Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 4 Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Saturdays always bring a lot of drama for Big Brother. We’ve got the fallout from the previous night’s nominations along with the build-up and reactions to the Veto competition. Now with no guarantee that we’ll see the Veto put in to play there are many options for these HGs. By the end of the night a big game move was thrown around that could really rattle the house. Read on to find out what happened.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 4, 2012:

8:15 AM BBT – Wil and Boogie have an early morning, private conversation. Boogie is upset that Wil misled him. Wil explains that things were still undecided. Wil says he’s still open to working with Boogie and Frank.

9:20 AM BBT – Boogie’s plan, as he tells Frank, is to convince Danielle this is their chance to evict Janelle. Shortly after Boogie heads up to HoH and tries to make amends with Danielle.

10:30 AM BBT – Veto players picked. Ian, Shane, and Jenn will join Danielle, Wil, and Frank in the competition.

10:45 AM BBT – Frank heads to HoH room and has a heart to heart with Danielle. Dan joins and they talk hypothetical strategy situations. Dan is trying to feel Frank out.

12:05 PM BBTFrank works on Janelle for a possible alliance. Janelle seems resistant and later comments that she was not happy with him posing that to her.

12:45 PM BBT – Danielle talking with Britney about targeting Janelle. Danielle really doesn’t like her. The other week Danielle said she thought Janelle was flirting with Shane. I suspect this is the real reason Danielle doesn’t like her.

4:37 PM BBT – Live Feeds return from the Veto competition. Danielle has the Veto. Shane has a “Play Veto” ticket for later use. Jenn won a trip. Wil won cash. Frank “won” the unitard. Ian “won” a dog costume.

5:55 PM BBT – Ian revisits the idea of the 5-HG alliance with Britney, Dan, Danielle, and Shane. He wants fake side alliances for each member as a backup.

7:15 PM BBT – Frank’s “Spiritard” arrives. He’s wearing a purple unitard with a skirt and pom-poms.

7:55 PM BBT – Ian gets his punishment: dog for a day. It’s a dog costume complete with leash and his own dog house in the backyard. He’s stuck in there for 24 hours but can come out if someone keeps him on the leash. Ian is loving it.

8:45 PM BBTBoogie poses to Britney the idea of evicting Janelle. Britney is open to it and suggests he works on Danielle with the idea. This could be the start of something big if he pulls it off.

9:50 PM BBT – Danielle takes a shower and reveals herself to the camera (Cam 4). You’ll have to watch it on the Live Feeds for an uncensored view.

10:15 PM BBT – Boogie and Danielle discussing his idea of evicting Janelle this week. Danielle is open to the idea. Boogie says they have the votes needed. Danielle heads down to talk with Britney while Dan is up in the HoH room discussing the plan with Boogie and Frank.

11:20 PM BBT – With Boogie gone Dan is more hesitant about the evict-Janelle plan. He doesn’t trust Boogie enough. Britney doesn’t think Janelle would come after them. It doesn’t seem like Dan will support this plan.

2:00 AM BBT – Danielle, Shane, and Ian discussing the evict-Janelle plan. They’re getting more behind the idea as time passes. All are worried about Janelle as a threat to their game and want her gone.

2:45 AM BBT – Dan and Danielle revisit their options. Dan isn’t shooting down the Janelle idea, but he’s continuing to push looking at all their options.

So it finally took a coach, Boogie, to put in to action something the chicken newbies were too afraid to try: evicting a coach. With his back against the wall, well really his player Frank’s back, Boogie has been able to move a big idea and get a lot of support.

Evicting Janelle now would be a smart move (put in the relative context of past evictions involving Kara and JoJo), but getting Frank out would be smart too (again, same context). Janelle has clearly been a strong competitor in the past, but could she return to that glory? If they’re successful in her removal this week then we may never know.

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  1. evicting Janelle now is a BIG mistake they have to take out FRANK now.  If Frank stays, BOOGIE will be running the show.  With Frank gone Boogie won’t have the final say.  Boogie obviously is looking out for himself. 

    • Of course Boogie is looking out for himself!!  That’s how Boogie rolls.  But as long as they (Brit, Dan. Danielle, Shane) keep that in mind, I say work with him this week.  It’s better to go up against Frank then it would be Janelle.  Get that fake bitch OUT!  But that being said, I don’t think Dan will go along with it.  I think he’s going to talk Danielle out of it.

      • I don’t think Dan will either, and I do not understand his allegiance to her. Anytime she is brought up or like last week one of her players, he somehow without saying a word gets the votes changed. Dan is running this show right now. I think getting Janelle out is the best move, but like you said, Dan will not go for it. Now woujld be a good time for Danielle to do what she wants. She won’t lose Dan over it. It needs to be done.

    • Boogie does have the final say. Thats the reason why this alliance might happen. The reason being is that NOBODY in the house can afford to have Boogie and Janelle work together. If they evict Frank now, Boogie will go to Janelle and tell her about the super alliance that almost happened thus creating an even bigger alliance…Boogie and Janelle. You think Shane is good at competitions…you haven’t seen Janelle try yet.

      •  i think that Danille should do as she sees fit she is head of the house it would be a good time to get Janelle out she can not tell the truth also is very mean and very very rude sending thougths to the husband it whip people buts with bb tv and live feds if she dose not go now she just might win the whole thing because she can keep trouble started all the time drama needs to go and the can be played

      • You have to wonder too if Boogie is playing possum as far as competitions go! Remember this is the guy that beat Janelle in competitions and that speaks volumes. He is probably making the newbies think that he is washed up and cannot win competitions only to pull thru when he needs it!
        I chuckle when they say Boogie is a cry baby and you have to realise that it could be part of Boogie’s plan. Remember, Janelle and Brittney has painted
        him as the Big Bad Boogie and he is just playing along. What better way to
        outsmart the newbies about all the manipulation going on! The newbies heads are probably spinning with all the ideas put in their heads by Janelle, Brittney, Dan and lately Mike Boogie. What do I do? Who should I listen to?
        Use your heads newbies. That is what!

      • Boogie is definitely a cry baby.  He was pissed when he found out Frank about got eliminated.  He ranted to the cameras, with no one else listening but us.

    • You are correct that Boogie is looking out for himself, but so are the other coaches.  Taking out Frank will just be a move where they will pick off the new people one by one.  I think the twist was a gain for the coaches and a loss for the new people.  This just levels the field somewhat.  The only ones who have been eliminated are new people and by taking out Frank they would continue that path. 

    • Frank is not the threat that Janelle is. If you can get rid of her, then you ought to do it. I would love for Frank to be gone as well, but Janelle is a much better competitor. I love Boogie, but he won’t win this game, and as long as you are smart enough to understand that everything he puts forward is to his benefit, you got no problem. Rid the house of Janelle.

  2. Not to mention after Boogie and Frank left they were downstairs saying that they should definetly remain loyal to this new alliance. The only question is can Danielle and Shane realize that Boogie is sincere (for once)

    • Even before the coaches went in, Frank and Boogie were true to their
      alliance. In contrast, Shane and Danielle betrayed Frank, Janelle
      betrayed Brittney and her team twice, lied multiple times and yet,
      Brittney and Shane trusted Janelle despite, saying they did not trust
      Janelle who was a liar! The only alliance that survives and carries the
      players are the ones where the allliance members stay true to the
      alliance. That is a no brainer. Look at Danielle Donato last season
      who betrayed the veterans alliance which protected her and went
      after the people she made deals with and they went after her as
      well, look how that turned out! You have to stick to your alliance
      but, you should also have back up alliances just in case and as
      the saying goes: “trust but, verify”.

      •  this so true, so much lying going on flip flops Brittney needs to think back about the times that Janelle has lied to her they need to work with this plan and get Jannelle out it will carry them a long way in game play an stop big brother from being so boring with all the lying also no one being true to their alliance except Booggie and Frank let the game begin

  3. wouldnt it be great if Boogie was backdoored this week? I agree though about getting out one of those big threats out sooner rather then later..unfortunatly, its Danielle, who votes using her Shane..:(

  4. There was a similar situation to this in Big Brother All Stars when an alliance of 4 considered themselves to be the powerhouses and had to chose between going after a very strong alliance of two…or the floaters, and we all know how that season ended

  5. There’s no way in hell Big Brother would let Janelle go that easily. Honestly, I think Dan/Danielle/Shane/Britney could trust Janelle more than Boogie. I hope she talks to them and makes a deal so Frank will go home.

    • The coaches would be fools to be targeting each other when there are just 4 of them in the Big Brother House against 8 newbies. I am sure they watched Danielle Donato last season destroy her chances at winning that $500,000 as well as the chances of her fellow veterans, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan. Rachel survived and won barely because she played a better social game than the newbies. Getting the coaches out is obviously the smart move for the newbies because you split the coaches up as far as alliances go! However, when the votes go down, you cannot be sure the coaches are not going to vote the newbie out whether it be Frank or Wil who is still on the block! That is a real possiblity. Dan is showing his hesitation evicting
      Janelle because he knows evicting one of the coaches reduces his chances at that $500,000. Boogie might have put up Janelle on the block to stir up the pot a bit although, I am not convinced that Boogie himself wants Janelle out. Does that move even make sense for the coaches?

      • It could be Boogie’s paranoia that he’s about to get backdoored that is driving his “her not me” plan with Janelle. He’s voiced concerns that he thinks it’s happening.

      • Of all the coaches, Boogie has made the most loyal friends inside the house. We all know Frank will die for him, but I believe Jenn would as well, and Ian likely would as well. Boogie treated his team very well, and they rewarded him with loyalty. Janelle’s team is splinterred, and Brit and Dan’s teams are solo. Boogie has a vested interest in getting rid of Janelle.

      • To Admljoey:  Don’t know what game you are watching.  Boogie has been far from loyal to Jenn or Ian.  He could care less about them.  The ONLY one Boogie has been loyal to is himself and Frank.

  6. I watched this on BBAD and think backdooring Janelle would be their greatest move since they still have Ian to fall back on.  They were weighing the odds of all three deals, letting Frank leave, backdooring Boogie or backdooring Janelle.  They really discussed it and agreed getting Janelle out would be getting rid of the drama and lies as well as her being such a great veto comp. winner.  Without Janelle Joe would self destruct.  Joe is also leading the pack of coming against the coaches.  Dan was the most hesitant at first, but I think that is because he is working with Janelle as well.  They went back and forth and Danielle came up with the idea of using Ian and letting him in on the plan as he had already been approached.  Ian was on board.  They also discussed doing this at least for a week and then seeing how much Boogie and Frank could be trusted.  Frank and Boogie were also shown discussing it and using Ian as well.  Appears that they are both on board with using Ian.  Ian must love this as he will be a key player to both sides.  I am sure this will change many times over, but agree that it took a coach to get something rolling and look forward to the possibility of not having the coaches just picking the new people off one by one.  Seems only fair to me since because of the twist of coaches entering the game this would level the playing field. 

  7. 1st off, do any of the newbe’s, have they ever watched BB? Janelle is the winningest play that ever played the game, Boogie may the best, both have to go this week and next. these friggin newbe’s suck at this game

  8. Boogie doin’ work!!! If he somehow convinces Danielle to put up Janelle, Boogie could be sitting pretty. You know damn well he hasn’t cut ties yet with Jen and Ian even though he’s telling “the avengers” otherwise. That’s two more players he would have in his back pocket that could keep him safe.

    Dan knows deep down that this move would be benefiting Boogie and Frank more than it would anybody else which is why he’s so hesitant to pull it off. He’s not naive and knows the longer you keep Boogie in this house, the more dangerous he becomes. IMO Boogie is just as dangerous as Janelle and Dan is really the only one who sees it.   

    • Dan is equally dangerous and is also a master manipulator like Mike Boogie. The only difference is Dan is more subtle and tries to hide his
      manipulation behind the I am a good boy, you can trust me persona
      he projects. He is playing for keeps like the other coaches and will
      sell out the other coaches in due time. Now, is not the time though
      as the newbies still have the numbers. The coaches want to get rid
      of the newbies one by one and they become stronger if they get the
      newbies out. Why did he try to get Boogie in the 4 coach alliance if
      he was really going after Boogie or the other coaches for that matter?

  9. There has been something that has been bothering me about Dan for some
    time. When he got the sushi party and had to make his choices as to whom
    would attend, he gave a little speech that is worrisome. He said “the first thing
    a coach takes care of is the other coaches” Then he chose Shane as HOH and
    his player last. As a coach in real life, I would have thought he would have
    said the first thing a coach must do is take care of his player, then the coaches.
    This may be a harbinger of how he will try to talk Danielle out of getting rid
    of Janelle so that he still has his coaches team together. Beware Danielle!

    • Yea, Dan is definitely the one to screw up this plan of getting Janelle out. He is the only one I worry about. I can’;t figure out why he wants Janelle in it so bad. .

      • Dan wants Janelle to stay as it protects his pact with the “coaches” if
        anything goes wrong. This weakens the coach pact. Dan is trying to
        get Jen to trust him, as well. He is definitely thinking about he can better
        his game, not about his pact with Danielle. Hope she sticks to her guns.

      • Yes, but it seems more to me than just that. What he doesn’t understand is Janelle only pairs with who has the power. It has been Danielle the last 2 weeks, with the swing vote last week and HOH and veto this week. I agree, she has got to go!!! I think if they do not take this opportunity to take her out now, the first week of coaches play, they are screwed. It seems to me Frank is not hard to get on the block, seeing how he has been up 3 out of 4 times. They can get him in a couple of weeks, but Janelle getting to start the real game this week if she stays, it would just be really bad!! frank is not dangerous, everyone wants him out so his social game isn’t affecting whether he stays in the house or not and he has only been able to win one comp. So the way I see it is he is no threat whatsoever!!

      • i hope Danielle stays with her own plan to try n get Janelle out! hopefully Dan doesn’t get to her!

    • Dan is no fool. His best chance at that $500,000 is to have the coaches in the game. The same goes for all the other coaches. Even when they wanted to backdoor Boogie, the other coaches were convincing Danielle that was not a good move. Instead, Frank is being pushed as the biggest threat. With the 4 coaches and Shane in the game, Frank is the biggest threat?
      No he is not and we all know that! The coaches want the newbies out, one after the other. Even the talk of backdooring Janelle is a trojan horse. Imagine, Danielle backdooring Janelle but, the coaches vote for Wil or Frank whoever is left on the block and now, Danielle is shown to be not trustworthy! The coaches can then, say that Danielle, Shane, etc are in alliance to take out the other newbies. That will get them to then, go after each other while, the coaches watch and laugh behind their backs!

  10. This is exactly what I said I wanted to happen yesterday. Backdooring Janelle is perfect. It gives Brit, Shane, Danielle, and Dan a week or two working with Frank and Boogie, then they can get them out. I think Janelle needs to go now, I do not like the way she plays and I think this is the best move, by far!!!

    • I don’t know what it is this year with Janelle.  She’s was such a good player in her other seasons.  I was so excited when I saw her walk in the door as a coach.  But the longer I watch her, the more I can’t stand her.  Maybe she is just showing her true colors.  She IS a beast in comps, but her social play is just horrendous!  She can’t take her eyes off the mirrors, constently looking at herself, she lies, backstabs, starts trouble, ect…………I could go on and on.  They HAVE to get her out NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Janelle is trying to be a better manipulator this season. That is the difference. All the best players use manipulation, Dr. Will Kirby was the best, Mike Boogie, Dan is a good manipulator and do not forget Danielle Donato last season. She had the newbies last season doing everything she wanted!

    • One thing is sure. A coach going out this week will favor the newbies. If they let the coaches stay and get rid of either Frank or Wil then, the coaches will get stronger as the games go on. Do not buy the ruse that the coaches are washed up. Does anyone really believe that Janelle, Dan, Boogie or Brittney are washed up and cannot compete? The coaches are biding their time as there are 4 of them versus 8 of the newbies. All they need to do is pick off the newbies one by one. The newbies with the numbers need to evict the coaches one by one and put it back the way it was before the coaches came in. That is their best chance at that $500,000. Will Danielle use her head or listen to Dan. Dan does not want
      Janelle evicted for obvious reasons. If the coaches stay in, the coaches win and if they are evicted then, the newbies win!

  11. Backdoor Janelle she’s a trouble maker and all she does is lie to the HG. Way to go boogie for pushing everybody to this point.

    • The latest so far is Danielle is listening to Dan’s advice. The nominees might stay the same or Wil is taken off and replace it with Janelle but Frank is going. Dan likes the spin.

  12. its either gonna be janelle runnung the show or boogie… janelles a sneak just like boogie.. regardless if they throw out janelle or frank….either or will come after the rest of the house..

  13. Boogie had expressed to Dan in the storage room how he hates being made a fool in front of America. He talks a lot about how he cares about his reputation. He’s also paranoid if they’re scum bagging him in DR. Well, we all know he does that all the time. Can you imagine if he gets backdoored next week? I wonder what Dr. Will would say this time?

    • Boogie is a 42 year old baby. Maybe thats why he likes o be put in diapers by older men and spanked.

  14. I say put up Boogie or Janelle.I push Janelle though.The truth is that it is dangerous to keep any of the 3 in the house(Janelle, Boogie, and Frank) but I think that it is more dangerous to keep Janelle the house than Frank or. Frank is dangerous but he is more cooperative and trustworthy than Janelle and Boogie. Boogie isn’t trustworthy but he does keep to his word. But Janelle is so flip/flop she will say you aren’t going on the block and then put you up. So i say make a week deal with Boogie and Frank, pull down Wil and put up Janelle. Then push for Janelle.

    • I think the smartest move would be to backdoor Boogie.  I do not think Janelle is as dangerous.  And as for her Comp Queen title… that’s in the past.  Before she had kids.  Her game has changed and she is alone in the house.  She is not as good a manipulator as Boogie is.  Everyone hates Janelle.

      •  I agree. If Boogie is able to pull this change in a short period of time, then he is a good manipulator and very dangerous to keep in the house. He loves Frank’s azz. They will regret this move and Dan can sense that.

      • Janelle is more then dangerous.  Her game HAS changed this year.  She’s showing what a bitch she really is.  And that’s why everyone in the house hates her.

  15. The thing is, I don’t think Dan trusts Boogie as much as he trusts Janelle, also I don’t think he trusts Ian as well.  

  16. What a bunch of idiots! Boogie and Frank are the biggest threats and if they evict Janelle, they will regret it!

  17. u cant trust dan either if u guys forgot who threw the coach games and lost 1 of his players on first game and almost lost another by throwing the 2nd

  18. How about you guys get Boogie evicted. Im tired of seeing his annoying ass on my TV screen.

  19.  What is with this obsession to take out Frank?  Duh, what about Shane?  Shane wins more than Frank.  Shane is a bigger threat than Frank right now, I think.

  20. dan seems to be drinking the janelle kool-aid…he doesnt seem to want her backdoored….dumb move.

  21. well if dan doesnt want to evict his girl janelle..then backdoor boogie keep frank. frank alone in the house will have less power and he can join britt  shane dan and danielle.

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