Big Brother 14 Episode 17: Week 6 Nomination Show Tonight

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Tonight on Big Brother 14 (CBS 8/7c) we’ll be treated to the exciting conclusion of Thursday’s endurance race competition “Swamped.” When things left off there the HGs were racing on slippery tracks trying to be the first to fill buckets for HoH, $10K, or Safety. We’ve got the spoilers for that competition if you can’t wait to see how it turned out.

Once we get through the competition segment we’ll see the build up to this week’s nominations (nom spoilers). Considering the incredible amount of drama that came out of the nominations on Friday night it’s a shame we won’t get to that portion of the show until Wednesday. I don’t recommend waiting until then for that though. We’ve got a full recap of all those arguments and fighting and it’s definitely worth reading through.

CBS will catch you up on the events surrounding the nominations, but the Big Brother 14 game has already moved on well past that. Yesterday the HGs competed in the Veto competition and there was even some drama surrounding that. We’ve got those Big Brother spoilers for you when you’re ready.

The real BB game continues to be on the Live Feeds with plenty more drama than CBS can fit in to three hour-long episodes. Want to see what it’s like to watch the in-house cameras, listen in on the HGs private conversations, and see who is doing what? Then get your free trial of the Live Feeds and see what you’ve been missing.


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  1. I am done with this show. It’s one thing to rig the polls and introduce convenient Pandora’s Box when they like, but this is flat-out outrageous. 

  2. After this POV, how is it not possible not to insult or question Big Brother Network for the mess that is going on between the house guests and production. I have always been a Big Brother fan. This season has made me have major doubts about continuing to watch the show. I’m sure, I’m not the only person that feels this way.  Maybe, this comment will make it through the “screening” or may be not. I’m just keeping it 100% real.

    • Like it or not, all of these reality shows are fixed. Do you really believe what happens in the Bachelor or Bachelorette? What about Survivor? What about Amazing Race? This is a business after all produced by CBS and they make monies out of the high ratings which means lots of huge advertising
      dollars! Why do you think the poor rating shows get axed even during their inaugural seasons? All of these shows cost money to produce and for you to continue producing said shows—-there must be profits! This is a business and needs to be profitable to continue on! If not, then, these shows would have gone under a long time ago. They make it seem real enough but, in reality it is all a charade to produce a show that is entertaining which people will accept as well as relate to in some ways.
      Looking at it from that point of view will enhance your viewing pleasure much like going to a movie knowing the Avengers looking awesome but, you know that it is really all fake!

      • But the American version of Big Brother is less of a social experiment and more of production contriving for TV. I’m going to start watching Big Brother Australia, I hear the set up is way different more real and way better. They don’t try and hide the BB aspect of the show and evictions are made by the public. Personally I like when house guests make evictions, but it definitely sounds intriguing and like it may be more worth watching..

      • I agree with you everyone knows production does something to favor certain people but this season is starting to get completely out of hand. I think there a certain line where you shouldn’t cross and the manipulation is usually making a competition that would favor certain ppl but this season they are flat out controlling te results. The best big brothers have been from season 2 to 10 and you know why!? Because they just do one twist and let them play. Then you get BB 11 Jeff gets power with doing absolutely nothing bb 13 bring duo twist for the week Rachel or Joedan woulda been out but saves both of them. And now this season they mess up Shane hoh Frank stays Shane wins hoh and and then talks about production trying to sway him not to put up Frank or Boogie and now this POV thing. It’s out of hand now

      • Hockey……At the end of the day, this is still a product and as consumers we can choose to accept it or reject and not watch it! Funny thing is people say one thing and do the opposite. When the NFL had a lockout, NFL fans promised a boycott of watching games and buying memorabilia yet, when the games started, all the NFL spent thousands of their hard earned monies lining the pockets of the greedy billionaire owners and greedy millionaire
        players. So, who is the bigger fool, the fans or the players and owners?
        In the case of Big Brother, fans say they will stop watching yet, the same fans are here day in day out posting their I am leaving and not watching
        meme and it is already getting stale! The same fans will continue watching
        because like everyone else, they are addicted to Big Brother! And that is the real deal!

      •  Richie, I do agree. I know realty shows are altered to entertain their viewer to some point of being “rigged”. But, why should the “rigged things” be so obvious that it makes you not want to watch one of your favorite shows anymore. I’m sure that all the other BB season I’ve watched in the past were “rigged”. But, we as fans has never experienced this “mess” on past seasons. I’m a BB fan that keep it 100% real. U heard me.

    • Ummm, Big Brother Network is just a fan site.  They have nothing to do with production, “rigging” or anything related.  BBN just gives us updates, spoilers and a place to gripe and moan (or cheer and gloat) about things.

      • Correction– Becky (aka dingbat), there is production on the set. That is what I was talking about. Just thought I would clear that up. Not BBN.

  3. These FREAKIN Jokers still act like they have all the power ….what a Joke it’s to bad Frank has turned into Boogie’s evil twin……

  4. Boogie’s more worried about his reputation than anything else it’s disgusting..

    • Hear! Hear! And he’s a complete hypocrite about it. He talks about how mad he is when people go “scumbagging” others to the DR. Then you have him scumbagging people on camera behind their backs and in the DR.

      Also, I love how much of a clown Boogie has made himself out to be when it comes to Ian. His sitting there on After Dark last night talking about how Ian needs to get in this game, blah blah blah. Meanwhile, Ian played those two hard. Hilarious.

      • No kidding…I hope someone leaves a goodbye message for Boogie saying “shouldn’t of been so greedy and went for HOH, maybe you would still be here. Bad game play. I guess you’re nothing without your boyfriend Dr. Will in the house telling you what to do.”

      • True..Boogie has done nothin for anyone,but talk behind their backs and make remarks about them and their families..Ian at his age is a better man than Boogie will ever be..Hope Boogie gets just what he has dished out to others..Be it in BBH or after he is out of the house..Maybe his Baby,s mama is wise to his actions..For sure what goes around comes around..

    • Boogie is a disgrace to the Gay people..He is a Dirty bisexual person,not washing of his hands is being nasty to all others in the house..Guess it will take for houseguest to contact a disease before BB makes it a rule to wash hands before touchong anything in the Kitchen…

  5. Of course this show is fixed, but HG should know that coming in. CBS is notorious for fixing shows. Survivor – how convenient that cameras are there when an immunity idol is found. Amazing Race –
    some contestants are given bettet directions or clues. It’s all part if the ratings game. CBS has to do what is best for a better show. It has nothing to do with fairness. This season of BB (the worst in my opinion) would be very dull with just Jenn, Ashley, Joe and Ian. Nobody wants to watch these floaters. Just enjoy the game and don’t worry about fixes. These forums are more intetesting than the game.

    • You are right Phillycat.  Looks like the producers were too slow this time & accidently let the cat out of the bag so to speak.  It’s still fun to watch & read comments but sad to see if the cheating part is true & not addressed.

  6. Monica you are right.  As a result of this scandal & the producers trying to talk Shane out of is nomination then knowing Frank cheated & confesed to Boogie, in all honesty, every single episode & every season & every winner of Big Brother has to be called in question.  Now it’s like is this show even real?  It’s a sham.  That’s why they keep bringing back old contestants also.  The show is 100% FAKE if they don’t address this immediately & kick out Frank & fire the producer then it will be confirmed.  This is not a reality show.  This is not a contest.  This is predetermined & manipulated by the producers.  What a total shame honestly. 

    • The good thing is Shane didn’t listen to him.  He stuck to his guns…..but I kinda wish he just went for floaters, that way he has no blood on his hands and would have earned some trust with B/F.  With Shane nominating Frank 2 times now, Frank will nominate him with Dan if he wins HOH this Thursday.  Shane wasn’t Frank’s target, now he is (along with Dan).

      • Shane made a great move. Nominating 2 floaters would of been a waste of his HOH. And you know that if Boogie or Frank would of won HOH next week they would of put up either Shane, Britney or Dan. There pissed because Shane got them first. Boogie needs to grow up. He’s a 42yr old cry baby.

      • True…He did make a great move…But what do you think is going to happen??  Shane has gigantic target on his back (even bigger than before)…Brit and Dan is letting Shane take all the blame….Now the floaters are sitting pretty…It wouldn’t be a waste of HOH….Get the floaters out now and then have an exciting end to the season.  Jenn, Ashley, Joe and Ian in final 4….Wow..Now that’s exciting!!!!

      • Tammy, Shane is not taking all the blame. Ian is the one that told Britney that Frank and Boogie wanted to put up Shane and Britney and Dan is the one taking the blame for that and covering for Ian. Frank and Boogie are blaming Dan for everything and it wasn’t even him. And Shane does have a target but so does Dan and Britney. But at least they have a better chance at winning HOH. Granted anyone can win HOH but the odds are in there favor. And I agree I don’t want to see floaters in the end it really would be boring. Get Frank out next then go after the floaters.

    • I agree with you Steve,if Frank does’nt get removed for Cheating,,, CBS can take this predetermined so call Reality show and shove it….So sad it is this way,could have,would have been a great and high rated show…CBS needs to step in now!!    

      • Pretty sure it’s been this way since season 1. The thing is now that there was an alleged production “slip” on the feeds. In previous seasons they caught it before it slipped.

      • At least some of the audience had integrity and high standards, CBS obviously doesn’t. And tonights nomination show was more a smear campaign against Joe. What happened to Frank and Boogies conversation about cheating BB?? Let’s see what all BB fans think of that. Oh, I forgot, BB production gets to hide behind editing.

  7. I always cheer for the underdog and Boogie is that person this week….He is very entertaining and is always talking game….I hope he stays. :)  Please get rid of the floaters….I want to see someone win who actually deserves it (competes well in comps, schemes, etc…). 

    • I agree completely. Who the heck wants to watch them and that skank Brittany and Dumbell…I have said all wknd, I hope Frank wins veto and the box saves Boogie.. rigged or not, I will watch and if you dont like the show, idt CBS really gives  crap.. 

    • If Boogie wasn’t so cocky and nasty I would say leave him in just for the drama. But he is a hateful person. He can blindside Janelle and laugh about it but when things don’t go his way he acts like a big ass cry baby. Sitting around talking to Frank saying how these people in here make me sick and they are so stupid and I’m sitting here listening to all this on a Saturday night. And he goes on and on about how everyone is a bunch of morons. He can dish it out but can’t take it. If he is so miserable why didn’t he stay home. Oh and it was so funny when Ian told him they wanted Dr. Will this season and because Will declined then they asked Boogie. Boogie got all pissed off.

      • Boogie bashing other houseguests is the best! It’s so frickin funny because he’s usually within ear shot of who he’s bashing & that person has no clue!

  8. Do you think CBS will show Frank cheating and the player comments about it?  His comments about it?  Shane’s remarks how production tried to talk him out of his nominations?  Will the next person evicted speak about it to Chen?   

      • The thing is the people paying for feeds to a show they thought was reality & turns out to be fake.  That’s a big blow. Plus the producers constantly cutting the feeds that people pay for.  Those fee’s should be refunded then right? 

      • I watch BB after dark and read the updates from the feeds constantly…..My husband and kids only watch the regular CBS shows….They have no idea what stuff is edited out.  They make it look like BB doesn’t interfere with the HG’s….WRONG!!! We all know that but there is no way they are going to expose themselves….It is what it is.

      • You’re right, production hides behind editing. The ratings have been lower each year I’ve heard. Obviously, the direction the show is going has a lot to do with this. Who wants to watch a fake? Not me. This is my last season. I hope BB gets canceled for fraud.

  9. I kinda like Brit’s idea of making a girl alliance….With Frank going after Dan and Shane (and vice versa)….plus Joe is not well-liked and Ian is playing both sides (brit can expose him)….The girls can run this show.

    • Sadly the girls never seem to pull together well. They tried an all-girls alliance earlier in the season w/ 6 female HGs. It lasted a few hours/days. Brit & Ashley were even laughing last night about how foolish of an idea that was.

      I don’t know why, but girl alliances don’t seem to hold up as well as male ones in the house. Not always, but most of the times.

      • Worked pretty well in the last season of Survivor won by Kim. She and the women evicted all the men one by one and made it an all woman competition from there on in. She won easily and was well liked till the end of the show. Too bad she was not playing this season on Big Brother. She is like Jordan (very likeable, very sociable) and a female version of Dr. Will.
        The complete package who would have taught these newbies how to play the game!

      • the only successful girl alliance was in BB6 with the Nerd Herd…when Maggie and her girlies Friendship went all the way all together except with Janelle who went to the F3 with them…☺…

  10. I am beginning to think this is the first season ever that some people have watched BB.  Don’t you all get it?  The production influences has been going on since day one.  Oh, yeah, so has the threats from viewers to not watch anymore.  Just sit back and relax and stop taking it so seriously.  Its just a TV show.. a fun one!  It is what it is.

    • Too many thinking this is the real thing. Take the Bachelor where a good looking guy bachelor goes on a date with a good looking woman and have a romantic date and these two strangers suddenly are kissing and making out in front of millions? Seriously, would you kiss and make out with a complete stranger in front of national TV? Is that even normal for average joes? Most people won’t but, the bachelor and the women on the show are all paid by the producers. Bet you did not know that, right? Nobody works for free and I am sure these individuals get paid per episode that they are in the show! Plus bonuses if they last until the last few episodes. How do I know this? An actress was asked on Dancing with the Stars and she revealed that she got paid a fixed amount per week in fees plus bonuses if she continues on further down the road. It is all scripted so that, you continue watching and the advertising dollars roll in! 

    • hmmm. have you seen the movie Quiz Show. based on the real life game show 21? Big scandel in the 1950’s. about the games being fixed. Maybe we need a congressional investigation into these “Real”ality shows. after all there is real money involved. and CBS calls it winnings not salary.

      • Good luck with that. You think the lawyers at CBS are too dumb to write up
        a simple contract for the house guests to sign? This is entertainment first and noway real life. Only fools think this is real. It is a business and I am sure the contract would clearly state so! Even if a prize is offered, I am sure
        there are stipulations that the producers can do as they please to change the plot as they deem so, keep on dreaming. This is a cash cow for CBS
        and they will be stupid to allow anyone to mess with it! House guests still make the decisions on who gets evicted so, why would prodding them to do something even come close to being illegal?

    • I agree with Becky.  Don’t really care what they do, this is pure entertainment.  Funny to me, but this season I pretty much like everybody in the house.  Boogie is kind of a douche, but he is entertaining.  My advice would its ok for production to keep rigging the show as long as they make it more entertaining!

    • I agree Becky. And of course production is going to try to influence some things they want the ratings. And it is entertainment. And all the houseguests need to do is grow a pair and make there own decisions like Shane did.

      •  I, agree. I’m team Shane!!! Shane’s two HOH are the only times things were exciting. Oh yeah, when Danielle got rid of Janelle. Other HGs seems scared or waiting on direction or something.

    •  Yeah, but this season hasn’t been so fun!  I’m not liking the fact my BB fun got spoiled this season. Not so funny or entertaining for this BB fan. U heard me!

      •  It’s not “fun” because Willy left the house. If he was still there could you imagine the sh*t that would be going down!

  11. Dear CBS: You can still redeem yourself by voiding the POV competition. Frank has clearly cheated by concealing HG’s choice in his palm, Frank also admitted to Boogie about the cheating. What more evidence do you need. Please address this issue on the next live show and remedy it if you still value the integrity of the show.

  12. Heres the thing, people seem to be acting like frank only has veto because he cheated, even if he did palm the houseguest choice he stil won the challenge himself.  Also which hosue guest that didnt get to play would actually pose a threat? Dan would of just thrown it as usuall since he knows even if frank or boogie won theyd have the votes to evict the other, even if he didnt its not exatcly like he’s a comp winning machine.  Danniel and britney so far have not proven to be that great either though daniel admidetly is probobly the best of the ones not chosen.  The only real veto threats so far seem to be shane and frank and they were both playing anyway so i guess i dont see the huge deal people are making about this.

    • There is still a thing called integrity. Frank is always bragging on playing a clean honest game, like nana says. Wonder what nana thinks now, hmmmmm…..

      • Frank pulled Ian name. Biggie already chose Ian bc he had HG’s choice chip. Frank drew again and got HG’s choice chip. Production needed to get a better shot of his chip draw so they told him to hold onto it while drawing again for the camera. Brittany confirmed this on live feeds. The bag was dumped out after and all was up and up. Geez people!

    • Are you watching the same game? Danielle won’t an HOH and POV comp. And Frank should never have won’t the last HOG. Brittany answered 3 correct questions, Frank only proceeded in the game because Boogie answered incorrectly, defaulting to Frank. So Frank won’t his last HOG by one correct answer. The whole show is slanted toward Frank and Boogie. A pair of cry baby whiners mascarading as grown men.

  13. what’s the cheating???? that he palmed the coin for player’s choice???? damn people….didn’t he win veto for himself…the player’s choice didn’t win…he did….I dislike Boogie and Frank duo, and I’m not even upset by this.  It’s just a game people…you all need a LIFE if you’re all this upset about a tv reality show…GEEEZ are you kids that believe all reality shows are actually real…like there is a tooth fairy? come on people stop acting like children or some aliens visiting from another planet and just seeing this show for the first time.

    • If he had not cheated with the coin and pulled, say Dan’a name he might not have won.  I am disgusted about the whole situation and am sick at how evil Boogie is.

      • There is a huuuuge misconception about Frank cheating. They all pulled chips to start. Frank chose Ian after Ian had already been chosen so he had to re choose. That’s when he pulled the HG choice. Then after the hgs certified the bag they did a reshoot for TV. (like every other week) So Frank palmed the chip to make it look like he choose HG choice initially. And not Ians first. Zero foul play.

  14. Just read this on TV Grapevine: 12 Noon. Joe is constipated in the loo and everyone is laughing at him. Frank and Dan shared a bed last night. Frank thinks they touched butts during the night. [Hope Boogie isn’t hunting Dan with a gun!].

  15. Quit your Cryin, Frank avoided one eviction this week, he might get popped on the second one. All the people that hate Frank should Hate Britt and Shane for being too stupid not to finally realize that Frank is someone that will only leave if you backdoor him. Give a solid competitor a chance to play inn the veto and think he won’t win it.

    • If Frank didn’t have help from production he would not even be in the house anymore.  Everytime he’s on the block they do something.  Stop eviction to get the coaches to play…. they should have done the eviction then put the coaches to play.  Now he’s on the block once again and he cheats while picking the chip for pov game and production doesnt say anything.

      • Frank would’ve been gone if Janelle, Dan and Britt didn’t push the button. It’s thier fault that he’s still in that house. They knew the rules but thier greed got the best of them. Danielle gave away her HOH to Boogie and blindsided Janelle. Because the girls were intimidated by Kara because of her looks, she went instead of Frank.I would buy into the cheating thing except for the fact that nobody but Shane can compete with Frank. I really don’t think it’s a big a deal that everyone is making it out to be cuz Joe the biggest crybaby about it and we all know Joe’s a great competitor and never makes mountains out of mole hills and Dan throws every comp. At the end of the day Frank won POV

      • read back on yesterdays remarks,before the comp. production was seen giving chips to frank AND boogie.

      • Here’s something for everyone to think about. The entire week before the coaches entered the game Brattney kept telling everyone that she thought the coaches were going into the game as players. Rewind & watch it. So was that a production slip telling her that & her sharing with everyone else or did production twist the game after she started saying that so Brat looked like she knew the game good. In fact, if I remember clearly she was saying that longer than a week prior.

      • Jillith, you are so right and that’s what set Willie off. Britts been bad news since day one.

  16. Boogie is washed up, this is his last attempt at trying to show people just how cool he is. only thing he is doing a really bad job of it. At his age he needs to be spending more time tring to make something of himself instead of working so hard at being washed up. I am a ferm beliver in what goes around comes around and I believe all the stuff that is out on the net. He even looks the type, and he sure acts it.

    • You guys are taking this way too seriously. Boogie is being paid to be in the Big Brother House as the villain. That is his role. If you have not figured that out, you are hopeless. I am sure he is thanking you because the more people hate him, the more he is notorious which guarantees that Big Brother will continue to bring him back like Janelle or Brittney for that matter! It is like going on a paid vacation and people dissing you and booing you like in WWE wrestling because you are the heel or villain. Nothing bad about that as it is a good living to be paid good to act in front of the cameras! Easy work and good pay so, are we supposed to be sorry for poor Boogie?

      • Boogie was not there first choice for this season or all-stars. On all-stars Dr Will said he would not do the show without Boogie and they wanted Dr. Will. And this season they asked Dr. Will and he declined so that’s how Boogie ended up back on this season. He’s a 42yr old wash up!!!

      •  This season would be a snoozefest without Boogie and Frank.  I hope they continue.  Do we really want to watch Shane…Duh.  Or Danielle, Ashley, Joe or Brittney?  Might as well turn off your TV now.

      • Book…..Apparently, you did not read my post. Was alluding to the fact that
        people ganging up on Boogie when he is playing a role in this game. Never said I wanted to watch anyone else of the Quack Pack or the floaters. Was telling people Boogie got paid to be in the Big Brother House and hating on him only helps Boogie because now Big Brother will bring him back again because of the hatred of him!

        Lavendargirl…..You can name call Boogie all you want but, doesn’t change the fact that while you harping and calling him names, it is better for Boogie as he will be brought back by Big Brother because someone has to be the
        villiain and you can call him washed up and he will take it and cash his check just the same. More like a vacation to him so, all the hate only
        helps Boogie make money. So, who is the dummy here? You call him washed up when he is the one cashing in?

      • Richie did you read my entire post. Boogie is not the producers first choice. He is washed up and only there because Dr. Will declined. He was also insulted and pissed because he wasn’t asked back last season. He’s a left over that producers used because they couldn’t get the people they originally wanted.

      • he embezzeled a million from his partners at the geisha house in la.  is that what you’re talking about? he’s probably gonna have to give that back if he hasn’t paid his dirty old men sex partners. he’s being sued. probably in the bb house so they can’t get to him. all the hgs get paid to be there.

      • Reply to Shirley:
        I bet Boogie thought he was going into the witness protection program & accidentally ended up on BB instead. 

      • No he is not. He is nearly bankrupt and his restaurant partners are suing him for embezzlement. Mike Carri (a/k/a) Mike Malin is a pathetic loser. Look him up and read his arrest record.

  17. Latest: Joe told Ashley they might give her the veto. Apparently, Joe went to DR and told the Production Boogie and Frank were cheating….and fish time.

  18. Hold the hell up I’m still wondering why joe decided to say frank “cheated” after the POV was played it makes no sense to me

    •  What happened?? Did they kick his snitching butt? What a baby Joe is, I bet he’s a momma’s boy too.

  19. This show is definitely rigged ..I mean cmon..But Dan and Brittney were down to just one person each  and both shane and danielle saved themselves just long enough for the coaches to come into the game and they are in this powerhouse alliance now..CMON BIG BROTHER  all they do in the Diary Room is read off a script..Im getting sick of it

  20. Tired and.sad About BB in a perpetual players from other NB lets get it together
    people…want the spark the new people new ideas love BB

  21. Frank went up to Joe to ask him about the trashtalk and Joe just denied it. Joe talks real tough behind people’s back. I can’t wait until he gets popped, but it won’t be as good as Ian getting popped. 

    • What they should have done is an All Stars with all the Winners from Seasons 1 to 13. That would have been 13 winners who knew how to play the game right from the very start! No newbies who had no clue what to do and the drama would have been huge too! They can also make the prize be like $1,000,000 and the 2nd place finisher to get $500,000 then, everyone will be out to win from the get go!

      • BobbyWC58…….Ian is Shelley of last season who lied to everyone whispering into their ear to get this person and to the other person to get that person. At some point, he will get caught. He is nowhere near an All Star. There are 13 Big Brother All Stars who have won and all of them are good! That is who they should bring back all at once! Ratings will go thru the roof too! The reason production needs to pull all twists and stunts is because the newbie players do not know how to play and they mess up the Big Brother House doing nothing! So, why not bring back all 13 past winners then, you have a really All Star cast!

      • That would be a good idea, except who really wants to see Maggie (s6) and if I’m not mistaken Adam (b9) is in jail for selling drugs.

  22. If this pandora’s box is a setup to keep
    boogie n the house, then I am so done with BB!

    • You will be back here posting as usual. Maybe, use another username to make is seem you left! Who are you kidding? And who really cares? Why do you have to announce it to anyone? Do you think someone is going to stop you?

    • Hell, even posters on these message boards saying they are leaving are lying! They say they are leaving yet, come back here day after day to post?
      They cannot stay away and will watch till the very end and will be back again next season as well! Good for ratings for a show they supposedly hate?

      • I agree with you here. I don’t think I would ever stop watching Big Brother. However to me this year seems to be running wild with production interference/favoritism. It’s starting to become a little much, really any more and they may as well just hand Frank the money and be done with it.

        But, yeah, I won’t ever stop watching!!

  23. This show has become nothing but 55 mins of nonstop gossip.  I get so tired of all the non professionals.  These people are embarassments to their communities, families and friends.  Dan’s students should be totally disgusted to have a teacher like that.  I would hope Dan’s school would have him replaced. I wouldn’t want a person like that teaching my children.  Ian is a two face person that no one should trust, even if he is playing for money.  If he was bullied in school, he deserved it.  I tried to understand what he is doing but he is wrong. I can’t respect someone like that.  Brittany continues to be a disgusting player. She is an embarassment to females.  She acts like she is a snob.  I know they are doing this for the game, but enough is enough.  The Glass House is better than this show.  

    • Holy crap… the conniving, sneakiness, backstabbing and lying are the reasons I DO watch it!!!!
      As far as Dan, he has done nothing that would make me question his ability to teach/coach.  He is playing a game on TV where part of the gameplan is to lie, cheat and plot.  Lighten up.. at least Evel Dick isnt their teacher.

      • I would LOVE to see Evel Dick as a coach! That would have made this a lot more interesting. And I love watching the backstabbing too, especially when Boogie & Frank are talking & Boogie starts bashing the others – when they are in the same room & clueless! It’s so frickin funny.

      • They should not have brought back Brittney and Janelle. Only reason they brought them back is because of their fan base. It would have been better to have had Dr. Will and Evil Dick for the other two coaches slots in addition to Mike Boogie and Dan. That would have been a better cast.

    • Nobody deserves to be bullied. No matter what.

      What do you think is going to happen in the future when these hg’s try to get a job & the potential employer googles them or reads their facebook page & learns what kind of people they really are? I know it’s a game & it’s about the money, but what happens when they return to the real world (and not the dumb mtv “reality” show)?

  24. Frank should not be allowed to keep the POV since he admitted to cheating with the token. Granted this is not a honest game but that is taking it to far.

  25. I have not read any of the posts, and I do not have the live feeds. This is my impression after watching the program tonight. The ball machine with the ? box, is going to become a chance for the BB production to manipulate the game in a way they wish it to go. The live feed blackouts that I read about on other topics earilier today lead me to believe this. In past seasons, BB production would “steer” players in the DR. I also think that soon, which I posted before, Ian will have a circle growing on his back called a target. He better watch his back. When Ian is gone. I quite watching. The show is now too much BB production influenced.

  26. There have been several situations that have happened on BB that have made myself, along with others, say that we will never watch BB again if producers do a certain thing. But guess what, they don’t care! Ya know why??? Because they know we will still watch. Here I am 14 BB’s later! It’s a game people! As much as sometimes the producers don’t go along with “our OWN master plan” they are keeping people subconsciously interested wth their scheming ways. I want Boogie to go home more than a bear wants to sh*t in the woods. Unfortunately, Pandora’s Box may not allow that. BUT I will still watch!

    • Exactly. How many on here kept saying they were done with Big Brother yet, are still here posting on these blogs? That is no different from the NFL
      lockout where NFL fans said they were boycotting the games and even not buying merchandise. The season opens and the NFL fans spent thousands of dollars on tickets and NFL gear. Yeah, they certainly taught those rich billionaire owners and millionaire owners a lesson did they?
      The same BB Fans saying they are leaving are boosting the ratings for Big Brother because you and I know you are staying and watching which means ratings will be sky high! And you will be back for next season as
      well! I heard the empty threats last season from fans once, their favorite
      Danielle Donato got booted out last season. They stayed till the end hoping Rachel Reilly will be booted out and lose. Tough luck, she won!

    • I really don’t keep watching. In years past, I have stopped and only watched the final show. This year when Ian is gone, I will only watch the final show, and if he makes it to the Jury House, vote for him to get the $25,000. Next year I am not going to watch at all. It is the same old same old. It also is manipulated by the BB Production staff. I post on here,, but I do not post or read the posts of others on a daily basis.

  27. After watching tonight’s show. I have made this conclusion. Except of Jenn, Boogie, and Frank, the rest of the housemates have to go. Ian is such a moron. It was Boogie that took him underneath the wing. He even gave him some money during a coach’s competition to help out him out. Also, he is so naive. When Frank and Boogie (I honestly believe that Boogs is definitely going home on Thursday barring any Pandora’s box or any other weird circumstances) go, Ian is going to be following right out that door with his fellow housemates. Britney is a snitch, too. She is stirring up so much trouble; she can’t be trusted. Shane should be ashamed. It’s like this every week with him. “Yeah Bro, you are safe for this week”. The next day, “I am going to nominate Frank for eviction or as my replacement nominate”, I’m so glad that Frank won the veto. These fools are so stupid to realize that Shane is the real threat in terms of competition; Dan and Britney are the manipulators, and Ian causes deception. In terms of being rigged, I have read numerous posts stating that. When things don’t go the way that we want, we always assume that something else is going on in an immoral sense. I really thought Rachel and production had something concocted, but eventually it was her gameplay that boosted her and the other crazy HG’s that came up short and getting her out. I just don’t understand why everyone wants Frank out so bad. He kept his word, and was even honest with Dan about his feelings. Plus, he didn’t mention anyone’s else name to go out. For some unknown reason, they feel as he some huge threat. Please. As I previously stated, Shane needs to go. Danielle the puppet needs to bounce to go. If I was Frank, I would reach out to Ashley and Jenn for support this week to ensure votes in case Boogie goes up. Finally, I like the term Frankamania, and I hope that he wins HOH Thursday so he can remain in this game, and take out the rest of the looney stooges in the house.

    • I’m rooting for Frank too to win the 2nd HOH so that, he can send Shane, Dan or Brittney out the door right after Boogie! Then, he can go after whoever remains of the Silent Six most especially Shane, Dan or Brittney whoever is still in the house. He just needs to focus to winning HOH and POV each time so that, he can boot these rats out!

    • I agree with most of this except Ian. I like him. Any chance you are related to the original Redneck Joe? I really enjoyed his comments last night.

      • I wish Jillith!! I read some of his comments too. Highly provocative and informative. Redneck Joe was a colorful character!

    • I have a friend like frank.. really nice guy.. but then he got a job with some asshole type guy… it tainted him… he just became someone else and was a jerk.

      Maybe when Boogie gets voted out Frank will become normal again…but i think its too late.. oh well.

  28. Is Pee Wee Herman really going to produce next season? That would be hilarious and amazing!

  29. I can’t understand why any of them would want boogie out… they all can’t stand him so he is the perfect person to be sitting next to in the end… hope he can convince them of it.. and another point is that there is no way Shane will put up Dan… its gonna be Joe but still boogie saying goodbye.. Ian is a snake but that is the way to play I don’t see him winning the game

  30. Ian, Mr. BB Master – did you see him tonight faking his falls it was so obvious when you listen to him.  The second he thinks he is caught he will start to win – Mr. BB Master is making the game interesting – think abaout if Boogie goes ian gets credit for playing him – naive little kid – my arse

  31. I’ll be glad to see Ian go up as the replacement, he is now even more annoying that Kara was,   Go Frank Go !!!    I also think its a total ripoff that when the twist allowed the coaches to enter the game that the $100,000 prize that was supposed to go the the winning coach has now somehow just vanished….    I hope Boogie is saved by the pandora’s box even though we all know its a double eviction week.   It’s so obvious now that the coaches were told before the game even started that they would enter the game after they had a chance to manipulate their players to evict the players who seem most likely to challenge them for the main prize… remember how brittney set up willy by siccing the other newbies on him for spreading the RUMOR about the coaches entering the game….   this whole season is a disaster for Big Brother integrity…..    i’m done with it     :P

    • Has it crossed anyones mind that this season they would have skipped the fan favorite prize b/c of the coaches prize? However now that they won’t pay out a coaches prize they will still do America’s Favorite.

  32. Some people think Shane isn’t that smart and he say’s he never watch the show before but I have a feeling he has watched and knowing exactly how the PBox works and everything else…I really think he might have them a fooled time will tell…

    • Shane said that he had never watched the show before he was asked to be on it.  Then he watched some episodes so he’d know how the game was played.  He has not watched the show on TV for a season like we are doing.  I think he is playing the game very well.

  33. If all goes as planned franoogie will be split in two like a hooker riding an elephant..  Boogie does not have the votes and frank better wise up , the only person he can trust is pie crust flaky ashley who lovez him because he slipped her some tongue and whatever else. 
      but as far as game , the quack pack is set to roll if BB dosent decide to save boogie. this week. Jenn Frank and ashley are together.  Ian is starting to play a good game. If the quack pack gets rid of boogie , then anyone else they rule the nest. they have 5 people they dont even need to get rid of frank . IF jen or ashley goes thats even better if one of them leave after boogie . Boogie is the key if you knock him off then the game starts to get interesting again.  I just hope they understand that one of the quack pack must win the second HOH thursday. this can help seal the deal for most them to part of  the final five.

    • the quack pack is just that QUACK!  by staying together all they are doing is driving Shane to the final 2 and for a win!  they only other quack that could possibly pull out a win would be Ian.  By keeping boogie in the game only helps whomever makes the final two because noone will vote for him.  I hope Frank takes it all!

  34. Not only is my trust in CBS and BB completely gone, this brings into question Julie Chen’s integrity. I have admired Julie for years and also DVR her show The Talk, but right now her ratings just sank with the BB Titanic.

    •  If you don’t like this show, then don’t watch it then. Don’t insult Ms. Chen.

    • BB & the Talk are Julie’s jobs. Leave her out of it. Just like most of us we all have to work. Some people have jobs they hate, some people have jobs they love, some people just work for the money. Just saying.

  35. I hope I am wrong, but looks like Shane is not putting up Dan.  He said he didn’t want to be watching the game after seeing Dan saying he had played him and hate to say it, but think that is exactly what will be happening.  Ian has Shane convinced that Boogie needs to go.  Maybe I am wrong, but I think the better move would have been to go with Boogie and Frank.  Looks like Boogie will be going and Joe slips through yet again.  Joe is thinking he is in like flint – it is Shane, Joe and Dan to the end. I know that isn’t happening.

    Dan will be dodging another bullet again.  Frank was so right about Dan.  I know there are a lot of Dan fans out there, but I would rather see Boogie stay and I never thought I would be saying this.  Would love to see something happen to prevent this plan from happening.  Dan may be smart, but I just don’t see him doing anything.  He did say he wanted to work with Boogie right from the beginning, but nobody believes it. 

    I hope somebody sees something different than what I am seeing – I would be happy to be wrong.

  36. Everyone keeps saying this is a double eviction week? Did I miss it? Did Julie say that this week is a double eviction week? Usually the double eviction comes after there is @ least 2 ppl in jury. Some please clarify-Thx.

  37. Yea like shanes diary room session totally scripted …saying he may have to message danielles leg later….production listen please most of us know by watching after dark and the feeds that shane does not like Danielle like you want evryone to believe…so stop the lies…and let a real couple have thier showmance… Fank and ashley……

  38. I have watched all 14 seasons but never “live feeds”or “after dark”. In reading these spoiler-alerts I feel like an idiot in believing that this show wasn’t staged. It was like finding out about Santa all over again. If something happens to pull the Boogie/Frank team both off the block I’m done. I know Frank won POV and will pull himself off, but at least right now Boogie can still go, and won’t be back a 4th time hopefully. But wait. If it is staged, maybe Ashley is really intelligent. Maybe Dan hasn’t really thrown any competitions. I am so disillusioned!

  39. omg!  danielle leave shane alone at night in bed and quit asking “am i needy” the answer is yes! yes! yes!

  40. I look forward to the spoilers to find out ahead of time what happens even though I watch every episode and record it, and watch BB after dark. Seriously if Boogie has so much money why run to the $ right away?  He won’t survive without Frank who won’t survive without Boggie.  I want the meds that Ashley is on that must be some good stuff, and Jenn love the tats but fix your self up you just look dirty.  Joe omg what’s with the white strip on your chin you’re no spring chicken you know.  Britney stop whining you come across real tough but you aren’t and omg Danille, someone cool that girl down she’s got hot pants for Shane who I believe is gay nothing wrong with that in my book.  Dan a teacher wow and Ian grow up Ashley doesn’t want you just give her more meds

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