Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto

The Big Brother 14 drama continues today with the Veto competition. The Power of Veto comp follows the nominations last night and should provide yet another round of fuel to this house’s blaze. HGs have been arguing and fighting since the noms were revealed and it’s made for an incredible amount of drama in the house. Just the kind of drama that makes for great Live Feeds for us to watch all weekend.

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Read on to find out who won the Veto and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Competition Results:

  • Frank won the Veto Competition.

It’s worth noting the Live Feeds were out for a full seven hours nearly on the nose for this Veto comp. Later we learned several HGs had been sleeping for hours since the end of the Veto comp. Seems we were blacked out for some other purpose.

The players in this week’s PoV competition were Shane as HoH with Frank and Boogie. Both Boogie and Frank drew “HG’s choice” tokens during player selection which is highly unusual if not a first for Big Brother. Ian, Ashley, and Jenn were selected to play along. Boogie and Frank saw this as them effectively controlling all but Shane’s spot in comp as they consider Ian on their side and Ashley & Jenn as non-competitors.

Before the Veto comp there was a brief bit of drama for Live Feed viewers. Flashback to 12:06PM BBT to hear Frank describe a suspicious situation to Boogie. It sounds like he is detailing how he had to redraw a token, but he says he held on to a token for the “players pick” segment and drew it a second time. Fish are mixed in, but when it comes back Boogie tells Frank to never mention that part again. Sounds like they’re hiding something. Did Frank do something he shouldn’t have? You listen and decide.

Post Veto, Ian and Danielle are discussing that Frank will come down but wondering who will go up. Ian confirms he’s not in danger. Sounds like Boogie will go home. Ian asks Dan and Danielle if they “got the talk in the DR.” Ian also details how HGs are upset at Ashley for seemingly throwing the game or helping Frank win. It’s also mentioned later that Joe saw Frank and Boogie cheating, but Fish immediately cut in and we don’t get more details on that. Geez, lots of suspicious cover-up activity today.

Jump on the Live Feeds right now to watch the house react. You can check out the in-house uncensored cams with the Free Trial and then keep it for fifty cents a day. That’s a cheap price for a summer of Big Brother fun.

The Big Brother 14 Veto ceremony is expected to be held on Monday and we’ll know for sure then if it’s used. Stay close by and we’ll share those spoilers.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? Should it be used at the ceremony?

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    • I like watching Frank and Boogie in the house, but It was selfish, arrogant and greedy for Boogie to go for the $ during the HOH competition.  
      Getting evicted would be the consequences.

      •  don’t think boogie cares, he already know he wasn’t gonna win, but unlike all except 2 houseguest, he’ll be leaving with $16000, not a bad paycheck for 6 weeks work.

      • You really need to catch up on the game. Boogie and Frank aren’t real men, they’re teenage mean girls.

  1. Part 1 of the fix is on by BB, Frank winning POV. Next is Part 2 paying off HGs to vote to keep Boogie. Now I can enjoy the rest of my Summer instead of wasting it on this show.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I’m done with this season, BB isn’t even trying to play it off now. I already knew Frank was gonna win & Boogie will be safe cause Dan will be the Renom. Thanks for wasting my time CBS. Another season gone to waste! They should just get back to the original format & let new people play from now on.

      • I think I might be done with not only the season but future seasons as well.  Been watching Big Brother  every season since BB2. Very disappointed to know it could be rigged.

      • SERIOUSLY! “Let new people play from now on.” When Frank was in the arcade room talking to “super passers” and he made some comment about (I’m totally paraphrasing cause my memory is horrible), but basically something like Shane (I think) playing it like someone who hasn’t played before. And, I thought, WELL DUH! That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to be. It sholuld be played by people who haven’t played it before. The whole coach scenario, and now those coaches playing again as HGs… I just think it’s not fair to the brand new HGs, but also to America watching. Ridiculous.

      •  Here we go again with the whining and complaining. I have said this before if you don’t like it don’t watch it, but don’t put everyone else through your constant complaining and the threat about not watching anymore. Get over it!

      • I agree, game totally rigged. Fake as the rest of Hollywood. I am angry have wasted time watching this baloney. No more seasons for me BB. You shot yourself in the foot.

      • we are not haters just tired of bb fixing the game can tell u now frank is the one they want to win and will do everything they can to kkep him

      • Lol I agree! Bb has to keep ratings up and it stays intense when there are arguments! People wouldn’t be complaining if the person they wanted to win pov won. They wouldn’t care how CBS set it up! I happen to like frank! He grew on me.

    • Go watch Glass House you Rainbow Brite fag. I’m sick of the hatred of Frank and ChillTown 2012. Quack Pack sucks.

    • Production has always had a hand in things. They can’t completely control stuff but they can hint and what not. It’s always been that way or the show would be boring and we would be left with Jen and Joe. F that! Keep it up BB! I’m hoping for a coup de tat or something to save boogie. Send dan and Shane’s butts home.

      • You are right, Riotspybe … there MUST be drama for viewer interest.  All the flipping and lies and back-stabbing make for great TV. Remember every year how uneventful the last few weeks often are with only a small group in the house? I wish they would combine or “fast-track” the last couple of weeks.  

        By the way, even though I’ve watched every season, I’m having trouble remembering some of the recently-mentioned twists … can anyone refresh my memory?  What is the COUP D’ETAT, DIAMOND POWER OF VETO, and mainly FAST FORWARD?  Is the FF different from Double Eviction? Thanks!  PS:  I LOVE Ian and his game play. Don’t be fooled –  he IS a player and has a handle on everything.  He soooooo flies under the radar, especially by NOT winning comps he really could/should. That being said, I don’t think he’ll win.  Is it too early to start the “IAN FOR AMERICA’S PLAYER” campaign?

      • Remember it’s a double ilimination.  Frank will take himself off. that leaves Boogie.then he will nominate Dan. No one will vote. they both will go. then the house needs to consecrate on Brittany off, if any of them wants to win. I think it will be Ian. Boogie doesn’t care anyway. He is after money. He knows he is going doesn’t care about anyone or he would have gone for the veto to save Frank. The sooner the better.

    • Ian is playing the game.  He talks game and everything he does is actualy strategy (taking slop, dog costume, etc).  Ashley, Jen, and Joe rarely if ever talk game.  They are true floaters, not Ian.  I think Ian is playing with brains.  

      • ok maybe a little, but we only see that on BBAD, the show does not do a good job showing that. Taking slop and the dog costume is not strategy its dumb. 

      • Honestly, Ian creeps me out. The way he rocks back and forth when he’s sitting. The way he looks at people when they aren’t looking at him. His awkwardness with everyone in the house. But, I do think he’s playing the game the same cut throat way as everyone else. He just does it with a submissive, nice persona so people don’t feel as drawn to call him out on it. I think the other HGs are using him. But, as much as they are using him, he’s just as happy to ride on whichever train he thinks will get him closest to the end. Even if that means changing course midstream. I mean, Frank and Boogie are still a strong alliance. He woulda done well to stick with them. But, since he thinks they’ll get the boot, he’s changing sides. I have no desire to see Ian win. I don’t think the nice guy persona is just an act, but it’s just creepy, and I hope it doesn’t get him all the way to the half a million.

    • Ugh gag me. Floaters are what keeps the game interesting. They’re unpredictable. When the house divides into two giant teams it gets boring. If I wanted to watch two teams duke it out I’d watch Survivor.

  2. Frank won veto! Bwahaha! This kid doesn’t die. If he keeps this up I can’t wait to see him on All-Stars.

  3. C’mon people. Do you really think the producers of the show are going to let Boogie get voted off.  Never gonna happen.  The show has become so obviously scripted that I just read the spoilers now and won’t watch the it.

    • haha!!! I’m sure you were saying the exact same thing when Janelle was on the block. “Oh there’s no way ‘they’ let Janelle get evicted this week”. How’d that turn out?

      • I don’t remember Danielle mentioning that the producers wouldn’t let her put Janelle up, though. This time seems a bit different.

  4. I hope that Frank gets caught, seriously he is pissing me off. I know that this game is rigged a bit, but come on. Boogie needs to go, but we all know he’s not going to. This might just change my opinion about watchin Big Brother next year..

    • Whatever. If this was Brit or Mr. Shane in the closet with Wil, no one would have these ludicrous comments. Frank is making history. 4 times up on the block and he is going off again. No one else in BB history has ever done that. The floaters such as Jenn, loud and annoying Joe really have to go. By the way, people should start gunning for Shane. The closet man has won HOH 3x and POV 3x. Why is no one trying to him out?

      • He didnt get voted out because production doesnt want him off. Why else would production ask Shane over and over again as he is putting keys into the key box if he is sure about putting Boogie and Frank up on the block? Why else would Frank get away with cheating while putting out a veto player? The facts are right here in black and white, stop being so senseless.

      • rj they want frank to stay just like cholla said plus its the first time they ever had 2 pickers of veto choice so they could pick players that cant win nothing jenn ashley come on think some

      • Mr Shane in the closet.. nice! I agree.. for some reason these ppl seem to like the nerd herd 2.0… BORING.. I hope pandoras box has a way to kep boogie too! OR, put up Dumbell and vote her crazyness out! That’s just good tv! LOL

      • I wasn’t sure how much I cared for Frank as a player but he has proven he deserves to be there he’s like a cat w 9 lives. I think he’s been up on the block the most he is starting to grow on me don’t have a specific fav this season just watching as it goes along but do have the players I like and not so much. The ones doing nothing are driving me nuts

      • It sounds like once he cheated and once was no eviction why would he get credit for that?

      •  and why is no one gettting boogie out???  and  when everyone finds out who Franks dad is ..  ha ha  hes not close to his dad  come on  liar and a cheat.. frank go home and find yourself  are you a girl trapped in a mans body.. you might as well come out now

    • There are so many shows that need viewing. Project Runway is in dire straits. Maybe you can help them in the Neilsen ratings. Don’t get upset about Frank winning or Dairy Queen calling shots.

  5. wow really. I’m starting to think this show is rigged. How does he become safe again? I hope he goes home this week because its double eviction

  6. What about the supposed medical drama? Rumors have it that paramedics had to be called in for a houseguest….rumors had it as Ashley?

    • There was no medical drama. Any “rumors” that get started while the Feeds are on Trivia are completely bogus. There’s no way anyone outside production know what’s going on at those times and they aren’t sharing any details.

      • That is the funny thing. They had it on Joker BB Updates that Ashley won the POV and also had a medical emergency. Then, they took it down. I thought for sure it was true.

      • Thank you for clearing that up. Good reasoning as to how on earth anyone would have known about any alleged medical drama that supposedly occured during the P.O.V. comp.


  7. I have always liked the show and to find out BB riggs things or allows the players to rigg things is disappointing.  No point watching the show any longer.   

  8. frank cheated and should be put out of the house.if they let him stay after he said he cheated it is fixed

    • Buddy you need to be fixed wit your lame and idiotic statements. If you still have a problem, call up Julie and Allison G. You know where to find me. Stop the Hate with Frank.

    • I don’t think Frank should be evicted from the house for cheating, but definitely be striped of the POV- and I like him.

    • Right Boogie is coaching him on what to say if productions pulls the tape. If nothing happen why do you need scenarios? Also why would boogie say if they find out you could be disqualified. I think they should take to POV from Frank.

  9. Great news, couldn’t be better.  I like Frank, think Boogie is a douche, although I do enjoy him for entertainment value.  I would agree, if Boogie stays, the fix is in..

  10. All this talk of fixing sounds like sour grapes. Quit talking about possibly not watching the show…to don’t watch it then. I’m sure CBS will have to cancel after 14 years since you stopped watching.

    • Funny people keep saying they will stop watching the show but, they are still here posting! And who really cares if you don’t watch? Big Brother has millions of fans and do you really think anyone cares? So, leave already.

  11. It seems like BB does not want Frank to go home it looks like they want him to win everytime he go on the block they do some to keep him in a bunch of BULL

    • Yeah, just wait till Frank wins the 2nd HOH and Dan, Brittney or Shane will go right after Mike Boogie! They will be in excellent company. Also, the less of them, the easier for the other newbie floaters to target the Quack Pack!

      • It does not matter who is put up against Mike. This Thursday is double eviction and Mike goes home.

  12. I agree with what the last writer said.   BB is worthless if rigged.   Can’t watch anymore either.  Network should be ashamed.  Bye Bye BB

      • Redneck you seem to have a lot to say. But not really anything smart. As far as BB goes we found out a few seasons back that they rig the show to make it go in certain directions. I am just curious what each houseguests contract states because I just wonder how the houseguests could be ok with the setups. If I were playing for 500,000 and the show interfered with my game and I ended up going home you would think one would look into the legalities of it. Considering other people sue for stupid things like spilled coffee. But redneck as far as you calling people names. Hope that makes you feel better.

  13. what a sham – had to wait this long to find out what we already knew – Frank wins.  If you have noticed nothing was said what the veto comp consisted of.  It is  sad when this game can’t be played by the players but by what production wants.

  14. Frank doesn’t die because production keeps him safe! This sucks! Frank needs to go. We all heard frank tell mike he cheated so production heard it too. He needs to lose the veto power. Come on BB, lets play fair!  If the show is scripted don’t advertise it as a game because it is not. Very disappointed in BB this year. There is no way it is by chance that frank is always saved from eviction. It was all set that he go home and what do you know, production pulls a fast one with letting the game go into rewind, Come on!  let me guess, franks going to win HOH next week and shane will go on the block. 

  15. LOL, and so the conspiracy theories start a-flying!  Guess we’ll see what happens this Thursday.  If Boogie stays, then I’ll be inclined to agree.

    We all know production interferes with the show.  It happens more and more every year.  But I’ve NEVER heard of them doing so while the HOH is making his final decision alone in the HOH room!  That practically borders on cheating!  And now Frank wins POV?  So, yeah, third strike will be if Mike isn’t evicted this week.  Then we’ll know who production is rooting for.

    As it is, I haven’t really been all that interested this season.  It’s full of no players worth rooting for and predictable outcomes.  This week has been the best of the summer so far.  At least, until this moment.  Now it’s heading back in the direction of boring for me.

    So this Thursday will have to give me a sign of what I want to do with the rest of the season: quit watching full time and just DVR the episodes to skim through them, or keep watching.

  16. I have to also agree with what the posts are saying.   Big Brother can have all the HG’s they want but if they are going to fix compeitions or allow the players to cheat then that just plain sad.  If Frank really palmed a chip for veto then the show should kick him out.  He should not be allowed to stay in the house if he’s cheating.   The game playing and lying is one thing but fixing and rigging comp. is just poor taste for show.   Show lost me with Franks admission of the chip cheating and shame on the owners of the show for allowing cheats to stay.

    • Production is allowing Frank to stay after he kept the chip because they are the one who gave it to him….

      • Where are your sources Gidget? Get some facts and come back and see me. Too many cuckoos on here. They can not appreciate the greatness of Frankamania.

  17. Sounds like Production DID have some input after all! It was mentioned earlier that they, Boogie and Frank, were given the “HG Choice” chips ahead of time so they could switch if needed. I didn’t want to believe it could actually occur, but now, with not one but TWO, is just way too suspicious to chalk it up to “luck”.
    Well, I’d rather see Mike leave anyway, and they DO still have the votes to toss him right back home to his real problems (cough).

    Any news or truth to Ashley needing Medical help?
    I really hope BB straightens itself out. There are a LOT of people, including myself, very close to giving up on this show…

    Any other updates??

    • The game is fixed.
      Predictions for Thursday:
      1. Boogie leaves, Frank wins HOH and Shane/Britany/Dan goes goes home by second eviction.
      2. Boogie stays, Boogie or Frank win HOH, Shane/Brit/Dan goes home by second eviction.

    • Boogie and Frank know production is keeping them safe too. They havent been worried about eviction once. I always fought with people that the show wasn’t rigged. Now I feel like the idiot for backing up the producers.

  18. Frank = Big Viewers with the connection to his legendary WWE Wrassling father, Allison is smart to keep him in the game

  19. I would just like to point out that even though Frank possibly had palmed a houseguest’s choice chip, he still won pov. 

    • Whew. I thought Big Brother just had him compete against himself according to some of the theories on here.

    • You realize that one thing has a direct impact on the other thing right? If he wins a POV over players that are directly trying to make sure that he’s out of the game it’s much different than people that really have no personal interest in the outcome of a competition. Jenn for example really had no reason to win. Dan on the other hand would really like nominations to stay the same. BIG difference.

  20. so the fix is in? just because frank won the pov? that wasnt said before when shane won how many povs and hohs? i dont know why they targeted frank from day 1. i think its time to move on and get rid of some others like brit, jen,joe and liar ian. this group cant be loyal for longer then a week. they need to show some skill other then lying.

    • Shane didn’t admit to palming a “Houseguest’s Choice” chip so he wouldn’t accidentally draw the name of someone who’d try to beat him, nor has any other houseguest so far complained about production trying to get him/her to change nominations. Something’s a bit fishy.

  21. ideal situation will come to pass –> Boogie and Dan on the block.

    adios to another coach !

    • Perfect time to backdoor Dan because he thinks all his puppets are still loyal to him. Huge surprise if he gets backdoored! Would be even bigger than the Janelle backdoor!

      • Shane wont backdoor Dan. He almost lost Britney by using her name in a conversation with Boogie and Frank. He needs the Quack Pack. He’ll put up Ashley, Jenn, or Joe.

      • BBFan……Shane would be stupid not to backdoor Dan. If Frank wins the 2nd HOH, he will put up Shane and Dan on the block with Brittney as the replacement nominee. Shane would be a fool not to make a deal now. One of them will get evicted and it could him. So, stick with Dan and take his chances? Shane could get evicted after Mike Boogie which is his choice if he wants to protect Dan instead of saving himself!

      • Dan is still in Shane’s alliance and they still have the numbers to take Boogie out even if Frank takes out Dan it really doesn’t change things for Shane. If he switches and takes out Dan he’s the most targeted person in the house it makes no logical sense to take Dan out for Shane. Boogie and Frank have tons of reasons to see it happen.

      • @122cab1d2ab7f66d6c9b3a8624c181a7:disqus Logical sense: Shane would be a total idiot if he backdoored Dan. Boogie would still go home. Brittany, Danielle, Ian, Joe, and possibly Ashley and Jenn would vote out Boogie. Frank would be Dan’s only vote. And make a deal with who? Frank? One person that has been targeted all season? Thats dumb. Boogie will be gone. If Shane does backdoor Dan, that means Danielle, Ian, Brittany, and Dan will be coming after him no matter what. So sorry, but I’d rather have 4 other people on my side instead of trying to get me out.

        Plus- Shane would just never do that. Ever. And if he does, again he would be an idiot.

  22. Shane should renom Brit since it sounds like there’s a rift there and now she’s throwing Dan under the bus. I hope Boogie goes home and either Dan, Shane, or Ian win maybe Brit or Frank if either of them makes it to the end. I think Boogie brought Frank’s game down because of his rep everyone was doubting Frank’s loyalty from the beggining and saw him as a threat. I feel bad for Frank cause I think he would’ve had a better chance at winning if not for Boogie and I would’ve liked to have seen him and Shane stick to their final two deal and work together cause they would’ve been unstoppable but Shane messed that one up by listening to Brit.

    • It is a TV show & it has been manipulating outcomes for many seasons. If you’ve followed BB in past seasons you already know this. You went into this season knowing that the “game” would be manipulated once again. You just had the hopes that it was your favorite player that got the upper hand from production. Anne about production giving boogie and frank the players choice chips before the veto draw. Duh I totally would believe that happened. Pretty darn sure they did that last season for Jordan or rachelle. It’s a TV show that produces a game show for entertainment value. Love them/hate them doesn’t matter bc we all know that keeping B/F on the show provides entertainment for viewers. What a boring summer it would have been without them on the show!

  23. Why do all of you hold sooooo much HATRED for Frank? He didn’t cheat.. boogie drew HG choice. Chose Ian. Frank drew Ian, but Ian had already been chosen. He re-drew and he picked HG choice a second time and chose Ashley. BB had them re do the thing so they could get a better angle for the show, this is NORMAL. They dumped the bag of chips out , per USUAL, to prove it was legit. Frank held onto the HG choice chip he originally drew so he could make it look like on camera he was originally drawing it. That is what he was talking about to Boogie, folks. I’m sick of reading these freakin conspiracy theories. Last week everyone was was hoping for a “rigging” to save Janelle… such hypocrites. If its not a player you like, it MUST be rigged, right?… LMAO. to all of you saying you’re going to stop watching, to that I say GO AHEAD. We will not miss you. The show will continue on for years to come without your negative antics. I’m just sick of it. I remember last year when Danielle Donato was back doored and it looked suspect that the DR was trying to save her, I brought it up and I was REAMED in a PM by the founder of another site, yet this year, I go over there and all that guy is doing is whining that it’s rigged and it’s because he’s not a fan of Boogie. Lol I can’t help but laugh. Ronnie from BB11 tweeted that they ALWAYS have two HG choice chips in the bag, they ALWAYS do a re-shoot for the show and they ALWAYS hold onto their chips to make it look like they are drawing them for the first time. You people and your conspiracy theories..they are good comedic relief. I can’t wait til Frank wins HoH during this double eviction and puts Dan and Shane on the block. I’m sick of all the Frank hate from both inside the house and online. He’s a stand up guy, funny, friendly, not fake…. He hasn’t really lied to one person this season. He could have told Dan last week that the thought never crossed his mind to BD him, but instead he was honest. It would have been a lot easier to lie. I understand the Boogie hate because he’s classless… But Frank isn’t. Like I said last night. I guess this is a world now that rewards behavior like Britney’s, and her catty, catty talk…. its apparent from most everyone’s comments here. Go ahead, flame away at me, I’m stating my opinion like all of you.

    • I’m a huge Janelle fan and I was personally upset that they went out of their way to save her. I wish they’d just let the game play out, its just as entertaining.

      • Let me put it in simple terms. Frank is more trustworthy than Shane who had alliance with Frank and betrayed Frank each time. What about Brittney who cries crocodile tears of poor Janelle yet, was part of the plan to backdoor Janelle, big hypocrite she is! Dan who lies and backstabs his alliance without skipping a bit. He gets away with it because of his guy nice act but, he is a milder version of Mike Boogie. Mike Boogie is arrogant and that is his only difference with Dan pretty much and your idol Janelle has betrayed her alliances left and right this season, count twice for her alliance with Brittney, betrayed her alliance with Boogie by going after Frank each week, lied multiple times and mocked the newbies as her puppets. Yes, your idol is probably the worst of the lot and only a fool cannot see that!
        She good backdoored because she deserved it! Frank even asked Mike Boogie to give the $3,000 and $1,000 to Ian and Jenn and look what that rat Ian did to backstab both Mike Boogie and Frank! Frank is way better than all these rats you hold dear and that is the real deal!

    • About time someone speaks the bleeping truth. Unlike the Frank haters. All of you can rot in you keep hating on Frank.

    • First of all, I actually DO like Frank! What I don’t like is Boogie assuming credit for every single thing that Frank does or doesn’t do. Boogie is trying like hell to “create” a new “chill-town”. The difference this time is, instead of Dr. Will making the decisions for Boogie, it’s Boogie trying to be like Dr. Will.
      I think if Boogie goes, Frank has a MUCH better chance at winning than if he stays.
      As for “conspiracy theories”, please, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck… No one finds it just a little odd that only the weakest of players were able to compete with the Shane, Mike, and Frank?
      I was against the bringing back of former players since day one, and look how lovely it’s working out…
      Oh, and a small fact, Thursday night’s ratings hit their all time low for a live eviction. It’s been losing viewers all season so far.
      Check out “TV By The Numbers”… I’m not making it up…..

      • So what walked and quacked like a duck? I think Arkeith explained the HG chips exceptionally well. TV ratings go up and down for every show. Not to mention this show gets bonus revenue for live feeders and has been around for 14 years. I guess I would be willing to bet this show with it’s intense following will stick around. Plus, there is whining every year that production is rigging or helping someone…this year is no different. Perhaps, the people it is supposedly benefitting has.

      • I’ve known this game since the first season. There’s a reason that Big Brother airs in the Summer, and not during the Prime time season.

        As for the duck reference, Boogie, period. His “game” hasn’t changed, and this is his third time. The rest of the House, minus maybe one or two, know Boogie’s game play. He’ll do or say anything. He’d sell out anyone if it benefited him. And as for “game play”, that would be fine, except Boogie’s way of doing it is what makes most people sick.

        I look forward to seeing Frank after Boogie leaves. I really think he has the potential to win. But, NOT while tied to Boogie.

    • I think everyone has an opinion on who deserves to win, however, this season is disappointing. But it is what it is…. I liked Frank at first but seems like Boogie may be his downfall. I dont respect his play becuz he is always saying how he is playing an honest gme & is a standup guy but he wanted to do the same thing that Shane did each time he was in power….So why you mad? Cuz someone out foxed you? You should hve played your game not Boogies and Dan would hv possibly lft last week……My prediction are…Boogie will go home… Dan will win the next HOH……Frank and Joe will be nom’d…..Frank will go home in double eviction…. & Ian will be the last man standing with the$.

      • And my prediction is Frank and Boogie convince Shane to put up Dan as replacement nominee in exchange for safety in 2nd HOH eviction. If Shane refuses, Frank if he wins 2nd HOH puts up Shane and Dan as nominees and Brittney as replacement nominee. Perfect as quack pack can tear each other apart to survive! Offer safety to Ian, Brittney and Danielle for their vote to evict Dan. Dan gets evicted, Frank and Boogie still in the house and time to go after the rest of the Quack Pack!

    • Do you have to write a book??? Shane even said the producers were trying to get him not to put up Frank and Boogie. Which the way I see it the producers are fixing the outcome.

  24. Did anyone just notice Danielle rubbing BBQ sauce onto raw chicken, then lick it off??? Check out 8:27BBT on camera 4!! haha

    • YES!!!!  I don’t understand how these houseguests don’t know not to do that.  Joe was doing the same thing with the raw Cod the other night. 

      • Isn’t Danielle a Nurse?  Shouldn’t she know the health risks involved with raw chicken?  Hmm..makes me think perhaps her being a nurse is a bunch of crap.

    • Perfect way to get salmonella poisoning. We may not have to worry evicting
      Danielle with her getting herself sick all by her lonesome. What is sad is this woman is supposed to be a nurse? 

      • If she is a nurse imagine being her patient.
        I think it’d go something like this:
        “Hey nurse, my leg is bleeding really bad.”
        Danielle’s reply is “oh that’s ok let me just lick it off”.

  25. Frank and Boogie……Time to revisit the backdoor plan. Give Shane the choice of safety for the 2nd HOH in exchange for putting up Dan as replacement nominee.
    Then, secure the votes of Danielle, Ian and Brittney in exchange for safety for the 2nd HOH eviction and backdoor Dan. That would even be bigger than the Janelle backdoor because Dan will not expect it!

  26. Everybody keeps saying that Boogie needs to go, but Boogie, Janelle (gone now) and Frank are the only ones with personality on the show and make it fun to watch. Ian to some extent, but the floaters Jen, Joe and Ashley are about as exciting to watch as paint dry. Brittney is a mess, Shane is spineless and cant keep his word to save his life… Danielle is just batspit crazy…. Just a first year BB fan, but thats the way I see it. 

  27. ok all you Boogie haters, its me again the Boogie fan(i think the only way i like him is because of Dr. Will, weird I know). Having said all that. I ask this…please feel free to respond. If production “doesn’t want Boogie gone, wouldn’t they try the same thing with Janelle, since everyone seems to like her? I know she was up against Frank, but why not try to renom someone else and get her out later? Food for thought. 

  28. At the end of the day, this is a TV show.  Not a “Reality” show…it’s a Game Show.  The cast is chosen by directors & producers who have a specific criteria for each cast member (Hunk, gay/lesbian person(s), hot girls(s), nerd, etc.).  The comps may not be “fixed” but are chosen based on the situation.  This HAS gotten more obvious over the last few seasons.  CBS wants the big players, not floaters.  Unfortunately this hurts the credibility of the game.

  29. I bet it was a “who has a wrestler dad” competition. Whoever has a wrestler dad wins. Good job, production! you ruined a good show! Rachel and Jordan twist last year, and now this? 

  30. All things considering….Boogie did the right thing as he will be going home with 16,000. In hindsight, he should of not went for the 10k and went for the HOH but was trusting in his alliance which normally would of been smart but he should of gone with Frank’s guts and backdoored Dan.

    Know knowing the show is rigged in any degree make it harder to watch as the upcoming season will make it hard for anyone to win without production tainting the win in the eye of viewers.

  31. i thuought it was funny when shane said he was gonna play the gay card…………….i thought he was gay that’s why he not into dani,remember some of the stuff he was saying before in the game about will,to dani and said he was only kidding, well he is not fooling me..i hope frank and boggie show ian some real street smarts…….mike gave that kid 3000 bucks ian needs a beat down by old man mike

    • Maybe Ian did not see it, when Mike had that $3,000 and $1,000 to give away, Frank pointed to both Ian and Jenn. Mike Boogie and Frank protected his ass and he betrays them in turn! Disgusting rat Ian is!

    • That goes along with Shane’s comment about his pink tank top. It was something about being comfortable in his skin, I can’t remember exact words.

  32. While it would be kind of funny to back door Dan, it would be a stupid move on Shane’s part as that would leave Frank and Boogie together and could possibly run the house. So Shane now needs to put Ashley or Jenn on the block next to Boogie and hopefully secure the votes of Britney, Dan, Danielle and the somewhat wild card Ian and maybe even try to secure Joe’s vote and that would vote to evict Boogie. 

    In my opinion, if Shane can’t get Boogie out, it would be another waste of an HOH. Boogie is a big threat (ratings or not), he needs to be evicted next and before the jury comes into play. And no, I don’t want to see Dan win BB14.

    • That would make sense if you spell it out for Shane. If he does not agree to backdoor Dan, if Frank wins the 2nd HOH, Frank will put Shane and Dan on the block with Brittney as the replacement nominee. If Shane wants to take his chance then, go ahead if not, put up Dan. Frank and Boogie can also
      ask Brittney, Danielle and Ian to vote out Dan in exchange for their own safety. Sometimes, coercion is a powerful weapon if you use it!

  33. Cholla and the rest of the Frank haters needs to stop being clueless and moronic. Again, grow some balls and confront me like a real man.

  34. i am sick of hearing dr. will when it comes down to mike this time arond he is playing a true game and people hate him for it make up your mind already he is not all that bad just get over it

    • As far as the former coaches go, I would likt to see boogie as the last one in the game. One reason: he was the only coach that chose not to come in the game. Think it would be lil funny:)

  35. You guys are great. Riddle me this, who else has won besides Frank or Shane?Daneille and that’s only because that comp is designed for people that weigh 98 pounds soaking wet.It’s gonna be great watching Britt suck up to Shane so she doesn’t get put up. He should put her up but that guy is dumber than a bag of hammers, great competitor though. Dude dodged another bullet and his nomination destroyed the packrat whatever. Hey Dan, now you have to start playing, no more sandbagging it, you’re the next fallguy. Boogie, if you get out of this one, you are the man.

    • I am rooting for a Dan backdoor which Boogie and Frank have to sell to Shane. It Shane agrees and Boogie and Frank corrals the votes of Ian, Brittney, Danielle then, they can backdoor Dan! This will be bigger than the Janelle backdoor because Dan believes he has everyone in his pocket 100%

      • That’s gonna be a hard sell. Britt will stand in the way of that one. They need her to be out of the loop on that one if that plan has any chance. For some reason, Shane listens to her and can;t figure out that she;s the one that made him get all that blood on his hands. There’s already a rift between those two so you never know.

      • Brittney is only safe for the first HOH where Mike Boogie and Frank are the nominees. They play for another 2nd HOH for the 2nd eviction and Brittney is not safe on the 2nd HOH eviction!

  36. Sorry to get off topic but does anybody notice that on bb after dark on showtime it says thursday is this season’s ‘FIRST double eviction” maybe there will be another double eviction later on in the season? hmmm?

  37. Honestly, I’m glad Frank won veto. Frank deserves to be there and if production keeps thinking of ways to save him then I’m happy about it. People have been targeting him since day 1 and it’s been completely unfair. Yeah life isn’t fair so don’t bitch when BB helps Frank when it’s obvious he’s one of the best players in the house and the other houseguests are cowards. If Frank leaves I’m not watching. He deserves to win whether I like him and Boogie, Frank deserves this win. 

  38. I hope that crossed eyed Geico lizard Britney goes home soon…so tired of her. Stop saying that this show is rigged. Life is rigged. Look at Romney and his unethical political standpoints. Obama not trying hard enough for us. Rachel winning BB. Get over it. Make a difference or shut your mouth and know your role.

  39. I think the Big Brother production is trying way to hard to control the outcome of this season.  They aren’t even trying to hide their Boogie favoritism.  I hope the dude goes home!   I cannot stand him.  

  40. Shane is gay as rainbows and Janelle’s hair extensions. He needs to man up and admit it. Wil will be a bigger man than Shame.

      • Wow. What’s next. Are you going to get down on your knees and blow Mr. Shane in the closet? Don’t forget the Kleenex if you don’t swallow.

  41. I bet 20$ the production put in like 5 HG choice tokens. Disgusting. Boogie is going home.

    • Well, you would lose your bet. They have to empty the bag to show it’s legit. But hey maybe the DR teaches them David Copperfield sleight of hand tricks! Gotta keep the conspiracy theories open!

  42. Pandora box will probably give the veto holder the right to remove both nominations.
    That would be interesting.

  43. A kindly note to the users of this forum:

    You should ignore users like Redneck Joe and those like him who accuse you of being “Haters”.  Haters is merely a term used by the uniformed or ignorant who can not defend their position and there fore try to turn things back on you.  In their limited view there is no way you could disagree with them unless there is something wrong with “YOU”.

    There is NO defense to being called a “HATER”, it is merely an attempt on their part to put YOU in a defensive posture.  There is NO way to defend yourself from this kind of an attack.  It is an attempt to make you waste your time and ours from something which cannot be defended aganist, and you should not even try.
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    • First of Tim, please get off my nuts please. If you don’t like what I have to say, that’s your problem. Urban Dictionary is used by tools that can’t afford Webster’s dictionary. You are ignorant and we were face to face, you would not be talking crap like this. Your mandible and orbital socket would be crushed. I bet you don’t know where those specific landmarks are on your body. Something is wrong with you. You best keep your trap shut if you know what is best.

      • Trust me, I don’t want to be near you nuts, that’s your problem not mine.
        Urban dictionary was the only one that justifies your use of the term “haters”
        In what way was I ignorant?
        If we were face to face I would be talking the same way I am now, why wouldn’t I be, it’s not crap.
        My guess is that you mean by reference to my “mandible” and “orbital sockets” is that you would bust my jaw and give me a blacke eye, and no, I did not need to check with Websters to come to that conclusion!
        Why you think something is wrong with me I don’t understand, I don’t need to use a useless phrase like “haters” to hide behind.
        And as far as, keeping my trap shut if I know what’s best, Big Brother Matt, sounds like he’s making threats to a poster who has been nothing but civil.

        Redneck Joe, and your name says it all, perhaps YOU are the one who needs to be careful!?!


      • @Tim- So you were the poster that has been nothing but civil? Maybe I read it wrong but you singled him out in your comment out of everyone. Then you went on to say his vocabulary was ignorant. Perhaps you can give me the Webster’s dictionary definition of civil…

      • Maybe Tim didn’t need to check with Websters to find that anatomy, but I’m sure he checked Wikipedia.

    • By the way, my Mossberg knows no boundaries. Don’t test or address your voice or opinions to me ever again.

      • Testing, this is only a test.
        I have replied, this is my voice, “whatca gonna do?”
        Big Brother Matt, sounds like more threats to me, don’t you think?


      • Jillith,

        Acutually I edited the pastes, one had some language which should not be used in polite company, but thanks for the compliment.

      • He also knows how to call someone out by name, provoke him, and then when he gets a negative reaction, to cry for Big Brother Matt. Priceless.

    • Tim, you are the reason why this country is heading in the wrong direction. Ignoramuses like you should be banned on here and exterminated in real life. I am civil and southern gentleman that loves sunrises, bourbon, and Big Brother. You are a buffoon. An insignificant speck on this planet that is wasting my air and misusing my resources. You are probably are on WIC and food stamps. Must be nice to have a trac phone with reliable internet capabilities. You fascist and vile creature. I sense jealousy when I read your posts. You want to be part of Frankamania and of the American dream but you can’t. Comprehend this son. I made 1.2 million last year. You wish your feeble Machiavellian tail could sniff that.

      • “Commenting Rules: Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. Insulting the author, Big Brother Network, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban”

        Considering that your last 2 comments to me have been removed by the moderator, and your comment above is obviously not a source of intelligent debate, and is indeed a personal attack, perhaps YOU are the one who should be banned.

        Your comment has been flagged as inappropriate

      • A true southern gentleman would NEVER wish extermination on another person.   And i should know…i’m from the south.   You need to spend some of those millions you make on charm school.   But then it would take more money than you have to give you some respectability.

        You might be a redneck…if your gene pool doesn’t have a deep end.   Something to think about Redneck Joe.

  44. If Frank and Boogie can convince Shane to backdoor Dan then there is no denying Boogie is one of the greatest players to play this game. If not then I guess Boogie is going end up as collateral damage, which will put Frank in a difficult position. I’m gonna keep rooting for Frank because as much as some of you guys hate him, he’s been on the block four times and survived ever single time. And that’s before any houseguest has even been sent to jury…

  45. So if the “Fix” is in why is Janelle gone and Shane keeps winning! I don’t hear anyone complaining about that.

    • I’d much rather watch wanna-be playmate Janelle than watch Shane who thinks he’s the best thing to ever happen to BB.

    • That’s a good point, I think the most probable “fix” would have been Janelle and Boogie BOTH staying as their rivalry would have been entertaining to watch.  Of course, who really knows what attempts might have been made to save Janelle to no avail and plan B might be trying to save Frank and Boogie. I would just like to think that the producers wouldn’t just blatantly try to control the game to THAT extent, but I might be deluding myself…

  46. too much Bs, elimunate the double eviction this week and keep the same people in then go for the jugular the following week and have a double eviction plus come down on  the cheater. Nobody is gonna convince methat he did not cheat. And they wanted to sue glass house. right

  47. My BB scenario I see happening: Boogie gets voted out, Frank wins HOH, nominates Dan and Britney, Shane/Frank wins veto but it doesn’t matter because Dan goes home regardless on the double eviction. That would be interesting. 

  48. Not hating on frank but it seems like big brother is doing everything it can to make frank win the whole competition.. This is really ridiculous…

    • I would rather have it be Frank set up to win over Boogie winning again, because, unlike Boogie, Frank is a very good competitor, seems like an all-around nice guy, etc.  I appreciate the sense of honor that Frank seems to have picked up from his upbringing (of course, I’m just going by what he has said in that regard).  Boogie is a disgusting snake who can’t be gone too soon.

      Of course, I do agree with you that NO ONE should be set up to win, I would just rather have it be ANYONE other than Boogie.

  49. So many people complaining that the game is rigged.
    Ever think that maybe Frank is actually a good player?

    • Frank and Shane keep winning,I don’t understand why they didn’t team up. They could easely take the house they’d never lose HOH and alternate each week haha. 

      However, i do think prod is helping the froogie alliance (which is probably done to certain extents each season ) a bit which sucks… but Frank is a good player.

      • who cares if Shane is a douche. If there weren’t any coaches Frank and Shane would have teamed up. Shane came to see Frank, and Frank could have easely controlled him. But he was already with Boogie. Thats why in the end Shane nominated Frank but this could have gone so differently.

      • They did team up in an alliance but, each time Shane betrayed Frank and put him on the block! In the last one with Mike Boogie, Shane again betrayed his alliance.

  50. This is ridiculous. I am so sorry this show is fixed. It was fun while it lasted.  I don’t care who “wins”. I guess, for some reason, Frank is the chosen one by the show. See you next year, BB-maybe.

  51. I am so sorry this show is fixed. It seems like Frank is the chosen one this year. I don’t really care who “wins”. It was fun while it lasted.

  52. mike did not press the button why let us think about that, he had a contract he is all biz and money he was happy just being a coach……….think about who lied jennale and britt,dan said he did press the button to save frank, that made no sense he has been after frank all along,and the coaches say the newbies are dumb ….really the only smart one was mike his contract is still valid so he is winning

    • In re Boogie being all “biz and money”; I guess that may be true since he’s facing at least one, maybe two, HUGE lawsuits against him when he gets out. The main one, his own “former” business partner.
      It’s kind of funny that there are people actually buying into his whole nice guy routine…
      He COULD have tried to assure safety for himself and Frank in the HoH, but the 10K was much more important. He didn’t even hesitate. I wonder, since he is so sincere, did he talk to Frank prior to taking away ANY shot of winning HoH?

  53. it should be ian,but if i had to guess it would be ash or jenn,because shane has no .alls to backdoor dan

  54. Omg I’m seriously tired of people say its “rigged” or “fixed” shut up honestly if you don’t like it please STOP watching holy cow

  55. dont the newbees know that they have the vote to get the coaches out —frank and shane are smart enough to get jen-joe-ian-ashley-and maybe danelle to play and vote the coaches out—mike can go this week and then there are seven people ready to get two coaches out — come on people open ur eyes 

    • According to the conspiracy theorists here, any influence in BB happens to Mike and Frank only. So, with Franks first vote this year…they will MAKE him vote to keep Boogie.

  56. I hope Jen goes on the block and goes home, she’s the least entertaining floater this season and maybe of all time. This would make a good double eviction week while most likely losing a somewhat entertaining player like Boogie or anyone else. Now that would make for the best tv ratings.

  57. I used to like Britney but she is a tool. Froogie OBVIOUSLY will go after Dan… yet she’s “i can’t talk to no one cuz the other side gets mad”… and this girl was a coach? Tomorrow she’s gonna be crying in a corner. Pick a side sister, and pick the side with Dan and Shane because they will be targeted before you.


    • If Dan is blindsided, Brittney better throw him under the bus because if she does not, she will be on the chopping block. Shane better put up Dan too because if not, he too will be nominated if Frank wins the 2nd HOH. Time to make a deal fools because you don’t get second chances. You burned Frank too many times already. This time you have to perform first to make sure you hold your ends up!

  58. I think Shane did the right thing in his nominations. Because next week when Frank can play for HOH, he would nominate Shane or Dan So Shane got them before they got him. Go Shane!

    • If you believe that he made the right move, Shane deserves to go next in the 2nd HOH eviction as this is a double eviction week. Frank having won POV means he can now compete for that 2nd HOH! If Frank wins that 2nd HOH, he will put up Shane and Dan with Brittney as replacement nominee and one of them follows Mike Boogie out the door!

      • You don’t think Frank will go after Shane next week when given the chance? He was set to go against the alliance last week when he wanted to back door Dan. Boggie told him it was too early and. Not back dooming would show their faithfulness. Boogie said the next week they would start picking off and then they would just coast to the final 2. I bet Miss Janelle is jumping up and down when boggie goes home.

      • At this point, Shane has to make a decision to save Dan if he wants or throw him under the bus. This is an individual game. You cannot win that $500,000 if you get evicted so, he can stick to the Quack Pack and you know that Frank will go after all three of them if he wins the 2nd HOH, Dan, Shane and Brittney and Shane might end up going home! Betrayal has its price so, either Shane shows some good faith effort to save himself or take his chances! It is as simple as that! Frank will not be waiting this time for Shane to do his part in backdooring Dan. If Shane nominates anyone else then, Frank if he wins the 2nd HOH can go after Shane, Dan and Brittney as they evicted Boogie. Also, putting up Dan will save Boogie. The price is saving Boogie and letting Dan be backdoored! Take it or leave it!

      • 3009……You are not paying attention. What I said was Frank was going after the three rats, Dan, Shane and Brittney if he wins the 2nd HOH. This is a double eviction week. Sure, Mike Boogie is probably is going home.
        However, there is a deal to be made. Shane can take it or leave it. I am merely suggesting that putting Dan as the replacement nominee is probably a good deal for Shane. If not, that is fine too, if Frank wins the 2nd HOH, he will put up Shane and Dan as nominees. Brittney will be the replacement nominee. That guarantees one of the three will get evicted just right after Mike Boogie and it could be Shane who gets evicted so, does he save Dan who he can give up which will save Mike Boogie in place of Dan or stick with Dan and take his chances. It is a take it or leave it deal as when the 1st eviction  takes place and Mike Boogie leaves the house, the deal is over
        and Frank will go after them for sure!

    • Shane is a puppet. Frank is not. He is honest and tried to cement the alliance but there are too many cracks. He needs to get the floaters on his side and get rid of Shane aka Mr. In the Closet.

      • I agree that Shane has been Brits puppet.   But Boogies hand has been so far up Franks butt that you can see his fingers if you look down Franks mouth.   As for being honest….umm, i believe HE was the one that wanted to break the alliance and nom Dan.   Thanks to Boogie he didn’t.   But don’t kid yourself….Franks motives for not nominating Dan were not because he was honest.   It was because he wanted to play it SAFE for one more week.   Then he would beat Dan to the punch and take him out.   Honest…no.   Calculating..yes.

  59. Maybe Dan will start winning vetoes and most importantly HOH especially if mike goes out the door. Would love to seen iam when he would definetly put Frank up

    •  Dan throws every comp..let’s the other HG’s do his dirty work. That is how he won his season, I don’t care for him, but if that is what it takes to win, go for it.  Frank  has Dan all figured out, so maybe he can get him out soon. If Frank doesn’t win HOH or veto on Thursday, he will be following Boogie out the door.

  60. I’m sitting here watching BBAD and Boogie just told Frank people are intimidated by them because of the way they carry themselves, physical strength and their honesty!!! OMG!!! The scary thing is he probably believes this. I’m more convinced now than ever that Boogie is getting paid handsomely for his appearance this season. They have to keep him around to get their $’s worth out of him. It’s gross!!!

  61. Why is so many people against Shane. He goes out in every comp and gives his all. He doesn’t throw the comps like most of them. Whe doesn’t piss anyone off. I am rooting for him. Espepcially after hearing his story about helping his parents if he was to win the game.
    Go Shane

    • Shane had how many alliances with Frank and if you include the one with Mike Boogie and he has betrayed each and every alliance right after he made it! He is a backstabbing, lying rat! And he is not even half as smart as he has to ask Brittney for each of his decisions!

  62. As much as I don’t like looking at Boogie, I LOVE hearing him bash the other house guests! 

  63. I am a crazy hardcore fan of big brother but it really Makes me completely upset that this show is rigged like its getting out of hand. First they save Frank from eviction take Shane hoh away. Then before nominations this week you have Shane talking about on live feeds how production was trying to sway him from not nominating Frank or Boogie. And now Frank possibly cheating with POV it’s ridiculous. All the best seasons of big brother have been from 2 to 10 were it was just one twist but normal games. But then you get bb 11 Jeff gets coup de tat power without doing absolutely nothing for it then bb 13 where they bring back the pair twist for one week and suprise it’s the week Rachel or Jordan would of for sure left. And now this season has taken it to a whole new level. Like I know production can ways influence a game
    Like this a little but this is becoming ridiculous

    • Actually, it was 3 of the coaches that screwed Shane’s HOH. They didn’t have to press the button, but the greed got the better of them.

    • Hello Frank and his millions of Frankamania followers! Oh yeah! Veto Champ of the BB World for the second time!

  64. This site has become nothing but a “This game is rigged” pissing match. It’s not fun reading comments anymore.

    It used to be fun reading what others think would be good strategies for players, what they think a good move would be, etc…

    Now it’s just “This game is rigged, I’m not watching anymore”  Kinda sad :(

    • I am still waiting on those who keep saying they are leaving yet, keep posting on this message board. There are millions of big brother fans, do you really think anyone cares if you leave? And Big Brother is making money otherwise, they would have been cancelled as most shows usually are if the ratings are very low. Spare us the whining and just go!

      • Production does try to INFLUENCE decisions…but they don’t rig anything. If people have been true BB fans they would already know this. They cannot MAKE Shane put certain keys in the box. Do people think BB really wanted Janelle gone? People get pissed that a certain outcome doesn’t go there way and then cry like a child. I am a huge Boogie fan. He will probably be going home. Yet I don’t whine like so many others have. I then turn my attention to my next favorite…and so on and so forth. It’s a tv game people if you do really hate it, then don’t watch. It’s that simple.

    • It also used to be fun watching the show, now everything is set around Frank.  Either he wins the hoh or is put on the block.  When he’s on the block production comes up with a twist of event an he is taken off.  Please CBS dont take people for idiots.

  65. Wow frank won veto…that’s like the 4th time this season that he avoided getting sent home…seems like big brother is doing stuff in his favor, this game is totally fixed for him to win…if boogie does not go home this week it’ll be really fishy.

    • You have to say that the game is rigged for Shane since he keeps winning HOH. Frank would’ve been gone if the coaches didn’t get greedy and decided to enter the game.

      • Wonderful observation Mean Gene Oakerland. It is so funny that no one mentions that when Shane “wins”. As soon Frank does something worthwhile, it is a conspiracy like Roswell and Watergate.

  66. CBS is a joke, they say GH has little viewers, they step in and save F & B and watch how many viewers they lose

  67. People are getting a little feisty with their comments… Enjoy reading this site and the good posts.. By far this is not my fav season of BB but still love the show and will admit that and that I will keep on watching

    • Dont let words hurt you. All because pretty boy Shane’s nominees have to change due to Frank’s brilliance and dominance in game play, people have to resort to saying childish and annoying posts. They are the same tools that were cheering for Brenchel the past seasons. Please stop and let Frank have his day in the glory of victory.

  68. Evict Frank for cheating. What a sorry loser. If Frank wins game, can this be used in lawsuit? It’s bad enough that production trying to influence Shane in moms. Now this? Your a total SHAM BB. FAKE to the core!!!

    • Another pointless post. Please refrain from the mindless chatter. People just say anything to get everyone upset. BB is not a sham. You are. I want concrete and sufficient evidence if you really think that. Frankamania rules brother.

  69. I’ll be GLAD to see Dan as the replacement and go home, he has NO INTEGRITY and is one of the worst lying, backstabbing cooksocker to every play and    oh yeah, what the HEdouble hockeysticks happened to the $100,000 dollars that the coaches could have won before the goofy twist,   at the very least the main prize should have been increased to 600K to offset the screwing over of the newbies.

  70. I’ll be glad to see Dan go up as the replacement, he is now even more annoying that Janelle was,   Go Frank Go !!!    I also think its a total ripoff that when the twist allowed the coaches to enter the game that the $100,000 prize that was supposed to go the the winning coach has now somehow just vanished….    I hope Boogie sues CBS for the money as he was the ONLY ONE who didn’t push the “RESET” (puke) button.

    •  Do you really think that Dan will go up? I don’t think so, even if he does I think Boogie will be the one going home this week..Shane is only going to do what Britney tells him to..he is a wuss. Do you notice how nervous he gets when he gets confronted by a HG, especially Frank and social skills..after watching the feeds yesterday, I think Frank may be getting closer to figuring out that Ian is the rat, Boogie says “no way, ” but Frank is not so sure..I wish Dan would go home, he slithers right through the house..

  71. Just my opinion here for those who are complaining about CBS/BB “rigging things”  Who really cares if they do or dont?  It’s not like we get any financial benefits from it either way.  It’s a flippin Reality TV show and I LOVE IT!  If you have that much of a problem with the way things are going, the solution is VERY simple, don’t watch and for the love of all thats BB, you dont have to inform the other posters that you aren’t watching anymore.  WE DONT CARE!  (I hate having to scan through lots of comments saying “WAAAAA, BB is rigged, I am done watching, WAAAAA”)  Just accept it for what it is… entertainment.  The more sneakiness and conniving, the better!!

    • Outrageous posters acting like kids. Oh, I lost my marbles and will not play anymore. So, don’t play. So, don’t watch. It is getting annoying seeing all those I am leaving because the show is rigged BS diatribe over and over!
      Go leave if you will but, these same people are here posting the same drivel day in and day out! There are millions of Big Brother fans and the show is profitable and you can take it or leave it. But, leave and take your whining with you!

  72. Big brother searches out their contestants.If you read the bios  many of them said production found them,thats why some of them hadnt even watched the seasons.Also boogie(what a sad name for a grown man) was talking to Dan and said you know what they want from us a good show.So if we just watch it and know whats going on in this game show maybe you all can just go with the flow and enjoy the game.

  73. Firstly let me say i cant stand Brittney but I’ll be glad to see Dan go up as the replacement, he is now even more annoying that Janelle was, Go Frank Go !!! I also think its a total ripoff that when the twist allowed the coaches to enter the game that the $100,000 prize that was supposed to go the the winning coach has now somehow just vanished…. I hope Boogie sues CBS for the money as he was the ONLY ONE who didn’t push the “RESET” (puke) button.

    • With all the lies and twists this year I am sure the coaches knew they would be brought back as players eventually.  Come on, you cannot plan to be away a couple of days just as you plan to leave for a couple of weeks.  Dont you know each player gets paid for every day they spend in the house ?

  74. Everytime I see or hear the words “Frank and Boogie”, I cant help but picture some strange new character from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  75. I don’t understand how Shane can think he’ll get any votes if he makes it to the end when he is constantly lying and telling everyone whatever they want to hear, all the players will see him as UNWORTHY of being crowned the winner, that being said, I’ll be glad to see Dan go up as the replacement, he is now even more annoying that Janelle was, Go Frank Go !!! I also think its a total ripoff that when the twist allowed the coaches to enter the game that the $100,000 prize that was supposed to go the the winning coach has now somehow just vanished…. I hope Boogie sues CBS for the money as he was the ONLY ONE who didn’t push the “RESET” (puke) button.

    • i’m sure he has signed some kind of contract that protects cbs from the likes of him. he needs to go home to his baby. isn’t that what people (even boogie) was saying about janelle? babies need both parents so they say.

  76. I known for years BB has been rigged, but I still like it and still watch it. stop complaining watch it for what it is worth and enjoy it. jenn is goinh to be in final 2 and maybe win it.

    • You are wrong, Frank is going to win this whole thing, so obvious….  People are complaining especially the ones paying money for the live feed when they get nothing interesting to watch!

  77. Evict Boogie…I want to see Frank play this game without Boogie….let’s see how good he is.

  78. Anyone notice that both Frank and his dad try to earn a living playing make believe games?  Like wrestling and this show, most is staged and the ‘players’ try their best to act surprised when certain outcomes happen, yet they already know what’s probably going to happen or which way Vince McMahon, I mean production, is leaning.  My point, the show is entertaining and those who believe it is “real” and want more out of it probably believe that wrestling is real too!!

    • You said it. This is not real and yes, it is staged to some degree. Not 100% mind you. Even if production steered you to do something, you still had the final say in it. See, production asked Shane to dissuade from nominating Frank and Boogie and I am sure they also asked Frank last week not to blindside Dan. It is all about the ratings and controversy. Without it, people will not care and will not watch it! People watch wrestling to cheer their favorite wrestlers but, without the villians, would they still be watching wrestling? Probably not. There has to be someone to jeer at, to boo, to demonize. In this season, Boogie is that villain. Like it or not, he is there for a reason and without him, it would have been very lame and boring. The newbies up to now that the coaches are in the game are still going along with what the coaches tell them so, how interesting, how exciting is that?
      No gameplay, no strategy, no nothing which is why they brought the coaches in!

      • Sara……That is your right. However, I am rooting for Frank to win that 2nd HOH. That is all it takes to send Dan, Shane or Brittney out of the Big Brother House after Mike Boogie! Put up Shane and Dan on the block and have Brittney as the replacement nominee. I will also tell Brittney that she is the replacement nominee and let the Quack Pack tear each other apart and decide amongst themselves who should get evicted!

      • Mike Boggie is there to bring the fun!!!  Can’t even imagine watching the show this season without him.

      • Lesssnowplease……That would be the big disappointment. None of the guests are really playing except for Shane and Dan. Dan is pretty lame though. All he does is manipulate the Quack Pack and he does not even try and win the HOH or Veto. Always, using others do the dirty act of evicting people. Shane is Brittney’s puppet and does pretty much what she tells him! And Brittney whines and whines and cries crocodile tears. My poor friend Janelle they evicted her! Did you pull out the knife you stuck in her back before she went out the door? Ian the rat who Boogie gave $3,000 who Frank asked Boogie to give that money to and look at what he did to Boogie and Frank? Anyways, life goes on and I will be rooting for Frank to last long enough to get Shane, Dan, Brittney and Ian.

  79. Previous houseguests have said in interviews or blogs that the game is not rigged but that “production attempts to influence decisions made by players to enhance the game for ratings purposes” . This is NOT new to any reality tv show. Viewers who believe that they are seeing a totally real game play out are niave. Just sit back & enjoy it for what it is…. Entertainment !

    • It is not different than the Bachelor or Bachelorette. None of that is real so that, the so called relationships formed in the show does not last. Most of the couples separate within 6 months of the shows end which should tell you something yet, a number of people believe that is real! It isn’t and it
      isn’t even close!

  80. I want Frank and Boogie gone but the show will be so boring when they go!  Don’t care though,  these guys are not just playing the game they are nasty and demeaning.

  81.  So many are talking about the show is rigged, so what if it is. A lot of people still enjoying watching it & i am one of them. It is entertainment, geeeeezzzzzz…. Pick you a player & start cheering lol…

    GO FRANK, GO!!!!!!! WOOHOO… :)

    • Yeah……Frank, win that 2nd HOH send Dan, Brittney or Shane packing. It is time to go after the Quack Pack as they will be targeting you more than ever when Boogie is gone! Get one of them out then, you atleast, have a fighting chance! Also, form an alliance with the newbie floaters whose votes you will need to survive!

  82. I just have to say I love Big Brother and have watched each and every season!  Each year it gets better and better!  For those that don’t like it just remember to be nice and remember others feelings even Big Brother has feelings too!  I love the show!  Keep it up Big Brother!

    • Yeah, Big Brother is awesome! Mike Boogie might get evicted and he is my favorite other than Frank and I will still watch Big Brother! 

  83. i always loved BB…watched it from the first show ever..thought a few times that it was rigged ..but then said no CBS wont do i just dont know ..since Frank said how he cheated and BB didnt do anything about it…time to say byebye to BB and to CBS  for saying its a reality show when its just staged..shame on you BB .

    • OH NO!!! please don’t stop watching..if you do, they might not have enough money to finish the season. you wouldn’t do that to us would you?

  84. i dont like how us live feeders was lied to last night they came on chat saying someone was hurt and thats why our feeds was down so long now we are finding out they was in the house sleeping not getting what we pay for

  85. Whatever Frank & Boogie did I,m sure production knew all about it!!!! Come on people the show would suck without them!!!!!!

    • But is it fair that the cheating only goes to frank or boogie? What about Ian’s fans or Britney’s fans?

    • It’s especially interesting coming right after Shane nominates Frank and Boogie and production asks him if he’s sure he wants to do that. Then all of a sudden we hear Joe saw Frank and Boogie cheating in POV? That’s sad. I really like Big Brother …

      •  It is sad to see cheating going on..They need to rid Frank for cheating..Frank admitted to sad..

    • NOT !! The show will be enjoyable and keep you all on the edge of your chairs..Bye bye Boogie & Frank

    • No. So many people would love to see Boogie and Frank finally get evicted. Plus, we can see NEW players win

  86. i have to say i was disheartened to learn of production trying to dis wade Shane from his can bb claim to be legit after this season..all the leaks..those pesky houseguests that wont keep their mouths shut!! (lol)…sad sad..i really enjoyed this summer not so much..sure you hear rumors and such..but there is no denying the audio f-ups and the retelling of DR tactics via the houseguests..le sigh…

    • That is for sure unless they put twists to ensure everyone plays to win. If not, the Quack Pack is just going to pick off the newbie floaters and some excitement that would be like watching paint dry!

    •  NOT!!! Frank will be lost without his boogie girl,not being there to tell him when to go Pee..

  87. I like Frank and am so happy he won POV.  I also like Boogie.  They are both smart players and very interesting to watch.  Boring players are Ashley, Joe, Jenn City (?) (what does that City mean), Britney, Dan (super boring), and even Ian has become boring.  I see it as Frank stuck to his word and Shane lied by putting up Frank and Boogie.  You didn’t see Frank even putting up Dan when he thought about it because he stayed true as well as not wanting anymore targets on him.  So, now Frank will take himself off and hopefully Dan goes up and gets kicked out.  I don’t think Frank cheated and I think you are all making more out of what he said.  Of course, no one wanted Frank to win POV so what else would they say?  He saved Joe’s butt and Joe forgets real fast like the rest of them.  

    • Joe is the straight and white version of Lawson from last season. The Top Chef and Hells Kitchen wannabe talks loud and can’t win anything and believes he has amazing haircuts. I’m tired of all of them except for ChillTown 2012.

    • Frank told boogie he cheated..Frank held on to a Choice chip,When he was ask to draw he pulled the choice chip out,..Yes he did cheat..and should be made to stay on the block..

  88. if boogie is a great player why hasn’t he won anything other than money? boogie is riding franks back. if  dan is good ? whats he waiting for? dan has a big mouth he told boogie frank  was out now frank is after dan. dan will rat ian out mark my words. frank is good. boogie kept frank in check now we will see how frank plays the game when boogie if leaves?

  89. I said all along about BB production “steering” the compettiton. I also said that Shane shoulld go after Frank and Boogie, and he did. I still think BB is getting old and I’m concerned about the stuff that is going on that is “censored” in the live feeds. If BB is being “steered” too much by the producers, it makes it that much less fun to watch. Is all the “drama” for real?  I think NOT.

  90. After this season, I predict Big Brother want last another season because of low ratings. Julie is so nice. I hate Julie is caught up in this mess.

    • Pardon me, but i disagree.    There are many, many, MANY fan sites around.   All of them would have few posters if BB weren’t very popular.    But as you can see….from this site alone…..there are more  fans than you can shake a stick at and all the drama has made for good ratings.   CBS is doing just fine in the ratings.   BB has lasted 14 SEASONS!!!! and the fan base gets bigger every year.    Not likely this will be their last.

  91. BB needs to stop bring back players.  When I hear there is a new season, I look forward to fresh faces and there own game.  No old players trying to win again.  BB should only give you 1 kick at the can. 

  92. You seen the conversation from Shane telling about “Dairy Queen” (Production) not wanting him to nominate Frank and Boogie. I think they play a big part in this whole thing as well. So not right!

  93. Hahaha Big Frank lives to see another week what Shane should do is backdoor Dan! Would be legendary

  94. IF Frank did indeed cheat(by keeping an extra players choice)he should be punished……let the house know about it and let them decide.

  95. I definitley think that Big Brother has favortism for Frank.
    They could of easily sent him home on week 3 and still allow coaches to enter the game
    Now Joe is saying he saw him cheating? – I wonder if this is true.

    I definitley think Frank should of been long gone. 

  96. frank would suck with out help from production.he clearly cheated.him and boogie pretty much confirmed it earlier today.and every time it is mentioned it goes to fish.

  97. PLEASE send boogie home. Not that I am a huge fan of Frank, but I feel like Boogie was a bad influence on him. Boogie is disgustlingly cocky. He doesn’t need the money,he is just there to stir up trouble and win a few bucks, so send him packing. Oh and for goodness sake I hope someone besides frank wins HOH. I would say shane but he can’t play. Hope they get Frank with double evic this week. They were very mean and rude, bad sports and are cheaters. Shame on BB. 7 hours of no live feeds isn’t just suspicious, to me its concrete evidence.

  98. Frank and boogie are actually playing this game. Get rid of them and this season is predictable and boring. GL boogs

  99. How can the network not get rid of Frank for cheating when they got rid of Mike for butting Joe.  I think cheating is worse then a little head butt.

  100. everone need to vote for boogie to get him off he is mean and sneaky to the other players so good bye boogie.

  101. To all my little Frankamaniacs, say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong. Frank is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

  102. Hey people! This ia Hollywood television entertainment! Its all scripted to keep drama in the show or else it would be lamer than it is. They just need better writers!

  103. Not sure why peope think Frank deserves to win, he was on his way out the door and production came up with a lame twist to save him. He doesn’t even deserve to still be playing let alone win…in fact he would be the most unworthy winner ever as I don’t believe anyone else was ever saved to blatantly by production before.

    • Have been a fan since season 1. It has grown apparently clear the last couple of years that BB producers and CBS manipulate the houseguests in order to control outcome. It really insults the intelligence of the viewe, as well as being inherently dishonest. They choose favorite contestants, or more compelling ones, and then manipulate the game in order to achieve the desire outcome to their desired scenario. I thought there were laws against this. I for one am pretty disappointed since the concept of BB is compelling enough without manipulation by outside control.

  104. I was so glad to see Boogie (pretty close to Bugger) and Frank  are on the block.  It feels like the is really on and that it is time for big moves.  I would really like to see Boggie go home.  He really adds nothing to the show and is too arroganat to realize that he should be on the block.  I’m really hoping they both leave.  That leaves a level playing field, maybe for the first time.  Everyone wants to win and now we can really see them battle it out.  Yipee.

  105. I was starting to think the game was really rigged but with Shane’s putting up  Frank and Boogie up is great and brought the game back where it belongs.  I hope next year is all new people.  Maybe a few more “bright” people would be more interesting.  Please BB follow what the public wants not what the old players want. 

  106. IF there IS some CHEATING going on there in BB house,then BB needs to address that immediately!!…

  107. Don’t forget the quack pack will win head of house again and it’s double eviction this week, so Bye Bye Frank also. Veto only saves you once, but that cheat move he made is carma coming back at him.

  108. I’m so tired of people saying they will no longer watch big brother it happens every year but when it comes on people are still glued to their tv screen then watching it the next year its one thing to be mad and say it but to get on here and say it when u know its not going to happen gets on my nerves I’m starting to like frank and boogie didn’t at first I hate shane he don’t keep his word for nothing he needs to go along with dan and danielle that’s what I think and I agree it should be new players but I do like seeing old players they should have kept them as coaches…

  109. Am I missin’ something?If u don’t wanna watch,DON’T.It’s America.RIGHT?Me?I’m watchin’.Rigged or legit.

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