her for everything. Mad Chicken Disease I tell ya.

  7. When did Boogie and Frank decide this was their game to lose?  They think they’ve been running the show but that’s about to change. Thank God.

    •  I don’t think they did decide that. I think it’s the way the game is being portrayed tonight. Watch BBAD & you’ll see they haven’t given up. I bet Boogie stays tomorrow. Shame & Twitney are the 2 that need to go home ASAP. Hmmm, that kinda makes me feel bad for Twitney’s husband.

      • If Boogie stays, and Dan stays – say Brit gets evicted somehow and doesn’t go to jury – that would be a street fight.

      • BBAD Influence,
        I’d be happy if Twitney didn’t make it to jury. It’d be so nice if she was never on my TV again.
        But I still feel bad for her husband. Maybe he should go on Survivor so that when Twit gets home he is gone & can continue to have some peace & quiet.

  8. I didnt even pay much attention to tonights episode since i already know whats going on. i cant stand these spoilers sometimes, it ruins the suspense of watching the show

    • The only reason I watch is to see the DR sessions. I wish there was a DVD of nothing but the DR sessions.

  9. i think production told mike and frank that dan is the rat because, they are so committed to exposing him, and they dont even have evidence! 

    • Frank and Boogie are so blinded by their air of entitlement that they can’t remember what they forgot!   Ian is the only one they dished the dirt to.  Dan just happened to be holding a shovel.  

      • I agree that F/B were not thinking. If Britney was non-commital about putting Dan up as a replacement nom, and Shane didn’t put Dan up, then it follows that Britney, Shane, and Dan are working together or at least have some sort of agreement. When Shane put up Jenn they should have been tipped off since Dan is a bigger threat, even to Shane. They got so focused on Dan they’re not seeing the bigger picture.

  10. Dear mother of god. Ashley has to be the most stupid person I have seen on television.

    And that includes retards that Drool out of their mouths on those Medical shows.

    • Or she is a mighty fine actress.

      Must admit I did love her explanation of using pictures to get the correct numbers!

  11. I just love how Jenn finally woke up and she’s acting like she been playing all along. Jenn and Joe are the most delusional players I’ve seen in 14 seasons of Big Brother. They make Enzo look like a power player.

    • Enzo had a fantastic social game though. He created and orchestrated the every move of the brigade, arguably the greatest alliance in BB history.

      • “arguably” is a great comment. The “Brigade” had nothing on Chilltown…and they were just 2 people. Rewatch BB son…

      • @waywardirish I was 6 when big brother 2 came out, and 11 when big brother 7 was on. I didn’t watch these kinds of shows at that age. Excuse me for being young and only knowing of the brigade.

    • These people cry more than a nursery full of babies.   Brit picks at her face and pulls at her hair so she can summon real tears on cue.    She probably has an onion in her bra for when more waterworks are needed.

  12. Alot of the people in the house has problems. Jenn-eyes are too close together  Ian-Constantly rocks back and forth  Ash-Dumb Dumb Dumb  Mike-No bottom lip  Frank-blinks alot, and slowly at that lol  

  13. I honestly can’t stand Britney, Danielle, Shane and Dan.  I’m not the biggest Boogie fan but I prefer him over the others.  And for some reason, I do like Frank.  I wish Britney and Dan would be sent home.

    I think I’m over this season.  I prefer if all the contestants were new and they don’t bring anyone back from previous seasons.

    • Previous HG’s are getting old – literally – look at Boogie.

      I agree with what you said. I like Boogie in the house just for the drama & backstabbing, I still think he gives my TV STD’s though.

      Twitney & Dan need to go soon, right after Shame & his ego. I can’t take much more of him.

      I really like Frank & his game. Initially I didn’t, but I like how real & competitive he is. He seems like he’s being true to his character. I can’t wait until he finally gets to vote to send one of those QP idiots home!

      • They talk about how Frank and Boogie had final 3 deals with everyone, but don’t they all do that?  Isn’t that what the game is all about?  ex. Britney???

  14. Sorry people, I love Britney and Dan.  Britney makes me laugh every time I see her.  Dan is playing such a good social game.  I would love to have both these people as friends.  Hope they make it to the end.

    • CBS should just shut down if britney wins would be the worst moment in that channels history

    • Come on Dan&bit need 2 go home!!!!Dan sits around like he’s a wise guy and brit needs 2 give her nose a broke!!!

  15. I know there was drama over Frank cheating by apparently telling Ashley to fold. I don’t even consider that cheating, to be perfectly honest. Production was right, Frank would have won even if Ashley stayed, and it’s not like he was holding a gun to her head telling her to fold. She didn’t have to if she didn’t want to. I’m definitely annoyed with all of the blatant production interference this season, but I don’t think that what Frank did should be considered cheating. Ian threw the competition – technically what Ashley did was the same thing. Jeff and Brendan purposely threw a comp to give Jordan the HOH last season, and how many times have we seen people quit endurance comps at the end so a specific person can win? Same thing in my eyes.

    I’m actually a Froogie fan, but I actually want Ian to win HOH after Boogie leaves tomorrow, it would be good for his game because technically he got Boogie out (by outing him to Britney) and if he could get Frank out too (the player with nine lives) then if he made it to final two, that would look real good on him. Ian is playing the game that Ronnie tried to play, the only difference is Ian’s doing it properly. For now.

  16. Why in the world is everybody protecting Ian and not let it come out that Ian was behind Boogie and Frank being nominated?  I think that Dan would be the obvious one that Frank and Boogie blame because they still think Ian can be trusted.  A mole can’t be trusted and Dan, Brit and the others are going to find that out themselves once Frank and Boogie can’t be their targets.

    • I want to know that too. They are so quick to throw everyone else under the bus, but not him. Do they think its to soon? He is there informant and his not hurting them. But as soon as he turns around, here comes the knife! 

    • Boogie is going to be pissed when he finds out about Ian. It’ll be fun, I’m waiting for Ian to crash and burn. It’s only fair after he betrayed Boogie in order to be with the cool kids. 

  17. The show would be more entertaining if Boogie stays, finds out about Ian’s sorry tail & slaps him & that Whitney butt Britney up

  18. If Booige goes, and is not save by production. Ian is correct, he will be glad Mike is so far away from him that he was the one behind it. I would love to see that look tomorrow. But we all know he will be back in the house…lol 

  19. I think you meant “sever their ties” not “severe”. Than again maybe you did…?

    Just pointing that out for the heck of it :P

  20. Are Ashley and Jenn truly the most stupid players to ever play the game?? They make me cringe when they open their mouth…

    • Nope…there was Enzo…and Ronnie…and Lawon….Chima ..shall i go on?  Not the dumbest, Ashley and Jenn….but certainly on the list of “those without a clue”.

      • How you can put Enzo (you probably hate him) on the same level as Ashley baffles me. 

        I mean Ashley has the brain of a 8 year old, and this is not a joke. If there was a fire in the house she actually might not be able to get out through the emergency door. 

      • @Wonderland… i didn’t hate Enzo.   He was good entertainment but not exactly the epitome of intelligence.   Ashley reminds me of the movie “Clueless”.   A valley girl without the accent.

  21. There r a lot of haters in here the whole point of the game is to lie and back stab did u all forget what show u r watching

  22. I can’t wait till old man Booger get’s the boot. I’m so sick of his cocky tude, women bashing and his codependent bromance. Looking at his chicken beak nose doesn’t help matters either. He’s such a hypocrite trashing Janelle & Dan while using Frank to do all the dirty work each week while he goes after cash instead of playing the game. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when Julie exposes Ian as his down fall. I hope Frank’s luck runs out and he goes next.

    • You are so right.  I am sick of seeing him too.  He is like a spoiled brat.  He was a big mouth braggin how great him and Frank are when they had control.  He has lied and backstabbed and now that it has happened to him, he is whining and crying about it.  I am listening to him  talking bad about the players and their families.  It is really sad, this is just a game, but he is really showing how spoiled rotten he is.  He has no class whatsoever.  I hope BB sees how he has trashed the game. It is not fun listening to him talk how superior he is to everyone.  That is what I call racist.  Just sickening. 

  23. IMO, Dan needs to go home, asap.
    His Big Brother Game is BORING!!!!
    Shane is unwatchable from his wraparound hair to his
    sheeple ways.

    I hope Boogie stays. Perhaps Frank and Boogie will find out
    about Ian’s duplicity and then  convince him to change his vote to Jen.

    Frank and Boogie keep Big Brother interesting and fun to watch.

      • But then what is gonna happen? The house will be so boring!
        Father Dan is a boring bible reader who plays tough in the DR,
        Twitney is annoying as heck both in audio & visual,
        Dumielle is just whacked out dilusional straight up crazy,
        Jenn still thinks she’s on her way to summer camp or The Real L Word,
        Joe just hopes he doesn’t lose his fry cook job at McDonald’s,
        Shame is so full of himself he doesn’t realize he is in the house with other   
            people – real actual human beings,
        Ian is trying to find himself & a girl in the house,
        Ashley just wants peace & happy thoughts for all.
        Production is just shaking their heads behind the walls thinking wtf did I get  
            into when I took this job…Father Dan save us now!
        I think that’s it. If I forgot someone let me know & I’ll fix this.

      • Replying to Jillith

        I love your comments,  This was great.  I would just add Ian is not really looking for a girl he is trying to play the game to win and I think Boogie and Frank (although they might not like Ian’s playing with the pack) will respect that he did this (agreeing to vote Boogie out). 

        Do you think he has dated much?  Probably not.  His mind has been on other things and I think it is admirable this geeky lad puts himself in this demanding social situation.  I’m still hoping he wins. 

        I’m still thinking of his comments yesterday on Showtime when asked what books he read as a child said the encyclopedia from cover to cover and he started to read at 3.  He must have been quite a challenge to his teachers. His parents must be so proud of him although apparently his father isn’t happy if he even knows at him being on the show.  Loved his clever handling of what parent he was most like said his father read a lot and his mother had dark hair and looked like a mother..

  24. This show will be so boring without boogie.  He’s an ahole but an entertaining one at that.  Maybe that question mark in the game thing will mean somethin.  Win tom Frank and get Shane or Bratney out.

  25. Just a little “off-topic”,but[and it might just be my overactive imagination and the need to feel that everyone reminds me of someonelse] has anyone else thought that Shane strongly resembles Brendon??..they both have very beady/shifty eyes…seems they could have bee separated at birth LOL ;-*) 

      • he does resemble them too,but as far as a BB connections I’d say Brendon. Wonder if they are truly related?? I’ll have to do a more thorough investigation hehehehehe ;-*)

      • Akronsandi:
        What a twist that would be!! And how funny it would be if outside of the house Shame had to put up with Rachel. I’d love that! Maybe she’s his sister-in-law or something like that. Please let us know what the investigation reveals!

      • I think he’s extremely dumb! But I get the pretty dumb comment because I think it relates to his pretty boy syndrome.

    • Frank reminds me of Archie, Britney of Betty, Danielle of Veronica, Shane is Reggie and Ian looks a lot like Dilton.

  26. What the hell is wrong with Twitney & Ashley? Sobbing like crazies!! If Twit is so upset about missing her husbands birthday then she can easily walk out the door on her own & go give him a present today. In fact that’d be a great present for the rest of us too – birthday or not!!

    • I love the idea it would be a birthday present for me to see britney danielle shane dan and joe all walk out that door most annoying HGs ever oh and the snitch nerd twitching Ian

      • Maybe tomorrow you’ll get a day-after birthday present! And the rest of us will get an un-birthday present! I can only hope.

    • Joe irks me.  Would you eat his cooking when he doesn’t wash his hands after using the washroom???  Yuck.

      • After the jo scene Britney described that Joe did while she was in the same room cracked me up but it also makes me wanna puke just thinking he could have just done that and not washed his hands before cooking meals!  Ewwww…bleach my brain now with that visual in my head!

    •  Just wait until tomorrow. The house will be upside down again & Joe will be running to the next power to be, making that HOH breakfast.
      Jenn will be singing “doo-doo-doo” all the way home. She’s getting annoying.

      • “Come on, don’t be dissin my girl!” <insert Daniellism there!  Now insert sarcasm!

  27. For Brits sake i hope the HOH comp tomorrow is who can cry the most.    She’s a shoe in.

  28. Poor Jenn. She thought she was trying out for The Real L Word and ended up on Big Brother.

    • There ya go dissin my girl again (another Danielleism sayin).  Let’s talk about how Brit would make a great Proactive commercial where after using it, she’d never feel the need to pick her face anymore!!! hehehe

  29. I dont like Britney. She rides Shane coattails once again, she does not even go for HOH, then gets mad at him. Shane too stupid to call her out on it

    Go Frank@7a1d6a9fc3b7205af5c52b14a472cacc:disqus 

  30. Geez watching all these Idiots in the HOH room on BBAD  make me sick they are all hypocrites..I really hope  Frank Ian or Shane wins it..Shanes only problem is he’s  dumb and can’t play his own game  he’s great at competitions and social but pretty dumb

  31. Enzio Jeff and Jordan are my 3 favorite  houseguest of all time..You have to like the  meow meow  Bring back the meow meow

  32. So why did Joe think that Frank cheated? Because Ashley folded at the end?

    I bet Shane is going to be the second person evicted tomorrow. It will probably be on a back door.

  33. What’s with Dumielle calling out Ashley & Jojo for liking both teams? Big deal. Personally I think that Dumielle is struggling with her sexuality and has a HUGE crush on Twitney. Every night she carries her around or wrestles with her & is always right by her side. She’s too dumb to stay that close as a game move to monitor what Twit is doing all the time. Dumielle wants a little girl luvin’. Just my opinion.

  34. “Big Brother” reality show winner, Mike “Boogie” Malin, 37, was arrested at a Denver sports bar after allegedly assaulting a waitress in a dispute over the Red Sox-Rockies World Series. i goggled his mugshot  didn’t know about this one

    • Eww, Ace, keep goolgling/binging/searching. I found some disgusting stuff the other night involving fake “uncles & daddy’s & favors & $$$”.
      I like his chaos in the game but as a person I know he is responsible for giving my TV STD’s every time his face is on it.

    • I believe it.  He talks about women like they are beneath him.  He acts like he is above everyone .  He has got to go.  Mr. Big Shot, sad how he has been talking trash about the hg and also their families.  That just shows how pathetic he really is.

  35. Boogie is such a a**Hole but man is he funny. I’m gonna miss the crypt keeper. Ian’s revolation is going to crush boogie.

  36. Boogie saying he has a soft spot for Ian and that he loves him…..Oh, if he only knew.  Boogie better be sayin sorry to Dan and his wife when he finds out it was his dear old boy Ian who got him and Frank nominated…..He has said some horrible thngs about Dan and his wife.

    • He needs to apologize to Britney too about the horrible things he said regarding her husband on the night of his birthday that she can’t be there with him on for godssake!

  37. If production doesn’t intervene, I really want to see Boogie’s face when he finds out Ian sank his ship not Dan.

    I don’t understand the hostility toward Dan. Dan’s style of game play is really not about throwing people under the bus. It’s all about letting everyone else do the dirty work. So the hostility toward him gives him too much credit. 

    • Go frank go! Win that 2nd HOH or the Quack Pack will evict you! You can send one of Dan, Shane or Brittney home guaranteed if you win that HOH!

  38. Ironically, Shane, Dan and Brittany all protected Ian when they could of simply thrown him under the bus to keep Frank off their tails while he focuses on his attention to Ian.

    Now if Frank win HOH either tonight OR next week, (That is if he survives double eviction) he’ll put Shane, Dan or Brittany in retaliation which in effect would mean protecting Ian sent them home.

    Ian’s walking a perplexing minefield as we all heard Dan saying to his “buddies” that he has no problems with throwing Ian under the bus and the simple fact of the matter is that Frank WILL eventually find out it’s was somewhat Ian’s handywork that Boogie is (may, if Jenn somehow does something incredibly stupid).

    Depending how everything pans out, with the apparent inclusion of pandora’s box, will means this BIG MOVE will determine who ends up in the final two shal depend on people reacting in the aftermath.

    Personally, I hope Ian wins it all as he made Frank and Boogie underestimate him and gave his alliance info on Chill-town.  He does not have a target on his back and has acted like a floater WHILE still playing bits and pieces of the game  while letting other blowup, make target of themselves ect.

    Frank…well….without Boogie, he’s toast unless his band of Big Brother production decides to hold his hand and wipe his nose with a cloth labeled, “Integrity”.

      • Frank should not be distracted by Dan’s tricks. His target should still be in the order of : 1) Shane, 2) Dan and 3) Brittney, 4) Ian. If he wins the 2nd HOH tonight, he should nominate Dan and Shane and if one gets off then,
        put Brittney on one of the hot seats. That guarantees one of the three is evicted right after Boogie. It will also cause the Quack Pack to go after each other because now, it is everyone for themselves! If Frank manages to survive the following week because the Quack Pack will still go after him,
        then, he should do his best to win the next week’s HOH. If he wins, he gets to send one more of the strongest players of Quack Pack. Put another two of either Dan, Shane or Brittney (whoever is still in the house) and add Ian
        as replacement nominee as I am sure that Ian would be been thrown under the bus by then and exposed!

    • Considering the lack of, what seems like, zero appreciation from Ian, I would have already said who it was that gave the “damaging information”. It was funny, however, to see how edited Production portrayed the entire scenario, almost doing the same in “protecting” Ian.

      I think we all know how Production toys with events; they’ll show something that was said hours earlier and make it look like it said was last week. If it weren’t for BBAD and the Live Feeds, we might all be scratching our heads. (More than we are already!)

      I really did begin to like and even respect Ian. That is, until this weeks events played out. When Boogie and Frank sat on the couches and tag-teamed Dan with their threats sand assumptions, it was rather disturbing to see Ian also sit down on the sofa and be a spectator to it all.

      Once Boogie IS out the door, I think it’s a no-brainer that someone will tell Frank the real source of the “conspiracy theory”.
      My only worry for Ian is, he looks like he’s a half step away from an all out breakdown or seizure. His rocking and other twitches are getting worse by the day. He needs some sort of Medical intervention, or Big Brother may have a much more serious problem on their hands. (IN MY OPINION!)

    • Even if they threw Ian under the bus, it would be foolish to go after Ian while, leaving the brains and the strongest players in the Big Brother House. Frank has only a small chance of winning against the Quack Pack being outnumbered 5 to 1. If Frank wins the 2nd HOH, go for the gusto and nominate Shane and Dan and have Brittney as replacement nominee. That guarantees one of the top three of Quack Pack is evicted right after Boogie.
      If Frank manages to survive the next week where the Quack Pack is going after him, he should try to win HOH the very next week again. Frank if he gets HOH again, should nominate 2 of whoever remains of Dan, Shane or Brittney and Ian as the replacement nominee. Rinse and repeat. If Frank can stay long enough, the Quack Pack can be destroyed one rat at a time!

      • I didn’t think he’d be able to win HOH two weeks in a row…but rather win POV if he’s put on the block again and take himself off.

  39. Everybody knows if Frank wins HOH, that Dan will throw Ian under the bus to try and save himself.

    • That would be fine. Frank if the wins 2nd HOH should not waste it on Ian. Atleast, not yet anyways. They will go after Frank and his only and best chance is to start evicting as many of the Quack Pack as he can starting with the strongest players. That means, put Dan and Shane on the block with Brittney as the replacement nominee if either of the two get off. One of the three will be evicted then. If Frank manages to survive the next week,
      go after the two remaining ones of Dan, Shane and Brittney on the block and assuming Ian is exposed then, Ian is the next replacement nominee. That sends one more strong player from Quack Pack. Rinse and repeat and as long as Frank remains in the house. Anything is possible. Rachel last season fought hard and she was on the block a number of times and got off and somehow managed to win it. Go Frank win that 2nd HOH and go after Quack Pack!

  40. Could someone explain double eviction. What is the difference between fast forward and double eviction

  41. everybody has so many definitions of a floater, so heres my true definition of a floater

    Floater-Someone who sits around, and is does nothing which will benefit them. If you sit around,but are forming different alliances then you are not a floater. If you sit around but manipulate people, then you are not a floater. So if your playing the game, you are not a floater.

  42. People have different opinions of a great player. So here’s my opinion of a great player.

    A great player is someone who plays every aspect of the game. If you win comps(when needed),manipulate others into doing what you want,lie(when needed),back stab other players( if needed), and form strong and many alliances. This is what determines a great player. 

  43. Anyone else waiting for a america’s vote to bring a player back in the game which will be Boogie despite the fact that he’s not at the top of popularity polls?

  44. I love the fact that Ian can make the house go crazy and everyone is doing the blame game with each other and not him .  That’s playing the game, cheat, lie, and weasel..I love it! He’s doing it right, he just needs to win something now.

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