Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 4 Sunday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Here we go again. Another week of who’s up, who’s going home, who’s getting blindsided on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds. And that’s normally one of the best parts of this game, but this season is a little different. I’ve never seen SO much flip-flopping in my life! Week after week, it’s been the same thing.  And this week it’s on again.

Frank and Wil are up, but there’s talk of Janelle going up. Then that talk is squashed. Then it’s back on again. Then it’s not. Janelle looked at Danielle wrong so it’s back on. Then Dan squashes it again. Aaaaaack! But all this madness makes for some interesting Live Feed highlights. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, August 5, 2012:

10:00 AM BBT — Boogie asks Ian if he needs to go to the bathroom. Ian tells Boogie they need to figure out a way to keep Frank.

12:42 PM BBT — Shane and Danielle chatting in HOH room. Danielle says they are like Brenchel because of how competitive they are. Shane says they’re powerhouses. Wow. Delusional much

12:47 PM BBT — Frank reveals that he had a sex dream about Jojo and woke up aroused. Can we please get some game talk somewhere in this house???

2:10 PM BBT — Britney and Janelle talking about getting Frank out. Janelle goes on to say she doesn’t want Shane to go far in the game.

3:04 PM BBT — Danielle, Britney and Dan are regrouping to talk about all the Janelle blindside talk from last night. Britney is leaning back toward evicting Frank again. Danielle says it no longer matter to her. Frank is fine. Janelle is fine.

3:30 PM BBT — Boogie is back to working Danielle and Shane to blindside Janelle. He says if it doesn’t happen and Frnak goes, he’ll target Janelle himself. He refuses to work with her in the game.

3:42 PM BBT — Britney tells Boogie she doesn’t trust him.

4:00 PM BBT — Boogie talking to himself saying maybe he should take out Britney and Dan and take the newbies to the end.

4:06 PM BBT — Things solidify during the HOH room meeting of Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane. Dan tells the others about Frank and Boogie’s dual diary room sessions together and the others don’t like it. Everyone agrees to keep the nominees the same and evict Frank. Janelle is safe, it sounds. For now.

4:17 PM BBT — For ever competition Shane has won, he loses all respect with  a suggestion he made around this time. He suggests himself going up as a pawn so no one thinks they’re working together. No really, he did.

5:23 Pm BBT — Britney and Ian talking. Ian wants Janelle or someone from her team to leave the house.

5:31 PM BBT — Boogie tells Frank if Frank goes, Boogie will go to the other side because he won’t work with Janelle.

5:57 PM BBT — Frank, Danielle and Britney talking about putting up Janelle again. This time they talk about putting Janelle up against Frank. This plan sounds kind of familiar and it’s making me crazy again just like the past three weeks. Danielle is now saying she doesn’t know what she’ll do.

6:14 PM BBTBritney and Janelle talking on the hammock. They’re wondering if Boogie will work with them when Frank goes home.

6:40 PM BBT — Ian gets to take off the dog costume. He showers and the HGs go on lockdown so production can take down his dog house.

7:41 PM BBT — Britney is mad at Shane for telling Frank she made him put Frank up last week. What is wrong with these HGs?

8:06 PM BBT — Boogie says if Frank gets evicted Dan will be sorry if Boogie wins HOH.

9:25 PM BBT — Ian trying to sell Janelle’s eviction to Dan. Dan says he still doesn’t trust Boogie.

9:40 PM BBT — Backyard crab walk race.

9:45 PM BBT — Frank and Dan talking. Frank said if he stays he’d put up Joe and Wil.

10:08 PM BBT — Boogie and Dan in HOH on about Round 344 of his plea to blindside Janelle. Dan is still weary on taking out a fellow former coach. Boogie: “Voting out Frank isn’t going to make me run to you guys.”

1o:26 PM BBT — Britney and Janelle bust into the HOH room to have a former coaches meeting. Britney asks if they’re protecting each other in the game. Boogie says that’s tough because they’re still working with their newbies. Janelle says “let’s get rid of our guys.” Boogie says “OK, let’s get rid of Wil” and they’ll be set. Boogie tells Janelle he does not trust Janelle. Boogie calls Janelle out on lying and Janelle couldn’t defend herself.

10:52 PM BBT — Britney and Janelle leave the HOH and Dan says he’s now on board after that conversation. Frank comes in and Dan tells him he’s about to “roll with two of the best winners of this game.” So it sounds like Dan is on board again. Because Janelle is a liar? Really? OK.

11:02 PM BBT — Danielle comes into the HOH room. Boogie and Frank leaves. Dan fills Danielle in on what just happened. Dan tells Danielle they need to make a decision on what to do. Britney comes in and Dan asks what her gut decision is. Britney agrees with Dan that Boogie is being honest about Janelle lying. Shane joins later and they fill him in. They all think Boogie is solid on the six of them (Boogie/Frank, Dan/Danielle, Britney/Shane) working together. That means putting Janelle out this week.

11:55 PM BBT — Janelle is suspicious. She thinks someone might be selling her out.

11:58 PM BBT — After the long HOH talk, it’s decided that Janelle will be a replacement nominee. They also officially form the “Silent Six” alliance.

12:16 AM BBT — The lies and coverup for the plan to blindside Janelle start.

I’m glad the game has been reset and things are starting to get real. I just wish the whole flip-flopping thing would die down a bit. But hey, at least I can say things aren’t boring this season.

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  1. Sometimes the best way is the obvious way . . . they all believe Frank is the most dangerous person in the house, yet they continue to find ways to save him . . . this will be a huge mistake . . . NO one LIKES or TRUSTS Janelle, why would they target her over Frank?  makes no sense. .

    • Janelle is a bigger threat. Frank has won 1 HOH. Shane has won 1 HOH and three POVs. And Janelle has won multiple HOHs and POVs in her season and Frank is the biggest threat? Just because he is aligned with Boogie does not make him a big threat. Boogie will get rid of Frank if it suits him. The same way with Janelle and her former team of Wil, Ashley and Joe. Dan is manipulating Danielle, Brittney is using Shane. The biggest threat are the 4 coaches, then, Shane and Frank. The only reason Frank is targeted and made to be a big threat is the manipulation of the coaches to rid the Big Brother House of the stronger newbies which is Frank and Shane. If they boot out Frank this week, then, Shane will go next week!
      Booting out one of the coaches helps the newbies because the coaches alliance is split and now, the coaches have to go against each other! If not,
      the coaches can join forces and evict the newbies one by one till they are the only ones left in the house! Apparently, people forget about the Brigade
      alliance a couple of seasons past.

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. Please oh Please get Janelle out. I’m not sure it’s the fact that Janelle was called out as a liar (which is beautiful in itself) but that Boogie made it a point to say that if Frank goes he won’t go running to them. Dan certainly does not want to be working against Boogie.

    •  I am pretty sure that is what sold the plan to Dan..and seeing Janelle stonefaced when confronted by Boogie, he told her to put Joe up and she just sat there like a deer in headlights..she wants to keep her team solid, so she can keep them around for jury and she will get their votes if she were to stay, then she would only need one more vote to win.

  3. What I don’t understand about this group is why they insist on making targets of multiple threats (Wil and Frank/Janelle) or with Frank and Kara seen as the Week 1 strongest players from Boogie and Dan’s teams. If the goal is to get out a specific player (so far this season that has been Frank) why put him up against another strong player. Why not use Jen or Ashley who nobody is going to vote out? For example this week, if they put either of those two next to Frank you avoid having Wil want to come after them. If Frank would have won POV you can immediately replace him with whoever. Additionally putting a crappy person in POV helps make it easier for the HoH and allies  to win POV. Just seems like a lot of people don’t understand how nominating multiple threats is a bad strategy. 

    • In most recent seasons of BB when they put up a pawn as a replacement to insure the stronger player is evicted, the pawn is the one voted out. By putting up two strong players you are insuring one of them will go home.

  4. Woohoo!

    I knew frank would some how stay!

    They’re all idiots for falling for boogie’s plan but whatever- I’m loving it!

  5. Looks like things are getting interesting but, it took a coach still to get the ball rolling! Now, will the silent six alliance hold? For them to succeed, they have to be true and stick together. If not, it falls apart and they would end up targeting each other which helps no one! What I would look at closely is the actual votes cast if Janelle is put up as replacement nominee because the votes do not lie.
    You can pretty much see if the coaches are actually loyal to the silent six alliance or still with Janelle. We shall see soon enough! I will definitely watching for the Mike Boogie and Janelle confrontation in the HOH about Janelle lying and that probably be the highlight on TV!

    • Danielle is actually comparing her relationship with Shane to Jeff & Jordan’s. She’s already saying she’s in love with him. I personally believe that Shane is just trying to shomance his way further in the game.

      • Of course Shane is. He said so himself. He told Julie in the HOH room on Thursday, that, “He’s not interested in a showmance, that it would affect his game play”. So you have it from his own mouth. He’s just using her.

  6. Janelle is a liar? Give me a freaking break, they are all liars. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I think they are all acting like morons. Flip, flop, flip, flop, having the live feeds don’t mean anything, not the way these morons play. One never knows what the heck is really going to happen until it does. I hope Frank goes out this week and Boogie to follow. There has to be a double eviction soon, maybe boogie and janelle can leave together. That would be sweet.

  7. janelle a liar? everybody lies in the big brother house. booogie stop acting like your a saint

    • The point Boogie was making is WHO Janelle was lying to. He’s not saying that people aren’t all lying. He’s saying that Janelle was lying to Brit, Shane, Dan, and Danielle.

      • No, what he is saying is that everybody lies is this game when it comes to I’ll keep you safe, I think this one is coming after you, etc.  But Janelle fabricates viscious lies like telling Danielle that JoJo said she was fat, etc.  that is a whole new low.

  8. Seriously I dont know what is up with this group of houseguest. If they evict Janelle, that will make Frank/Booger go after Shane and his crew. The other houseguest are no obvious threat. I say evict Frank just to eliminate Boogie’s closet ally. Janelle will target Boogie and vice versa so Shane’s crew can be safe for atleast another week. These houseguest really needs to grow some brain cells

  9. What  are the names of the silent six???  All this flip floping is getting to be annoying instead of interesting or entertaining. Dan is the only HG that I
    make sense out of what he says and why he is saying it. ANYTHING that Dan does or says from here on out is to get himself farther in the game..Dan is on the same low life sneaking level as Boogie and Janell but he has a different stragety. Again  Who are the silent six????

  10. LOL let’s just see how “silent” they stay!!!   I don’t know, for some reason I’d just trust Janelle more to watch my back over Boogie….maybe it’s just me.  I think they are making far too much of Janelle and Boogie’s tainted history which seems to me to be the source of the entire group’s distrust of Janelle.  I have no problems though with Ian and Jenn and Wil and Joe losing their chances at half a million…they strike me as the four most useless people in the house (drama and food preparation not withstanding.)

  11. I think I will get my money’s worth for the feeds this week, watching Janelle squirm and worry and wheel and deal will be priceless!!  She has no idea.

  12. I am completely done with this season after the events of last night… This must be the year of the Frank for CBS. I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything but I don’t understand why they continue to save Frank when he should have been home already, Boogie did state that production was pissed at him because he said if Frank leaves he won’t give them the DR gold they want but that’s all I’ll say about that. Janelle was completely thrown under the bus last night all because of Dan and Britney, Britney made up most of the lies about Janelle and Janelle is the only word that comes out of her mouth just like Rachel in S12… I am a Janelle fan and I like Dan but what they did last night was cold hearted … Locking Janelle out of the HoH room, cheering about getting her out and leaving her completely defenseless. They are the same names they were calling her … Cold hearted and bullies.

    • If there is any coach who should be pissed, it should be Mike Boogie because Janelle, Brittney and Dan have demonized him in the Big Brother House. Janelle has betrayed Brittney atleast, twice and lied many more times even when they were allies. The same goes for Dan who has been manipulating Danielle and Brittney who has been playing Shane for a fool!
      Sorry, I will not miss Janelle if she is backdoored. It will help the newbies because there is going to be one less coach in the Big Brother House.

    • You are remembering this is Big Brother right? It boggles the mind how many people complain about lying in this game, when it’s simply part of it. You say you’re done with this season after last night, then go on to say you’re a Janelle fan…well frankly your reasoning behind it somewhat gets cloudy and thrown out the window when you put those two together, and all it comes up as is sour grapes that a player you’re a fan of is going to be evicted. How could they let her into the HOH room when all six of them were up there? They had Frank and Mike go into the side/former coaches suite to try to hide, but that’s not always going to work especially if Janelle was suspicious and might’ve gone back there to see who else was in the entire room, and if she’s in then it doesn’t matter what they do and don’t talk about, she’s going to know the six of them are talking game together just by seeing them all there. Call it cold-hearted all you want, this is the game and it has been for as long as anyone can remember.

      Leaving her defenseless? Again, this is Big Brother, you have to be a little ruthless to get rid of strong players, which Janelle has proven she is. Don’t think for a second that when the time is right, people will be hard on Dan and Mike in their attempts to evict them, too.

    • Huge Janelle fan here too. If she goes, I am going to be very angry with the rest of them, especially Boogie. Never have liked him, he NEEDS to go!!

      • why, because he absolutely owned janelle, buried her completely not just this week, but if she ever came back. buried.

  13. There are so many people flying under the radar there’s Joe, Ashley, Wil then there is the Dizty Danielle she just sucks all she is goo goo over Shane who could care two hoots about her.  If you’re in the house play to win and forget everybody else and alliances because you can’t trust’em.

  14. Daaamn !!! The flip flopers of six strikes again. Can they make up their mind? It’s annoying…II think I’m switching now to “Team Tits” hahahahaha

  15. I like this plan and hope that they stick with it.  They know Janelle wants all four coaches as well as her not wanting to give up even Joe in order to have Boogie seemed seal the deal.  They know Janelle will pull out all the stops so it must be kept a secret.  It doesn’t hurt that they have Ian as well.  I hope this works.  Dan wanted to work with Boogie from the beginning so he is getting what he wanted from the beginning.  Boogie may have his reputation, but Dan is making sure he is kept safe by just about everyone while no blood is on his hands. Janelle has been looking out for Janelle.  One of coaches had to leave as all they have done is get rid of weaker players.  I have not seen where Frank was ever a huge threat as he has only won one comp. To me this levels the playing field and doesn’t let just coaches or just new people to run with it.

  16. The game hasn’t changed. The newbies need to get RID of the COACHES. They are so dumb I can’t believe it!  Nominate two coaches. ANY two would do this week!!  Wake up people. Danielle is really a dumb HOH. Well, I should have said she’s just plain DUMB!!!!  

  17. How is Frank still in the house?! He is a very lucky player.
    And if Boogie wins HoH on thursday i am not going to watch Big Brother for the week. I can not stand that 40 year old man gloating on his win and saying the other houseguests will feel his “wrath”. smh

  18. frank is not a bigger threat then janellle….hellp…. have you ever seen her season…she is the all time player anyone would be scared to compete against,,, franks nothing compared to janelle…

  19. frank is not a bigger threat then janelle….hello…..have you ever seen janelle season shes someone i would never want to compete with in comps…plus she is the best talker… frank doesnt even come close to janelle…..

    • clearly she is not the “best” talker. that would be mike boogie, who convinced an entire house that janelle had to go, especially, with the coaches meeting. it was brilliant play, and so much was done in that one hour span that made sure janelle stood no chance

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