Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony has finished for this week on Big Brother 14. After back and forth debating in the house a set of new alliances have emerged and come together for a new eviction target. They may not last long as a team, but if they get through this week then they’ll have made a big move. Read on for your Big Brother spoilers to find out if the PoV was used and what happened next.

If you’re just now getting caught up, the Veto competition was held on Saturday, but we won’t see it on CBS until Wednesday’s broadcast. Stay up on your Live Feed reports with our free iPhone app and Android app for the latest news.

At today’s Power of Veto Ceremony, this week’s winner of the Veto, Danielle, decided to take Wil off the block. As the current HoH she was also in charge of handling the renoms so in Wil’s place Janelle was renom’d for eviction. She is the target. Much like last week, the results of the ceremony came as a surprise to the nominee.

Janelle is not going to go out without a fight so you won’t want to miss this. Sign-up now for your Big Brother Live Feeds Free Trial and watch the drama play out.

What do you think? Which of these two nominees should be evicted on Thursday? Frank or Janelle? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. I am not a fan of Mike Boogie. However, if Janelle goes home this week he deserves to win the grand prize, again. He will have sucessfully convinced the other side of the house to nominate and evict HIS biggest threat.

      • When you are going to understand …..
        No one wants to see Jani as you call her.
        She is a liar and pig.  If she weighs 140  I weith 85.
        People are going to stop watching if she does not go

      • I hate boogie too! Jmintzer, you should probably see a doctor. 85 pounds is not healthy. I weigh 140, I certainly not a pig especially when I run 2 and a half miles every morning and I have abs to boot (Like Janelle)!

        Unfortunately, people aren’t going to stop watching even Janelle doesn’t go. Save the empty threats. 

    • I think at this point we can call Janelle and Boogie a rivalry (and one of the best in bb history at that)

      • True I agree, I am teab F/B but will love to see Janelle sway Ian and stay at BB that will be so wonderful to watch.

    •  For real! Not only would he be keeping his main guy safe, he’d be evicting his biggest threat while not getting ANY blood on his hands. Are you kidding me?? LOL!! Even if Joe, Ashely, or Wil somehow manage to win HOH next week, its definitely not a guarantee they’ll be gunning for Frank and Boogie.

      Danielle is getting a lot of blood on her hands this week and by doing so, her and Shane (and Dan and Brittney for that matter) are becoming bigger targets while Frank and Boogie might be overlooked for the next few weeks so the other players can get their “revenge”.

    • I don’t believe that was Boogie’s doing. I think he should be the next one out. Unless he has someone like Frank to TAKE him to the end, I don’t think he can make it.

  2. Janelle still has time to pull it back into her corner, especially if that’s the well wishes of the show, but I’d like to see a newbie come around and win it this season. I know she hasn’t won yet but someone else deserves a chance. 

    Plus now she’ll get to see her daughter again and will skip jury. Frank is completely unemployed, he’ll be fine if he ends up in the jury house. 

    •  Unless Janelle convinces Ian AND Jen to vote her way, which will be extremely difficult to do, she’s going home. Heck, Joe or Wil might even vote out Janelle.

      • Meh, I wouldn’t count her out JUST yet. Dan, Shane, Britney, and Danielle have proven quite indecisive and could themselves change their vote at the last minute. Hell they went back and forth yesterday.

      • She needs to work on Ashley, Joe, Jenn and Wil first. Jenn is still tight from what I know with Frank, Ian and even Mike from their recently dispelled alliance, so she won’t be easy but it’s possible. Wil is fed up with Janelle but might band with her if he and Janelle realize the other side of the house is working together. Then she still needs one more, either Ian or Britney. Ian has already expressed interest in evicting Janelle quickly, and even though she’s friends with Britney most of the time, that would mean Britney going against the Silent 6. My only worry is that Britney believes they don’t need her vote and might throw Janelle a ‘sympathy vote’ and it may backfire. She’d be an idiot to try to salvage anything with Janelle when it’s not like she’s going to jury anyway to potentially not vote for Britney to win in the end.

        I then also can see Jenn and even Joe and Ashley having a desire to vote with the house, so they don’t even slightly grow targets on their backs for not voting the way the HoH wanted. It’s possible for Janelle, and the producers will try to save her, but it’s not likely unless something crazy happens.

    • You’d like to see a newbie win, huh? Well if Janelle goes, Danielle endorsed the $500,000 to Mike Boogie. That’s just a fact.

      • There is absolutely no way Boogie will win the 500K.  Who would vote for him to receive it over anyone else in the house?  Everyone knows he doesn’t need the money.  Who could he get votes over in the final two?  Jen?  Ashley?  Joe?  No one that he even has a slight chance of beating will make it close to the final two.

    • It’s a uphill battle for her to stay. Janelle needs to promise the world and say I will go after every coach in this game. That’s the only way to get Jenn & Joe’s vote. I think Dan and Brit can swing back over. But, I don’t Dan is willing to cut ties with Dani, yet, and even Shane. If Janelle stays, they both(Dani & Shane) will know either Dan or Brit screwed them. It could be an 8-1 vote to send out one of the most liked and respected players ever. I love it!!

    • I know right, how stupid of them to get rid of the Player who is called “The Comp Queen” who also happens to be gunning for them. So stupid right? 

      • Do u not realize who is behind it? the ‘comp queen’ is the only player in that house that understands Boogies game. Britney acted like she did, but obviously not.

      •  Who is Janelle’s number 1 target at the moment? Boogie? If they had kept Janelle, Janelle would go after Boogie and Boogie would go after Janelle. Shane’s crew could have been safe for atleast a week. Once Janelle leaves I can almost guarantee you that Frank/Boogie will target Shane’s crew

      • omg, just stop people, the “c omp queen” does NOT know boogie’s game

        right after he just sealed the deal upstairs with that 4 coach meeting, she said “gosh he’s so bad at this game” while America sat in AWE of mike boogie’s turnaround and perfect gameplay at that meeting.

        she doesnt know boogie, she just knows he will backstab you eventually, but that is just big brother, all she is, is REALLY jealous of boogie’s all star win

    • Agreed They have done everything in their power to hand the game to Boogie. Its now up to the rest if the moronic newbies.

    • they made a deal with the devil to get rid of their biggest enemy.  but lose frank and then boogie is on team janelle and ian will do what he says now it is janelle wil boogie ian ashley joe jen vs dan danelle shane brit 7 on 4 not good

  3. I think it ‘s a mistake to take off Frank and put Janell up. Janell has no
     ” real “alliances with anybody in the house..Her own team does not trust her or actually like her…but Frank and Boogie are tight and in an alliance with each other…Boogie and Frank need to be separted…This is not good…

    •  Idk what is the point of backdooring Janelle.. Who is her ally?? Oppose to Frank who is his boyfriend.. I mean ally? Boogie. Danielle should have kept it the same and split up the Frank and Boogie showmance

      • ss about the mix-up in who was taken off the block…But I agree Joey Frank is tight with Boogie while Janell has nobody…But leaving Frank on the block was a for sure smart move…

      • And Boogie conviced that idiot Danielle that Janelle with no allies is a biggest threat than the ultimate ubbreakable aliiance of Boogie/Frank. Danielle deswerves to have Boogie send her home. Again, Janelle is the only one that sees what Boogie is doing because she lived through it already. The  other HGs need to listen to her until Boogie is gone at least.

      • I know right—watch the way Frank looks at Boogie it’s like he’s in love with him or something.  The should get Frank out this week and go after Janelle next 

      • I think Danielle is just being emotional in her game play, there is no real logic in going after Janelle, it’s not as though Janelle would be going after Danielle any time soon.  If Janelle is evicted, I hope Frank or Boogie win HOH and target Shane/Danielle, it would be poetic justice, Janelle was their best chance in getting rid of the Frank/Boogie alliance.  As it stands right now, I truly believe Frank and Boogie will be the final two, no one seems smart enough or gutsy enough to go after these two HARD and not just half-heartedly.

    • Wil came down, not Frank. The final noms for the week are Janelle and Frank. Janelle has a real shot of staying in the house, if she works it the right way.

      • I think so too.. If she can convice Ashley, Jenn, Wil, Ian, Joe (or Danielle if its a tie) Then she can stay. This was a horrible move on Danielle’s part. I really hope Frank leaves this week

      • @Joey_N It can’t be a tie, there are 9 votes it will be 5-4. I don’t think she can convince Ian at all but I can see her getting Brit to flip (not likely) Her best case scenario: Wil, Joe, Ashley, Jenn & Britney. Still VERY unlikely.

      • You are so right Nick, Hi I’m Cheryl, I hate that they listened to mike “boogar” last nite and made that deal to put Janelle up.  And I can’t believe that Dan took in all that crap that boogar was telling him espeically when mike with his arrogant snyde ass said that he would win big brother no matter what newbie he was sitting next to in the final two. I think he would touge kiss Frank if he could……lol, and as far as Frank being unemployed, I’m sure his new found love Mike will hook him up with a job when this game is over.

    • I believe Frank is still on the block and Dani took Wil off and replaced him w Janelle??

    • this is all because of Dan. He is on board because him and Boogie are planning to run the house secretly. They have the Silent six alliance which Boogie will HAVE to keep for a while(they dont have a choice) and then Dan and Boogie will go rogue to kick off the others leaving a final 5 of like Dani/Boogie/Dan/Jenn/Ian or something

  4. I’m rooting for Boogie all the way. Though the players dislike him for having a large ego, being stuck-up and what not, believe it or not, that’s what the Big Brother game is all about. It’s hard to play this game with ‘honesty’ and ‘being humble’….you gotta play a dirty game. Boogie is the only one, I believe, who is really playing this game, and I really want him to go to the end. The only newbie who is playing this game, is Shane – but I don’t like the fact that he’s allowing Brit and others to get to his head. Also, I’m disappointed with Ian – I expected him to be like the ‘evil nerd’ like Ronnie in BB 11..but oh well

    • I disagree with your assessment that “you gotta play a dirty game”. You CAN play this game with integrity but most players choose not too. This season if Willie and Shane and Frank would have actually stuck with alliances they made with each other, the way the first 3 weeks went would have completely changed. The fact that people say one thing and do another isn’t a necessity of this game. Even this week Danielle told Wil that she wouldn’t put him up if she won and he even reminded her of that. They’re just simple things that aren’t necessary yet people do it. It’s not even scheming (even if it is better for them in certain situations).

      • I totally agree, BBFairPlay!  I think it does a disservice to reality television in general to say that you always have to play dirty in order to win.  I think it’s always nice to have someone who has basically played a fair game actually WIN the game, I like to think that nice guys (or gals)  CAN come in first.  It makes me sick to think that Boogie could be the first BB winner to win twice, in my opinion NO ONE should win twice, I don’t believe past winners should even be asked to play again…

    • I’m thinking production may have realized they might need to let her go in order to guarentee 3/4 coaches in Jury.

      • I’m not sure Dan wouldn’t necessarily vote Frank out given his stance that coaches in the game takes the target off him. Also taking Frank out does kind of get Boogie a bit more lined up with Dan since he has no one else. So while people are assuming that Janelle is out the door it’s not a sure thing at this point either.

    • Why not? They do not have controll of this. Other stuff yes, but, BB are not fairl player either.

    • You think so?? I am not do sure…. But would rather see Frank go even though I am a bit annoyed w Janelle who was my fav player at one time

    • This is what I was thinking exactly. Janelle > Frank in the producers minds. There is no way Production wont at least try to save Janelle. Think about it: Production didnt have a problem with Danielle putting Janelle up because appearantly it is going to start drama/entertainment. There will be much more entertainment if Janelle stays, because she is capable of winning competitions. I think they will at least try to rig it. Like Season 8, Evil Dick stayed over Dustin? Hello, they rigged that.

    • janelle is totally going!  danielle wouldn’t have put her up if it wasn’t a guarantee!

      • There is still almost 3 full days until the eviction. Janelle can still work her ways…

  5. hopefully Janelle will go home and then the newbies will realize all of the coaches need to go –

    • Once again. If they get rid of Janelle, they will never get rid of Boogie, Not next week, not ever.

  6. WOW!!! I am starting to like Danielle. I hope next week they get rid of Boogie. This season is looking up!!

    • Yes it finally is! Thank gosh! I would not be sad to see Frank leave though really don’t wanna see him for to long…

  7. Yay, great move Danielle. Jannell needs to, she is such a bad player, and dangerous. Not a Boogie fan, but GREAT move Mike.

    • Yes! Excellent move. I didn’t think Danielle was going to have the balls to put up Janelle.  I still don’t understand why Frank is such a “huge” threat. He’s won 1 HOH and it was mental.  He sucked at the veto comp where that had to toss those coins into the machine. Janelle is clearly the bigger threat and they need to get her out while they have the chance.

  8. Good for Danielle.  The newbies have no chance of winning if they keep the coaches around.  In my opinion, it turns into BB13 if the newbies don’t clean house.

  9. Janelle actually used to be my favorite player of all time, but that changed this season big time. She has done nothing but lied all season and that is so not a good look for her. I don’t like boogie either, I hope he’s out next.

    • So agreed! Loved Janelle and she is a great comp player. But def agree with you. I know the idea of the game is to lie and backstab but she dissapointed me this season… Never know what it’s like to go through in that house. But will be bitter sweet to see her go.

  10. Oh My goodness! Too Bad so SAD! Jenelle does have any Cigerettes because she could really rally some votes from JOE if he has any pull at all.After all,all he would need is to be given cigerettes and he would get her the votes,”NOT”…Glad she is on the,ler her lie some more and cheat .Maybe she might start to miss her little 7 month of age baby girl.That also tells me what kind of person she is.Let BB14 be the one she remembers that findally called her bluff. Thel from Fla.

  11. Boogie is such a beast!!!

    Ya’ll can hate on him because he’s “too cocky” or what have you, but boy is he good at this. Boogie and Frank could be sitting pretty. Hopefully his alliance, Jen, or Ian win HOH this week. You know what will make good TV next week? If Ian or Jen win HOH. We’d see manipulation happening all over again…

      • Luck isn’t going to get you to convince a player like Dan to against his initial wish of going after Janelle. It’s unfortunate that his haters are blinded to his ability.

    •  haha!! Yup. You need luck to manipulate people on back to back seasons. That makes sense…

  12. I love Boogie and Frank!! Janelle needs to go home, I used to love her, but now she is too fake!

  13. Frank is a force that needs to go….he has that “something”…and it is that “something” that wins challenges! Also I cannot stand Boogie!

    • I would like you to back that statement up with proof. Give me examples of how Frank has that “something” and that, that “something” is winning.

    • Because I do agree with you, Frank has “something”, Boogie working his tail off to keep Frank in the house. That’s what Frank has. Nothing more.


    • I’m not sure I want to keep watching if Janelle goes instead of Frank.   Can’t stand Boogie.   He must low no self esteem which is why he talks so big about himself.   I can’t stand his arrogance!

      • I’ve watched favourite players leave the house too, it sucks but it’s part of the game. It’s juvenile to boycott the game because of it. If you just think it won’t be entertaining without her, then alright.

  15. I can’t stand listening to Danielle talk.  Her vocal fry is annoying as hell.

    • Yeah but they can get him out later, if they dont rid of Janelle she will probably get on the winning streak and never go home. But then again either one could go home and it would better for the house.

  16. I’m so glad Janelle is out of here this week! I really can’t stand her or Boogie… But I dislike her fakeness more than anything. At least Boogie seemed quite sincere. He doesn’t pretend to be everyones best friend. I think out was a good move on Danielle’s part. Frank won HOH once… Janelle posts a bigger physical threat to me. And she is playing all sides. I just hope her master manipulation skills do not work this week. She send to be able to work over Britney and Shane pretty easily.

  17. As much as I would like to see Frank evicted this week because it would weaken the alliance Frank-Mike Boogie-Ian and I believe Jenn too and Frank is a strong player. I believe evicting Janelle would be the better bet here. But if Janelle isn’t evicted, Janelle can win the HOH, POV and will be a threat to win the $500k prize. Plus she is a veteran and I want to see a newbie win if possible. 

  18. Wow, It ain’t looking good for Janelle, She’s burned a lot of people in the house.Frank has a good shot of staying because now Danelle has a vested interest to get rid of her. This really put Dan in a pickle. It’s better to get rid of her now before the jury house opens up. You guys wanted a big move-there it is.Boogie is one conniving SOB.

  19. I love Boogie and Frank! Im so happy that Janelle is going down…I have never liked her since the moment she step first in the BB house her first time around! I really hope that Frank or Boogie wins BB14


    • That Bum Rap is well deserved…you’ll fing out.Danielle should have evicted him because he’s going to do it her and her boyfriend.she’ll find out also.

  21. Good job Danielle, no one new will win this game as long as the coaches are in the house. Janelle would have succeded in her plan to unite the coaches if the noms had stayed the same. Also important she may have just won Wil’s loyalty by pulling him off the block and replacing him with his former coach. I’m sure Dan is not thrilled with Danielle’s decision so that makes it all the better. I hope that now he actually has to play the game instead of just floating by like he did in BB 10. it is about time that the newbies start playing like they are in it to win it instead of acting like the newbie’s did in BB 13.

    • She did it because she hates Janelle .There was no strategy involved. Girls don’t like being called ‘fat’ and Danielle thinks Janelle was the one who started this rumor involving jo jo.She can’t let it go and it’ll cost her.

      • There’s no strategy involved in evicting the all-time leader in Big Brother competition wins? Are you kidding? Maybe there are some personal issues here too for Danielle, but she can more than justify the move in that Janelle is a clear threat. Danielle said she wouldn’t go through with this unless she was sure the votes were there to evict her. If it was entirely personal and sans strategy, she would’ve done this regardless.

  22. Everytime I see Boogies mouth open I stand on my toes, the man really knows what to say; he is the words master. LOL

    • Yeah but the word master won’t win this year,especially if he’s next to Frank in final 2.What’s the point of playing for a silver medal.He could have had a shot at the gold($500,000) if he went with Janelle’s coaches in final 2 plan.

      • How do you figure Mike automatically gets the win sitting next to Janelle in final two? I really would like to know. Mike already has a strike against him because he’s won the game before and unfortunately that factors in for other houseguests. Plus to get that far Mike is going to have to, and will, step over a lot of bodies and may alienate his chances for some jury votes. I’d say his chances next to Frank aren’t any worse than his chances next to Janelle.

      • If Rachel can win last season’s Big Brother despite, Danielle Donato’s manipulation of her newbie puppets to vote for Porsche instead of Rachel even if Rachel played the better game, Mike Boogie can win this. For one thing, the newbies probably respect his game play better than fans do! For one thing, he treated his players well. Ian, Jenn and Frank if in the jury will probably vote for him and if the coaches have to vote then, Dan might also vote for him. I am not sure about Brittney, but, if Mike Boogie plays a very good game and wins then, Brittney might also vote for him! Like Boogie or not, he has made moves in the Big Brother House and played better than everyone up to this point. I would give Dan 2nd place right now.

  23. can somebody explain to me what the “secret game” that can’t be revealed until next episode is? I heard that Shane won a veto ticket, can he use it this ceremony?

    • The “veto ticket” was won by Shane in the last veto comp. It will allow him to play in the next Veto Comp even if he is not HOH, nominated, or picked. Next weeks veto will have 7 players in it b/c Shane will be playing no matter what.

  24. If they do evict Janelle and than bring someone back like the rumors I heard she will come back pissed!!!! Not that I like seing evicted houseguests coming back. But don’t hate Janelle and would like to watch her compete in the comps. But is now making for good tv and interesting …..

    • ?? Where did you hear that they were going to bring back evicted houseguest(s)?? When the coaches decided to accept the “offer” america “voted” on they idea of returning houseguests was given up. It was one or the other. Returing houseguest(s) come back OR coaches enter the game. And it was coaches choice.

      • Exactly. The idea of returning houseguests has already been touched on this season. If they re-visit it just to try to get Janelle back in, then the game will take a huge hit for integrity. 

  25. Danielle is an embarrasment! She shouldn’t be on Big Brother, she just does what everyone else tells her to do. Don’t even get me started on Mike (I refuse to call a 42 year old man by a dumb nickname), he’s just the same as ever. Shane is disgusting. He’s a player, a liar and too dumb to even realise he’s lying. If you’re that good at lying…not your first time!

    • Janelle is a backstabber & a lier! karma always prevails & Janelle’s gettin’ just what she deserves.I’m all aboard for one of the best backdoors ever.

      • Janelle is leaving because she’s getting in the way of Mike’s prison style bromance with Frank.Boogie doesn’t care about winning half a mil he just wants to hang with Frank this summer.It’s kind of worked out so far mainly because Shane and Danielle are very gullible ..

      • @2cc9798612733c229c9af858906b4e2b:disqus Janelle is leaving because she’s a good player who is a threat to win the game, and without her the other side of the house will be scrambling without a power player in front of them.

    • Not to be a grammer Nazi or anything, but for some it’s bugging me. “Sheeps” is not the plural of the word “Sheep”. ”Sheep” is the plural of “Sheep”

      • Well English grammar have many exceptions; and it is hard to remember them all. I don’t think that you are so perfect in grammar. so back off life is to short .

  26. If the newbies were smart they will get rid of the 2 coaches who always are playing the game or somebody… Janelle, then Boogie. Britney is disposable. She for the most part is clueless. Keep her to the end then dump her ass. But watch DAN… Dan is great at flying under the radar so I think he has the best shot at taking the grand prize! Then the stronger players… Frank, Shane and Will can pick off the rest and fight it out until the very end!

    • They got Boogie to do that. If either him or Frank win HOH, Britt’s going up. I think he has a special plan for Dan and especially Shane who lied to him bigtime. If Boogie doesn’t leave in the next two weeks, that house is screwed.

    • I can’t figure out why Wil is constantly pegged as a strong player, basically just because he’s in shape. What has he proven? I haven’t even seen a strong finish in any competition, let alone a win. Conversely, I’ve seen scrawny Ian finish strong in two different competitions. 

  27. I want to see Frank go home over Janelle. I really don’t like the fact that they bring back vets to play the game. For one reason though, the new people just do what they say and you end up with the vets providing all the entertainment. They need to bring all vets back and do another All*Stars or all new people.

    The split cast ends up with the vets running the newbies and thus the newbies are not that likeable, because they end up becoming sheep and won’t play their own game. Everyone ends up paying attention to the vets because they are the ones playing the game.

    So, I want to see Janelle stay in the house, because she will be more entertaining to watch.


    • I’ll give you a hell yea on that one. Everybody knows what he’s all about and still has sway in that house, you can’t top that. The rest have to be decietful, he just comes out and says it and gets away with it.

      • Yea you gotta love how people attack Mike for lying and manipulating, when last night during this plan’s coming into fruition I saw the most brutal honesty of all, telling Janelle to her face “I don’t trust you”. When has Janelle been that honest? Yet she constantly gets exonerated and never as badly maligned as Mike for lying, back-stabbing and manipulating. 

    •  I think you are under estimating Dan…He is the head runner..Wish Danielle would use her brains..Dan is running the whole house,just the way he wants it to go in his favor..Boot him out the door..

  29. This is AWESOME!!!! This is why I watch this show. When I thought this season was a wash, the last 2 weeks happened. Now, I do think CBS dropped the ball because I think the drama with blindsiding Boogie & Frank would have been epic. Now I’m just waiting for the blow-up to happen. It will happen because Frank’s ego will show at some point in the week. The guy can’t keep his mouth shut. These is a small chance that Janelle can stay, but it’s a uphill battle. I think Dan might try to swing it in Janelle’s favor, but it will be tough because of the noobs that want the coaches out. The one thing Dan forgot to ask Boogie last night was, is he willing to cut ties with Frank when the time comes. I’m sure it will be before Final 3.  

    • dan is NOT getting rid of mike boogie, or frank at this point

      he will use frank and boogie to take out shane, to take out brit, then will ride it out, win an HoH, take out frank, and take an almost clean 7-1 jury vote to victory over boogie

      of course, ian is going to end boogie’s game unfortunately because somehow ian has been swayed that hes in a better spot in the bottom of their alliance than with boogie, when he SHOULD be with boogie and just playing the big alliance

  30. Big fail this week by Dani…She shoulda put Boogie up along with his bud Frank. Then she wouldnt have had to piss off Janelle and a duo would be broken…Looks to me like Dani is letting her  mind do the thinking and that could be very dangerous for her!

    • This sucks. Janelle made a mistake not campaigning harder for Boogie/Frank on the block. I don’t get how everyone else is cool with Boogie, when it’s clear who his allegiance is with.

  31. I am so glad that Janelle is going up. She needs to go. She changes her alliance with every HOH. She is not sweet or innocent, she has no emotions. I don’t get why anyone would like her or want her to stay.She has targeted Frank from day 1. I think Frank should get a chance to play and not be a target for a while.

  32. Awesome, a great move!!!  Get that psychotic gal out of there and then hopefully Wil, Joe or someone else who is anti coach wins HOH next week and they put two coaches on the block.  Evict the four geezers first and get back to a level playing field.

  33. Janelle is my all time favorite player in the game, so of course I want her to stay! Frank is cool and all, but I prefer Janelle over him!

  34. Lets see if things go as planned. Things did not go as expected last week. Hopefully there will not be another twist this week that will keep Janelle in the house!

  35. I am shocked! I am ticked off!! I have watched this show forever!! This is my last season. Janelle has always been my favorite, and she has been wronged on this show by dang men everytime!! She really deserved to win this year. Here we go again, going after Janelle!! Now she has no chance to win a veto and get off!! UGH at Big Brother!! Frank needed to go. How in the heck did this change??? WTH??? These players play like such idiots!!! If she goes, I’m forever done with live feeds and watching. Its just WRONG, PERIOD!!!!

    • Get over it.  Janelle doesn’t deserve a thing.  She spent three weeks domineering over Joe, Wil, and Ashley, and then she decided to get greedy and press the reset button.   Now she’s paying the price and sitting in the red chair.

      Remember how in the first week how she was snickering with Britney about how the newbies were doing whatever she told them to do?  Well, they got wise to it and are turning against her, just like when she and Erika got wise to Chill Town manipulating them on All-Stars.  My only hope is that this is the start of a rebellion against the coaches and that they go after Britney next.  Good riddance to old rubbish.

    • While I have admittedly gotten sucked into the”hate” Janelle mentality, I do agree she is one of Big Brothers best players having strength and strategy. This has really been a showdown between Jani and Boogie. Unfortunately Danielles fell right into Boogies hands.

    •  I’m sure the show will now be cancelled due to your favorite player leaving. Bye you big fan.

    • I actually laughed at this inane rant of a post. Your favourite player is leaving and this has got to be the most world class hissy fit I’ve ever seen thrown over it. I lost my favourite last year, Jeff, it sucked and I wanted Shelly to trip and hold her knee in agony for 30 minutes ala Peter Griffin, but wow, I can easily say I never got this upset. It’s part of the game. I’m almost in disbelief how you can call this unfair. Backdooring, lying, etc. has been a huge part of Big Brother all along. If the same was happening to a player you don’t like, you’d be all for it and you know it. And really? Playing the gender card that men are wronging her? Take it as a compliment, she’s targeted and not given a chance to save herself and play for a POV because she’s a good player, she’s built a reputation from two previous seasons of being a legitimate threat of a competitor. Why did she deserve to win? Seriously, I’d like to know why. Because it’s her third shot and we should all share the happiness? This isn’t a fairy tale, this is a game for half a million dollars. Idiots for what, attacking a strong player? If not, why else would this make them idiots? The saddest part is, after two seasons of trying to drill through competitions, Janelle essentially decided she needed to play Mike’s game, and add manipulation to it. Sucks for her that she’s failing miserably.

  36. I’m confused. I thought the deal was to take Frank off – that was the way Boogie could guarantee to get out Janelle – now with frank not voting janelle can possibly pull this off! Stupid move leaving frank – there will be hell to pay if janelle stays

    • they left frank on so janelle would think she has votes to stay.  wanted to make it look like frank is the target

      • I don’t think they had hopes of convincing Janelle she wasn’t the target. You don’t change your own nominations if you don’t have a new target. And why Janelle then as a re-nom? If they wanted to convince her Frank is still the target, she’ll just think they could’ve used someone else as the ‘pawn’.

        I think the reason for leaving Frank up is so that the entire house doesn’t realize the Silent 6 are working together. If you save Frank when he was Danielle’s original target, it raises too many suspicions. Plus this way Danielle gets to keep her promise to Wil of keeping him safe this week.

    •  I was thinking the same thing. They FOR SURE had the votes to get her out of the house if she replaced Frank. Now they’re betting on Ian to save their behinds and vote out Janelle. Risky move. Hope it works out.

  37. I hate Janelle this season-I hope she goes.  I think she will and I am thrilled that Danielle was the one strong enough to do it.  That is who she wanted to put her up in the beginning before the nominations even happened but she listened to the rest of her team – now its even funnier because she was backdoored. Janelle was the one who showed Danielle with cheez-itz (lol) how a backdoor works with the players.  So now what she showed Danielle is how to backdoor her. That is such a funny scenario. Janelle needs to go this season-Out with her BIG Mouth!

  38. Yea, get out the strong player.  Janelle is much more of a threat than Frank.
    She is fierce in competitions.

  39. What boogie pulled off is one of the greatest moves in big brother history. I still can’t believe he did it. Holy smokes! I was glued to the feeds for days waitin to see how this would unfold and
    The way he makes people change their minds is mind blowing.

    •  Its truly an amazing thing to watch. I can’t wait to see his DR sessions so we know what he’s really thinking!

  40. jannelle has only herself to blame she was all over the place if she didnt throw bit’s team under the bus week 2 she would have been better of. this should get interesting on bbad

  41. Danielle, why trust Wil? You are now gambling. Why? Frank off, Janelle on equaled a sure vote. One saving grace; Super Six alliance is now veiled.

    Janelle must be in shock mode. Will she fight quietly/discreetly or enrage the house? 

  42. If Janelle walks out on Thursday, then Mike Boogie will have officially stepped out of Dr. Will’s shadow.  

    • Maybe that’s all this is. Boogie doing Dr. Will a solid and evicting the player that evicted him

  43. Let’s face it, Janelle is going home thanks to Danielle’s Pathetic crush on the balding Shane who obviously wouldn’t give her fat butt the time of day outside the house ( he still has the playmate on his mind, he gives her a shoutout everyday and we all know who he’s going to call after the show). Britney is a worthless weak fool. She can’t win anything and her need to have everyone love and her talk every minute of the day is sick. She’s really holding on to Janelle’s choice to seperate herself from the Willie Ahole drama). She a mole who talks “S” infront of a group but won’t call anyone out. Good thing because Amazon J could crush her. I’m going to miss Janelle very much but knowing that as a mom she may regret the weeks spent away from her new baby so her exit brings me a little comfort. Now for Boogie, he’s an evil,hateful, miserable person who does’t have anything better to do but put people down. I don’t get it….. he think that he’s better than everyone except Frank. News Flash: Boogie is about -10 compared to Frank. He’s the most unattractive man in the history of BB he looks like my grand pa ( I’m still having flashbacks of him sticking his tongue in Ashley’s mouth! YUK!!!!!! Ok, I know everyone is thinking about this—–> WHO WILL THE CAMERA MEN FOCUS ON AFTER JANELLE GOES HOME? Will the SHOWTIME RATINGS DROP? Lol! Don’t think that we didn’t notice that the cameras didn’t pick up Ashley’s fully nude episode but some how had the cams focuse in on Janelle’s big exposed nip. Tune in to see…lol!

    • And Janelle and Brittney have not been tearing down Boogie? The reason some of the house guests hate Boogie is because of the lies spread by Janelle and Brittney. Even Dan is on it because it suits him! Actually, they painting him as the Big Bad Boogie might work to Boogie’s favor because the newbies might just feel the need to align with him till the very end! Even Frank who is not even a threat considering the 4 coaches and Shane in the Big Brother House has been painted as a big threat. It is all part of the game but, if Janelle and Brittney can dish it out then, they should be ready to take it aswell! They do not get a free pass tearing someone down and expect that person to just lie down and take it! 

    • Nice to see how important appearances are to you in a game like Big Brother. And you said you were a mom? Calling Danielle fat, Shane balding, Mike ugly, and commenting on the camera crew focusing on Janelle and now they’ll have nobody. 

      Not that it matters whatsoever, but Britney is far more attractive than Janelle, Shane has several years left before balding becomes a real issue, and thinking of Danielle’s body type as fat is what’s wrong with society today. She isn’t an anorexic stick so she’s automatically fat. And I bet you’ve got the body of a supermodel, right?

      • That’s right, appearances are very important! Too bad your mom didn’t teach you that. It can open or close doors. As long your giving your insights on the what’s wrong with “Society today”, tell us your opinion on the effects of obesity. Lol! Looks like I must have hit a soft spot. AND I BET your familiar with fat and ugly, right?

  44. Janelle’s probably gone -but hopefully she ‘ll figure out who’s behind this and expose the Silent Six alliance to the rest of the house.Hopefully Shane and Britney go up next week for being total dumb ass’s thinking Boogie going to work with them.Danielle totally got played by Boogie -she’s probably gone when Boogie decides he’s done with her.

  45. High five to boogie absolutely genius aha i can’t believe danielle put janelle up..hopefully she leaves thursday and everything will be good..see boogie is just as good without dr.will so you haters suck it :)

    • No question, among the coaches, Boogie has been playing the best game. Even Dr. Will Kirby the foremost manipulator and his partner in Chilltown said so! I still remember that season where Dr. Will and Mike Boogie manipulated all the other house guests all by themselves. I agree that those who hate Mike Boogie overlook the fact that he is good in manipulation as well as Dan. Only difference is Dan is more likeable because he does not show arrogance like Mike Boogie but, that is his persona in the game.
      Unfortunately, for Janelle and Brittney, they are not good in strategy and if they were, they should have treaded a bit lightly instead of demonizing Mike Boogie. Matt made a good point that maybe, Mike Boogie’s paranoia whether true or not that the other coaches might be planning to backdoor him, made him come to the decision to come after Janelle to end any perceived threats to him! The backdoor of Frank which Dan told Mike Boogie about probably did not give him any confidence that Janelle could be trusted at all!

  46. The silent six are wanting to get rid of Wil and joe before jury. If this happens, Boogie and Dan will be in the final 2! guaranteed!

  47. Janelle deserves this. Haven’t liked her since her first season. She’s just mean to people.

  48. If Janelle goes, Danelle is still in trouble. She better pray that Boogie, Frank or Wil don’t win HOH cuz she’s done after that. Wil has been lied to by almost everyone and they’re pushing him to the darkside(Boogie). Dan has shielded himself from everything and left her out to dry.The house obsession to get rid of Frank has been destroying people, yu would think they would lay off of him and go after the real trouble makers in the house, Shane, Daneille, Britt and Joe.

    •  Seriously! I don’t know why everyone was so hell bent on getting Frank out to begin with. Its not like he’s not wining every competition or causing drama left and right. I never understood it.

      But you’re right, Dan is sitting pretty through all this. Good for him LOL

  49. Frank for sure.. Boogie and Dan make me sick to see them back in the house. Its so boring BB -stop bringing back the old players. If your going to do that have them all back and no new players.

  50. What Janelle was trying to tell the coaches is that a coach will not win if the coach is up against a newbie.The newbies in jury will not vote for a coach. So Dan kind of realized this until Boogie worked his magic on him.So if Janelle leaves Dan and Bratney’s chances to win $500,000 go right with her. Mike Boogie wants to play the game with his boy Frank so he’s basically saying adios to $500,000 also.So if Janelle leaves then the chances of a newbie winning are great and Frank’s chances in the game just got better.One more thing veterans in the game have to play a lot harder because the target on their back is bigger so what’s the point of hating on coaches.

    • Rachel won last season where Shelley a newbie voted for her because she played the best game! She was against a newbie Porsche. Of course, she did not get Danielle Donato’s vote as well as her puppets Kahlia and Adam who voted for Porsche but, that is because of the manipulation of Danielle Donato! If Boogie gets to final 2, Ian, Jenn and Frank if they are in the jury will vote for him! The coaches will probably also vote for him because he would have played the best game amongst all the Big Brother players whether you like him personally or not! I agree that the chances of the newbies have gotten better if Janelle gets evicted because there would be 3 coaches left in the game instead of 4. The coaches still have a chance though as the newbies have been pretty much doing what the coaches have been telling them!  

  51. WTF!! I really don’t want Janelle to go home at all :( dammit! Mike Boogie is such an ass I hope he gets evicted next!

    • Finally a Janelle fan who, while upset that she’s leaving, isn’t throwing a tantrum and saying they’ll stop watching if she leaves.

      Thank you.

  52. If u haven’t read the previous articles about the new alliance in the house maybe u should. The team of Danielle Dan boogie frank Shane and Britney has formed with possibly Ian. Once they knock off the rest of the house look for the coaches to be the final three. And I can say I don’t think boogie will win. Watch out for dan

  53. As much as I dislike Frank, You’ve got to give the credit to Boogie for making this happen! Honestly it is stupidity to get rid of Janelle at this point, she has no alliances with her team and she would definitely be a better asset than Frank! I cannot believe they fell for Boogie’s plan! It’s partly funny and frustrating! Kudos to Boogie though for pushing them into this plan – he went from the least powerful player to the most powerful player in the house, they gave him everything. If Boogie really wants to win, he needs to align with Jen,Ian,Ashley and take them to the finals….

  54. Janelle thinks she runs the show and should go..she is a back stabber.  At least Frank stays true to what he says…don’t let his affiliation with Boogie turn against him….She has to go!!

      • WOW…. a little uncalled for! Just because someone doesn’t like Janelle, that automatically makes them jealous?  Lol…. I for one am NOT jealous of that woman.  How’d Frank and Boogie lie?  They BOTH said that they need to stay true to this new alliance.  Seems like most of the rude and cruel people happen to be Janelle fans… as Danielle Donato would say….SHOCKER!  

  55. I think Frank needs to go because even though Janelle is up Frank is Boogies sidekick and will cause alot more damage especially with their lies.

    • Janelle and Brittney have been the biggest liars in the game. Also, Janelle betrayed Brittney’s twice in addition to all the lies she has said to Brittney.
      Brittney is a big liar too and you can see in her face she is lying when asked by Mike Boogie if she knew about backdooring Frank. Her face said she was lying even if she said that she did not know anything! Dan has been lying left and right. He cannot explain to Boogie why he knew Frank was being backdoored and he kept quiet about it!

  56. Come Thursday Janelle will be in the house and Frank will be gone! AG or producers will have there hand in the workings I am sure and save Janelle
    Boogie will be alone and out very soon.This was all done for ratings people.
    I think Boogie and Frank are just too happy about thinking that Janelle is going home.I think they are in for a rude awakening. AG or producers had to do something to get Boogie excited about the game because the other day he said if Frank goes home he was not going to do anything but sit around and not talk with any one, untill he was voted off.So BB had to get him off his butt some how to start playing again. Whats better then voteing ARCH ENEMY#1 Janelle out, to motivate Boogie butt!
    This will be Boogies big ego trip gone bad.
    Dani will not be the girl that takes down Janelle I think it will be the other way around. Look out Dani she is coming after you now! 

  57. The Big Brother gods love Frank lol. Frank is now my favourite player, it’s unfortunate that Janelle is probably leaving though since I have a lot of respect for her as a player. Oh and you guys need to stop saying that Boogie is going to win it all, there is no way that’s gonna happen.

  58. Danielle,Dan and Mike Boogie final 3 all the way. Lets face it the smarts of danielle,the coaching of dan and the brillant mastermind of boogie.

  59. Another thing what is up with all the girly tank tops Shane is wearing???? He has a pink one and a black one that just looks like it belongs on a girl–but maybe it’s just me

  60. Do not count out Janelle yet, it could result in some more drama. What I am looking it is how Dan, Brittney and Boogie going to vote come eviction day. If the coaches vote to evict Frank then, you know that the fix is in and Frank is the actual target. If on the other hand the coaches vote to evict Janelle then, you know that the split among the coaches is real. Consider too that Wil, Ashley and Joe could still be loyal to Janelle. That is 3 votes there. There are 9 votes available, I imagine Ian and Jenn will vote to evict Janelle. Shane, Boogie, Dan and Brittney could determine who goes home! The votes will tell us the actual
    intent of the coaches as that is 3 votes that can decide who goes home!

      • Apparently, you are not watching. Mike Boogie beat Janelle in HOH in the Big Brother All Stars he won! Mike Boogie threw the HOH that Danielle won. Dan also threw the HOH that Danielle won. Janelle also threw that HOH that Danielle won! If Boogie votes to evict Janelle, it is because he cannot trust her! He has already told her to her face! Mike Boogie is playing possum to let the newbies think he is washed up and cannot compete! Anyone who believes that is a fool!

  61. First of all, I gotta say I love Wil’s DR sessions…lol he’s hilarious.  Also Janelle still has a chance to stay in the house because if Dan, Britney, Shane and Danielle changes their mind and decided to evict Frank then they might have the votes.  I highly doubt Wil will evict Frank but Ashley and Joe do seems pretty loyal to Janelle.  So Janelle could still stay.  

    But I am definately cheering for Dan and Brit in the Final 2.

  62. This is freakin great.  I like everyone in that new alliance of 6.  Never liked janelle at all.  Mike Boogie is the master wow.  He got his biggest threat out first week without even having any power.  Plus Janelle won’t make the jury which helps Boogie.  Unbelievable.

    • Right on @fb369819f04172b8595dac94d96debb5:disqus I also like everyone in the Silent 6 and really don’t like Janelle. All of what’s unfolded feels too good to be true. The game is never this kind to me lol.

    •  He’s going to get out his biggest threat without getting ANY blood on his hands. Incredible.

  63. idk but i personally think that dan is listening to boogie on purpose so people would believe that boogie is dangerous and more of a target and there will be more blood on boogie’s hands.  

  64. I can’t believe Danielle actually went through with it! Yay!! Janelle was getting way too comfy in the house.  I don’t have live feeds but I can’t wait for showtime tonight!

  65. I hope they are all happy now. They gave Boogie what he wants and he will cut everyone’s throats. Janelle would be the only one to stop him. And as for Frank, he is no Dr. Will. He is just a puppet and when Boogie is threatened by him he will get stabbed in the back. I’m disgusted with Dan and Britney too. I wish Jenn would wake up and play because she is the nicest one in the house.

    • I don’t understand how or why a player being nice translates into wanting them to play. Last I checked being nice isn’t a huge weapon in Big Brother.

      Mike isn’t looking for Frank to be a Will, but why is it so bad to want a buddy in the house since Will isn’t there?

  66. Has anyone had a problem signing up for the live feeds? I’ve tried 5 diff passwords and I still can’t get past step 1. Any ideas? Thanks

  67. Have these people EVER watched the show before?  No, really HAVE they?

    Production…oh, I mean, “America’s Vote” returns Janelle back in the house in 3, 2, 1…

    • Id say that’s possible, but 11 people in house after this week. It’s already week 4. They need to get people out not bring them back.

      • Sadly , Janelle is the only girl in the house who understands what it takes to succeed in reality TV. The other girls look like they take 4 valiums a day. No way production will allow someone who gives them ratings stay away too long. Rachel Reilly anyone? 

    • I agree, although i like danielle. Took guts to put janelle up. Just wish she would trust her gut. She trusts Dan way to much. I just hope being week 4 and with all the people in the house, she doesn’t come back. America’s vote is a joke. Although I did want the coaches in the game. This season needed some drama.

    • They just dropped a big twist, she’s not being saved via some last minute coup d’etat that hasn’t even been discussed yet. They’ve also already touched on the concept of returning players this season. They only have one option left, Pandora’s Box in a few weeks. And yea, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what they’re going to use to bring her back.

      People love to discredit Mike for his All-Star win and let’s face it, everything else he’s accomplished on top of it. If Janelle is Pandora’d back into this game in a few weeks, getting to forego weeks of gameplay and the threat of nomination/eviction, and returns with only say 5-8 or so players left and ends up winning the game, then there’s no chance in hell I’ll ever credit her with winning Big Brother. She can take the Barry Bonds treatment and have an asterisk beside her name forever.

  68. Boogie is the MAN!! Janelle is playing the worst time of game in the BB house. I think she is worst of a slim ball then Boogie ever was on BB Allstars. Hope they keep the 6 real tight

  69. Please stick to the plan. Janelle has 3 days to scheme. She is the only one I really don’t like.

    • Same here, only one I really don’t like. I don’t like Joe and Jenn either, iffy on Wil and Ashley, but I can tolerate them all a lot more than Janelle.

  70. I love how innocent people here are. Hint: The PRODUCTION runs this game and most of its outcome. 

    • So game play doesn’t matter? They can sway comps through in some twists. But your relationships with other players rules this game.

      • No, game play has really not mattered much in the past when it comes to production looking after their ratings. If production wants her in, she will be be back in. Call it coup, America’s Vote, twist, etc.  that doesn’t matter.

  71. Danielle deserves to have Boogie going after her next for putting Janelle up instead of the logical choice, Boogie!  Janelle is a lot more trustworthy as far as trying to make some kind of deal with than Boogie is, Boogie is such a snake, he would cut his own mother’s throat to win BB again.  I do not understand Danielle not wanting to break up what is absolutely the most powerful and dangerous alliance in the house, and that is Frank and Boogie!  Having replaced Wil with Boogie would have guaranteed the end of that alliance, one way or the other…I would have hoped for Boogie to be voted out first.

    Dan has said repeatedly that he does not want any of the coaches being evicted because that decreases the target on his back, I wonder if he would end up going against Danielle and vote to evict Frank?  I believe Joe would vote to keep Janelle, he still seems loyal to her even though she’s no longer his coach.  If Wil were as smart as he thinks he is, he would vote against Frank because Frank has gone after Wil, Janelle saved Wil the last time.  Who knows about Ian and Jenn, are they even playing the game or just hanging out?  Britney ought not vote out the only other female vet , there’s something to be said for girl-power.

    • This is the same Janelle that has already betrayed Brittney’s team twice and told multiple lies as well! Trustworthy my foot! She is not trustworthy by any means. You do not like Mike Boogie but, he is more honest than the other coaches. He told Janelle to her face that he did not trust her! He called out Dan when he found out about the plan to backdoor Frank because Dan had an alliance with him yet, did not tell Mike Boogie about the Frank backdoor except after the fact! Trustworthy is a loosely used word. The coaches by and large are not trustworthy but, most especially Janelle! Her biggest mistake is betraying her alliance this early in the game!
      She is following the failed strategy of Danielle Donato of going after her own alliance like last season. We all know how that turned out! That is a dumb move!

  72. Daniele is doing this move b/c Janelle insulted her weight by stating that JOJO said she is FAT. I know is hurtful but rude awakening Daniele is the TRUTH.

      • This is the same Janelle who had an alliance with Brittney’s team and betrayed betrayed Brittney and her team twice! That is not even counting the multiple lies she has told Brittney! No, Janelle has no loyalties and it
        is pretty bad when you betray your alliance because that proves you cannot be trusted! It is too early in the game to be betraying alliances. Look what
        happened to Danielle Donato last season!

    • Danielle is NOT fat, but Janelle didn’t deserve to be put up. Her loyalties were with that team and they couldn’t see that.

  73. Janelle’s gone. The women will vote her out because she’s1- a beast in comps compared to the rest of them 2- Janelle’s already pissed off Britt, Wil, Danelle, Frank and Boogie, 3- Dan can’t fight to hard for her because people will catch on to him, 4 Ian, Ashly and Jenn aren’t gonna rock the boat and 5 Danielle’s gonna tell everyone not to rock the boat because if Janelle stays, she target number 1. Part of me hopes she can save herself because the battle between her and Boogie would be beyond epic.

    • While I agree the battle would be pretty cool, I still just want her out this week. I’d love nothing more than to have her unwarranted smugness wiped off her face and not even make it to jury.

      Here’s hoping production doesn’t screw with my hopes, although I’m sure they’ll try their best to do just that.

  74. They have to get Janelle out before the jury is selected because she openly said she won’t go to the jury house.

    • I just read about the live feeds that Janelle is in HOH with Danielle being chummy and kissing you know what…putting on make up….talking smack about Frank of course…putting on make-up….offering her 2 dresses if she goes….I think I want to puke….You know this is all an act…Remember when Joe was up and she said to her team they have to be super nice, kiss butt say whatever u need to say to befriend the HOH…That is what she is doing now…

  75. Boogie and Dan take each other to the end that way they guarantee a previous winner wins again

  76. I hope this comes back and bites Daniele right in the ass. If Janelle goes I hope whoever wins puts up Boogie and Bitchney. Let’s see how true they will be to there alliance then.

  77. I hate how Danielle takes everything so personally, that is HORRIBLE game. Sadly she did not make the right choice to put Boogie up instead of Janelle.

    I’m sorry but Danielle sucks at this game.

    • She and her team made the right choice, but I’m not going to try to convince you that she’s an awesome player…at the same time though, she doesn’t suck.

  78. Janelle needs to go….She is a bigger threat and a better comp winner than Frank…..

  79. Why does BB cast players like Ashley, Joe, Wil,
    Ian, and Jenn who appear to be just hanging out in the BB house and not
    much more than that, they are boring to watch other than Wil’s humorous
    bits in the DR.  Next season, how about casting some people who indicate
    that they actually PLAN to participate in the game and not just hang
    out for the summer.  I wonder if these floaters would be Janelle’s best
    chance in staying in the house because they don’t appear to have any
    sort of gameplay on their own. 

    • I’m sure all of those players indicated to production that they planned to play. Once they’re cast and they’ve entered the house, they can’t be forced to do anything. They can literally just say that for the cameras and then change their stories once they’ve made it and invoke their real plan all along, to fly under the radar.

      I’m also sure they want to cast a few players who plan to fly under the radar, to dissuade some applicants from lying about their game plan, as well as to create some floater anger amongst fans. Just like I’m betting they knew Joe was obnoxious and cast him because of it. They want people to love and to hate every season. How else do you explain Kalia’s casting from last season?

  80. Boogers not gonna win. He’d have no Jury votes… Out of all the newbies, nobodies worked harder than frank…. really how many times he been put up? And he could use the money… Dont want to see any coach win…..

    • Nobody ever seemed to comment on the fact that Frank pointed to Ian and Jenn immediately when Mike was tasked with splitting up $10,000. Mike even asked him ‘You sure?’ and Frank didn’t hesitate to confirm, and this being despite the fact that he’s unemployed.

      I’m sure people will try to say ‘Oh, he’s fine, his dad is famous and rich’ but as they pointed out, he doesn’t have the best relationship with his dad, and I doubt that along with the fact that he’s 28 years old is going to make him want to run to daddy for money.Frank’s been a good guy, a good social player and actually has done a pretty good job of avoiding lying. Yet so many people want him gone on these boards. Why? Because he farted? I really can’t figure out why else.

  81. I thought Danielle was smarter than this.  Regardless of who goes home, the other will be gunning for her.  She might as well bend over and kiss her %#@@ goodbye

  82.  i think Danielle is the only one that see’s Janelle for what she is.She looks and acts like a pron star,always looking in the mirrow to she if her fake boobs are showing, and throwing herself all over the men.they only want her there to look at,nothing else.Danielle is playing a smart game,at least she has the balls to get her out.

  83. I think Danielle is the only one that sees Janelle for what she is,She looks and acts like a pron star,always throwing herself and those fake boobs in everyones face.You go Danielle,WE are proud of you.Janelle is dangerous.

    • Yes, the only thing is that Danielle didn’t put her up. Everyone around her told her to do it. HUGE difference. Danielle and her single brain cell are not exactly threats to anyone.

  84. They lose a vote with Frank.

    This is what I expect, even after Janelle does her deed with the newbs:

    Votes to evict Frank: Joe, Jen and Ashley

    Votes to evict Janelle: Dan, Britt, Boogie, Ian, Wil (because they trust Frank, and Wil HATES Janelle) and Shane.


    • Why do you think Jenn would for sure side with Ashley and Joe instead of with her former teammates in Mike, Frank and Ian?

      • Ever since he “tooted” in bed with her beside her, she has not really liked him but only voted along with Frank b/c the were on Boogie’s team together…She is like a Wil….She is playing the personal route…She likes Joe and Ashley and they are voting for Janelle to stay…Jenn is going to think her vote maybe the vote to get Frank out….

      • @8683cbb4b62e381b91fe4be3dce242da:disqus I’m sorry but if Jenn truly is holding a fart in bed against Frank as a reason to not like him and not want to work with him, then she’s even dumber than I thought. I’m not saying it’s cool what Frank did, but it’s not enough to cast someone away in a game like Big Brother. What do you even call that? Playing personally? Definitely not strategically. I already disliked Jenn, if this is really true then that dislike will increase.

      • She is playing personally….she doesn’t like boogie b/c she knows she is #3 on the priority list….she hasn’t talked game at all.  She just has nice chats with everyone in the house and whoever is HOH she says…whatever you want, i’m there (before noms)….She seems so nice but is not playing any game what so ever.

      • @8683cbb4b62e381b91fe4be3dce242da:disqus I think her lack of gameplay is going to cost her, and playing personally isn’t going to help. She should know after her pathetic performance in the first competition of the year as well as a not very strong showing at the Walk the Plank HoH competition that she’s not going to be able to win herself out of trouble. What else is left, the mental side. Being nice may gain social points, but it’s not enough.

  85. I am elated that Dan finally gave in to this new plan. He has been ROpa doping Danielle and the rest of his crew. Every move he makes is to insulate himself. Hopefully this move will lead to all the major targets taking each other out and eventually give an opportunity for Ian to rise to the top. First bad game move for Dan, hopefully it will cost him dearly!

  86. This happened because it is what Dan wants. He is manipulating Danielle, Shane and Britney and they don’t even realize. Danielle wanted to put Janelle up to begin with, but did not because it was not what Dan wanted. It is only after Dan became convinced Janelle would not work with his pal Boogie that he gave his ok on putting up Janelle. There is NO WAY Ian will vote for Janelle to stay. He is with Dan/Danielle/Brtiney/Shane. Boogie is pretty good, but Dan is better. He is impossible for the others to read and he has multiple plans in place.

    • Ian also was concerned over Frank being on the block, and went to Mike saying “We have to find a way to save Frank”. So you’re right, there’s no way he’s voting to evict him over Janelle. I’m confident in the votes of Dan, Mike, Ian and Shane. It’s Britney I worry about because she thinks they don’t need her vote. I’m only hoping Jenn votes with old pals Mike, Frank and Ian. Joe and Ashley could still vote to keep Janelle, and so could Wil, he’s a bit of a wild card. I cross my fingers the vote goes to evict Janelle, but I won’t hold my breath. 

    •  Don’t bet on Ian,going with Boogie,s team 6, Or Britt,,,,, there is a flip flop comming..

    •  Shhh, don’t tell anyone. People around here don’t know that the contestants are puppets to the production. They think all is REAL.

      • I don’t think it’s a secret to very many that production tries the best to sway to their liking. However, at the end of the day, they can’t force someone to do their bidding. They tried to persuade Jeff not to backdoor Dani last season for sure. Jeff didn’t listen. They can’t force words out of someone’s mouth at the live eviction voting either.

        I only hope production doesn’t stoop to monetary bribes to get players to do what they want, but I wouldn’t put it past them, and sadly I think production probably does just that via increased or additional stipend promises.

  87. FRANK should go out the door !!!!! I don’t think that will happen. Boogie has the four Dan, Britney , Danielle , and  Shane in his back pocket so too speak.Boggie hates Danielle and will put her on the block A.S.A.P I can’t believe those four believed Boogie !!!!!!  He sure knows how to turn the game around…. 

  88. OH HOW I LOVE that Jenelle will be out the door soon. But they are soo stupid not to get frank out first and making enimies with both Jenelle and Frank was stupid.

  89. Shane, Britney , Dan, and Danielle  may not realize just what they are doing ….you have to remember THEY all are in the house 24/ T.V. phone ect. It would be enough to make a person stir crazy. Than you have all the lying and backstabing…I’m glad I’m not there. It’s easy for all of us to make a judgment on any of the H.G. 

  90. I feel like the next few days, the flip-flop thoughts will happen again and Danielle, Shane, Brit and Dan will think of evicting Frank again.

  91. I believe Danielle made the best decision she could under the circumstances.
    Janelle was getting on everyone’s nerves with her lies and drama. The chance
    to get her out might not come along again. She is a beast at the comps. Boogie
    and Frank are tight, true. But so are Brittney and Shane and Danielle is tight
    with Dan. However, Dan will throw Danielle under the bus the first chance
    he gets. He has already tried to do so. Dan doesn’t make mistakes. He knew
    what he was doing when he told Boogie Frank was going home right before
    the HOH comp,. It didn’t go like he wanted it to, but he put a huge target on
    Danielle’s back when he did it. Then he lied about why he did it. He finally
    saw that Boogie and Janelle would never get along, so gave up on protecting
    the couches pact. But he nearly succeeded in keeping them all safe this
    week. I don’t think any coach that makes it to the end will win. No one wants
    to see someone who has won once, win again. Brittney has not been a
    strong enough player to get the votes. With Janelle not in the Jury House,
    it will be a newbie who wins, unless there are two coaches at the end. It will
    be exciting from now on.

  92. I love you, Boogie. You are the master. You and Frank were on your way out and you come out of no where and get Janelle out. You are truly a master of this game.

  93. It’s a long time until Thursday….Janelle can work her magic or Frank can do something stupid (well, he already did by saying to Joe he think he has the votes to stay….Of Course he told Janelle and now Janelle just mentioned this to Danielle)…Janelle is working it and she still has a few days to go….it’s going to be a tough call whether the silent 6 (not really that silent) is going to work out…depends on Frank just keeping quiet and pretending he is probably going but at least has a chance over Wil (acting).  I can see some flip flops happening but I hope Janelle goes. :)

    • Yep, but Joe is gonna do himself in with his big mouth. He needs to shut up and let it play out, he’s not a factor in any of this.

      • But Joe thinks he’s a factor in everything. He proclaimed that last week he had to work his butt off to save himself. Really Joe? You think you were the target, do you? Alongside Frank? Joe’s a complete joke.

  94. Even if it’s manipulated by the producers, I hope that Janelle DOES come back via Pandora’s Box if she is evicted, I would like to see her win this season, she had deserved to win one of her previous seasons.  I do agree with the comments that Janelle has not helped her game by creating all the drama, etc., I wish she would have been smarter and not just (apparently) think she could get by with her tendency to win a lot of the comps. 

    • She’s clearly decided that she needed to add manipulation, dare I say it, element of her ‘enemy’ Mike’s game to her own, and not just try to power through competitions as it didn’t work for her in the past. She’d never admit it for a second, but to an extent this time around she’s trying to play Mike’s game, and as expected she’s failing at it. I don’t believe she deserved the win in either of her previous seasons. Based on competitor merit alone, sure, but I believe you deserve to win this game if you’re a well-rounded player, which she wasn’t, and never will be.

    • Janelle is like Brendon, Rachel Reilly’s beau because while, she is good in competitions, she sucks at strategizing. If you saw the Dr. Wil interview, he said that Janelle still is pretty bad strategizing. In simple terms, it means observing everyone and adjusting your play depending on what the others are doing in the game! The huge difference is Janelle and Brittney talk a lot and even when they are talking with Mike Boogie and Dan, they let their person dislike of him cloud their judgment. What they should be doing is sizing up those two guys. By being defensive if asked a simple question, that gives confirmation to the Dan and Mike Boogie that what they suspect you may be doing is true! When Brittney was asked by Mike Boogie whether she knew about the plan to backdoor Frank, Brittney said she did not know about it but, if you look at her face, you knew she was lying! Her facial expressions did not jive with what she was saying! That bit of info
      is enough for Mike Boogie to know that Brittney probably knew about the blindside and was part of it too!

  95. Getting out the one person almost everyone wants out of the house is a good idea for Wil, Danielle, Britney, Mike, Frank, Shane, Ian, Jenn, and maybe Joe.  The only two people who don’t want to see Janelle go are probably Dan (only for strategy… he wants the Jury to remain to so he won’t be a target.  And Ashley because she’s been like best buds with her throughout the game.)

  96. Unless the newbies do some drastic change, they’ll be picked off one by one with little effort. Frank and Britney included. It’ll be like shooting ducks on a pond. 

    • That imagery makes me sad. All the poor ducks wanted to do was have a relaxing swim on a summer’s afternoon and they have to turn into victims…this might be residual effect of having a pet duck for two weeks as a child who was then brutally taken from me after they realized I technically kidnapped him…

      You could say I’ve gone off topic, but I believe the rubber duck with sunglasses in the backyard pool has been a Big Brother staple for years. I don’t know how he hasn’t been backdoored yet.

      • @twitter-517228426:disqus Thanks…but now for an actual response. I think you’re right that that’s the destiny the newbies are headed for, but frankly I don’t think they are going to do very much about it. Most probably don’t even see their impending doom on the horizon. I don’t really mind though if that’s what happens. I’d be very happy with a Dan and Mike final two. Less wishful thinking has me hoping for four members of the Silent 6 ending up in the final six.

      • @twitter-517228426:disqus Oh so posting via your Twitter account lets you edit posts? I’ve been wanting an edit post feature for a while now…

        Anywho, you’re right, it seems like most newbies didn’t watch seasons 2, 7 or 10 where Mike and Dan played because I can’t understand how else they don’t realize who they’re dealing with. Wil is the only one who seems wise to Dan’s competition throwing from season 10, other than that I would say Ian since he’s a super-fan, but he’s on Dan’s side for now anyway.

      • MJ, I was thinking about that. Do you think it was calculated for Dan to go with Boogie on the final 2 because he knows he’ll win more votes from the Jury?

      • @twitter-517228426:disqus I do for sure. On one hand I don’t think Dan really wants Mike to be evicted, since Mike is his favourite player as a fan, so it’s no coincidence he wanted to work with him. Dan will accept Mike being evicted but I don’t think there was any way Dan wanted Mike’s blood on his hands. And at the same time, I feel Dan is as weary as anyone not to play the game personally, and wouldn’t go through with this if it was stuck at the personal involvement of liking Mike as a player. Luckily for him, he can justify this route because as you mentioned, I believe Dan really thinks Mike sitting beside him in the final two is a good scenario for him, and he believes he would garner more votes than Mike. If he’s successful, he will not have just won twice, but he will have beaten one of the best to do so as well as beaten a player he modelled his own game after. I don’t think that challenge and that pending rewarding feeling is lost on Dan at all, and I think it’s driving him and motivating him at least in part.

      • Dan always want to make sure his tracks are covered. He’s actually my favorite player. I was a little bias against Boogie when I saw him walked in the BB house. I said, oh f..k, what the hell is he doing here? If they’re the final 2 then fine. I think I have

      • I agree he definitely wants his tracks covered at all times, and he’s easily one of my favourites to ever play the game as well.

  97. I am a huge fan of Dan… He is my alltime favorite player of big brother, so of course I’d like to see him win again. But I do feel like getting Janelle out right now is not a good move on Dan’s part. She wasn’t coming after Dan, and now if she somehow is able to stay (which I don’t see happening), she probably is going after him and Boogie and Danielle and Shane. I just hope Boogie is being sincere in the deal he made with Dan……

    • I think he is and isn’t being sincere. He’s going to stick with the Silent 6 for a few weeks, he doesn’t have much other choice, but at any given time thereafter he’s going to take his chances to pick them off, especially stronger players like Shane so he doesn’t have to compete against them in the end. I do think though that Mike would be happy if him and Dan were sitting in the final two spots, so while his deal may not be sincere to the group of six, it may be sincere to Dan.

      Then again, both Dan and Mike, when the other is not around, talk about taking out the other when the time is right. Of course they’re also both masters at mindgames and could easily just be saying this for the benefit of progressing their game.

      I’m on your side with hoping that at least Mike stays true to Dan if he doesn’t to the entire group, because Dan is one of my all-time favourites as well, and I really don’t care if he’s won before, if he deserves it again let him win it again.

    • By the way @0c4fa3d8fff9d475bf5ef20f85ad954e:disqus since you’re a Dan fan, check out my comment just below this one in discussion with @twitter-517228426:disqus , the long one starting with “I do for sure” and tell me if you agree with what I’ve said there. I’d be curious to know. Thanks.

  98. Janelle may have been good at this game years ago but she is horrible this year. She lies so much. Everyone is on to her. The other coaches were able to keep a player on there side. When coaches came in and her players abandoned her. She’s playing like a newbie. CYA Janelle!!!

  99. glad janie is going, what a move by mike boogie, incredible, he is officially out of the doc’s shadow by pulling this off and taking out such a tough competitor so early, and saving his own at the same time, that coaches meeting, he got brit and dan SOLD on his word, which I do believe was legit. he wont backstab yet, as dan said, just make it shane.

    but dan is winning this game, he just wants boogie next to him so that he can guarentee all the votes, danielle is his BACKUP option. trust me on that. its why boogie was so upset w/ dan, they had an understanding going in, but then dan didnt expect boogie to go to bat so hard for frank. dan will use shane and frank til he wants boogie to trim the fat.

  100. Stupid players as usual. Have these idiots never watched the sleaziest player alive before Anyone who would trust boogie for a second is out of there minds and I guess deserve the knife in the back they will very soon receive. Hate that they let that a** back on the house again. Can’t stand to look at his. Arrogant face.

  101. I think danielle would be way more of a likable person if she would quit obssesing over shane… on bbad she told britt.. dans like her dad .. shanes like her boyfriend and britts her best friend…. shane her boyfriend…..  okay,,,, shes sooo dreaming.. shes gonna stalk poor shane aftre the show..

  102. I think Janelle has brought thieving herself by her constant switching alliance to whoever is in power. She has pretty much thrown everyone under the bus at one point in this game…so no one can trust that she’ll honor any promises…that she’ll stick with any players. She blows in the wind and true to dish up the bull in a sweet friendly way…but I think everyone’s caught on…Finally! I hope she goes home.

  103. I totally think that Frank needs to go, only because then Boogie’s biggest ally will be gone. Boogie didn’t want to play as a player anyhow, and he’s won twice before so he doesn’t need to win again. If Janelle leaves I am fine with that too. She has such an ego, and the drama stuff though its good for a show, is a little bs. So i won’t be upset if either of them leave.
    I’m a little concerned for Danielle, Shane, Brittany, and Dan. They all are going to have huge targets on their backs no matter who leaves this week, so they are going to need to stick together and keep HOH and Veto’s in their pockets! Go team Shane and Danielle!!!

    •  Dan,is the sneaky one,also less trustworthy..If it wasn’t for Danielle he would have been gone..Dan is playing everyone..Like to see him walk out the door..Should say kicked out the door..

  104. Frank should be evicted instead of Janelle because she is just playing a good game.  “Game” is the clue here people.  Her “game” is not a FORBIDDEN rule in this game.  If you can advance on your game play as long as there is no blood shed so be it.  To me Janelle is not doing anything viciously to anyone except playing the game in her way.  Everyone chooses to play the way they want and if Janelle is better at it than others hey a win win!  To me, Frank is a greater risk in the house right now to all the players except Boogie!!  They better open their eyes and get him out of there NOW!

    • I have no idea how you think Janelle’s playing a good game. Maybe isn’t playing the worst game in the house, and at least she’s playing something, but it hasn’t been very good.

  105. Like it or not, Danielle made a power move. It could cost her down the road, but eliminating Janelle is a huge deal. I am personally very happy with this. I don’t think this hands the game to Boogie. I don’t think Boogie is going to win the game. I think he is going to attempt to guide Frank to the win. Getting rid of Janelle is step one of that, followed by getting rid of Shane and Dan. Boogie understands the game in a way that most simply can’t fathom. But beware of Ian, who understands the hidden agendas of all the former coaches.

  106. I sincerely hope Frank stays. He has constantly fought off a house full of sheepish and fake people. Plus, it makes the show interesting, not a comb-by-ya fest. BTW: Shane and his hot pink threads are the Biggest threat and I think he’s proven on many occasion his word means nothing.

  107. y danielle? stupid move. u shouldve put up boogs so one of them would of left. u leave them and they will pick u guys off. i only hoped shane and franks aliiance woulde still be. woulguestve been  totaally different game

  108. I don’t see Janelle,being voted out..Joe & Ashley will stay true to her..Dan is ticked with Boogie,because he would’nt have an alliance with him,without Frank..Will can’t stand Frank,and also Danielle lied to will saying she would’nt put him on the block.. and Britt is close to Janelle & don’t trust  Boogie with Frank as his pet snake..  So Joe,Ashley,Dan,Will & Britt..may upset the the apple cart..

  109. Stupid to keep the team of Boogie/Frank around. Past experience is pretty clear about Boggie’s ruthlessness, and Frank is his number one ally. Both are strong physical competitors, and together are formidable opponents. Can’t believe Dan fell for this deal! Of anyone, he should have seen the red flag and guided Danielle away from this misguided decision. And Danielle is a very deceitful, petty bi…! She is two faced, and dislikes Janelle for no apparent reason except petty female envy. Too bad the others in her alliance have not reigned her in. I Janelle realizes she’s in jeopardy and is able to open up Dan and Britney’s eyes to the huge mistake their making keeping Boogie and his puppet Frank around!

  110. I think it’s time for Frank to go…. Janelle can be dealt with at a later time!!

  111. I hope Janelle is the one to go home. I’m getting so sick of old contestants coming back on the show and other shows. They need to go back to their normal lives,it’s like come get a life.

  112. Danielle is playing personally. Her dislike for Janelle came out of no where. Britney is jealous as well because she will not be able to beat her in competitions. The real gag is is when Janelle and Mike were in discussions and Janelle wasn’t willing to vote out Will or Joe. However, on the same token, Mike as well acted as though he didn’t want to get rid of his ace Frank. There was no point of them discussing a 4 coach alliance because it would not have worked. If Danielle was playing logically she would vote out Frank, because then Mike would have nobody. If she votes out Frank, Mike and Janelle would be trying to get each other out, therefore leaving the target off her back and buying herself a few more weeks (she shouldn’t worry about Shane, he didn’t save your ass when you were on the block). The reason why she used the Veto on Will is because she felt as though she needed to get back in Will’s good graces. She is still a liar and can’t be trusted, the same can be said for Ian (who is willing to jump ship so quickly). Janelle still has a chance to stay in the house going against Frank. If they do not evict Frank, Frank and Mike will be coming for Shane because of his unsuccessful eviction attempt at Frank last week. 

  113. Thursday was great frank dosent get sent home janelle is sent packing then gets pissed off at bogie then frank wins head of household must say frank has a horse shoe up his arse good going frank and bogie keep it up ps get rid of chef joe and the geek Ian

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