Big Brother 14 Episode 18: Week 6 Veto Show Tonight

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Tonight on Big Brother 14 the nominated HGs along with the HoH and three other HGs will compete for the Power of Veto. This will also be our first edited view of what happened immediately after the nominations on Friday. The house was full of commotion and arguments for seven hours that night and things have barely slowed down since. This season has finally taken off at full-speed.

If you’re too anxious to wait and find out who wins the competition and how the ceremony turns out then check out our Big Brother spoilers board for all of the results.

What we probably won’t see is the Chipgate, Vetogate, and Gategate as part of tonight’s show. Chipgate: On Saturday after the chips were drawn to select players Frank is seen telling Boogie how he had to redraw a chip, but “figured” that “they” wanted him to keep the same chip so he palmed it in the redraw process. Of course it could be completely legitimate, but it was strange to hear Boogie react with “that’s amazing! Amazing!” and then tell him to “never mention that part again” amid the Fish cutting in and out.

Vetogate: After a seven-hour blackout of the Feeds for the competition (which did not last that long) we learn Joe claims to have seen Boogie & Frank cheat in the comp. Later we hear Joe say the DR confirmed what he saw but claimed it didn’t influence the outcome. Boogie eventually admitted to have made an “illegal” a shady (Edit: I’ve reclassified his comment as I don’t agree w/ the original interpretation) move during the comp, though at that point he could have just been puffing up the situation for fun.

Gategate: Everytime the alleged cheating came up in discussion we were directed away either to Fish or another camera. Production was clearly working hard to hide whatever might have happened or even been suspected. We’ll likely never have all the details, but the constant attempt at cover-up is what made things even more suspicious.

No matter what happened or was alleged through all that, the game continues on and it’s been a very tense, high-pressure few days in the Big Brother house. You won’t want to miss all the craziness going on so sign-up for the Live Feeds now to watch along.

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  1. SOOOO Sick of Boogie and Frank hope they both get evicted this week(double eviction).. Don’t Let the Door hit Your Stupid A$$ES on the way out!!! GO DAN!!

      • “If only” they had paired up (even secretly) early on, AND BEEN LOYAL, they’d have run this game.

      • This might have happened if the coaches had not been put into the game
        and everyone was free to form their own alliances.

      • I agree with you I want the ones that worked the hardest to stay till the end and let the people they help get evicted, pick who they like more.

      • That would never HAPPENED.  The two strong people NEVER trust each other…at least if they start out in different alliances.  

  2. i could not believe last night when danielle said ashley was jealous…i really think she believes her delusions

      • Actually, even though I like Ashley more, I think Danielle is more classically pretty.  However, I don’t think that is the point.  When chicks talk smack about each other (BOTH Dani and Ashley…) BOTH have the “the other one must be jealous” on their minds.

      • BUT Ashley is not the sharpest crayon in the box.. have you listened to her?? What about tonight during the veto when they cut away to her diary feed  and they were trying to get her input on how she came up with the answers to with the peeps, the lolipop trees OMG the girl is STUPID!!!!

  3. Would like to see one of the people from the Quack Pack side of the house leave during the second elimination tomorrow. Wouldn’t mind seeing Dan or Britney go. Just to keep things even. I’m not pulling for Frank or Boogie but don’t want to see the Q.P. eliminate every other person over the next few weeks. Show might get stale.

    • I think if Frank won 2nd HoH, he’d put up Dan/Shane in case one won POV with Brit as renom if needed. Anyhoo, I think if Brit is on the block against either of those 2, she’ll stay. She has the good relationship with the girls who look to her for stories of her experience but not seeing her as an immediate threat, like they do the guys. Especially if there is no time for Dan/Shane to campaign.

      • Frank seems to think he could work with brit so the renom would probably be joe or Danielle

  4. I love double week show in one night..HOH   Veto than eviction  its great..I hope Dan gets evicted next  Bye Danny Boy  your a bigger liar than boogie  

    • That would be kinda funny if Dan left as well. The three coaches that were actually decent in their seasons are gone and Brit, the one that got played her season, is still in the house. Not bashing Brit, just saying, it’d be kinda funny if she was the last coach standing.

    •  totally agree- amazed people are on Boogie for lying but Dan is just as bad.  Really not liking him this season at all.

      • Actually, Dan LIED less.  He just didn’t pass on true info to people.  Also, this is a game built on well-placed lies, with a personality to pull it off.  Boogie didn’t do a good job of that.

  5. My apologies if this has already been addressed, but has it been said or heard exactly HOW Boogie allegedly cheated?

    • From what I’ve heard, it was Boogie & Frank coordinating.during the comp. BB ruled it was “advice” rather than cheating even though both were playing the game. I can’t 100% verify that though since we didn’t get to see the comp or the actual events being scrutinized.

      • Makes sense — will be anxious to see what they do and do NOT show on tonight’s episode. Thanks for clearing that up.

      • It said in an article that Boogie on air admitted to cheating (changing an answer???) during the POV.  I think BB is not doing anything b/c he is leaving tomorrow but if Frank was involved (the article said it can’t be proved he was) then he could be punished…apparently there is no proof Frank was involved.

    • i agree dan justs sits back and smiles and these fools act like their bad a**,  as soon as he is knocked out they  will be lost and start scrambling.

    • I can see him winning HOH this Thursday….He said to Dani that now is the time for him to stop throwing comps….

    • I have not liked personally the game Dan has played, nor did I like the
      game he played his season. I don’t like players to throwing comp after
      comp. If he gets lucky enough to get to the end, I don’t believe he will
      have a chance of winning. 1-because he already won 500 thous. and
      2-because people in the game have seen he has ridden most of the
      way on someone else’s coattails. There is one other reason. If Frank or
      Shane make it to the end….they have both played better games than he.
      If Brit gets to the end, she played a better game. If a floater gets to the
      end, his game isnot better at this point than theirs. Newbies didn’t have
      the advantages of the vets and I think all of this will be considered.
      Just saying……

      • I still cant understand why people thinking throwing comps is bad. Why make yourself a target when you dont have to? He isnt playing hard, he is playing smart. Is that really bad?

    • Yea man! Dan should be striving to be the bigger target! He should be putting himself out there! Honestly, people here would last 48 seconds in the big brother house.

      • I think it has always been understood that throwing comps is a sign of
        unfairness to those who try their hardest to win. Look what happened to
        China in the badminton comps when they tthrew games to get easier
        opponents in the game. Throwing comps is just another form of cheating
        in many viewer eyes. They should all be trying their best to play their
        best game ever at each comp. You can get a target on your back for
        throwing comps as well as doing well in them.

  6. Would love to see Dan leave.  Only coach left would be Brit and I remember someone saying this season was set up so Brit would win.  Just might happen.  I see this show as getting stale after Thursday’s show.

    • If Brit wins this year that will be three years running a cast member from season 12 won the game.

      Hayden of course.
      Rachel last year
      Brit this year

  7. Shane and Frank to the final two. Both work hard and are some of the best competative players since Rachel

      • I shudder at the thought. I generally don’t hate anyone in these games. I might extremely dislike them, but they’re still just people. The person I’ve liked the least from Big Brother would be Rachel. She has her supporters. I wasn’t one of them, and watching her was painful for me. Didn’t think it could get worse until I saw Colton from Survivor. Rachel looked better at that point. LOL

  8. I think it says something about the people who love Boogie and Frank even after they know what cheaters they are. To my knowledge, there has not been another example of it in the bb house.  Sure there is lying and backstabbing, we all know that but these two should be thrown out just like Willie was. Everyone goes in equal and fights hard (well, some of them) to win but this is really disgusting and anyone who likes these two must be just like them.

    • I am concerned that BB would admit to knowing about the cheating and
      then let it go under the umbrella excuse “it didn’t affect the outcome”. How
      do you know if it would have or not if called out. Cheating is cheating.
      You are thrown out of every game of if you are caught cheating. I thought
      BB was a game??
      It has been suspected for several seasons, each getting more blatant,
      that BB influenced the outcomes of certain comps and results. This year
      they have been totally outed.
      When they started bringing back vets, the odds changed. The past players
      had advantages the new players never had. So not everyone comes into
      the game equal. Sometimes fighting hard is not enough when things are
      stacked against you.
      If Frank should win this year, I think BB will lose a lot of fans that have watched for years, or there will be a cloud hanging over its show for some
      time to come. Many people will not be happy to see someone win who
      had unfair advantages given to them throughout the game. But that
      is just my opinion.

    • They’re interesting characters on a television game show. You’re judging them based off of their actions on a show where lying and backstabbing other people is accepted and pretty much necessary to get ahead. Production didn’t deem their actions bad enough to be removed, so get over it. Production will step in when somebody breaks the rules, and if the offense is reason to send them home, they will…Willie, Chima. Boogie is fun to watch. He’s like a clown without the creepy part. Just because some of us are fans of his doesn’t reflect poorly on our character. If you’re a fan of Danielle, does that automatically make you a whiny stalker? Or if you like Ian, does that make you a completely blind liar that can’t tell when people are using you? Probably not. Crack open a beer and try to enjoy the show.

    •  this is a TV game show that depends on viewers and sponsors. So cheating (whatever  that really means) and all the other stuff that people do(throwing comps. etc) is part of the game. Watch other TV reality shows and the same goes on.  It makes for good TV.  I would believe that the producers manipulate things to make it more interesting.  Good thing because when you really think about it, a bunch of boring people doing nothing is not worth watching.  Ever watch Hell’s Kitchen?  Chef Ramsey is always ‘tweeking’ the show to make sure it is going in his direction. I am sure he already  has the winner in mind.
      As far as this show goes, whomever and however they get to the end, they have played the game well.

  9. I can’t stand Shane.  I wish someone would tell Danielle what he said about her to Britney.  Of course, maybe Britney didn’t tell anyone but it would be great for Danielle to know that Shane was telling someone she makes him uncomfortable. That would turn her on Shane in a heartbeat.  Dan has a very weak chin.  Never trust a man with a weak chin.  He is a floater and has not played the game and he is no athlete as he likes to think.  I think Frank is great and his position reminds me of Rachael where he is the target and always getting put up for eviction but is strong enough to fight and stay in the house.  Can’t wait until they go after Shane or Britney and see how they cry.

    • And production will let him win just like Rachael. Frank is not a good player, production steps in everytime he is in trouble. He should have been gone a long time ago. He is not a strong fighter, production makes it look that way. I like Frank and I used to root for him, but now I don’t think it’s fair for the other HG.

      • How does production help him win competitions? The coaches were set to enter the game that week way BEFORE Frank was nominated, BEFORE they tried to blindside him. They didnt “save” him. If it was any other person besides Frank, no one would be crying about how production saved that person from eviction that week. It just so happens that Frank is the best new HG in this game and people dislike him because hes on Boogies team. Hes one of the smartest players in the house as evidenced by him winning all the mental competitions. Hes a physical player because hes won those competitions too. Hes the best new HG hands down.

      • @e8c55cb610ec2db08588b7471611ee6b:disqus Again, I agree with you.  Production can’t help him win competitions.  Frank and Shane are the only ones besides Danielle who constantly reminds us of her two wins have won anything.  Shane has no game – just does what people tell him.  Frank has game moves which he comes up with on his own.  Dan would be out of this game if he had not listened to Boogie.  I guess Dan forgot that.  Shane as well.  I think Frank has played the most honest game but maybe he should start playing dirty.

    • I use to like Shane but my opinion has changed.  He use to say Danielle made him uncomfortable but she has been sleeping right beside him in bed.  Not saying they are doing anything but she gives him massages.  Seems like he is using her for his game.  Not sure he has a game but seems more like a follower.  I agree with you about not liking Dan but he is not a floater.  He has made alliances all over the place but within the Silent Six or the Quack Pack which makes him not a floater.

    • I want Shane & Twitney on the block together with no veto used. They both need to go & I don’t care which one is out first.

  10. Signs you’re too obsessed with big brother..
    You look up and think Joe is walking in..then you realize who that person is and realize they look nothing like Joe and are at least a decade younger, but that the shirt they are wearing is mildly similar to one he wore a few days ago…

  11. This site I read constantly as well as other. Morty’s site has a whole conversation between F/B where Boogie is, basically, throwing in the towel.  To paraphrase Joe: “I Can’t Believe It’s Boogie!” He’s sane and genuine…Check it out.
    Wonder if they might air that tender, bromantic moment on Thursday’s show with soft violins?  Seriously – I can’t believe that’s Boogie.  What????

    • I heard the conversation that Boogie gave on the feeds and I also heard Joe’s response and it sure wasn’t Joe saying Boogie was sane and genuine.  Joe’s response was something I wouldn’t even repeat.  People think Boogie says bad things and is a racist.  Joe is the biggest racist there is.  Boogie did say he was leaving and asked that all that had taken place be forgotten and at least for the time he had left in the game for people not be so negative and to remember that they had lives outside the house.  Not word for word, but words to that effect.  Of course as soon as they were out of the room Joe and Danielle were the first to trash him.  They were so mad and immedately started trashing him.  Shane joined in and then donstairs Joe ran to Dan and Dan said don’t worry he is leaving tonight and Frank will be right after him.  Joe has some sort of pet name for Frank – Mayberry something.  They think the live eviction and HOH will be tonight.

  12. He did say to Frank this morning that its no use to be an ass if he is leaving…he will shake everyone’s hand.  He is just telling everyone to fight fair and try not to make people cry (Ashley and ian).  If he only knew Ian is crying b/c he has to vote him out and Ash is crying b/c Jenn was mean to her, not BSDD.  He did say he was going to call out Dani about being a nurse though…

  13. I thought that Boogie was a great people and a father but after he called Jenn dirty brown water trash :(   and he hates women and is a racist.  He has know idea that his action could hurt his business   shame on him

  14. can’t understand the contentious attitude from Boogie and his mind altered followers when they completely shut down Janelle with lies-boogie wanting to know ‘the truth’ in advance of eviction-Joe did jus t that and now they won’t leave the guy along

    • The “truth” is not something Boogie would recognize if it bit him in the butt.   He has his version of the truth and then there’s everyone elses.   He should study “truthtelling 101″… unto others as you would have them do unto you.   Hate to say it but in this case…Joe could teach him a thing or two.

      • Thats funny you claim Joe could teach Boogie a lesson about truth this season when Joe is one of the biggest liars in the house. Hanging around Danielle too much this entire week she has rubbed off on him. His exaggerated reports to his new “alliance” are hogwash. Boogie has been straight forward this season. He isnt Boogie from season 2 and bbas. Hes playing an honest game which is what Frank is playing.

      • @e8c55cb610ec2db08588b7471611ee6b:disqus I guess you and I are watching the same game.  I think it is pretty much a tie which of the two lies more.  Just heard Joe make a comment that isn’t even worth repeating but made me dislike this guy even more if that is possible.  He was talking about saying this person has flipped sides and no one has flipped more than Joe.  Joe follows the power and is one of the two biggest liars in the game.  What makes me sick is I think he will luck out and end up in F2 and end up with $50,000.  I wish they had voted him out when they had their chances.

      • @LovesDrama….i said in THIS case, joe could teach Boogie a thing or two.   Joe is not my cup of tea either but at least he told Boogie he was voting him out….unlike what was done to Janelle by All of them..  

  15. i thought frank and ashley were the ones doing the name calling on jenn not mike is that wrong. was it mike

  16. For someone so smart Ian seems to have pretty bad memory. If it weren’t for Boogie saving his sorry butt in the first week, he wouldn’t even be around. Yet this is how he re-pays him?

    • Ian turned into a real douche. He’s not really trying to win, he’s trying to be remembered. Not only did Boogie save him from going home because he was creeping everyone out, but he also awarded him money…because Frank said to. What goes around comes around, because his stupid quack pack will turn on him as quick as he turned on Boogie. I hope that Frank finds out that he was really the reason that Boogie got shafted and sends his deceitful butt out the door.

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