Big Brother 14: Week 4 Popularity Poll

Big Brother 14 Houseguests

It’s time for another round of ranking the Big Brother 14 HGs. You can cast your vote for your favorite player in our poll below and then share your thoughts on what makes your pick the best. You can make your choice based on your favorite personality, big game moves, sneakiest HG, or whatever makes your favorite your favorite.

Since no one was eliminated last week thanks to the big twist we’ve got everyone back again for another round of votes. Maybe this week Jenn Arroyo and Joe Arvin can escape coming up with 1% or less of the vote. I’m not surprised to see Shane shooting up the charts with 27% of the vote last week. Can he maintain that top spot again?

You can check out the archive of past polls to see how everyone is doing over the season. I’ve also got a graph charting everyone’s rise and fall for season 14.

Vote below for your favorite Big Brother 14 houseguest and share your thoughts on why.

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Big Brother 14 popularity poll


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  1. Are people really that into Shane as a player or is it seriously because he’s the only passably handsome guy in the house? So sad.

    • I think he’s a good competition player. As for looks, he has a nice body, a okay face, but I can’t handle his hair at all! He needs it cut. Bad.

    • I know, so sad.
      This guy is only popular because he is has nothing to do with winning all those comps. true true so sad.

      GO Shane with your hott self

    • Actually there are pics out there of Frank where he is very handsome, his hair is quite short and he is in a suit, without the ugly brillo hair he is every bit as good looking as Shane.

    • It’s not just because of his looks I mean he is good looking ( I agree his hair needs to be cut) but j think he’s a great competitor an for the first few weeks he was the underdog an now look he’s sitting pretty for a few more weeks. I just hope he turns on boogie an frank before they turn on him. He needs to step up his social game I think he has a little since his hoh!

      Rooting for him to win americas favorite!! Goo shane and Brit!!

      I think Brit has stepped her game up this year she’s doing much better then last year, in her alliance with lane she was in the dark of the bigger picture but this year she knows what’s going on she’s in the best alliance right now an shes aligned with the best physical competitor!

  2. Ian is learning as he goes. He has the knowledge but he’s had a chance to be an actual player. Being on his own I’m hoping he will get out from under boogie’s bad habits and form some alliances of his

    •  Ian has had the chance,he just wants to sit there while Boogie puts a free ride chain around his neck every week.I don’t think that’s happin anymore so the little guy better get withit.

    • he did. he is part of an alliance with Brit Shane Dan Dani. those 4 pulled Ian without Boogie and Frank knowing. That is the alliance they want to be loyal to, they plan on cutting Frank/Boogie in the near future.

  3. I really dont get why Janelle is so high. Anytime the house guest are having fun she always comes in and brings the mood down.

  4. honestly, i gave danielle my vote this week..not that shes a brain child, but she made a big move, thanks to being talked into it..she is still depending on dan(of all players-) to “coach” her. she needs to heed advice–get rid of ALL the coaches ASAP!! stop playing dumb–it NEVER just come off as weak. as for game play- you dont get votes while sitting on coattails(votes via the jury)–great recaps btw..its the first thing i look for on my feed every am!

    • I think that Danielle did get out from under Dan somewhat this week by nominating Janelle-Dan didn’t really want to do that & finally agreed when all of the others wanted her to do it.

  5. I’m not sure about the whole reset the game, still undecided on that one.  I loved Big Brother right up until they brought the coaches back into the game…. Now I have to sit and watch “Boogie” as a player again.  Give someone new the opportunity to play instead of bringing back all stars 

      • no …. not all of us do. i could give a crap about anyone who has ever been on Big Brother. They are my ant farm, my lab rats, my Sim CIty. they are not “people”. I don’t want to learn about them as “people” when the game is over … much less care about any one of them coming back.

        This kind of idea is what makes these people think they are famous, or more to the point, IMPORTANT because they think they are famous.

  6. On the live feeds why does it always go to Fish is that because production don’t want viewers hearing what they are saying??????

  7. Put a lil lipstick on and eye liner on Frank he would look like a female gymnast with no breast with his tard on  

  8. why in the HELLL is Britney and DANIELLE (dan’s puppet) rated higher than DAN?????? And why is shane so popular he is nothing just cause he is good looking???? What is wrong with people hahaha

    •  I noticed too that as the show’s game dynamic changes, and so as the ratings. Surprisingly, Boogie’s rating went up. He used to be lower than Dan. While Joe still remains in zero visibility.

      •  Cyril are you old enough to even be on this site…never mind I forgot no age limit here…you go boy!

    •  Yeah I thought Dan was a fan favorite? What happened? lol
      And I’ll still never be able to take Brittney seriously. Every time I think of her, I think of her being absolutely clueless about the Brigade. Unless she wins this, that’s all she’ll ever be known for.

      • Dan is going to sacrifice fan favorite to actually win the game. He’s playing ruthlessly.

      • He won the game last time and was the fan favorite haha but i agree he just wants to win. I think in a matter of time he will be fan fav again…his biggest challenge will be the good looking guy Shane…only because he is good looking…he has an awful personality!

  9.  Frank maybe sitting pretty right now, but he’ll be part of the casualty in due time. He’ll be stab in the front by his master Boogie

  10. i voted for janelle because she’s the best competitor in the house. could be she’ll still be here next week. frank and will aren’t good about keeping their mouths shut.

    • The hair is scraggly looking….his constant farting and the others talking about his BO added to it, is kinda a turnoff for me. Though I’m not impressed w/Shane either. His personality is weak. IMO

  11. i obviously voted for BOOGIE the puppetmaster himself LOL at joe and jen at 0%

    • Youve got to be kidding me. Dr. Will was a MUCH better manipulater than mike will ever be.

      • Nobody said Dr. Will was not the best manipulator which he was. In the interview on TV assessing the 4 coaches, he said Mike Boogie was doing the best job as coach. The others including Dan, Janelle and Brittney not so good and need to elevate their games!

      • well of course will said boogie was the best he is his best friend..even though i agreed at the time. If i were to rate the coaches as players so far….it’d be Dan then boogie then brit then janelle(cause she is good as gone)

  12. Plain and simple Shane is a moron. That isn’t a judgement just a plain and obvious fact. To me handsome comes as a complete package with a main entree of intellect. That means Shane is just a good competition participant NOT a good BB player of the game and all the strategy possibilities. I’m also disappointed in Janelle, something threw off her game in a huge way and I fear it’s going to end badly for her Thursday.

    • I hope they show Shane randomly volunteering to be a pawn on the show. People are giving him way too much credit. 

  13. Gave Boogie my vote this week. Definitely his week as he showed why he won his season. People may hate him but, Boogie knows how to play Big Brother and so much for the nonsense that Will carried him the season he won! He beat Janelle in the HOH when he needed too so, he deserves the win! Of all the house guests, he has been working at it even when he was a coach, like him or hate him—-give him the credit he deserves! He is one good manipulator! 2nd is Dan!

  14. I agree that Boogies game is good.   He has managed to turn the house around to his favor.    Definitely NOT a Boogie fan but thats strictly an emotional reaction due to his superiority complex.    He thinks he has to prove he has game without Dr Will….and he does.   Only without the finesse and charisma.   Which makes his game look crude.

  15. I wish CBS would correctly portray the way Shane is playing Danielle. I think it would change people’s opinion. 

    • I think it is obvious how Danielle is letting Shane play her.  He has made it clear that he will take advantage of her attraction to him if it keeps him in the BB house longer.  Shane is only playing her, because she allows him to.

  16. Voted for Britney — her DR’s are hilarious, and she is smart enough to make some good alliances. Shane is a close second b/c he is good and not bad on the eyes.

  17. I believe both Dan and Boogie made great strategic moves this week, but I really don’t care for either of them personally. I guess that I am rooting for a newbie to win the grand prize. I picked Ian simply because I think he would be the most moved by winning.

  18.   Shane reminds me of one of those plastic “love dolls”.   Good to look at and get your rocks off with but not a brain in his head.   When Danielle is no longer HOH the affair will be over.   He will be back to avoiding her again….saying she’s too needy.  

  19. Why is Britney ahead of Janelle and why is Danielle close to Janelle?  Janelle is the better player of both of the others, though I suppose this poll isn’t about who’s the best player but who is the most likeable, etc.  Danielle is so proud of herself right now, back-dooring Janelle, but she is going to regret it when Boogie comes after her and she has NO ONE in the house willing to stand up to Boogie and try to stop him.  Janelle would have been Danielle’s last chance and she, foolishly,is being guided by her emotions, not to mention Boogie!  Danielle deserves to be on the bottom as far as playing ability, she’s not being that smart or strategic. If Janelle goes, I hope Danielle is next.

  20. I like the chart, it’ll be interesting to see how it progresses over the course of the season.

  21. Poor Janelle is being screwed this week. Britney has been playing mind games against her all season to her team and Danielle. Mike Boogie is a snake. What was Dan thinking to team up with him? I still can’t identfy a player he has pulled in yet to take to the final 2 if he plans on winning like he did with Memphis

    • Dan has multiple choices. Boogie if he’s afraid the jury will vote against him for being a previous winner. Britney if the jury is anti coach. Danielle if the jury is going to vote fair, because he’s obviously in control. 

      • Dan wants to be f2 with Dani or brit but he is BSing Boogie and telling him he’ll go to f2 with him

  22. I think the girls are crazy to get rid of Janelle. She is a great competitor in competitions. Now we will be down to 3 females. A male will win this year for sure

  23. If Danielle passes Janelle in popularity, I’m going to throw up all over the place. 

  24. I cant believe that bb interfered with last weeks eviction and now Janelle is being evicted and we have no pandoras box or twist to save her 

    • Had Shane been able to follow through on one of his nominees being evicted, Janelle might have been saved this week because Mike’s influence would have diminished with his main ally having been sent home.  I think it’s unfair when production inteferes whenever they want to. 

    • I agree. There was no reason not too go thru the eviction and the coaches entering the game. Made no sense, other than production wanted to save Frank for Boogie and the phone skits. Q

  25. Time to even out the game play for the last 2 weeks.  Last week, 
    Shanes HoH meant nothing and this week Danielle should get the shaft.  I would respect the backdoor of Janelle if Danielle was doing it solely for strategic reasons, but that is not the case.  Danielle is insecure and intimidated if Janelle even looks sideways at Shane.  Producers need to get wise before the ratings totally crash. If Janelle goes, I am out.  Do the right thing BB and give Danielle Pandora’s Box, with the outcome of a change in nominations.  Then do a fast forward to put us out of our misery.

  26. I honestly can’t vote for anyone. There’s not one likable person, nor one i like to hate. I think it had to do with all the newbies following the coache like sheep the first few weeks.

  27. I wish production would tell the HGs to keep Janelle and get rid of Frank I don’t want to see Frank and Boogie gloat over how powerful they are and I really don’t want to see either on go on to Jury.  PRODUCTION PLEASE GET RID OF FRANK ON THURSDAY YOU WOULD MAKE A LOT OF US VIEWERS VERY HAPPY!!!!

    • I don’t want to see a repeat of Chill Town and have these two morons making a fool of themselves in the DR like Will and Boogie did during their two seasons together.  

      • OMG, Dr. Will and Boogies DR sessions are classic!  They did not make fools of themselves, they made fools of Ericka and Janelle who followed their “leader” and were so infatuated by them that they could not think about the game.  That is what this game is about!  And Janelle is about to make the same mistake again! Just wait and see.

  28. I used to love Janelle; one of my favorite players. I could actually REMEMBER her as opposed to the other hamsters that blend together. But as a mother myself, how anyone could leave their baby to play a GAME, for any amount of $$$, is just unforgivable! Even Boogey, who I despise (or did) talks more about his kid than Janelle does. I feel sorry for her kid. :(

    • I understand what you’re saying about Janelle, though I think having a 1 in 4  chance of winning $100k (which was the prize at the time) would make it more acceptable to leave a child for a couple of months, the child is with her father so it’s not as though Janelle left her with strangers.  Maybe her husband encouraged her to do it.  As far as Boogie talking more about his son that Janelle talks about her daughter, I don’t see why that makes it any more acceptable that Boogie left his son for the summer than it does for Janelle who did the same thing.  Could be that Boogie talks about his son more because he is not above using even THAT to try to get some brownie points and stay in the house.

      • Good point about Boogie. He IS that devious as to use his kid to try to rehabilitate himself in the viewers’ eyes. But those early months with your baby, in spite of Janelle’s claim of conferring with a doctor, are so vital to a child’s security. Even taking out the child’s feelings, I could barely stand to be away from my babies when they were the age of Violet. It’s such a fun age. I just don’t get the feeling that Janelle misses her kid that much. But then, Janelle has always been good at playing an unemotional game. Still, there is no way $100K would budge me from my kids until they were at least old enough for them to understand I was coming home. Just one Mom’s view.

    • I think the fact that Janelle is so lacking in genuine emotions, as she told Brittany she never cries, shows why she has not struggled with the idea of leaving her infant child.    I did not watch her play before so I do not have her past performance to judge against.  You can just tell that she has the persona of an ice queen.

  29. Dan at least has SOME sort of strategy.   Playing things close to the vest and occasionaly using reverse psychology on Danielle is working for him.   Now if he could just reverse her psychosis and make her into a reasonable facsimile of a mentally stable person he might make it to F2.   I know, i know….crazy is forever.

    • I totally agree with you, I think Dan is playing a good game, he does not seem to be on anyone’s radar as being a threat even though he’s won the game before.  Too bad he can’t influence Danielle more in playing the game more rationally and less emotionally, I agree with Janelle’s persona of being cold and unemotional as opposed to being a basket case like Danielle was when she was nominated. 

  30. BB please pull out Pandora’s box and switch up the gameplay!!  We want Janelle to stay!!

  31. i really liked Danielle  ..  thought she did good on noms…  veto she screwed herself…   she shoulda put up boogie and frank….   they will get her out in the next week or 2 ..after this move… why Janelle … is  janelle really a threat to her …  I don’t get it…   dumb move Danielle….   missed your chance to get Boogie out…    And Personally …  I think Janelle would deserve to win this time ….  Go Janelle….!!!

    • I agree with you, Shar, I hate when a deserving player like Janelle who was basically cheated out of victor before appears to be getting the shaft yet AGAIN because no one except for her is smart enough to see through Boogie’s manipulations.  Boogie is the most despicable BB house-guest in the history of the show, in my opinion, Dr. Will was an angel compared to him, at least Dr. Will told everyone he was a liar, not to believe him, etc., it wasn’t his fault that the others were too clueless to believe his words.

      • Boogie is one of the best players ever.  He is calm and calculating and doesn’t play an emotional game.  Remember, the game is about lying and backstabbing.  The final two will a combination of Dan, Boogie and Ian.

    • Janelle will not win, she will self destruct before the end just like her previous two seasons.  She was a good player in the past, but her insecurities and bullying eventually get the best of her.

    • Oh no-gotta disagree about Janelle. I only hope your not right about them turning on their word against Danielle. They really can’t tho, even if they wanted to-cause there’s no one left for them, if they do

      • I cannot wait til Boogie turns on Danielle and Shane.  This should take about a hot minute

  32. Mike is so full of himself. Everything he says is annoying at this point – he literally thinks everyone is obsessed with him. 

    • You know-I thought the same and since watching “after dark”, I see a different side of Boogie. Remember they have parts to play (so to speak). We see what they want us to see. If you watch after dark, you would see a lot of them in a different light

  33. BRITNEY has been playing mind games?? LOL that’s what Janelle has been doing up until now, playing mind games and screwing everyone over! It’s about time, it’s what she deserves. But I do agree Boogie is a snake! He is overly obsessed with himself.

  34. Go Shane!! I’m so sick of past contestants on the show. I don’t get the Janelle love, sorry. She’s my least favorite. She’s phony and annoying. 

  35. Shane has play the game very well so far .. DANIELLE  needs to make her decisions on what she believe instead of letting others tell her how..

  36. OMG if you watch Shane on the feeds. I think you would NOT think that Shane is that hot…he is such a dweeb..his personality ruins him.

  37. When it was time for us the players, to vote for the coaches to come back in, all I saw was 99% of us said-NO!  Yet it went thru!  How?  I really think it was planned all along and they just said for us to vote. I of course voted against it, along with the rest. So why are they here?????
    As far as other things on my mind-hmm, still will always watch and love the game. Really disliked Boogie but from watching “after dark” every night, I see a different side of him then we see on the 1 hr show.
    Didn’t have much to say about Janelle from the beginning and now I do see her as a schemer. Let’s face it tho-this is a competition.

  38. Shanes popularity is not based on good game play but because of those lonely females that crave a guy like shane… boogie and franks game play is best so far

  39. bb14 Fatal Attraction
    Danielle=Glen Close
    Shane=Michael Douglass
    Janelle=The rabbit
    It is just a matter of time until Danielle completely loses her marbles…

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