Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 4 Friday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Nomination day arrived again on Big Brother 14 and yet again we had a flurry of decision making. Lots of choices coupled with making the whole thing way more complicated than it needed to be. In the end the choices were made and now the HGs must prepare to control the Veto or face the consequences. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 3, 2012:

10:05 AM BBT — Frank and Boogie alone in the backyard. Boogie is wildly upset about the situation. He claims he’ll call everyone out for what’s going on. This ranting goes on for quite awhile. They’re upset with the other coaches and upset with Ian for not winning them safety.

11:10 AM BBT — Frank questions Joe about his near-blindside elimination. Frank has realized Wil was lying to him about being safe. Joe suggests Frank can’t trust Wil anymore.

11:30 AM BBT – Dan and Danielle discussing potential noms. Frank and Wil are high on the list.

12:20 PM BBT — Ian visits the HoH room and gets roped in to the formation of a new, 5-member alliance: Ian, Danielle, Britney, Shane, and Dan. Ian wants to bring in Frank and he also likes Ashley. Maybe Ian isn’t a great choice for them.

1:55 PM BBT — Shane and Britney are discussing the Wil-situation and what he’s telling Frank. Unless I missed something, it’s Joe who has been telling Frank and Boogie about the blindside. Just when the conversation is set to go somewhere Jenn walks in to listen to the music and kills the gametalk.

2:10 PM BBT — Dan, Britney, Shane, and Danielle want to revisit their 5-HG alliance with Ian but can’t get him upstairs. Later Ian doesn’t get the hint when Danielle says she wants to talk to him. This isn’t going to help him.

3:40 PM BBT — Boogie and Frank confront Britney about the attempt to blindside Frank. Britney apologizes but insists she was just part of the plan to make that happen.

5:15 PM BBT — Danielle starting to panic about her nomination picks. She is worried Frank and Wil aren’t working together. They aren’t. So she thinks maybe a Frank-Boogie nom ticket would be better.

5:30 PM BBT — Coaches trying to persuade Danielle to keep Frank off the block at the start and then backdoor him after a Veto win that they’re sure they can control. Danielle doesn’t trust the Veto scenario and wants him up from the start.

6:00 PM BBT — Dan is trying to persuade Danielle to avoid nominating Boogie but won’t come out and say it. She keeps telling him to just tell her who to nominate but he won’t do it. This is intensely frustrating to watch.

8:00 PM BBT — Live Feeds are back from Trivia and we have the nominations. Frank and Wil are on the block. Boogie is the backup plan to any Veto action.

8:15 PM BBT — Dan doesn’t want to include Ian in their alliance. He saw Ian rush back to talk with Boogie after the nominations. They don’t think it’s safe to trust him in their group. Dan says Ian is a “rat.”

8:35 PM BBT — Boogie and Frank talking about the upcoming Veto. Boogie thinks he’s the backdoor target. He’s not.

11:00 PM BBT — Long discussion between Dan and Boogie in the storage room. Boogie is complaining and Dan is listening. Dan says he still wants to work with Boogie but Boogie says he doesn’t think he can trust Dan. Dan is trying to convince Boogie to join the other coaches and form a strong, 4-person alliance. Boogie is not convinced. Maybe he’ll come around if Frank is evicted.

1:30 AM BBT – Janelle working her magic on Danielle. She’s convincing Danielle that she’s a vital part of their alliance and is essentially on the “coach” tier now. Goodness.

The nominations are in and the Veto is ahead. If that Veto doesn’t come in to play then I’d say we’re looking at a Frank eviction with the third attempt being the trick. While Boogie talks a big game about calling everyone out I just don’t think he’s going to cause the drama he’s promising. We shall see.

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  1. Well, what a surprise! The coaches are forming an alliance behind the newbies backs. Yes, newbies, we have your back. We will kick that big, bad Boogie
    and Frank out of the game. Now, now, see we can all be trusted and are your friends. If you believe that, I got a million dollars waiting for you in the year 2050!
    I will be long dead by then, so good luck on collecting on it! Did not want the coaches in but, now can see why we need the coaches in the game. These bunch of newbies are even worst than last season’s! These newbies are the ultimate puppets. Coaches are laughing at their asses behind their backs for their sheer stupidity! 

    • I see that is going to happen – just pick the newbies off one by one..  I wonder if they all came in together like last season if things could have worked out differently.  Now the coaches have had 4 weeks of getting to know these people along with the fact that the coaches have played before.  The coaches are making them think they are okay so that is why nothing is happening as far as forming their own alliances.  I guess once it is just coaches we will see them fight it out, but until then we know what is going to happen. I would like to see something happen to stir things up, but not expecting much. 

      • These newbies are not going to stir the pot. We will have to wait till the coaches go after each other! It will all be worth it because then, you know each of the coaches is playing for keeps and will not hold anything back!
        Now, it is going to be predictable and I expect the newbies to be evicted one by one setting up the coaches for a winner take all $500,000 prize. Those who expect Mike Boogie to be evicted if backdoored might be in for a rude surprise. I do not expect the coaches to vote to evict Mike Boogie. They will vote to evict Wil though. Add the votes of Ian, Frank and Jenn and that is 6 votes voting to evict Wil versus Shane, Ashley and Joe voting to evict Mike Boogie.

  2. Well as much as people complained about the coaches being let into the game, it certainly has livened things up quite a bit…..from Boogie begrudgingly re-entering the game, complaining every second of the way to Danielle winning HOH (who saw that coming?). 

    For the record I wouldn’t trust Ian as far as I could throw him he’s been Boogie’s lapdog since day one and unfortunately he’s giving “fanboy’s” a very bad name with his extremely predictable behavior. 

    Any idea if the voted out house guests are still in sequester?  

  3. What a baby Boogie is!  Seems he’s not man enough to play this game without Dr. Will.

  4. what is wrong with boogie, what a crybaby, they all lied to him last week, duh, has he forgotten how this game is played, very disappointed in him. dan said it right he is robin, we need batman

  5. WHAT??lying in the BB house?? since when?? youd think the vets would have remembered that part..ian is just playing chicken now!! lol.. if he wasnt so dumb he might be worth kickin to the curb..but he is stage 5 clinger and worth keeping around just for the vote he may offer, he is easy pickings..get the bad boys out and Jenn..i always forget shes there..she would not get votes in the final two because she didnt play ..she justs floats..rachael would have called her is a waste of hoh..she cant figure anything out on her own..get it together newbies..your about to be outnumbered.

      • Well look at last year when Dick had to leave all the previous players were all nervous their game was over and they all went really far.. So you never know in this game and with production! What they choose for the comps and all.. Just hope it keeps getting more interesting

      • That is why the coaches are manipulating the newbies so that, they turn on each and evict each other! Frank is being targeted because he is the only other player to win HOH outside of Shane. It would be easier for the coaches to take out both Frank and Shane out of the big brother house.
        Then, the coaches can dominate HOH and POV and evict the remaining
        newbies in the house. 

    • Jenn who?? Lol! Always forget she is there! Enjoyed reading your post and so agree with all you said thx

  6. Ian has no common sense that guy is clueless…the coaches as poised to take this game over

  7. Terrible what Danielle said about nurse practioners and doctors being the same. Sounds like she thinks she is practicing medicine. I don’t know where she is in her nursing education but it must not be far or she is quite dumb and headed for a malpractice suit.  

    • Just like she said Med school and nursing school are the same…what a joke I have my masters in  nursing and med school is twice as long and 10 times harder.

    • Agreed, just like how she didn’t know what “emaciated” means. She is a total joke.

      • Ashley said “emancipated” not “emaciated” thats why she looked at her so funny.

  8. When dumb people get Hoh it’s makes for boring Tv because they only carry out other peoples wishes. On the other hand I will praise Janelle. Not a fan but she has been through the big brother school of Dr Will. She has gone from mindless sheep in season 7 to evil mastermind in this season. She has impressed me this season

    • Janelle certainly has taken her manipulation up a notch this season. I think the other coaches like Mike Boogie is playing possum for the newbies to think they are weak and cannot win competitions anymore. Dan is obviously low key and Brittney almost won the first HOH which she threw to Danielle!

  9. A few things:
    1. The only way a houseguest is safe in Big Brother is if they win HOH or POV themselves, not someone else. Last time I checked, Frank and Boogie both played in the HOH comp and yet they blame Ian for not keeping them safe. Wow, that’s Boogie’s game play for you…

    2. Frank or Boogie getting evicted this week would be a good week for Danielle as HOH especially since Shane’s HOH reign last week was worthless. Shane needs Frank to go, otherwise he is really screwed.

    3. Now I’m waiting for the POV, that’s going to tell a lot.

    • Also, what is she doing putting up Wil? Does she really think Wil would nominate her?

      • Danielle put up Wil either as a pawn or because she thinks Wil is working with Frank. At any rate, Wil isn’t the target, Frank and if needed Boogie is the targets. The POV will tell the tale.

  10. i love big brother!!!!! glad the coaches are in. saves us from a bunch of newbies that don’t know what to do next because they’re scared that someone might come after them next.well got news for them. that’s what’s gonna happen. everyone is playing for the money and they don’t care who they have to step on to get it. everyone knew this from day 1. it’s even on their interviews that they will do “whatever it takes”. makes the game more interesting. love it!!

  11. IF the newbies had a brain – really hard to put a whole brain together with this group – but, if they had a brain they would form a newbie alliance and knock off the coaches one by one so they can play their own game.  I think I wrote this same thing last season – huh!  Never mind, it will never happen, one of the coaches will win, the show will be over and it will be time for an un-scripted reality show – Survivor!  Yippee!!!!!!

    • Oh Dear Roxie…what are we gonna do with these newbies?….i dont care….i like only Shane and Danielle…this is BB13 all over again, right?……

      so where u been???…all the gang went away…nobody is here…so i guess u gonna wait for Survivor to start then, huh?, lol….☺….

      • OMG, you are so right HoH8!  I really don’t care either – I’ve got Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef, Top Chef Master to watch.  This is just like watching last season!  Survivor in about 6 weeks – I’m good till then!  See you at Fandom???!!!!

      • you know im a BB addict…so it doesnt matter how bad or good it is…i will always watch and finish all the seasons…but yeah, i have my other tv shows also on HBO & SHO… if i dont see you again here girlfriend…i’ll see u at Fandom for Survivor for sure, lol….☺….

  12. I have to take up for the newbies. They have been brainwashed for four
    weeks into believing their “coaches” are giving them professional, experienced
    advice and have their backs. Living with people on a 24/7 basis and being to-
    tally isolated from the outside world is a fertile environment for believing some-
    one who has convinced you they have kept you safe. I think the girls are going
    to have a far worse time breaking away. Danielle’s blind trust in Dan was ex-
    plained last night when I discovered she never saw Dan’s season. He can be
    very convincing. He did keep her in the game when she had no backup players
    on her team. That is why I think it is harder on them than last year’s newbies
    who broke from the pact of newbies the first week. Having veterans in the game
    gives them an unfair advantage against the newbies. They have learned how
    to lie convincingly, how to rearrange the facts to their benefit, and how to
    persuade people to do their bidding. Even watching every season and especially the veterans’ seasons  helps us, but doesn’t make us know exactly what it
    would be like to live a season totally isolated and unable to trust anybody.
    I get frustrated with them, but understand kind of how it is happening.

    • I agree with what you are saying.  It is easy to sit here and say what we would or would not do because we are seeing everything.  I wish that Danielle had seen Dan’s season because she might not trust him so blindly.  He is covering all bases to ensure his win.  Each coach has his own player that he or she is trusting all the while covering up the fact that they have another alliance between the coaches.  Last year since they all came in together the line was drawn from the beginning.  Willie had it right from the beginning and told them they need to start playing their own game.  They didn’t listen and part of that was the coaches telling them it was too early to make big moves.  Dan and Janelle came in already thinking the coaches were going in the game or had a good shot at it.  I wish they had just told everyone from the beginning to at least allow them to start out on a more even playing field.  Even with that the coaches started ahead as they have all been here before.  First Willie wanted to go with Frank and then Frank and Shane wanted to, but it doesn’t look like that will happen.  I would have liked Frank, Shane and Will to have that chance together, but when a coach should be leaving it looks like another newbie will be gone.  It looks like another repeat of last year unless something changes and will eventually become boring.  I really hope something happens to change this.

  13. They have to get Frank out. Then Boogie he is such B this year he needs to go. Boogie has to control every thing and that’s not working to his advantage this year and now he’s a cry baby . Can’t stand a whimpie man . He should know everyone is hep to him by now. Bye bye Boogie !

    • I’m not sure that Danielle would be in big trouble. She’s not really someone that is going to be nominated as a big threat anytime in the near future. That is unless she is thrown up there as someone next to Shane to make sure he doesn’t have votes, then he pulls himself off so they think that taking out one of his alliance is a good move and vote her out. Nobody in this game thinks she’s a huge threat, so really if someone did right now that would seem to be a waste of a week.

  14. What everyone is forgeting is, even the coaches were ‘newbies’ once, in their first season’s’.  Some were just as stupid and mindless as any new player.  Just have to let it play out to see WHO-if any of these newbies-have what it takes to win.

  15. This is week 4, and I don’t see the newbies taking this game seriously. I mean, I thought Jenn has been evicted since week 1. She’s still there? Then you have Ashley that’s only half awake. Joe needs a muzzle to shut him up. Paranoia will kill him. Then you have Ian, nice kid, knows  a lot about BB but knows too little about strategizing. Wil, starting to play the game but he’s busted already. Frank and Shane has the potential of winning but Frank maybe packing soon.

  16. boogie has to win POV(if hes playing) so that he saves frank and himself if that happens hopefully dani will put janelle up…but shes not smart enough to do so

  17. Shane and frank would make a great team but the boogie man is what holds them two apart ,  The best team would be shane, frank, dan and will but that wont happen now. Frank is such a big target because of boogie,  Boogie is a user to the extreme and now nobody will trust him at all or anybody who sticks with him. He did this by pushing people around like he was dictator , do as I say or else.  this is getting to be very ineteresting.

    •  brittany needs to go now i cant stand to listen to her bossy selfish crap any more

  18. The coaches need to go otherwise they are going to use the newbies to get rid of one another. They need to realize that they are not coaches anymore, meaning they do not have the best interest for their game. 

  19. So it’s Shane, Ian, and Jenn who will be competing in POV with the HOH and 2 noms.

  20. What’s with all the boogie hate? He’s the only one who didn’t screw the newbies by pushing the button. All the other coaches screwed thier team bigtime. Dan let his team get picked off, brittny destroyed her team by opening her big mouth, Janelle will throw anyone under the bus. Boogie’s the only one that has shown any loyalty toward his team. Frank’s the biggest threat? What the hell are they putting in the water in that house? Everybody fawning over the grown man with the Bieber haircut? Stevie Wonder can see the trainwreck comin but these idiots can’t.

    • The only reason and I mean only reason Boogie did not push the button is because he thought Frank was staying and he would win the 100,000. He knows he doesn’t have a chance against all the other players. Boogie only does what benefits Boogie.

      • So, everybody else doesn’t do moves to only benifit them? Hatred really does led to irrational.

      • @Gene sounds like you’re the one hating. All I said was Boogie only does what benefits him and you’re giving him too much credit. Reread your post. You Britney has a big mouth, you talk about Dan and Janelle and call Shanethe guy with the Bieber haircut. Who’s hating???

      • I’m not giving him too much credit. Everybody’s been piling on the guy and he’s been the most standup out all the other coaches. You’re gonna tell me Britts mouth didn’t destroy her team? Janelle’s not playing everyone? Dan actually gave a rat’s ass about his team? Those three didn’t screw over their team by pushing the button? Shane doesn’t rock the Bieber look? Beam me up Scotty

    • Don’t count out Boogie yet. He is not a good manipulator for nothing. After all, he is being painted as the Big Bad Boogie by the other coaches yet,
      Dan is talking to him about a 4 coach alliance? Being hated is part of his trademark and that focuses the newbies attention on him and not on what manipulation the other coaches are doing! Janelle, Brittney and Dan has been busy turning the newbies against each other. Why do you think they are doing that? And if the other coaches would have nothing to do with Boogie, why are the 4 coaches moving to form an alliance of their own?
      You might find when a number of the newbies have been evicted that Boogie, Dan, Brittney and Janelle are in a 4 coach alliance laughing
      their heads off on the fools who believed they were in alliances with
      the other newbies! And this is a whole new ballgame. Do you really
      think Boogie will stick with Frank or Dan with Danielle or Brittney
      with Shane or Janelle with Ashley if they need to evict their own
      proteges to win that $500,000? After all, the coaches will not win
      that $100,000 if one of their ex-proteges win Big Brother however,
      they will certainly take that $500,000 over their proteges every day
      of the week!

  21. I was really surprised of Boogie, the self proclaimed #1 manipulator/schemer of Big Brother. He was angry and whining too much, because he was lied to once? The couldn’t take it if it doesn’t go his way. Dan was basically begging him to go with the plan non-stop. I’d say, leave the senior citizen alone.

  22. Veto comp must be getting ready to start.  Trivia has gone up on the feed.

  23. POV results…Please!    Gimme-Gimme-Gimme

    California, we are always the last to know.

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