Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 2 Saturday Highlights

The biggest event of the Big Brother 14 week might have happened on Friday, but the shock waves continued to roll through Saturday. On top of the Willie expulsion drama the game continued with the Veto competition and even a new alliance which could have a big impact on the rest of Big Brother. If the alliance lasts. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 21, 2012:

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8:00 AM BBT – Boogie is the first to rise again this morning. Later when other HGs join him he confirms they’re on lockdown for Veto comp prep.

9:55 AM BBT – Frank bursts out of the DR with the news that’s time to pick the players for the Veto comp.

10:20 AM BBT – Feeds are back and we have our Veto players: Wil, Ashley, and Ian will join the noms and HoH.

11:50 AM BBT – Frank and Dan talking in the HoH room. Frank admits Danielle is the most likely replacement nominee if the Veto is used this week. Shane remains his target (pre Veto comp, of course).

12:30 PM BBT – Boogie warns Ian to scale it back on the romance dial with Ashley. Boogie is worried it could wreck Ian’s game later if it doesn’t go well.

3:10 PM BBTLive Feeds return from Trivia for the Veto comp. Shane has won the Veto. Team Brit celebrates. Rest assured it will be used.

3:20 PM BBT – Wil, Jenn, Frank, Boogie, Ashley, Janelle, and Joe are gathered in the HoH room. Lots of game talk on who to put up as a replacement nominee and then who to evict. Frank gets pissed off and tells everyone to stop talking about it. He doesn’t want to spend days on days talking about this. The talk quickly shifts to the comp and all the alcohol they had. Britney seems to bit buzzed from drinking.

3:30 PM BBT – Shane and JoJo talk smack about Willie for having a temper tantrum and getting himself thrown out of the game.

4:10 PM BBT – Britney heckles Boogie that she didn’t come here to watch him sleep.

4:30 PM BBT – Frank and Boogie talk game in the HoH room. They are weighing the benefits of eliminating Dan from the game with Danielle’s eviction or going after JoJo.

5:55 PM BBT – Danielle is alone and crying in the Lounge room. She’s scared for her BB life and rightfully so.

7:10 PM BBT – Big ol’ family dinner time thanks to Chef Joe.

9:00 PM BBTFrank and Danielle talking game in the HoH room. Danielle doesn’t want to be evicted for having Dan as her coach. She promises not to come back after him if she gets nominated but stays in the game. Frank won’t make any promises and insists she’s seen as a threat in the game.

10:20 PM BBT – Janelle, Britney, Ashley, and Danielle dress up in 80’s style. Wil breaks out “Craig,” his straight alter ego. They all end up in the backyard for silliness.

11:00 PM BBT – Janelle and Ashley talk game in the Lounge room. Janelle wants to keep Danielle and have her help get Frank out.

11:25 PM BBT – Shane makes an alliance with Boogie and Frank. He wants to go Final 2 with Frank. Shane promises Frank safety next week. Boogie pressures him to not reveal this agreement to anyone, including Britney.

1:30 AM BBT – Janelle and Ashley plot to start getting close to JoJo to make it appear as though they have a secret deal. They want to put the spotlight on JoJo to get her evicted this week and keep Danielle.

Saturday’s Veto competition proved that Shane is going to be a big threat in the game. If he pairs up with Frank and they watch each other’s back they could have a great shot at going far. We’re still a long way from Thursday’s eviction so we’ll have to see where things go on keeping either Danielle or JoJo.

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  1. Would somebody explain to me how the HOH (or other HG’s) decide who is a threat and who is not.  How is Daneille a threat.??? What has she done that has impacted the game to the point of being a “threat”???  Joe is a threat cause he is a trouble maker..Shane is a threat due to winning comps and so on and so forth…But Daneille is not a HG that I see as a  threat. Why not just tell her..”.Ur Dan’s last hope at staying in the game so u gotta go”.  ??? 

    • They make a decision like anyone else would. No way to explain it.

      Danielle is obviously not a threat, but he tells her that to make her feel like her nomination and eviction would be justified. 

      Shane is of course a threat and that’s why he was nominated. If he hadn’t won the Veto then he’d most likely be heading out the door.

      Frank won’t go after Joe since they are close after last week’s events.

    •  She’s a threat because she’s good socially. She just have the worst team possible that’s not working for her.

      • With Danielle getting shown the door we get to see what happens to the first coach that runs out of players. I dont see her as a threat, I see her as everyones question beeing answered of what happens to the coach when the team no longer exists. I think Ians a strange person, why did Boogie save him of all people. I dont see Ian as taking Boogie to the end. Everybodys sayin the show is getting boring. Do I hear an expect the unexpected comming up when Danielle and Dan walk ouy the door together?

    • Well, personally I don’t see Danielle as a threat and if Frank puts Danielle up and sends her packing (to where I don’t know as there might be a second chance in this game), that would be a waste of a week in my opinion. Why not go after a real threat.

      But on the flip side, if Danielle is evicted (shame too), then this will force an answer to the question of what happens to a coach when all of his players/team is evicted? 

      That could mean Dan just goes home, or even better, it could mean Dan could return to the game and if that’s the case, that could spell a little bit of trouble for other houseguests as once other coaches figure this out, Mike Boogie might want another shot or Britney might want another shot at winning Big Brother. Evict your team so you can play for $500k instead of $100k…just a thought.

    • Hey buddy, how’s it going? I agree with you 100%. I think it’s the girls playing thier jealous games and for some reason, the guys in that house are always to stupid to see it.

    • Janelle is the worst. She does more flip flopping than the rest. She goes where the power is and it’s going to catch up to her and her team. She totally screwed over Brit and is going to play Jo Jo big time until Thursday to ensure her eviction over Danielle. Really hoping whomever wins HoH puts up Joe and Wil. She needs to feel the pressure like the rest of the coaches.

      • Janelle is behind the eight ball. She thinks she is way too smart which
        is bad for her. Her biggest mistake is underestimating Mike Boogie who is
        a master manipulator. He knows to say the right things at the right time to
        ferret out who is lying and who is allied with who! Remember Chilltown?
        Mike Boogie and Dr. Will Kirby by just the two of them manipulated all
        the other house guests and they believed them! She also wasted her
        win on the coach’s competition by not trading one of her players for
        Shane! That will cost her as she passed on a very good player who
        can help her and her team go much further! Now, Shane is allied with
        Mike Boogie and Frank which is good for that team but, bad for Janelle!

    • Looks like to me that she is trying to play Mike Boogie who is one
      step ahead of her. He already suspected she allied with Brittney and
      confirmed it with his conversation with Brittney. Barring any last
      minute alliance switches, I believe Mike Boogie has the strongest
      team with Shane having allied himself to Frank. He also has Ian
      and Jenn so that, potentially, he has atleast, 3 votes on his side
      to start off (Shane, Ian, Jenn).
      Janelle missed a golden opportunity when she won the coach’s challenge and protected Ashley instead of trading one of her players for Shane.
      Shane would have been a huge plus for her team. She would have
      had one good player playing for her and that $100,000. This is one
      costly mistake on Janelle’s part.

  2. If it is true that Shane allied himself with Frank. That was one smart move!
    Between Frank and Shane, if they keep true to their word, they can cover
    each other’s back and go long in this game. With Willie leaving (dumbass
    move of his cost him plenty), I imagine at some point in the future if both
    are still in the house, Mike Boogie if he is allowed to trade if he wins one
    of the coach’s challenges will pick up Shane on his team. That would
    certainly increase his chances to win that $100,000. Brittney is the odd
    woman out as she has no clue on what is happening. If she loses Jojo
    then, she would have Shane left on her team. It will be definitely a Boogie
    Janelle showdown and I will be rooting for Mike Boogie. Atleast, he is
    strategizing most days. Brittney has done nothing. Janelle is strategizing
    although, she is focused entirely on Frank. A Shane-Frank alliance could
    sink her plans in a jiffy as two of her players could win up on the block if
    Shane or Jenn wins HOH. She should have picked up Shane on the trade
    but, instead she protected Ashley? Shane atleast, could compete and he
    proved it by winning POV a 2nd time. Bad move of Janelle which can be
    costly down the line! 

  3. just because you trade for a player that doesn”t mean they”re going to be on your side. perhaps they like the coach you took them from and that could be very dangerous to your game. i think janelle was smart not to make that move.and i think she is strategizing.

  4. My guess is Boogie’s team now teams up with Shane and Jojo to evict Danielle. At worst it would be a 3-3 tie (if Janelle’s team all votes for JoJo), and Frank would break the tie. Then next week the new alliance goes after Danielle’s team.

    If, alternatively, Boogie teams up with Daniel to evict Jojo, then next week would be a mess, with 3 on one side, 3 on the other, and Shane playing a huge swing vote, who would not like Boogie’s team for evicting JoJo.

  5. Has it not crossed the minds of the houseguests that Jodi, Kara, and whoevers evicted this week are very possible of walking through the front door and coming back?

  6. Please CBS,ABC,NBC no more Hantz family members, we’ve seen enough of them!!

  7. Janelle wants Danielle’s help in getting rid of frank??? Since when has Danielle even voiced her opinion or showed strength in any type of competition she is the ultimate floater something Janelle targeted in past seasons. Why not keep Jojo who can actually help out Janelle’s team as she is already pretty friendly with Ashley???

  8. Frank, Shane, Ian, Jenn, and JoJo should form an alliance and then they would be the best alliance if they all make the top 5. JoJo needs at least 4 Votes to stay.

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