Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto

The Big Brother 14 drama continues today as the Veto competition was held right on schedule despite the removal of Willie Hantz late last night after an alleged outburst of violence. Willie may be gone, but the game must press on toward another eviction on Thursday.

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Read on to find out who won and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition Results:

  • Shane won the Veto Competition.

Big Brother 14 Veto winner Shane

That’s two weeks in a row for Shane! Considering he’s on the block this was a must win. Frank has indicated he’ll replace any vetoed HG with Danielle and target her for elimination. This could be the end for Dan.

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The players in this week’s PoV competition were Frank as HoH with JoJo and Shane as the nominees. Wil, Ashley, and Ian were selected the additional players. Joe was picked as host of the Power of Veto competiton.

“Team Diversity” (ugh, terrible name) is irked that they didn’t take the chance to backdoor Shane. Frank told everyone to shut up about it because he suggested it but no one supported the idea. Maybe he should have made that choice himself.

The next Big Brother 14 Veto ceremony is expected to be held on Monday, but you can be sure Shane will use the Veto to save himself. Will Frank put Danielle up as he’s indicated? Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? Should it be used at the ceremony?

Jump on the live feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.

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  1. I believe a potential twist will be that a Coach joins the game when he/she runs out of players. In that scenario getting Danielle out will put Dan in.

    This would be an interesting twist as Coaches would have to decide if they’d do better coaching someone in order to win $100K, or to find a way to get their OWN players out, to get in the game. And others would have to think twice about emptying a team of members, and thereby risk bringing a Coach into the game.

    BB may just be waiting for the first time this happens, e.g., with Danielle, for HGs to learn this twist (that it brings that Coach into the game).

    • I could see Big Brother having a coach who lost all of his players change into a houseguest and play the game for $500k. That would be interesting. I’m also thinking that the first four evicted houseguests are in sequester right now awaiting a second chance right now. 

      And I think Danielle is the target this week and she could very well go up because of her coach Dan.

    • I also think this might be a possible twist; the first coach to run out of players gets to play … 

      • Why would the first coach to lose all his/her players be rewarded? The point of the BB is to be the best player and if a coach (and I love Dan) loses his team how can they be rewarded by playing the game? Just saying.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. The problem, of course, is that Dan would be targeted immediately and really wouldn’t have anyone to back him up except for the 3 coaches, who don’t have votes.

      • That would explain why Team Britney didn’t catch a break after Willie was sent packing.

    • I agree with this theory. I have been thinking this for some time now, but now that Willie is gone, it seems more of a possibility.

  2. I think on thursday, someone will be evicted, goes to the door, but door won’t open. Then, the doorbell will ring, and kara will return, and the evicted houseguest will also stay. MINDBLOWING EVENT

    • If anyone returns it should be the very fist lady that got played by BB that same night she had to fucked up was that.  Team brit!!!

    • That would be amazing. My mind is set on two twists— Last night on After Dark, I think I heard them say there are already 3 missing weeks? And if they do a double eviction this season, that would be 4? Excuse me if I’m wrong. But 4 missing weeks, 4 coaches. They enter the game. Or the first 3 evicted houseguests, Jodi, Kara, and whoever leaves this week, come back for a second chance. Obviously Big Brother has something huge in store, considering they didnt have enough players from the start…

    • I don’t hate him, don’t love him … he’s definitely playing a part, as they all do.  I don’t think Willie was as bad as they treated him, if you watch the video he did not make inappropriate gestures (he simply repeated the gesture that Wil made, as in he wasn’t going to play anymore) and he copied Wil’s voice; if it was deeper he would have done that too.  Anyway … I think Frank used that to his advantage to cause drama to make sure he’d stay to defend everyone against the “Bully”  … but Willie should have stayed to play for the Veto.  

    • He outright lied about Willie making fun of Wil. And of course he used the “bully” word to completely turn the house against him. I hope he goes soon.

  3. Maybe BB will give the coach who loses his or her players the chance to GIVE UP the 100K for a chance to win the $500K Grand Prize…that WOULD be interesting. Or maybe, BB might have Kara or Jodi come back…

    • DUH!!!!    If a “losing”  coach has no players he /she has no chance for $1,00000 ….Rule>>>>If a coach’s player makes it to the end ..(I do believe that means wins $500,000 ) then he/she will get the $100,000. If all ur team gets booted then u have no chance to get the $100,000.   Does that not make sense???

  4. YES…glad shane brit still got a fighting chance…now i believe that the house is still going to be bitching about willie and want to send jojo home. if they smart, they should send dan home.its the obvious choice..but this gang are blinded by emotion. so only time will tell.

      • If that is something brit need to do to keep herself in the game im for it..but i cannot stand that bitch janelle..she was the snake eve was talking about.

    • so agree..never see blind people like this keep frank now team boogie hoh…boogie run this game again…

  5. It’s better for Mike Boogies game if Danielle leaves, idk about Franks game. If Frank had a brain he’d think twice about targeting Danielle. Plus it irks me how everyone is going along with their “team”. Just because you have the same coach, it doesn’t mean you have to work with that person

    • Since, the player is the one playing for the $500,000, they should not
      listen to everything the coaches tell them. For one thing, the coaches
      have 3 players playing for them while, the player only has himself. That
      is what is lacking with the players. They should be able to make their
      own calls which will affect whether they win that $500,000 or not! Frank
      should have nominated Shane and Wil because they have proven able
      to compete. If anyone gets off, put in Joe in his place. Willie’s big
      mistake is not moving to have Frank evicted instead of Kara. He wanted
      a strong player but, conveniently forgot about Shane who is already
      a team mate? A Willie/Shane Combo would have been just as strong.
      Players need to play for themselves as the coaches will do all they
      can to win that $100,000 whether that particular player wins because
      the coaches have 3 chances at that $100,000 until their players get
      evicted that is!

  6. I think the door not opening is the most likely especially if someone gets backdoored (Danielle) or if a popular player is about to get evicted.A lot of fans complained about veterans in the game so the producers probably will find a way to bring a newbie back or keep a newbie,not a veteran.

  7. when a coach’s whole team gets eliminated, I *think* the coach should pick one player to come back into the game and they get to choose which team they want to play with.  The losing coach should have a chance to win $0 because clearly they suck.

  8. No not Danielle! Shes cute! But seriously getting rid of all the eye candy = not fun

  9. Does anyone think that once a coach leaves they may bring on a new coach and new players or is that just too unlikely

    • Maybe…I wouldn’t be surprised if Evil Dick came waltzing in the door with two newbies.

    • I would rather Dr. Will Kirby go in if they allow any new coaches in. He will
      probably revive Chilltown with Mike Boogie and then, you have a master
      manipulator in the house. Of course, they would stab each other in the
      back soon enough because there is $100,000 between them but, there
      would be lots of drama and scheming! Then, maybe these new players
      can learn how to play the game! Right now, only Mike Boogie and Janelle
      are doing some sort of strategy with everyone else waiting for things to

  10. I hat it that willie is gone…jerk or not, he was still 10 times better than frank, boogie, joe, and will put togther..janelle used to be one of my top 3 faves: calling boogie a “douche-bag” was spot-on: however when u criticize some one for their game play and turn around and do the same thing they do, u deserve the same to be said about u…I HOPE AMERICA GETS TO VOTE WHICH COACHES GO IN CAUSE I DONT WANT IT TO BE HER!

    • better than boogie? the guy who played janelle during bb all stars and won all stars? ahaha. even russ hantz wouldnt agree w/ this.

  11. I just thought of a cool twist..NOT that this would happen but man it would make things interesting!!! So here it goes….Julie announces to the coaches they have a big decison to make. Those that wish to enter the game for the $500,000 prize may do so by giving up the $100,000 prize but they do not have to reveal their decison to the other houseguests. So say the newbies targeted say 2 coaches and one chose the 100,000 and the other the 500,000 the coach that chose the 100,000 stays and the other goes no matter how the votes came out. I suppose this would only benefit the coach and not the players so that might not work, LOL.

  12. Ok..I was not gonna post my thoughts as I did last year but changed my mind today..I hate the fact of Willie leaving and showing he cannot play the game but….what i really hate is what Jenelle has done and is doing….she left her BABY,seven months of play her game and show of her new                 dye job on her hair and her puffed up snotty lips ,her AMAZON Body and tiptoe through all the BB fans..also what is this DUNCE head so called CHRISTIAN  Dan doing  making all his filtthy remarks so all his students can see what kind of teacher/coach/ he really is.. the almighty Boggie.{Whatever his name is}..he  is a A.H. trying to happen….I think this is by far the worse BB that has ever been and that is really a understatement….I think Brittney is a great lady..she is not slinging out the F— word as all the rest are…I hope she can go the course of BB14 and her team wins.. and Jenn is a tropper as is JoJo..Danille is much to good to be stuck with a coach like Dan…I thinl Willie was on to someing thereand that darn Joe is a liar and back stabber with the brain of a frog!…Tat being said…I still think the so call sexy MS.Jennele has botox  or brains..  and GOD Bless You ALLl  from way down South.

    • Isnt jojo the pot smoking idiot that admited it in front of millions?….not to bright…..wait…..she is a pot head…

      • Yes she is and on after dark she told Willie that she would sit in the car with her friends a Sonic and smoke a fat one while waiting for their food. No wonder her elevator is stuck in the basement. What is up with the voice and speech of her’s OMG! Janelle, is a much better player than that Brat Brittany,ever thought of being. I would not want to be on her team, she talks about them behind their backs like she does. Making fun of them and laughing at them like they are her own personal jokes. Her parents should have bought her a personality instead of name brand clothes for hers is like that of a skunk, nasty. I did not like her on her season and I do not like her on here. 

  13. 1. Willie is a loud-mouthed bully who deserved to be kicked out of the house.

    2. The feeds should have stayed open. It would have been much more interesting than the actual show.

    3. Bringing back old houseguests is totally boring. The coach twist is particularly dumb. Just play the game with 12-14 new guests – or are the producers going to bring back Rachel (the whiner) Reilly?

    4. Its hard to believe that Janelle would leave her 7-month old baby for three months to be in a TV game.

    5. Mike Boogie is a moron.

    • boogie is awesome. the guy was a total nerd, it a total nerd, always will be a total nerd. hes a guy who thinks hes cool in 1991, and hasnt stopped. Why hate? Ive never understood that. I appreciate that he runs with his unique and goofy look

  14. Can’t stand Janelle this year. She bitches about Boogie and pretends to be in an alliance with Britney just to turn her back and not even speak to Brit anymore. She damn sure wanted Kara out of the house like she does Jo Jo and Danielle. She’s way too jealous of the hotter girls and it’s ridiculous. I want to see Boogie totally screw her over again. I’m hoping when Danielle or Jo Jo go to open the door Thursday night it’s locked. The look on the other hg’s faces will be priceless!  

    • What I do not get is they are going after the weaker players who are
      not threats like Kara, JoJo or Danielle for that matter. It is simple
      common sense to leave the weaker players in and boot the strong
      players out. If you saw the last Survivor won by Kim, she moved to
      have the strongest players who are all guys evicted. She was the best
      player of the women and won most competitions. Also, she plotted
      her strategy and did not create waves. Players and coaches should
      use common sense and stick to the strategy of booting out the
      best and strongest players. Even last season, the best players
      moved to boot out the best players with Danielle, Brendon, Rachel,
      Jeff, Jordan all moving to take each other out! It would have made
      more sense to put up Wil and Shane who are both good in the
      competitions. Then, if one gets off and in this case, Shane then,
      put up Joe in his place. That would have trimmed the competition
      with Shane and Frank being left as the strongest competitors in
      the house! Putting up Danielle in place of Shane is just a waste
      because Danielle has not been competitive in any of the HOH
      and POV competitions. 

      • The move to replace Shane with Danielle is simply for the concept of taking Dan potentially out of the game. It’s a coaches strategy more than a she’s a big threat. Having extra coaches in creates things like extra chances for immunities for certain players or possible trades, have not selections, etc.

      • I agree this season is starting to look a little like season 12 all weak players out first an the 3 brigade members take the whole game. I wish they would take out better players (besides Shane). I can not stand Janelle she is so two faced I want boogies team to flip on her so bad. An how did Ashley get on here, she looks so messed up 24/7 she’s gotta be doped up on Xanax no wonder she’s out of shape an sucks as a competitor!!! Get rid of Danielle an boogies team flip on janelles an work with Brits which I think is smart since Brit is easily manipulated I could see jojo being the same but not joe or will an def not janelle!

  15. this season is starting to lose its steam..on the feeds even brit and boogie knew willie was good tv..and now they are saying how boring it is and thinkin about starting stuff jus for fun.

  16. 1.They could’nt admit Willie was right..About playing their own game and not the coaches game.

    2.This season is a waste.

    3.Janalle i used to like but now is a douche. Reason she turned on her alliancewith Britany, for her Boogie, who she called a douchebag or what not.

    4.Boggie will win, because they didn’t vote out Frank.

    5.They hated the fact Willie mocked Will? So what what about the fact that Will mocked Sharon Osborne?

    6.I wish i could have seen Willie throw pork rinds at Janalle…

    7.Like others i think there is something to do with the key holes beside the peoples names even the coaches have them…

    8.They should have made dr Will and Evil Dick a coach…

    • Dr. Will Kirby would have been perfect instead of Brittney. He
      was the foremost manipulator and Mike Boogie a close second.
      They may have revived Chilltown their teamwork but, it would have
      been more exciting because Will and Mike Boogie will be fighting
      to win that $100,000 and friendship goes only so far in this reality
      game! At the end of it, each one would back stab the other in
      addition to what other drama was happening in the Big Brother
      house. They should have another Big Brother All Stars with the
      proviso that only those who have won Big Brother before can
      play! Now, that would really be quite some competition with lots
      of drama, back stabbing and lies! The best Big Brother ever!

  17. Here is my opinion. I agreed with you all that the coaches were going to come back in the game. The season started with 2 people short of a regular season. THe coaches did have key holes beside their pictures. Like Britney said big brother could have put their photos at the top instead of the corners so it really looked set up to put them in the game. Here is where my thoughts changed Big Brother has not only aired this on the live feeds and after dark episodes but has also aired it during the last HOH comp show. If this was the plan I don’t think Big Brother is going to do it now especially when everyone has anticipated it. I think the coaches are going to get keys but I think it will be for another scenario. Maybe their key will be a chance to unlock the door and bring someone back into the game… a player of their choice?!? Maybe their key will unlock a pandoras box? Maybe to lock the door to prevent their player from leaving if evicted? Or maybe it is just for something stupid like a luxary competition (they leave for one night to see a movie or go to an event).I had hoped for the coaches to play but I think there is just too much talk of it that Big Brother is working hard and changing it now.

  18. Shane is proving to be a good  competitor that 2 pov he’s won in a row…looks like jojo is out the door unless a miracle takes place jen will probably be her replacement…willie was the easy target obviously now that he’s gone it should get intresting.
    Britneys team wins the hoh i would love to see everybody scrambling especially Jannelle team they seem like a bunch of snakes…how can an alliance last for one week lol and then there’s ashley all over willie when he has the power and avoiding him like the plague when he is enemy # 1 @

  19. willie got himself kicked out because when he looked back at his game he wanted to say he left as a choice not because he was bad

  20. Willie should have stuck it out. They need to bring the real bad guy back-Mr Pectacular
    Technotronics bro.

  21. Coaches shouldnt comeback period. I would have prefer that they’re not there at all. This mentor thing doesnt work for me. It changes the whole dynamic of the game.

  22. This season is off to a very crazy start. We are down to 9 in week 2? I don’t want the coaches to enter the game; they should just stick to their 100,000 dollar prize. Jodi should had at least stayed for a week. This way if they eliminate Big brother fast forward, they will be at least square to last season-only by a week off. but didn’t Big brother start a week late?

    And for this week, the person evicted should re enter the game for the expulsion of wille. And they can also let frank play in the hoh comp again since none of his nominations were evicted

  23. They have to let the coaches come in and play. Either way the newbies get screwed. Brittnay’s a moron for even saying it out loud, she could’ve kept it secret and play the game to her advantage. I think Boggie knew all along and notice he’s been kinda under the radar and everyone else is strutting.

  24. What if they did a twist where the coaches re-pick players. Expect the unexpected, right? Plus if BB did this, we could guarantee having all the coaches in play til 4. NTM- it would be more essential for the coaches to have friendships and give advice with all the HG’s. And BB could change the way the teams r split a different way each time. Like letting the HG’s pick there coach. Or competing and then picking a random envelope. Who knows? Something fun, though.

  25. I would love it if BB would bring in Dr. Will to replace a coach prefer replace Dan.

  26. I figured Mike to go against Dan at some point, but this early? I get it’s tempting to get one coach completely out of the game, but Dan can still be an ally, while Britney and Janelle won’t be. They will still have 3 and 2 players respectively after Danielle and Dan leave. Keep Dan on your side and weaken Britney down to 1, or get Janelle even with Britney at 2 each, so that it’s less work for later in the game. Don’t go after Danielle who isn’t even a threat to you and isn’t a likely candidate to win competitions. 
    Can’t help but get the feeling Mike wants to get the two blondes out all on his own, and it’s times like this I hate his arrogance. Dan’s a great player, keep him around, dummy.       
     ……..(there, this is the thread I meant to post this in)

  27. Dang it is too early to be voting out all the eye candy. Keep voting out the girls and I’m done with BB this season. New rule, can’t vote out the hotties until at least WEEK 5.

    • yeah. team boogie 100 percent. but even he admitted they are killing us with the taking out the attractive women.

  28. If BB producers wanna play a fair game…The door will not open Thursday nite. It’s that simple…I liked Willie but it’s bad for the other HG’s when a player gets expelled. Britney Shane & Jo Jo are in a sense being punished for Willie’s actions which is not fair….Britney will possibly lose a player but Dan maybe out all together and neither were “directly”  involved in Willie getting expelled.  There should be no eviction this week.

  29. JoJo needs to go..snake in the grass just waiting to hiss..she can never be trusted after the whole Willie debacle.  Just read where Janelle is working on Joe (another snake) and Ashley about putting up Ian and Shane this week if they win HOH and then backdooring Frank…which will totally piss off Boogie. In my opinion, the most dangerous player in the house right now is Joe, he has a big mouth and can’t  be trusted. 

  30. so sad willie go…he’s seem’s a good player’s, i don’t understand janelle behavior(have not team brithney)?she better take care boogie is so snake…he can win the game again…team boogie have to go more quick…is a bad idea to keep frank…team boogie look now is win…willie go…big,big,mistake…look bb7…boogie..people seem’s blinddddddddddddd

  31. Dan’s an idiot. His fault for losing Kara and now if Danielle is evicted it will be entirely him to blame. Why does he think throwing competitions is ever a good idea?

  32. good job shane, here’s what i cant wait to see, once danielle gets evicted will big brother THEN let Dan enter the game as a player? That would be way cool and it would definately pee off willie and janelle… 

  33. And Willie really did blow alot of chances to get back in the house. He left the chance for a possible return to the game (like they often do) he coulda been in sequester, he also lost his chance for the POV, he blew alot of chances, but nothing he DID IMHO called for an expulsion. It was a witch hunt/lynch mob coming after him and he got flustered, i didnt see a head butt, did you? Now i bet you he wishes that he just punched the hell out of him. That woulda been a great way to go out and would’ve also called for an expulsion, they shoulda let him stay until he physically hurt someone, lol, i know that sounds awful, but i garauntee that he’s mad as hell that he didnt just punch Joe or Frank right now. It looked like he was trying to get Joe thrown out of the game instead of him, it was just a bunch of posturing on his part, he’d been going thru a lot. 

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