Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 10 Tuesday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

This is it. The last Big Brother 14 Live Feeds Highlights post. And I’m sorry to say, there were no knock-down drag-outs or melt-downs or much of anything else. Dan, Danielle and Ian are all pretty settled with what they think is going to happen. But really, only Dan seems to know exactly what is going to happen. Unless Ian wins the final round, then that, too is obvious. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, September 18, 2012:

8:08 AM BBT — Dan, Danielle and Ian are up early today. They’re getting ready to tape an appearance on The Talk.

9:23 AM BBTIan helps Danielle with the zipper on her dress. Gripping folks!

9:32 AM BBT — Feeds cut for the HGs appearance on The Talk.

11:15 AM BBT — Feeds return. Small talk about The Talk follows.

12:15 PM BBT — Dan talking about the Diary Room stirring stuff up. Not sure what he means because production interferes.

1:13 PM BBT — Dan asks Ian if he should stop messing with Danielle. He says no.

5:12 PM BBT — Dan talks Danielle into telling Ian she has breast implants. She swears him to secrecy.

5:40 PM BBT — Dan asks Ian if he thinks Danielle knows that neither of them are taking her to F2. Ian said he hopes she realizes and isn’t getting her hopes up. Of course none of us are even sure what Dan’s really thinking any longer.

6:05 PM BBT — Dan tells Ian about giving Memphis his chain the night before the last round of the HoH in Season 10 to prove the loyalty. Dan says he will give Ian his necklace like he did Memphis. Dan confuses us all more.

8:42 PM BBT — Danielle makes Dan swear on his wife that he won’t throw the final HoH. He tells her that if wins the final round, he will fulfill the promise he made to her on the first night.

10:15 PM BBT — Virtually no talk about the game or what needs to happen. Dan and Danielle playing cards. Ian rocking in his hammock.

1:30 AM BBT — Dan remains awake and is rehearsing and timing his jury speech. The speech includes a case against Ian, so it sounds like that’s who Dan plans to be sitting next to. Interesting. We shall see, though.

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  1. the highlight for me was witnessing the massive weight gain by Danielle, last night confirmed it via flashback day 1 to last night, WOW… cant wait for tonight for more tears from the portly one…

    • You are rude. She may be annoying, but she is BY FAR not “portly” — and that’s not a relevant thing to comment on anyway.

      • The dress she chose to wear was too small and tight. That is why she had a problem getting it zipped..It took Ian a couple of minutes to get the zipper closed. I watched the event on feeds.. I am female so I know the “it’s too tight too small but I gotta get it on” game . I assume she brought it with her when she entered the house 3 months ago…it may have fit her then but it does not now. And to put it plain..Daniell has massive thighs and a big ass that the good Lord blessed her with (the boobs are not a factor as they were bought). I’m not being judgemental or mean I am simply stating a fact…Daniell needs to lose some weight..

      • whooooo the hell cares about her weight?? THIS is what is wrong with America. We value women based on their appearance. I don’t see anyone here criticizing a man on his weight. This is Big Brother and weight has no relevance! Maybe if she was on Biggest Loser, it’d be different. You are contributing to the oppression of women – tearing them down about outward appearances instead of critiquing what really matters. And in this show the only relevant thing is the way they played Big Brother.

      • This forum is for “OPINIONS” which we are free to express (there are a few restrictions). Ian has nervous quirks and girlish boobs…Britney has issues with “‘picking” at invisable pimples…Frank had a water bottle fetish…Joe had a “hand washing” issue…Jenn’s tattoos gave her skin a weird color..Dan is prone to lying to any and all…Daniell needs to lose weight…Boogie was an a # 1 jerk…Ashley was an airhead…I could go on and on but can only hope u get the point..It’s our opinions that make this forum what it is…We are not restricted to discussing “gameplay” alone…we can share our thoughts on any # of subjects concerning the BB HG’s….If u find the post rude crude and disgusting then maybe u should leave..The religious forums are 3 windows and 2 mouse clicks over…Just my opinion….lol

      • This forum is to discuss gameplay, not personal attacks about the HGs. It has nothing to do with religion. We are all just getting tired of the negative comments that only talk about someones appearance.

      • lmmao….I did not see u post anything when Daniell’s fake boobs were the topic..Do u not consider those to be negative comments?? Ur posting as a “guest” and it appears that u are dishing the regular members and their opinions. And I don’t see as u have the right to use the word “we” in ur post because u are a “guest”… . I could say that “we” the regular members and posters are getting tired of first time viewers/posters telling “us” how we should conduct ourselves and be carefull of what we write in our post. But I won’t say that cause it’s not fair of me to include the other (regular) posters/members. If they want u know they can tell u and trust me there are those that will…When u become a member or regular poster u will get a bettter understanding of what the forum is all about. u have a good day…

      • she put herself on tv knowing she would get bashed.comedians bash celebritys all the time.she needs to suck it in and take whatever comes to her

    • You must be totally insecure about yourself to be criticizing someone else’s weight. There’s a lot to criticize Danielle for, but her weight isn’t one of them.

      • I agree we have no right to criticize anyone’s weight. That is wrong. I know my weight jumps up and down like a yoyo and I would hate to feel judged. Yes she did it to herself by eating too much, but we are all guilty of that and she is not the first one to go into the BB house and come out heavier than when they went in. So we can all have a laugh at her other issues but her weight should be off limits. Just saying.

    • Blueberry and I had a conversation about this yesterday. Apparently she went to college with Danielle and had some issues with her. So this is personal. She received alot of negative comments about her posts yesterday. She is just trying to stir the pot now. Well guess what, Danielle could care less what you think of her and you are looking like a pathetic, jealous loser. Get over it.

    • Someone’s focused on Danielle’s weight a bit too much; maybe you should focus on your own and leave other people (who are not overweight and far from obese) alone.

  2. Big Brother should give Ian the hammock. The kids put a lot of miles on it and basically made it his.

  3. I’m thinkin Dan going to throw it to Ian it’s his best move to get secure jury votes and Ian has no for sure ones from the jury.

  4. So Dan talked Danielle into telling Ian she has breast implants. And Danielle swore….Ian to secrecy? Does she not get the concept of “Live 24/7 feeds”?

    • Very true it’s already out there…. She has talked about them b4 so Ian and everyone would know anyways. Also nothing wrong w breast implants At all… Don’t know why she would want to hide that she has them any thoughts why?

    • I’m with everyone on this…I don’t get why Danielle would talk to Ian about this or why he would care. Now, Dan on the other hand, just likes the game of manipulation and the BB house gives him free reign to do that.

      • Well the bragging explains the why…I guess she’s forgotten that the live feeders are listening to her?? So just to be clear…we’re not sworn to secrecy about her implants right? But only Ian and Dan. :-)

    • I was thinking the same thing!! when she said “you are the only two that know” I was like …yeah and now all of America. Maybe after being in that house so long they forget the cameras are always on. ??

  5. Can’t wait tonight is going to be very interesting! Looking forward to see how all plays out. If Dan throws it(don’t think. That’s such a great idea) also want to hear the jury’s input and past HG’s

    • my prediction is Dan wins final HOH evicts Ian and then mists the jury into giving him a half million dollars while appearing to actually make a case for Danielle.
      Here is how I would see the votes shaking out
      Shane – Danielle
      Brit – Dan
      Frank – Dan
      Joe – Dan
      Jenn – Danielle
      Ash – Dan (she’ll do what Frank says) (Dan wins)
      Ian – Dan

      • Yes agreed also like the scenario. Guess we have wait to see who wins final HOH think Dan will do well if he doesn’t throw it.

      • I don’t think Ian would vote for Dan maybe if he had time to think about what happened yes but show its your evicted then have to vote basically and I don’t think Frank is going to vote for Dan because he just whines about Dan out playing him

      • I think Frank would vote for Dan because he’ll realize–once he calms down–that Dan outplayed him. Frank was all high and mighty acting like he was the only person on earth that dreamed of competing on Big Brother.

    • my prediction: Ian will win final hoh and evict Danielle. votes will go as follows:

      Ashley: (will follow Frank) Dan
      Britney: Ian
      Frank: I think Dan… But it could go either way. Which means Ashley’s vote could go either way too.
      Joe: Ian
      Jenn: Ian
      Shane: Ian
      Danielle: Dan

      Ian wins. But it’s so hard to tell! I also think that Jenn could vote Dan. Danielle could vote Ian because Shane will be too upset at Dan and Danielle will follow him. Frank doesn’t like both Ian and Dan – but I think he’ll vote for Dan. Just have a hunch.

      I WANT Ian to win, though. But I’d be happy with Dan winning, too.

      • I doubt Britney will vote Ian; she’s talked about how Dan outplayed her, and I get the feeling she’ll want him to win so she can say she got beat by the best. Not sure who Frank hates the most (Ian or Dan), but I’m going to guess that he hates Ian more for getting his entire alliance out in one fell swoop. I think Ashley similarly isn’t going to hold Ian in high regards. I think Dan wins it 4-3.

    • I think its best for Dan to throw last hoh and he evicts Dani.
      here my vote prediction:
      Dani: would vote for Dan obviously
      Shane:Probably Ian but with Dani there Dan has a better chance at getting his vote.
      Jenn: Dan should would vote for Dani if she in finals, buand talking with Julie she kept saying how Dan is playing a amazing game.
      Britney: From that jury episode kept saying how Dan going to win and even talked down how its a game, and basically Dan outplayed you like he did to her. I really think she going to vote on gameplay, even though Ian stuck with her till the end. It’s happened before jesse voting for Jordan over his closest ally Natalie in BB11.
      Ashely:Who knows she did say how dangerous Dan is and Ian did evict her, but I don’t think we can predict till we see more of the jury.
      Frank:idk if he still going to whone about being outplayed but Ian did basicallyscrew him and Boogie, so I think against Ian Dan has a better shot at his vote compared to against Dani.
      Joe: Who knows
      At this point its hard to predict votes but with Ian Dan has I believe two secure votes in Dani, and Jenn. Whereas Ian will have to work for all of them. I think Ian would also have to work for all of them against Dani as well.

    • Not putting down Ian in this comment, so just hear me out when I say that I believe there is very little chance he is taking Dan to the final 2 with him. He has no reason to. It’s not like Dan’s been all that loyal to him either and he can easily beat Danielle. Plus he can always tell Dan: “I got rid of you because Danielle said she would convince the jury for me not to win, so you can blame her for it.” I think he’s just letting Dan think he’ll take him just in case Dan wins the final hoh. after all he can’t let him know now: “hey, I’m not taking you.”

      • If you have been watching live feeds Ian has been on that hammock all week going over his speech and that speech is against Dan you can hear him comparing what he has done and what Dan has done. (what he doesn’t know is he DID NOT form the Quack Pack and Dan will tell him in his speech which Ian seems to think was his greatest move)…He would not do that if he knew he was taking dani in the end. an he is convinced he can not win against dani = vote Dan, Shane, Jenn, Britt?, and Joe. Ian loses against her.

    • I think Frank/Ashley/Shane will vote for whoever is sitting beside of Dan…no matter which one it is. Brit/Jenn/Joe/and the final member of the jury will vote for Dan. I think Danielle or Ian either one would vote for him. Giving Dan the win at 4-3. If Dan is not in F2…then i expect Ian to win by a vote of 6-1. Shane being the lone vote for Danielle.

    • I feel that the worst thing that could happen is Danielle going to final 2. Not becasue I don’t like her or anything, but because Ian and Dan deserve it more. They have both made their own moves in the game and have done things that made them targets to further themselves. Danielle is great at comps but all her moves were directed by other people….mostly Dan. She has given him too much control at the end and if she wins really it is him winning but without getting $ for it. It would be a shame. Ian has really grown on me and I have always loved Dan so F2 and whoever wins I’d be happy although I lean towards Ian getting the $500K b/c he could really use it. All in all it’s going to be a great finale b/c with Dan…you never know….can’t wait!!!

  6. Sounds like Dan is thowing HOH to Ian. Enjoy that 500K, Ian. Enjoy being the first player to make the finals twice, Dan. Enjoy winning America’s Favorite whichever of you two wins it. Enjoy…. uh… enjoy sitting next to Shane on the jury, Danielle?

  7. No offense to anyone here, but Ian is not a kid: he’s 21 years old. And if you’re old enough to drive, vote, work, and drink I would think he would be pass the point of being called a kid. And if it’s just some moniker of his than I can’t of anyone less childlike, it’s kind of hard to think of him this way when he’s giving the finger behind someone’s back, cursing, and guzzling down bottles of beer like it’s water. I know that there will be plenty of people who don’t like this comment but nevertheless Ian’s not a kid.

  8. If Ian has been watching this since he was 10 years old then he has grown up to be a lying, scheming, trickster. Just the way all good kids do. So that is entertainment these days or are we cautious walking down the streets afraid of who we may meet? Danielle deserves what she gets and a bag of chips!

  9. I know Dan is not stupid, but I hope he realizes that he MIGHT have a chance against Ian in f2, but he will NEVER win against Danielle.

    • Actually, I think the opposite. More of chance for Ian to win over Dan in F2. Most of the hg’s would vote for Ian. However, I still want Dan the Man to win it all!

    • You got it backwards. Against Ian, Dan might lose in
      the votes but, against Danielle, Dan easily wins that
      $500,000. Dan played a way better game than Danielle!

  10. wonder if Production has told Dan to lay off with the messing with Danielle’s head? if he evicts her, she’s going to go ballistic on Live TV! lol

    • LOL. It would be hard to tell if Dan throws the last comp or not considering how much he sucks in competitions. And he’s such a liar that if he says he threw it – it could not be the truth and if he says he didn’t it may not be the truth!

      • If You watched Dan’s season before you would know he has been throwing comps since early in the game. Just like last time!!! And even look where he is and look where the other players are right now. So whatever he is doing is working better than the others game play!!!! And in answer to your question Dan has already said many times he will most likely have to throw the comp so that Ian is the one that has to cut Dani and NOT get her vote….

      • I still consider that a dumb move on
        Dan’s part. He should realise that Ian
        could very well decide not to take Dan to Final 2 which is the smart move as Ian will
        win easily against Danielle! Even if Ian takes Dan to Final 2, it is going to be close and Ian might still get the win, a 4-3 score is very likely! Winning outright the HOH guarantees that Dan has the option of taking Danielle to
        Final 2 and winning the $500,000 easily!
        Why even chance it?


  12. ok this is what i think is going to happen. Dan will throw the game thinking Ian will take him. Ian will take Danelle. And Dan gave him a necklace but i think it is fake and Ian can get a snake at any carnival. And if it is Danelle and Ian in the F2 Ian played the game and will get the votes. If Dan takes Danelle Dan will lose because they all hate Dan. And if Ian takes Dan it will be split vote but Ian should win

    • Danielle is only good for 2nd place. She will not win
      against Dan! Dan and Ian’s best chance and I will say
      it again is to not take each other to Final 2. Take
      Danielle to Final 2 and easily win that $500,000.
      Ian and Dan taking each other to Final 2 will make it
      close, more likely a 4-3 score. Dan would still be
      favored as he played a better game but, Ian has a
      shot at it too!

  13. Dan made this seaseon the best BB ever. However, he is making a fatal mistake as he can NOT beat Ian to win but has a very good chance agaist Danielle. Throwing the final HOH will cost him and winning and taking Ian will as well. I hope he rethinks this before tonight.

    • Dan might still win it over Ian but, it is going to be
      close. More likely by a 4-3 score. Deliberately losing
      is a bad move for Dan for the following reasons:
      1) Ian might suddenly wake up and do the most logical thing which is take Danielle to Final 2 and Dan screwed himself out of $500,000, 2) Even if Ian takes Dan to
      Final 2, that gives Ian an extra argument that he
      deserves the $500,000 because he won the most important HOH of the season when it counted! Also,
      Ian vs Dan will be close and could go either way and
      be decided by a 4-3 score. Better for Dan to win HOH outright and just take Danielle to Final 2 and win that $500,000 easily!

    • We have to remember too though that the HGs can’t see everything we have seen and they don’t know all that’s gone down. Danielle has been a sweetheart in the house (she changed after Britney left) and as far as Dan and Ian know, everyone in jury likes her. Unlike the two of them who have made people mad. So why would they take her over each other? And she has won comps….no, I predict Ian and Dan F2.

      • Thanks :) I must have missed it when he was talking about it…I am also rooting for Dan :) if the jury votes for Ian than we know it was personal and not about game play…..GO DAN!!

    • Ian said he has ADHD an OCP.. woulden’t it be something if it was all game and got up there and gave the best speech ever. But I think it is for real an I do want Dan to win.

  14. Everyone who says Frank will vote for Dan to win are crazy. The man is BITTER. He doesn’t give a flying rat’s @$$ about getting outplayed.

    And Britney will most CERTAINLY vote for Ian if it’s between him and Dan.

    I have no idea where some of you are coming from, it’s baffling how wrong a lot of you are with your logic. I mean we’ve been watching the same show, haven’t we?

    • Frank will probably vote for Ian or Danielle depending
      on who makes it to Final 2. However, Brittney will vote
      for who played the best! Most jurors are fair and “will
      not” give that $500,000 to a floater or someone who played worst than the other person on Final 2. That
      is like being slapped in the face! Jurors are fair
      generally and most of them will vote for whoever
      played the better game! If Dan is in the Final 2, Dan should win it but, it will be closer against Ian and can
      go 4-3 but, against Danielle, Dan wins it easily!

  15. Dan is why religion is losing its membership, I find it
    hard to believe after this any of Dan friends or his wife could ever trust him again,
    especially if he swear on or uses his religion. I hope Ian wins.

  16. The only sure way for either Dan or Ian to absolutely win is to take Danielle to the final 2 – who deserves it more shouldn’t even be a consideration for either of them – who do you want sitting beside you … somebody you can beat … just saying

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