Big Brother 14: Week 6 Nominations Bring A Big Night Of Drama

Britney Haynes on Big Brother 14

Last night we saw new life breathed in to Big Brother 14. The new HoH made his nominations known to the house and just as we expected it caused a lot of drama in the house. Not a little drama. A lot. Like seven straight hours of arguments, anger, and maybe even a few tears. I don’t see an end in sight anytime soon either.

Flashback to 7:08PM BBT last night and you’ll find the Live Feeds returning from the nomination ceremony. Frank and Boogie, the new noms, have Shane cornered in the HoH room and are going to town on him for his decisions. Shane plays the “I was so confused. I made such a mistake. What a fool I am.” card and he does it very well. They completely eat up what he’s serving. Unfortunately for Shane what’s going to cause a lot of drama for the rest of the night is how he puts blame on Britney for the noms. He does circle around though and says it was still his decision in the end.

Shane, Boogie, and Frank on Big Brother 14

After Boogie and Frank leave Shane details this conversation to Britney (Flashback to 7:40PM BBT), including the part of her influencing his nominations. Britney gets upset and as the night goes on she just gets more and more upset. She feels Shane has ruined her game, that he’s made her a HUGE target, and the world as she knows it is about to end. Yes, she’s incredibly dramatic all night long to the point that it’s all she can talk about and it gets pretty annoying to hear for the 100th time.

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Once Britney leaves she goes downstairs to seek out Frank and Boogie, she wants to patch up this HUGE problem she thinks Shane has created. Meanwhile, Danielle comes upstairs to see Shane and he gives her the rundown on the past hour. It’s worth noting that at 7:59PM BBT Shane tells Danielle that the Dairy Queen (the HGs’ code name for production) tried to influence him to not nominate Frank and Boogie. They talked to him while he was placing the keys in the block and questioned his decision. The Feeds immediately cut to WBRB Fish for several minutes as a result.

Boogie, Frank, and Britney on Big Brother 14

Back downstairs Britney has been trying to work things out with Frank and Boogie, but it’s not going well. Flashback to 7:55PM BBT to watch this play out. She goes on and on that she had little to nothing to do with Shane’s nominations. Britney explains how she’s so terrible at this game, is incapable of accomplishing anything, and blah blah blah. The guys don’t really buy it, but they let her keep going. Britney’s eventual saving grace is when she mentions Dan. Boogie and Frank pounce on that opportunity and immediately the blame for everything going on is placed on Dan’s shoulders.

Once Britney leaves, Boogie and Frank decide it’s time to demolish Dan. They want to verbally go after him, but they know he won’t give them the reaction they want. It’s decided that he’s their ticket out of this situation and they’ll work to convince Shane he’s the house’s best renom option. Boogie & Frank are excited to go after Dan.

Big Brother 14 - Shane Meaney

All of what’s described above took place in about the first 90 minutes after the nomination ceremony. The drama continued to go on for the rest of the night until HGs finally stopped and went to bed shortly before 3AM. Here’s a run down on a few more events from our daily highlights recap so you can watch rest of the night on Flashback.

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  • 8:35 PM BBT – Britney is complaining to Danielle about Shane. She says she isn’t going to talk to Shane anymore this entire game.
  • 8:45 PM BBT – Shane comes in to the Lounge room. Dan and Danielle leave. Britney starts over on her complaining cycle about how Shane has made her a HUGE target and the sky is falling and the world is ending and this and that.
  • 9:20 PM BBT – Britney sits alone in the Lounge room after Shane leaves. Danielle enters and we hear YET AGAIN about how Shane threw Britney under the bus.
  • 9:40 PM BBT – Frank and Boogie plotting how to get Shane back on their side by revealing their 3-man alliance with Dan.
  • 10:20 PM BBT – Dan trying to beat Frank and Boogie to the punch. He’s in HoH talking with Shane about F&B and how they’ll be blaming him for the situation.
  • 10:37 PM BBT – Frank, Dan, and Shane in the HoH room. Frank starts working them on why they betrayed their alliance by nom’ing him and Boogie. Britney joins the conversation and Frank hits her with the same question.
  • 11:05 PM BBT – Frank working Shane and Britney on renom’ing Dan at the Veto ceremony. He wants to make this plan known before the Veto comp.
  • 11:15 PM BBT – Dan is downstairs talking with Boogie. Dan is trying to get himself out from this situation, but not yet blaming anyone else directly.
  • 11:25 PM BBT – The Silent Six, minus Danielle, gather in the HoH room for a meeting. Danielle tries to join but is turned away. You’re a brave man, Shane. It’s a long conversation and worth watching. Boogie and Frank continue to work the rest of the group over their nominations.
  • 12:00 AM BBT – Dan venting to Britney that Ian is sitting pretty despite being a part of the group targeting Frank & Boogie. He isn’t going to out Ian yet, but seems tempted.
  • 1:40 AM BBT – Danielle and Britney discussing Dan’s possible alliances. They believe he’s definitely on their side now after Frank & Boogie seem to be going after him.
  • 2:00 AM BBT – Dan, Shane, and Joe going over the situation. Dan is frustrated. Shane and Joe promise to back him up.

The drama has already picked up today and I really don’t see things slowing down anytime soon. The Veto players have been picked (Ian, Ashley, and Jenn have joined the other 3 players) which gives Frank and Boogie extra fuel to their fire. They like their chances and are already growing bolder about their next move.

Do not miss this action. The drama will keep building as we move toward the Veto competition this afternoon and the Veto ceremony on Monday afternoon. Big Brother 14 has finally come alive and we’re enjoying every minute of this chaos!


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  1. Go Frank and Boogie….Win that Veto to put more pressure on the rats to take the deal of backdooring Dan. If they refuse, whoever remains in the house after the eviction should try and win HOH then, send one of rats, Dan, Shane or Brittney packing soon after! Go after those rats now!

    •  cooper says that if Boogie remains he cant win jack, too old and too rich to have the ambition after his man love leaves

      • If the shoe fits………then, it is an apt description. And if things fall as it should, one of the rats will be evicted in the 2nd eviction. That would be so sweet revenge for Boogie and Frank!

    • Thank you someone else likes Chilltown 2.0 really Shane should backdoor Britney because it would show he is a free agent and get out the other woman coach! And then Julie will say surprise and pull the double evict! Frank wins puts up Dan And Shane either way two rats leave this week hopefully Shame

    • Are you serious frank and boogie are the biggest RATS in the house just sayin since everyone is entilted to their own option *GO DAN & SHANE*

      • I agree with “go Dan”, but what do you see in Shane? Cause he’s good looking? I think Shane is very overrated. His social game is non existent. He’s no Jeff, that’s for sure. I definitely feel production thought Shane/Danielle would be the new Jeff/Jordan.

      • Yep- funny how rat faced Boogie is playing the ‘I’m playing a honest game card’.The sooner Booger and Bozo are evicted the better…

      • ur nuts dan britt shane and dani betrayed boogie and frank they could have back doored any of them but thay didnt

  2. Who cares if Brittany doesn’t speak to Shane anymore? She has been riding his coat tail as far as I’m concerned.Shane has finally realized he needs to play his game. I guess she thinks if she stop speaking to Shane he would react like Willie did. Sorry, Brittany, you already did that!!!! Nobody cares!!!

    •  I think that Shane is playing his own game but he can be influenced by Britney a little bit

  3.  I’m so torn right now. Dan is my favorite Big Brother player of all-time, but I’m also pulling for Boogie and Frank to make it as far as possible. It was hard watching Frank and Boogie go after Dan in the HOH room last night. Dan pretty much just sat there and took it. Props to him.

    I do have a question though if you guys could help me out … Boogie and Frank keep calling Dan a snake and are 100% convinced Dan threw their names under the bus to Shane before nominations (if I’m not mistaken). Now, is this true? Dan said he never name dropped but I can’t tell if he’s lying. From what I could tell, Dan IS being honest, and it was really Ian plotting against Boogie and Frank, but Dan doesn’t want to throw Ian under the bus so he’s just staying quiet, which in reality makes it look like he’s lying even though he’s not.

    Am I right about that? Sorry, kind of confusing! Any help/inside information would be appreciated.

      • I wish someone would throw Ian under the bus…car ,truck, whatever … I don’t like him at all…

    • i agree, but its wise from Dan not to throw Ian under the bus yet, because if for whatever reason Dan is on the block, i’m pretty sure he has Ian’s vote and Frank and Boogie don’t know that which would screw their plans. 

  4. I like frank and I hope he wins if I could vote he would have mine wish shane and his crazy girl friend were both out as well

    •  Agreed with you, would like to see Frank wins this because he has been the target ever since and have been surviving by winning hoh and pov, however it is still a long ways to go.  If not Frank, would like to see the other newbies to win.   They will all be foolished to allow the winners before to win again. 

      • What do you mean he is surviving.The only reason frank is still in the game is cause production wants he there.He would already been evicted if they didn’t change the rules and save him and totally wasted one of Shane HOH.

  5. I just could not understand these big brother contestant especially Frank and Boogie, Dan won the money before.  They should have nominated him.  Why give the chance to someone who has already won?   Britney kept criticizing Frank and Boogie about not being loyal before when the idea to backdoor Dan came about when she herself has a secret alliance.  I could not stand that girl sorry.  

  6. Ian is a big rat perhaps the biggest go ahead Dan tell them all what big a rats Ian and Brittney are

    • There will be time to deal with Ian. The target for eviction should be Shane, Dan and Brittney. Just getting one out this week would be good. Getting the rest out the following weeks would even be better!

      • Number one target by far should be Boogie, Frank by default. Boogie is an arrogant back stabber and won because of Dr. Will’s mentoring. Frank is only riding on Boogie’s coat tails. I’d like to see Ian win it all. Dan better start playing in the comps to win, and Britney needs to control her emotions and stop being a DRAMA QUEEN.

      • Lenniereisch…..If there is huge backstabber in this season. It is Shane. How many alliances has he formed with Frank and stabbed him in the back each time? Good thing though, it is on now. No reason for Frank or Boogie to hold off going after the rats and I will be cheering Frank or Boogie to win the 2nd HOH so that one of the rats, Dan, Shane or Brittney gets evicted this very week that they evicted Frank or Boogie! Revenge would be sweet!

      • Frank is the only one who is playing the social and physical game !! Shane won some comps, but sucks at his social game. Sometimes his light doesn’t turn on. I would be pissed as hell too. Frank got backstabbed by Shane twice now, could have and should have put Shane up last week but didn’t, trusted him and now looked what happened. Shouldn’t have listened to Boogie and waited, now there both sitting up there. The rest of the players are dull and big floaters except for maybe Dan, but don’t like Dan throwing comps. Brittany is floating with Dan and Shane just like she did with Hayden and Lane (Brigade). Jenn, Ashley (looks stoned all the time), Joe and Ian couldn’t win a comp if their life depended on it. Seriously hope Boogie or Frank win POV. And didn’t Julie say something about a double eviction ?? I’d get Dan and Shane out immediately. Then Brittany next cause she has safety this week and the floaters next. 

  7. I don’t know why Britney is freaking out…Of course Frank and Boogie are pissed.  So what!  They are mad because someone turned on them first.  Britney needs to stop being so emotional and use her head.  Obviously they can’t both go so they will still have to deal with one pissed off person, but the others still have the numbers… 

  8. I wish they would nom. jen….I think that’s her name. She’s the biggest floater of all and may end up winning because of it….they never show that girl EVER!

    •  I know she is. Their have been floaters every year but not like her. Is she eve playing the game or just on vacation? Someone please notice Jen and get her out.

      • On last nights after dark, I seen where Boogie was saying if I had only known I wouldn’t have played for the $$10,000. Well, I guess that is what you get for laying on his —- and letting Frank try and win everything and keep them both safe.And Frank gets all the blood on his hands and green in Boogies. Boogie is a very selfish and worthless person. I want them both out. Hope it happens on Thur.

    •  I wonder if Brit is a genius or a dolt! I hope she is playing everyone and wins. Get Frank and Boogie in the double eviction, follow by ousting Shane ASAP. Come on Brit! You and Dan can outwit Ian as he would be the only threat remaining.

  9. I don’t like the fact that production is trying to keep Boogie and Frank around. I am one of the few supporters of the duo BUT I rather them get as far as they can on their own accord rather than production interjecting every-time. 

    • What scares me is if there is a Pandora’s box, production can decide the power “on the fly” … Shane already said he’d open it.. so if Boogie and Frank can’t fight their way off the block, production could just stick a Pandora’s box in HOH room a day before the vote which Shane would open… and the power could be anything to “save” them. 
      In order to be fair, there should be a script in “escrow” before the show starts that states all comps  to take place in advance and all powers/twists as well. CBS would never accept that tough.

      • That is a possibility but in all likelihoodI doubt either Frank or Boggie will win it all as their targets on their backs are WAY too large for them to make it far. 

      • This is infuriating that production is trying to keep Boogie and Frank in the game by influencing Shane. I’ve had suspicions over the years, but kept hoping it wasn’t true. That makes the whole game a cheat. Might as well write a script. Are you trying to ruin the ratings on your own show BB? This means BB will bring in Pandora’s box next week, hoping Frank will win HOH, to give him the upper hand. No wonder ratings are going down. You guys are so wrapped up in production it’s masking poor decisions. Instead of putting the players thru 24 hr anxiety and stress, let’s put production in there and see how they fair.

      • I to think that the show should be played out without inside help. If they help why not write the script and let the players play it out. It looks like to me that production already has the winner before the show starts and as the season goes along it is geared to the one they have picked to win. A total setup from the start. For me I realized it last year. Very disapointing to find out that it isn’t on the up and up.

  10. I’m goinh to be pissed if they use the pov to take boogie or frank off the block. Send one of them packing!!!!

  11. Don’t forget it’s a double eviction the coming Thursday. Frank and Boogie can both go if one of the quack pack wins the next HOH

    • Or one of Dan, Shane or Brittney can be evicted if Frank or Boogie whoever is still in the house wins that 2nd HOH! Just put Dan and Shane on the block and Brittney as the replacement nominee and let the Quack Pack decide among themselves who gets evicted! Sweet!

  12. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference……Reminder to self it’s just a game,it’s just a game!……


  14. If Shane is telling the truth about DQ telling him not to nominate F&B that means that BB is in control and its becoming staged. Frank is some what ok Boogie is a bitch LET THEM PLAY

    • he didn’t say they told him not to. He said they asked if he was sure.

      As for ‘becoming’ staged, last season was the most rigged ever.  Even if they did meddle with Shane this season is so far less blatant than last. 

  15. Shane Britney Dan Danielle Ian the new age nerd herd win veto frank or boogie and get revenge on this dork pack

  16. I would much rather have Frank stay than Boogie. Love Frank, hate Boogie. I would like Frank much more if he was separated from Boogs, the biggest rat in the house. I don’t understand some people on here saying they want Dan or Boogie to win just before the coaches entered everyone was saying how they wanted a newbie to win.

    • Personally I’m sick to death of Frank.   Somewhat bi-polar, and not half the player he thinks he is.

      Plus once production steps in to save someone like they did with him and the reset, generally I start to want them to go.

    • Most fans probably wanted the coaches to stay as coaches however, have you see how the newbies are playing? Those that do play are still listening to the coaches when the coaches are in the game themselves? Shane does what Brittney tells him, Frank listens to Boogie and let us not forget Danielle totally beholden to Dan! IMHO, Big Brother would have been better off bringing all the previous winners back for a Big Brother All Stars. There are 13 Season so far so, you have 13 very good players who know how to play having won it before. If not all 13 accept then, offer the slot to that season’s runner up. You would have had 13 very good players in the Big Brother House and you do not have to worry about the house guests getting directions from someone on how to play the game!

  17. Heard a rumor that Big Brother paid Boogie 100k to stay on the show during the reset because they were worried about ratings. I would not be surprised if Boogie throws the competition to Frank and gets eliminated.

    Ian is in a very bad spot right now. He has played Boogie and Frank well, but he has to throw this veto competition while making it look like he tried his hardest. Why? Because if he wins and doesn’t use the Veto Frank or Boogie will be coming after him and if he throws it or uses the Veto, the rest of the Quack Pack will be pissed and he will become their target.

    • Ian is the bigger threat. He analyzes everything. He’s a nerd but definitely in tune to how to play the game. I still love the Boogs and Frank and hope they both stay.

      •  he is analytical but not quick on the draw, book smart not street smart, he sees things 20/20 in the past

    • FOR ALL MO-FOS that complain don’t watch don’t go on Internet feeds. Go to u porn and get your frustration out. IT’S REALITY TV IF PRODUCTION DOESNT DO IT NO RATINGS NO MONEY NO SHOW. CONTRSTANTS SIGNED THE CONTRACTS SO THEY KNOW WHAT THEY STE GETTING IN TO. SAME AS CONTRACT THE 4 coaches signed

  18. I’m team F/B but I don’t feel bad they’re on the block. They should’ve saw it coming. Everytime Frank said he wanted to work with them they put him on the block, he listened to Boogie and thought it would be different this time? Shane nominated them and look at how the sadsack pack is already falling apart. Production’s been rigging the game for at least the past 6 seasons from what I can tell so it’s no suprise. Shane’s so dumb for spilling the beans, he just became production’s target to get him out of the house. Britt’s days are numbered, she’s mad  at her attack dog and she’s pissing everyone off with her whining. I don’t want to say this is the worst season, but the people they picked are just … I don’t know I can’t even come up with the words.

    • Shane won’t be production’s target, they care about ratings.  Boogie talks out of school about production all the time, and Janelle too.

      Plus Shane didn’t really say anything.  he was asked if he was sure?  Not exactly an open and shut case.  They are trying to prod him to give a compelling DR for television after all.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they really tried further to talk him out of it, but lets stop pretending “are you sure you wanna do that?” is a grand conspiracy.

    • The think making me sick about Boogie, since Thursday; Knowing He and Frank are huge targets, to everyone, why didn’t “Epic Boogie” try and win the HoH instead of going straight for cash?

  19. If Production is really manipulating this game as it has been said, then I’m done watching BB.  To me if that is true it is a total waste of my time. What is so great about F & B to want them to stay? Actually I would like Frank to finally get the boot, leave Boogie there because he can’t win squat!!  Big brother let the players play their game not your game!!!!

    •  It is all about TV ratings, Boogie brings in ratings, Frank is the Son of a WWE Wrestling superstar, why would CBS cut them out of the game to loser viewers??

    •  What is so great about Jen, Ashley, Joe, Brit, Danielle and Ian? Dan and Shane are alright…But the rest is a hot mess.

  20.  I hope Frank or Boogie leaves. Shane should not have thrown Britney under the bus thought..

    •  Well, here content complaining and doom is gloom will give other people a reason to want to evict her as it will eventually get on people nerves.

  21. Send Boogie home!!! And the 2nd eviction send Danielle or Jenn. I like Frank, wanna see him work by himself. Like Dan, like Britney but I can’t stand her whining. Shane is ok. Danielle is nuts! Like Ian, hoping he goes far. Ashley is 25% entertaining. Joe is about 15% entertaining. Jenn who?

  22. I don’t know why so many people are pulling for Boogie and Frank.  They are disgusting. If production is controlling the game then what is the point of watching? Let it play out the way it will. The best player, Janelle, is gone and everything has gone down hill. If they get Dan out of the house next week I don’t think I will watch anymore-and I love this show from season one.

    • How did Janelle become best player when she has not won Big Brother the 3 times she has played it? Dan and Mike Boogie both have won it. If you don’t like a house guest, that is fine. To each his own. I like Mike Boogie and Frank because they atleast, are playing the game. A lot of the others are just floating along doing nothing!

      • No Janelle did not win the 3 times she played.   But speaking to the first two times….you don’t have to be the winner to make a HUGE impact on the game.   And THAT’S what she did.   Becoming HOH several times and winning vetos when she had to made fans love her for the excitement she brought to the game.    I won’t say she is the best player to EVER play the game, but the girl certainly left her mark as a force to be reckoned with in previous seasons.   Maybe she lost her touch but at least when she was around in her first two seasons, you always knew that trouble and drama were not far behind.  Something any BB fan can appreciate.

    • Mmakai; I would have agreed with You prior to her return, but the Janelle that most people knew and loved as a BB Player was NOT the Janelle that caame into this season. I’m not sure what changed, but her social game was a mess, and her physical game was non-existant.

      One more reason I’m so sick of these constantly returning players…

  23. If this game is fixed by production ill stop watching because asshole Boogie will be there all summer and he doesnt deserve to win anything.

  24. Shane’s disclosure about production pressuring him makes me feel like a fool for watching.  CBS has shown itself not trustworthy.  So now what, I am to invest my time watching a show of skill which is in fact decided by CBS and not the skill of the players.  It takes the national network news organizations a week to pick up on an earthquake so maybe in 2-3 weeks CNN or someone will report on this.  It will not go well for CBS.

    • Bobby, I hate to say it, but this is by far, NOT the first time and surely not the last.
      For those that remember the NataLIE season, people grouped up and called Allison Grodner, (Producer, I believe), relentlessly! The Girl cheated on an Endurance Comp WITH photos to prove it, yet zero action was taken.
      They {Production} want as much “Drama” as humanly possible, period. Leaving Boogie there, for sure, creates Drama. Same with Dan, and probably even Brat..
      Her performance in the past 24 hours is about the only thing “Epic” about her as a Mentor!

  25. BB for the good players you had through the years why why why would you bring Boogie back.

    • Atleast, Dan and Boogie has won Big Brother. Brittney and Janelle was brought back only on the basis of their fans as they have not won Big Brother yet! I would have preferred they brought back Evil Dick and Dr. Wil for the two other coaches because those two know how to play the game and we would not have two lame coaches in Janelle and Brittney who know nothing about coaching let alone playing Big Brother!

      •  That would have been epic! I can even get them bringing in Janelle…as she has been close. But Britney….seriously? Oh wait, that’s right she had funny D.R. sessions. Ridiculous.

    •  TV ratings and he is rich enough to take 3 months off from riding his partners coat tails, not many can do that

  26. Why are you enjoying this?  When Shane said production tried to tell him not to put up F & B and he did it anyway, it is a no brainer they are going to step in with Pandora’s Box to save both those idiots.  Shoot me if I am wrong…..

    • Unfortunately, you’re probably right. Production shouldn’t have any say as to decisions made by the houseguests. If production thinks they can do a better job, maybe they should be the HGs next season!

      • i read it down below that production had given one to frand and boogie and they both put them in their pocket.

    • If you mean for Veto, it’s when the Players pick names. There’s usually one chip in the bag that says, “House-Guest’s Choice”, letting that person pick whomever they meant to play the Veto Comp with..

  27. The week that the coaches were put into the game,I would have been completely out in the open if I were HOH. Put up only the coaches and tell the newbies to band together and get rid of them methodically. They all had there shot. Then once the coaches were gone, may the best newb win.

      if any newb is on jury voting to give Dan or Booger–LOL–a million bucks, then they will be kiicking themselves in the ass for not realizing that they needed to get rid of them.

     I think production does manipulate how the game goes just as we saw when they saveed Frank.


    •  Production might influence the game in order to get better ratings?!? You could be onto something!

  28. I am so proud of Shane for nominating Frank and Boogie! Boogie went for the $10K because he felt he could run the house without having to win any competitions. Hopefully he will be proven wrong. Of course Jenn’s game, as we (and she) knew it, is over, and all of a sudden she’s become a force to be reckoned with. She needs to stick with Shane and the newbies. Time to untie the apron strings. Get rid of Boogie and let Frank play his own game for once!

    • great comment Kali’s mom – hopefully if Boogie goes – Dan and Brit will be next – these newbies need to understand they need to play for themselves and not the coaches

    • Well said. I hope Frank realizes this since Booger didnt even attempt HOH during the comp to keep his Bromance safe since he couldnt compete. Actions speek louder that words.

    • Sorry, I read that Jenn had won the POV, and now I realize it hadn’t been played yet. My apologies.  ;-(

  29. I don,t know y ur all bashing Frank & Boogie at least they kept thier word lastweek to the silent six!!!!Seems to me Brit & Dan Probably need to go plus the floaters Jenn,Ashley, Joe & Ian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. when do we know the pov results?

    urgh! hope the nominations stays the same and no twists happen.

  31. DoeS ANY ONE know what the heck is going on? Thie trivia has been on for 5+ hours now?

  32. I dont have live feeds. Could someone please tell me the truth, someone posted that Shane was expelled from the game…. True or False and why???

    • Lots of liars on this blog. Like a while ago, someone said Ian won POV, then, someone said Jenn won POV when POV has not started that is according to Matt. Most likely, the post about Shane being expelled is also a lie! 

      • Yea, thanks. I read it before I noticed it had been trivia for 3 hours so there is no way for them to know that. Thanks again….

    • If one of them has to go, I would rather it be Boogie and let Frank continue on and go after the rats, Dan, Shane and Brittney in the Big Brother House.
      Hopefully, though, they can take one of them off and backdoor Dan too in the same vein and send Dan packing out of the Big Brother House!

      • There is only one problem with that theory although boogie and frank think dan was the rat in truth it is Ian 

      • Also even if one of them gets the veto there whole plan relays on shane putting dan up as a replacement and i don’t see that happening it wouldn’t make sense if shane wants to win this game if anything he will put up ashley or jen and then they have the votes to send the other one home either way regardless of the veto one of them will go

  33. I love that people are accusing Shane, Britney and Dan of being rats, yet Boogie and Frank seriously contemplated backdooring Dan last week. The ONLY difference between the two groups is that one had the balls to strike first.

      • Hahaha if I recall correctly, Danielle boo-hoo’d & lied to Janelle about it too. She’s no different than Shane in that aspect.

    • Well, then, you completely miss what an alliance is for! If you cannot last more than one week in an alliance, then, you are a rat and no going around that! Now, if there were just 6 people left in the house then, I would understand that the house guests needed to peel off! It is done and betrayal has its consequences. Now, there is no need for Mike Boogie and Frank to hold back and go after the rats, Dan, Shane and Brittney. I hope they win the 2nd HOH and send one of this rats home. That would be sweet!

    •  Hell Yeah, expose all backstabbing and the backstabbers that are doing it!!! This is the Big Brother I love to watch.

    • Agree..Shane (thought) he had no other choice,as so to protect Brittney and Dan…Boogie only stopped Frank from putting Dan on the block because he and Dan have a “secret alli”..Shane and Ian need to stick together and wipe Britt,Dan Boogie & Frank out…Boogie,Dan & Britt need to go home & Newbies fight to the end..

  34. Personally I love F & B together… They make an awesome team. I am very interested in seeing what they will do together so I do hope that production somehow plans to keep them around. They make the show interesting not the others … The rest are all boring to watch

  35. I suppose with his nomination that Boogies nickname has officially been changed to BLOCKhead.

    • It says in the Joker site that they have been playing trivia veto competition for over 5 hours. Not sure if that is accurate but, what kind of veto lasts over 5 hours? That seems overly excessive.

  36. I predict Joe is going to be the winner of this game. His game strategy is flawless, excellent social skills, a one of kind manipulator and a very quiet man.

  37. Come on, Dairy Queen, do something. You could not save Janelle…do a better job this time,  save Frank AND Boogie. If either Frank OR Boogie leave the house, boredom will be a daily meal served to we fans. Who wants that? Not me!

    • I feel you, I don’t want to see the house without Frank or Boogie, either — however, I’d rather them stay in the house due to their own game play and not due to production interference.

  38. Jokers defense of BB didn’t hold water. Trivia down this long, wonder if Frank penalized for cheating and DQ scrambling with legal like Brit with Boogie. The obvious cheating and not wanting certain people nominated left DQ exposed in a short time period. Scrambling all over behind and in front of closed doors.

    •  We need Frank to go first!! He is really doing all the work not Boogie. Boogie doesn’t stand a chance in the BB house without Frank.

    • I agree that Booger should go. IMO, he’s waaaay too predictable and he bores me. Frank deserves to stay. He’s EARNED it, at least. I’d like to see a newbie run the house, change things and stir things up which would give us some better entertainment to watch! Booger isn’t a great player just because some of the other HG’s weren’t as perceptive to his obviously selfish character a week ago. (He’s SOOO transparent, to “me”, anyway. NOT impressed by him, at all. Plus, Janelle was 100% right; Boogie IS just a douchebag. He also creeps me out. Keep Frank though. All the HG’s need to remember is that EVERYTHING Booger says is lie. It’s simple. If I were the HOH, I would have bluntly just told Boogie to his face that I straight-out don’t trust him. You’re outta here!” Let’s move on, please.

    • I agree — seems to be conflicting reports on what exactly is happening: hours-long trivia OR endurance. Whatever it is, it’s taking a heck of a long-a$$ time to find out who won P.O.V.

      • It says long veto trivia competition and running time so far of  5 hours and 35 minutes from the Joker BB Updates but, nothing else other than that or who is still playing.

  39. I hope Pandoras Box has Julie and AG inside.   With a bucket of ice cream from DQ and a note from Dr Will saying “Boogie…you’ve been evicted from the BB house.”

    • Or they can say, sorry Shane. The twist this week is the nominees both become HOH and can evict automatically whoever they want! LOL

  40. This is really ridiculous! We haave been waiting to see who wins the POV for over 5 hours now. POV’s don’t last that long. We pay money to watch and do triva questions and listen to their music! Come on BB we have waited long enough!!

    •  there was a medical emergency during the POV and there will be nothing shown for a while folks, also chipgate is trending on twitter  #BB14

  41. I just read on the Joker’s Updates that the delay was caused by a medical emergency  during the POV and that the competition has been put on hold. If that’s true, it makes me feel bad that we are all whining about the delay.

  42. If you have the live feeds, flashback to 12:06 camera 3.  Frank tells Boogie he palmed the houseguests choice chip and that he thought production would be ok with him doing that.  He cheated. 

    • how would that be cheating? can you explain it, i don’t have live feeds so i don’t understand what it means

  43. I heard the emergency is that they are trying to surgically remove danielle from shane…. oh wait no it’s a procedure of having shane’s head removed from his own a$$.

    • Maybe, they had to surgically remove Danielle from Shane because she was clinging to him like an octopus and would not let go!

      • Maybe they had to surgically remove britney’s vocal cords because the other houseguests were getting major headache’s from hearing her bitch, whine, and moan around the house.

    • Actually they’re having an operation to remove Boogies hand from Franks butt.   Taking a while since the pinky finger got stuck.

  44. On Joker BB Updates, it states that Ashley won POV and she also had a medical emergency. There was something about eating the POV because she thought it had some chocolate? I hope she did not swallow any foreign object.
    Maybe, the POV should not be eaten? Hopefully, she is fine.

  45. I was just looking at the pics of the house guests and other than Willie and Wil, all the evicted ones are women. I think we need to start picking off a few guys, Boogie and Frank first. Not that Britney and Danielle are stellar players or anything but I hope that they stick around for a while.

    • If you watched the last Survivor won by Kim, the women dominated it and evicted all the guys one by one and it ended up being an all woman competition for about half of it. If Kim was in the Big Brother House, she will school all these newbies how to play a very good social game as well as a strategic game via manipulation. She played very well all thru out and even those she evicted still liked her at the end! 

  46. I read on J/U it was Ashley who got hurt but they have taken the post down since then…

  47. Ok i was on bb online and apparently the reason the feed is still down is because they had to stop the pov because of a medical emergency nobody is sure who got hurt at this point or if they are contiuning with the pov but that is why it is taking so long. It has nothing to do with what kind of comp 

  48. does anybody know whats happening with the veto competition…all i know is that it was stopped due to a medical emergency?!?!?!?

  49. Jokers Updates just posted that feeds are back up (take that for what it’s worth). Regardless, I find it interesting that we’re all getting our information from the good people who post on here (thank you, thank you, all — love all the info!) instead of this site’s administration — no updates for hours.

    • It is not showing it now. However, when I went to the Joker BB Updates about 40 minutes ago, it said Ashley won the veto and also Ashley had a medical emergency. Hopefully, that was accurate.

  50. Hope one of the Rats goes home Boogie is my choice he has money up his wazo and Restrants up the wazo. Go home to your little boy old man

      • It’s Boogie’s fault for being greedy, going after the $ instead of HOH.  Not to mention he is a hypocrite-he was pissed at Ian when he didn’t last in the Endurance Competition to save him and Frank, but Boogie was selfish and didn’t think about Frank and took the $

  51. Feeds r finally back up don’t know what’s going on but boogie frank dani and Ian in the backyard

  52. Frank does not look worried or concerned…hmmmmm..Ashley is walking around so she seems to be ok..

  53. what is this nonsense where the hoh’s are being influenced by production?  it doenst really matter, in the end its still their decision to make.  i am nominating shane and danielle as the new rachel and brenden

  54. With our luck, production is making someone “hurt” as a way to avoid the eviction of their beloved Frank and Boogie. Poor Shane, that would would be two HOHs that would be for nothing.

    • Exactly, I would bet my last dollar that neither Frank or Boogie are leaving this week.  This season is so boring and predictable I’m almost done watching !

  55. Matt,

    Are you around? Can you let us all know what really happened and confirm
    who won the POV? Thanks.

  56. Frank is making small talk with Boogie but no mention of POV results….Frank may have won it…mind u I said may have…

  57. Shane is such a poor social player. Good for Frank. I have a feeling Boogers will find a way.

    • Time to work on Shane to put up Dan. If Shane does not and Frank wins the 2nd HOH, he could also be going home just right after Boogie! Also, time to corral the votes of Danielle and Brittney to vote out Dan if Shane puts him in as a replacement nominee! If Mike Boogie and Frank can pull this off, this will even be an even bigger backdoor than the one they put on Janelle!

    • Hopefully that happens or might be time to review that backdoor Dan plan which Shane can put in place if Mike Boogie and Frank offer him safety for the 2nd HOH which he cannot play in. Also, they can offer the same deal to Brittney and Danielle for their votes. Now, that plan looks pretty appealing!

      • I wouldn’t trust them. maybe tell the newbies they could get to Final five with them instead of” next to go” as Dan, Dani, Shane, Brit quill be final four if they stay period.

  58. So how long before the conspiracy theories start flying, since we know that production’s was in contact with Shane during the noms?  My guess: probably not long.

  59. Why isn’t Frank mad at Boogie for going for the 10,000 and not going for HOH where he could have saved his “good buddy” Frank and himself.  Boogie is the reason WHY THEY ARE BOTH ON THE BLOCK !  Frank should be furious and make a new alliance with someone else.  Boogie is very greedy and only thinking of himself and MONEY, MONEY, MONEY !

  60. They should’ve evicted Frank when they had the chance. They have no one to blame but themselves. Shane needs to go too only b/c physically he’s a strong player but Shane wins when it matters. Boogie needs to go. Go Dan!! 

  61. If production can change the game anyway they want, this isn’t really a reality show at all, it’s just a show with people being maneuvered by each other and Big Brother.
    I can’t believe they told Shane not to put up Frank and Boogie.  Gimme a break!

  62. If Boogie gets out of this alive, then he’ll have even more to brag about…..

    GO BOOGIE…..

  63. I think Shane  SUCKS!!!! Watch how he`ll put the blame on someone else because he`s a Candy A$$…. And what`s up with that hair doo???? I`ve seen  Wigs Cheap Wig looke alot better than that Brush Over Doo… iF HE KNEW HOW STUPID HE LOOKEDHE WOULD CUT THAT SH&T!!

  64. Best case scenario: Shane wins POV, pulls off Frank, backdoors Dan. Since it’s double eviction, they will run through a week in 1 hour, so HOH needs to put up Joe and Brittany. BOOM! Dan is gone and so is Brittany. Sounds like a plan to me! Her whining is getting annoying and Dan already won before, so he needs to go, too.

  65. why cant frank see he is already playing on his own? Come on, boogrer did not evan attempt to get hoh,or offer frank half the money! Legal or not, he could have said it. He is just a douche, trying to outlive dr. wills shadow. Poor Frank! Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! Hand ole booger another half a mill!

  66. Is Frank smart or stupid?.  Why he cannot realize that Shane will never back him up.  Also, cannot see that Ian is not his alliance.  As much as I wanted him to win, it is probably impossible because of his stupidity.  

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