Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 6 Tuesday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Another day in the Big Brother 14 house, another day of lunacy on the Live Feeds. Tuesday we had a day-long event with Joe being the “swing vote.” Boogie and Frank chased him down all day and then he relayed everything to Shane and the HoH crew. It was a pretty repetitive day because of that reason. Jenn is finally catching on to why she’s on the block, though, so that was a new development during the day. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 21, 2012:

9:05 AM BBT — Frank, Boogie and Ashley start the day’s theme: getting Joe’s vote to keep Boogie.

10:01 AM BBT — Ashley tells Boogie she bases her votes on how much the person wants to be in the game. She said Jenn doesn’t even act like she’s playing the game.

10:12 AM BBT — Ashley says she’s going to threaten Joe that if he doesn’t vote to keep Boogie she’ll put him on the block. No, really, she did.

11:19 AM BBT — Frank and Boogie say if they make it to the final two they’ll probably be asked to be on The Amazing Race. Wow. Just wow. The arrogance.

11:51 AM BBT — Frank and Boogie talking about how if Ian went with the other side, that would be the ultimate betrayal.

12:42 PM BBT — Joe, one of many many times today, says he’s going to draw the line and pick a side soon. And he’s going to announce it publicly.

1:51 PM BBT — HoH camera time.

2:26 PM BBTJenn finally confronts Danielle about what she did  or didn’t know about Jenn’s nomination. Jenn speaks her peace, Danielle cries, they hug and things are patched up.

3:03 PM BBT — Joe and Ian chatting in the Have-Not room. Joe says he heard Ian was being wishy-washy. Ian says no and the person saying that stuff needs to stop. He says he’s voting for Boogie to stay.

3:10 PM BBT — Joe tells Boogie what he heard about Ian — that he isn’t voting for Boogie to stay. Boogie says he knows Ian is on his side. He’s not worried about it.

3:20 PM BBT — Ashley tells Boogie she heard Joe was voting to keep Jenn.

4:17 PM BBT — Danielle and Dan say if Frank wins HoH next, they need to tell him Ian backstabbed them. That is IF Ian does. Where Ian is headed is starting to blur.

5:48 PM BBT — Boogie tells Frank the only two people who deserve to win this season are Frank and Dan.

6:18 PM BBT — Britney tells Ian that Frank and Boogie talk badly about him all the time. She’s trying to remind him that he’s on their side and not Boogie’s.

6:51 PM BBT — Ashley tells Britney she’s still voting to keep Jenn even though Ashley plans otherwise. I think. These people are lying in circles.

7:08 PM BBT — Joe tells Britney and Shane that he’s still with them and will tell Boogie and Frank soon that he’s not voting for Boogie to stay.

7:11 PM BBT — Shane and Britney are worried about Ian’s vote.

7:24 PM BBT — Ian gets upset that Boogie called Britney a bitch.

7:27 PM BBT — Frank tells Ian that getting Dan and Shane out would be best for them because then they could get Britney to work with them.

7:37 PM BBT — Boogie says he plans to tell Danielle right before the vote that he has a special power to scare her into voting to keep him. He also says he’ll tell her he knows she’s a nurse.

7:55 PM BBT — The girls are doing Yoga in the back yard.

8:56 PM BBT — Joe hints to Jenn that Ashley is campaigning for Boogie and not her.

8:59 PM BBT — Joe says he’s almost ready to tell Boogie that he’s not voting for him to stay. Almost. Hahahha.

10:05 PM BBTJenn goes in the HoH room. Shane tells her that she is 100 percent a pawn. She asks why he didn’t tell her that in the first place. He said that he wanted her to campaign and not seem comfortable to make it less obvious. Britney and Joe join the conversation. Jenn is finally starting to get what’s going on. Joe confirms to Jenn that Ashley is planning to vote for Boogie to stay.

11:42 PM BBT — Joe finally tells Frank that he’s not voting to keep Boogie. Frank lets Joe know that it will be over for him then unless he wins HoH.

12:11 AM BBT  — Ashley and Joe confronting each other.

12:48 AM BBT — Ian is crying over evicting Boogie. He tells Britney he isn’t changing his vote but he does feel bad about it.

1:10 AM BBT — Frank comes up to HoH room and in near-tears he pleads with them to stop talking bad about Boogie. He leaves and everyone sits there stunned.

1:30 AM BBT — Ashley wants to talk to Jenn and Jenn tells her she can suck it. Jenn lays into her about voting her out over Boogie.

1:46 AM BBT — Now Ashley tells Jenn she’s not voting her out.

So it sounds like the Quack Pack is solid in getting Boogie out, but it might end up being thanks to Joe and not thanks to Ian. The line Ian is behind is starting to blur as he’s feeling guilty about sending Boogie out. Ashley is definitely voting to keep Boogie, so at this point, he has Ashley, maybe (but probably not) Ian and most likely not Joe. It might take a miracle at this point for Boogie to pull it off.

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  1. If production stays out of it, we won’t have to look at that sickening SOB anymore, bye bye boogie, bye bye!

    •  It’s my understanding that back in the 50’s or 60’s laws were passed to stop the rigging of game shows. If production is meddling isn’t that kind of breaking the laws? The laws were passed because it came out that some shows were helping certain people win because they felt those people drew in the audience….sounds like BB to me.

      • BB is not a game show, it is entertainment – the same class as wrestling.  This concept has been tested by many previous contestants in the courts and the contestants lost.  The only people that BB is the fans – what will they accept.  Over the years, we will accept alot.

      • You don’t even know what a game show is! Here is a clue: Price is Right,
        Let’s Make A Deal, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune. This is Big Brother and is a show! Not a game show!

      •  Richie, BB is a game show. They play games to win things such as HOH, Being a Have or a Have Not, and even at times money or prizes. They are even playing a game to win a prize. This is a game show.

        Shows such as  the Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal, etc. are all watched for entertainment as well as BB.

        I haven’t heard about the court cases from previous contestants. Maybe the courts don’t consider BB as having to follow these laws, as maybe they don’t see it as that kind of game show. And, of course that’s fine.

        However, to me this is a game show: a show in which people compete in games to win prizes. And if someone has to have production step in and save them, then they really haven’t won have they? Oh sure they may end getting the prize in the end, but it wasn’t deserved and it certainly isn’t the way I would want to win.

    • Cause the quack pack talking like cowards behind peoples backs the whole game isnt sickening at all CBS ratings once boogie leaves r going doooownn

      • All summer, bb has been in the top three in ratings so I doubt just because one contestant leaves that the ratings will take a nose dive. People say this every year and yet the ratings for the year stay pretty consistent.

      • So agreed as well want to see Frank play his game..with the double Eviction he can’t play for HOH since he is the current correct?

      • @ Alexa: Shane is HOH. Boogie would not be in this ordeal if Frank were HOH, he would be sitting pretty. Frank can play HOH tomorrow, Shane can’t, as current HOH.

    • I would really love to see Shane or Danielle play they’re own game  instead of every 5 minutes asking Brittney or Dan  what should i do???

  2. It don’t matter who takes the credit for getting Boogie out….just be sure he goes…Mike Malin is vile and disgusting and the sooner I don’t have to hear his voice the better …SS Boogie vans..I cannot tolerate the man….

  3. If something happens and B&F manage to convince people to vote Jenn out and he stays, the rest of the house might as well just hand them the money. Pick who they want to come in first and write him a check and set us all free from this awful season.

  4. I’m going to rant, but still be civil!! Sadly it is the 11th hour for Boogie, and I don’t see production stepping in this week…. Another thing, everyone says Shane is a great game player….not really, this dude has never really seen BB and all he is, is a physical threat and does what ever Dan and Britt tell him. Then there is loud mouth Joe….all up in HOH acting lick hes “Joe Coo” (see what I did there), but now that he has safty and hes acting like he has a pair because he can vote out one of the best to play the game. He is just as dumb as Ian, Ashley and, Jen, not to know that in a few weeks there going to pick all of them off and have the worse final four ever in Dan, Brit, Danielle, and Shane. It’s just funny because Shane did not make this move his alliance really did and he’s HOH and its all him. So with all that Sad to see Boogie go, and see how terrible this show will be after he leaves. End of Rant!

    • Can’t wait to see him go.  He said he can’t stand all these nothings in the house and hates being around them except when he wants them to vote for him to stay. 

      •  it’s a game – he is game playing – so he lied – ah let’s see – what the heck has every other person – including Ian done – oh yeah LIE – every single one of them – some of them just happen to lie better than others.  If you all don’t like listening to the lying and game playing – I might suggest watching another show

    • Boogie is “one of the best to play the game”  ?!?!?!?!?!? Really, I’m sorry but I don’t agree at all! The first time he played he as out super early on. The second season he played, he won yes, but only after attaching a saddle to his human shild of Dr. Will and riding him to the end. This season, the way it’s going, he won’t even make jury. So I don’t understand how you could call him “one of the best to play the game”

  5. Are you kidding me? Frank is the only player who actually has won competition and knows about the game. If boogie and frank leave then the final four will be Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane. You realize that right? Without boogie and frank there’s no resistance to that group of four and they just pick off one by one jenn, ashley, joe, and Ian. It’s pathetic to see that jenn and joe think they part of some kind of alliance with the the foursome when they’re going to evicted by them in two weeks. This show will actually be more Boring of boogie leaves.

      • But he is the only one that has won comps and has actually seen the show before. Shane and Danielle have not seen big brother before so they dont really know how it works. 

      • i believe his point was that frank is the only one that has consistently won comps AND knows about the game, sure shane also has won comps but he’s pretty clueless and will be blindsided as soon as franks out the house and his usefullness has worn out.

      • @ ilovebackon: Yes, I’m sure Shane will be scumbagged by Brit and Dan in the future, but you have to give credit to those two for finding a nice patsy to do their dirty for them. That seems to be what gets you the grand prize in this game.

      • @ Nick , absolutely i give credit where credit is due, im acutally impressed with britney this game, its funny everyone seems to be harping on her for hiding behind shane but its a great move, she’s proboly in one of if not the strongest positions right now, in a solid alliance and has both shane and Dan to hide behind if frank gets hoh, im starting to think its her game to lose at this point.

  6. So funny thing.  I heard someone talking about Jenn and my first reaction was “Who’s Jenn?”. Then I saw a clip from someone with dark hair from the back in the BB house, and my reaction was “Who’s that?”. …it was Jenn.  It’s good that Shane brought her into the game because honestly, if I can’t remember you….you’re probably not going to win the game.

  7. Hold it, both Ian and Frank are crying over Boogie – does that seem strange – maybe their alliance is strong and they are somehow keeping it off the cameras

  8. Boogie has either had a facelift or is incredibly over injected with Botox – his eyebrows look like the McDonald arches. He constantly looks surprised – even when he’s attacking someone. I’m just sayin – – –

  9. Boogie has to go and he is to controlling in the house. Frank better not win HOH this week. If he does the BB is just rigged and will loose faith in BB.

    • are you serious? yes the show must be rigged if someone you dont like wins HOH, its a giant conspiracy!

  10. All houseguest need to realize the next person evicted will not be a part of the jury.  Get  anorexic Boogie out now.  If he isn’t a part of the jury his vote does not matter. If he isn’t a part of the jury, you don’t have to deal with him for the next few weeks.  Boogie does need a miracle to stay this week.  Oh wait, he has one …   it is called the CBS Prodution Team! 

  11. If frank doesn’t win HOH he goes home. Frank better win HOH so he can get Dan out and shake the dynamic of the house

  12. I always tought I enjoyed watching Boogie play the game but I now realize it was Dr. Wills game because after this season I can see Boogie has NO game play

    •  LOL!!! No game play? You must have missed the week where he got Danielle to back door Janelle. Now you’re just sounding dumb… no offense.

    • You didn’t see that before? When I watched S7 I could see the saddle that Boogie had attached to Dr. Wills back through the whole thing.

  13. when did the golden coin come in to play? brit, ian and dan were looking all over the house for it this morning. (12:21 am) is it too late to save boogie if they find it? hope so. ian said that dr has asked him “so you gonna vote out someone you have idolized for 10 years? (tues 6:10 pm) they are working on saving boogie. hope to hell they can’t do it.

    • What “golden coin” ???…If there was such a coin I ” believe”  the entire house would be looking for it…

      • It’s more likely the HGs just think such as thing as a “golden coin” exists. They’re just paranoid about the ? cube in the arcade game. Kind of like Shelly spending hours on the machine last year trying to get it to save her.

  14. Ashley then tells Ian about how Britney caught Joe mastu*bating. Ashley says that she is having that problem too, all the blood rushing down there.. Ian tells her that he can help her out with that and that maybe she can help him out with it too. Ashley says Ian!? Ian tells her that no one would know if she just gave him a H*** j** under the covers. Ashley says that they could still tell. Ian goes to leave and tells her to consider that offer. HA HA Priceless

  15. I have watched BB since season 1, this cast if the most diobolical, scheming. lying, backstabbing bunch I have ever seen..they are all over the place..Jenn needs to settle down, Ashley can do what the hell she wants, this crap of “I’ve got your back if you have mine” wears thin very quickly in the BB house. You have to find at least ONE person you can trust, maybe they will stick it to you in the end, but, at least you got to the end..

  16. I personally hope that production does step in just in time to save Boogie. They are well aware of what Boogie leaving will mean for the show.(viewers tuning out). I have faith that production will keep it interesting.

    • Omg! I hate this season. They talk about how u can’t trust boogie and frank but noone has gave them a chance to backstab anyone. When they had the power they stayed true to the silent six. The quack pack is the ones who u can’t trust and omg brit hated joe and wanted him out now they r all buddies with him. And danielle sayin that frank is using ash for her vote tryin to have a showmance what hell does she think shane is doing. Well I’m hoping boogie stays

      •  I agree with you 100%!  The way those arrogant jerks sit up in that HOH room when one of them has power, I can’t watch..they are so mean and nasty, poor Ian, going straight down very soon, I think Frank and Boogie would have had his back for a little while longer. Dan will cut him loose very soon, and if Ian is such a BB fan as he says he is, he never should have made an alliance with him in it. Britney and Dan are the most dangerous in that house right now. I pray that Frank wins HOH on Thursday, since it is double eviction, if he doesn’t win HOH and veto, I am afraid he is right out the door after Boogie.

      • Wow you guys don’t pay attention. The reason why their doing this is because of Ian. Boogie and Frank have talked about staying true to the alliance last week because it was early and then said their gonna take someone out tr next one and their talking to Ian about it. And Ian not with them so he goes to the quack pack and tells them everything they said. And Frank already told Dan yeah I was close to putting you up. So it’s kinda invidious that they should turn on the silent six alliance.

    • Personally the show will be better. I would like to see Frank play his game not boogies

    • Their ratings wont go down much. Did they drastically go down when Janelle left? No. And a LOT more people like Janelle than Boogie.

  17. Yep there is a golden coin hidden in the house and it showed it !! It’s up on the ceiling in the arcade room…. Not one person has noticed it yet…. My understanding is if Boogie finds it he can replace himself with any house  guest!!!  Oh to hire a plane and drop Boogie a note as to where to look… He has 24 hours to find it!!

    • I’d like Boogie to stay for the drama, but Twitney is the one with the roaming squinty eyes and she’ll be the one to find it.

      • Twitney haha I love it thumbs up Jillith..most annoying HG ever always picking at herself like some junkie squinting in the dark EVICT Britney production save mike boogie!

      •  Early this morning! Think Frank just noticed it!!! WOOHOOOO he can give it to Boogie and they can replace Boogie with Shane or Dan!!!

      • Kissesnhugs817……That would be awesome because if Dan or Shane was on the block then, it will expose the votes of Ian, Joe, Ashley. If they want to keep their cover they will have to vote out Dan or Shane depending on who goes on the block!

      • He is running to Boogie he has something in his hand!!!! SO much for Captain America SHANE!!!

      • No there lying just like in the BB house. They just wish they were in the house lying instead of on this site.

    • How do u know this? Seems pretty unfair even to BB production. Will make no one want to watch anymore. Talk about rigging the game!

    • Hopefully, Boogie finds it. Would certainly be fun if he stays and he and Frank go after the Quack Pack. Then, we will have all out war!

      • Production has to realize that keeping Boogie makes for more interesting game play. Otherwise it’s just a comp game, and the social aspect goes out the window. America wants to see the horrified looks on the quack pack. We want to see Ian try and talk his way out of his lies. He’s gonna slip up to Ashley eventually. Keeping Jenn is lame. She brings nothing to the table. It’s too early to get the villain (even though I love Boogie) out of the house.

      • Kristy555……Yeah, they know that the Quack Pack will just roll all the newbie floaters out one by one and that would be boring as hell. Like Boogie or not, he has done a pretty good job being a villain is we count the number of people on these message boards ticked off at him! That guarantees ratings, that guarntees live feeds revenues! Not much different from the WWE where WWE fans pay for merchandise, tickets, PPV so see
        their favorites fight and defeat the heels or villains. Without the villains, there is no drama, there is no story and who wants to watch that! This is entertainment after all!

    • If this is true it is ridiculous, let his ass be out the door, and let the door hit him on his ass as he walks out the door!  CBS is BS!!!

    • This is production BS!!! Once again Boogie and Frank are being helped! This is no game, it’s BB production EGO running the game! Power gone to your head Grodner?? The game will be just as interesting with Boogie gone because then all these “alliance friends” will have to turn on each other to win. How bad is Froogies game play that they’ve constantly needed help from the beginning!!

    • Brendon and Rachel wound up third because they made a serious mistake which cost them but, still a pretty good effort. I think Jordan and Jeff was also on Amazing Race but, not sure of what the result was.

      • Jacee2……Thanks. Was rooting for Brendon and Rachel and too bad they did not win it but, they came close enough. Who knows? Maybe, a Mike Boogie and Frank Combo might be able to do the job. Will be rooting for them if they do make it to the Amazing Race. Survivor starting up again in September 14 I believe and I am excite with that as well. They have Jeff Kent (Dodger player) and Lisa Welchel (Facts of Life) on it!

  18. Frank cannot play for HOH in the double eviction HOH comp since he is the current one correct?

    • No. Shane is the HOH. It is Shane who nominated Boogie and Frank. Frank got off thru POV. Frank will play in the 2nd HOH tomorrow.

  19. oh goody –> a potential cliffhanger where Boogie will find the gold coin on the ceiling 5 minutes before elimination on Thursday. … gasp !

    And, who will he replace himself with –> Dan (that would be a good thing)

    Or, can he take out Shane who already lost his HOH when America voted (wink) to make the coaches players.

    I can’t wait to see who production has set up.

    • If it works that way, then – technically – Shane’s HoH counts (since someone on the block goes home) so he still couldn’t play in the FF round, right?

  20. WTF! I thought Boogie had Joe.

    This is really starting to piss me off. He keeps flip flopping sides.
    I thought all Boogie had to worry about is Ian, but I guess not since Joe wants to be an idiot and ride with the We’ll-use-you-till-you’re-no-longer-useful-since-all-you-do-is-float alliance.  

    • Joe is dumb as hell. Does he really believe he has a chance with the Quack Pack? His only chance is forming an alliance with Frank and the other newbie floaters because the Quack Pack will only use them for their votes and snitch on each other and nothing else! He does not have half a brain to figure that one out!

      • Either side, he’ll be used as a pawn and evicted. So why do you think Froogies his savior. Who knows, the way stronger players are evicted Joe could possibly be in final two. I would hate to see it, but look at Porsche. Even worse if Ashley ends up final two. I may gag.

    • Ian told diary room he is 100% with quack pack so even if Joe and Ashley vote with Frank to keep Boogie, they will only have 3.  Ian is voting Boogie out.

  21. So over Shane. He’s such a loser, and I can’t stand when he talks. Britney and Dan are running the show. Not only are they in the quack pack, but they now have Joe. It would be nice if Mike stayed because it would shake things up. Bored out of my mind with this Quack Pack and Joe thing. Hopefully Jenn, Frank, or Ashley will win HOH.

    • shane deserves an honorable mention, the guy needs to wake up and realise he’s just being used as a baterring ram and will be discarded as soon as frank is gone.

      • Not if he keeps winning HOH and Veto competitions like Frank has too!  He knows he’s being used to some extent because without him and Frank, the others wouldn’t stand a chance outside the social part of the game!

    • Yes was in the arcade room up on the ceiling only part was hanging out! Boogie and Frank are jumping up and down!!! The look on the quackers faces are priceless!!! Joe you better run to the medic you look a little pale!!! Boogie said to Danielle you know you are sleeping with a man who wanted Kara not you! He said nurses are not his style playboy bunnies are!! She took off running LMAO!!! Britney looks scared and Dan just totally took off!!! LMAO!!! Love it!!

  22. For such a smart person, Ian has no common sense.   Does he think Boogie would be in tears over evicting HIM!!!?   Speaking of tears…Franks tearful defense of Boogie is pathetic.   It’s a case of do as i say….not as i do.   Stop your bashing of other hg Frank and your tears might be taken seriously.

    • Ian is there to play the game and have the experience.  He must be overwhelmed that he has actually been playing with some of the Big Brother winners and feels touched that Boogie not only has spent time with him and listened to him (if only for a short while).  I would expect he will miss this connection and feel badly that he could not do more to save Boogie.

      Have to comment on Danielle and Jenn’s interaction on BBAD with Danielle’s horrible voice telling Jenn how much she cares about her and she will never turn on her,  And on and on she went lying for minutes.  I can’t wait til this so called professional goes out of the game and Ian wins.   

      • I see your point Miriam but if the shoe were on the other foot…Boogie wouldn’t hesitate to vote Ian out.   He’s even voiced that to Frank.   And i seriously doubt there would be tears from Boogie because of it.   I understand Ians feelings about losing a conection but in this game you have to have a thick skin.   His tears for Boogie only shines a light on whose side he was REALLY on….thereby causing the others to doubt his allegance.   Maybe he’s too sensitive a soul to play this game.  

    • In your response to me, mayer Ian is just playing a clever game.  We’ll see how he votes tonight.

      May Ian stay sensitive.  I think he is very lucky to have had this experience at such a young age.  Being exposed to much in a somewhat protected environment.  Can you just see him when he is back at Tulane, playing these tape and critiquing everything he did. 

  23. so if this gold coin means –again– that Shanes noms are invalid–then i absolutely will fall 100% into the show is rigged strictly for ratings–i just dont understand why this cannot play out fair and square(yes, i know its bb and twists are par for the course) but BOTH times Shane is HOH–why did they even bring him in?? No wonder he looks like a dolt! Iam really beginning to hate this year–i dont mind WHO goes home-Jenn deserves to go just for being a fancy coatrack for weeks-and Boogie is so full of himself theres no room for anything else–he cannot play this game on  his own apparently – so i dont get why he is so loved–but none the less just let it play out on its own–stop trying to think of (obvious) ways to keep the “dreamteam”–(almost choked on that) together, because it is crystal clear that is how it will play out..sadsad…

    • I have stuck with Big Brother in the past despite CBS production trying to rig the game, but if the coin saves Mike and invalidates Shane’s nomination again, I am done with this show. I am a long time fan of Big Brother, too. Survivor will be the only reality show worth watching on CBS.

  24. Joe was driving me crazy yesterday.  Can not stand the man and it seems like between the feeds and BBAD you couldn’t escape him.  Running back and forth telling every little thing to one side and something else to the other.  Jenn’s actions were absolutely ridiculous.  I can’t believe this group of people.  If Boogie goes I see absolutely no entertainment value.  Frank can’t do it alone unless someone joins him and when Frank leaves I see one going one right after the other.  I would guess it would come down to Brit and Dan and Brit will win as Dan has won before.  Last night I FF through BBAD because Joe was everywhere.

    I hope this coin  thing people are talking about is really true and Frank and Boogie have some magic power. 

    • Hopefully, Boogie gets off. I would want him and Frank to go after Dan, Shane and Brittney first then, Ian. I am not even counting Danielle as I think she will be helpless all alone!

  25. Is there actually a coin?? And if so does Frank and Boogie have it? This is such BS tho for BB way for production to step in… good job this game is totally rigged!!!!

  26. Fans wanted a “POWER” to save Janell..but it never happened…So why would there be a “POWER” to save Boogie???  And yes it would be a real slap in the face if Shanes 2nd HOH was again decided by Production…If that happens (I post it again) Shane should find the self evict button and walk out…

  27. Please production step in save mike boogie I cannot watch the rest of this season with the cowardly junior nerd herd how u gonna like being a snitch when they cut u first Ian?? quack pack is wack for life…salute to the brigade for dropping that squinty.. hair picking.. fingernail biting u know what britney

  28. What time did they find the golden coin?  So we can check it out for the live feeds.

    • About 40 minutes ago.  People said feeds cut.

      (this is based on others’ posts.  I did not witness)

      • There is no friggin gold coin…boy this guy really got everyone stirred up on this site.

  29. I didn’t see or read anything about a gold coin except for on here.

    Boogie DID say he would pretend to have some special power and threaten Danielle with it.  Perhaps this is what Boog-Frank are playing this up for?

    Boogie could have brought this in the house.  They already brought the banana suit in the house.

      • DE his Thursday then sometime in the next 2 weeks there will be a fast forward….Maybe the key has something to do with a fast forward?

      • @tammy…a DE and FF are the same thing….not a difference between them… is done on Live Eviction shows….a whole week in one hour..☺..

  30. If not for Boogie & Frank show would be boring!!Everyone in thier hides behind someone else!Not Frank & Boogie!Thier not afraid to say whats on thier mind!! At least tier true to thier word otherwise Shane wouldn,t even be thier!!So quit complaining about F & B they make a great team. I wish evil dick was thier too!

    • Yep….Let  Boogie and Frank speak their mind….That is what Wil did ..he told Boogie and Frank exactly how he felt..Wil was very honest with them…Wil got evicted……There is a limit on how many times u can get in somebodys face..Everybody has a stopping/breaking point…Frank and Boogie are gonna throw one two many insults and one of the HG’s are gonna come back full force.. People can only be pushed so far…And if Production had not intervened Frank would not be there…CHEW ON THAT THOUGHT AWHILE…

    • I see spelling “their” and “there” is not your forte, huh? Sorry…my editor mind keeps popping up outside editing books! LOL  Frank and Boogie, true to their word???  Not hardly!  They were already planning Britney and Shane’s demise (betraying the Silent 6 alliance)…Shane just beat them to it to let them know that’s not going to happen!

  31. BB should have returned the coaches to the coaching role after they were evicted… meaning they stay in the house until all their players are gone.

  32. What cracks me up is Frank telling everyone in the HOH to stop talking bad about Boogie. Is he high and does not realize that is all that him and Boogie do is talk crap about everyone. Everyone is either stupid or a moron or a MF’r. Give me a break Frank. Your boyfriend is going home.

  33. So can’t wait to see Boogie leave.  Hopefully Frank does not win HOH again.  Actually I’d like to see Ian win just to see what he would do. 

  34. Please somehow let the 2nd eviction send Danielle home….the more nasally & high-pitched she is, the less truth and realness you should expect to be coming out of her mouth….and her using MFer, but she doesn’t cuss – HAHAHAHA….. Even if you pronounce it ‘sheeeeeeeeit’, it’s still cussing.

    • That would a waste of the eviction process. I would rather Frank win the 2nd HOH and send Dan, Shane or Brittney home! That would be better!

    • I would love for Danielle to go home.  Frank to work with the quack pack in her place.  And then Brit gets screwed over by a different bunch of guys and leaves in 4th place.  I think we would never see her on this show again.

      • bb ratings will not go down at all this season, even with boogie gone. i have read about some of you commenters not liking this season, but i think it has every thing bb should have.  back stabbing, back dooring, everyone lying like a rug, s few house guests who really dont know how to play the game. people swiching sides like benedict arnold(lol)  showmance and more.  i love it.  i think we all do thats why we will continue to watch it.

  35.  There’s no truth about the ‘Gold Coin” being found. HG’s are talking about the Question mark  box in the arcade that it may be who gets the clue after lock down can ring a bell and go to DR and something will happen. But that’s about it. Everything is pure speculation…Pandora’s Box?…maybe…nobody knows.

    • Someone said they saw it on Live Feeds. However, they cut the feeds after.
      Tomorrow we should know because either Boogie will get off or he won’t.

      •  Mike and Frank is up now and talking. Frank gave him a recap, that Jenn and Joe went to the other side. They don’t have the vote. Boogie seemed to be accepting his defeat right now…….but… who knows about the question mark box? it hasn’t happened yet.

      • Someone said they saw the Gold Coin earlier. Just because they do not discuss it on the feeds does not mean it is not there. It could be production telling Frank and Boogie not to mention it to keep the suspense and everyone to think Boogie is going home before they spring the surprise. There is a Pandora’s box and it could have something to do with the Gold Coin. Other posters earlier said Brittney and the other members of Quack Pack was also looking for the Gold Coin so, they must know of it. We will know tomorrow for sure because if it is part of the twist, they have to put it out there for everyone to see! 

    • I have the live feeds on now and there is no mention of any coin.  Boogie, Frank and Ashley are the only ones up and Boogie is talking about having a house meeting to clear the air.  No mention of any coin at all.

  36. I wan Brittany to get HoH To See what she would do i bet if Frank dosent get evicted on the double eviction night Then she would put Him andAshley upp

  37. Game politics asside the funniest thing I find is that Boogie saw fit to get rid of Janelle SUPER early, then the next week thought it was too early to make any big moves.  He did a good job convincing Frank, but he got arrogant and didn’t spend any time convincing the rest of the house.  When Shane won HoH he should have already had the silent 6 putting up Joe and a pawn.

    • Yep…Bogie was so confident he went for the 10g’s and didn’t talk to Shane and the rest of the silent 6 to make sure everything was good…He went to bed early, said he would talk in the morning, but by then, the damage was done.

    • I think Ian just wants to say he “made a move” in the game.  He’s talked about wanting to be seen as a BB HG that was ‘evil’ and backstabbed.  Unfortunately, this will be his fatal flaw.  Regardless of who he votes, he’s overplaying his position right now.  He put a target on his own back.

      • He is supposed to be the true Big Brother Fan who has watched everything and knows how Dan and Boogie plays but, did he not see Shelley last season? That is what Ian is doing. Lying to everyone, backstabbing everyone and expecting everyone not to figure it out? Eventually, they do
        and he will be evicted soon enough!

    • and you stalk Shane and you make everything that happens in the house about you..

    • My names’s Ashley,& I listen to everybodys complaints,& of course throw in my own.Oh, & I’m a floater too!!!!

  38. IAN needs to grow some cojones. His wishy washy garbage all of a sudden is very disappointing. Pick a side, and stop acting like an odiot, for crying out loud! And Ashley, really? She’s smarter than she puts on! DAN BETTER WIN THE NEXT COMPETITION OR HE WILL BE NEXT TO GO HOME!!!!

  39. I hope there’s a house meeting.   Then Ian will get outed for sure.    Between him and Danielle, it’s hard to say which one would have a breakdown first.   Probably Ian because Danielle would only do it to swing the convo back to her and to prove she’s a better actress than Ian.    And the Oscar goes to….Danielle, for her portrayal of a psychotic in the move “Look At Me”.

  40. I can’t stand Booger and Frankenstein.  They are so mean the way they speak about people, yet think they are playing a game with integrity.  They are resorting to personal attacks that have nothing to do with the game.  They are cowards because most of the bad stuff is said behind closed doors.  Currently they are talking about Jenn being “brown water trash”.  Yes that is integrity for you.  Remember Booger saying he wouldn’t trash talk Jenn, well thats over with.  Why don’t these people realize that if the public likes you (jeff and jordan) you will get all sorts of opportunities, but no one will want to watch these two on the Amazing Race, because they are mean and bitter.  Get over yourself Booger.

      • Only and probably the last time without Dr. Will.  People liked Dr. Will because he didn’t resort to personal attacks.  He kept it all about the game. 

    • Yes calling them booger and frankenstein is so classy and as if the quackers dont talk behind closed doors with malice..get over YOURSELF goooo boogie!!!

    • “brown water trash”??? Boogie you are disgusting. He just said on BBAD that he’s never said a bad thing about Jenn. I think it’s hilarious that the three biggest delusional ppl in the house have ended up together, Froogie and Ashley. The best line of the entire show was tonight when Frank told Joe he was the best player in the house, no one could beat him, etc. And Joe said he was honored to have played the game with God. lol, lol Joe, you scored points there!

  41. well when boggie is gone this will be the show………………..boreing……………..what are we gonna do watch dan play cornhole , dirty hands joe cooking show…..brittney picking her face all day……..dani is so fake and lies about everthing. and if ian keeps swinging ……shane still lieing he his not gay……jenn who just woke up and now has to play the game …….ashley with her fake hip story………..and frank who is going home next…………yes i’m glad i paid for this

  42. nice speech boogie just gave and he is right, he does’nt have to prove anything he already won this game,and after all it is just a game

  43. If Boogie goes home (he most likely will) I wonder who Frank would turn too. He would probrably work with Ashley and try to get some of the Quack-pack tobjoin him.

    • Most likely he’ll turn to Shane.  Shane has always wanted to work with Frank, just not Boogie and Frank both because of how Boogie treats the other houseguests!  Thursday can’t get here soon enough!!!

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