Big Brother 14: Week 6 Eviction Predictions

Tonight on Big Brother 14 two more HouseGuests will be evicted and after all the drama this week I think we know exactly who the first evictee will be. Since there’s no way to accurately predict tonight’s second eviction we’re just going to look at the first.

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing.

Tomorrow we’ll be interviewing tonight’s evicted Big Brother 14 HGs so feel free to share any questions you might have and we just might pose it to them.

Big Brother 14 Week 6 Eviction Predictions – Boogie or Jenn:

Mike Boogie on Big Brother 14
Big Brother's Spoilers Mike Boogie on Big Brother 14
Big Brother Access Mike Boogie on Big Brother 14
Big Brother Junkies Mike Boogie on Big Brother 14
Big Brother Live Jenn Arroyo on Big Brother 14
Zap2It Mike Boogie on Big Brother 14
Mike Boogie on Big Brother 14
Mike Boogie on Big Brother 14

Most of these Big Brother sites agree: Boogie will be evicted. What do you think? Share your guess in the poll below!

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    • He certainly made it interesting and seeing the hate at Boogie on these boards proves that he did his job! Boogie was the villain in the Big Brother House much like the heels in WWE wrestling. He also played the game and got Janelle evicted which was a pretty good move!

    • He’s very entertaining and he’s more mature.  He knows the game and played it well.  Got Janelle evicted!  Poor Dingy Danielle..she thinks she was the one who got Janelle evicted.  With Boogie leaving, the only other entertaining person left is Frank.  It’s so unfair that the floaters, e.g., Jenn and Joe, are still there.  

      • I don’t know what show you are watching, but Boogie is very immature! All 3 seasons he has been on I have thought he was very immature. He acts like a teenager instead of an adult. I wish I was watching the same show you are!

    • I agree. 
      IMO, Boogie makes the show this season.I’m not a fan of having  Former BB House Guestsjoin the New Ones. BB chose to do it this time and if/whenBoogie leaves tonight one of the best reasons to watch will be gone too.Dan is downright boring.Watching Brittney peel off her finger nail polish and/or pinch her facial pimples isn’t Showtime material.Boogie is all packed and ready to leave.I wonder how many BB fans will leave too or just tunein for a few minutes and/or stay up-to-date online instead?Can’t hope for a Miracle to keep Boogie on the show – itappears the deed has been determined.HOWEVER, if a Miracle should happen tonight -Whoa! BB will be on the upswing Big Time.

      • If production has their way, they will keep Boogie on. I wouldn’t be surprised if they paid the voters a bonus to keep him. If Boogie does not leave, I am convinced 100% that they rigged it.

  1. It will be Boogie – then Frank better win the HOH or he’s gone…….. Sad. The show will be extremely boring with the remainder group. Glad September around the corner and new shows to watch.

    •  You’re right… because Boogie didn’t convince Danielle to backdoor Janelle or anything.

      Boogie made a great analogy last night. He said coming into this house is like Kobe and LeBron playing 8 on 2. Kobe and LeBron are two of the best players in the world, but not even they could win a game 8 on 2. No matter how good you are, when you have 90% of the house coming after you and you’re not in power, its nearly impossible to do anything.

      And on top of that, Boogie didn’t even press the reset button. When you’ve won Big Brother All-Stars, you’re clearly going to have the biggest target on your back.

      • You said it. Eight house guests against two. Even Dan and Shane cannot win if it was just the two of them against 8 house guests. This is a game of numbers. Boogie’s big mistake was not going for the HOH. If he did, it would have been Dan and Shane on the block and one of them would be going out of the house first! Hopefully, Frank wins the 2nd HOH and sends Dan, Shane or Brittney out, right behind Boogie! I am rooting for Shane then, Dan to go first! That would be classic!

      • Boogie & Frank didn’t bother to make friends with anyone until they needed votes. By then it was too late. Boogie pouted from the time he came in the house and only showed any personality when Janelle was on the block. He’s a big waaaaa waaaaa when he doesn’t get his way. A big lump on a log.

    • You can make all the excuses you want. Boogie beat Janelle for HOH and Big Brother All Stars and that is all that counts! Dr. Will got evicted ahead of Boogie so your excuse is pretty lame.

      • Because Dr. Will was the much bigger threat. Had Boogie been a threat they wouldn’t have kept him around. Thats how this game usually works. The less threatening people win because they are not the focus until it is too late to do anything about them.

  2. It only takes a few weeks of really boring houseguests for fans to realize that you need to keep the good/drama/loudmouth players in the game, regardless of how much you hate them.

    Get rid of the floaters!

    •  Yup! Its like, would you really rather watch Jen/Joe/Ashley than Mike Boogie and Frank? Give me a break. These floaters are incredibly naive to think they’re in some sort of alliance with Shane/Brittney/Dan/Danielle.

    • Im bet Dan goes season 10 goes season 10 on these mofos when jury starts and is no longer boring like he kinda is now! I hope shane gets evicted and soon!

  3. I hate boogie and I don’t think it will get boring with him gone bc eventually the remainder HG are going to have to turn on each other and it will get interesting

    •  I agree, the way those Quack Pack people act I could see them splitting as soon as Frank was out of the house. That would be interesting to watch because each side would try to pick up Joe Jenn and Ashley. I see the split of the group coming on fast

      • seems like the Quack Pack already has Joe and Jenn at least til Frank wins HoH, then watch J+J float over to Frank’s side.

    • I agree. Everyone thinks it will be boring without boogie. But they forgetting that all alliances must eventually be broken. I hope Frank goes right behind boogie

    • So true! Infact after willie,jojo and janelle left in my opinion it was dead but the drama starts again tonight!

      • He got out Janelle didn’t he? Also, saved Frank from eviction. What did the floaters do? What did Shane do? Asked Brittney for directions? Dan has been just manipulating everyone to do his dirty work. Brittney mouthing off and telling Shane what to do which is not game play. There is no strategy.
        Danielle is delusional, Joe is a fool, Ashley is a showmance queen and Jenn is a ghost! Frank atleast, plays the game and Boogie too!

      • @ Richie: So yeah Boogie got Janelle out of the house, which also saved Frank from eviction. Same move there. As for the rest, I’m hearing that Shane and Danielle and Joe and Ashley don’t deserve to win. I tend to agree, with the exception of Shane, he has worked hard to win things and I do like to see that rewarded. As for Dan and Brit, you are basicly saying that they are playing the game via the standards it usually takes to win the game, so good for them. It’s never the powerhouses that win, it’s the people behind them telling them what to do. Oh and Jenn, yeah, forgot about her, which shows right there that she doesn’t deserve to win either. As for Frank, if the alligations of cheating are true, and he admitted to part of it already so can’t deny that, then he doesn’t desrve to win either.

      •  Frank admitted cheating in the POV draw to Boogie. Frank palmed the “Player picks partner” chip in the POV draw.   Boogie told Frank,
        ” never to talk about it again.”  Then, Joe actually caught Frank cheating in  POV. Joe told BB Production and other house guests about Frank cheating and NOBODY reprimanded Frank at all, very sad.  Production saved cheating Frank and didn’t take Veto away from him for cheating either.  Looks like Big Brother Production definitely has a favorite to win, a cheating favorite.

  4. It is going to be interesting when boogie is out. We can Watch Ian become the young mastermind. Ian is going to take it all the way. I hope that Frank is the second one gone. 

    •  Ian has played a good game but he is about to put thrown under the bus by the rest of the quack pack unless he starts winning some comps..hopefully he will win tonight.

      • If Ian wins HOH, he will stay another week. If not, they will backdoor him!
        Dan and Shane will not wait for Ian to stab them in the back. They will backstab Ian now while, they can!

    • If Frank wins HOH and targets Dan, you can be SURE Dan will throw Ian under the bus. I’m sure he has his speech to Frank ready. And Frank is vindictive. 

    • Ian is no mastermind. Betraying Frank and Boogie made him a genius?
      Consider the following: 1) Ian is the male Shelley of last season, spying and reporting to the other side and betraying her alliance, 2) Ian is number 5 in the Quack Pack Alliance, 3) Ian has already handed Boogie on a silver platter to the Quack Pack and has outlived his usefulness, 4) Shane and Dan already talking about taking out Ian. Watch Ian get backdoored. This guy makes one alliance and trusts it 100% big, stupid move. Dan is the smart one, he has “multiple” alliances and watches those he is in an alliance to make sure everyone is kosher. If not, you get a knife in the back!
      Ian will be backdoored, maybe, even gone sooner than Frank. Watch for it!

      •  Agree. How does Ian not see that he’s 5th wheel in the Quack Pack? They’re using him until he’s no longer needed. A smart guy like him should be aware of this.

      • @ Gator: Maybe hes hoping that when they get to the 5, not that they actually will. But at some point I’m sure he figures they will split in two, Shane/Brit and Dan/Dani. I could also see Dan/Brit and Shane/Dani. But however it splits, and I’m sure it will. He figures he can get in with a twosome and only have to beat them once in a final comp.

    • Sad but true …………will miss him.

      In this case, I’m not “expecting the unexpected” to happen.

  5. I think shane needs to go next after boogy man, because he didn’t have the back bone to simply say to frank & boogy last night that they both were such a big threat to his game, and that’s why he nominated them.  Instead he threw Brittany under the bus. Although shane is a cutie, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed!!

      • I agree! I want boogie to stay and I want danielle out. Poor dan he needs to speak up and rat ian out and join team boogie

    • I agree that Shane should go, he is a very good competitor can win comp’s but is easily swayed.  If he had the backbone to go along with his ability to win comp’s he would/should be a shoe in.  Boogie needs to go, he has been running the house for too long and he has been on the show two too many times.  Let someone new have the chance to beat Dan and Brit.  I still can’t stand her 

    • Was laughing last night when Shane threw Brittney under the bus. Brittney told Shane he did it to get an advantage and Shane said he did it not to have an advantage. Brittney asked him why did you do it then? This guy is
      dumb! Brittney later on said she has to take tighter control over Shane.
      Like we do not know yet she is Shane’s puppeteer! LOL

      • And that means shes sitting in a pretty little spot, puppeteering one of the most competitive people in the house. It’s two fold, he won’t come after her, and he will win and do what she tells him too. Good for her for pulling it off.

    • It wasnt that they kept asking him who told him their coming after Shane and Shane was just trying to protect Ian.

    • Although shane is a cutie, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed!!  UNDERSTATEMENT, Anniejack.  Shane is so dumb it’s embarrassing.   Everytime he opens his mouth or is in a conversation with the others, he shows just how little he knows.  And when Boogie and Frank and Ashley were talking last night about the “Gorbachev, tear down this wall” conversation in the house, Shane’s reply was “ah who’s Gorbachev?”  I lol’ed when Boogie said he (Shane) will be carrying his little hammer (reference to his house flipping) around long after the game.  

  6. At this point, unless Boogie can pull a miracle, he’s going to go home. I’d much rather see him there over Jenn though. Too many floaters/people only playing their coach’s game this season.

    At this point the only newbie I’d want to see win is Ian!

  7. It is boring already.  Anyone who watched BBAD after dark could see that Boogie was not this big, mean player everyone thought he was.  It was all an act.  It was sad to watch him last night knowing that he will be gone tonight.

    The rest of the crew had me FF because they were so boring.  There they were this whole big group of people and what do they think is going to happen to them next?  They will all be picked off one by one – how boring since they are all on the same side for now.  They will turn on each other because they have to, but no one is entertaining any longer.  Even Brit who use to be is not the same. 

    Haters hate all you want – after tonight we will lose all our entertainment.  I’m going to miss you Boogie.

    •  Boogie not a big/mean player? He was personally attacking the houseguestes last night behind their backs to Frank and Ashley. Said that Danielle has only a few years until shes fat and ugly. That Brit is on her way there as well. Joe and Shane won’t ever make anything of themselves. etc etc. He took it to a personal level last night, and I honestly believe that that is not cool at all, its all a game. The worst was when he told Frank that he had to hold back in telling Brit her husband was out f*cking some girl he met at a bar because she wasn’t home for his birthday, and what a bad wife she is.

      • Exactly.  What about when he said the other day he was going to tell Dan that when he got out he was going to F his wife and the only reason he didn’t was because he knew he wouldn’t get a response from Dan?  His a disgusting individual that needs to be banded from TV and Frank right along with him.

      • I so agree with you.  I actually got a kick out of boogie for a while when he was trying to stay, and some of his antics, but he has taken it way too far over the line.  What a whining, snivelling two year old sore loser…to think he will hold a grudge against Dan even after they are on the outside…..what about all the people he sliced and danced on their graves (Janelle, etc.)? Why should it be any different for him?  I hope his wife is better at teaching their son how to be a MAN!!

    • What were you watching last night???  Just because he was crying doesn’t mean a thing, you fell for the crocodile tears.  He was nasty, disgusting and rude last night with his personal attacks on everyone excluding I/A/F.  He’s a disgusting individual that does not need to be on TV for others to see.  He holds a lot of hatred in his heart and it shows.

      •  I can’t wait til tonight to hear what he says to Julie about Ian after he finds out Ian was the one that ratted him out

    • Will certainly miss Boogie. He made it entertaining and atleast, he played the game. I do not think the Quack Pack is going to be united for long.
      For one thing, Dan has Shane and Ian on the back of his mind that either one will stab him in the back sooner and not later now that they got Boogie out. Shane is thinking about Dan and Shane also stabbing him in the back.
      Ian thinks he is okay with the Quack Pack having delivered Boogie and Frank in a silver platter. Reminds me of a nerd in Survivor who betrayed his own alliance and got them all booted out. He was number 7 in the opposite
      alliance and was pathetic when he begged to stay one more week and the
      alliance he joined all laughed at his sorry ass! The same will happen to Ian because he is number 5 in the Quack Pack unless, he backdoors Dan or
      Shane first!

    •  Boogie could be entertaining, but his personal attacks about their husband, their wife, etc. etc. are just shocking for a man his age. The words that comes out of his mouth is unbelievable. It has nothing do to with game play and unnecessary, and he say’s he’s more MATURED now?

  8. The guy didn’t want to play just coach he is showing his age unable to do anything on his own without somone help. I think he needs the money and he has showed his fear on entering the outside world god only knows what he had dodged being in big brother these weeks. I can’t stand his mind set on others thinking them all stupid look in the mirror buddy.

    • I know he gets on my nerves. I cant remember what exactly he said last nite but i said the same thing look in the mirror Boogie. Does he not remember what he says?  He acts like Shane is the big back stabber but he (Boogie). Told Ian to but Shane up?  That is not sticking to the alliance.  Boogie who backstabbed who first.

  9. Its going to be so boring with boogie gone.  I cant wait for the quack pack to put Joe on the block…

  10. Boggie can’t stand it they got him. He is so mean…. So mean and personal. Talking about the other roommates. I would be embarrassed to be a family member of his.. Can’t wait for him to find out Ian. Was the spy. Boo hoo mike. Go home you baby………….

  11. When boggie leaves all the entertainment will go out the door, hope frank don’t follow behind him. It would be funny if brittney was second to go. Lol

    • Boogie is not entertaining. He and Frank are obnoxious, condescending and arrogant. I’m glad Boogie is going and I hope Frank follows him right out the door.

      • that showed when Boogie jumped off the beam before he hit them button.  the only reason he won was because of Dr. Will.  I am sick of hearing about chill town move on.

  12. are you forgetting that they always bring a player back in??  Boogie will be evicted yes but will he stay gone?  that is the question

    • Boogie is gone and they won’t be bringing him nor anyone else back. They would’ve brought players back if the coaches hadn’t entered the game.

    •  They don’t always bring a player back in. That is a rarity. It’s happened four times in the history of the show. Seasons 3,6,9,13. And in seasons 6 and 13 they walked right back out the door the next week

  13. What about the ? box.  I want Boogie to stay, maybe this will throw a twist in at the eviction ceremony.

    • i think the / box was a hint to the to counting the numbers of balls from the few that were on the floor  like the pov counting candy etc from the one given

    • On the live feeds the HG’s were talking about that maybe if Boogie gets evicted he is going to be held in isolation to try to bring him back just like they did with Brendon. He’ll play for the chance to get back in the game along with other evicted HG’s.
      And another thing, I keep hearing when they are going to commercial something about the viewers having a vote in the eviction ceremonies!?!? Has anyone heard that also?

  14. Boogie needs to go. He’s such a bully. I don’t find that entertaining at all. I hope the Quack Pack sticks to their guns and gets that middle aged dushe bag out!

  15. I am hoping Boogie first and followed by Frank. Frank needs to win HOH to stay in the game. What the heck is in Ashley’s mind …… Duh, guess nothing. What a ditz.

  16. If and when Boogie gets evicted if Julie doesn’t tell him about Ian then you know he will be back…so quite your crying Boogie fan’s…

  17. If boogie can’t stay I’m done watching. Dan and Shane need to go. Shane doesn’t know what to do or how to treat a woman and as far as that goes dan be littles Daniel. Shane and dan are both immature.

      • She hasn’t done anything? She has Shane under her control and he does whatever she tells him to. So no blood for her, but her biggest threats walk out the door because of her. Shes smart. she went for safety last week figuring that way she could play HOH again next week. She is doing an OK job at staying under the radar.

        has anyone ever concidered she pushed Willie to his self evict because he thought coaches were coming in (and they did) and she figured he would try again to rally everyone together (and i bet he would have) so she figured if she didn’t have control of him too he had to go. It’s a long shot I know, but hey, that could have been on purpose.

      • Nick……Had a sense that Brittney may have wanted Willie out for several reasons: 1) She told her about the coaches coming in although, that has not been confirmed. It seems like a move to create paranoia in Willie’s mind
        2) Brittney isolated Willie by telling Shane and Jojo to stay away from him.
        Willie was trying to rally support from Shane and Jojo but, Brittney led Shane and Jojo away and told them Willie was hurting their game. 3) Brittney also shunned Willie herself which probably made him blow up thinking he was thrown to the dogs all by himself hence, he blew up! That is on Willie of course, but, Brittney did not help the situation but, poured oil into the fire!

  18. so happy he is leaving I hope HOpe hope JUlie tells him it was not Dan that it was IAn would love to see his face when he find out Lol

    • I have a feeling DAN will be the one to tell him…in his goodbye message.   Just like Boogie zinged Janelle in his.   It’s embarrassing if you get backdoored…..but even more so if you blame the wrong person.  

      •  Dan will definitely tell him on the way out the door, although I don’t know if he will get the chance to, on feeds last night, Boogie was saying that when he gets the eviction news, he is going to tell everyone else to stay seated except for Frank, Ashley and Ian (rat) he does not want them escorting him out of the house…I am sure Julie will tell Boogie about Ian, his facial expression will be priceless!

      • @Browneyedgirl959….I thought Boogie said he wanted to go out as a class act???    Telling everyone to stay seated as he exits except Frank, Ashley and Ian is hardly accepting defeat gracefully.   Boogie’s going to go broke trying to buy himself some class.

  19.  The most satisfying for me to see is when he finds out that Ian the kid that has a  special place in his heart, was the one who sold him out, and for him to realized that he’s not that intuitive after all….so Julie make this happen.

  20. this sucks… I like Boogie! I wish they could rally the votes to keep him in (the show will be so so boring) Get Jenn out …cause who is she? then Shane right after that…Shane is a snake

  21. I’m 95% sure that Mike Boogie is going to evicted tonight by a vote of 5-2 or 6-1 depending upon which was Ashley goes. However the second eviction tonight is going to be interesting depending upon who wins HOH. That’s where the fun is going to be. I just hope that there is no twist this time that keeps Boogie ifrom being evicted.

  22. besides boogie thinks it is great when he has hoh and can run the house his and franks way, but as soon as the tables are turned he complaines and wines. He is just mad cause they made a smart move and he can’t do anything about it. He needs to just get over it and be a man and deal with it

  23. I happen to like Frank and Shane. I think it’s been bad for Frank’s game that Boogie has been in the house. If not for the fact that Boogie was his coach, and that Frank naturally teamed up with him when Boogie entered the game; I bet people’s opinions towards Frank would be different. I don’t get to see BB after dark or the live feeds, but he seems to be a funloving type of guy that people would like. Maybe it’ll be better for Frank’s game and his chances in the house if Boogie walks out the door tonight. 

  24. Boogie is the superior player. He should be kept playing, if only to make the season interesting. 

  25. And boogie is arrogant and a complets asshole. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass. Bye bye.

  26. This house continues to play a personal game.. it is stupid to vote out Boogie  NO one would vote to give him another $500,000. Jenn is a vote, period she’s not winning anything .. I don’t get how Joe and Ian think its a good idea to be in a 5 person alliance ..who do they think will be the first to go of the 5 ?? ridic

  27. Glad Boogie is going home. Last night he Frank trashing all the other houseguests was a show of ultimate sour grapes. His I don’t want anybody to stand up and say goodbye a demonstration of immaturity and arrogance. GROW UP BOOGIE! YOU AIN’T ALL THAT, DUDE! GET OVER YOURSELF! And Frank, arrogance must be contagious! YOU AIN’T ALL THAT EITHER! HOPE BOTH FRANK AND BOOGIE GO HOME TONIGHT! SERVES THEM RIGHT! Can’t wait till they find out IAN was their mole! GO IAN! GO DAN!

  28. Why did Boogie think it was OK for him to tell Frank what to do and not to back door Dan then jump all over Brittany for coaching Shane. Smell a little double standard her hey Boog

  29. Does anybody see how Boogie is acting?  Like a 12 yr old little girl bad mouthing everybody in the Quack Pack and saying how Britneys husband is probably out on his birthday with another woman doing all sorts of things with and all his buddies! And then about Shane that he’s just gonna go back to Vermont and do his hammerins job! And that Dan, for being a coach, should’ve been working out all this time that he has been in the house!!! And I hate that Frank keeps using the MF word when referring to the Quack Pack!!  Come on, how much sore losers can they be! And yet, if things were going their way, they’d be trying to run the house themselves. Oh, and does Frank he is the only one in the house that worked hard to get in and the only one that is trying to win the money??? Duh. BIG SORE LOSERS if you ask me.  Good, I hope they both go out tonite.

  30. I’m ready to see Frank gone! He seems to think he is the “best BB player” of all times, quote him. What????

  31. All tho I am not crazy about Boogie I would like to see him stay and go after Shane and Brittany, then find out it was Ian who back stabbed him. Ian is a snake for playing the way he is. he will get it before the end.

  32. I just read through all the comments and no one said anything about Ian yet it was Ian that told Britney about Boogie and Frank coming after her and Shane not Dan and It is Ian that is sitting up Frank and Dan as the bad people in the house.
    Frank hates Dan and thinks he is doing all this against him and Ian is starting to sit things in motion to get the house to start thinking about getting rid of Dan after Frank is gone.

  33. I wish he wasn’t going…at least he was entertaining. Everyone this season is SO boring!!!! I’m sick of looking at Shane and his lame, pink tank top. Get over yourself!

  34. Mike Boogie is an Ass with a Huge Ego! Thinks he’s some kind of BB King or He’s so angry because they’re not all bowing to his worthiness! It will be great to see him kicked out by a Newbe. Bye Boogie, don’t let the door kick you in the ass on your way out : )

  35. “Boogie” if things don’t go my way I’ll just go home.  By Boogie, are you happy now?  Your’e on your way home, Thanks to Ian helping you get there, daddy taught his son well, Ian out foxed you! 

  36. Since Shane will play tonight for yet another HOH, you could be going home…Frank.
    If Ian doesn’t ‘throw’ the comp again, and wins HOH, you could be going home…Frank.
    Tonight’s  ‘double’ doesn’t look good for you, buddy.

  37. Just think, if Frank stays we all get to enjoy how much he over emphasizes his hand gestures when talking. I get that it’s a nervous thing like his squinting in the DR but it’s kind of funny. Even my kids imitate him. It’s almost more fun to imitate the House Guests than watch the show. (and if you didn’t notice the hand gestures and squinting… You will now. Sorry)

  38. Boogie was first to go out in POV competition & then he had the nerve to criticize Frank for the way he was playing.  He is so arrogant…for NO reason.  He’s an insecure little freak.  All he needs is a feather in that orange hat & he’d look like a pimp.  Like it is, I keep waiting for him to yodel.  He is disgusting.

  39. Poor Boogie then Ashley but the worst temper tantrum and poor sportsmanship is Frank. I dislike Boogie emensley but give him credit and applause for clapping and tipping his hat to Ian, but a read d*** about apologies to Dan.

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