Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 4 Nominations

Big Brother 14 nominations

Another week of Big Brother 14 brings another round of nominations. We’ve got your spoilers thanks to what’s going on the Live Feeds. The Feeds are back and we’re listening in to see who is on the chopping block and who has dodged danger.

Big Brother 14 Week 4 Nominations:

  • Frank
  • Wil

We saw these nominations coming all day as Danielle debated who to put on the block, though she nearly swayed just before the ceremony. It was always about Frank, but it took her awhile to settle on how to arrive at his eviction. So now this is Frank’s third time on the block in four weeks of nominations. If he can pull off a Veto win then he’s got some serious nine-lives going on. If either nom comes down Boogie goes up.

Wil ended up on the block in part because Danielle believes he revealed to Boogie and Frank that the house was about to blindside him. Now I thought Joe revealed that when it was just him, Boogie, and Jenn on the sidelines of last night’s competition. Oh that Joe, he’s quite the pot stirrer. I might not care for his DR sessions, but he knows how to get the house riled up and then sneak away leaving someone else in the mess.

The house is pretty tense about these nominations as the lines are being drawn clearer each day. Watch the HGs react live and uncensored with the Live Feeds Free Trial.

The Power of Veto competition will be held very soon, likely on Saturday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our free email updates to find out as soon as the Veto results are in.

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    • Danielle should have nominated Boogie and Janelle. Get rid of the coaches first before they start picking off the newbies. BB 14 is a disaster. Allison G. should be fired.

      • PS. Cannot understand with this obsession about Frank. He’s a terrible player; not a threat. GET RID OF THE COACHES ORONE OF THEM WILL WIN.

      •  Allison G lost all her good people to the glass house, BB will live on as it is cheap to produce and the prize money is not that much as far as network TV standards go

  1. Thank god she put up will, he’s just an annoying little bitch he does nothing but bitch and moan on the live feeds, jannelle saved him and he repays her by being mad at her when Janelle was giving her tips on how to play the game…he doesn’t want to play the game.

    • yea wil needs to rost for a few day..maybe then he will appriciate how janelle saved his azz last week.

    •  I agree about Wil.  He is a lazy Queen.  I couldn’t believe the way he reacted about Janelle.  It sounds like he is jealous.  Anyhow, I am glad he has been nominated for eviction but unfortunately everyone seems to be targeting Frank.  Frank really doesn’t seem to be the biggest threat in the house.  I think that Shane is afraid that if Frank wins HoH he will be put up for eviction.  The Frank connection is coming from Shane, I think.  He’ll prostitute himself with any of the women.

  2. Would have rather seen Frank n Bean’s and Booger but as long as they Frankfurter  out

  3. so stupid..should have nom both frank and boogie,,now watch come the pov comp, frank or jenn wins and he is saved. and still both boogie and frank will be in the house.dumb azz people.

      • I will be surprised if the coaches vote to evict Boogie and not Wil. That is 3 votes right off the bat from the coaches. Add Ian, Frank and Jenn who are probably still loyal to Boogie since, he treated them well when he was coach. That is 6 votes there. You have Shane, Ashley, Joe voting to evict Boogie and Wil gets evicted! It doesn’t really matter who of the newbies goes home because the coaches want to thin the herd and get as many of the newbies out. That would make winning that $500,000 much, much easier for the coaches! Newbies still continue to play listening to the ex-coaches. For crying out loud, get a clue and play your own game!

      • Boogie did not want to go back into the game as a player I thought!!! I really hope booogie then Frank then Will , Jenn and Joe. If Janelle dont win I hope shane wins. Leave the eye candy on for us that want to see Male eye candy for a change!!! LOL

    • Huh? If Jenn wins veto (assuming she is picked, and ACTUALLY does something beside fade into the scenery), she saves Frank and Boogie goes home. The only way to keep both Frank and Boogie would be for Boogie to win veto. Are you watching the same show as everyone else?

      • I will be surprised if the coaches vote to evict Boogie and not Wil.
        That is 3 votes right off the bat from the coaches. Add Ian, Frank and
        Jenn who are probably still loyal to Boogie since, he treated them well
        when he was coach. That is 6 votes there. You have Shane, Ashley, Joe
        voting to evict Boogie and Wil gets evicted! It doesn’t really matter
        who of the newbies goes home because the coaches want to thin the herd
        and get as many of the newbies out. That would make winning that
        $500,000 much, much easier for the coaches! Newbies still continue to
        play listening to the ex-coaches. For crying out loud, get a clue and
        play your own game!

  4. Wow! The coaches did it again. Manipulated Danielle into evicting one of the newbies. More than likely, one of the newbies is going home. Score one for
    the coaches. And if the coaches win next week, they can nominate to evict two more newbies. If another newbie goes home next week, that would make it 6 newbies versus 4 coaches in the Big Brother House. See, for each newbie evicted, the coaches just got one step closer to that $500,000! These newbies
    are hopeless and deserve to all lose! The coaches will evict them one by one
    till they have very little power left to even fight the coaches!

    •  That’s what happens every season of BB and Survivor when vets play, it’s gotten beyond old.

    • There are newbies that deserve to win.  Unfortunately, one of them is the target this week.

      • I will disagree with you because nobody among the newbies is using their heads so far. Even Shane’s decision to evict Frank is questionable. If Frank was evicted last week and the coaches did not come into the game, Shane would have been targeted this week by the remaining newbies in the house!
        The only good thing is the lies, backstabbing and manipulation of the coaches because atleast, there is drama in the house. Newbies do not want to play so, they all deserve to lose!

    • Janelle is sitting pretty right now -stayed off the block and if she wins HOH next week can make deals to protect herself further in the game…

    • frankly im tired of seeing both janelle and britney just always be in the first line sucking up to whoever’s in charge every single damn week. and these tools newbies arent bright enough to think that the BB GAME HAS BEEN RESET. Why not really recalculate the whole deal of this damn course of the game and target these coaches who have been doing nothing but sit on their eyes stirring up all the drama in the house for weeks already

      furthermore, it is very apparent that the producer is choking us up with this whole “Though considered the best player has ever played the game, Janelle never won the game” thing, i have a feeling she’ll cruise by to the finals and win like the cocktail waitress last year. Ugh, 

      •  If Danielle would play her own game instead of Shane’s, she would have put Janelle up.  But of course she has Shane in her ear wanting revenge against Frank and Boogie, so of course that’s who she targets.  Danielle will not last too much longer in this game because she’s not playing her own game, she’s just Shane’s lackey.

      • So you are mad because the two women coaches are playing better than anyone else? If kissing a different ass every week gets you to the end then it sounds to me like them two are doing the right thing.

      • It is not the coaches fault that the newbies do not want to play the game.
        Hey, there has been a reset and Julie Chen clearly stated there are no more coaches yet, the newbies still act like the Coaches are their best friend.
        Let us just sing Kumbaya and vote out big, bad Frank and Wil because they are both big threats in the game! Are these newbies really that dense?
        Wake up dummies, the coaches are all setting you up and you still have no clue?

      • To Neil, Danielle is not playing Shane’s game, but she is playing Dan’s game. Dan is the one playing mind tricks on her, without actually saying the words. I liked Dan a lot at first, but I am starting to dislike how he is playing this game. I wish Danielle would see through his bull. He pretty much screwed her over the other night after they entered the game. 

      • Britney hasn’t been kissing HOH butt at all. Week 1 Willie was HOH and Britney, as his coach, told him what to do. Week 2 Frank was HOH and Britney didn’t kiss ass. She barely spoke to Frank. Week 3 Shane was HOH and Britney, as his coach, pretty much told him what to do. Now Danielle is HOH and Britney, as her ally, is (along with Dan) telling her what to do.

    •  Janelle, Bitney and Dan are working together with side alliances llike season 12, with “the brigade,” They are trying to get Boogie on board with them but he is still ticked off about the almost Frank blindside..he’s pouting and they can’t get him away from Frank to talk to him about getting into the “coaches alliance.”  Dan’s side alliance is Danielle (of course) Janelle’s is Ashley and Britney’s is Ian. POV should be interesting tomorrow.

    • It will be the 4 coaches because that is the best alliance they can form. There are still a number of newbies in the house so, they need to thin the herd and they are doing that by manipulating the newbies and turning them against each other! That is all they have to do! Once the newbies evict each other and their numbers dwindle then, it becomes easier for the coaches to dominate the Big Brother House and guarantee themselves that $500,000!

  5. shouldve been frank and jenelle , jenelle is someone nobody thinks is trustworthy and is a snake , if either one couldve gone it would be a plus

    • I dont think Boogie should go home, he’s annoying but I dont mind him, who cares of he is hot headed, he’s funny.

      • I disagree. He irritates me. I didn’t like him the other two seasons he was playing either. There is just something about him that gets under my skin. I hope to see him gone this week.

      •  I agree with you. Too bad the bad Dr. Will didn’t come on with him. Then we would be entertained. Boogie is funny.

  6. How dumb can Danielle be… I mean, good nominations but honestly, she probably doesnt know how to make up her own mind.. she’s a little puppet… what does shane want… thats what danielle will do…. let me guess… Franks the target?? who knew!

    • she is no longer shane’s puppet, she is dan’s. He is in control of the entire house right now from behind the scenes.

    • I don’t see it as dumb. Of course we all have different opinions, but rather she did it on her own or put them up because someone told her to, I think putting them two up & replacing one with boogie if veto comes into play was the best move.

    • isn’t she the one that talked shane into putting frank up last week? at least one of them? perhaps she did this on her on? putting frank up.

    • They are still stuck to thinking that Frank and Boogie are in an alliance.
      There has been a reset which means everyone for themselves! Boogie is
      still out to win that $500,000 as well as Janelle, Brittney and Dan. Why would you think the coaches are still aligned with their players when, the coaches need to evict the newbies to win that $500,000. The coaches will use, lie to, manipulate the newbies because the newbies still have the numbers over them. However, if they succeed in their manipulation, the newbies will take each other out and the task of winning that $500,000 got
      easier for the coaches. You have to be in the game to win that $500,000 which the newbies seem to miss! 

  7. Absolute ignorance in NOT putting up Janelle. Can’t Danielle make a decision for herself instead of being all up in Dan’s a$$. I hope Boogie wins pov and takes Frank off. Honest Dan won’t know what to do then. I hate when they vote off the more interesting controversial players early. It really makes for a boring season. I wish Boogie would stop being so bitter and get his head in the game and play like before.

    • The coaches are all acting. They know their best chance is to pick off the newbies one by one! Of course, they need to act and show themselves hostile to each other. See, Janelle and Brittney continue with the I hate Boogie act of theirs. They have too. That is to convince the newbies they are on their side so as to be easily able to manipulate them! Watch for this.
      If the coaches succeed in having the newbies mad and angry at each other and move to evict each other, the newbies one day would wake up to see all 4 coaches in an alliance and they are powerless to stop them from winning that $500,000!

  8. Do Shane and Danielle think they can get through to the end by themselves? They keep drawing the line even clearer than before. There are some players they have no chance of aligning with, there was a chance to get Frank and Wil on their side, as the two of them are close, try for get one equals getting the other. Plus Shane could’ve kept to his (albeit lame) story of Frank going up last week just to control the votes. There’s nobody now that they can get to play with them except I guess Britney (yay that’ll help). They’re not playing this very well, and I’m annoyed they don’t seem to even have Janelle on their mind as a target.

  9. janelle’s totally goin to be a back door candidate this week!!! Luv it…..whiney ,sneakybitch!!!

    • I wish, but I doubt it. Only if Mike wins the Veto and saves Frank I can see it then, but the Veto is played tomorrow afternoon and Mike doesn’t seem to have snapped out of his “kill me now” funk of not wanting to play.

    • She won’t the newbies still act like the coaches are still coaches. Danielle even said she will evict whomever Dan wanted! Dan is a very good manipulator like Boogie and if Danielle still cannot figure that one out, too
      bad for Danielle!

    • Who in the house isn’t sneaky??? They trust someone then they don’t then 5 minutes later they trust them again. Janelle is playing the best game.

  10. Danielle is about as painful to listen to as Jordan was.  An HOH win and all of a sudden she thinks she’s the all-knowing Big Brother oracle

    • Amazing that Danielle thinks she is all that when Brittney let her win HOH!
      The smart ones are the coaches which is not a surprise. They get the newbies starting Danielle to take out their fellow newbies preferably the strongest players amongst the newbies. I guess Shane will be the target after Frank. Of course, Janelle disses Boogie to make it seem she is against him. Has nobody noticed the coaches are telling the newbies to vote out their fellow newbies?

  11. Boogie is a 42yr old cry baby. He’s pissed off because they tried to blindside him still. Telling Dan he would of had egg on his face in front of all of America. Does he friggin remember how he played in all stars??? He blindsided Howie and Marcellas and James and laughed about it in the DR. He can dish it out but can’t take it. He needs to go…can’t stand his ugly face anymore.

  12. if only the newbies were smart enough to band together and go against the coaches. did no one beside Wil watch last season?! Shane and Danielle are the dumbest of them all. Following Brittany and Dan’s ever word like puppets. its pathetic how blindly they’re giving up their chance at $500,000. i hope Frank or Boogie win the veto, & Janelle somehow gets backdoored. 

    • By the time the newbies wake up, those that are still in the Big Brother House, it will be too late. They will just find the 4 coaches in an alliance and they will be to weak because the strongest players like Frank and Shane have both been booted out! They will be begging the coaches to stay and they will be voting to evict their fellow newbies as a condition for them not being evicted themselves. LOL

      • That is probably what will happen. Then the real fun will be the coaches posturing to keep themselves from being on the block once all the newbies are gone. They are probably going over and over in their heads right now how it should all play out, and with which of the other coaches they should start working on for the alliances after the newbies have alll been pushed out the BB door, either front or back!.

  13. I like Frank and Boogie so I want BOphir to win veto and have Boogie take down Frank and backdoor a coach like Janelle or even Britney (even though she was promised safety) I would hate to see Frank or Shane go home until the end because they are playing this game one of the few who are! I don’t like Britney she is very judgmental (to put it nicely) Ian is only okay, Joe and Jenn are nobodys all the coaches would be boring to watch win except Janelle just so she can say she actually won, Wil is okay but needs an alliance, Ashley is gunna make it far unfortunately (maybe final 3), Danelle is Shane’s puppet and will never be her own player. A perfect finale would be Frank vs. Shane but it will prob be Shane and Ashley or some other loser floater maybe Danele if Frank makes it he will take Ian who could steal the season!

  14. after the storage room talk If they don`t get rid of the cry baby Mike…they will live to regret it….wish Dan had told mike they wanted him gone because of the smell…wonder how he would have taken that ?LOL I think Jeanell is right he is acting like they are taking his boy friend out..

    • Janelle is lying and manipulating. The coaches do not have to be in an alliance right now. The last thing they want is to attract attention to them.
      Janelle is acting like Dan is acting and Brittney is acting. Seriously, the coaches have to be in an alliance. That is a no brainer. However, since, they can manipulate the newbies into doing pretty much anything they want including evicting each other out, why spoil a good thing? All the coaches
      need to do right now is just stay in the game while, the newbies do all the dirty work and get angry and hostile with each other! Divided, the newbies
      are being set to lose—-all of them!

  15. Brilliant move, Danielle –> NOT 

    Any of the coaches needed to be put up first …  Yikes !

  16. Snooze……with the coaches back in (thanks to the powers that be.”…this means you production). Who really cares. Coaches should have been left as coaches and Frank would be go e by now

  17. BB is getting stupid again this year. It was a mistake adding the “coaches” to the game. I truly believe “America voted” NOT TO!  I only like Ian at this point, and when he leaves, I quit watching!

  18. As far as evictions, the newbies should all form an alliance to get rid of the “coaches” now while they have the votes. Otherwise, one of them will win the game. I say, get rid of them first, then focus on Shane and Frank. Joe is annoying, but he doesn’t win anything. Same words can be said of Wil. He’s a useless whiner.

  19. Why is everyone so hell bent on getting Frank out? Its not like he’s this amazing competitor who is running the house and this is the only week to try and evict him. And its not like he’s been causing drama in the house left and right. He held true to his word the week he won HOH.

    What’s the deal here?

  20. From what I saw on Thursday night’s BBAD (have not watched last night’s episode yet), Danielle wanted to nominate Janelle, she is obviously listening to somebody.  Dan, who sold her out within seconds of the twist, and when he got caught claims it was a mistake?  Despite this, I still like Dan, but he is clearly not a front runner for the win this year.  Or Shane, who has zero interest in her, but is using her?  Either way, a Janelle, Will nominations would have been great!  It would have really drawn some lines in the house, and made some great TV with the two b**** battling it out for votes!  It would have also left the door open for a backdoor of Frank or Boogie depending on the Veto ceremony.

    • Shane told us all when he told Julie in the HOH room, that he is not interested in a “Showmance”. That it would affect his game play too much. So yes, it’s save to assume from his own words, that Shane is using that dumb Danielle to his advantage.

  21. Thanks goodness Dan won hoh,oh no thats right Daniel was given it by Brittany.She wanted to nominate Janell but Dan is working with her so that wouldnt happen.Danielle is useless hope she doesnt come to a hospital near me.

  22. After watching BBAD last night I finally figured out why Dan wants Frank out so bad…he is jealous of him….he wants Boogie all to himself and Frank is in the way, in the storage room, Dan was trying to get Boogie to join the coaches alliance, he is having no part of it because of the way they have treated Frank, being on the block three times, lied to him about the blindside they were planning on Thursday..Dan kept saying over and over and over that he really wants to work with Mike Boogie, he must have said that 20 times, got to  be a little ridiculous..Boogie said he might consider it if the coaches bring Frank on board with them…I think Frank already has two votes to stay with Jenn and Ian, he needs three more…I don’t really understand this obsession for the HG’s to want Frank out of the house, alot of the reason is Janelle’s lies she is telling about him…as for Miss Prissy Danielle, that girl is on my last nerve, her voice is even annoying..such a little prima donna…she tries way too hard to get Shane to notice her and is hoping that Shane will jump her bones soon….I really hope that Boogie can work some magic and get Frank to stay this week, better yet, I hope Frank or Boogie win the veto and Frank comes off…

  23. I really wish that Danielle had thought for herself. I really want Joe gone. He drives me nuts. And he is sneaky. Janelle too. Didn’t like her before and I don’t like her now. So those two can go anytime now. Danielle is a smart girl when she wants to be. But she is playing for Shane and not Danielle. 

  24. looks like the newbs are going to make the same mistake the clowns from last year made 

  25. Am I the only one who loved Janelle in her first two seasons, but absolutely cannot stand her in this one? 

    I enjoyed here ice queen antics the first couple of times around, but something about it just bothers this season.

  26. Good Choice Danielle !!!! IF nothing interfers , I’m sure Frank has seen his last days in the B.B.H.

    • They might have taken some viewers for curiosity reasons, but ABC’s Big Brother look alike “The Glass House” cracked under Big Brother comparison. They are doing so poorly that they approached a point of ratings invisibility.  But despite of disappointing ratings for the ABC show, CBS is going forward with its lawsuit. I’ll be surprised if The Glass House will ever be renewed.

  27. Why is everyone worried about Frank & Wil?? Shane is the one they should start with, then Janelle. Get rid of the great players and keep the not so good ones till the end. And first and foremost, get rid of the coaches.Or BB14 will be a repeat of other seasons…

  28. Everyone is complaining about  the coaches in the game and I would agree if there was newbies that weren’t so boring.  The only newbie playing the game is Frank. So maybe the coaches will wake up the newbies. I hope Janelle wins it all she is playing the best game so far. And Daniele isn’t HOH Dan is. She can’t think for herself. And everything is about her. Last night she is telling Dan she is getting her masters in nursing and is going to be a nurse practitioner. He says is that a Doctor and she’s like yeah. Wrong. I have my masters in nursing and have worked as a Manager on a critical care unit for over 30yrs and a nurse practitioner is not anything close to a doctor. And she also said nursing school is like Med school. Another big wrong. Med school is 10 times harder and twice as long. Sorry for the long post butshe just pushes my buttons. LOL

  29. i actually like wil at least he plays the game, i see ashley and jenn as shadows of the bb house, Ian is fun to watch. my fav is shane at least he wins comps and doesnt throw them. 

    • How does Wil play the game? He doesn’t win and he whines. That isn’t effective game play.

      • I’m not a fan of Wil, but he is lying and scheming for his survivability, and that’s part of playing the game. Remember he’s playing both sides. Frank thought he was safe but Wil was gonna blindside him. That’s gutsy. Compared to some of the HG’s that’s just plain follower, like Jenn that’s barely there.

  30. Every thing Boogey does, is for Boogey. I think he voted for the coaches to not enter the game, because he knew at least one of the others would vote to, so it didn’t matter. I honestly don’t trust him. He’s a good player, and that is why he can not be trusted. I also think the producers “steer” BB in a direction that they wish for the show to proceed in, and one that they think will get the highest ratings.

  31. What the hell is everyone’s issue with Frank…LOL! I just don’t understand. He’s won, what, 1 HOH.. everyone in that house manipulates so what makes Frank the “biggest” target week after week?

  32. It would be smart to try to backdoor Janelle, hopefully Danielle is thinking about that. makes more sense

  33. I have always liked Boogie. However, when did he turn into such a whiner? I don’t think he can play this game without Dr. WILL.

    • Hard to tell, but I think the whiner part is all part of his game play this year. Don’t trust Boogie, and don’t count him out till he’s out the door!

  34. The only way this game will stay interesting is if Boogie wins veto and uses it on Frank.

  35. Rite now Booger Man’s in the hot seat.Luv watchin’ him sweat bullets.One of the noms wins POV & he will really be in the HOT seat.Should be an interesting week.

  36. I will agree that the newbies  are not playing the game smart now the coaches no them and how their game play is so easy targets if they vote out frank this early that will be bad for  them It is time that Danielle step up and play her game not everyone else game if she expects to win for they will not let have the money

  37. this is just going to be a repeat of last season where the coaches band toghther leading a few lambs to do thier dirty work before then leading them to slaughter keeping the worst player(Ashley) then one of them gose against her in the final and wins. bb survivor and amazing race are going down paths that they will never recover from and and loose so many once loyal fans and viewers its sad.
    oh! but for the good ol days of reality tv and not filled with nothing but singing and dating competation shows.

  38. Lets be real. This show is whack is and is on bath salts and crack. Allison and Chen need to pull this show. First, I don’t believe that America voted those coaches in the game. I want to see the real votes. It’s like Florida in 2000. It’s a shame. To make matters worse, no one must have watched last season when those fools got outplayed by the veterans. I’m watching Glass House now. At least it’s in high definition and more realistic. Danielle needs to grow a pair and Janelle needs to go.

  39. Ian should take over the game. Seriously, he knows the game. He should know now that they need to get rid of the coaches. He should tell the newbies that, and he should help them implement a plan to get rid of them. Then he’s the big hero of BB. It’s the only way a newbie can win. He should know that in the long term Boogie will throw him and anyone else, under the bus. Time is running out!

  40. You know Boogie, can stab an Alliance in the back and its strategy, yet if someone does it to Boogie then its betrayal! Could someone PLEASE HAND HIM A PLAY BOOK, YOU MAKE A PLAY YOUR OPPONENTS CAN RETALIATE ALSO!!!

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