Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 4 Monday Highlights

Big Brother 14 live feeds

Monday a lot of madness went down in the Big Brother 14 house. From about Noon BBT to dinner time, we had a lot of action reacting to the big news that Danielle took one of her nominees off the block and put up a replacement nominee in a blindside. And this seems to be a pretty sealed deal. Everyone just seems kind of tired today because after dinner not a lot went down. Unless you count countless lies and cowardly actions as a lot. But I personally, do not.

Expect a lot more to happen tonight and Wednesday ahead of Thursday’s eviction. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 6, 2012:

9:04 AM BBT — Boogie is talking to the cameras, addressing Dr. Will. He tells him to watch Wednesday that he’s got a surprise for him. And by that he means Janelle getting put up on the block in a form of revenge for her move that send Dr. Will out of the All Stars game.

9:09 AM BBT — Frank and Boogie have their morning ritual of talking about how dirty the kitchen is.

9:17 AM BBT — Boogie already starts the backstabbing talk already by suggesting he might be able to get Ian to nominate Shane and Britney. There’s your alliance Silent 6. Enjoy!

9:44 AM BBT — Danielle tells Wil she will be taking him off the block and putting up Janelle. He thinks it’s a good idea. He says he will not vote to evict Frank this week.

10:44 AM BBT — Feeds go to trivia for veto ceremony.

11:37 AM BBT — Feeds return and we learn that the plan was executed. Wil was taken off the block and Janelle went up in his place. Janelle is stunned.

11:40 AM BBT — Janelle goes right to the HOH room. She lays it on thick as does Danielle. Janelle is keeping it together saying she’s not made, just shocked.

11:45 AM BBT — Dan goes to the HOH room to tell Danielle she did a good job.

11:56 AM BBT — Britney playing dumb to Janelle. She acts like she’ll be one of Janelle’s five votes to stay.

12:11 PM BBT — Janelle asks Dan in the storage room what happened. He plays dumb as well, acting like he no longer has any control over Danielle. Janelle, is pretty concerned that she was blindsided and didn’t get to put on makeup for the TV show. Haha. Oh, Janelle. I understand though.

12:18 PM BBT — Janelle asks Dan if she has his vote. He kind of says yes, but won’t say it directly. Dan plays off the the incident as a “girl thing,” implying Danielle nominated Janelle because she didn’t work out with her the night before. Crazy stuff.

12:32 PM BBT — Janelle and Joe talking. Joe thinks Wil sold Janelle out.

12:39 PM BBT — Wil comes in and tells Janelle she’s got his vote.

1:06 PM BBT — Ashley is actually onto the Silent 6. She thinks Britney knew all about it. Who knew Ashley had it in her.

3:34 PM BBT — Danielle wondering what her parents thought of her move in he game.

4:05 PM BBT — Frank tells Ashley he has the votes to stay.

6:51 PM BBTJanelle, Joe and Ashley discussing the possibility of a secret alliance they’re not a part of. Janelle is confused as to why Danielle wouldn’t have taken Frank off the block if Janelle was her target.

7:08 PM BBT — Joe proposing an alliance deal to Ashley. Says no one would expect the two of them and Ian. Joe throws out the word “powerhouse.” Ashely goes along with it.

7:30 PM BBT — Danielle continues to say how mad Janelle must be yet Janelle hasn’t displayed any anger.

7:42 PM BBT — “Family dinner.”

8:25 PM BBTJanelle and Danielle have long talk in HOH room. Danielle says she feels bad. Janelle says she isn’t mad. They feed each other a ton of compliments and nothing really happens except a lot of phoniness on both sides. Janelle asks if they have  a deal with Boogie, Danielle says no.

9:45 PM BBT — Wil tells Britney he wants Janelle to stay now? This cast confuses me so much.

9:50 PM BBT — Everyone talking about being tired of Joe cooking all the food and that they’re “family meals” aren’t necessary.

10:20 PM BBT — For some reason, Danielle tells Britney about her discussion with Janelle earlier and says they “got into it” and told her to get out. None of that happened. Why did Danielle lie to Britney about that? Britney reminds Danielle that a girl has never won the show sitting next to a guy in the final two. As if Danielle won’t be taking Shane.

So it went from action, action, action, to a lot of lying and shadiness toward Janelle. And half the night Danielle was basking in her bold move and then started creating stories out of no where. I think the power has gone to her head and made her kind of crazy. And Janelle isn’t reacting how Seasons 6 and 7 Janelle would have. So this just continues to be one of the weirdest seasons ever.

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  1. I think it is really sad how not long ago both Frank and Shane were talking about if either one were on the block, they should get a chance to play the veto.  They didn’t want to go out without a chance to redeem themselves. Now they both are in the group to do that to Janelle.  Funny how that statement only applies to them.  They don’t want it done to them, but they will do it to someone else.

    • What is good for the goose is good for the gander. It would be hypocritical for Janelle to complain about being blindsided as they came out with the plan to blindside Frank. Of course, Shane was the HOH at the time, however, it was Janelle and Brittney and Dan who were pushing Frank being blindsided! In this game, lies, backstabbing, backdooring is part of it but,
      the successful players know that if you form alliances, you have to stay true to it. Betraying alliances shows the other players how untrustworthy you are! Janelle betrayed Brittney’s alliance twice atleast, with how many lies thrown in as well! Brittney has seen how Janelle has been lying and saying she cannot be trusted yet, still goes along with whatever Janelle says anyhow! Now, Mike Boogie and Dan are different because if they feel that they are at risk because of your betrayal—-they will go after you! The deal is off. And that is the way it should be because it keeps the players somewhat honest. Mike Boogie dislike him if you must is more honest than, Janelle, Brittney or Dan because he had the guts to say to Janelle’s face that he did not trust her at all! He also called out Dan to his face about the plan to backdoor Frank because Dan had an agreement with Boogie yet, did not
      tell him about the Frank backdoor until after the fact!

    • @922180e2939b8c2c16a457efd6dc4b95:disqus Do Frank and Shane have all-time records for competition wins? Have they built reputations over a couple seasons for being that kind of threat? No, but Janelle has. If you want to win, you don’t give a player like her a chance to breathe, let alone defend herself by playing for a Veto. This is a game, nobody said it had to be nice or fair. Take it as a compliment, she’s getting this treatment because she’s a good player.

  2. Thursday is a long way away so Janelle could still stay (which is what I want) but I think Boogie has this on lock. I think he will be leading the house to evict Janelle. This HOH does not belong to Danielle but to Boogie.

    • I hope Janelle does go home this week, but I would be OK with Frank going too just to put a damper on Boogie’s spirits.  Either way, I am good.

    • he sold it beautifully,and i believe in the 6 deal. But wait till boogie wins an hot,then old mike will return…..bye shane.

      • if boogie kicks out shane, then the rest of the group kicks out boogie. The quack attack (Shane/Dan/Brit/Danielle/Ian) already said if boogie tries to screw them..then they screw him the next week.

  3. I think Janelle is just trying to find a way out of the game so she can get back to her baby, I could never leave my baby for three months, maybe she realized she made a mistake leaving Violet, and this was all set up  by production..they do have alot of input with the HG’s.  The Janelle of Season 14 is nothing like the Janelle’s of season’s past…I think being a mom has mellowed her out.

    • I think you have a great point there.  How many times did Janelle say “I am NOT going to jury and ‘they’ know it” (‘they’ meaning production).  I think the entire scenerio is scripted by ‘them’ so as to not go against her contract.

      • Then why did she hit the rest button? I know it doesn’t really matter, she would be in the game anyway, but if she didn’t want to be there, play, maybe end up in jury. Why did she hit the button?

    •  Anything is possible on BB but to be honest that seems kinda far fetched because from day one Janelle appeared to really want to stay and fight Boogie possibly for revenge from allstars infact she was the one that advised Dan not to put Boogie up and to get all the coaches working together. Janelles on the block mainly because of Danielle and Brit’s lies.

    • She not only hit the reset button, she didn’t hesitate, she thanked America, and gushed in the DR about how she’s never won this game and was going to do everything she could to win it. She loves the spotlight, being with her baby isn’t as important to her when the father is there right now. If she suddenly claims she wants to return home to her baby, it’s nothing but a cop out because she knows she’s being evicted anyway. If she wasn’t up on the block right now she’d be back to arrogantly talking about winning this game.

  4. Janelle should have stayed home this season while she still had lots of fans.  I used to love her, now I can stand her.  She has lost alot of respect and fans for her game play this time around.  I think her “fame” went to her head and she thought she could do what she wanted and all of America would still love her.  Go home, Janie!!

    • janelle is the only deserving player there the rest of them are all idiots. janelle warned them all about backstabbing boogie from day one and no one listened and now they all deserve to loose. only a moron would trust mike boogie. hes a slime ball

    • You must not be a real friend to end your “friendship” over a game. Reality TV brings out the best and worst in people, and it is formulated to create drama. Very few behave well in that pressure cooker environment.

    • This is not a bad move for Danielle. She is getting a proven competitor out of the game. It’s just not a popular move for the fans because Janelle is well liked. If you or I were in that house we would be doing the same thing, trying to evict the best competitors.

    • I’m sure you’re her friend when you just called her Daniel, and if you’re willing to stop being a friend over a game move.

  5. Just a reminder, as part of last weeks condition of the Coaches returning to the game that, one the former house guests will be given the opportunity to return to the game this week … so, whether it’s Frank or Janelle that leaves Thursday, likely one of them will be back, if they have to compete against Jojo and/or Kara in the challenge before the HoH Challenge … Yes / No ???

    Such the case, like last week may end up being a wasted week, should either Frank/Janelle return back to the game on Thursday, after one of them is evicted …

    • I think one houseguest could come back if the coaches kept coaching. That’s what I thought but I could b wrong.

    •  I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure a house guest would have returned if the coaches did NOT press the reset button. Since the coaches did in fact return, they won’t be bringing back anyone else. Plus, four weeks have gone by and there’s still twelve players…

    • Actually, the conditions were that the house guest evicted can return to the game if the coaches do not go into the game. Also, the eviction for that week would have gone thru which meant Frank or Joe would have been evicted. They have 12 players now which is less reason to be bringing anyone back in this soon in the game. Production can manipulate things and I suspect a Pandora’s Box thing but, not until we lose some more players, they probably will not bring anyone else! Also depends if the
      newbies are playing the game as this show is still after the ratings first
      and foremost because of the advertising dollars that go into it!  

    • Julie said that one evicted player would return ONLY if the coaches did not enter the game and since they did that means nobody will return this week.

    • I think you have it wrong. IF the coaches did not enter the game then a former player would be returning. They pressed the reset button and now no one will be returning to the game.

  6. Frank is funny but I’d love to see Frank go home for the sake of seeing Boogie pissed. 

    • True enough but Boogie is pissed anyway because he did want a sure 100000 instead of having to be a big target as a player now. And that alliance is a total joke because Frank is supposed to be part of it and they leave him on the block?? 

      • Boogie needs the money. Along with his other crimes he is presently being sued for embezzlement and his restaurant is on the verge of bankruptcy. (His real name is Mike Carri. One of his aliases is Mike Malin.)

  7. I really hope Janelle stays. She needs to convince Ian, Wil, and Britney to keep her. I promise you that Boogie and Frank will backstab Danielle’s crew and they are going to look stupid

  8. UGHHH Frank stays? ughhh gotta give it up to Boogie though! Wow he is one smooth talker! Cannot believe Dani/Dan/Shane/ Brittney believe him! Wow… I just hope Boogie/Frank/Ian/Jenn/Joe/Wil all gang up now.. that would be the worst! hahah! But if that happens, it’s Danielle’s fault for not seeing Boogie for what he is!

    • I agree.  I could not be any happier that the trash known as Janelle is leaving!  Hopefully this opens the door for my three favorite to make a run at the win!  Team Boogie, Ian, and Frank all day!  

  9. Must we forget Brittney and all her lies and twisting conversations to suit her needs. She is playing everyone and I do mean everyone. Boogie will run the game until someone gets him out, and four of the silent 6 are just plain idiots.

  10. I stand corrected ….. though, I do believe that a house guest will be allowed back into the game at some point ….

    On another thought, I thought last week that almost everyone were against letting the Coaches/Mentors into the game?  And, was led to believe that the newbies best game was to knock out the ex-Coaches/Mentors sooner than later, to avoid what happened last year ?? 

    •  Part of the house is for getting the coaches out of the game sooner as opposed to later, but not all of them are on board. As for your theory that a HG will be allowed to return, I doubt it, we are already facing somewhere along the lines of 3 double evictions, I doubt they will bring ANOTHER player in and just add to the chaos.

  11. Danielle is obsessed with Janelle! She talks about her 24/7. Every1 who walks in has to hear it all over again. She has no mind of her own. She is a mean girl and worthless at game playing!!

    • I’m not so sure Janelle is getting evicted on Thursday night as these houseguests especially Wil don’t know what they really want. I mean what’s to say that the newbies decide at the last minute to vote out Frank instead. It would be a shocker for sure and a terrible move, but look at the moves some of these HG’s have made so far. Get ready to be surprised.

      • We do not really know how the coaches will vote so there is still the chance that Frank will be the one going home! I am really looking forward to seeing how the coaches vote because that can say a lot of things in the Big Brother House but, the only thing that counts is the actual votes. Dan and Brittney might vote to evict Frank and they may have enough votes to evict Frank. Mike Boogie will probably vote to evict Janelle though. Wil is another swing vote that could go either way so, Janelle’s chances of staying will hinge on a number of variables. Of course, if they vote Frank out, Mike Boogie will know that Dan and Brittney crossed him and there would be hell to pay the next week if Boogie and his allies win HOH. Going tit for tat will get all 4 coaches evicted if they go that route and leave that $500,000 to the newbies! If Dan and Brittney stays true to the alliance then, Janelle will probably get booted out!

    • Pandora’s Box right now would be pathetic. They just came off of a twist, you can’t drop another one that quickly. Your fangirlism of Janelle is blinding you.

  12. It just makes me so mad to sit and watch all the houseguests talk about how fake Janelle is and how she is the biggest liar in the house! Ever since she has been nominated everyone is being so fake to her like they had no idea about her being nominated. Everyone is scared to death to tell her the truth, and it really makes me feel sorry for her… hopefully a miracle will happen and she will stay!

    • “Everyone is scared to death to tell her the truth”. Mike told her to her face “I don’t trust you”. Guess it’s not everyone.

      As for fakeness, Janelle suddenly going to the HoH room and BFF’ing up with Danielle after previously being catty, how’s that for fake?

    • you too learn that there is no E in grammar LOL. it is grammar not grammer lamo lol

  13. Not crazy about Ashley but I think she has a chace to stay in the house til final 3. I think she is smarter than she appears to be.

      • Gotta love the simplistic view that booksmarts are the only smarts that matter, when in fact street smarts are more important in the world. I’m not saying Ashley isn’t smart and is just playing a ditzy/stoner personna, but you need more evidence than going to Penn State to back that up.

  14. This is the worst bb ever. These HG flip flop back and forth so much its hard to keep up with. Tell the truth and stop all the lying its boring. Just play the dang game and stop the lying and play for you and not what the coaches say they are playing now to duh.

    • “Just play the game and stop the lying”…what an awesome contradiction for a game like this. Are you new to Big Brother? It’s always been about lying.

    •  Right..Just be truthful and play the game. That’s the only way to win this game. Obviously MJ is new to “Big Brother” lmao

      • me too. igot the live feed this year first time ever and i wish i hadnt wasted my money watching the biggest dummies ever to play big brother. ashley is the most decent person in the house along with janelle. the rest of them are stupid loosers. anyone who listens to mike boogie is a fool. he is one of the slimiest people ive ever seen and trashy britany is nothing but a bold faced liar. why dont all those morons just quit the game and give the money to boogie which is what will happen if they get rid of the only person in the house that knows exactly what a slime ball he is, janelle. i wish i could get my money back. these hgs make me sick!

    • There are many ways to win this game.  Sorry, Cyril..always being truthful is not really a good strategy.  It can bite you in the butt.  MJ is right…lying is a huge part of a making it to the end…just dont get busted.

  15. People need to remember something here. Janelle has said she’s not going to jury, so why would she even go to sequester? To ‘maybe’ come back into the game later? If she’s evicted she’s probably going home, and once you leave the confines you become ineligible to return to the game. Unless production flat out tells her “Don’t go home! We know you want to win this game and we’re GOING to put you back in, no maybes about it!”…then she might consider it since she’s a TV/attention whore

  16. Ok i have a great idea for CBS , how about letting everyone play in the pov and who every win they get to put up the replaced. If they could pick the replaced i think the players would stop throwing games.  Then the game might be worth watch. I think this might be one of the worst season.  

  17. She needs to get rid of Dan…he is so jealous of Shane. He acts as if he wants Danielle for himself. He is steady trying to get Boogie to vote Shane out. Last week he told Dani that her and Shane would never have any type of relationship outside the house…he bass lot of explaining to do to his wife , falling all over Dani like he was gonna kiss her, he makes me sick with his jealousy of their relationship…he is a Hater for sure!

    • I feel the same way!! Him falling on her after HOH was extremely awkward and probably hurt his wife to see it. I liked Dan at first, but now he is just a jerk. He only wants Boogie there to try and beat him in final 2 so that he can say he beat Mike “Boogie”, the best BB winner ever, lol! He will do anything to get Boogie to play with him to final 2, even though I am really happy that he is on board finally to get Janelle out. I mean, I know they are all there to win 500,000, but I think he just wants to beat Mike and he won’t feel as accomplished if he beats anyone else, especially a newbie!

      • both those jerks won big brother why should either of them win again and janelle is not supposed to win at all? you must be selfish too.

    • Its part of Dan’s strategy not to let any two players get to close, thats why he will eventually try to split both shane/daniel and boogie/frank.

  18. Wonder why danielle didnt tell her parents that she was going on the show,. Makes me wonder whats up!


    • Don’t let the door hit you. But I am sure you won’t stop
      watching, it is addiction. I am boogie/Frank team, but is they leave I won’t lose
      sleep over it. grow up people; is just a game for entertaining.

    • me too shes the only one in the house that i can stand except for ashley. once they kick janelle out i hope ashley wins. but someone will have to tell me cause im done watching stupid people do stupid things and listen to scum like mike boogie. i wonder how proud your BABY MOMMA is of his digusting actions. only a real slime ball calls his girlfriend my baby momma thats an insult.

  20. My personal opinion is for Janelle to go.  You get rid of a potential threat since she is the veto champion.  I was a big fan of hers in the past, but was disappointed in how she played this season.  I agree this whole cast and the way every thing has gone down has been very confusing and I don’t know what to expect from one minute to the next.  Guess I will just wait and see what takes place next.

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