Big Brother 14 Episode 5: Week 2 Nomination Show Tonight

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Tonight on Big Brother 14 (8PM ET/PT) we should see the latest Coaches’ competition and nominations (nomination spoilers), but I’m willing to guess the bulk of the show will revolve around the shocking removal of Willie Hantz from the game.

Many viewers will likely be caught off guard by the news of production’s decision to eject Willie on Friday night. Willie erupted in a temper tantrum that would make any five year old proud following the results of the Coaches comp. After allegedly striking Joe and throwing things at Janelle the obvious decision was made to put Willie in permanent Big Brother time-out for bad behavior.

I highly recommend you read the full report on Willie Hantz being expelled from the game. This is only the fifth time in the entire series that we’ve seen an expulsion happen so this falls in the extraordinary category rather than a “spoilers” situation.

Most of what we’ll see on Big Brother 14 tonight happened days ago in the house and even more has happened since with the Veto competition results were revealed. Only the Live Feeds will let you see inside and keep you actively up to date on the game so before to check those out with the Free 3-Day Trial.

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While we wait for tonight’s show you can check in on the HGs live and uncensored on the Live Feed in-house cams as they lie, betray, and conspire their way to the top. Fun!



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  1. I can’t believe I payed for live feeds and have showtime and haven’t seen a lick of BB since Hantz-plosion happened.  This season just didn’t jive right with me from the start.

  2. Its funny how on the feed ashley is telling brit that she feel bad for willie and how people was treating him unfairly..I mean i can not believe ashley..willie begged her to vote out frank..and she fliped him the bird…now she is relizing it was a mistake and willie was a nice guy…air head bitch..well its a little to late to come to his defense now..This is begining to be the worst season ever..this cast is only playing on emotion..i mean they are still trying to go after jojo and shane just because willie ways their childish

    • It’s more because they tried to vote Frank out that him and his alliance are trying to get them out still. It’s not actually to do with Willie being their teammate. It’s their own fault for doing what Willie told them to.

      • actually that is not true ,,because jan whole team is talking about how frank has to go and know they relize it will be harder to get him out..and they said out their owns mouth that jojo and shane should had not sided with a person like that..there feeling for willie have nothing to do with game play its all personal and they are taking it out on shane and jojo simple as that,but im glad shane won pov and maybe jojo can work something out..but i doubt it. Team Brit!! look how wil turned on his friend kara just to spite willie.

    • Neil from BB9 is included in that count. He said he left on his own, but it was also reported that he was kicked out for things said. Considering CBS tries to act like he never existed and he wasn’t invited back for anything makes it seem like he was removed.

  3. Without Willie the show is BORIIIING!…hope someone doe’s something to make it exciting , not sure that will happen with these peeps!…….Sean

    • I agree the show is boring already.  I didn’t like last season with the Vets and now this season we have the coaches.  I would have preferred to see all new players playing for themselves instead of being forced into these teams that might not have happened except the coaches picked them.  I don’t think it would be fair to let the coaches in the game at this point and I hope that doesn’t happen.  The coaches had their chances and in some cases more than one season.  No idea what they can do to make it exciting again.

  4. I like Shane so I’m glad he won’t be leaving this week, but I also like Danielle and Dan, and she’s probably going instead now, which will mean he goes too…

    That’s Big Brother for you…always a catch.

    • I like Shane as well, but you know they will be going after him next.  With the structure as it is with the coaches I can’t see a whole lot happening this season.

      • actually on the feed last night on BBAD boogie and frank cut a deal with shane..but you know how this house is every 5 min there is a new deal.

  5. Just to say at the beginning I am team Brit. However I have an issue with her right now. Correct me if I am wrong but all I saw her tell Willie is that he needed to stop he was dragging her and the team down with him. He told her that it was an individual game and that he was only one person. I never heard her tell him that it didn’t matter that they were playing separate they were still viewed as a team to the house. Just like Wil, Joe, and Ashley are viewed as a team (etc) and that anything he did would be bad for Shane and JoJo too, no matter what he said or did to try and make it different. To the house they are a team and nothing he says will change the way the house thinks. That may have gotten to him, just for their sakes. B/c it seemed like he was trying to take the focus off of them by acting the way he did, but it just screwed them worse.

    • That’s the problem with the coach twist. it is forcing alliances or the appearance of them. best thing at this point would be a team re-shuffle. a completely random draw for new players. after this eviction there will be a an even number again.

  6. Britney needs to share some responsibilty for what happened with Willie. Although he is responsible for his words and temper, Britney fueled the fire by having everyone alienate him.

    • She also caused most of this,She knew he was already paranoid but yet she still tells him that she thinks the coaches will come in the game. Then he has people calling him names and lying on him and Brit was in the room when he talk to Frank she could have told everyone what happened but she didnt but yet she keep say’n how much she tells everyone what a good guy he his.

  7. I don’t blame Willie for what he did.  How could anybody in their right mind stay in that house with “Spoiled Brat, whiney Britney” and Joe who is a total and complete jerk.  I’m not interested in which loser wins this year.  I think Big Brother is really lacking this year.  Bring on NEW and interesting contestants, not repeat contestants and contestants who are losers.  The only two who deserve to win are either Frank or Shane.  Bye, bye, Big Brother.  Better luck next year.

  8. Is it me or did Willie look like a caged animal in the Have Not room?!? He did have it rough after that backyard blow up. Joe did egg him on with that comment, but seriously Willie what were you thinking!?! I think the Hantz family has a chemical imbalance!

  9. So why wasn’t Joe and Janelle punished?  Joe in the feed tonight said something to Willie headed to the bathroom.  Willie looses his cool and heads to the bathroom after Joe.  Camera feeds tonight shows the headbut from Willie but prior to that it also shows Joe with is fists up ready to fight.  Willie eggs Joe on ot hit him but Joe does not fall for it.  Instead Joe drops his fists and then starts stepping toward Willie putting their hats brim to brim and to me while Willie is partial blame for all of this so is Joe.  Joe could have just stepped away and said man I am not messing with you and gone into the restroom or headed out of the room.  Why put up your fists in a fight mode if you are not looking for a confrontation?  So the question is why wasn’t Joe punished as well?  It does take two to tango and Joe is just as guilty as Willie in bringing this on.

    • What did Janelle do!? I get what you are saying about Joe, that was a fighters stance all day long, but Janelle only answered Willie when he asked why they ran downstairs. Did you see Ian’s face he was scared to death!!

      • watch the video as Willie is leaving the room Janelle is saying something to him and not letting it go.  That is when Willie throws his pork rine at Janelle and kept on walking.  Janelle is a coach not a player if anything she should have said nothing and just stayed out of it.  At least Boogie, Britney and Dan did not get involved. 

        I say Janelle should have been punished for her out burst as well. Not evicted but punished as there is no call for someone not involved in the actual incident to get involved period.

      • I did watch the video (several times) still don’t see where her actions deserve punishment. Matter of opinions I guess.

    • I replated this over and over again. Yes they were nose to nose but I didn’t c where there was headbutt. What I did see was willi push him chest to chest. Joe could have kept quiet but chose not to. They all know violence isn’t tolerated so I think joe egged him on to get him kicked off. Joe needs to go as well for instegating it. Willi became an outsider and even his coach turned on him. I think they should have waited till further n game to bring coaches, at least see how new players do their own first.

      • It was not a headbutt it was just a chest push.Havent people done that before and was not removed from the game? I could be wrong.

      • It did look like a chest bump, or maybe even a sight push? Hmm. A headbutt would leave more disturbing results, so for leaving the game, that was a complete ripoff

      • That would have been cool. The coaches could have watched each player in week one, and then in the second week  enter the house. The loser in the first coaches comp would only have two players

      • I agree with you.  They probably just did this to make the show have some more interesting parts.  Willie’s back was turned to camera so they could call it a headbutt, HA HA he never seemed hurt.  I didn’t really care for Willie because I thought he was this year’s Rachel of last year.  A lot of people hated her including me.  When I saw her on amazing race I turned it off the first time she started whinning.

    • i agree. Joe was an instigator, which is just as bad. When it comes down to it, it was willie who charged at Joe, and i guess Joe didn’t want to coward away. Janelle shouldn’t have said anything, but doesn’t deserve to be punished.

      Nobody should leave this week. The evicted houseguest should leave, try to open the door (but it won’t open) , and Julie says that he/she gets to stay.

      • I seriously don’t see Joe winning. Well, at least not yet. he is kind of like adam from last year. Just floats to whomever is in power. When it comes down to the end, he will flop in challenges, and wont have enough loyalties to save him.

    • AMEN Redwing!!!!!! I am furious that Joe wasn’t expelled with Willie!! Joe walked by Willie, mumbled something….KNOWING it would set him off!!!!!!!! Joe threw his fist up first!!!! C’mon BB, be fair, pull Joe too!!!!

    • If Janelle does get punished…
      She will not compete in the next coach’s comp. Whoever wins gets to take one of her players..

      cool thought

  10. willie went down swinging tonight. idiot can’t hold his temper. glad he’s gone. now maybe the rest of them can concentrate on the game rather watching for some big bully.

    • How is Will a bully when they were calling him all kinds of rednecks and other names and they lied about him making gay slurs all he did his mock Wil if he would have mock anyone else no one would have said anything,that happens all the time in that house.So again why is he the bully.  

    •  A Bully is a person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people….Willie is not like that.. Some HG’s called him a bully too. I don’t agree.

  11. I liked Britney until this episode. She totally goaded Willie knowing how upset he was. She is not a good coach at all. She alienated him from the rest of the team like he had the plague when all he really did was get into it with Frank over some lies that were told. And Joe absolutely deserved what he got. What a total prick. He deserved to have his a$$ kicked even more. Janelle is a biatch running her jealous fake lips trying to be something she’s not anymore. I’m so frustrated with this show right now.  

  12. Dont stick up for Willie. He was a moron. Frank needs to get smart and replace shane with wil. Then there team would have numbers. Need to get janelle in a vulnerable spot. I am looking for jenn to do well. She is upping her social game. Not getting involved. go jenn.

  13. Nah, they just have an attention fetish.

    Come on, CBS, ENOUGH with the Hantz family already! I hate those people and have never found them interesting or likeable! Why did you have to cast one of those things on your one reality show that I actually watch?

    I’m just glad that Willie’s gone, and I hope I never have to see any more of the Hantz’ on this show ever again. I wish CBS will quit insisting that America needs to be exposed to the Hantz family, and it’s just as disgusting and irritating as BB’s obsession with Jessie.

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