Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 6 Friday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Despite a repeat HoH for this week on Big Brother 14 things are looking up as the house is about to avoid yet another week of targeting floater HGs. Not only that, but we got our first glimpse at this season’s inevitable return of Pandora’s Box.

But set all of that aside because the game finally ramped up last night when drama broke out left and right thanks to the latest nominations. Things are just going to get angrier and uglier as we move forward this week. You won’t want to miss it.

Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 17, 2012:

8:30 AM BBT – Boogie is alone and camera talking about the other HGs. He runs through them all.

10:45 AM BBT – Jenn and Ashley going over possible nominations. Both expect to be nominated. Ashley thinks it’ll be Joe and her, not Jenn.

11:15 AM BBT – Joe meets with Shane in the HoH room. Joe promises Shane he and Ashley will do whatever he wants for votes this week. Shane is dealing for his own safety next week.

1:35 PM BBT – Shane telling Britney and Danielle that his original plan was to play the “gay card.” He was going to pretend to be gay to not be viewed as threatening, but swears it was just going to be an act.

4:35 PM BBT – HGs head inside after an outdoor lockdown. They discover balls all over the house and trace them back to the crane game machine. Inside is a small plastic cube with “?” on it. Looks like a hint about Pandora’s Box.

4:50 PM BBT – Britney and Shane fear Pandora’s Box may be intended to save Frank yet again.

7:08 PM BBTLive Feeds return to find Shane in the HoH room with Frank and Boogie. They are grilling him. Shane is playing the oblivious card. Says he got confused by everyone in his ear. They say they can still fix this situation and won’t hold it against him. Shane says Britney influence his decision, but it was his decision.

7:40 PM BBT – After Boogie and Frank leave HoH, Britney goes up to talk with Shane. He relays what he told them. Britney is very upset at Shane for what she says has made her a huge target.

7:45 PM BBT – Meanwhile, on the other cams, Frank and Boogie are plotting what to do to get out of this situation.

7:55 PM BBT – Britney leaves and goes down to talk with Frank and Boogie. She wants to fix what she thinks is a huge problem for her, but the conversation doesn’t go so well.

7:59 PM BBT – Shane starts to explain to Danielle that production tried to sway him from nominating Frank and Boogie when he was putting the keys in the block. Feeds cut away. So now you know for sure, production directly attempts to influence noms. (I think we all already knew that.)

8:15 PM BBT – Britney continues to complain to Boogie and Frank that she’s getting blamed for everything and it was really all Shane’s doing.

8:35 PM BBT – After Britney leaves Frank and Boogie decide they want to try and get Dan out this week as a replacement nominee. Frank really wants to verbally go after Dan and break him down, but doesn’t think he’ll get a reaction out of him.

8:35 PM BBT – Meanwhile, on the other cams, Britney is now complaining to Danielle about Shane. It’s more of the whining we heard her deliver to Boogie and Frank. She says she isn’t going to talk to Shane anymore this entire game.

8:45 PM BBT – Shane comes in to the Lounge room. Dan and Danielle leave. Britney starts over on her complaining cycle about how Shane has made her a HUGE target and the sky is falling and the world is ending and this and that. She’s really quite difficult to listen to anymore tonight.

9:20 PM BBT – Britney sits alone in the Lounge room after Shane leaves. Danielle enters and we hear YET AGAIN about how Shane threw Britney under the bus. More of the same complaining.

9:40 PM BBT – Frank and Boogie plotting how to get Shane back on their side by revealing their 3-man alliance with Dan.

10:20 PM BBT – Dan trying to beat Frank and Boogie to the punch. He’s in HoH talking with Shane about F&B and how they’ll be blaming him for the situation.

10:37 PM BBT – Frank, Dan, and Shane in the HoH room. Frank starts working them on why they betrayed their alliance by nom’ing him and Boogie. Britney joins the conversation and Frank hits her with the same question.

11:05 PM BBT – Frank working Shane and Britney on renom’ing Dan at the Veto ceremony. He wants to make this plan known before the Veto comp.

11:15 PM BBT – Dan is downstairs talking with Boogie. Dan is trying to get himself out from this situation, but not yet blaming anyone else directly.

11:25 PM BBT – The Silent Six, minus Danielle, gather in the HoH room for a meeting. Danielle tries to join but is turned away. You’re a brave man, Shane. It’s a long conversation and worth watching. Boogie and Frank continue to work the rest of the group over their nominations.

12:00 AM BBT – Dan venting to Britney that Ian is sitting pretty despite being a part of the group targeting Frank & Boogie. He isn’t going to out Ian yet, but seems tempted.

1:40 AM BBT – Danielle and Britney discussing Dan’s possible alliances. They believe he’s definitely on their side now after Frank & Boogie seem to be going after him.

2:00 AM BBT – Dan, Shane, and Joe going over the situation. Dan is frustrated. Shane and Joe promise to back him up.

2:45 AM BBT – Shane and Danielle reaffirm their Final 2 deal before going to sleep. Yes, she’s sleeping in his room tonight.

What an insane night in the Big Brother 14 house. This was by far the most exciting night of Live Feeds so far this season and I’m betting things are only going to get better.

We’ve got the Veto competition coming up on Saturday which means there will be drama either way. Frank & Boogie are 1/3 of the competing HGs so their chances of winning are good, but drama is likely to ensue no matter who wins today’s battle.

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  1. Come on Frank and Boogie! If boogie somehow got everyone to get janelle out, he can get himself out of this one too!


    • He may still have a few tricks up his bag. Much like Batman and Robin being in tough situations in the TV series which they always get out of!
      Hopefully, Boogie pulls this out of the fire too!

  2. What Boogie and Frank should do is promise Shane safety if they win the 2nd HOH if he can show a good faith effort which is putting up Dan as a replacement nominee if one of them wins veto. They can also give the same deal to Danielle and Brittney in exchange for them voting Dan out. That would be the ultimate blindside and Dan would have no clue whatsoever! Then, if Boogie or Frank win the 2nd HOH, nominate Shane and Brittney with Danielle as replacement nominee! That would clear the Big Brother House of most rats and destroy the Quack Pack as well! Come on guys, put this in motion! Thin the herd and clear the Big Brother House of the rats!

    • Don’t yall get it???? Unless there is a power or twist that allows both of em to stay ONE OF THEM (Frank/Boogie) will be leaving the game.  So there is no need to make plans for “both” of them to be involved in the 2nd eviction. Frank better start playing his own game and distance himself from Boogie or he will be out the door….

      • I wouldnt call them out so soon. Remember last time when everyone was deadset into sending Frank home?

        Boogie made them send Janelle home. We still got the pov, and the cermony, so anything and everything could happen.

        And lets not forget about bb’s twists and turns, and pandora’s box.

        It even seems less likely that frank and boogie will be leaving based on all that, imo.

      • It might be a longshot but, not impossible. One gets off via Veto be it Frank or Boogie. The other remains on the block but, Dan is put in as replacement nominee. Boogie and Frank offers Shane, Danielle and Brittney safety if they vote out Dan. Both Boogie and Frank escape and Dan is sent packing!

      • Last season when jordon and rachel were on the block and porsha opened pandoras box they played in pairsbfornthe veto. If one of them won the veto they were bith safe. Im thinkg that will happen and shane will unleash this by opening pandoras box.. If this happens im sure boogie or frank will win the veto for sure

      • Dan will not go home this week. The quack pack are too smart and Dan outsmarted Boogie/Frank. He beat them to the punch simple as that

    • I dont think its going to happend. It seems like Shane is going back Dan up. So I highly doubt Dan is going up. Frank should have been smart enough to evict Dan last week instead of listening to what his boyfriend got to say.

      • If Shane backs Dan up, no problem. He takes the risk of being evicted this very week if either Frank or Boogie win the 2nd HOH as this is a double eviction week. All Frank or Boogie has to do if they win the 2nd HOH is put Shane and Dan as nominees with Brittney as the replacement nominee if one of the two wins veto. The quack pack can vote with the rest of the house guest one of their own out the door right after Mike Boogie or Frank.
        One of the rats have been evicted just the same!

      • No problem. If Frank or Boogie or whoever is not evicted in the first eviction, wins the 2nd HOH, just put up Shane and Dan on the nomination block and hold Brittney up as the replacement nominee. I would also tell Brittney if Shane or Dan get off, she will be the replacement nominee. That would encourage them to go after each other then! Let us see the Quack Pack quack then!

      • Don’t count your chickens yet. All that Frank or Boogie needs to do is win that 2nd HOH and one of the rats, Dan, Brittney or Shane goes home guaranteed 100%. Could the rest of the Quack Pack target Frank or Boogie the following week, sure but, at a minimum, he gets one of the rats out and if they fail to get him out the next week, then, another HOH and another rat goes home. Rinse and repeat and the Quack Pack is now Peking Duck!

  3. why did you lock me out of the HOH room?  why why why i don’t feel that important,  hmmm  who said that?  lol

  4. This is the first time this season I saw Brit act like her season 11 self. I thought she was losing her mind while talking to Danielle. I actually feel bad for Shane. They should have coached on what to say during the fall out of the nominations. Brit is acting really ridiculous about it. Shnae did not tell them anything everyone already would not know. And Brit saying that she didn’t do anything and now she is a big target, what about her “having Shane’s best interest” but wants him to take the whole fall for the noms when she is one of the big pushers for them. I have really loved Brit this season, but hated her in season 11. Last night I saw her season 11 self again. Hope she gets over it and comes back to the season 14 game.

    • First off I am not a Britney lover…BUT…Britney has every right in the world to be pissed and upset cause Shane did tell Frank and Boogie that it was all Britney’s idea..That was not true…Ian put the event in motion…all Britney did was present the idea ..they (Quack Pack) all made the decision together cause it happened on live feeds.. I saw it….Britney was not the mastermind just the spokesperson….At this point Dan and Britney are protecting Ian but it’s a guess at how much longer they can continue to use him as a double agent (lol)….We will just have to wait and see who wins the Veto…

  5. Production needs to stop trying to save Frank. If he’s the awesome player they think he is, he should be able to save himself.

    • For the first time in 14 bb I’ve got the feeling that this show is rigged.  Everytime Frank is on the block production changes the rules to get him off.  Something odd going on here…

      • Do either of them act even slightly nervous that they will get evicted.  I think not.

  6. I’m scared pandora’s box will save boogie and frank ala rachel and jordan BB13. I’m sick of the producer interference. I hope Frank goes home and shane denies pandora’s box. I would love for boogie to follow him..I don’t want either of those stupid players to win.

    • I am sick to death of Frank and Boogie’s language. Can’t they say one sentence that doesn’t include the F word? They are nasty!

  7. OK…Now that Production has been “outed” and we know that they do make
    ” suggestions” concerning certain events  ..I… as a fan… think that this is one time they outta stay out of it and see how it plays out…No twists.. no last minute saves.. no help for either of them…They came to play the game so let em play…So far Boogie has had a free reign and if not for hiding behind Frank and having him do the dirty deeds Boogie would have been gone before Janell…l wanna see Boogie and Frank beg, grovel, plead, cry and sling snot while begging for a vote..I wanna see them throw each other under the bus and make (more) false alliances and promises to stay in the game. Don’t give either of them any more free passes ..Let em play the game against each other cause that is what BB is all about…U out do and out last the man sitting in the chair next to u….Just let em play the game….

    • Boogie is excrement. Flush him down the toilet. Frank needs to go too for being Booger’s puppet. Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen since CBS is manipulating this show and, for some reason, want to keep Frank in the game.

    • I couldn’t agree more…at this point there has been so much interference production should just be handing out scripts to everybody. And now I guarantee Pandoras box will save one or both of the noms, if used. Shane… don’t be stupid…

  8. If production attempted to sway Shane away from nominating F&B, it follows that production may also have swayed Frank away from backdooring Dan last week, and sadly Frank listened. They shouldn’t be called “live feeds” by cbs if they magically disappear at the most telling moments.

    • NAAA..Production didn’t mess with that decision cause Boogie had that under his controll…

  9. Also if I were Shane and some strange power or whatever did happen to keep (both) Frank & Boogie from being evicted I would go push the “self-evict button” and walk out…Shanes first HOH was a sham ( all the other HG’s remarked on it) due to Production….If I were Shane I’d be dammed if they (production) made a fool outta me a second time….

    • Looks like I’m in the minority here…#TeamShane & #quackpack :)
      Shane’s the best competitor and not afraid to make big moves but he’s young and green and I don’t think he was ready for the backlash of FranknBoogie together.So he threw Brit under the bus and rolled it back & forth a few times, lol.She needs to get over it…it’s a game.He did what he thought would get F&B settled down for the moment.I’m kind of disappointed in him & wish he had just taken responsibility…I think it’s funny that noone seems to realize Ian is playing both sides.F&B are convinced it was Dan…but Boogie told us in his morning internet chat that he thinks he only loses in a F2 with Dan.He wasn’t going to keep their F2 deal anyway? I wish Boogie was Shane’s real target instead of Frank!
      Well, we wanted drama,lol, and I’d say we’ve got that in spades. Got to go finish last nights bbad…this is getting good :)

      • lol…..Britney Shane Daniell and Dan know that Ian is a rat….lmao….Boogie and Frank have no clue (to date) that Ian is a mole….Ashley Jenn and Joe might suspect it but Ian is soooo good at hiding it they can’t be sure…The joke is on Frank and Boogie…Ian is sooooo good that last nite after the noms he went and talked to both of them and even called Britney a bitch sooo neither would know his involvement….Ian is a master sneak….lol

  10. Hahaha seriously how does Frank and Boogie still believe Shane? Give it up and go after him. Their all betraying each other like no other!

    • At this point, they don’t. You still have to play the game and you have to use all the tools available. The only think Mike Boogie and Frank have left is leverage and the threat to use if if given the choice. So, strike a deal with Shane to put up Dan as replacement nominee in return for safety in the 2nd HOH for Shane, give the same deal to Brittney and Danielle in return for their votes to evict Dan. That is something Dan will not see coming and would be the perfect backdoor even bigger than the Danielle backdoor!

  11. I’m so disappointed that Production can intentionally alter the outcome of the game. wow I hope CBS gets a lot of negative feed backs regarding this.

  12. This is so overwhelming I think I might come on here Thursday night after the first eviction to see who got the boot to save myself from a stroke!

    • Lol…the stroke factor is high…..whether viewing it or reading it.    A call to your doc for some stroke meds before the show might be the thing to do.   Stay well and keep the faith.

  13. Sadly I think BB will loose a bunch of viewers after this season.  This was entertaining because of the player’s moves and plots and not because of production’s decision as to who to keep in the house!

    • Production INFLUENCES the decision….but they don’t make it.   BB fans have known for years that production tries to guide the show to produce the most drama.  Nothing new about that.   But even with their influence the plotting and planning STILL has to take place.    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink… can influence but you can’t MAKE them do what you suggest.  

  14. So, when Britney got safety, does it ensure her safety for the double eviction, since we were told it was “for the week”?

    • God knows, they way the game is played this year anything goes!  As long as Frank is safe your guess is as good as mine!

    • It may be safety for this week’s first HOH as this is a double eviction week. There is going to be another HOH for the 2nd eviction and I imagine Brittney will not have safety for that one! That is a separate HOH.

  15. I’m pissed at the production for trying to influence the nominations. I know it’s kinda well known but I always hoped it wasn’t something that happened often.

  16. No britt wont have safety after first eviction she needs go as does danielle thier a pain in the u know what let frank boogie shane be final 3 other wise a very boring show if not!!!! Maybe ian but who knows

  17. By the way production has to step in otherwise they know thier ratings would go way down because as of now frank & boogie are the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • NOOO they don’t ratings will go up if they can get Boogie out….because no one would believe…

      • Lori is right.   Thats exactly what production wants….someone for the fans to HATE.   If we liked them ALL…there would be no drama.   I dislike Boogie more than eating worms on a pile of dog poo but he’s produced a lot of drama in the house.   Not saying he’s the ONLY reason to watch…..but his manipulation and arrogance has caused a strong reaction from BB fans….therefore good for ratings. 

      •  CuriosityCounts. Come to think of it, you’re right. Productions do consider the haters as a big part of the viewers….i like the pile of dog poo though lol

  18. I’m sick to death of Frank and Boogie’s potty mouths! Can’t those two say ONE sentence without the F word in it. Bet their Mamas aren’t real happy with them.

    • Amen!! Those two need to B out of the house so we can enjoy the rest of the season :-)

  19. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference……Reminder to self it’s just a game,it’s just a game!…….Oh my!

  20. LOOL Shane will NEVER put up Dan and this is an idiotic plan as now Boogie/Frank (whoever stays) will have nobody! If boogie stayed he could have worked with dan, but now it will never happen! He  blew it!

    • It is a brilliant plan because it gives Shane a rope to wrap around his own neck! If he sticks to Dan like glue, no problem. Frank or Boogie whoever stays just goes for the HOH. If Frank or Boogie wins the 2nd HOH, put up Shane and Dan on the nomination block and Brittney held up as the replacement nominee if either Shane or Dan win Veto. Then, one of the rats get evicted out the door after Boogie or Frank. On the other hand, if Shane takes up Boogie and Frank on the plan to backdoor Dan, in exchange for safety in 2nd HOH then, Dan gets put on the block. Danielle and Brittney can be offered the same deal of safety from eviction for voting Dan out. If Frank and Boogie are able to swing it, they get Dan evicted via a big move blindside then, go after the rest of the rats right after!

      •  Shane is always gonna have a rope wrap around his neck. What’s important now is to see the rope wrapped around those two clowns Frank and Booger.

  21. I am enjoying replaying Boogie at 8:30am yesterday morning.  Buy bye, Boogie!  “August 17th, as you say “the house went BOOM”  ahahahahahahaha

  22. The veto players were chosen earlier today….Anybody know who is playing??? I do know that Dan was not chosen….So far that is all I have heard….

  23. I think if they vote out frank it wouldnt be hard to vote out boogie cause everyone talks about getting him out.They may think he is getting to them with his mind talking but i think they all can see right threw him and know that he can’t be trusted.I think after one of them leave the strong players will start to pull together to take out the floaters Then start back at targeting one another.If they don’t pull together we may be looking at jenn,ian ,ashley or joe going to the end. They need to forget about the strong players for awhile and start focusing on the floaters and PRODUCTION needs to STAY OUT OF THE DECISIONS.

  24. Isn’t the HOH the one to open…or not open…Pandoras Box?   So if either Boogie or Frank stays…it’s Shanes fault.    He needs to stick to his guns and not be swayed by temptation that production is sure to throw his way.   Think of the end game Shane…and do whats right and get a real threat out of the house. 

  25. I am really getting tired of the ex-coaches swearing to the high heavens that
    they have protected their team player from day one. Britney threw Shane under
    the bus the night she and Danielle made an agreement to go to the end together
    and get rid of Dan and Shane. She didn’t try for HOH to help save Shane, she
    went for her own safety. Then had the audacity to say she should have tried
    for HOH because she wants a letter from home so badly. UGH! The drams
    from her last night was nauseating. I had to turn off the sound on part of
    it. She is such a drama queen.
    Dan has thrown Danielle under the bus when he made a deal with Boogie
    and Frank without Danielle being considered.
    The coaches have no right to critisize their own newbies, when they are worse.
    Britney knew Shane is not good at social talk or confrontation because of
    his ADA, yet she left him hanging by himself with Boogie and Frank, then
    brutilized him verbally and emotionally for not saying the right thing and
    messing her own game up. Shane does that sound like she has your back?
    Don’t think so.
    I personally do not want to see any of the coaches win the money. They
    have already had their chance and two have already won the 500 thousand.
    By being their coaches they prohibited the newbies from being able to form
    their own alliances from the beginning.
    The quack pack have been happy to sit back and let Shane do all the dirty
    work for them as they keep their own hands clean and put a larger, and
    larger target on his back.
    Just saying……

  26. It’s gotta be more going on than a veto… UNLESS…It’s morphs comp and that does take several hours…But I can’t see that game being played for a POV….hmmmm we will know hopefully soon….

  27. too many fucking rules on our comments.  where is the ‘freedom of speech ‘  here?    just too boring

  28. I want Shane’s HOH to actually mean something this time. That is all I was stating on my post before. When it  was so rudely denied. Woooow

  29. Do not forget this is a double elimination.  Brittney is safe.  I think that Ian should be concerned and better get with the game.  Yes he is sweet but sugar melts.

  30. Frank uses veto to take himself off the block and Shane replaces Frank with Jenn. Boogies pissed and tells Shane he’s dans bitch and that dans gonna win now so it looks like boogie already accepted hes going home and Shane said he supposedly wouldn’t open pandoras box (will see) but now we wait to see who will win hoh Thursday for double eviction to see which side of the house goes home ! Won’t be much time for influence in an hour

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