Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 6 Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

I guess it’s too much to ask for two straight days of crazy drama in the Big Brother 14 house. After Friday’s post-nominations fighting we were greeted with an extraordinarily long Veto competition that turned out to just be Feed-blocking by production.

We now have a Veto holder and are marching toward Monday’s ceremony which is definitely going to lead to more drama, accusations, and inevitable backstabbing.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 18, 2012:

9:00 AM BBT – Frank does some cameratalk alone in the Lounge room. Admits he should have gone after Dan last week like he wanted.

9:30 AM BBT – Boogie talks game with Jenn. Yes, Jenn. Day 43 she enters the game.

10:15 AM BBTLive Feeds return and the Veto players have been picked. Boogie & Frank both got “HG’s choice.” Ian later says that’s a first.

10:45 AM BBT – Britney explains how the bag of tokens are dumped and inspected by the HGs to avoid suspicions of cheating by production.

11:30 AM BBT – Britney and Shane discussing their options for this week. No matter how the Veto turns out they know they can still get out either Frank or Boogie and will be happy with that.

12:06 PM BBTFrank describes to Boogie what sounds like manipulation of the token draw for Veto player selection. Frank says he had to put the chips back in, but held on to the “HG Choice” and drew it out again. Boogie is very excited and says “amazing, amazing!” We get Fish for a moment then Boogie tells Frank to never mention that part again. Hmm.

12:25 PM BBTLive Feeds go to Trivia for Veto competition.

7:25 PM BBTLive Feeds return after 7 hours. HGs are lounging, napping, and playing pool. The competition clearly ended hours and hours ago. Danielle mentions taking a several hour nap. Production clearly intended to avoid us seeing or hearing something during those additional hours of blackout.

7:45 PM BBT – Ian asks Dan and Danielle if they “had the talk in the DR.” We get Fish. Seems the HGs had a talking-to. Geez, more cover-up? Ian asks if Ashley will go up in Frank’s place and they’ll still vote out Boogie. Frank won Veto.

8:00 PM BBT – Ian complaining to Danielle about Ashley seemingly throwing the comp to Frank.

8:25 PM BBTHGs get a grill in the backyard.

8:27 PM BBT – Danielle finishes rubbing BBQ sauce on raw chicken and then licks her fingers clean. Salmonella, anyone?

8:35 PM BBT – Ashley is upset that HGs think she threw the competition to Frank. She asks if anyone else heard that Joe saw Frank and Boogie cheating during the Veto comp. We immediately get Fish.

9:30 PM BBT – Ashley is laying it on thick with Ian in the hammock. She’s leaning in to him. I’d guess she’s working him early for his vote in case she gets renom’d on Monday.

11:00 PM BBT – Frank and Boogie revel in their misery. Both are upset at the rest of the house. They still want to go after Dan and hope to get him upset this week.

Thanks to an unnecessary and lengthy block on the Live Feeds it was a relatively short day in the house for viewers. Plenty of drama surrounding suspicious behavior straddled that Veto comp but I’m sure we’ll never really know what went on with Frank saying he palmed a chip in the bag, Ashley seemingly throwing the comp, and Joe suggesting he saw cheating during the comp. What a day of craziness.

At least we know there will be drama today as the HGs prepare for Monday’s Veto ceremony. Frank is definitely going to save himself but it’s all going to be about who Shane puts up in his place. No one ever said being HoH was easy!

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  1. Not much excitement yesterday that is for sure! The question remains, why was there like a 7 hour blackout? What happened during those 7 hours? And will those 7 hours have a huge impact on this week’s evictions? And when are we
    having Pandora’s Box. Time to open that box and see the goodies inside!

    • they blacked it out because the hgs were talking abou what went on during the comps. eg  joe seeing frank and boogie cheat. prod. didn’t want us to see that.

      • If that is all that happened, it would not have taken a whole 7 hours? There is probably something more to it than that! Of course, we will never know because the producers decided that they will remove that time frame from the show!

    • Apparently there is going to be a Pandora’s box this week. They found
      an arcade machine with balls and one ball has a “?” mark on it. I do not
      take live feeds, but earlier in the game about Willie I think there was a
      four hour blackout and now a seven hour blackout. That is not good. The
      HGs seem to be more talkative about DR sessions this year than ever
      before. Perhaps, they are upset with production interference, too. That would be an explanation behind the “slips” from HGs. I mean, as big
      a fan as Frank is and with his mentoring from Boogie…..he admits to
      cheating? Even though it looks as if there is favortism for Boogie, esp.
      Frank, it is stupid of him to let the cat our of the bag about his cheating.
      Joe seemingly admitting he saw them cheating during the comp. is even
      more questionable. I do believe the production staff has gone too far
      this year. Even last night Frank was telling Boogie what DR. staff told
      him to say. Fish tank! I am tired of the fish tank, and I don’t take live feeds,
      just BBAD. I truly understand the frustration of those who took Live F.
      I won’t stop watching what I have already started, but may think about
      it if it returns next year.

      • I agree… If we’re paying to watch live feeds, then they shouldn’t cut So Fn Much! It’s just BS

  2. What would BB time be on the east coast . 12:06 pm is what I want to watch (Frank) I have tried to watch 9:06am and it is not there . I am assuming there is a 3 hour difference so if someone has insight I would appreciate it. Thanks

  3. I like the manipulation by Frank. When something isn’t in the cards for you, you just pull out that ace in your back pocket

  4. Good afternoon, It might aid your promotion of the live feeds if you didn’t have to wait until approx 11:30am eastern to post the previous day’s summary. Would it be possible for this summary to be posted shortly after the HGs go to bed?

    • The summary post went up later than normal because of the late Veto results post. When there aren’t late night results, like on weekdays, the summaries go up typically at 9AM ET.

      But no, I’m not going to stay up until 3AM PT to post this shortly after they finally go to sleep. Since nothing happens in the 5 hours of them sleeping you aren’t missing anything and the events aren’t less relevant.

      These posts are for your benefit. If you don’t find them useful, then I promise not to make you read them.

      • Matt you seriously kick ass! I absolutely love this site and I pretty much use this site instead of watching Sunday and Wednesday nights show! Keep up the good work!!

      • I love your sight. It is great to be able to see how others are viewing what
        I have seen. You do a good job of being fair, but I really wish there was
        some way to keep people like Redneck’s comments from being posted.
        He is so abusive to people.Thank you for what you do for all of us!

      • Great job Matt and I enjoy reading them and  your summary saves me lots of time rather than trying to find them myself. 

  5. I think CBS needs to look into the alagations of Production interferance the Veto comp and the Cheating Frank claims he had done and Joe saw.  If BB14 wants to keep there inegerety.  Otherwise I think CBS should cancle the show.

    • I think CBS does not give a damn about those allegations as long as the ratings remain well-into the good range.

      I bet they’ll edit things to make it seem like no=one talked about the possible cheating that occurred or the hours long blackout.

    • It’s too bad that whoever they talk to in the DR gives Frank & Boogie allot of info and tells them what to do next, it’s amazing how Frank always gets things going his way. They probably tell him what to say word for word so he sounds like it’s his idea. Definitely production interference here!!

    • Joe will say anything, he is a whiney puss especially when he is on the block or things don’t go his way. Love Frank and i hope he get HOH again and gets rid of conniving shane and his patsy girlfriend. can’t stand Jenn

      • Has anyone every heard a conversation where Joe actually talks to the person and/or people in a “normal” voice? He can be quite enjoyable to listen to. When he speaks of his wife and children he is rather a nice normal guy, but for some reason especially when cooking or talking about cooking he SCREAMS and we want to automatically tune him out. It’s so annoying.

      • Everyone saw what Frank did on the live feed to stop saying that Joe will say anything.  Frank should get his sore butt kicked at the curb for cheating!

  6. Im gonna be so sad if Boogie goes home. u.u

    Idk why everyone hates him, he keeps the show interesting. Would you rather watch floaters talk about what they eat for breakfast or watch boogie and frank vs the quack pack? -.-

    • Boogie without a counter part is NOTHING!!! Without Will from “their” season, same thing. He said himself before Frank was handed the veto ” if you go home Frank I don’t want to be here. I have nothing in common with these Mother Stumpers”. Boo Hoo Boogie! Isn’t that what this game is all about. People from all walks of life get together for a summer and play a game called Big Brother!!!

  7. even if i like a character, its more interesting for things to happen naturally. no veto cheats, and production set ups! booo

      • I think high. On Friday’s highlights it said that production tried to convince Shane not to put up Frank and Boogie.

      • I feel bad for Shane if that happens as this will be a second wasted HOH for him.  Looks like you can’t even nominate who you want this season.

    •  I agree 100%, it’s sad to see the ones you want to win leave, but at least you know everything went down fair. CBS just want the ratings so the cheat on veto’s and production set ups. Get rid of the FLOATERS. THEY ARE BORING!!!!

  8. Well it looks like Frank (Ronald McDonald) pulled off another one. My family and I are convinced it is scripted now. We will finish watching the farce and still hope Ian wins in the end. I will love to see Boogies face when he finds out Ian switched sides!

    • I agree. But why is it fair that frank is getting all the favoritism. I would love to see production ” help” Ian. Boogie is showing true colors when things do not go their way.

      • I definitely agree about Boogie & Frank getting all the favoritism!!!! Yep his true colors do show, beat red when he’s mad and smiling & laughing from ear to ear when things go as planned!

    • That would be awesome if Dan it put up by Shane. There is still time as evictions do not happen till Thursday. Time to use your magic Boogieman.
      Time to frame the argument that it is Dan or Shane if Frank wins the 2nd HOH. Just put that in Shane’s mind and let him decide if he wants to take his chances of being evicted by Frank right after Boogie! It is as simple as that!

  9. There has always been a certain amount of production manipulation in the BB House. This year they have taken it to an entire different level. We have had several audio leaks. I think Dans was in hope they could change the votes to keep Janelle. Another audio leak you hear production try to sway Shane into changing his nominations (Shane just jumped to top spot for me).Obviously something big went down yesterday that they are trying to cover up. Frank admitted to boogie that he palmed house guest choice when he had to re-do his draw. Now we are hearing about all of the cheating in the POV comp yesterday but every time a house guest mentions it, we get fish. I absolutely love BB. It is my Summer guilty pleasure & I have wanted them to do another winter addition for years now. However this year has really left a salty taste in my mouth. Normally the feeds are on all day & night. At least the audio so I can hear it while doing things around the house. Now I watch after the comps, live shows, BBAD, & when I read something that has went down in the house (most of the time that portion of the live feeds is deleted)

  10. I just got reading the Saturday highlights.  I am very upset that production allowed certain things going on in the house for the Veto competition and did not do anything about it.  Frank should of been disqaulified,  along with Boogie.  Theres your double eviction for this week.  Matt stated that  the house guest dumped the bag of chips and inspected them before the drawing for the Veto competition.   frank held on to the players choice chip  when he put it back in the bag, and drew it back out.  And Boogie also knew about this because he told him not to mention it again.   Maybe its just me but production knew this was going on and did nothing.   I realize  certain things going on in the house but you are talking $ 500, 000.00 and it should be given to someone that don’t break the rules.  I am sure there must be something in writing about what Frank did.  ANd for the live Feeds if I wanted to watch Fish all day I would of bought an aquarium.   What a waste of my day on Sautrday.    I am sure that I am not the only viewer thats see this as a problem with Frank and Boogie and  Production not doing anything about this.

    • For all we know, production could have told Frank to palm the chip. They clearly want him to win.

    •  I’m glad I didn’t bother paying to watch the live feeds just to watch fish, loved the line about buying an aquarium!!!! I did pay to watch BBAD and I hate it when the conversation gets good and they switch it to somebody sleeping!!!!!!! Late time I pay for that!

      • I agree about BBAD.  Between the live feeds and BBAD I have wasted far too much money.  Huge disappointment this season in so many ways.

    • OMG at least your gave me a huge laugh with your comment about watching fish all day.  I felt the same way as I was watching them right along with you. 

  11. Has CBS the forgotten what happens when you rig shows for your own benefit, they need to look back into the fifties when the gameshow was rigged.  When they start cheating I do not care who you are it is the decline of the show.  I will not watch  this any longer,they  can  keep creepy Boogie and dimwitted Frank.

    •  It’s one thing to be highly suspicious and yet another when there is an actual statement/confession from a player.  Production knows it isn’t good when they display fish with no audio so you can’t hear anymore what the peeps are saying. 

    •  Because she is a FLOATER!!! I’m in a BB14 pool, we each paid $20 and picked a name, I got Danielle but I hope she doesn’t win, I don’t want floaters to win. She IS very annoying, the only reason she is still in there is because her daddy Dan.

  12. What Frank did, palming the HG’s choice when he had to re-do his draw is cheating. Plain and simple. Because of that incident, the POV competition should be null and void. If it has to be repeated, Frank should be disqualified, put on a slop and sleep in the dog house for the rest of the season.

  13. everyone thinks ian is so great the kidd and i do mean kid walks around lieing to everyone, i find it strange that yesterday frank thought ian sold them out,and he hung all night with dani, dan,britt, and ash and boggie and frank did”nt say anything or the thought did”nt cross any minds. ian is so smart he has not got one thing right that he has said that was coming up or going on game wise,i find the whloe thing strange even when he talks i know i”m safe, shane should put him up  and dan is dumb for not telling ian”s the rat he will lose because of it.

  14. Aww I’m sad to see Boogie leave but most likely gonna happen. I don’t think he cares though. honestly I think once the coaches started playing her really wanted out. and now he won’t make jury either so he gets to go home with more money! I would like to see Shane, frank and Ian to team up and get rid of the coaches .. they already played their game!

    • Lol Boogie cares, he’s been crying for the past 24 hours to Frank. The guy is an idiot, sore loser.

  15. Why am I not surprised Frank “won” veto…? I’ve always thought the show was rigged a bit, but not this much. What is Fish anyway?

    • Cam’s go to the fish tank when production doesn’t want you hearing what the guest are saying it’s a bunch of BS…

    • It didn’t surprise me at all with Frank winning veto.  He is obviously being saved which is so unfair.  The other part that is unfair is so many people want to be on this show and the majority of this cast was hand picked and did not even have to try for it.  I know Frank was trying for 3 years and maybe that is why he is destined the chosen one. 

  16. Why was there a 7 hr. blackout?  Production didn’t want you to see just how much F & B are cheating and how they are going to fix it so those 2 stay in the game.  How sick is that.  Why would anyone want to go on this show now knowing it is not real and that production fixes it so THEY have the final 2 they want in the game

  17. If it’s true that frank and boogie cheated during the veto comp they should be kicked out of the house.

      • According to the description Frank was provided the coin that said HG Choice but he was told he needed to put the coins back into the bag because the other HG complained it was rigged for Frank or Boogie to win & instead of putting all the coins back Frank palmed the HG Choice coin and drew it again then he confirmed his cheating verbally to Boogie & also apparently Joe saw it.  If true then Frank should be removed from the game and if the producers set it up so Frank would win then the result of every single episode of every single year of Big Brother has to be held in question & the producers can & should be charged in criminal court for fraud because they are selling this as a fair game show when it is really a scripted show that the producers have the people they want to win kept in the game by cheating the other contestants.  This has to be a huge scandal & can’t be glossed over.  CBS is in major trouble. 

      • Also Shane said that when he chose Frank & Boogie to be nominated the producers questioned him are you sure you want to do that. They tried to talk him into nominating someone else.  Isn’t that sick!?

      • @Steve It seemed like Shane was not acting quite right and I think it had a lot more to do with what you just said then Brit saying he threw her under the bus.  It’s almost like they are scripted to say what they say at times.  Maybe the Brit thing was to try to throw us off.  Seems like HG’s say things that in other years they would get scolded for.  Something is so off.

  18. So the producers know Frank cheated and they even intended that Frank would win.  This calls into to question the results of every single Big Brother show.  Kind of like 21 in the movie Quiz Show. Maybe the producers should be indicted for fraud.

    • i hope that when the house guest read all this after the show and see that frank cheated that they do something about it.the show may end if they do this and if frank does make it to the end and win the money will be taken from him and given to the second and third place.i know this gameis about lying and cheating (by throwing a comp) but to cheat someone out of playing for the pov and putting in weak players cause you know you beat them is just wrong. like i said before PRODUCTION NEEDS TO BACK OFF.

    • Like I said in a previous post :
      It was probably rigged since season one but this year the hg are so dumb that they cannot act innocent and pretend (insert rolling eyes here)

  19. Oh I so happy that there is a good chance that Boogie will pack his depends & stupid hats and leave.  About time

  20. Posted at Jokers:Sun 9:42 AM BBTBoogie says 2 people are leaving next week, no doubt about it.Wonder how Boogie knows this. He hadn’t said anything like this before the blackout. Guess he just had a great revelation?  

    •  They have already said it will be a double eviction on Thursday after the live show last was in the promos.

  21. I find it funny that if it was britney, shane, ian, or danielle who was supposedly getting away with ‘cheating’ not as much people would be complaining.

    • It was probably rigged since season one but this year the hg are so dumb that they cannot act innocent and pretend (insert rolling eyes here)

  22. I am done with this show. It’s one thing to rig the polls and introduce convenient Pandora’s Box when they like, but this is flat-out outrageous. 

  23. Maybe thats why half of there staff left and went to the glass house. If it was me and i was paying for 24 hour live feed i would call my bank and stop the charge and have them credit back all my money.  cause if they blocked it out for 7 hours then it could be looked as fraud.

    • What if you paid up front for the 3 month or whatever it was deal?  Is it too late?  I believe mine was already paid for as I signed up before the season started.

  24. I am not saying that Frank did not cheat on the issue of picking POV HG – but assume he did – how did it change anything? with or without what allegedly happened Frank still won teh POV – His biggest threat to beat him was Shane and Shane played

    • Cheating should not be tolerated just because the cheating itself didn’t affect the result of the game. What about the future competition? Integrity of the show should always be the priority.

    • Its called integrity, truth and honesty. Who knows that Shane is the only one who could have won the veto. It makes it unfair to Dan, Britt, Joe, etc… as to them having the opportunity to play for the veto. Weather u like them as players or not, they are all houseguests that should have the same level playing field as everyone else. Nana will be very very dissapointed in Franks actions i would think….

  25. You know, we as viewers (and the reason the show is on for 14 seasons) do have a choice in this matter. Remember when Shima was up to all her maddness, several viewers got ahold of Grodners contact info and didnt let up until she did something about it. It was unfair to the other HG’s then and it is unfair now. So get off the pot and do something about it. Demand action be done for the blatent cheating that is not fair for all the remaining HG’s. I am really dissapointed as I look forward to BB every year. But this cheating during comps is enough. Stand up and be heard. Matt has always run a 1st class site and that is why I am loyal to him and BBN. Grodner needs to step it up, tell the truth, and move on with the houseguests that play by the rules, not break them.

    • Mindy I agree I love BB and this site and have always watched since the first season.  I have been part of this site for two years and love it.  I don’t know what is going on with this season because it has turned out to be a really strange one.  I don’t know why we were cut off for so long from the live feeds.  I couldn’t believe when they finally came back and we could tell several hours went by and what the heck were we not part of  with what was going on?  Even if cheating did not affect that certain comp. it really makes me wonder a lot about this whole season and just how much is going on behind the scenes to change what happens in this game.  What is the point for even rooting for someone if you think they might not even have a chance of them winning because so much could possibly be rigged.  I felt they always might try to get someone to sway in a certain direction, but now makes me wonder just how much.  I agree we as viewers and fans of this show need to contact Godner.

  26. It’s funny how CBS thinks they’ll get ratings by manipulating the whole game. It’s really making the show worse and hard to watch.

  27. the  live feeds cut for 7 hours , is that how long it took joe to put the grill together

  28. go frank! go boogie! big brother without frank and boogie equals ian twitching all day britney picking her hair and nails for no reason talking in that nasal screeching annoying voice danielle crushing on gay shane dan laughing all the way to the bank

    • Gee thanks for the Gay comment! I am Gay, I’m I’ve been with my “other half” for 20 years.
      Shane is one hell of a stand-up guy, he’s strong, very well fit, and Hot as hell! He’s also VERY new to this whole BB Experience…
      Making fun of Ian, who may just have a medical condition, shows exactly the type of character you’re portraying…

  29. How can you people seriously like the fact there was cheating involved?…get a life cause apparently you don’t have one. YOU HAVE WAY TOO MANY CHANCES TO SAVE YOURSELF IN BIG BROTHER. I.E. HOH. VETO, & ALLIANCES, then to cheat. Really its not that serious. My pride & dignity isn’t worth $$$. Money doesn’t change u it changes the people around u. It’s sad the producers will do anything to keep high ratings. If u wanted HIGH RATINGS. YOU SHOULD’VE KEPT JANELLE. THE BEST HANDS DOWN PLAYER IN BB HISTORY EVER. SO SHE & MIKE BOOGIE CAN GO AT IT. I REALLY HOPES BOOGIE GOES HOME. I’D RATHER WATCH FLOATERS THEN PEOPLE WHO CHEAT. Come on now. Janelle being gone makes me.not wanna watch bt ready to see the DISMISSAL OF BOOGIE!!..If u feel threaten by anything I’ve mentioned? I apologize bt I speak what I feel and don’t bite my tongue. Right is right wrong is wrong…smh #SAD

    • They allowed it with NataLIE a couple years ago.
      They allowed it with Porsche, Danielle and Kalia last year.

      It’s sickening, it NOT fair, it’s NOT good for “the show”; and yet it continues..

      Maybe we all need to do another campaign of calling Allison Grodner like we did during the NataLIE’s scandal?

  30. janelle is not the greatest player ever to play the game  hey remember she never won the game ever………..and i will say it all day long the only two people who can say they are great are boggie and dan why , they have won the game .

  31. all right, you cant get salmonella from licking your fingers after touching chicken. Raw chicken isnt a bio-hazard. You dont have to wear a haz-mat suit when around it. 

  32. It looks like frank will finally cast his vote to evict someone. FINALLY! That should be some kind of record

  33. joe  went to the dr and told them that boggie and frank were cheating in the veto comp. but it is a lie he wants to cause trouble  so now boggie wants him and frank to call joe out on it and ashley says it true joe told her that, joe is dumb they are not going to let him get away with this,bb should be talking to joe about his actions, attacking people like that is low and way dirty

    • Joe didn’t lie, Frank did cheat, he already had a chip in his hand when he dug in the bag to get one…

    • So Jersey, everyone is lying but Frank and Boogie? This is where we see exactly how much Boogie’s impact on someone is. I highly doubt ANY of this would have happened if Frank would have done any of it if he didn’t have the oh so epic Boogie in his ear.

      Did you not read the whole blog above?
      Frank really needs to start thinking about what he’s going to do once Boogie is out. He’s burning a LOT of bridges, which is really not going to help him come Thursday.

    • you need to get your story right frank told boogie he cheated that he kept the chip in is palm he told boogie on bbad and they cut away right after that. so joe isn’t lying.

  34. I for one am very “upset” (not the word I would actually use) about the cheating…and I have heard production while watching the live feeds,so I know it does happen…I am really “upset” about the length and amount of times live feeds go to fish scenes…this will be the last time I waste my money on the feeds…I am not sure if I will watch Big Brother again after this season (gonna watch this season out just to see if the cheating actually pays off for them) !

  35. Its pretty obvious this show is being rigged by the producers. I thought this was a game, and therefore regulated by FCC laws and regulations. CBS should know better. It’s fun ONLY if it’s being played fairly and people are being real and allowed to make their own moves unrestricted and unmanipulated in order to produce premeditated results. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!

  36. joe was trying to get frank disqualified ,really dumb move the show is being taped. i think that is why the feeds were off so long yesterday they were trying to get this whole mess sorted out,i hope boggie and frank  call joe out on this..i also agree this is the last time  i waste my money on feeds and showtime after dark

  37. Last year a houseguest admitted to putting stuff to intentionally make people sick into their protein drink, and they were allowed to remain in the house. Why would BB producers care if someone they are obviously manipulating to get further and aided to cheat?

    • Last season, the runner up put stuff in the food of other house guests and she was allowed to stay in the game. Her name was Porsche and she came in 2nd to Rachel Reilly the ultimate winner.

  38. Did you ever think that maybe there was 7 hours of fish on live feeds yesterday was because Joe was planning to walk due to the cheating episode he saw with his own eyes. It probably took that long to calm everyone down and to talk Joe back into finishing the game. There is one thing that people do not like and that is someone who “Cheats”. Just my opinion.

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